02x03 - This Missive, This Machination!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Invincible". Aired: March 26, 2021 to present.*
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An adult animated series that follows 17 year Mark Greyson whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man.
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02x03 - This Missive, This Machination!

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[Cecil] Someone m*rder

the Guardians of the Globe
last night.


[Allen] I'm Allen, by the way.

The Coalition of Planets
will want to hear about you.

[Rudy] I couldn't move.

- My heart was racing.
- That's fear.

[Debbie] I don't have anyone to
talk to, so I keep it all inside.

- What's this?
- Something that helped me.

Ooh, crap.

[Amber] You brought me to Paris?

Is that a casino?

Make sure the voice
in your ear isn't

- the only one you listen to.
- You're way too good for me!

You g*dd*mn geriatric hypocrite.

- Come on!
- You and I were never a thing.

The Immortal and I are.

I call me the Shapesmith.

[Cecil] You're not
your father, Mark.

That's why I'm going back.

[sighs deeply]

I guess this is it.

Time to push my baby bird
out of the nest.

It's a good thing
I can already fly.

[chuckles] You're
gonna be okay, right?

You know I can be home in like
five minutes if you need me.

[chuckles softly] I'll be fine.

Anger is a part of it.
Part of the grieving.

Yeah, I... I know.


I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

- Oh, this past year's just been so...
- Tough?

[chuckles] Yeah.
But college is a fresh start.

And I want you to enjoy
every second of it.

This is your chance
to figure out who you are.

And I don't mean Invincible.

I mean Mark Grayson.
My only son.

- My... my baby boy. My...
- Okay, okay.

- I love you, Mom.
- Mmm.

- And don't do dr*gs.
- Would they even work on me?

You do not need to find out.

I'll come home
for dinner on Sunday.




[line ringing]

[Carol over phone]
Um... one second, please.

Shh, okay.
Just let me take this call.


Hi. Sorry. [chuckles]

Hi. Um...

I got your card
from my friend Olga.

- My name is Debbie G...
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah-yeah, no. Uh, sorry,
no last names, Debbie.

But Olga told me about you.

I've been expecting your call.

Séance Dog? Really?

- What are we, ?
- Hmm.

Does that look crooked to you?

Help me out here, Mark.

You already have a girlfriend
and you're a superhero.

I, on the other hand, am single
and have no superpowers

and, thus, actually
have to attempt game.

This isn't helping.

Maybe it'll just make you
look better by comparison.

♪ ♪

Huh. Excellent point.

- Okay. See this?
- It's a sock?

And when it's on the door
handle like so,

it means go eat a taco
or fly to Spain

or do whatever you have to do,

but don't come in
until the sock is gone.

And I will do the same
for you. Got it?

Hi, um, there's
some stuff out here.

Does it belong to you guys?

- Oh! Toys.
- Uh, they're collectibles.

[indistinct chatter]

Sorry, buddy. I don't
know what I was thinking.


Who has sex
on the first day of college?

[Amber] I don't know, Mark.
Lots of people, probably.

- Us, for example?
- [clears throat] Us?

My roommate doesn't arrive
until tomorrow, so...

we have the
whole place to ourselves.

Uh, o-okay, I mean, yeah.
Like... like, right now?

I mean, we could.

O-Okay. Um... yeah.

[Mark moaning]

[Raveena: "Headaches"]

- I bought these.
- Okay. Good.

Good to have those. Mmm.


♪ I wasn't in the mood for... ♪

You don't have, like,

super sperm or something, do you?

Uh, it's not...
I mean, it seems normal.

Not that I would...
I-I think it's fine.

♪ I could do this ♪

♪ It was kind of like
a summer love... ♪

And you wouldn't accidentally
crush me or something?

Like, if you get excited?
I've seen what you can do.

No. I would never... That's
not, like, a thing I would do.

Maybe we'll try with me
on top, just to be safe.


♪ I can't control this... ♪

Turn off the lights first?

- How'd you do that?
- Superpowers, baby.

♪ I need a medic ♪

- Don't call me "baby."
- Got it.

♪ Can you stay still
while I'm like this... ♪

And so, dear audience,

perhaps it's time to give
Amber and Mark some privacy

and turn our attention to the stars

and a story that began
generations ago in...

[narrator reading]

We begin on the planet Unopa.

A peaceful and thriving world,
the Unopans had achieved

harmony with nature
and technology...


...until everything changed
in the blink of an eye.

Like a plague of
unequaled potency,

a dark force invaded Unopa.

It swept across the planet,
conquering it in a matter of days.


The Unopans that d*ed never knew
who their conquerors were.

The ones that lived
quickly learned the name...


the Unopan spirit was unbroken.

Biding their time for decades,

they waited for a moment
of weakness and rebelled.

Unfortunately, they still
underestimated their oppressors.


[narrator] But all was not lost.

Ever resourceful, some
Unopans were able to escape,

abandoning their home
for the stars

and the promise of a new life.

Within a generation,
they started breeding camps

on various Unopan outposts
to rebuild their population,

the rumors of which caught some
very powerful galactic attention.

Impressed with
the Unopan survival

and escape from
a Viltrumite invasion,

Thaedus, the leader of
the Coalition of Planets,

invited them to the planet
Talescria to join their ranks.

[Thaedus] You have
our deepest sympathies,

Marvin of Unopa.

The Viltrumite campaign has
become the scourge of the galaxy

and we stand united against it.

We are currently devising
a w*apon to stop them.

If you wish to help, we would
be happy to join your coalition.

[narrator] Marvin explained
to Thaedus

that the breeding camps
were also

a genetic enhancement program
designed to breed a soldier

that could defeat
a Viltrumite in combat.

The results were...
not promising.

Until... Allen.


[narrator] He was
the first and only success.

From the day he was born,
Allen was trained to be

the greatest fighter
the universe had ever known.

Even before adulthood,
an opponent could not be found

who didn't fall to his might.

Soon, it was time for Allen to
embark on his first mission.

But while stronger than
most of the universe,

Allen still couldn't match even
a single Viltrumite in combat.

The program was considered
a failure and ended.

Instead, Allen was made
a planetary evaluation officer

and sent to discover
any being able to defeat him

in hope of finding

an ally strong enough
to withstand a Viltrumite.

And while it may be true
that Allen was supposed to be

keeping tabs on the planet
Urath and accidentally

went to Earth instead,

his mistake led him
to Mark Grayson,

a half-human, half-Viltrumite
sympathetic to the coalition cause.

Because sometimes,
to change the entire universe,

you have to be...

[Speelburg: "When You Want Me"]

♪ Trouble's on
when you travel light ♪

♪ Dropped call
in the dead of night... ♪

- Home sweet home.
- ♪ Will you answer me? ♪

♪ Will you answer me? ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Make amends
on another strike... ♪

[narrator] This time
Allen bears a rare

and valuable gift for the coalition.


[Data ]
[sighs] Data log.

[Allen] Hello to you, too.
Here you go.



You found the right planet
this time.

Yes, I found the right planet.

Because it was the wrong planet
you already found before.

- Sure, but that's not really...
- Most of our agents

don't make so many
astronavigational mistakes.

Listen, sparky.

Is it still a mistake if
it ends up saving the universe?

- Yes.
- Yeah. [door whooshes open]

- You're late.
- [Allen] General Telia.

My apologies.
I got here as soon as I could.

The Viltrumites h*t Aikreon
while you were gone.

What? But they just
joined the council...

It's terrified the sector.

Other planets we were talking to
cut all communications.

We need more allies.

And they're making it
very difficult.

Then good thing I found us one.

What news, Allen of Unopa?

Did you warn the Earth champion

that a Viltrumite lives
among his people?

Yeah, I did. But it turns
out he's a Viltrumite, too.

His name is Mark
and he's only half-Viltrumite.

[growls softly]

- Unbelievable.
- I know, I know. It sounds bad.

But he is not like them.

He didn't even know what a
Viltrumite was until recently.

[members gasping, murmuring]

How is that possible?

No one told him, I guess.
When he got his powers,

all he wanted to do was
help other humans.

Then his father decided it was
time to conquer the planet,

so they, they got
in a fight about it.

Viltrumite against Viltrumite?

That has not happened
since the great purge.

And get this.
After they fought, his dad left.

Like, left the planet.
Disappeared completely.

We could never trust one of them.
[members murmuring]

Mark isn't like other Viltrumites.

- He just wants to protect his world.
- And conquer others in its name.

No, stop.
That is not his deal.

- He's a good guy, not a conqueror.
- So far.

Have you guys been listening at all?

For years we've been
searching for a hole

in the Viltrumites' armor.

This could be it.

Thaedus, you can't trust this report.

Allen is right.

Viltrumites never abandon
their missions.

Yet one has.

do not battle each other,

but a son defies his father.

These are weaknesses.

The first we've found

and ones we must learn to exploit.

Perhaps Viltrum's grip
on the galaxy is not

as steady as we imagine.

You have done well, Allen,
and given us much to discuss.

We will call on you again soon.

Thank you, great Thaedus.
I'm honored to serve.

[indistinct chatter]

They have no idea
what this means.

If there are other
Viltrumite kids out there,

maybe we can turn them
against their parents, too.

Also, why are they
breeding with other races?

I thought Viltrumites believed
in racial purity.

See? That's a good question.

Why didn't they ask
stuff like that

instead of shouting at me?

Allen, before you depart,
a word?

Of course, wise Thaedus.

♪ ♪

I find it convenient
and somewhat alarming

that Aikreon was h*t so soon
after joining the coalition.

It's as if the Viltrumites had
knowledge from inside the council.

You want me to discover
if someone's betrayed us.

Ah, Allen, you continue
to prove yourself

- the coalition's most valuable asset.
- Thank you, sir.

If there's a mole, I'll find them.

♪ ♪


Hey, Vorg.
Hey, little buddy.

Did you miss me?

Yes, you did.
Yes, you did.

You did miss your daddy,
didn't you?

[metal clangs]



- Huh?
- Did you miss me?

Oh, I missed you.

- Yeah? How much?
- The most.

Or like ten times that amount.
Maybe more even. [chuckles]

Oh, let's see if that's true.

[both moaning]

Oh, goodness. Tentacles.

I, uh...
Perhaps now would be

a good time to return to Earth

and rejoin Amber Bennett
and Mark Grayson

as they begin their studies at
the prestigious Upstate University.

- [Mark moaning]
- Oh, I see, uh...

No. Let's not do that, then.

[Allen and Telia moaning]

[narrator] Well, um...

Aha, aha.

Here we find the Unopan feline.
[moaning increases]

Perhaps unsurprisingly,

he has one large eye
in the center of his head.

But that doesn't
stop him from having

all manner of
household adventures.

[screeching softly]

Oh, man,
I have been dying for this.


I don't know
how you eat kanzlok.

- It's disgusting.
- He doesn't think so.



Mmm... Mm?

♪ ♪

[slurps, gulps]

No matter how far I
travel, Talescria's still

the most beautiful
planet I've ever seen.

There's hundreds of planets
that look exactly like it.

Sure. But only one has you.

[stifled chuckle] Wow.

Hey, what did Thaedus
want to talk about

- after the council meeting?
- Um... [chuckles]

Look, I'm not really
supposed to, uh...

Okay, okay, fine.

Thaedus thinks there's a mole.

And I am supposed to...

[bystanders screaming]




[Allen] Oh, f*ck.

[Thula] Unopan,
answer our questions

and we will consider
sparing your life.

[Allen] That is not your style.

Isn't it k*ll first,
ask questions... never?

You will tell us everything

about your encounter with
the Viltrumite of Earth.

[Allen] I mean, not technically
a question if...


[Thula] Are you certain
he sired an heir?

Are you certain
he abandoned his post?

[Allen] Who told you that?
I mean it.

I'd really like to know because...

[Thula] Where's the father now?

[Allen] The father?
Which one was he again?

You biclops all kind of
look the same to me.


♪ ♪



[intermittent beeping]

[Telia crying quietly]

[sniffles, clears throat]

- Great Thaedus.
- How is he?

Uh... alive. For now.

It may not seem like it,
but that is cause for celebration.

They once again underestimate
the Unopan will to survive.


I know you and Allen are

- special to one another.
- Thank you, sir.

To come here,
att*ck Allen at home,

the Viltrumites must know
we've discovered something.

- Something that scares them.
- And we will exploit it.

You should get some rest.

I will watch over him.

[beeping rapidly]

[beeping fading]

[alarm rings quietly]

Forgive me, Allen.

[Kate grunting]

Come on.

- Two more.
- Come on.

Two more.


[Rex groans]


Are we gonna talk about this,

or is it just gonna be
awkward forever?

Uh... the second one?

God, why do you have to be
so immature?

[Rex] I'm immature? Uh,
you cheated on me

with the Immortal.

That's what you think happened?

And even if that was true,

you were cheating on Eve
with me first.

[Rex scoffs]

Okay, but that worked out
in your favor.

- You are unbelievable.
- And you're gross.

The Immortal's like ,
years old, you know. [scoffs]

Not that I have to justify
anything to you ever,

but if you add up
the amount of time

my duplicates and I have lived,
we are probably the same age.

[scoffs] Oh, okay, okay.

So I'm too young for you now?
I-I-Is that it?

No, Rex.
You're just an assh*le.

Well, how is that news?

Look, come on, Kate, talk to me.
What is this about?

- You really want to know, Rex?
- Yeah, I kinda do.


The Immortal's
the only person I've ever met

who's d*ed as many times as I have.

Maybe you don't understand that,

but it means something.
He gets it.

And... Rex doesn't.

[Rex groans]

I get that you
shouldn't be eavesdropping.

So please f*ck
the f*ck off already.

It's not your gym, dickbag.

What? Are you gonna knock
my teeth out again?

- Don't be a jerk, Rex.
- [Monster Girl] Too late.

- Uh, at least I'm not a cheater.
- But you literally are!

But that was before!
[groans] I'm not now.

[door opens]

Oh, hello, chums.

I'd like to run while remaining
in a stationary location.

Is that cool beans?

Where are you from?

For real.
Where are you from?!

- Go ahead, Shapesmith.
- I'll just be over there.

In a stationary location.

Well, this has been about as
much fun as eating a light bulb.

[Richard Strauss:
"Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks"]

Hey, Mozart, what's all this?

Uh... it's Strauss, actually.

Is that a brain?

- Is that your brain?
- Uh... yes.

You're gonna make me ask,
aren't you?

I was less than satisfied

with my performance
against the Giant.

Oh, yeah. You totally
sh*t the bed on that one.

It sucks actually
feeling fear, doesn't it?

- It was... unacceptable.
- Sorry.

Sensitivity's never been
my strong suit.

No, you're right.
I-I don't need you to sugarcoat it.

Which is why I've decided
to resolve the problem.

I set up
this visual feedback system

so I could practice controlling
my fear response

via meditation
and active thought.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

People feel fear for a reason.
And it's usually a good reason.

Fear is an extraneous emotion

that serves no real purpose
for someone like me.

I strongly disagree, but...

I guess you'll find out the hard way.

Have fun next time you fall
off a cliff or something.



[music crescendos]


[inhales deeply]



Fear hasn't just made me useless
in battle.

It-It's prevented me
from doing something else

I've wanted to do
for quite some time.

- Will you go to a movie with me?
- A... movie?

Oh. [giggles]

Sure, Rudy.
I'll-I'll go to a movie with you.

[Theo] It feels like vertigo.

They talk about
the physical symptoms of grief...

depression, lethargy, all that.

Uh, but...

when the thought of her
takes me by surprise

in the middle of the day,
it's like I'm falling.

I try to grab on to something
but there's nothing to grab.

It's terrifying
and exhausting, and I just...

[clears throat]

I still miss her so much.
That's all I got.

Thanks, Theo.

Okay, let's take a few, everybody.

[coffee pouring]

- Carol?
- Hi! You must be Debbie.

I'm so sorry
about the other day.

My three-month-old has
the worst colic right now.

Ugh, I remember. My son,
he was such a fussy baby.

How old is he now?

- Eighteen.
- Practically a man.

[Debbie] He is.


So, um, ground rules.

We're not that different
from other support groups

except we're even more strict
when it comes to identity.

First names only.

You aren't required to share
till you're ready,

but that's why we're
all sacrificing a Tuesday night,

so might as well
make the most of it.

Bathroom's down the hall.

Coffee tastes like battery acid.
Any questions?

- I think you covered it.
- Great. Have a seat.

All right, everybody, who's up?

Hi. I'm Lucinda.

[others] Hi, Lucinda.

[Theo] I didn't say much
at my first meeting either.

Took me almost a month
to talk to anybody.

- Now they can't shut me up.
- I see.

- Sorry. I can leave you alone.
- N-No, it's fine. I ju...

Uh, I dropped my son off
at college today.

- Empty house?
- Yeah.

It's okay. I totally get it.
We all do.

Hey, don't take this
the wrong way,

but there's a bar down the street

some of us like to go to
after group.

- Oh.
- Uh, I just figured,

since it seems like neither
of us wants to go home.

But no pressure, of course.

I could use a drink.

It's, uh, it's kind of a dive.

[chuckles] The best ones are.

- [Monster Girl] Never?
- Of course I've watched films,

but, no, I've never attended one.

[soft chatter]

I had more important things
to do.

And I, uh...
wouldn't have fit before.

Someday you'll have to tell me
all about your childhood.

Oh, we're already seeing
a horror movie tonight.

Hey. You wanted to test your fear
response again. [grunts, chuckles]

Uh, two tickets
for Midnight Slaughter.

- That's rated "R."
- I see. And?

You need your parents to buy you
R-rated tickets.

That's ridiculous.
How does a parent's presence

change a film's suitability
for the underage?

It changes it
in that I don't get fired

- for selling you a ticket.
- [woman] Hey.

It's fine. They're my kids.
They can see the movie.

[Monster Girl] What?
You want to do a DNA test now?

- How...
- This might be your first movie,

but it's not mine. You'd be surprised
what people will do for ten bucks.

Wait, if this is your first movie,

what other normal stuff
haven't you done?

This is supposed to be appetizing?

[chuckles] Says the guy who used
to eat food through his butt.

That's not how...
It entered through my...

[chewing] Mmm.

- Is it appetizing now?
- [chewing] Mmm.

I know these aren't good for me,
but... [grunts]

Oh, shut up.
A good burger and fries

is one of the greatest
pleasures in life.

Yes. Mmm.
I'm discovering that.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry!

Let me get you some more.
Uh, waiter?

Waiter, uh, more fries, please!

Rudy, there's no waiters
in Burger Mart.

[RF Shannon: "Ballad of a Thin Place"]

[Debbie] Did you move after
your partner passed away?

I moved the furniture.

Couldn't afford to relocate.

I stayed for my son, but... now?

I don't know.
Maybe it's time for a change.

Change is good.

Problem is, where would I go?

Somewhere new.

So much of it
still feels connected to him.

When we wanted Indian food,
we'd go to India.

We'd fly to Tokyo and back
on a Wednesday night.

Oh. [chuckles]
One Christmas Eve,

we even made a snowman
at the North Pole.

My son cried when he didn't see
Santa's workshop,

so we told him we'd gone
to the South Pole by mistake.


Sounds like you two had
a pretty amazing life together.

We did.

You can still be angry.

- That's okay. God knows I am.
- Thanks.

It's good to talk
with someone who understands.

[sighs] I wish
I could tell you it gets easier,

- but Alana's been gone nearly a year...
- Uh...

...and I still reach across
the bed for her every morning.

- Alana? You mean...
- Yeah.

She was the Green Ghost.

Guess I just broke
rule number one of SOS.

Not that it matters now,

since she got m*rder
by that alien psychopath.

I-I didn't know
she had a partner.

We used to fight about that.

- She wanted to protect me.
- [shudders]


[grunts, shudders]

I need to use the restroom.

- Are you okay?
- No, I'll-I'll be right back.


[sighs happily]

[William] Oh, my God.
You had sex with Amber!

- Whoa, what? William!
- How was it?

- I want all the details.
- Gross. No. No way. No.

We're roommates now. This is
what roommates talk about.

Okay, well, what about you?

- How was Mr. Is This Your Stuff?
- What are you talking about?

That hot guy from earlier.

I came back, and you had
the sock on the door.


Ugh, I wish.

I must have forgotten to take it
off after my demonstration.

[gasps] Wait, y-you thought
h-he and I...

- Uh, yeah.
- Hmm. Super flattered.

But I'm kind of still screwed-up
about what happened to Rick.

I always imagined we'd be here
at Upstate together.

Cecil said he's doing better.

He should be released
in a month or so.

I know. Sorry, I wasn't
trying to make you feel bad.

No, it's, it's okay.


[knocking continues]

Hey, I bet that's somebody ready
for round two.

- Coming, Ambers.
- It's not Amber.

We made plans for tomorrow night.

- [laughs] I bet you did.
- [male voice] Mark Grayson?

It's for you.

♪ ♪

Mark Grayson.
I need your help.


- Who are you?
- Why, it is I, Séance Dog.

Fight f*re with f*re,
fight evil with magic.

That's me.

[indistinct voices nearby]

[indistinct chatter]

- Mark!
- I come with an important... [cries out]


Séance Dog isn't real.

- He's a comic book character.
- In your dimension, yes.

But there exist myriad
other worlds

where dogs and magic are
as real as the air you breathe.

We have dogs.
Dogs are real.

Well, then you're halfway
to understanding.

Open your mind and let me help
you reach the other side.

Hey, well, whatever you're
doing, don't, I'm warning you.

Mark Grayson, I come because...

Wait! Please!
You don't understand.


[Mark] Last chance.

Who are you,
and what do you want?


I'm sorry, my disguise
was meant to disarm you.

I thought if I appeared
as something you love...

- Disarm me for what?
- Please. I'm not a thr*at.

The journey to your world
has taken me most of my life.

- May I rise?
- If you answer my questions.

My name is Nuolzot.
I am from the planet Thraxa.

My people sent me
to plead for your help.


It's a couple galaxies away,
uh, give or take.

I mean, not very far.
You go... It doesn't matter.

How do you know who I am?

Rumors of the one
they call Invincible

have spread like wildfire.
Your speed, your strength.

You are the only one
who can save our people

from the meteor showers
destroying our world.

- Okay, listen, um...
- Nuolzot.

Nuol... zot.

I just got to college, man.

I haven't even had
my first day of classes yet.

Are you kidding me, Mark?

Nuolzot came all the way here

to beg for your help,
and you're too busy?

How many bug people
are in danger?

- All of them.
- But, like, a number.

Oh. Forty-two billion.

Don't worry about your classes.
I'll cover for you somehow.

Why do you care so much?

Because last time you didn't
want to help someone,

we both regretted it.

We believe in you, Mark Grayson.

♪ ♪

[Cecil over comm]
No, you can't just go

to some random planet
with some random alien.

Are you insane?

The Guardians can keep an eye
on things while I'm gone.

I won't be more than
a few weeks. A month tops.

- Depending on asteroid traffic.
- Oh, it shouldn't be that bad.

It shouldn't be that bad.

[Cecil] You work for me
here on Earth.

[sighs] Look, a-a lot of people
d*ed because of me, Cecil.

This is a chance to save lives.
Billions of them.

And this is an order:
do not go.

I need to listen to myself
before I listen to you.

Your father felt the same way.

Well, I'll check in when I get back.

g*dd*mn it, Mark.
f*cking kid.

You're a good human,
Mark Grayson.

Hey, when I'm in this outfit,
I'm Invincible.

So far.

No, I'm saying, like, you
have to call me Invincible.

It's like a secret identity.

Oh, right, of course. Invincible.

We need to make a quick stop first.

[phone vibrating]

Hey, you. How's it going?

Hey. Come to your window.


Look up.

[gasps] Mark?

Uh, I have to go away
for a few weeks.

- To space again.
- Like, right now?

A lot of people are gonna die
if I don't.

- I'm sorry, but I...
- No, stop, stop.

Don't apologize.

Never apologize for saving lives.

This is the deal,
and I'm good with it. Go.


- Can you tell my mom, please?
- Yeah, of course.

Be careful.

Amber, I, uh...

- Yeah?
- I love you.

[phone beeping]

Are you comfortable, Mark Gray...

- Uh, sorry. Invincible?
- Yeah. Thanks.

Hey, how long until
we get to Thraxa?

Approximately six of your Earth days.

Space sucks.


Debbie. Are you okay?

Di-Did I say something wrong?

I'm sorry. Tonight...
Tonight's been a little much.

I get it. I-It's a lot.

I haven't talked to anyone
about any of this,

except my son,
and that probably makes me

a bad parent on top
of everything else.

it takes time to heal.

I can't heal because
my husband's not dead.

He's just gone.

He's gone because...

because he m*rder Alana
and the other Guardians

and almost k*lled my son, too.

Your husband.
Your husband's Omni-Man?

I thought he was Nolan Grayson,
but that wasn't true.

The last years of my life
have been a lie!


I wish he was dead.

I wish I could grieve
and move on, but I ca...

- I-I can't.
- I wish he was dead, too.

But not for your sake.


You shouldn't come back
to the group.

It wouldn't be a safe space
with you there.

I didn't know.
I didn't know who he was.

You should have.

[door opens, shuts]

♪ ♪

[Nuolzot] Invincible?

- Invincible.
- Huh!

We're here.

[Thraxans exclaiming]

♪ ♪

Uh... hi?

Oh, don't mind them.

The monarch wants
to meet you at once.

Wait, what exactly about
this planet needs saving?

Where are the meteors?

What meteors?

- The ones that are k*lling billions?
- Oh, yeah, those meteors.

You know, must be
a touch of dementia.

We age much quicker
than you humans, you know.

Uh, don't worry,
the monarch will explain all.

Your Majesty.

- May I present Invincible of Earth.
- Oh. [clears throat]

- [Nolan] Hello, son.
- Huh?

It's been a while.

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