02x16 - Thunderclap

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Jujutsu Kaisen". Aired: October 3, 2020 – present.*
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Japanese manga series follows high school student Yuji Itadori as he joins a secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerers to eliminate a powerful Curse named Ryomen Sukuna.
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02x16 - Thunderclap

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I knew.

I knew he was stronger.

But to think it was to this extent!

Shibuya Incident

He's this fast without any cursed energy?

He must be the perfected form of Maki-san.


Thanks to Inumaki-senpai,
all the normal people

and transfigured humans are out of the way.

Visualize it!

Visualize how to b*at this guy!

Visualize winning!

Fleeing Hares!

That sensation was Sukuna's fingers!

What the hell is happening here in Shibuya?!

He charged through on pure instinct!

sh*t! I no longer have the cursed energy
to use Domain Expansion, either!

: Shibuya Stream

Kusakabe, aren't we done
with the interiors yet?

They might still be in the veil,

but thanks to Toge,
everyone's been evacuated,

so let's head to Satoru.

How do we get to floor B from here?

Toge said the news about him being
sealed is real, so let's hurry!

Gojo this, Gojo that.

Gojo isn't the only person in the world!

Who knows who might be trembling in
a nook of Shibuya right this very instant?

Imagine if it were some young
elementary school girls.

How would you feel if we overlooked them?

It wouldn't be an
exaggeration to say we were

responsible for snuffing
out such a bright future!

M-Maybe you're right.

If you understand, then get to scouring
every building, every floor,

and behind all the toilets, you dumbass!

This is bad.

I'm running out of room for excuses.

I definitely don't want to go near floor B .

I'd much prefer to wander
around like this and waste time.

Because I don't want to die!

If Panda knew how to get there,
he'd run off for floor B on his own.

I want to avoid that, too!

Because I don't want to be
left here alone right now!

He might be a panda, but he has
more of a human heart than I do.

But because he's a panda, he has no
sense of his surroundings here in Shibuya.

He hasn't even noticed that we're
already super close to floor B .

I'll go look over there!

Yeah, be thorough about it!

Maybe I'll pretend to be lost
in the station next.

This huge bundle of cursed
energy keeps appearing

and disappearing from
the culprits who sealed Gojo.

No way I'm touching that.
That would be stupid.

You're sorcerers from Jujutsu High, right?


I don't want to k*ll sorcerers
if I don't have to.


I count three behind him,
probably more in hiding.

I don't want to get m*rder, either,
but I can't just roll over and say yes.

So why don't we have a chat?

A nice, long one.

The longer this goes, the worse off I am!

I'll have to risk a short, decisive battle!

The one advantage I do have...

Principal. I have your cursed corpses
with me, so I'll be fine on my own.

: Shuto Expressway No. Shibuya Route
Shibuya Tollbooth

You know that's not enough.

The moment they learn about
this place, they'll target it.

Now even Satoru is capable of healing others
with his reverse cursed technique.

Ino and Ijichi would both
be dead if you weren't here.

That was thanks to your
quick judgment, Principal.

If we'd waited for Nanami to call for me,
we wouldn't have made it in time.

Allowing Nanami to operate freely
has been a major boon.

I thought you had quit smoking?

I'm recalling the days when
I was a student for a bit.

...is that Ieiri-san is close by!

So it's okay to push my
body further than I should!

I just need to settle this
with only injuries she can heal!

I've narrowed down his paths!

But his speed is on par
with Sukuna from that time.

Don't try to follow him by sight!
Just focus on the timing!

If I mess up the timing, I'm dead.

If I mess up the timing,

I'm dead!

Damn it!

You know my brat?

He's totally got it all.

I wouldn't mind giving him to you once his
technique becomes clear at age five or six.

Depending on how much you'll pay, of course.

If he has the hereditary
technique, I'll take eight,

and I'll take seven for anything else.


If he has the hereditary
technique, I'll pay you ten.

Even if that place was a trash dump to me,

it should be much better for
him since he has the talent.

Not that I care anymore.

Not that I care at all.

Please take care of Megumi.

Hey, you.

What's your name?


It's not Zen'in?

I'm glad.

What the hell was that about?

Enough worrying about that now.

I need to make haste to Ieiri-san.

No, I should make sure Maki-san
and the others are safe first...

See, see? This is it!

This is what I'm suited to!



Cooperate with that thing?

You mean for the sake of
reclaiming Geto-sama's body, right?


The true identity and goals of
that impostor may be unclear,

but once the world is thrown into chaos,

those non-sorcerer monkeys will
be the ones paying the price.

Being strong will be necessary for survival.

The monkeys will be culled,

sorcerers will propagate,

and cursed spirits will disappear.

That is the world Geto-sama longed for.

That's why we'll cooperate.

I won't concern myself with the body.

That's what it means
to inherit his ambition.

Don't go making this all
mixed up and complicated.

I'm telling you I won't stay quiet while

the man I loved is being
manipulated like a zombie!

Geto-sama's story is finished.

I won't let anyone taint that!

Grow up already, Nanako.

If you start going on

about grown-ups and children,
this conversation's over!


Both of you, settle down.

The one thing Suguru-chan would want
least of all is for us to hurt each other.

Neither of you is wrong here.

So let's agree this is where we part ways.

We can each do as we please.

What'll you do, Larue?

I won't take either side.

Same as Miguel-chan.

I just wanted to make
Suguru-chan king, after all.

But all of you, remember this.

We're a family.

Someday, somewhere,
we'll all share a meal together again.

We are the ones carrying
on the will of Geto-sama.

If you're with Jujutsu High,

then nothing else needs to be said.

Will you surrender or not?

I hate indecisive men.

I'm a panda, so that doesn't apply to me.

Their chat was too short, damn it!

Still, though...

With a group on this level?

It's too perfect.

I can take plenty of time just
fending them off and dragging this out.

New Shadow Style Iai, Evening Moon.

So that's your answer?

This is your reward for the fingers. Come at me.

If you manage to land even
a single blow on me,

I'll work under you all.

For starters, how about
I slaughter every human in Shibuya?

Except for one.

Is that all you've got...

Not yet!

...cursed spirit?!

Geto, how strong would you say
I am in terms of Sukuna's fingers?

A generous estimation would be
about eight or nine fingers.

I knew.

I knew he was stronger.

I knew there was a gap in our strength.

But to think it was to this extent!

The moonlight's shining all the way through.

It's helping me see your
pathetic state more clearly.

Come on, now. Keep trying.

I'll play along with you again
and again until I tire of this.

It's dangerous to remain here any longer!

Time to run!

Where are you going?!

Listen, you!

Listen up, you curse users!

I don't know why, but a couple of
special-grades are fighting each other!

A bunch of elephants are now
tap-dancing on top of ants!

And just to be clear, we're the ants!

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Supreme Art:


New Shadow Style:

Quick Draw!


Let's hurry up and run!

You won't.

I hereby forbid every person in a -meter
radius from moving until I say "now."

And of course, I'll k*ll anyone
who violates that rule.

Not yet.

Still not yet.


Even Sukuna shouldn't escape that unharmed.

If it had h*t.

Why won't you use your domain?

I know I can't win a
tug-of-w*r between domains.

Because that's how it went with Satoru Gojo?

That's the epitome of a loser's spirit.

Though you have managed
to pique my interest.

So I'll fight you with your own specialty.

■, Fuga (Open).

Those are...


I thought Sukuna's technique
was severing and slicing...

Oh? I thought it was well-known,

but I suppose you wouldn't
know, cursed spirit.

Don't worry. I won't do anything
petty like revealing my technique.

Arm yourself.

Let's have a contest of firepower.

I'm sorry, Hanami, Dagon.

There's still Mahito.

Humans fear and loathe death.

Yet the ones standing
behind that are also humans.

To humans, death is a mirror.

And Mahito is that mirror.

Mahito will continue to grow stronger still.

That's why you placed him
at the top of our ranks, right?

We'll no longer be the same as we
are now once we're reborn again.

Yet even so, I'll eagerly await
the day we meet again.

We are the true humans.

What's this now?

You wanted to become human?

Yeah, I know.

You don't want to actually be human.
You want their position.

Is that about right?

Even when I understand it, that's so dumb.

Packs of humans. Packs of curses.

All of you get together and measure
your worth against each other,

driving all of you to grow
weaker and stunted.

You should have burnt everything down.

Burnt everything around you,
without calculations or plots.

Casting aside race, future, everything...
until you finally reached Satoru Gojo.

That hunger to seize your ideals

is what you were lacking.

Maybe you're right.

Still, you managed to entertain me a bit.

I fought humans, sorcerers,
and cursed spirits a thousand years ago,

and you were still one of
the better ones I fought.

Be proud.

You were strong.

What is this?

Good question.

I wouldn't know that.

Who are you?

I've come to welcome you,



It's been a long time.

: Dogenzaka, In Front of Shibuya

Oh, f*ck you!

Damn it!

Wake up, you shitty sorcerer!


Lately I see the Internet talking about
Mentos and soda, but is it really true?

Why do you ask?

I'm pretty sure I happened to eat a Mentos
while drinking soda at least once when I was kid.

The fact that I don't remember it
means those videos must be fakes!

Got it! Eat up!

Next time, "Thunderclap, Part ."

Next Episode
Thunderclap, Part

See you next week!
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