Forever Young (2023)

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Forever Young (2023)

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[solemn orchestral music plays]

[Robyn] "My parents

tried their best to act

like I was a wanted child.

But with only one photo

of my childhood...

and one

I wasn't smiling in at that...

I remain a skeptic."


-A die-hard fan, aren't you?

-Thank you. You're so lovely.

Well, I suppose technically

anyone over 75

is a die-hard fan.

I meant it as a compliment.

[door creaks open, shuts]


have you thought about it?

Will you write my book?

-It's about to happen.


Actually, it's not something

I've ever had to think about.

-Just no.

-I've found the cure.

I'm not indulging.

I've found the cure for regret.

Goodbye, Jim.

Can I keep these?

[door creaks, shuts]

-Huh, apparently not.

[pensive instrumental

music plays]

[groans lightly]

[man] Robyn?

How was the reading?

They haven't cut the lawn

in centuries.

Not even centuries in dog years.

-And I only left the back.

-[door opens]

[Robyn] I mean...

who does this?

Oh, I take my exercise

in moderation, dear.

It's hardly exercise

on a ride-on mower.

-[slaps stomach]

-[chuckles lightly]

Ooh, ouch.

It's your pack

for the Kruger National Park.


-You usually only order these

when we get back.

So, how did the reading go?

-I'm not upset.

-It's fine if you are.

Half of them left

while I was still reading.

Well, that's just rude.

I'm starting to think

perhaps I should stop sharing

what I write.

Well, never stop sharing

with me.

Okey dokey,

for the next question.

Every year in the spring,

thousands of garter snakes


in a mass mating ritual.

[laughing] I remember those.

A mass hating ritual?

Turn your hearing aid on. the world

is the largest mating den

for the garter snake?

Canada. Ontario.

I think it's actually Manitoba.

Manitoba? Are you sure?

Hmm, Robyn's right.

It is Manitoba.

I got my provinces mixed up.

[man] She's a keeper.

Good thing

Bob kicked the bucket.

Any bets on who's next?

[melancholic music plays]

[urine trickling]

-Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry.


Let me help you.


Okey dokey, time for a jokey.

Why did the recruitment officer


He careered off the road.

[car horn honks]

-You're driving too slowly.

-[car horn honking]


-I'm luxuriating.

-Savoring your presence.

-[Robyn scoffs]

Play your cards right,

you might get lucky tonight.

-[Robyn laughing]

-[Oscar] I'm not joking.

-[car horn honking]

-[both laugh]

[birds chirping]


-You still take my breath away.


[Oscar snoring]

[snoring continues]

[suspenseful orchestral music


[tool scraping]


Get this-- Herbie got us

a two-for-one special on Sunday.

-Mm-hmm. Tombstones.

-Oh, yes.

-With matching calligraphy.

-[Robyn laughing]

God, my mother was right.

Never marry for love.

Have you...

read my latest?

-I couldn't get past page 40.

-[baby cooing]

Don't you see-- depressing.

-No wonder your parents

didn't want you. [chuckles]


You ladies need any help?


-Is he all right?

-He's had that cough

since our second date.

Can I hold her?

They are lovely

when they come

with a return policy.

It's really hard

being a single mother

for the grandmother.

I am going to get a face-lift

with Phyllis in Thailand.


[birds chirping]

[breathes deeply]

[doorbell rings]

[doorbell ringing]


Can I help you, sir?

[Jim] Have you given

writing my story more thought?


This is wholly inappropriate.

[daunting orchestral music



May I come in?

-Told you I'd found a cure

for regret.


I-- I'm gonna go

and make some tea.

I-- I-- I-- I need tea.

You stay there

and don't do anything.

[Jim, echoing]

I found a cure for regret.



-But how?

-You'll write my book?

Is this an optical illusion

of sorts?


Not my field of science.

Are you Jim's son?

Robyn, you know

I never had a son.

I'm getting my recorder.

-We're starting now?

-Yes! Yes! Yes!

-Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!


Have you seen my recorder?

[Oscar] Hmm?

-[Robyn sighs]


I can't find it. Where is it?

What are you looking for?

-My recorder. I can't find it.


-Are you writing again?



What a beautiful morning.

[clock ticking]

[whispering] There's somebody

in the house.

Oh, it's Jim.

W-- what? What? What Jim?

[Robyn] Jim, the science guy.

-What, Jim pharmaceutical?


The Jim you were dating

when we first met, Jim?

That's the one. Exactly.

-Jim that used to call you--

-Old socks.

Yes, I know. I remember.

Quite a nasty little man.

Okay, okay,

now can you just help me look

for this recorder?


Well, what's Jim doing

in our house?

-My next book is about Jim.


No. No, no, no, no, no.

-That's not possible.

-[Robyn chuckles]

-[Oscar chuckles]

-Oscar, what are you

doing with that?

Clearing the air.

-With a pepper spray?


[Jim] Oscar.

Who are you?

Oscar, that is Jim.

-Jim, but--

-Happy to see

you're still kicking.

Who the hell are you?

And what are you doing

in our house?

Robyn, I love the fact

you kept your first journal.

I knew you could write

the moment you shared it

with me.

Oscar, I was just making

some tea.

Would you like to finish?


-Oscar, tea.

[Oscar] I might need some help

in the kitchen.

An obvious scam.

Jim is obsessed about

age being a curable disease

-since I first met him.


A disease? [chuckles]

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, Robyn.

Prove to me that you are Jim.

Are you sure?

Because from where I'm sitting,

the only thing

that we have in common

-is Robyn.


[Jim] She did this thing

with her tongue

-when we first kissed.

-Shut up.

It was like a wiggle

with a little bit of a...

-[slurps] suck.

-I told you to shut up.

That enough proof for you,

old socks?

Right. That's it.

I'm not making anyone tea.

There's a reason

why I never mentioned that kiss

in my journal.

Oh. Enlighten me.

-You really must be a sadist.

-[recorder clicks]

[recorder quietly whirrs]

Boring me already.


[inquisitive music plays]

I see you've already

decided to take part.

I'm writing a book.

It's research.

We'll have to administer

medical tests

to make sure it's safe.

Meet me at noon.

I'll text you the address.

[Robyn] For the tests?

You think I'm that predictable?


I once called my nanny "mommy."

Something we laughed about

at the time

until I was old enough

to understand the weight of it.

So, you read past page 40 then?


-When it comes to your writing,

I don't have much choice.

Follow me.

[Jim] My daughter, Anna.

Her mother was

a one-night-stand-turned-junkie

who threw herself off a bridge.

I paid for the funeral,

but Anna didn't want me there.

[Robyn] Is Anna your reason

for inventing Novice?

So you could rewrite your

relationship with your daughter?

A rewrite. Yes. [chuckles]

I quite like that.

What might it do to her

if she took Novice now?

I told you,

we'd need to test

the subject first

to make sure

it's medically safe.

She's got needle marks

up her arm.

She wouldn't take it

from me anyway.


All right.

But just one drop.

[hopeful music plays]

[Robyn] Darling.

A sip of a new life.

[Oscar] Oh,

you're taking the gloves off.

Must be serious.

The results came back.

I'm afraid it's not good news.

You may be a candidate

for the Whipple procedure,


well, it's pancreatic cancer.

20% of candidates are eligible,

and of that, only about 20%

have a chance

at another five years of life.

[somber music plays]



What-- what are you doing?

Creating a baby room.

Give me a hand.

Who's the father?

Wondered if you could help out

with that.

[Jim] Mm.

Jim is giving us both Novice

as payment for my book.

All of a sudden?

What changed?

Failsafe parenting.

If I mess it up,

I give it Novice.

We go back to the beginning

and try again.


Him, her, they.

Um, I think

I've moved on from the idea.

Age forced us to move on.

But when we're 30 again,

well, in a few months, I should

be able to fall pregnant.

Mmm. And so we just put

our trust in Jim?


A nurse will come tomorrow

to test for things

like MS and cancer

-and make sure it's safe for us

to take Novice.

-[Jim sighs]

Are you okay?

[Jim sighs]

Don't know

why it's shaking today.

I think it's because I'm tired.

I think they're both shaking now

because you're here.

[Jim chuckles]

[somber orchestral music plays]

Okay. That's all we need.

The results will be available

after the weekend.

I'm ready for you now.

Well, I--

I prefer to wait and see

what happens to her

if you don't mind.

[doctor] Sure.

I want you to know

that I don't regret a single day

of my life with you.

Not one moment.

I loved it all.



I'm not going to do Novice

with you.

But that's ridiculous.

W-- what's this about?

[somber music plays]

Novice doesn't just cure

the age disease.

Cell rejuvenation cures

most other diseases, too.

In a few short years,

our dependence

on modern medicine will,

in all likelihood,

be a thing of the past, hence--

Hence the pharmaceutical company

f*ring you

shortly after discovering it.

It's going to cannibalize

their business.

So, you stole the formula

from a corporate giant?

A formula I invented, yes.

Don't you fear for your life?

I love how concerned you are.

You still flirt

like a creepy old man.

You still bat me away

like you think I'm gonna stop.

Once your book is out,

disposing of me

will only make

its revelations bigger.

So you really think my book

will make you safe?

More safe,

but I'd choose assassination

over dying of old age any day.

That's just, well, barbaric.

This is as far as we can go.

[Robyn] Let's check on Anna.

[Jim] Okay.

It was a hundred percent

More than you asked me to do

[Anna exclaims]

You think if you put my

You think if you put

My foot in front of the other

I'll do what you want me to

You did this.

I'm gonna march to the rails

I'm gonna march to the rails

I'm high

[crowd cheering]

[Anna laughs]

Gonna climb up the mountain

Gotta go, go, go, go, go

[keys jangle]

[Robyn] Oscar?

[somber music playing]

Oh, God.

Where have you been?

I've been here for an hour.

[sighs] I'm back now.

[ambulance siren wailing]

Luckily, just strained.

Oscar, how long

has this been going on?

[Oscar] You know, doc,

I used to have bruises

all over my body

when I played rugby.

[Robyn] He played rugger

for one season at college.

Right, well,

I suggest getting some help

around the house.

-[phone ringing]

-[Robyn] Excuse me.

Jane, what a surprise.

Back from Thailand already?


Oh, Jane, I'm so sorry.

I feel so guilty.

The only thing I'm feeling...

is relief.

Don't b*at yourself up about it.

Just feel it, okay?

I ended up never going

to Thailand for facial surgery.

-He said we couldn't afford it.


You've got nothing

to be ashamed of.

You're as beautiful as ever.

You always have it so together.

No, that's not true.

I've been thinking

about it a lot lately.

What if I'd never had the--

What if I had had Oscar's child?

You regret not having children?



[Robyn] Anna.

[chuckles] You have?

Come with me.

Oh, goodness,

I forgot those were here.

My first book.

Bought us the house.

Then this one paid

for the furniture.

And the rest...

[Robyn grunts]

Don't put the most money

you'll ever make

into a house

that needs so much maintenance.

[Anna giggling]

What are you doing?

Oh, no, please.

Is that why you thought

I brought you here?

No, darling.

I'll give you some privacy.

[birds chirping]

[doorbell rings]


Can you come round here, please?

I have news.

You passed your medical.

[laughing joyously]

One drop a day

and every month that goes by

will make you a decade younger

and in four or five months,

you'll seem 20 again,

at which point

we'll dilute the formula

and keep you young...



Chase it with bubbles.

[ominous music playing]

I don't feel a thing.

It's kind of anticlimactic.

Unlike our first time.

Exactly like

our first and last time.

[Jim chuckles]

Well, this too

will change your life.


What are you doing here?

I invited her

to come and stay with us

for as long as she wants.

[Jim] I barely recognize you.

Do you know who I am?

The man that stares at me

but never books me.

I'm your father.

I don't have a father.


It's all right.

[tense music building]

[rhythmic drumming]

[singing in background]

[door opens]

[Oscar] This is godly awful.

You'd better get used to it.

She'll be staying with us

for a bit.


So I don't have a say

in my own house anymore?

If you have a problem,

you can always write

to the newspaper and complain.

Isn't that what old people do?

That's just rude.

You always said

that you wanted a child.

Well, now I've got you one.

Yes, but I wanted one with you.

Does that mean that

you will be taking the formula?

Oh, I know

what this is all about now.

You're trying to force my hand.

Speaking of which,

when will you be

cutting the lawn?

When I get a part

for the ride-on mower.

[Robyn scoffs]

We do have

a regular lawn mower, too.

Kate Bush is giving birth

to Marilyn Manson next door,

and all you're concerned about

is the grass.

Tell you what, I'll cut it.


What you--

You're gonna cut the lawn

in the middle of the night?

So much energy.

[Oscar scoffs]

[lawn mower engine humming]

[Anna singing,

drumming in background]

[lawn mower engine humming]

[drumming stops, footsteps]

[Oscar] Robyn?



I think the guest

is in my memory room.

Well, I'm sure

you can manage it on your own.

I'm taking my pepper spray.

[engine continues humming]

[objects clattering]

[door opens]


What are you looking for?

A phone. You have one, yeah?

-A phone?


[Anna] Thanks.

Who do you want to call?

It's just a mate.

It's just a friend of mine.




Well, no phone calls tonight.


[lock turns]

No, please, don't.

[ominous music building]

Please, open the door.

-Anna, you will stop this now.

-Hey, please, open.

Please, open.

-Now, do you hear?

-[Anna mumbling]


Please, open...

[music fades]


This is incredible! [chuckles]

I've got no pain in my fingers,

and I've got all this energy,

and I haven't taken

any arthritis pills.


-[glass shattering]

[Anna screaming]

[objects thudding]

-What's going on?

-I caught her

looking for a phone.

-Probably to phone her--

-Her dealer.

[Anna] It's just a friend!

It's just a friend!

-Oscar, I'm so sorry.

-It's okay.

-I could ask Jim

to take her from tomorrow.

-No. No, it's okay.

[objects clattering]

Well, clearly,

she's trying to create

another memory

with her abstract art.

[Anna] f*ck you, b*tch!

-f*ck you!

-[glass shattering]

[objects clattering]

Why don't you go back to bed?

I'll deal with this.


No, I'm gonna go looking

for a couple

of glasses of whiskey

and maybe even

some hard dr*gs...

if she can give me his number.

-[both chuckling]

-[Anna screaming]

-Bed. Night-night.


-[Anna groaning]

-[glass shattering]



[melancholy music intensifying]

[glass shattering]


[Anna screaming]



[scream echoing]

[music fades]

-[door opens]

-[Anna retching]



[somber music playing]

[sobbing continues]






[Anna] Sorry.

Oh, that's all right.

I was looking for

another project anyway.




[Robyn shushing]

[sobbing continues]

[Robyn humming melody]

[continues humming melody]

[peaceful music playing]

[birds chirping]

[eerie music playing]


[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[upbeat piano melody playing]

[music intensifying]

[Anna vocalizing]

[doorbell rings]

Oscar probably forgot his key.

[doorbell ringing]

The f*ck?

I see you got

your face-lift done.

You have every reason

to be upset with me.

I'm not upset, honey.

You are giving me Novice.

[Jim sighs] I'm afraid

that is not an option.

I think that's

your only option, sport.


You will have access to the drug

once it's on the market.

Oh, please.

As if someone like me could

afford it when that happens.

Either you give me Novice,

or I am going to go

to the last company

you worked for, Jim.

I hardly think

you're in a position

to make any threats.

Huh, and you think you are?

When you take the formula, um...

we'll have to do a blood test

before that to, um,

make sure it's safe.

[Jim sighs]

[chuckles] Good.

So it goes like that.


And it-- Your turn. You try.

-[Oscar chuckling] Go on.


First of all, put petroleum

jelly on your fingers

so that

if you do get glue on them,

they don't stick together.

Which can be very inconvenient.


Okay. Hold it.

-You got it?

-[Anna] Mm-hmm.

[Oscar] You got that.

And I've got the glue.

Okay, let's lean forward so we

don't get the glue on the floor.

-[Anna] Okay.

-[Oscar] That's it.

[tense music playing]

Push that out.


-[Anna chuckles]

[muffled conversation]



-Oscar, wake up.


My menstrual cycle

started today.

[chuckles] You look worried.

I think it's time

we slept in separate bedrooms.

Age is officially just a number.

No, it's just

this child business.

It's just silly.


Silly, silly, silly business.

[Oscar sighs]

You're cute

when you get all serious.

[Oscar scoffs]

So, why haven't we had

children before?

Heaven knows I wanted them.

I had my writing.

Where would I have found

the time?

Well, you--

you had a-- a career.

I just had a job.

I would have looked after them.

I suppose you would have.

So, why now?

Why? Why with me?


that's my biggest regret.

Not having a child with you.

I don't regret a single day

in my life with you.


Y-- you said it yourself.

You-- you had a job,

not a career.

Yeah, well,

life isn't just about work.

Well, you don't have

a single friend

you enjoy spending

any time with.

I have my quiz night

at the Mumbles.

Answering those questions

makes you feel clever.

Not at all. Not true.

Well, not anymore.

And I had my friend, Ronnie.

That was in college.

I have you.

You take two naps every day,

and the rest of the day

you spend building your models.

Well, there you are,

you see, I have great hobbies.

Nonsense, Oscar.

You build those models.

You even fixed them because...

Well, because our travels

are like trophies to you

compared to

the rest of your life.

The rest of my life?

It's average, Oscar.

I'm sorry, but we get

to change that with Novice.

All of it.

You have no excuse.

Like I said...

I have no regrets.

I'll be sleeping

in the open room.

[eerie music playing]

[typing continues]

[Robyn] When we marry,

we promise ourselves

to each other forever.

Yet our forever

has death as its expiry date.

That was our reality

before Novice.

But would someone taking Novice

ever again commit to forever?

[typing continues]

[eerie instrumental playing]


[Robyn] Never took

the scientist for an art lover.

If biochemistry manages to

recapture the beauty of youth,

is there a difference?

Why the elderly?

The have-nots.

They remind me

of how lucky we are.

[Robyn] Hmm.

Why did you call me here?

To be my pice de rsistance,

of course.

My masterpiece.

So, you read my depressing

book about my childhood

only producing one photograph,

and you ask to take mine.

And you say

you're not predictable.

Not just a photograph.

My first nude.

No, Jim, I can't do that.

Why not?

I've never done

anything like it.

Even so, this is the start

of your second life.

You've just been reborn.

Celebrate that.

This conversation is over.

Jane can't pass her medical.

You know that, right?

I only have a limited supply

without the means to make more.


-I'll say it's cancer.


and under normal circumstances,

not a thr*at,

but with Novice

accelerating all cell growth,

it's just too dangerous.

But she'll think she has cancer.

[tense music building]

I will give you the rest

of your supply,

and then it's up to you

as to whom you decide

to share it with.

What if I let you photograph me?

I can't force you to do that.

Then, maybe, I can tell her.

No, your mere presence

will deeply offend her,

make her realize

what she can't have,

will never have.

Just let me handle it.



Speak to Jane.

I can't stop thinking

what I'm going to do

with the rest of my life.

[sighs] Maybe traveling.

Do you know there's an island

called Bonin Island

just off Japan?

I can't imagine

what I should be doing there.


-You know when dad's coming?

-How come you're on Novice?

Surely, you weren't our age

when you started.

Any moment now.

Hello? I asked you a question.

[Robyn] Age isn't a disease

that only affects the elderly.

Anna is going to become

a singer-songwriter.


you think I'm Hannah Montana?

I think you've got it.

[doorbell ringing]

We're round here!

And what were you

in your first life?

I lived under a bridge,

and f*cked for dr*gs.

What? Your book says we should

keep it real, you feel me?

I feel you. [chuckling]


-Hi, sweetheart.

-Can we have a word?


[tense music playing]

[indistinct conversation]

I've got cancer!



[clock ticking]

[sandpaper scraping]


They just won't stop shaking.

Yeah, well, check mine, too.

[sighs] Like a pair

of recovering addicts we are.

[Anna] Yes. You're

no recovering addict, b*tch.

With all

the prescription dr*gs I take,

I am yet to recover... b*tch.

[Anna laughs]


-I'm taking a break, yeah?


I brought you Novice.

Robyn, we spoke about this.

You not wanting to take it

is like-- like telling me

that you would prefer dying

to being with me.

-Well, that's not true, my love.

-Then why?

You'll clearly,

make a great father.

We can be the same age again.

How can that not be marvelous?

Just let it go.

Just sit with me, talk.

I really long

to spend time with you.

And you don't see the irony

in that request?



[photo frame clatters]

[grandfather clock chiming]

[Jane] That's it.

We're going to [indistinct].

-[Oscar] Mm, and?

-[Jane] Remember? He hated it.

[both laughing]

[Jane] He thought that tacos

were cheap sandwiches.

He didn't trust

anything dim sum.

Even baguettes were pretentious.

No, the only thing

that Herbie liked

was my chicken soup,

and then only when I made it

to his mother's recipe.

[chuckling] Well,

whatever you brought us today

was absolutely delicious.

[Jane] Tom yum goong,

it's a traditional Thai soup--

Oh, yum.

Oh, my God.

I can't get used to you looking

just like you did when we met.


Jane has very kindly offered

to assist me around the house.

It would be

my absolute pleasure.

Oh, that's

really nice of you Jane,

but I'm sure we can cope.

Well, she's a qualified nurse,

and the doctor did say--

I am going to go

and fetch that tea.

I know Jane,

and when she's that nice,

you can't trust her.

I think you're being

a little paranoid, darling.


You are just so together

and independent now.

You're just--

Wow, wow, wow.

You must be getting ready

to leave the nest.

I mean, get a record contract,

you are the complete package.

You are poised to be a star.

Look! I just thought,

I have got the most darling

little summer house.

It's totally independent.

You could make your music there

as loud as you want.

Do you want to come and see it?

[crunching] Nah.

[Jane] There's no sugar.

Just a drop of honey

and a pinch of cinnamon.

Tell me what you think.

-There you go.

-Thank you.

-[Oscar] Mm, delicious.

-Oh, good.

[Robyn] When are

the bandages coming off?

Well, the--

The doctor

in the clinic in Bangkok

said not to touch them

till I was safely home.

How long have you been home?

A while.

Let me help you remove them.

I am sure it's perfect.

And I'm not showing you

until it's been approved.

The, um... the muscles

around the eyes just--

-They need to relax.


No, no, no, no.

[exhales in excitement]

[chuckles] Ugh.




No, no, I can't look.

I can't look.

-You tell me.


Oh, my God.

Oh, I shouldn't have gone

to the cheapest clinic.


It could just be that

the swelling hasn't settled yet.

I need to be alone.


[screaming] Go away!


It's not good.

Best you find another caregiver.

[Jane screaming]

Well, Jane was never very good

at holding down a job.


[both laughing]


Robyn aborted your child

a month into your marriage.

Now I've got something

to giggle about, too.

Is that true?


It's true.


I'll be at the Mumbles.


I can explain.

[clock ticking]

[eerie instrumental playing]

[baby cooing]



[Oscar] "I wonder why there

are always ravens around

the graveyard," and I said--

[all] Because they've been

dying to get in.

[all laughing]


You ready to talk?

I thought

you didn't have grandchildren.

I know,

I thought so too. [laughs]

Strange, isn't it? [chuckles]

I'll make some tea.


I'll come and pick

some stuff up tomorrow.

Come now, Oscar.

I thought I would be

a terrible mother.

Even worse than mine.

Come home. Please.

I'm not doing this

to punish you.

[tea pouring]


instrumental playing]

You say

you don't want to punish me,

but it feels a lot like you are.

[Oscar] Well, you know,

you can always visit

any time you'd like.

I don't want you

to dread coming here

just like a young person would.

Fifty years of marriage,

and it's this simple for you.

Fifty years

is nothing in eternity.

No. No, stop thinking for me.

Is this really what you want?

Yes, I think it is.

But first,

I want to take a little nap.

-God, on your single bed?

-Yes, on my single bed.

[tense music building]

[camera shutter clicks]

I have what I need.


[exhales in excitement]


Why are you being a gentleman?

Put it on a timer.

You want a picture of us?

-[camera beeping]

-Five seconds.

[faster beeping]

[camera shutter clicks]

I'll need the photos as soon as.



[knocking on door]

[exhales in excitement]

-Our portrait.

-Oh, uh, thank you.

I developed it

as soon as you left.

Jim Petrak, really?

-White sunglasses?

-Yeah. Down with the kids.

I don't think so,

and even when it was in fashion,

it wasn't fashionable.

-Can I give you a hand?


-You're going away?


Look, we should talk

about what happened yesterday.


-What's that supposed to mean?

I don't have time for this, Jim.

I don't get you.

You take my daughter in,

you get naked in my apartment,

you do Novice without Oscar,

and now, you want nothing

to do with me.

I took Anna in to give Oscar

a taste of fatherhood.

I did Novice, because

I want to have a baby with him.

And I asked you

to take this photograph,

because-- because

I wanna make him jealous,

so he finally comes around.

Do you get it now?

All this

to have a baby with him?

It has nothing to do with you.

And you think

you're the sort of woman

he'd want to have a child with?

f*ck off, father of the year.

I feel like such a fool.

[knocking on door]

-Thought I'd save you the trip.

-Let me take that.

Thanks. Thank you.

That's very kind, thanks.

Come in. Come in.

[sandpaper scraping]

Something I wanted you to see.

[ominous instrumental playing]

I forgot

how a 30-year-old's skin feels.

So tightly stretched

over his muscular flesh.


-Just thinking about it,

with his potential

to earn resources,

he'd make a great father.

He could teach our child,

or even children,

to lead successful lives.


-What's the matter?

You did everything

you wanted, didn't you?

No regrets.

This is what you wanted.

To live an average life.

Not to set the bar too high,

to avoid the disappointment

of failure,

-drown those dreams

in excuses...


...and not accept second chances

because what reason,

what excuse

could you possibly come up with

to justify being average

the second time around?


That is what you want, isn't it?

To breathe your last breath

as a self-justified failure.


There you are.


[furniture clattering]

[eerie melody building]

[furniture clattering]

[door slams shut]

[birds chirping]

Sometimes I think

I might be a horrible person.

Said the pretty lady

to the dirty old man.

[both laugh]

I'll tell you something.

Let's go home.

[Robyn inhales deeply]




[slow eerie music plays]


I finished my book.


How did you end it?

With her leaving.

[Oscar chuckling]


You sure I can't take you?

I want to take the bus.

And I'm taking these after all.

If it gets weird

at Jane's house,

you come back here.

Promise me?


[Oscar chuckles]

[Oscar sighs]

[Anna chuckles]

[tin foil rustling]

[Anna chuckles] It's pretty.

It's pretty beautiful.

It's my birthday coming up soon

and I wondered

if you'd come back

and do a show for us.

Paid for, of course.

You want me to sing

at your birthday?

Well, if I can afford it.

[both chuckling]

You'll be all right.




It's not shaking anymore.


-You got it?


Thank you for everything.

[Oscar chuckles]


So you like her music now?

Well, how else are we gonna

get her to come and see us?

You know the old

have to bribe the young

to get them to come and visit.


-Everybody knows that.

[both chuckling]

I, um...

I feel that it's not finished.

That it isn't done.

Since when do you have such

a strong opinion on my work?

[Oscar chuckles] Oh, no.

Well, I love the idea that we're

all addicts addicted to time,

that Noviceterians

will constantly need

to redefine their meaning.

But, Robyn, darling,

it doesn't tell me

how you feel about it.


Fancy a cup of tea?

[Oscar chuckles] Okay.

The last time

That I held for you

I came over to your house

And we got drunk

On your bed

I knew it was the last time

We'd be making love

Before you left me

Alone in your head

I remember

When I fell for you

I was 15, early 2000

Full of innocence

Always close to the mend

And now I just

Call you a friend

Can I get high on you?

Drown in all your oceans

Can I get high on you?

Give me

The double dose emotions

Can I get high on you?

High on you

Be your little psycho

The last time

The last time

That I held for you

I was overdosing

On your tears

While you were drinking wine

I'm glad I was your muse

Even if it lasted

For a little while

It came to my attention

I was looking for myself

Oscar! What happened, Oscar?

I-- I'll get the car.

You held on too tight

Thank God the rope broke

And I didn't see it through

[gravel crunching]

Can I get high on you?

Give me

The double dose emotions

Can I get high on you?

[indistinct whispering]

[Robyn] Stay with me, okay?

Okay, I've got you.

[panting] Okay.

Like sinking sand

[Oscar groaning]

You held my hand

You filled my brain

With gold and silver

[Robyn] Help me!

Help me! Please, help me!

Help me! He's in here.

Help me get high on you

High on you

Be your little psycho


[hospital din]

-[Jim] Hi.


[Jim sighs]

I, um-- I finished it

in one sitting.


it's magnificent.

And don't think I'm being biased

when I say it's your best work.

It's not finished yet.

[doctor] Miss?

Are you here for Oscar Smith?

[Jim] This is Elizabeth,

Oscar's niece.


I regret to inform you that

the cancer has spread

from the pancreas.


[doctor] You didn't know?

Well, the important thing

is that he's comfortable.


What are you saying, Doctor?


I wish I had better news.

He is stable now,

but he doesn't have long.

[sobbing softly]

You can see him.

Doctor, you don't understand

that I did this to him.

-I did this.

-[doctor] It's completely

normal to feel responsible--

No, no, no, no, no.

This is my fault.

Thank you, Doctor.

I've got this. Thank you.

-I gave him Novice, Jim.


I gave him Novice.


All right, listen. [sighs]

This is very serious.

If you say anything now,

you could go to prison.

That means no more Novice,

no more

endless possibilities, nothing.

How are you thinking of Novice

now when he's dying, Jim?

-He's dying of cancer.

-That Novice accelerated.

[Jim] No.

[Robyn sobbing]


I am so selfish, Jim.

-Stop this.

-I did this to him.

-I'm so selfish.

-Stop this.

Listen, Robyn. Robyn, listen.

Please, stop this. Stop it.

You knew that you would

have to say goodbye

to everyone you loved

the moment

you took that formula.

Not to Oscar.

Not to Oscar.

I can-- I can--

I need Oscar because...

he is everything that I lack.

No, no, no.

I don't think we should see

each other again, Jim.

[sobs] I'm sorry.

You and me, we just--

we would bring out

the worst in each other.

[somber music plays]

[rhythmic beeping]

You were right.

I'm not done with it yet.

"You may find

in Novice your forever.

The mirage of the solution

to your regret."


[Jane gasps]

"But as new life enters,

what you think, how you feel,

who you are still flows out."

You're a painting now.

That's how I see you.

Thank you.

[music swells]

"And so the world

does not need Novice

for you to become immortal."

[Robyn panting]

"Just the sharing of your love

blossoming in a lover.

That is the path

my Oscar chose to take.

His infinite life

found in his love for me,

his love I will one day

share with another.

My Oscar.

The only human I knew

that walked the path

to no regret."

It's beautiful, Robyn.

It's beautiful.

And it's true.

I'm pregnant, Oscar.


Oh, wonderful.


-And you know what

our first trip is going to be?


I trust his father approves.


Why didn't you tell me

about the cancer?


I didn't want you to know

because if you knew,

you would have stopped

taking Novice.

I would have stopped

taking Novice,

but you would have

still been alive.

Alive with cancer, Robyn.


The quicker the better.

I'm so sorry, Oscar.

What for?

What for? For wanting me

in your life forever?

No, that's the most

wonderful thing

anyone has ever wanted from me.

-[Robyn chuckles]

-Thank you.

[sniffling] How am I gonna

do this without you?

Oh, you've always done it

without me.

And to be a mother?

[Oscar chuckles]

Oh, are you kidding?

Nobody knows how to do that.

[Robyn chuckles]

[Oscar sighs]

[ominous orchestral music plays]

[Oscar sighs]

[baby giggling]

[toddler giggling]

[teenager giggling]

["Dreaming Again"

by Anna Wolf plays]

As the sky falls down

I bondage myself

Upside down here I go again

Playing pretend

As the snow falls down

I bondage myself

Upside down

I take a deep breath

My fears are right again

We're climbing

over mountains

Broke off all the trees

Stood on the ledge

Took one step back

And looked inside of me

We're finding

All the diamonds

Swam all the seas

Stood on the ledge

And took one step back

And found me

And the choir goes

My days are young

In time I will see

Dreaming again

[soft piano melody plays]

[soft orchestral music plays]

[music ends]
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