Kobane (2022)

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History/Civil Wars, Cold w*r, WWI, WWII, Rebellions, Revolutions and more! w*r movies collection.
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Kobane (2022)

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Amid a time of significant instability

in the Middle East,

the Islamic State spread

its dark power in Syria and Iraq.

Soaking everything

on its way with blood...

!sis advanced through the plains

and deserts of Syria and Iraq

without resistance; Armies are

escaping fearing the force of !sis.

!sis then reaches the small

Kurdish town of Kobane,

where the people

had just liberated themselves

after years of oppression

and dictatorship.

The people of Kobane had declared

autonomy based on grassroot democracy,

ecology and women liberation.

This is the epic story of

the conflict between

the good and evil,

humanity and inhumanity,

life and death.

Based on real events

A section of Kobane w*r

I won't leave.

You cant stay here, go away.

Our group arrived early.

Ours was late today.

Bagok, do you copy?

Comrade, are you in position?

Comrade Zehra!

They are coming from all directions!

- Calm down, Renchber.

- There are too many of them, too many!

Alright, listen to me now...

Do you see that kid?

Get on your motorbike

and go get him away from here.

- Comrade Zehra...

- Okay!

Go on!

Come here...


We'll fight against

our enemy with no fear,

Do not forget what happened in Shengal.

They forced our people out

to the deserts,

They're attacking our revolution

and our Kurdish identity,

but we'll resist until the end!

And now comrades;

Take your positions

and be ready for battle.

To victory, comrades!

To victory!

Come on, comrades!

Bring the a*mo.

To the positions, comrades!


Rojwar, Rojwar...



Comrade, the situation

is worse than we thought!

The enemy's approaching

us in huge numbers.

- We need backup!

- Impossible!

It will take hours

to reach you anyway.

If we get reinforcements,

we can stop them.

Just withdraw...

How can we withdraw now, comrade!

We need backup!

I already told you;

We can't send backup!

- Brusk

- Yes?

- Aim well at your targets.

- Noted, comrade.

Don' t waste a single b*llet!

Asmin, be ready.

Noted, comrade.

God is great!

God is great! God is great!

Comrades, be cautious!

A vehicle is approaching!

- Shin!

- Noted.

Comrades, they are too close!


The YPG has announced

the death of 8 of its members.

There were demonstrations

all around the globe

condemning !sis' att*ck on Kobane.

The demonstrations

in Europe and Middle East

emphasized 'Everywhere is Kobane,

Everywhere is resistance'.

After France, Germany, USA, UK,

Netherlands, Spain and Italy;

Now women in Afghanistan

are marching for Kobane.

The demonstrations were organized

by the Afgan Union Party.

While the hunger strikes are continuing

in 6 different places in Europe.

The strikers demand to put an end

for the countries supporting !sis.

The Islamic State

is still advancing in Kobane.

In order to stand

against this advance...

Derya! Derya! Come on!

People are taking

the streets in Turkey.

The police are tear gassing

the demonstrators.

- Prepare for the surgery.

- Let's hurry!

Hes losing blood.

No! You can't come in!

!sis is now controlling hundreds

of villages in Kobane countryside.

Having heavy clashes

with the Kurdish YPG forces.

!sis is approximately only one

kilometer away from the city.

It won't work this way, dear.

We need to get there faster.

How can we go faster?

Aleppo is very far from Kobane!

We can, we can...

- May you be well, comrade.

- Thank you.

The comrades informed us.

We can't go through this way.

You have to leave

your vests and w*apon here

and cross carefully into Turkey.

There will be a comrade there,

he'll help you cross to Kobane;

I'll give you his phone number.



As we know, Kobane was the first place

to host leader Apo in Rojava.

And it was a headquarter

for the Liberation Movement.

Comrade Gelhat,

it's time for the meeting.

Comrade Arin,

ask the rest to join in as well.

Comrades! Come here!

From Martyr Zozan section, 45.

From Martyr Gulbahar section, 47, over.

We believe that your stance about going

to fight in Kobane is appropriate.

We shall never leave our people alone.

Ultimately, this was the basis of our

leader Apo's call for mobilization.

We wish success to all comrades.

Greetings, comrade.

Are you alright?

What about comrade

Zehra and the others?

They're not answering the radio.

- Is there any news from them?

- No.

Zehra, Zehra?

We won't get an answer

from them by calling on the radio.

We need to send reinforcements.

Even if we send backup,

is it going to reach them?

We need to let go

of the countryside, comrades!

We don't have any other choice!

- Heval Asmin.

- Yes?

Send the wounded comrades

to the hospital.

- And let the others rest.

- Noted.

Uncle Nemir,

you should go to the hospital too.


Where have you been?

Why weren't you replying

through the radio?

It's broken.

Few of you are left...

Why didn't you withdraw?

Why didn't you listen to me?

You see, !sis is attacking us

in huge numbers...

We need to pull them towards the city.

We can't keep resisting

in this flat countryside!

Do we have cannons or t*nk?

What do we have?

Then, how prepared are we in the city?

If we keep resisting

and fighting in the countryside;

!sis won't reach the city very soon.

Until then, we can prepare

better for the city w*r.

So we must fight in the countryside.

I agree with heval Zehra...

If an enemy manages

to make it from their position,

to their opponents' positions

without suffering losses on their way,

they'd definitely be able to take

down the positions they att*ck.

That's why we need to turn behind them

and h*t them from the rear.

Heval Masiro, we're in a desert!

The land's flat!

We're not in the mountains

to apply guerrilla tactics!

!sis has its rear secured, that's why

they are attacking very fiercely.

Let's discuss it

and figure something out.

Are there any updates?

The comrades are on their way...

What about Aleppo's group?

We haven't heard

from them for ten days.

God's great!

God's great!

What curse has come upon

this land and me, my God!

God's great!

Glad you're here, comrade.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Comrades, we barely made it here,

and from now on,

we need to be vigilant.

We're in a border village

and surrounded by Turkish soldiers.

So, no one should move around

without informing us.

Good day, comrades!

Come in.

Heval Gelhat, the border

is packed with soldiers.

There are a few blank spots;

but they're either full of mines

or !sis is on the other side.

So crossing is a bit difficult.

We have to wait a bit longer.

Dear viewers, we are right

at the Suruch-Kobane borderline,

As our cameraman is showing you,

smoke is rising from

many locations of the city

and the battles seem

to be approaching the city center.

We must be very careful,

From now on, it won't

be possible for us to go back.

If we clash with the Turkish

soldiers here, we won't survive...

Turn your t*nk and a*tillery

towards !sis, not us!

You prefer living with

!sis over us, the Kurds.

But we'll resist until the end,

no matter what you do!

Go away you old man!

f*ck off with your resistance!

Who do you think you are?

Our mothers, sisters and brothers

are dying; our people are dying there!

You want us just to sit and watch?

You bastards, you're bastards!

Come with me, I am going to show

their state and their police things!

Stop them!

Stop! You, f*ck!

I believe this is best time to try.

Make sure everyone is prepared.


m*llitary AREA


Let's go.

Oh! Khamgin!

- How are you?

- We're good.

- I thought you'd never come!

- Don't even ask about it,

We've been on the way

for twenty days.

- Is everyone good?

- We're alright.

You don't have w*apon?

We had to leave our w*apon there.

It's a long story,

I'll tell you everything later.

Let's go to the comrades!

I feel like I know

this gentleman from somewhere.

Uncle Ismat? He's the Minister

of Defense of Kobane.

Wouldn't he give us a r*fle?

- Let's go to the armory

- Sure.

- Hello, uncle Ismet!

- Hello my dear!

Heval Zehra.


You're finally here!

- How are you?

- Good good, thanks, you?

I'm good as well.

Where are the rest of our comrades?

They couldn't make it. I got

an opportunity to cross and I did.

We were able to make it

thanks to these young people.

- Welcome!

- Thank you!

We almost lost hope that you'd come.

How was your journey?

As you can see.

I feel so much better

now that you're here.

Khamgin, you'll get w*apon

and some clothes.

But go get some rest now.


Come on.

Brother, are you the commander here?

I want a r*fle too.

You want a w*apon?

We can do that, now go get some rest.

Let's go.


Was he in pain today?

He was better today, sir.

He's lucky...

A good doctor

did his first intervention.

The risk of infection is very high.

Give him the prescribed

dr*gs regularly, young lady.

Noted, sir, I'll take care of it.

Okay, see you.

This was yours.

It's safer to keep it with me for now.

Were you injured on the other side?


What's your name?



Can you describe the doctor

who treated your wounds?

I don't really remember him,

I think there was a tattoo on his arm.


You may leave heval, thanks.

You are welcome.

Heval Arin.

This is "Azadi" (freedom) square,

and the 48 street is right behind it.

May you be well, uncle Nemir!

Thank you, comrade, bless you.

Heval Nefel, support

that position a little more.

Got it.

- May you be well!

- May you be well!

Hello, heval Renchber!

- May you be well, comrades!

- Thank you!

We're short in grenades.

So we need to make some

and distribute them to the comrades.

But first we should show them

how to use the b*mb.

- Is this clear?

- It is.

I'll go check it out.

Alright. Did you get the codes

for your radio?

Yes, I got them.


Oh, you just invaded our frontline!

Protect yourself then, Abu Leyla.

Don't worry, nothing can harm me.

May you be well, goodbye.

So, even if the b*ll*ts h*t the first

wall you stay safe. Alright?


- I'm coming with you!

- Just leave!

Come with me, my child,

There's no one left!

Leyla, my daughter,

take care of your mom

and help her out, alright?

Give me a kiss.

Sir, the people

are rushing to the border.

Open the gates for the people

and let everyone cross.

The faster we empty the city,

the faster it will fall.

Orders noted, sir.

Open the gate, son.


Where should we go now?

Our people are displaced everywhere!

What if we never see

our families again!


Hi, mom?

How are you?

Thanks, I'm good as well.

Mom, I was assigned

somewhere else to work.

I'll be closer to the border.

So don't worry if you couldn't

reach me on the phone.

Alright, okay mom.

Oh and before I forget,

I love you so much!

Give her to me!

Moussa, Egid, Asmin!

Go towards the Meshtenur front.

Go towards

the Meshtenur front, comrades!

Good day, comrades.

Heval Zehra, you need to form

a defense line down here.

It's obvious that the fight

will reach this area,

So if it does,

this will be our withdrawal line.

What withdrawal, heval Rojwar?

If Meshtenur falls, we'll no longer

have a safe place to withdraw to.

This is a direct order!

Now you take your positions here.

Demhat, stay alerted!

Heval Zehra, what are we doing here?

Why aren't we in the front positions?

This is our defense line, comrade.

Those were the orders.

What is this man doing?

- Where are you going?

- Can't you see?

The t*nk reached the hill,

what else am I supposed to do?

So what if the t*nk reached the hill?!

Let go of me!

What are you trying to do?

All the comrades are still fighting

in their positions!

How dare you turn your back

on them and run away?

Let go of me! I can't

do more with what I have!

What kind of a person are you?

Get the hell out of my sight!

- Heval Brusk!

- Yes, comrade?

You and heval Nefel

position yourself this side,

and you, Egid and Jindar, go there.

Cover their backs, go on!

There's a DShK comrades, watch out!

Comrades, withdraw to the back.



Heval Zehra, we have to leave!

Come on!

Let's carry her!

Last night a woman just showed up

and blew herself up.

- Noted, brother. Speak later.

- It happened at once!

- Too many brothers were martyred.

- No need to say that on the radio!

- Praise God!

- God's Great!

Be quick, comrade.

Hurry up, comrades!

Three of you cover that roof.

Jindar, go that way, alright?

Mehmud, do you see that position?

Go and get it ready.

Hurry up!

Quickly, to the positions!

Careful, there's a DShK

to that side! That side!

Come on, comrades!

God! "When thou threwest, it was not

thyself that threw, but Allah threw."

Heval Adel, now! Hurry up!

You too Shin, go! Quickly!

Heval Moussa.

Heval Zehra!

Got it, heval Renchber!

Heval Goran,

hide behind the wall, here!

Go left!

Come on, comrades! Advance!

Comrade, hold this.

Protect yourself.

Egid, come this side.

- Thanks.

- Bon appetite.

- Thank you!

- Bon appetite.

Well, well, heval Zehra...

Do you remember the last time we had

tea together on Gabar mountain?

- Of course, how would I forget!

- You were little back then.

I was little? Yet I was doing

a lot of work in our base!

Indeed, you were very hardworking.

Even then, the comrades believed

you'd become a good commander.

Did they think so?

Our comrades!

She looks familiar to me.

- Which one?

- The comrade on the right.

Her? She's heval

Sidar's sister, Asmin.

- That's Asmin?

- Yes.

I was going to ask you about her.

She really does resemble him.

Yes she does, especially in courage.

By the way, how's comrade Sidar?

They're all doing well.

They wanted to come with us,

but they were also needed there.

Oh, and he sent a letter to his sister.

Give it to her yourself, heval Gelhat.

You just came from the mountains,

it would mean a lot to her.


How far has !sis reached, heval Zehra?

We're on the eastern

frontline right now.

We have two more frontlines,

to the south and the west.

There isn't much distance left

between them and us.

It could be good that.

We're close to each other.

That means their heavy w*apon

won't be so effective.

So, what about this front?

After Meshtenur Hill fell,

they were able to advance rapidly.

Now, they want to separate

our fronts from each other,

and to reach the border gate.

If the border gate falls,

Kobane will follow.

Good morning, Kobane!

Good morning comrades!

Good morning Kobane, good morning!

Good morning comrades!

Comrades! Good morning!

- Good morning comrades.

- Good morning.

Good morning comrades.

Good morning. Comrades, good morning.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Is he still asleep?

- He is.

Good morning comrade!

Good morning, bro, good morning.

Those bastards att*cked like mad dogs.

Every part of my body hurts,

every part of it.

But we resisted just as mad.

Yeah man, for each f*ck you sh**t,

another one shows up.

It looks like he's impulsive.

And you use the w*apon well.

That's right, bro, I do.

Don't you speak Kurdish?

I understand bro, but I can't speak.

"How are you? I'm good" and that's it.

Where are you from?

The 21st coded city; Diyarbakir!

Oh, hey!

Our positions are getting

so close to each other!

Soon we'll recognize the names

of all !sis g*ng members!

Abu Anas, Abu Tareq, abu Omar,

Abu Leyla!

Happy Eid, comrades!

Happy Eid to all comrades.

Man! We had the best

Eid celebrations as kids.

Hamza, do you remember when we used

to visit houses to collect candies;

Joudi was over-weight

and Couldn't climb the stairs,

so you brought him

his share of candies.

Yeah, everybody would ask

"Why isn't he coming himself?"

And you'd say "because he's a fatty,

he can't climb the stairs."

You humiliated the poor boy!

But you know,

he was the most joyful one among us.

In Sheikh Maqsoud,

where we used to live,

He'd h*t gallons as if they were drums

until he made holes in them,

And the women of the neighborhood

threw shoes at him.

Man, you have ruined my life

since I was eight years old!

And you told this story

when we fought in Serekaniye,

then in Aleppo, and now in Kobane.

That's enough guys, get off my back.

That's it, guys, stop annoying Joudi.

When this w*r's over,

I know what I am doing about this!

Abu Leyla,

can I have a minute?

What's up Abu Nawwaf?

The Free Army called us.

They wished us a happy Eid.

But the main reason of the call

wasn't for Eid greetings.

They wanted to tell us that the Turkish

intelligence wants to meet with you.

What do you mean?

The Turks sent you special greetings.

They said that

if we reach an agreement,

maybe we'll help him save his brother

who's captured !sis.

They're waiting for our response.

- Does anyone know about this?

- No.

Keep it that way. Don't tell anyone.

So you're going to meet them?

- Hello!

- Hello, come in!

The b*llet came out of nowhere...

- He was sh*t just around the corner.

- Didn't you notice something off?


It happened all of a sudden.

- I don't get it...

- You come with me, comrade.

There... That's where

the comrade was sh*t.

Okay, stay low.

Do you also find this silence

a bit suspicious?

Indeed, it's very quiet.

I'll check on the comrades.

Does it mean something, Heval Asmin?

My father gave it to me

when I joined the guerrilla.

He was afraid that I might

get captured alive by the enemy.

Which scares me too...

If it were me, my father would've

k*lled me before the enemy did.

He claims to be "patriotic" as well,

but he only talks, he never acts.

Well, my family is different...

When my brother joined,

I was just a kid...

His name was Sidar, right?

How do you know?

One night, I couldn't sleep because

I was cold and a little afraid...

Heval Zehra and Gelhat

were talking about him.


You didn't mention this to me earlier?

I don't know


how did you get here?

It's a long story.

I'll tell you later.

We have too many stories yet to tell...

Ask a comrade to come

to collect their vests and w*apon.

We need to be more careful

if they were able to reach this far.

We need to take better precautions.

Comrades! Don't move without covered.

- Don't go that way! Don't!

- Comrade!



What's going on? What is it?

It's a sn*per.

Three comrades are wounded.

Give me your scarf, comrade!

Nefel, Shin!

Can you hear me? Comrade?

Comrades, take him inside.

- Noted, comrade.

- Carry him.

Derya! Get up Derya.

Hold your position.


Mehmud, go to the other side.

Moussa, Moussa!

- Go ahead, comrade.

- Is there anything in sight?

No, I haven't found him yet.

Don't move, comrade, don't move.

There are wounded comrades,

don't you see?

Wait here!

Mehmud! Keep your head low!

Be careful, man!

Give me this water bottle.


It's done.

Go get the wounded comrades.

Let's take them, comrades.

Mehmud, get the "Zagros" r*fle.

Hurry up!

Comrades receiving this message!

A VBIED is approaching, be careful!

Heval Brusk, do you see

anything from up there?


Comrades, split up!

Quickly comrades, split up!

Egid, get me the RPG!

Protect yourselves, comrades!

- Are you okay, comrades? Heval Zehra?

- We're okay, yes.

Shin? Nefel?

Okay, I'm okay.


Memo, are you alright?

I can't hear anything, brother,

I can't hear.

If you don't like something,

you can't hear it.

You can go, we'll hold this line.

Comrades, don't go that way!

Derya, give me your vest.

Hurry up, comrade.

If any of them appears,

don't think, just sh**t.

It doesn't matter if you don't h*t

them; It'll hinder their movement.

Don't go, heval Asmin...

Those comrades joined only recently,

they don't know what to do.

Don't worry, I'll be back. Alright?

Comrades, don't let them move freely.

Where's Asmin?

She went that way, to the left.

Asmin? Asmin, Asmin!


Moussa? Moussa, Moussa.

Go ahead, comrade.

You see Asmin's position?

There's a house

with a garden to its left.

Towards there, comrade. Understood?

Okay, I got it.

Mehmud, here, take these.

Keep the binoculars with you too.

We are going there,

protect yourselves.

Okay, noted.


Comrades, you stay here. I'll be back.

Okay, comrade!

- Okay?

- Okay.

A b*mb! Careful!

Go upstairs. Quickly!

Asmin and other comrades are trapped,

how can we reach them?

You know, heval Gelhat,

The houses are right

next to each other in that area.

We can make holes in the walls to go

through them or jump from roof to roof.

Siyabend, bring a sledgehammer.

Come comrades, come!

Go on, be quick.

Be quiet, okay?

Get in here, and you get in there.

Don't worry, the comrades are coming.

My brother, Abu Omar,

surround the building.

Don't k*ll them, brothers;

we want them captives and slaves.

Noted, brother.


Asmin, Asmin!

Do you hear me? Asmin!

Heval Asmin!

Your wound looks bad, heval Zehra.

Let's go to the hospital.

I'm okay, don't worry.

Gorgeous little sis...

I know you're very far from me,

but I can sense that;

Even in the midst of that chaos,

You'd still have peace in your heart.

This time I'll reach you soon;

Not like the previous times.

Close your eyes and once you open them,

you'll see me right in front of you...

What's going on? Come here, comrade.

What's his pulse rate?

It's weak.

Give him adrenaline! Quick!

The whole countryside has fallen,

as well as the strategic hill

of Mishtenur.

We formed a defense line here,

and they're attacking from

everywhere to break it.

This's the current situation.

What about each frontline?

The Aleppo group

and our "Northern Sun" brigade

are on the "Spring of Kurds" side.

!sis has advanced a bit more.

The fighting there is difficult,

at close range.

We must be cautious

about the Turkish occupiers.

I believe it's better to form

a second and a third defense line.

Comrades, in order to break

the siege of Kobane

We must apply guerrilla tactics; turn

behind them and h*t them from the rear.

Your turn.

Your queen.

Come for it!

Hello, comrades!

Oh! May you all be well!

- Welcome!

- Thank you.

Who's winning?

Well, heval Gelhat isn't doing well.

Don't forget your move.

I'm not that old to forget,

heval Gelhat.

So it's time to leave, comrades.

Comrades, you can only take amm*nit*on

and food with you.

- Wish you success heval Masiro.

- Wish you success.

Wish you success Ronahi.

- Wish you success.

- Thank you.

Wish you success.

Wish you success heval Jindar.

Send my regards to heval Moussa.

I owe him a lot for his efforts

in training me.

I will. Take care of yourself.

I wish you success.

Protect the comrades.

I wish you all success!

Everyone says that Masiro

and the comrades with him

are walking to their death.

Masiro knows what he's doing.

But will they succeed?

Tell the Free Army guys

that I accept meeting the Turks.

For real?

Yes, but don't tell anyone.

Keep this between us.

The sn*per isn't dead, comrade.

But I did k*ll him.

It seems like he's not dead.

Take the fallen comrade.

Heval Derya, you were with Asmin

the day she d*ed a martyr, right?

- Yes.

- Okay.

Help heval Moussa.

Check all possible places

where the sn*per could be hiding in.

- Heval Moussa

- Tell me.

Are you active on all fronts?

No, only the eastern front.

Can you remember where the b*ll*ts

came from the other day?

I don't know exactly.

We were at that position.

The first comrade

who was injured fell there.

Then when heval Asmin was checking

around with a mirror,

another b*llet came from

the opposite side.

It came from around there

if I'm not wrong.

- There?

- Yes.

Sniping is hard, right?

It has some difficulties.

Heval Asmin taught me a little bit.

I want to get better at it.

What should I do?

First, you need to learn

how to hide from the sights.

Give me your hand.


- Okay.

- Let's go.

"Happiness is not

in reaching the destination,

it is in the journey itself"

(Leader Apo)

- Heval Mehmud?

- Tell me.

When did you become a sn*per?

At the beginning of the revolution,

I was in the "Civil Defense".

I met heval Moussa after that,

and I have accompanied him since then.

Is he always this silent?

Heval Moussa? No, only sometimes.

He's from eastern Kurdistan.

He had worked in

smuggling goods as a kid.

You know, heval Derya,

that whenever the Iranian army

see a smuggler, they sh**t them.

One day, when Moussa

was crossing the border on his horse,

the Iranian soldiers saw him...

They sh*t at him and injured his horse.

He loved his horse so much. When

he saw that his horse was suffering,

he had to k*ll it.

After that,

he decided to join the guerrilla.

They say that this is why He's silent.

But a good sn*per

should be a silent one.

- Hello!

- Hello, comrade!

- How are you, comrades?

- Welcome!

Here, keep this.

- Give it some water, it's thirsty..

- It's adorable, man!

He keeps running away!

How are you, comrades?

- Is everything good?

- All good here, comrade.

Is everything good?

We should get him some water...

Take care of it, don't let it escape.

- Feed it if it's hungry.

- Don't worry, we will.

Alright. Do you need anything?

- Thank you.

- You're welcome, heval Renchber.

I'll sh**t you dead,

even if you were a night genie.


Heval Derya! Where are you going?

Heval Derya!

I'll be back.

She answered.

Give it to me.

Hello? Hello?

Can you hear me?

We are okay, you know how it is.



Medeni is listening.

Greetings, comrade.

All comrades have returned safe.

Yes, we followed up.

Okay then, comrade.

Okay. We sent you a group of comrades.

If you need anything,

please inform us.

Thank you.

Greetings with respect.

Okay, greet them for us.

Regards, comrade.

- Is this the comrade?

- That's right.

- What's your name, comrade?

- It's Aziz.

Heval Aziz, no matter what happens;

This note should be delivered

to Masiro, as soon as possible.

- Understood?

- Understood.

Don't worry, he has done this before.

There'll be no problem.

- I'll leave.

- Be careful.

If you need anything, ask the comrades.

Have a seat.

Have you been following

the news lately?

No, I can't find the time to.

You have looked very worried

for the last few days, Abu Leyla.

Is something wrong?


Have you heard from your kids?

Yes. I miss them so much.

They're good, doing well.

But I don't know...

If I'll be able to build a future

for them, after the w*r.

What did you do before the w*r?

I was a blacksmith.

I had a forge in Menbij,

where my brother and I worked.

Your brother

was captured by !sis, right?

How did you know?

The comrades told me.


We're following the developments

here moment by moment.

We're aware that

your situation isn't good.

You and your family will

be given citizenship,

and a good salary.

We know that your family

is in the hands of !sis;

meaning your brother.

We can do something about it.


You have become familiar

with Kobane, heval Siyabend.

You know, heval Zehra,

we just came from the mountains

to an urban area.

So, one needs time to get familiar.

But again,

you managed well in a short time.

Of course, we have to be ready

to fight anywhere.

What happened, heval Gelhat?

The situation of the

comrades isn't good...

We checked many positions;

They're all like this.

Our territory's getting smaller.

And the comrades have been

fighting for a long time.

They are exhausted.

We won't be able to succeed

until we get out

of this mental state of defense.

What should we do?

We need to get our forces

out of the defense state,

and start to att*ck!

- May you be well, comrades.

- Thank you, comrade.

- Good night, comrades.

- Good night.

My dear comrades!

We have a long

and difficult night ahead of us...

We're going to att*ck

an !sis headquarter.

They took strong defensive measures.

Because of this,

we have to surprise them.

We'll conduct the att*ck in two groups.

The first group

will be led by heval Zehra.

They'll move among the ruins

to reach the back side of their base.

The second group

will be sneaking between the houses

to reach the front side of the base.

Heval Moussa and his group.

Will position themselves properly

to cover the comrades.

Now, finish your final preparations,

get ready,

and don't carry too much with you.

I wish everyone success!

To victory!

Be ready, comrade.

Brothers, split up!

sh**t Egid, h*t them!

f*re! h*t the one in the back.

Come on, come on!

Egid, f*re!

The one on the DShK!

Come on, Demhat!

Demhat, get the one in the front!

Get him, Egid!

Come on, f*re!


sh**t comrades, k*ll him!

sh**t him, don't let him escape!

So I tried to reach them...

- We k*lled so many of them...

- I'll be with you the next days.

By God's will...

I pray for that, brother...

Abu Bekir!

Brother, everything looks fine.

- I was in the clashes up to the north.

- so it's safe there now, right?

We're going to start, be ready.

Check the electricity,

why did it go out?

The last thing we needed

was electricity going out!

They're attacking. Split up!

That side, cover that side, comrade!

Brusk, Adel, cover us!

Come here, comrades.

Siyabend, rush to the comrades inside.

Come on, come on!

Brothers, don't retreat! God is great!

Stop, hold your f*re!

Those are our comrades.

Welcome Abu Layla!

Hurry up, comrades!


How do you take the risk

and come form !sis' side, comrade?

Look! Do you think it's possible

to take this way?

Comrades, the DShK is down!

Heval Gelhat, I'm leaving.

Brusk, brother, protect me.

Don't move alone, Mamo.

Let's change our position, comrades.

Heval Mehmud, come on.


How could they att*ck our base?

Didn't you see them coming?

Deaf, blind, and oblivious.

They'll regret what they did.

Call up all our reinforcements

from Manbij and Raqqa.

Get over there now, go!


Heval Welat, take this w*apon too.

Greetings, I hope you're all well.

We have been preparing

to take over Mishtenur Hill.

We'll att*ck the hill in two days.

So prepare yourselves accordingly.

I wish you all success.

With my revolutionary regards,

Masiro Botan.

We had a commander

whose name was Zeynel...

Whenever I see a f*re

patiently flaming,

I remember what he used to say.

He used to say that the patience

of the Kurds is like f*re.

It burns and burns

and meanwhile burns itself.

And then it turns

into flaming charcoal,

and that's when it burns their enemies.

And this's what we're living

right now in Kobane...

We have b*rned in our own flames

for quite a while.

And now, we must burn

the enemy in our f*re

until they turn into ash.

We must carry on

with the campaign we started

and strike !sis at its core.

Heval Masiro has prepared

his group to take Meshtenur hill.

We shall advance towards city center,

fighting for every street

for every house and every corner.

So, prepare yourselves by dawn.

Heval Gelhat,

Would you sing us a song

before we start the action?

That's exactly what

we need right now!

Come on man! Why not?

Look up here, the red sun has risen

The country of Kurds is rebelling

The people of Kurdistan will be freed

Kurd youth; be warriors, wise and smart

h*t them, brothers h*t them,

the red flag has risen

For a free Kurdistan

is beautiful and graceful

h*t them, brothers h*t them,

the red flag has risen

For a free Kurdistan

is beautiful and graceful...

Enough of this thousand

years old heartache

Kurdistan has turned red

with the blood of nightingales

Rise up, Kurds, our shields have united

The way to our freedom

is being guerrillas

h*t them, brothers h*t them,

the red flag has risen

For a free Kurdistan

is beautiful and graceful

h*t them, brothers h*t them,

the red flag has risen

For a free Kurdistan

is beautiful and graceful...

Heval Masiro,

They'll come, right?

The Gelhat I know will definitely come.

They'll h*t them in the city,

and move forward,

And we'll h*t from here, Mishtenur.

!sis will be caught in-between us.

Don't you worry, man!

They are only a few ugly g*ng members

and we'll end them.

As we agreed, the g*n are here.

There's even more back there...

We have reached your brother as well.

He's safe, don't worry about him.

All you have to do is

wait for the signal,

and turn your g*n on the YPG.

!sis knows about our alliance.

Our numbers are low

and our amm*nit*on is limited.

Act accordingly, comrades.

Khamgin, Khamgin!

Khamgin, Khamgin!

Do you have a signal?


Khamgin, Khamgin!

I don't have a connection either.

Abu Layla!

Abu Layla!

What "Abu Leyla, Abu Leyla",


He's working with the Turks now.

Who said what?

Why don't you believe me?

Comrade, why?

Heval Gelhat!

The comrades tried

to reach you through the radio,

but the Turks cut the network.

Something strange

is happening at the border.

we need to get there.

What could've happened?

I'm not sure.

Hamza, Joudi!

What's going on?

I have no idea. But the Turkish

soldiers are evacuating the gate

and sh*t a few b*ll*ts.

Heval Gelhat.

Heval Gelhat.


Heval Zehra.

Khamgin, the radio isn't working,

there is no signal.

What's going on, Abu Leyla?

I don't understand either,

heval Gelhat.

As we discussed...

Abu Leyla, how could

you show up here again?

Calm down, comrade, calm down.

So, as we had discussed,

the Turks fell into our trap...

We even took the amm*nit*on

but something's up now.

Comrade, a VBIED is coming!

Take cover!

Get back, comrades!

The end of the infidels has come!

h*t them with an iron fist!

God's with us!

God's great! God's great!

Heval Gelhat,

this is a whole new situation,

I know, but Masiro is waiting for us.

If the border gate falls,

Kobane will follow.

Don't worry...

The gate won't fall.

We'll defend it. You can go.


Take the amm*nit*on from the car

and take it to the comrades.

Alright, comrade.

We should hurry up too.

Heval Gelhat.

Take care of yourself;

the w*r isn't over yet.

You too, take care

of yourself Abu Leyla.

- I wish you success!

- I wish you success!

History will remember this, Abu Leyla.





Heval Moussa!

There's some movement here.

Don't sh**t until

they're within your affective range.

And keep this with you.

Protect yourself. Okay?

Heval Zehra, go to the line,

fight there and move forward.

Okay, comrade.

Memo, Nefel, Adel, come with me.

They're approaching,

I'm going to sh**t them.

Joudi, Joudi!


Hamza, do you hear me?

Go, go, go!

Come on Brusk, come on comrade!

Be careful, Abu Leyla!

They're everywhere.

Take cover, take cover!

Cover me!

Hamza! Joudi!

They're fighting against !sis!

Those sons of b*tches!

Piling, cover me.

Long live the resistance of Kobane!

Long live the YPG!

f*ck their mothers and their women!

And we gave them all that a*mo!

We're damned;

What are we going to do now?



!sis crossed our back lines, comrade!

Comrades! Don't let them cross!

They're on the roof, comrades!

Heval Nefel, come with me.

I am coming, heval Zehra.


Careful, comrade Gelhat!

Heval Gelhat?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

We're moving forward, comrades!

Heval Gelhat!

The radio is working again!

Come, hold this position.

Comrades receiving this message!

To the men and women of Kurdistan

resisting on the b*ttlefield...

We must recognize that

this honorable resistance of ours

has given strength

and hope to those whose

hearts b*at for freedom and equality.

This resistance has proven

that we can rewrite history...

So far,

all comrades have resisted and fought

with such great devotion,

with such strong faith,

and with such incomparable courage.

In order not to be ashamed

of our history one day

we have no other choice but to succeed.

Have faith in yourselves,

in your comrades,

and in your people.

The people who always

stood by our side.

Long live the ones writing this epic

with their own blood!

Long live the ones creating

a new life with their own blood!

Come on, comrades.

I wish you all success!

Forward, Siyabend.

They can't hold it anymore,

they're running away.

Forward comrades, forward.

Come on my dears,

beloved ones, come on!

Comrade, come forward.



- Did you position yourself?

- We're in poistion and ready.

Start the moment we begin.

Egid, a grenade!

Long live Leader Apo!

My lord...

My lord, the infidels att*cked us

and took our positions down.

How did that happen?

Don't leave your positions, fight back!

It's difficult!

Bahoz, forward comrades!

Be careful on your right.

You too comrades.



Coming, comrade.

Heval Derya, the b*llet

came from that side...

- Keep an eye on it.

- Okay.

- He'll most likely sh**t again.

- Noted.

I'm going upstairs.

Heval Gelhat! Heval Gelhat!

Heval Gelhat!

Not now, Gelhat!

Leave me.

It's still too early!

Leave me.

It's still too early to leave,

heval Gelhat.

Don't stop here,

heval Zehra, don't stop.

Heval Gelhat!

We shall not stop, comrades!

We're stronger than death!

We shall not leave Kobane to fall!

To the left side, comrades!

You, go right!

Hold the front positions, comrades!

Derya, are you okay? Come, stand up.

Derya, hang on, come on my dear!

Resist, brothers!

Send the su1c1de attackers!

Come on, comrades, let's advance.

No... I won't get k*lled by a woman.


Where do you think

you're going without me?

Hurry up a little!

We still have three hundred

villages to liberate!

A few weeks after the start of

the large scale counter-att*ck,

YPG fighters were able to liberate

the whole city of Kobane on 26/01/2015

Yes comrade, today, the 26th

of January 2015 Kobane is liberated!

- At ten to three o'clock.

- It is history.

The PKK guerillas,

the people of Kobane,

Kurdish youth

and internationalist revolutionaries

were fighting

alongside the YPG fighters.

After a while, the Global Coalition

against !sis provided aerial support.

The majority of the city was destroyed.

More than 300 thousand people

were displaced.

As a result of the Kobane w*r,

1.170 people lost their lives

201 YPG fighters

665 PKK Guerillas 304 Civilians

233 civilians were k*lled in

a m*ssacre committed by !sis

just after the liberation of the city

I told the comrades this morning

to bring an excavator

so we stop their DShK.

Long live the resistance of YPG.

Lost his life one year later

Kobane is proud today.

Let the whole world see it.

To the people of Kobane;

We give you your whole city back!

Lost his life after two months

We were longing to see this day.

We did see it; But if only our

martyred comrades could too.

We lost some of them just two days ago.

They lived hoping for this day.

If only they could have seen it too.

Lost her life after one week

Still fighting in

Kurdistan Mountains

In commemoration

of the martyrs of Kobane
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