Queenstown Kings, The (2023)

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Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey and more sports Movie Collection.
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Queenstown Kings, The (2023)

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[thunder roaring]

- [people cheering]

- [heavy rain shower]

[old man] Hey Fezile, come on!

What are you doing?

- What's up with you? Pass right, man.

- Yeah.

Hey bro, pass.

Stop dribbling, man. Ah no!

[people booing]

Hey, Fezile!

Stop messing around, man! Eh!

Listen, you go back to the post.

Back to the goal.

Back to the goals all the time.

Back to the goals.

[groans in pain]

My goodness, Khulu?

Okay, Fezile. sh**t! Fezile, sh**t!

[whistle blowing]

- [Mkulu coughs in pain]

- Hey.

[melancholy tune playing]

[silent dialogue]

[thunder roaring]

[siren blaring at a distance]

["Love tastes like strawberries"

by Miriam Makeba playing]

[phone dialing]

- [phone ringing]

- It's right just bragging around the town.

[commentator] The second half is underway.

- He's given away the...

- [woman] The phone!

[man] Oh, nice. Nice!

- [phone continues ringing]

- The phone!

- It's a goal!

- It's a super goal!

[woman] It's your people in the village.

I know they want money.

- Should I say you can't give them any?

- Oh, yes!

[scoffs] Good day.

[melancholic music plays]

[sighs] Ma?

Three, one is the final score.

[man] Boity!

Mamelodi Sundowns

were too much for them today

They never gave up. Did they?

- Where are you?

- They kept on making...

- Bring another bottle here.

I want to drink.


Ah man, now the whole month

you're chewing my butt here.

Chewing my butt the whole month.

Look! See? I've got nothing left.

Bring another bottle

and stop messing me around.

I'm working here.

FIFA's not just a game, you know?

It's a strategy simulator, this thing.

Even Manqoba Mngqithi says

it helps with

my technical reading of the game.

And stop messing me around.

["Love taste like strawberries"

song continues]

[Boity] I don't understand

why we can't take just fly there.

[man] You know that I can't get

a flight to the Eastern Cape at this time.

There are very few flights, and

the funeral is first thing in the morning.

This thing is useless.

The wind will k*ll us

driving to the Eastern Cape.

You know it doesn't close.

If you want

to stay behind, stay. I'll go alone.

All those loose geese in Queenstown?

Don't mess with me.

You're messing with me.

You're drinking already?


What the...?

These people are full of it, I tell you.

Just because I rent this house,

it doesn't mean you can put up

a "for sale" sign without telling me.

What the hell is that?

Have you ever heard of that?

[TV presenter] South Africa has lost

yet another giant of the game,

Malusi Mkhulu Mahamba.

The former Mamelodi Sundowns legend was a

pillar of strength,

not just for his rural community,

but for grassroots football as a whole.

Rest in peace, Mkhulu.

You'll never make it into the Academy

The Sundowns.

You have to work harder. Hmm?

- You!

- Ouch! [groans]

Fezile Gigaba, I'm from Ezibeleni.

I'm 17 years old and one day

I'll be playing for Sundowns.

That's my boy. That's my boy.

You can't just depend

on talent alone, do you understand?

You also need

to have discipline, understand?

Just like Christiano

Ronaldo, right? Understand?

You need to know

what you're doing, right? Go.

Let's go, let's go. Take a pic.

- That's Mkhulu.

- Hey, hey, hey!

[boys laugh]

Fezile, it's getting cold, boy.

Fez... the food's ready, boy-boy. Come in.

["Interloper" by Nakhane playing]

[TV presenter] We go live now.

We've got exclusive

coverage of the funeral, and standing by

is Pinky Sibiya who is there.

Lots of emotion though, Pinky,

that we've seen here today.

Crowds have gathered

to bid their farewell to, er...

Oh! Mark Fish!

Mark Fish, any words of remembrance

regarding Mr. Mahamba?

Well, certainly. It's a sad day

for South African football.

A very sad day.

He was a great a player

who has contributed massively

to South African football,

and to African football at large.

And may his soul rest in peace.

He has given so much

to the game of football.

May his soul rest in peace.

[Boity] Slow down.

[scoffs] Your mom again.

Please take her call and explain to her

why we're late for this funeral.

You're such a loser, "Mr. Hennessy"!

[Boity] Very useless.

- [whistle blows]

- [siren blares]

[Boity] Oh! Come on.

Promise not to get...

You know me, you know me, bro.

- [officer] Sir...

- Can't you see who I am?

Just get out of the vehicle, please.

I'm a law-abiding...

Relax, baby, I'll be back.

What are you implying, gentlemen?

Ah! Take it easy. [groans] Wait.

Police brutality!

- I'm telling you.

- My love, please call my mom.

- Okay.

- Call Mom...

- Okay.

- ...tell her about this dilemma I'm in.

- [Boity] Where are you taking him?

- Wait, guys.

[shouting] Do you know who I am?!

Do you know me, boss?

[yelling] Do you know me?!

- [officer] Just get inside.

- [Boity] You're hurting him!

[man] Look at me carefully, man.

Look at me, man. Don't you see me?

- Don't you see me, brother?

- How am I going to drive this car?

- Don't you support football?

- [walkie talkie reports]

Which team do you support?

You look like a Pirates fan.

- Chippa United.

- Chippa United? You're a loser.

That's why you want to lock me up because

you've never won

any bloody thing in your life!

I am a winner, my bro!

I'm a winner!

A five-time league

champion in South Africa.

- You don't know anything!

- [siren blares]

- [siren blares]

- [Boity sobs]

["Interloper" by Nakhane

continues playing]

[keys jingling]

[door closes]

[female reporter]

We are still in Queenstown

and a sea of mourners

have gathered to bid farewell

to South African Mamelodi Sundowns legend...

- Look at Major.

- No, man! What is Major doing?


- ...Mkhulu Mahamba.

- [Fezile] What are you doing?

- [Pinky] Is that Percy Dladla?

- [man 2] Hey, look!


Let's see if we can get a word from him.

- [Pinky] Percy! Hey.

- [man 2] German engineering

when you need it most.

- [Major] Woah. Look at that woman, guys.

- [man 2] Look at the car.

Germany everywhere. Wow, boys!

I wouldn't be the player I am today

if it wasn't for

father figure, Mkhulu Mahamba.

He was such a phenomenal man.

It's just sad to see him leave.

May he rest in peace.

[man 2] What a loser!

You see that girl, Phelisa?

She rolls with guys

in the champions league.

And you, you're still

a member of the league of Mvela.

In fact, this guy

is still playing in the dusty streets.

Look at the stupid shoes he's wearing.

Just look at the car she just got out of.

Do you think you'll get her?

Not a chance, man.

Ah! Okay.

Lord God, Almighty...

God of all ages.

When it's good, when it's dark.

When we cry, you are still that God.

I have to mention that

this was paramount for me

to be here in the Eastern Cape,

to pay my last respects

to this fallen legend.

May your soul rest in peace.

We'll always remember you.

Remember that

whatever contribution you've made,

it meant a lot to the

South African football fraternity.

- [cows mooing]

- [gasps]


Shoo! Shoo!

He needs to be brought back here.

[Fana sighs] Here it comes.

Mama, I don't think it'll be that easy.

Please don't give me issues now.

Fana here must go

and talk to his colleagues

and see what they can do.

No, I'm not okay with this.

How long are you

going to put up with this nonsense?

I'm always taking care of his crap.

Very soon,

I'll be in trouble because of him.

- [chair scrapes floor]

- Lovey, lovey.

Listen baby, uh...

I agree with Sasa.

We need to consider Fezile.

After all, it's his dad.

No, man. That person is not my father.

Young man.

You too. You're also not my father.

- No, young man.

- No, Fez.



Well, brother. It's all up to you now.

[keys jingling]

[guitar music playing]

[guitar music continues]

[guitar music picks up tempo]

Please forgive me, Mom.

[train hooting at a distance]

- Alright, Mom?

- I'm alright, my child.

You know,

I don't think

he should leave but stay here

until his son forgives him. But then,

I don't expect a girl like you

to stay here and wait

while he fixes

his relationship with his son.

A girl like me, Mom?

Right okay, soon.

Ladies, I hope you're playing nice.

Praise the ancestors.

Let's go, there's something

I want to show you.

Okay, sure. Let's go, baby.

One, two three, four, five, and down!

[Fezile] Come on. Come on, man.

[indistinct chattering]

[whistle blowing]

- Fezile, hey!

- Come on. Come on!

[cheerleaders] We are winners!


- [cheerleader] Queenstown Kings!

- We are winners! We are winners!

- [phelisa] Let's go, Kings!

- [cheerleaders cheer]

Come and see. Do you see? Yes.

Your father groomed him,

and let him stay in the community.

- [Okay]

- [Boity] Do you see him?

[Fezile] Pass, man!

- Nice one.

- Go, Zidane!

That's my son!


Here, Fezile!


[people cheering]

[Fezile's mom] Yes, my boy.

You did it!

You did it, boy!

Yes, boy!

That's my boy!

- [player 1] Yes!

- Yes, sir.

Hey look, look.

- See that.

- Looks like he's taken after me

and gone beyond.

Guys, it's him!


[all cheering]

- Dude, you just scored a goal.

- What's happening?

What's he doing here?

[singing in praise of Terror]

Boy, he's here.

Fezile! Come here.


Fezile! Fezile!

[softly] Fezile.

[interviewer] Then, I tell them that

I was also trained by Mr. Mahamba.

And I think that will make him happy

that we're continuing his legacy.

Those of us who are still around

and have the chance.

[female show host]

Absolutely. We are still celebrating

the legend

that is the Great Malusi Mahamba.

Please make sure

you send through your messages

of condolences

and from of us here, we would like to say

for all of his friends, his family,

and the community at large,

rest in peace, sir.

[Judge] I'm made to believe that you are

representing yourself, Mr. Mahamba.

Due to you having problems with finance.

Yes. True, Your Honor.

I mean, Your Worship.

Please give me one reason

why I shouldn't lock you up right now.

Your Worship,

there are no words to explain how much I,

regret what I did.

As I explained in my affidavit,

I was dealing with

the trauma of losing my father.

And that's why I behaved like that.

And my plea today

is that you grant me bail.

I assure you that I'm not a flight risk,

or a thr*at to the community.

I'm a well-known

soccer player, as you know,

and I think that

my celebrity status could be used

to spread a positive message.

It seems to me

because of your celebrity status,

I should lock you up, Mr. Mahamba,

in order to make an example

of you for future offenders.

[judge] Hmm?

Oh please, Your Worship, I beg you.

Please have mercy on me.

I think my fame

can be used for something positive.

I think a sentence like

community service

would be better, don't you?

Better? Better for whom, Mr. Mahamba?

You see, Your Worship,

I was speaking to my mother, Mrs. Mahamba.

And we were talking about me coming back

to give something back to the community.

There's an initiative

that we'd like to start...

to help with development of

Queenstown Kings, the local football team.

My son plays for them.

I've got a background

in football. I can offer a lot.

I think I would be

the right coach for them.

So, I see that...

you were granted police bail

on the night of your arrest.

Who was the arresting officer?

Fana Churchill Tyolo.

- Fana Churchill Tyolo?

- Your Worship.

I want to see the both of you

outside my chambers right now.

Court adjourned.

Buyile, I got you out

and now I'm getting into trouble.

- What are you doing?

- You throw me under the bus, Buyile.

- What now?

- Hey.

- What am I going to do?

- Stop this now.

- [Boity] Come on hey!

- Hey, you'll get us all in trouble.

Mama, this is all your fault.

Sergeant, were you sure

that he isn't a flight risk,

when you released him on police bail?

Listen to me. You're going

to babysit him for nine weeks

until his case starts.

I want a full report of his behavior then.

Do you hear me?

Okay. Yes, Lord.

Mr. Mahamba,

you must avail yourself

for random drug and alcohol testing

to be prescribed by a district surgeon.

Should you be found

under any influence at any time,

know that you'll be breaking the law.

And I'll put you away.

You'll serve your full sentence

inside. Do you hear me?

I hear you, Your Worship.

Mamelodi Sundowns. Huh?

Yeah, why does that shock you?

Don't be surprised, big brother.

You'll be watching me

in Sundowns in no time.

Tell the others to watch out for me.

You guys as well, 'cause

I'm the best striker in Mzansi for sure.

[people] Whatever!


Fez, can I tell you something?

I don't understand

this thing of yours. I mean,

I don't get it at all.

Yeah, me neither.

I also don't understand it.

Because this family of yours is Sundowns.

And your father was

the top dog of Sundowns

and your grandfather was a legend.

Why do things alone

when you got connections?

Listen, brother.

Let me tell you something.

Whatever I want in life, I do it myself.

Nothing holds me back, my boy.

In fact, let's stop talking about this.

Because we'll end up fighting.

[scoffs] That's tense.

- Heavy issues.

- [Fezile whistles]

Hey, look, check this out.

All the cars that were

at the funeral are here now.

What's going on?

Mahamba's after tears!

Which car do you want?

- Do you want this one?

- Which one do you want?

- No, no. You can't take this one.

- Okay, take yours, I'll take mine.

- This one.

- Let's go and see what's going on.

Hi, ladies.

[upbeat music playing]

- Yoh!

- Woah! What a vibe.

Party, party men!

My friend, listen to me,

Now is your chance

to prove that you qualify

for Champions League. Look who's here.

- Hi, come over here.

- Go for it.

I believe in you.

- Yeah go over it, man.

Go for it. Go on, dude.

- Hey.

- Hello.

You are the grandson, right, of Mahamba?


Sorry I didn't get

a chance to greet you earlier.

- I saw you at the funeral.

- Yeah.

- Yeah I'm cool.

- Are you doing okay?

- Baby.

- Oh. [kisses]

- What's going on here?

- Babe, uh...

- The grandson of Mkhulu Mahamba.

- Oh, he's the grandson?

- Yeah. Sorry, I didn't get your name.

- Fezile.

- Oh, Fezile.

- Oh, it's Fezeka.

- It's Fezile.

- Mhh!

- Oh, you're Terror Mahamba's son, right?

- Yeah.

I played with your dad last season.

And your grandfather

coached me in the Under 14's.

Tell me something, man.

You've got some muscles, boy.

How old are you?

- I'm old enough.

- Old enough?

Oh, he said "old enough."

He's fine.

Tell me then, "old enough,"

why are you still in Queenstown?

I mean, when I was 15,

I think that's your age,

I was already playing

for Sundowns junior ranks, okay.

I feel like the Premier League

should've picked you up by now.

Unless... soccer is not in your blood.

[scoff] Babe, let's go.

- Let's go, babe.

- Okay, then. Bye, Fezile.

Just stop talking to clowns.

Leave him alone. He's a child.

I told you to stop talking to children.

That fool, saying that

soccer is not in my blood.

You know that guy is such a clown.

Listen, guy.

I last saw him running up and down

naked in the street with a snotty nose.

Now you're Mr. government's dude.

Yet there are potholes

in Queenstown all over.


[glass breaking]

Can't you understand what I am saying?

- I want you off the table.

- No, you wait a minute.

Isn't that Terror?

Isn't that your father?

Don't talk nonsense. Whose father?

I'm Terror Mahamba, you see?

A whole entire living legend

right in front of you

and you can't even recognize me?

- Yes, Terror, the bottles guy!

- What bottles, man?

Buy us some drinks

so we can all be happy, man.

This boy has got some nerve, huh?

Now you acting like you don't know me.

Aren't you that boy?

You're Percy Dladla?

- You see, you small boy...

- Ah, listen man,

I just wanted to give you

my condolences you know, seriously.

But then I didn't see you

at the funeral though.

Maybe you were at the back

or you were drinking...

I just wanted

to understand where you were.

You see now, you small boy.

You see now, you small boy... [groans]

[people screaming]

Get the bouncers. Bouncers, please!

- [Boite panting]

- You really need to go easy

on the bottle, man. It's pre-season.

Baby, baby.

- It's pre-season now.

- What are you staring at?

- You need to go easy.

- [Boity] Help me.

It's embarrassing.

- You're embarrassing right now.

- Shh!

- It's pre-season time.

- All about pre-season...

How many pre-seasons

do you have under your belt?

What do you know about pre-season?

I'm a winner, boy. I always win!

- You don't have a hat trick.

- Look at this guy.

- Not even a hat trick, small boy.

- You're time is up.

[Percy] Your time is up.

At the end of the day,

who is Percy Dladla?

You're a nobody!

[Boity] What are you looking at?

[Terror grunting]

Stop staring!

[Terror continues to grunt]

Open the door. Hold on!

- [Terror] Fezile!

- Fezile!

- Hurry.

- Fezile.

[upbeat music playing]

Fezile! Fezi!


Alright. Okay, Makaziwe.

Let's do a treatment today, right?

I'll sell you hair food, oil moisturizer

- and cuticle oil, huh?

- Yes, sure.

- You're doing your nails, right? Perfect.

- That's right.

[upbeat music continues playing]

You don't always take care

- of your hair nicely.

- Mama,

I just been at practice

and everyone is saying that

Buyile is joining the team

and he'll assist in coaching.

What did I ask you to do

when you enter this salon?

You greet my customers, right?

- So, greet.

- Hello.

Ah, but Xoliswa,

- how can you leave Fana to join...

- Xoliswa?

I'm Xoliswa now?

Listen here, boy.

Fana is not the person

who just takes instructions.

Yes? He does as he pleases.

All you have to do is,

spend time with your dad

and connect with him.

- Whose dad?

- Your dad.

Don't you dare tell me about him.

- That drunk doesn't care about...

- Excuse me.

- Please leave.

- Because of my dad?

You don't speak like that

in my salon. Get out!


Kids today.

- [glass shattering]

- [people screaming]

Oh my goodness!

[fumes in anger]

Fezile! Hey!

Don't come home today, you hear me?

Today, I'll show you an angry Zulu woman.

Go to your dad!

Go to your granny! I've had it with you.

Fetch me the broom!

- [grunts in anger]

- [dog barking]

- [birds chirping]

- [panting]

[girls chatting indistinctively]

- But you know she can't dance.

- She cannot dance.

You know what I'm saying? Eish.

Anyway, she needs to learn from me.

But eish, no one really listens to me.

- But anyways... [laughs]

- [girls laugh]

[laughs] Jeez!


Oh, Mahamba Junior.

- No, don't call me that.

- Are you okay? You down today.

I'm okay. It's just that

we have team management issues

we need to sort out at the hall.

- Oh okay.

- So I'm going there now.

Good luck. We're going to dance practice.

Listen, on Saturday

we're performing at the carwash.

We're raising funds

for new uniforms, you see.

Will you come?

- Ah-ha. Sure.

- Okay.

Wow, look at that girl.

Can't believe we're chatting like that.

No, yo man! Okay, okay.

- Where's my note, boy?

- Hey, hey!

- Hey, hey.

- I'll s*ab you.

- [police siren blaring]

- [Fana] Hey, stop right there.

- Stay where you are! Better not run!

- [mugger] Let's go!

- Let's go.

- [Fana] Hey!

Get lost, man. Do you know who I am?

These druggies are useless. Jeez.

What was all that?

Don't worry. I handled it. It was nothing.

- Close the window.

- Okay.


You know, I really don't understand

why I need to stay with Grandma Sasa.

It's almost like you and Mom are trying

to force me to connect with that man.

Well, after that stupid thing

you did with the ball there,

your mother doesn't want to see you.

If there's nothing you can do about it,

then I'll just run away.

If you dare do something so stupid,

you'll end up out of the team.

What kind of club

do you think will take on an Under-18,

without first contacting

their parents for their permission?

[car engine stops]

I just don't understand

how you're letting this happen.

Because he's going to force his way

into the team and make it his own.

- I'm telling you.

- That will never happen in my team.

Don't tell me that.

Tell your boss, Xoliswa.

You see this is why we're here.

It's because of this nonsense.

[Mother sighs]

[walkie-talkie chatter]

- [Terror grunts]

- [Mother gasps]

This had better work out well.

All of this is because of Buyile.

All this you're doing,

will affect my team.

I'm telling you.

[walkie talkie chatter]

Maybe the guy has a point.

I mean,

what if we really don't know

what we're doing?

What I know for sure is that

this child needs his father.

So you... you need to be sure

that you know what you're doing. Okay?

Let's go!

Let's go, brothers! Let's go.

[Fana urging boys on] Hoiye, hoiye!

[Terror sighs]


Hoiye! Let's go. Hoiye, hoiye!

- [panting] Come on.

- [Fana] Hey.

Hey, you! Let's go, brother.

- [Fana] Hoiye, hoiye!

- [boys grunting]


Come on!

Hoiye! Let's go.

Hey, you! I'm looking at you.

Come, let's go!

- Hey, hey. Let's go, brother.

- [panting]

Let's go.

Let's go, brother.

- [boys panting]

- [whistle blowing]

Let's go brother. Hoiye!

What's this? What is this guy doing?

[Fana urging players on]

These are not soldiers going to w*r, babe.

These are soccer players.

These are kids playing soccer.

- Let's go, boys!

- Hey, man. Hey!

[Fana] Let's go!

Go tell him then, my love.


Hoiye, hoiye!

- [Fana] Hoiye!

- You know what?

You're far from home.

Let's go, Bhele!

- Let's go, Bhele!

- Hey, Mourinho!

- [Terror] Listen, man.

- That's it!

Hey, hey! Let's go, brother!

- Hey, hey!

- Look...

Hoiye! Let's go, brother.

- Can I say something for one second?

- Let's go.

I don't want to interfere

with what you're doing

- but it's just...

- [Fana blows whistle]

Listen, I'm sure you know

what you're doing here,

and I don't want to argue with you.

I'm sure you know what you're doing,

I just want to ask...

if you think making them

do endurance exercises

a day before a match

is really going to help these guys.

You're right about one thing,

I do know exactly what I'm doing.

You can fool everyone and say

you're doing this for the kids blah, blah!

I know you. This is my team.

They listen to me.

Don't make this about me.

I'm not talking you and me.

I'm talking about these kids

that you're exhausting out here.

I noticed in the game the other day,

the last ten minute, these kids got tired.

They can't even finish a match,

they were exhausted.

- You're being too hard on these boys.

- Hoiye, hoiye!

Hoiye, hoiye!

Hoiye, hoiye!

That's right! Hoiye.

Let's go, brother! Yes, get up!

Hoiye! Hoiye! Hey, hey!

Let's go, brother. Let's go!

Yes. That's what you know, go!

When things get tough,

you run away, don't you?

Those two are fighting, man.

Hey, man, let's go work. Let's go.

- Yeah. Let's go.

- Yo, he's taking it out on us.


What I don't understand...

This guy left you in Queenstown

with nothing.

And while you were heavily pregnant.

You owe him nothing.

- [grunting]

- I know you're right about that.

But Fana, he's an adult.

He's grown up, Fan.

Just like you say in Xhosa,

he's not a small boy anymore.

He'll see right

through his father. Leave him.

Fezile knows his dad is a loser.

He has nothing.

What do you want, Xoliswa?

So what are you worried about?

I just won't keep interfering

in every little thing the child does.

How would I be if I held a grudge?

My heart would go cold.

And then how would l love you?

And how could I love him as well?

Let this go. I... I don't want to interfere.

You and Sasa are already

interfering in this situation.

Just leave the child and see what happens.

[softly] Disappointment everywhere.

[sighs in satisfaction]

- [coach] What?!

- [players] Hey, hey!

Come on, then! Come on!

Spread out, guy. Spread out.

["Man on the Moon" by Ballyhoo playing]

Go, go. Move!



- It isn't that bad.

- [Fezile groans]

Where the hell are you going?

- [groaning continues]

- What was that?

No, man.

Do you think you can get away with that?!

- f*ck you!

- That was easy.

Huh? Don't you?

Stop, guys.

[Fezile groans in pain]

[Fezile grunts]

Play the ball.

Take the ball.

That's you though. That's you.

You make a mountain out of a molehill.

And now you're blow

this whole thing out of proportion.

What's going on with you?

Oh, is that right?

That's what I said.

When last did I drink?

Wasn't it Sunday, hey?

So what's the problem?

I threw it out.

Otherwise, we know

you'd be drunk right now.

That procedure,

I'm quite familiar with it. You know.

Alcohol stays in your urine for a month

before it's undetectable. It's nothing.

You're trying to scare me.

There's no issue here.

Well, you obviously know everything. Hmm?

You're pathetic!

Oh, pathetic?

Who's pathetic? I'm pathetic?

No, listen. If I'm pathetic,

leave my dear. Okay?

[sighs] Believe me,

I'm thinking about it. [clicks]

- And where are you going now?

- [Boity scoffs]

I'm still talking to you.

You're childish, you know!

Hey, Boity!

Come here!

[car hooting]

You know, back there, guys...

I did nothing wrong back there, man.

It was that jailbird

that started the whole thing.

That guy thinks

this place is like it is in prison.

That bloody coward.

You won't see him trying all that nonsense

when we're playing a real game.

What I just don't get

about it though is this Mourinho.

That guy didn't even

bother to protect you.

He just gave up and let it go.

Did you see that?

All he knows is his stick

and his macho walk.

I mean, he wasn't even shaken.

Did you see?

That's a red card

when we're playing a game, bro.

All he knows is...

- Hoiye, hoiye!

- [both laugh]

- Hoiye, hoiye! [laughs]

- Hoiye, it's too much, bro! I getcha!

What do you mean, Vusi,

they're not renewing my contract?

On what grounds, Chief?

Hey Vusi, look, make a move, bro.

Make a move, my man.

Do you know who you've got... Do you know

what talent you've got on your books?

I'm Terror Mahamba, bro.

Don't take me for a ride.

I'm the finest football player

this country has ever seen.

Vusi, my man... it's not my fault bro,

it's not my fault that my knees are

sh*t and are now full of water.

Years have gone by, Vusi.

I've been playing for years, man.

What must I do?

Listen, it's not nice to be me right now.

It's not nice.

If am gone,

who's going to score goals for Man?

Who will do it? Shalulile? Who is that?

- Percy? Percy who?

- [g*n cocks]

- Percy who?

- [Terror] Hey...

Sorry. How are you guys?

Hey, no, man. I'm still talking.

I'm Terror Mahamba, guys.

- Can't you see that?

- [police siren blaring]

Get lost, man. Get lost! Hey!

Get lost, man. Get out of here. Hey!

[laughing sarcastically] Hey,

Mourinho to the rescue.

[car in static]

Hey. Give me a lift, man. Okay.

You can drop me off nearby.

The week is not even over.

What about the court order?

You want to be a father to Fezile,

but you can't even behave yourself.

I should take you straight

to the magistrate and lock you up,

and throw away the keys

because you're an idiot.

You're an idiot.

- That's what you are. All you do is drink.

- [walkie talkie continues to chatter]

- Get off me! Hey!

- [snores]


What are you doing?!

What are you doing, hey?

You want to be a mess. What about Fezile?

If that judge finds alcohol

and dr*gs in your blood,

do you know what she's going to do?

She'll lock you up and take the keys

and throw them in the sea.

Do you hear me?

Why don't you listen?

You don't listen, man!

- Go, go. Go inside.

- Yes Mom, I hear you. I hear you.

Knock and go inside.

[game host chattering]

[game host] Every time he gets

the ball, he's able to put it in.

- [Terror] Wait.

- Ample opportunity

- to analyze the big game.

- I'll going in. Give me some time. Please.

They are a classy outfit, aren't they?

- Hey.

- They've shown that so far this season

they've got some staying power which is...

I see you're playing

that game of serious men.

The game of the gods.

Hey Terror, why don't you

just go back to the toilet

then, and drink your booze again?

'Cause I don't want you here in my room.

- I don't chill with drunkards.

- [Terror sighs heavily]

His teammate is giving him a bit of stick.

He has missed the target

by a country-mile.

It's a dangerous loose pass,

and made to go down.

Gigaba? But that's your mother's surname.

Well, man. Mahamba is not my surname.

- It's yours and Grandpa's.

- Ngaba lines up to take it.

That is a sensational goal!

He's on form, this player!

- That is a sensational goal!

- [crowd in video game cheering]

His on top form, this player.

Given all the hype

and speculation about his moving,

he's put that away

and getting on with the business.

Well now, as we look ahead

to another Nedbank Cup

where the Kings

have concentrated too much on...

They've just concentrated

too much on Bryan

- to qualify for this...

- [giggles] You know, boy?

Do you want to rob a bank?[chuckles]

And what the hell is it to you, Terror?

I mean, obviously you want

to enter the Nedbank Cup. That's clear.

I mean, come on, Fezile.

Who do you think you're talking to?

I'm Terror Mahamba, boy.

You're talking to the current champion

of the Nedbank Cup himself. Talk to me.

[Fezile sighs]

[jazz begins to play]

- Okay. So here's what's going on.

- Mm-hmm.

There are three games left.

You see there? We've won all of them.

And if we do win them all,

then we'll qualify

for the third time in a row

- as the regional log champions.

- Oh!

Yeah but even though

we've been qualifying,

we never joined

the competition. We never enter.

Because it is expensive.

As you can see, R250000.

- R250 grand?

- Yeah.

Yeah. [tuts] Argh. It's stupid, man.

Are you telling me that er...

you've been league champions

three seasons in a row?

Yeah, since I was 15.

Hey, move up a bit.

[Terror grunts]

Maybe you're used

to showing off to your friends.

Today, my boy,

you're playing with the king.

Terror Mahamba is the boss of the game.

You have a team

called Queenstown Kings in FIFA.

It's a strategy I've been using to see

our weaknesses and strengths

as a team, you see?

Okay, then show me

how you do that, my boy.

Let's go!

No, what are you doing?[chuckles]

- Do you think it's a stupid move?

- Yes, it's stupid.

How can you tackle me in that position?

No, man. I'm not talking about this.

I'm talking about my plan

to play in the Nedbank Challenge.

Like every time I try to tell the team,

it's like they think I'm crazy or stupid.

They tell me that

I dream too much, and what not.

No, that's actually a great plan.

I think maybe the problem is the way

you put it to the guys, you know.

So you don't think I should just give up

and let my dream vanish into thin air?

Ah-ah. No way, you can't do that.

You're a Mahamba, my boy.

You know.

And those guys are good, you know.

Explain your vision to them properly

so they can understand

where you're going with this.

It's not a stupid dream.

Look, I'm here now.

If you like...

- I can help you.

- [Fezile sighs]

So you're saying you'll help me?

[scoffs] I told you,

I can show you the ways.

- I won this...

- Hey man, Terror.

You didn't even bury your father

and now you're tell me you'll help me.


Yeah, sure.

Sure, I'm a failure, if you like.

It's fine, it's okay.

But a person who makes mistakes

- deserves a second chance.

- [tuts]

You're starting to annoy me, Terror.

Please leave my room.

- [sighs] Don't...

- Terror, please leave my room now.

- No, Fezile. We're still talking, man.

- [Fezile tuts]

Get out, Terror.

Get out of my room.

Hey, I said get out of my room!

[sighs] Okay, my boy. Okay.

- Sleep well.

- Yeah, you too.

I know you're going to the toilet,

- you must sleep well.

- [door bangs]

Talking about helping me.

What the hell does he know? He's mad man.

[Jazz music plays]

Regional champions, huh?


[Fana humming]

Hurry up and finish, babe.

[Fana continues humming]


Fana, didn't we discuss this g*n thing?

[humming continues]

Fana! There's a g*n in your bag.

Didn't I say I don't want g*n

in front of the kids?

What are we teaching them?

What are we teaching them

when they see g*n?

Ah, no! Ah, no!

I don't understand, Fana.

Why are you doing this?

You'll be saying this woman

likes to shout. She likes to shout.

But you don't listen to me.

No. Ah no.

You're behaving like a child now.

No one listens to me in this house.

Hurry up. Let's go, Mr. Deaf Ears.

[Fana continues to hum]

[upbeat tune playing]

[players chanting indistinctively]

We give praises to our ancestors.

["December African Rain"

by Juluka playing]

Ah, there we go.

There we go.




- How about you, huh?

- I'm good man.

[Fana] You're just standing there.

What are you waiting for?

- What are you waiting for?

- Yes, Coach.

- Let's go.

- Coach.

- Let's go! Let's go!

- [car engine approaching]

Let's go, Coach.

- Hey, gents.

- Coach.

- Hey, Terror.

- Sure, sure.

Baby, I think I'll go with the guys now.

[Boity groans in frustration]

Let's go, brothers!

That's it!

Come on, let's go!

Let's go, brothers! Let's go, brothers!

Yes, let's go! Let's go, brothers!

That's it, my boys! Let's go!

Get on, brothers! Get on!

That's what I want! Let's go, brothers!

["Impi" by Johnny Clegg

and Juluka playing]

Let's go, my brothers!

Let's go up there

and get them, boys! You ready?

Oh come on. Cloete, come. Come, Cloete.

Come on, hurry up.

Yes! Come on!

[Cloete] Coach! Coach!

Ah, Cloete, come.

Hey! Come!

[boys cheering]

Sorry, Coach.

It was my turn to feed and bath my son.

["Impi" by Johnny Clegg

and Juluka continues]

- [players singing merrily]

- ["Impi" by Johnny Clegg continues]

[cock clucking]

This means bad luck.

[crowd booing team Queenstown Kings]

Hey, hey!

Hey! Hey!

You stop this now. Hey!


That's not right. That's not right, man.

[vuvuzelas blowing]

Are you the one in charge here?

Well, you better get them to stop.

[Hard rock continues playing]

[Vuvuzela continues blowing]

What's all this?

So, listen...

Today goes like this.

- Cloete?

- Yes, Coach?

- You'll start at number nine today.

- Really?

And Fezile, you're on seven, okay.

No, man. How come, Coach?

I'm the striker of the team.

The striker can't be Cloete.

Look, if you want to play today,

you stop having an opinion.

[crowd booing]

Hey, Coach...

Why are you looking at me, man?

You heard what the coach said.

Coach, I'm feeling hot.

Take me out of the center!

That was never my position.

Hoiye, hoiye!

Hey man,

you can't eat from my plate, Qhawe.

sh*t. What is Qhawe saying?

You can't do that, Qhawe.

[whistle blows]

Let's go, my brothers! Let's go, let's go!

Let's go, brothers!

There we go! Go, my brothers, let's go!

- He's gonna be watching you!

- Yes! [laughs]

- Hey, my brother.

- Yeah.

I'm really sorry about what happened

on the field the other day, man.

- [Fana] Hoiye! Hoiye!

- It's okay, but don't ever do that again.

- Hoiye, hoiye!

- We're okay, my boy. Go!

That's it! That's it!

[man in the crowd] Hey, Terror!

I heard you got fired from Sundowns.

Hey, you're weak, man! [laughs]

Now you're back in the township, you fool.

[people laughing]

You're weak, man!

- [laughter fades]

- [upbeat music playing]

- Hey, do it this way.

- [crowd booing]

[Fana] Yo, brothers!

- Go, hey!

- Do it again.

[upbeat music builds]

Go! Get out!

[crowd booing]

[Fana] Let's go! Brothers, let's go!

Keep it moving! Move!

Guys! Keep it moving!

That's it! Play, boys!

That's it. Pass.

That's it, brother!

[Terror] Go, go! Take the sh*t, dude!

Come on! Come on, Vusi man!

Yeah, boy! Yeah!

Keep going, keep going.

- [Fana] Yes, yes.

- [Terror] Nice.

- [Fana] Move! Yes.

- [Terror] Nice!

Cloete k*ll them! Finish them, boy.

- Yes!

- [Terror] sh**t!

- Yes!

- [Terror] sh**t!

Gbadwo, hey!

[people cheering]

- sh**t!

- Yes!

- [Terror] Go, go! Yes.

- [Fana] That's it.

Cross it!

[Terror] That's it, boys!

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Yes! That's what this hard work is for!

Take the sh*t, dude! Take the sh*t.

[spectators express disappointment]

- [opponents laugh]

- [woman in crowd] Yes, sir! [giggles]


[whistle blowing]

Listen here, my man.

You're the head coach

and I respect you as such.

But don't make a mistake.

I know you don't like me and it's fine,

but don't let that fight

between us affect Fezile. Okay?

Fezile is a natural finisher

and Cloete is a natural winger.

I think you made a mistake, my bro.

Why is everything always about you?

All the time.

Put your dirty hands

on me again and you'll know...

what a doctor is. I'm telling you.

[boy] Fezile!

[Terror] No, no man. Come on!


No, man. Look!

They don't know what they are doing.

They've got no strategy,

no... [splutters] They're lost out there!

You can't do that.

Get going!

[Terror] No, what are you doing?

Come on! You can't do that.

Get going!

- [Fana] Goodness! Get going!

- [Terror] Come on, man!

[Terror] Get the ball! What are you doing?

[Fana] Go! Now!

Close! Give Bangs!

Come again. [shouts]


No! No, come on!


[opponents clapping]


Yo. Move with speed, man. Pass the ball.

Do you think I'm a defender, bro?

- You're not playing alone.

- [tuts]

Look, just listen to me for once.

Listen to me please. Mourinho, please.

This plan will work. It will work.

Take Cloete and put him on the wing

and put Fezile in the center.

It will work this thing.

Please, just listen to me for once.

Please, Mourinho.

It'll work. It's a good plan.

Just trust me for once.

Cloete! Fezile!

Change up! Change!

Yeah, I know. Nice one.

[Vuvuzela blows]

- [Fana] Come back!

- Come back!

[Vuvuzela continues to blow]


[Fana] Let's go, boys. Let's go.

Slow build-up, slow build-up.

Yeah, pass it to him.

[player 2] Go!


[opponent] Get the ball!

[Terror] That's it! That's it!

[player 3] Oh! Nicely done.

- [player 2] Pass, pass!

- [Terror] Let's go. Let's go

[Terror] Oh, these kids.

But I was in position,

- I'm telling you...

- No man! What are you doing?

[vuvuzela blowing]

[Fana] Come on, boys. Come on.

[Terror] Come on, mark him!

- [players grunt]

- [Whistle blows]

[commotion begins]

[upbeat hard rock music plays]

Wait, wait don't go there.

[Terror grunts]

[upbeat music continues]

I'm alright.

[Fana] Hey, hey!

What're you doing? Calm down.


What're you doing?

Move back! You guys, move!

Hey, come on!

[upbeat music continues]

[whistle blowing]

I told you, my boy.

You know nothing about football.

You're no good.

- Go!

- Come on!

- They lost!

- Go home. Come on.

Don't come back here.

- Go away! Don't come back.

- You're not meant for this.

Keep your eyes open boy. Come on.

[Terror] Come on.

[spectators chatting indistinctively]

[boy] Guy, is that your ball?

[opposing coach]

Yeah! It's yours Jomo, it's yours.

Yes my boy.

[people cheering]

- [whistle blows]

- [vuvuzela blows]

[cheering intensifies]


[opponents cheer wildly]

- Oh no!

- [opponents] Hey, go. Go!

What he doing now?

Hey! [whistles] Hey!

[opponent] That's right. Go home.

Hey, listen gents.

We don't have a center.

Our center is weak.

You have to build from the back. Yes.

Build up play.

Look on the wings, right and left.

There's Ronaldo on his side,

- put Major on the other side.

- Sure! Sure.

Understand? Tell Mpilo to pass and move.

Fit Fezile in the front.

- Make sure you're on it.

- [Kings team] Kings!

Cloete, come on! You can do this!

- Listen, intelligent running

- [Skipper] Keep an eye on him.

- there in front, boy. Okay?

- You,

That's a defender's game.

- Just get into good spaces.

- [Skipper] Come, boys.

You got that.

- Yeah, sure.

- Hey, men.

- We need to pick up the pace.

- Boys!

- [Whistle blows]

- [Fana] Jomo! Slow build-up.

- slow build-up.

- [Terror] Hey.

- Patience. Be, patience!

- There you go.

[Terror cheering] Go, go go!

You got this. You got this. Go. Go!

Yes, Cloete.

Go, go! Come on, Cloete. Yeah. Yes.

- Pass to Cloete. Nice, nice.

- Let's go.

[Terror] Pass. Pass the ball!

[Terror] Take a sh*t.

- Yes! That's what I'm talking about!

- [Kings team cheers]

- Yes.

- [Terror] That's what I'm talking about.

- [Terror] That's my boy!

- [Skipper] Yes boy!

- [Fana] Yes!

- [Terror] Yes, boy.

- Let's go.

- Yeah!

- Yeah!

- [Terror] That's what I am talking about.

- Yeah, boys.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Nice one.

- [Vuvuzela blows]

- Calm down, nice boys, very nice.

- Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

Let's go, boys! Come on, let's go.

[Terror] Defend, boys, defend!

- [Terror] Offside man, offside!

- [referee] Offside!

[crowd cheering]

No! Buyile!

- [referee] Offside.

- [opponent coach] How?

- Yes!

- How?

- It comes from me.

- [whistle blows]

- [commotion builds]

- [whistle blows]

["Asinamali" song by Tumi plays]

[Indistinct chatter]

Woah, woah! Wait!

Wait, wait! Listen, wait!

[Terror] Wait, calm down. Calm down, guys.

Where are you going?

Hey man, what's happening?

What is it that you're doing?

- No! No, no.

- [g*n cocks]

Guy, come on go!

Guys, guys go,

No, Xoliswa.

Oh no. What's wrong with that woman?

No, no.

What's wrong with that woman?! Argh!

["Asinamali" song continues]

- [g*n f*ring]

- Yes, this is my hood. I told you.

Anyone got something

to say? I didn't think so.

Huh? Want a piece, huh? Come get some.

[g*n f*re]

Let's go!

Just start the truck!



- Start the car.

- No, man!

They're sh**ting! Go!

Start the truck!

Go, go! Move.

- Go! Come on, let's move.

- [truck engine starts]

["Asinamali" song continues]

- [whistle blows]

- [Fana] Let's go!

- [Boity crying]

- [toilet flushes]

Is everything okay, my girl?

[Boity] Yes, Mom. I'm coming now.

- [comic tune plays]

- [Boity sighs]

[door opens and closes]

[tense tune playing]

[mini fan whumping]

[phone notification rings]

[tense tune continues playing]

[panting heavily]

Jabu, we've got to speak

about Buyile Mahamba.

He's been injured

for six months, 37 years old,

and his contract

is about to come to an end.

Will Sundowns renew?

I think it's a big question, you know?

It's going to be a big debate.

As we know,

Buyile is a very talented player.

No doubt about his talent,

but they will look at the age

and they will look at, well,

he's been injured for six months.

And most of the players

- don't respect their recovery program.

- [breathes heavily]

Because when you're injured,

we've seen players overseas

with leg injuries.

and... but then,

they said he'll be out for six months,

then he'll be back in four months.

But we don't have that.

When we're injured... If you're injured,

you feel that

now is the time you must go party,

you don't respect your program,

you don't respect your body,

you don't look after your body.

So it's going to be a lot of factors

for Sundowns to look at

before they can make that decision.

And for me,

I feel sorry for someone

as talented as Buyile

to go down the drain

and not fulfill his full potential.

But Jabu, you are no stranger

to speaking about your

lack of discipline when you played.

What advice would you give

to someone like Buyile

and any other players who you feel like

is not following

the right rules that they should be

in order to get

to the next level in their careers?

And I feel so sad to see talent like this,

because that's why we're

even struggling in our national team.

You know, we can't perform

the way we're supposed to perform

because these are

the problems that hinder us.

Whereby we don't... we have talent,

but we can't look after that talent.

We're not disciplined.

But the question

I'm seeing in social media,

is that people aren't wondering,

if he's going to be signed

by Sundowns in the next season.

They are wondering where Buyile is.

Where is Buyile?

We don't see you on socials.

We don't know where you are.

Tell us, man.

Come out and tell us where you are.

[truck revving]

Look, man. I'm sorry for hitting you,

for raising a hand to you.

I was acting out of anger.

Yeah, it's okay.

No hard feelings.

Just don't forget, cop or no cop,

if you do that again,

I'll shove a blade in you.

You're laughing, assh*le.

[Terror sighs]

- Later, guys.

- Sure, sure.

- Sure,

- Sure, mate.

- Sure, guys. See you soon.

- Bye, guys.

- [suspense tune plays]

- [car hooting]

Don't let what happened get you down.

Uh, my brother, look man.

Don't let what happened

get you down, okay?

I just mean...

don't allow them dampen your spirit.

You understand?

I won't let them dampen my spirit.

What I don't like is that,

they're going to cost us.

The problem is that

this fight is going to cost us

our qualification for

the Nedbank Cup Challenge.

Nedbank Cup? No, man.

Don't be ridiculous. Stop dreaming.

Listen to me, chief.

At least my dreams won't end up

with the dr*gs you smoke.

- Hey, Fezile, Don't you dare talk...

- Hey, hey. Sit down.

- Relax man.

- Hey, stop it.

- Calm down, man.

- Relax, man.

- Don't get personal.

- What's wrong with you?

You know, we only have two games left.

With the two games remaining,

we only need five points.

We need to get all five points,

that's the only way, you guys.

We can't draw and we can't lose.

We have to win, it's an absolute must.

We have to b*at Rovers, we can do it time.

After Rovers, it's Cookhouse.

And now, you're probably

asking yourselves,

"What are we even

getting out of this whole thing?"

The gain is seven million, guys.

- Seven million?

- Seven million!

- What?

- Yo!

That's our ticket that

all of us need to get out of Komani.

Jomo, I'm pretty sure you don't want

to be stuck here in this sh*thole forever.

You too, Major. I'm sure you don't want

to stay in this dump anymore.

Our only way out is to sharpen our minds.

Just play,

so we can finally leave this place.

- [panting]

- [door knock]

Listen man, what I'm trying to say is that

we've got a problem in the center.

- We?

- Yes. We, man.

Number ten couldn't pass the ball on

because Pirlo was isolated.

What we need is a destroyer, man.

A central mid-field destroyer.

A player like Makelele, man.

Ngolo Kante, or Linda Buthelezi, right?

I've arrested most

of the boys in Queenstown.

I know all of them.

- We don't have anyone like that.

- I'm not talking about old convicts.

I'm not talking about old players.

We need to open our minds

and think outside the box.

Let's come together and find a solution

because the solution must be out there.

I also want this team to win.

This is our family team, my man.

Even if we win the regional competition,

we're... we're still going to need R250000

to enter the challenge.

Do you know someone who has the money?

Or are you going to pay for it? [laughs]

Maybe you can take some of your money

from your savings towards your pension.

[sucks teeth]

There's no one I know

who sponsors that much

for a small township team,

that's not even known.


You know what your problem is?

You don't believe

in these boys you're coaching.

They know soccer. These boys are good.

Listen, let me tell you something.

If these boys win this qualifier,

I'm going to get that money.

I swear it to you.

Well, my brother,

if you manage to get that money,

I'll step back

and let you do what you want.

And you can be my assistant coach.

Hey, what are you...

- Am I not the assistant coach already?

- No.

You're a nuisance. A big irritation.


You know what, my brother,

let's shake on it.

[Fana sighs]

- I see you've got bigger problems.

- [door closes]

[suitcase dragging]

[Fana laughs mockingly]

[sighs] Good luck to you. [laughs]

Yo, what you're asking

of me is not easy, hey.

I swear you and Xoliswa

have fed me something persuasive.

Can't you just be quiet?

You're always talking.

[Fana sighs]


I have to stay behind.

[gasps softly]

[Boity sniffles]

I have to support my son's dream.

[Boity gasps softly]

This is my only chance

to make up for lost time.


When will you think about us?

I saw on TV that you were kicked out.

You couldn't even tell me?

On the news?

[bus door closes]

[bus engine starts]

You see? And that's the plan.

Now Buyile will focus only on his son.

My shift is starting in six hours.

I need to get some sleep.

I'm going to be so tired.

Ah! Can't you keep quiet?

- Why does everything have to be about you?

- [scoffs]

What's wrong with you?

["Lifeline" by Rabbitt playing]

[Terror sighs]

Don't rush, Mourinho.

I have got a plan.

You see, Mom,

we're robbing a bank now.

Just imagine...

A small team moving

from the hood, from the streets...

going all the way to the very top.

Competing in the biggest

football competition in Africa.

Even Leicester City

hasn't done what we're about to do.


Now you're talking.

[chuckles] Let's go, my boy. Let's go.

This boy is full of dreams. Yoh!

[blows whistle]

Come on, wake up, girls!

Come, come, my boys!

[''December African rain''

by Juluka plays]

Wake up, girls! Come on, boys!

Come on. Come on, my boys.

Wake up.

Come on, come on!

Wake up!

What's happening? Who is it?

Hey guys, it's Terror out there.

- Come on!

- [Terror] Wake up!

Let's go!

["December African Rain"

by Juluka continues playing]

Bring my pants.

Hey, man. You are hiding something?

I know you are.

You are crazy enough

to do something like that.

[Terror] Wake up, man. Wake up.

Come let's go.

- Come, come.

- Come on, Bhele!

[all laughing]

Hey, turn right.

["December African Rain"

by Juluka continues]

["December African Rain"

by Juluka continues]

Hey, Skipper! Carry on

with the guys. I'm coming.

- [boys cheering] Goal!

- [whistle blows]

- Hey, hey!

- Hold on!

Come on, boys!


- Hey, hey!

- What's going on?

Hey, hey!

- [commotion begins]

- [whistle blowing]

Break it up. Break it up, guys!

- Calm down.

- [coach] Jaco, get out of here.

Gents, come on.

- Right, guys. Let's reset.

- Come on!

Come on.

[Jaco] I'm done!

Well done, boys. Well done.

[whistle blows at a distance]

- Hey, my man. How are you?

- Good and you?

Yeah, good.

Can I talk to you for a second?

I'm listening.

Yeah. I saw what happened on the pitch.

And? What's it got to do with you?

Well, it's unfortunate that

they kicked you off, in my opinion.

Our head Coach is an idiot, anyways.

I must agree with you.

Hi, I'm Buyile Mahamba.

Former Mamelodi Sundowns

football player. I'm a coach now.

- I am Jaco.

- Jaco.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, Jaco. Yeah.

Listen, Jaco.

Have you ever considered switching codes?

What? Switching codes?

Well, uh...

Rugby is not that good

to you at the moment.

Have you lost your marbles, man?

No, man. My marbles are in check.

I'm just thinking you could be

a terrific football player, my friend.

I doubt it.

Look here, I'll pay you.

- You'll pay me?

- Real money.

Sounds good.

[walkie-talkie chatter]

Oh, the special one.

Are you okay, my brother?

Look, I want to talk to you.

I wanna... I want to talk to you.

Remember what we spoke about in a truck?

About the fact that we are looking

for a destroyer in the midfield?

Listen, I've found this guy, man.

Yoh! He's the right guy.

I'm coming back. Please look after him.

This boy plays rugby. He's as big as I am.

I'm telling you,

he's really going

to cause chaos in the midfield.

Look, man. He's Roy Keene.

- You should see him.

- Move your leg,

or you'll sleep in here. I'm telling you.

- I just want to speak to you, bro!

- Move your leg, Buyile!

Don't be dramatic.

We're talking about soccer. Listen,

Mourinho, please listen.

Just think about it, Mourinho.

Let's go, let's go.

Hey, prisoner, let's go.

Big white guy, this bull.

Jonah Lomu. He must play center.

I know it's unusual but it can work.

Just give it a chance.

You've lost your mind, Buyile.

- How? How so?

- Who's going to pay him?

Hey man, we'll worry

about money when we get there.

Please just buy into the vision first.

Just buy into the vision for now.

[prisoners laughing]

[Bank manager sighs]

I am so sorry, Mr. Mahamba,

but your loan application,

it wasn't approved.

Yeah, your credit rating is very low.

Perhaps you should try

in the next few months.

[man whistling]

No, man, wait. Slow down.

You can see this is a Porsche.

It's a limited edition.

This is Buyile Mahamba's own car.

Why are you messing around?

Ah, Mahamba, dude. This is my final offer.

Either you take it or take this cheque

and throw it in the bin.

Don't give me problems.

[engine starts]

[suspenseful music plays]

[breathes deeply]

Yes Sir.

Do you know this boy?

Okay, hi, my name is Fezile Gigaba,

I play for Kings of Queenstown.

I'm from Ezibeleni

and I attend Nqobile High School.

And I believe one day I'll be the

best striker in the whole world.

Tell me, do you know this young man?

Yeah, I know the guy, very well.

- Oh, nice. Get him for me.

- [Fezile] Skipper, get in position.

Keep the camera on me.

- Okay.

- Yeah. I'll get him.

You see? Best striker in the world.

Yoh! I'm the best striker in the world.

Yo, I'm the best in the world.

[players chatting]

[suspenseful music plays]

My guy, when are you asking Mourinho about

- letting the girls dance during halftime?

- [chuckles]

My friend, don't you worry about that.

You know you can count on me.

- My guy!

- It's high to Phelisa..

- My guy! [laughs]

- [both laugh]

Hey, you're smiling alone there.

- Who are you chatting to?

- I'll show you. I'll show you the baby.

Ah, I don't want to get into it.

Love is strong, hey! [laughs]


- Let me call him real quick.

- Call him.



This idiot isn't answering his phone.

He'll get us into trouble.

Let's go, guys. He's not here.

This guy is not here.

Yeah! Yeah!

Hey, Coach!

Hey, CR7. How are you doing?

- I'm okay.

- All right.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be in school?

Um, I had to quit school

a year ago, Coach,

- when my baby was born.

- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, so now I work here

at the Mohair factory in town.

So what are you up to, Coach?

Yeah, look... In fact, tell me,

what's your shoe size?

- A size six. Why?

- Size six.

Let's go, man.

- I have to go.

- Yes. Sweet. All right.

See you.

[phone ringing]

Sure, Mourinho... Yeah.

[Fana] Don't you dare call me that name.

You seem to forget

that your life is in my hands.

- [walkie talkie chatters]

- [dogs barking]

If you talk nonsense,

I'll go to the judge.

I'm telling you.

Hey, man.

I don't even know

why I'm telling you this.

Rovers have to pay

R3000 to the federation.

And points are going to be taken away

because of that sh**ting with those boys.

Okay, so what does that mean for us?

What are you saying, man?

I am saying, you idiot, that this weekend,

if we get it right

to b*at Cookhouse, away,

and then we'll be through for Nedbank Cup.

Oh, okay. Sure.

I get you. I hear you, my brother.

I hear you. I hear you, my man.

That's fine. That's beautiful.

So have you spoken to Fezile?

- [g*n]

- [tense tune plays]


[continuous sh**ting]

Get down. Everybody, down.

Get down. Everybody, down.

Everybody, down.

Hey, man!

Go, go!

- Move. Let's go.

- Clear!

- [g*n f*ring]

- [Fana screaming]

[Terror] Hey, man?


Coach, is everything all right?

[dial pad vibrating]

[sighs] Fana, hey, no!

Come in.

Hi, Mom.

Hi. Look what I've got for you.

I don't eat sugar.

- But it's your favorite.

- I don't eat sugar!

Okay, I'm sorry, Mom.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Mama... look.

- Here...

- Okay, go sit down.


- I can't wait to see what she's cooking,

- Go!

Hey. Oh, Granny, no.


[somber music plays]

[life support machine beeping]

[somber music playing]

[sirens blaring]

Here you go, boy.

- Here's your food.

- Thank you, Mom, thank you.


- You got a letter in the post.

- Hmm?

Open it, open it! I want to see.

[phone ringing]

Yes, Terror?


[starts to sob]

- Mom?

- [voice quivering] No.

- No.

- [Sirens blaring at a distance]

- [sobbing]

- Mom?

[siren blaring]

[people speaking indistinctly]

[Emergency door opens and closes]

Ah, doc. How is he doing?

Are you immediate family?

Yeah, yeah. I... um,

I'm his brother.

Your brother is in a critical condition.

The one projectile entered

the left side of his stomach,

close to the breast bone,

breaking all the ribs in that region.

The second b*llet entered his thigh,

grazing the femoral artery.

We are going to have

to operate immediately.

- He's losing a lot of blood.

- It'll be okay, my child.

[Salsa] It'll be okay.

- It's okay.

- He's leaving me, Mama.

- I'm sorry but he is not in good shape.

- He can't leave me, Fana.

[Granny] Don't worry.

Don't worry, my child. It'll be okay.

- [Terror sighs]

- [Xoliswa sobs] Fana.

[Fana] Let's go!

Let's go, brother, let's go!

Let's go, brother!

["Cry to me" by Solomon Burke playing]

["Cry to me" song continues]

Hi, Dad.

I came to see you today to tell you...

that I'm grateful to you.

I wronged you as I grew up.

In many ways.

I wasn't aware back then...

that you were doing

your best to show me the way.

You made me a better person...

by raising my son.

You and Xoliswa...

and also Fana.

You did an outstanding job.

I'll try with everything I have...

to make a good man out of Fezile.

I want to say thank you, Jangisa.

I'm deeply grateful.

Please speak on my behalf

to our ancestors. [sniffles]

And rest in peace. Thank you, Jangisa.

[train hooting at a distance]

[slow relaxed tune playing]

[breathing shakingly]

- [dogs barking]

- [Fezile panting]

Major, open the door.

I know you're in there.

[dogs barking]


No, man. You idiot.


- Major! No, man.

- No, man! Fezile!

[Major groans] Leave me alone.

- Fezile.

- Major.

- Major, please stop.

- Fezile, let go of the pipe, argh!

Fezile! Fezile.

[major breathes shakingly]

I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry, my brother.


Don't be scared.

We'll get through this together.

It'll be okay. [sobs]

[bailiff] All rise!

Thank you. Court is in session.

Mr. Mahamba, I issued an order

for you to go

and do a dr*gs and alcohol tests.

I have the results.

They came back positive.

[crowd whispering]

I hear that Sergeant Tyolo

has left some recommendations

in a report he gave us.

Let me read it.

Thank you.

''As a long-serving

police officer in this community,

I was requested by the courts

to personally monitor

Mr. Buyile Mahamba's

probationary behaviour.

Before Your Worship

serves his sentence, I'd like

for you to consider a few things.

The Queenstown Kings

soccer team is a beacon of hope

for many wayward township youth.''

Nice one, Jaco!

- Nice one, brother!

- Let's go, let's go.

- Show us what you got.

- Come on, let's go.

Show us what you got. Go play!

Show them, Jaco!

- You got this, Jaco.

- [laughs]

[boys] Nice one, Jaco!

- Nice going.

- Nice one.

- You got this.

- Nice one.

''Let me assure you, Your Worship,

that my duty as an officer of the law

precedes my loyalty to family.

I have dedicated my entire life and career

to the betterment

of the youth of this township.

Through my involvement in sport,

I have always strived

to not try to change their lives,

but to change their way

of seeing and reacting to the world.

I have also dedicated my life

to fighting the negative

mindset that plagues

my impoverished people.

When Your Honor gave me the responsibility

to monitor Buyile Mahamba,

it seriously turned my life upside down.

Sun Tzu says...

'In the midst of chaos...

there is an opportunity.'"

Yeah. It's going well.

- [Post lady] Yes, yes.

- Yeah, look,

take this box here, my brother.

And put it in the boot of the green

1952 classic Chrysler outside.

Sure, man. [sighs] Here we go.

- [Post lady] Wooh!

- [Terror sighs]

[Terror] Queenstown Kings started in 1961.

It was started by my father.

But he's not the only one

who took our name

and raised it high.

There were other great men.

[whistle blows]

The message I want to pass onto you guys

is that you are kings.

[boys laughing]

The name 'Kings'...

is not for little weaklings.

Pass! Pass!

[both grunt]

- Oh, sorry. You're alright

- [Fezile] Yoh!

[Terror] I'm asking for

accountability from you guys.

- Hey, We're good.

- Because you see,

a king is a leader of his people.

Where is Mr. Dilima?

- Can number 11 please step forward?

- Major.

- Major.

- Where is Major, guys?

When I look around,

I see men from many different households.

But when we're here, we are one, my guys.

When you see that your teammate

is doing something

and it's getting out of line,

take responsibility.

Take accountability for that man.

A king is ordained by God.

It's not simply a name.

[player chuckling with excitement]

Andrea Pirlo.

Let's stand properly! Come on.

Ah, Terror, let me hold for you.

Oh, you're going

to take a picture for the team.

I'll take the picture. Get in there.

You just get in there.

Let me take care of it.

- [boys] Yeah.

- Yeah, man.

- Make space for Coach.

- Go, go. I don't mind at all, bro.

Yeah men. Just let me focus.

- Looks nice.

- [Terror] Three, two, one.

- [players] Kings!

- Three, two, one.

- [players] Kings.

- [Terror] Three, two... Hey, catch him!

Catch him, catch him!

- Try to catch him!

- [Terror grunts]

[Judge] ''Your Worship,

as an officer of the law and as

a servant of my community,

I attest that

if I were to be struck down

in the line of duty,

then I would rest in the knowledge that...

my boys, my team,

the Kings of Queenstown,

are in safe hands.''

[Terror] It has to start from within.

Your heart must be that of a king's.

[beer gushing]

It requires self-control, gentlemen.

It requires self discipline.

You have to know exactly who you are.

Stand tall and be proud of yourselves

and this community you're from.

And leave this hunger behind for good.

- [Thunder clapping]

- [vuvuzelas blowing]

You'll see the rewards will be certain.

The disciple will be rewarded with glory.

Destroy everything in sight,

do you understand?

But don't lose your marbles, my man.

Alright, let's go.

[girls singing] We got this

From the back. We're winning today

Jaco, take this and hold on to it...

until the end of the game

And whatever you do... don't let it go.

Right. Let's play football. Let's go!

Come on, boys! Come on.

- Let's go!

- [whistle blows]

Let's go. You must cover up

and stay there all the time.

[Upbeat music plays]

- Hey, hey. Come on, boys!

- [whistle blows]

That's down, boy! Let go.

Come on, boys. Come on!

[upbeat music continues playing]

Jomo! Slow build-up, slow build-up.

Half! Hey!

Pass the ball!

Pass it, pass it!

Take the sh*t!

- Come on!

- [whistle blowing]

- [girls singing]who are we?

- We are winners

You are the year loosers

Queenstown Kings!

We are winners!

Come on, boys. Keep it together.

We're back in the game.

[upbeat music continues]

- [opponents cheering]

- [whistle blowing]


Jaco! Jaco! Head in the game!

- [Jaco] Okay!

- [Terror] Come on, Jaco!

Let's go, come on!

Free kick, man. Come on, free kick!

- Yes!

- Jaco!

- Come on!

- [Queenstown Kings cheering]

[cheering continues] Yes! Come on!

- [Terror] Let's go, let's go.

- [whistle blowing]


- That's what I'm talking about.

- [Boys] Kings!

- Yes!

- Hey man.

- [laughs]

- What are you doing?

I thought that stone

had a superpower or something.

The stone is just a stone.

The power is in you!

- Yeah!

- [Jaco laughs]

[Thud sound]

["Home Town" by The Witch playing]

Ah, you must be happy, hey?

Yeah. Of course I am.

It's what I've always wanted, you know.

But it came at the wrong time

because the Kings are really

going to need me right now.

So you're telling me

you're going to let Sundowns

go for an unknown team?

[TV host] Let's talk

Nedbank Cup round of 16.

Now, Mamelodi Sundowns

have drawn unknown minnows,

Queenstown Kings from Ezibeleni.

Yeah, Ezibeleni.

That's in the Eastern Cape.

Although, they always say

that the Nedbank Cup

is all about the "Cup of Dreams."

It's about David versus Goliath.

Can you see a major upset?

In fact, have you ever heard about them?

["Home Town" by

The Witch playing continues playing]

No. You just don't get it, do you?

I didn't mean it that way.

I didn't mean it like that.

So I am told that Mamelodi Sundowns

Terror Mahamba is now a coach.

And his minnows, rural team has drawn

the mighty Mamelodi Sundowns

in the Nedbank Cup.

So talk about

the odds being stacked against you.

My goodness!

Terror, what is the story?

- [chuckles]The story is what it is, Rob.

- hmm

Footballer turned coach.

- That's what I am.

- Huh?


- Let's go! Let's go!

- Yeah.

- Yeah! Yeah!

- Let's go.

- Is that...? Okay!

- Yoh, a jet!

Wait, wait! Don't get too excited.

That's not our plane.

Ours is over there plane.

- What?

- Coach, that one?

What do you mean?

- It's an upgrade, no?

- Okay.

You're used to Mourinho's truck.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

- Let's go.

- [players murmuring] Ah, coach.

- [Jomo] Ah, Coach.

- [Terror] Huh? Come on, let's go.

[boys murmur in disappointment]

This is an engineer, this man.

Come on, you'll be fine. Let's go.

- Let's go. Let's go!

- [mechanic tools clinking]

- [plane metal creaking]

- [electric wire buzzing]

[comic tune plays]

Ah, you know what, guys?

It's a one hour...

one hour, thirty-minute flight.

We'll be there in no time. Let's go, guys.


I think you'll notice that there are

not enough chairs in here, my gents.

But we're a team, after all.

You know how this goes.

The circumcised men on this side.

Then the uncircumcised men on the floor.

Let's go. Let's go.

Uh, Skipper. I need you in front with me.

Come, guys. Come, guys.

We're in the aeroplane now.

Who's missing? Guys!

Are we all in here? Let's go.

We'll reach our destination.

Hold on!

[Skipper] Waah!

- Yes. Hold on tight, Coach.

- No, no, Skipper. Relax.

Relax, relax.

We're leaders of this team.

We have to be composed.

We'll reach our destination.

If we panic, they'll all panic.

Yeah, hold on tight, guys. Hold on tight.

[engine accerelates]

[Terror] I mean,

everybody looks at it and says

you left Serie B, Team Vicenza.

- Sure.

You haven't played for six months.

You went back to Sundowns.

That was also short-lived.

And now you re-emerge as a coach.

- How is that?

- Well, I mean,

I played football

for 18 years of my life, you know.

I was successful locally

and you've mentioned that I have

some international experience as well.

It's natural transitions and progressions,

you what I mean? Yeah.

After playing for so long

and having done so much,

you know, sometimes

you think you're going to be

on the football pitch forever.

But then again, life happens

and throws you a curveball.

I ended up going home

and rediscovering my roots.

And discovering that there's a team here

that has got potential to be great.

So I figured let me share

my expertise, you know.

Well, I'm sorry, brother.

They're all declining.

- Declined?

- Yes, I tried twice.

It declined, Coach?

Hey man, Skipper! Move back, guys. You...

You're making me overheat here.

[Terror] Give me some air.

- [Skipper whispers] Give him some space.

Ah, let's try the platinum card.

- I've never known it to decline.

- Okay, let's try it.

- Yeah.

- [cards inserted ]

[machine card beeping]

Okay, hmm. Okay.

- Oh, we're good? Okay, sure.

- [receptionist chuckles]

All right, babe. Sure, sure.

Uh, Skipper...

- Yes, Coach.

- ...give these to the guys, okay?

- Eh, what's this, Coach?

- Can I ask you for two ice

buckets in my room, eh?

- Okay.

- What's this?

Hey, man. These are room cards

to access the room.

Don't be a fool. What's wrong with you?

I swiped to get in here.

- Yo, do you think it has money on it?

- I don't know.

Wow! A white bed. A white bed!


Let's pick it up there

because so many people have

told me as I was coming

into the studio that

individually, there are

some great players, talented players.

Give me a little background about them.

You see this one? This is my bed.

- What?

- I want to see Sandton properly.

- No way, it's my bed.

- How?

- No, dude, I'll...

- Let's go.

- Jeez.

- Yeah, that's right.

[Major] Have you seen the bathroom?

Fez, we've arrived in Jozi, man!

[Terror] Yeah, I know. It's a fantastic

group of boys, you know,

who thought maybe

they could just play football locally

and never really

go anywhere. But you know,

because there are legendary names

like the Mahambas in the community,

opportunities have come up, you know.

There are some guys

who have been in and out of prison.

Captain, my captain!

Ah, Captain.

Captain, my captain! No doubt.

- Yes, my captain!

- [door unlocks]

Ah, come in, my...

Yes, yes.

- Wow!

- Yoh.


the electricity isn't working.

Maybe it's load shedding.

Oh, you're such a Komani boy, you know!

- [laughs]

- Yes, boy!

[Terror] There are some young kids

in the beginning stages of their lives

who dream and who aspire to be like

Terror Mahamba,

- like Mkhulu Mahamba, you know.

- Look here, guys.

- Look! Sandton City!

- [other boys whistles in amazement]

So I find myself in a unique

and a great opportunity and a great space,

to be able to inspire the next generation.

[TV host] I believe your son's in there.

My son is a fantastic

football player, you know.

He's 17 years old.

He's a solid number nine.

[sighs with pride] Like father, like son.

And even like grandfather,

you know what I mean?

So there's an opportunity

also to carry on the Mahamba legacy

that Mkhulu Mahamba left us.

All right, so if there is a legacy thing,

he played for Serie B.

Maybe the son will play for Serie A.

- Just up a little bit.

- [telephone rings]

- [TV host laughs]

- That would be great, Robert.

- Hello?

- I'd love for him to play

in Europe in big leagues.

- [TV host] Oh.

- Yes, I'm Fezile.

A visitor? What visitor? Sorry?


Apparently, I have a visitor downstairs

waiting for me at the reception.

- I don't know what's going on.

- Who do you know here?

I wonder who it is because

I don't know anyone in Johannesburg.

Let me go and see.

[lift bell chimes]

- Hey! [giggles]

- Hi.

Listen, I'm sorry

about what I said to you.

Don't worry about it, girl.

But I can't just believe you're here.

- What are you doing in Jo'burg?

- Well...

Oh, Terror Junior, my friend.

Are you okay?

Do you know what I think, hey baby?

Let me show you around, man.

Let me show you Johannesburg, my brother.

[Percy] My boy, I'll introduce you

to a really good agent.

If he likes you,

all the clubs will want you,

including Sundowns.

- [upbeat music playing]

- [Percy] Hey, yo, what's up?

[giggles] Hey.

[Terror] You know, this journey of mine...

started with the death of my father.

His sudden passing, you know,

compelled me to go home.

When I got home, I found my community

in a situation that really needed my help.

[somber music playing]

But there were no funds.

There was no money.

The grounds in the stadium

are not in a great condition.

It was time for me

to make a personal sacrifice and...

and be a little less selfish.

I realized that I cared

about myself more over the years,

not about my community and my son.



Come and open please.

Why didn't you tell me

you were pregnant, you crazy girl?

What was going to change?

That would've helped things a lot. I mean...

You know I love you.

And I love that baby

growing inside of you.

[dogs barking outside]


- Hey, how are you?

- I'm good.

This is Fezile.

Fez. Fez la Fez.

I'm about to make you a star.

Listen, my boy.

The choice is yours now...

you see.

And if you don't sign today,

you won't play on saturday.

You know, no club has the time

for a player that's held back by a Cup.

You see?

And if you sign right now,

this minute sir,

I'll personally deposit 100k.

R100,000 of my own money

straight into your mom's bank account.

Before you even

say "blah, blah." What'd you say?

[Fezile sighs]

What do you say, boy?

[Fezile sighs deeply]

Ah, man. Listen, Mr. Village Boy.

This is what you want, isn't it?

Don't you dare embarrass me.

Even your dad never got such an offer

when he first started out.

It's a good offer.

Listen boy, listen.

If you pass the medicals,

you'll be a player for Sundowns

within 48 hours, my boy.

- We'll give you your own car.

- Ah, come on.

Get you your own apartment here in Jozi.


you're bigger than the Kings,

and you know that.

Make up your mind, boy. Make up your mind.

Fezile, what's wrong with you?

This is your chance to leave the township.

I thought that's what you wanted.

[sighs deeply]

Fez. Woah.


Fezile. Fezile! Hey!

Wake up.

This is Gauteng.

Do you want to end up in Komani?

- You're being a fool, man.

- [breathing heavily]

Just make the right decision.

["Orbit" by Alice Phoebe music playing]

[door beeps open]

Hey, Major. What's this now?

[Major coughs]

Hey, Major!


Why are you so full of nonsense?

Hey, Major! Hey!

[Major groaning]

How did you get into this, dude?

Major, do you want to get us arrested?

Ah! You're useless, Major!

You're useless, man.

- [Fezile panting]

- [Major panting]

You'll always be a boy from Ezibeleni,

full of dr*gs, you know! Damn it!

[pants] Sundowns.

You sold us out to Sundowns.

[Fezile sighs, sniffles]

Yeah well, you know what?

I think I should.

["Orbit" music continues]

[Terror clears throat]

Yes, Kings. Yes, Kings.

How are you, gentlemen?


- Uh, Skipper?

- Coach.

I don't see Fezile.

You're still looking

for your trusted number nine?


There's no easy way to say this, Coach.

Fezile sold us out.

He's playing for Sundowns.

He takes after you.

Hey, Coach.

I'll be the new striker for the team.

- You don't have to worry.

- No, man. Wait a minute, man.

What is it, man?


["Orbit" by Alice Phoebe continues]

[car engine stops]

[players chatting indistinctively]

- Don't curse, boy.

- Fezile

sold us out as a team.

- Get lost, man!

- He sold us out.

Why didn't you talk to Fezile yourself,

because you shared a room with him?!

- [commotion begins]

- [Terror] Hey, hey!

- Hey, guys.

- Come on. Hey.

Gents please!

Gents, gents. Stop it.

- Stop it. Guy, guys.

- Coach.

- [Terror] Hey!

- Hey, my boy.

- Come here!

- I'm gonna get you! Come here!

Forget him!

Forget him.

- [Terror] What are you doing?

- [Skipper] Stop it, man. Stop it.

Major! Come here.

You too. Come over here.

I'm trying to build

a team here, gentlemen.

You're brothers.

Even if there's a misunderstanding,

speak to each other nicely.

Now, shake hands. Come on!

- Shake hands, come on!

- Yeah, that's right.

Yeah, come on! Come on!

- We're brothers.

- I don't want to hear any more stories.

No more talking.

I need to tell you the real story.

Come on, man. Do better. You too, man.

Back in the game! Come on!

Well, there you have it.

The quarter final draw

for the Nedbank Cup is out.

There are all the teams.

One of my favorite things

about this cup, Jabu,

is that it really is the cup

where dreams are made.

It's the only tournament

where we see the lower division teams

take on the premier soccer league teams.

And, I mean, we really get to see...

- Come on, men.

- ...South Africa unearth

its undiscovered talent.

How are you going to b*at Sundowns

if you play like that? Come on!

Pick up the pace! Cloete, come on!

- [Fezile panting]

- [machines beeping]

[machine beeping]

["Lazy Bones" by The Witch Playing]


["Lazy Bones" by

The Witch continues Playing]

Hello. Hi, Sir.

- Hey, howzit?

- Oh. I'm great. How are you, sir?

- [Video Host] Well, time is ticking away.

- Okay.

It's time for a change and here it comes.

The player we've all been waiting for.

The new signing is on the pitch.

Lot's of hype around this fellow.

Let's see if Fezile Gigaba

- has got what takes.

- Hey, man, Terror.

A really big game

in the tournament, this one.

- Is that you?

- You can see how much it means

- Bring it all in.

- to the players.

Captaining us today

is the great Sundowns legend...

- [Fezile] Terror.

- ...Malusi Mahamba.

- Grandpa! [pants]

Are you okay?

- No!

- Hey, are you okay?

Next time. [breathes heavily]

But more than anything, the one thing that

fills my heart with a lot of joy

is knowing I can have

- Here.

- a great relationship with my son,

who I haven't seen in a very long time.

And that he knows

he has my love and support.

And hopefully he can, you know,

go all the way. Further than

what my father did and what I did.

You have to make amends with Fezile.

Things are happening as they should.

You have to think

about him before the team.

He needs you.

You are the only person who understands.

The only person who can relate.


I want you to spend time with Fezile

to practise being a daddy.

The baby is going to come.


[coach cheering the players]

[whistle blows]

Hey, it's Terror, guys!

Salute, man!

How are your knees

doing these days, old man?

Hey, young man. Hey!

[Percy giggles]

Yeey, Yeey. Yes, boy. [giggles]

Put it here.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

I was there once, getting this star.

- Yes, Sundowns poll.

- Yeah. You know, you know.

Yeah, yeah.

- How were the medicals? All go well?

- [whistle blows]


- I'm signing the papers tomorrow.

- Okay.

- And everything.

- No, that's good.

- Yeah.

- There's not much I really want to say.

Except that um...

You make me proud.

In fact, I take my hat off to you.

- And so do all the guys, you hear me?

- [whistle blows]

Everyone knows how hard you've worked

to get where you are today.

Mm-hm. No, no.

Please don't lie to me, Terror.

I know I'm the last person

that the guys want to see right now.

- Wait, where are you getting that from?

- Yeah.

You left your shirt at the hotel.

And there's no one who didn't signed it.

They wouldn't do that, if they hated you.

And I tell you what?

I'm proud of you, my boy.

To see the Mahamba name on your back.

That shows me that,

all our ancestors, Jangisa,

are all in agreement with me my son.

And wherever your grandfather is now,

he's also very proud.

Ah, you're making me think now, you know.

Because every time I'm on the field,

I look on the sidelines

and see him looking at me

and shouting, saying.

"Hey, Fezile. I want you

to be disciplined like Christiano."

[Terror laughs]

- Yeah. That was his way. That was his way.

- Yeah.

But just do me one favor, okay? One.

Stop thinking that people don't like you.

We love you, man.

You're a beacon of hope

to everyone at home.

Shoulders back, chin up.

Continue to make us proud.

You hear me, my son?

Keep your head in the game.

I'm proud of you, boy.

I hear you. I won't disappoint you.

Come here.

[players chattering]

I love you, my boy.

Hey, Fezile.

Yeah, go. Go show them, boy.

- Yeah, okay.

- Show them what you're made of.

- Yeah no problem.

- Yeah. That's it.

Yeah, salute!


- Hey. Are you alright?

- Yeah.

- Are you sure?

- [sniffles]Yeah.

'Cause you look like you want to cry.

[players chatting indistinctively]

- Are you sure?

- Yeah.


Hey. Hey, hey.

Let's gather in the shade there.

It's going to be a quick one.

- [soft tune playing]

- [Fezile sniffles]

Sure, Clev.

"New levels, boy. Your time has come."

[cries, sniffles]

[soft tune continues playing]



[gasps softly]

[exhales sharply]

I've done my job now.

I wash my hands.

There's nothing more I can do about it.

There's nothing I didn't do. Or is there?

I bought your kit.

I flew you all to Jozi.

And got you into the Nedbank Cup.

What now? Do you want me to play for you?

I can't do it. So it's up to you now.

Do what you want 'cause you're here.

I'm throwing in the towel. I give up.

I leave it all in your hands, guys.

This is your moment.

This is your legacy,

and this is your destiny.

But maybe if this guy

says something, you might listen.

- Oh, Coach! Coach!

- Oh, Coach! Coach!

[whistle blowing]

Hoiye! Hoiye!

[all] Hoiye! Hoiye!

Ah, that's it! [chuckles]

That's it!

But why? Why do you look so weak?

Are you scared?

Of what?

You must take after me.

I have two b*ll*ts holes,

but I'm still strong.

[Fana groans]

Let's go, brothers.

Go out there and get them.

Hoiye! Hoiye!

Hoiye! Hoiye!

- Hoiye!

- Hoiye!

[boys singing for Fana]

- Do you know 'K'?

- K!

Do you know 'O'?

- And 'O'.

- Do you know 'Q'?

And 'Q'.

Singing for me.

- Mkhulu.

- We're going to buy medicine.

[TV host] All right, so the day

of reckoning is at hand.

The minnows, Queenstown Kings,

are up against the mighty

Mamelodi Sundowns.

Coming to you live

from Ellis Park Stadium.

Hey, here we go. Hey! [laughs]

Now, is your time, my boy.

Don't panic. Chin up.

Keep your chin up. Okay, you hear me?

Put it here, put it here.

Ah, we're coming for you.[laughs]

Come on, guys. Mess them up.

Come on, let's go!

Sure, boy. No hard feelings.

Okay! Fez!

[Queenstown Kings team cheering Fezile]

[crowd cheering]

Let's go, let's go!

- You're on top. Let's go. Come on!

- Let's go.

Nice one, boys. Let's go.

- Fezile! I'm so proud of you.

- Thank you so much.

- I'll see you after.

- Well done!

["Man on the Moon" by Ballyhoo playing]

[TV Host] Alright, we're about

to go live right now.

The players are just about to come out.

It is an electrifying atmosphere

at the venue itself,

but Pinky Sibiya is standing by.

I can see her on the touchline,

just come out of the tunnel.

Pinky, I don't even know

if you can hear yourself.

The blaring vuvuzela,

the fans that are screaming.

But my, oh my,

David versus Goliath. Tell us the latest.

Thank you, Robert.

Tensions are high here

at the Ellis Park Stadium.

We have Mamelodi Sundowns

against the Queens of King Williams...

Oh, the Kings of Queenstown.

Let's see who takes the cup.

Ah, then I'm winning, you know that.

Okay then, Mr. Queenstown.

[cheering continues]

- [Skipper] Three, two, one.

- [players] Kings!

- Three, two, one, three, two one.

- Kings!

- Three, two, one, three, two, one.

- Kings!

[Terror] Let's go, boys.


- Fezile!

- Fezile!

- Back to goal!

- Back to the goal!

Back to goal!

[vuvuzela blowing]

[soft rock music playing]

[whistle blowing]

[cheering continues]

[Interloper" by Nakhane playing]

[Terror] Let's go!

Let's go, brother! Let's go!

Let's go, brother!

[Interloper" by Nakhane continues playing]
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