Belle of Rome, The (1955)

The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.

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The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.
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Belle of Rome, The (1955)

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Mario, why have you turned off?
- Romoletto, haven't you seen the sign?

I'm following the established route,
around the Colosseum and Via dei Fori.

I am the lead,
and you should follow me!

Let's go to Colle Oppio, come on.
- Greetings! - Come on, it's 100 metres.

Oh, 100 metres!
Do we have to do everything he says?

First, we have to go to the gym
because there is boxing,...

... now we must go to Colle Oppio
because his girlfriend's waiting.

I've had enough of it!
He can give my pay to you!

Excuse me, but... couldn't you
argue about this a little later?

You talk too much. - He's punch-drunk.
All that boxing's messed with his head.

(Man) Menalo. - But don't you see
that you're damaging the circulation?

I'll show you the circulation.

You must understand I'm in charge,
get it? - This is a provocation.

(Mario) And you're too healthy.
- Leave it, Mario.

What have you done? Run for it, Mario.
- Run. - Run for it, Mario.

Run, stupid. He's a boxer.
- What weight? - Welter.

(Man) Ah, come in, come in.

Okay? - Okay. We've known each
for years and get on well.

He's a good guy, it's just that he's
obsessed with boxing. - Unfortunately...

He's unemployed... - I have a job
in hand. - Ah, what's that?

I'm allpying to be a cashier,
while I'm on bail.

I am "at their pleasure" for 4 months
because he said we would go abroad.

And you believed it? - It's true,
if he can behave, we can start tomorrow.

He was chosen, along with two others,
to ''defend the colors of Italy''.

And you too have to ''defend
the colors of Italy''? - Yes...

Then we'll win.

Doctor, it's me that's going to win.
- If you think that...

after a career in boxing,
don't believe a word of it.

They all end up punch-drunk and
haven't made a penny. - Oh! - I'm telling you.

For two people wanting to marry,...

..wouldn't it be better to open a
Coca-Cola kiosk or a Roman restaurant?

Ah, sure, it's safer.
- Finally, a person of intelligence.

He's crazy,
and somewhat desperate, doctor.

However you like him all the same.
- I'm stupid... - Eh, you're an idiot...

So you say that you didn't see he
was a policeman. - No, I didn't see it.

If wasn't that, I thought...
- What? - I thought it was a friend.

Ah, and how do you treat your friends?
- Eh, well, doctor...

Well... if you didn't see...
- It's not true, commissioner.

He saw me well enough and h*t me
regardless of my uniform.

What are you saying? - It's true,
commissioner. - As if I haven't had enough...!

Quiet, Mario, you'll ruin it!
- Take him in! - Doctor!

Mario, be brave, I'll wait.

I'll find work
and bring you a package every week.

Look I brought these for your stretch.
- What are they? - Cigarettes.

Do not despair, Mario !
Your Nannina always loves you.

Go, go.

Thanks for the cigarettes.
Goodbye! - Mario !

Thanks anyway, ''doc'''.

What are you up to? Work.
- Boss, look at this. - Eh?

Agostino, who was that who
went by this morning?

Ah, go to the bar and find the
cashier. - Ah, go to the bar.

Agostino, do they serve coffee
in the morning? - I don't know.

I haven't had mine.

This is fine. If anyone's looking
for me, I'm at the bar, Agostino.

No, no, one at a time!
- Please, please, come forward.

Aren't you in local goverment?
- Good morning. - A coffee! - At once.

- Orestes. - Eh. - Come,
I must tell you something important.

Tonino, come here. - Go there.
- Don't let anyone in. What is it?

Orestes, there are plenty, outside.
- Eh, outside.

A beautiful cashier can double the
clientele. You spent lots on the rennovation...

Tell that to my sister.
- (Donna) Orestes! - Yes! - Look...

Look out what kind.
- Sir, give me a hand...
[N.B. He calls Gracco "cavaliere"
which literally means knight]

That ugly one would freeze
up my espresso machine.

That's what you think. Gracco!
- (Woman) Too bad, it looked good
but doesn't have the guarantee.

But the guarantee is no longer necessary.
- We've started using it again. Go ahead.

Don't let this chance slip,
the cashier with their boss...

What should I do? - I'd choose her.
- I don't want to disturb the peace in the family.

- What's up? - Come here.

Good, good, what's this
racket? - We've been stewing!

It seems we are waiting for a
conclusion. - Yes...

We've been waiting ages.
- Yes, good, good. Wait...

Orestes, come here. Which do you like?

Look at... Eh ?

What are you doing?
You look crazy. You must decide.

Ugh, that's hot!

This one? Look...
- She's too much. - Yes.

This with the buttons? You like?
- Okay, if she's any good... - We'll test her.

You, let me see. Can you be a
cashier? - Eh! - What are you doing?

Outside! Who let them in?
- Him. - Me, madame Tina.

We have found the perfect cashier
Here she is. - May I?

Here is my reference. And here is
my guarantee.

Good. - May I be allowed an
observation? The box here is wrong.

How so? - But the cashier must
look at the bench.

Yes, madame, but it is necessary
to be seen from the street too, no? - Of course.

I would put it here. - She's right,
otherwise what good would her looks be?

Want to try it? - Now?
- Is there anything else here that bothers you?

Madame, it was just my opinion.
May I try the checkout?

May I?

A coffee, two sandwiches and a cognac.
- Nationality? - French.

420! - Wow, she's a zinger.
What are you waiting for? Hire her!

Cover the rolls, if you don't want
the flies to eat them. - Ah, she's the boss.

Listen, beautiful, I don't know about,
staying here, it's a job of trust. - Good!

Madame, excuse me saying this,
when I work I put my heart into it.

Lovely, I can see.
- Then you'll take me?

We need a cashier, not a mistress.
Rejected. - Tina!

Not hired?! - You have something
to say about the place? - No.

Thank heavens! - Very respectful!
- What do I have to do?

Oh, beautiful, what's up, crying?

Oh, she fainted! Help!
- Tina, she's ill!

It's nothing, take her to the rear.
Calm down, it's nothing!

Bring a cognac!
- Cognac! - French? - Idiot!

Gently, this way.
- Gently. - Lift this stuff!

Gently... Oh, she shouldn't be
so thin!

So thin? What are you saying?
- She's starving!

A tragedy of the unemployed!
Tina doesn't understand these things.

Doesn't understand... - Go get
the cognac. Go! - Cognac!


Beautiful, everyone's gone, see.
- It's nothing...

The heat, I felt bad.
- Yes? And what's your name?

Nannina. - Nannina, it's useless
to play your drama with me.

- Help me out, you.

It's the boss. - Cognac. - Give me
the cognac. Give her air. - Air.

Give her air.
Don't chatter, give her air.

Miss? Miss?
- Loosen it. - Miss?

- Oh, that's if I'm not assuming,
we'll take you here at the shop. - He's hired her.

What?! - Ehm... No...
Yes, she's hired!

And send away all the others.
- Orestes... - Shut up!

Because she faints, she gets the
job right away.

I understand what it's like to be
unemployed, but the job's taken.

I can see your little game.
- Nah, it's good.

We'll see.

Thanks very much. You are good, I
don't know how I'll repay you.

We'll find... I have a shop nearby.
Very close.

Sir! - What? - Sir!
- Eh? - It's the lady with the boy.

Ah, okay... The lady?!
What lady? - The lady.

What about the lady?

Ines, what is it? - Sorry dear, but
you have to sign Gigetto's report card.

It's ugly... - Ugly?
What's ugly? Gigetto, ugly?

Three, four, five, six...
It's fine.

Well done, Gigetto. Want a treat?
Give him a treat. - Really, now?

Good. You'd like a cannoli?
- Thanks, papa. - Off to school, go.

Come on, go. No messing about.

What's up? - Give me a hand.
- We take it where? - Go!

Slowly, slowly...

Here, here.
- This is it? - Yes, yes.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

..and Sunday eating?

I'm taking the other chicken,
to my Mario! - Poor thing...

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven...

Nannina, good morning!
- Ah, now you're down here?!

Can I offer you a lift?
- No, thank you. - Why?

We're both going to work. - Excuse me,
I have to mail this parcel first.

It's an errand for my aunt.
- I'll go with you. - Another time.

You're insulted I offered a lift?
- No, but I want to go alone, okay?

Ah, beautiful!

Hey, what are you doing?
How dare you? - Why?

What's up? It's my sister!
- I didn't know! - Go away!

But look at that scoundrel!
- You only think about men?

It depends, there are men and men.
- Ah, yes? Okay, bad man.

Coming with me? - We're going to
the bar, come on, to work.

To work? And your errand?
- I'll do it later, too much hanging about.

Wait, you're missing a button.
- Don't worry, it doesn't show.

I want you in order today,
to visit the cemetery to see her.

It's the anniversary... and if she
can see us up there, she'll have to say:...

..''Bravo Tina, you looked after him
right, like I'm still there''.

Thank you. - After all, I have more
of her attached to me than buttons.

Six years of marriage
and five of widowhood... - Eh, yes.

But you've understood nothing.
- Eh, nothing... - No, nothing.

I suffered near you all these

The poor dear has left an irreplacable
void. - Irreplacable, yes.

United in grief. It's pain that's
our cement, not happiness.

I would have prefered happiness.
- Me too, but if I was getting married...

But with who? - It was a manner
of speech. - Ah, a manner of speech.

Instead, I am dedicated to you .
- That's a mistake. - It's a mission.

Between the grief and the happiness,
there could be something else. - Else?

Consolation. - But for who?
- For us both, staying here... together.

Eh! - To our misfortune, we are
still alive, and you instead...

I'm grateful. You've made me
understand how happy I was with your sister.

Yes, perhaps the character of us
Genovese is a bit closed, but when we talk...

No, that is the beauty of your
character, all in!

You'll never understand anything, ever!

Bye, I'm going and will be back.
- Yes, go, go...

Tell her that I've not come as well
because of my sacrifice.

Because after all, people should
mind their own business, you know?

She was Genovese, and would have
understood this very well.

Come on, go.

The flowers!

Nannina, you'd better get out here.
If you see Orestes, he might get the wrong idea.

Yeah, if your wife saw...
- But so what?

Have I not comported myself perfectly
decently? - Others might not think so!

Thanks alot, eh?

To the prison, quickly!
- To the cemetery. - I'm occupied.

Nannina, what are you doing? Where
are you going? - Nowhere, I'll get out.

Come on, let's take a little drive
together, you'll accompany me.

To which of these two addresses
should I go? - The one sir said.

Where are you going, Nannina?
- Drop me at Ponte Sisto, that'll be fine.

I have an urgent errand.

I'm taking them to my poor wife,
today is our anniversary.

Well, we all must bear our cross.

Thank you very much, Mr Orestes.
- Wait, I'll get off, I'd like a drink.

Really... - I can't offer you one?
- But I have this to do.

Go afterwards.

I feel languid... Wait, eh?

Today is a bad day. It was 5 years
ago that she left me. - Poor thing.

Eh, yes. She was so good,
intelligent, hard-working.

Now I stay with my sister-in-law
and I can't take it any more.

Sounds like she's a good woman.
- She's tiresome, very tiresome.

Okay, she's a little bossy.
- She's infuriating!

What'll you have? - A coffee.
- Better, a cognac. - A cognac.

Two cognacs, French, eh?

How beautiful Rome is! I'm a
Neapolitan, but I feel Roman.

Nannina, Roman just like you.

Strangely, today, just today I was
longing for a different life.

I'm ashamed to say it,
but it is so.

Why be ashamed?
You're still young.

Nannina, if I can get free of my
sister-in-law, I'll be a different man.

Oh, sorry.

500. How did it come to so much?
- 240. Together 480.

You see? Our prices are
too low. Chin-chin.

To your freedom. - Freedom?
With that policeman about...

Say Orestes, why don't you open up
another place? You have the money.

What would another place achieve?
- Freedom from Tina.

Nannina, you don't have a family,
no parents, nobody?

I'm an orphan.

You have a boyfriend?
- I did, now I'm alone.

We'd found a place to turn into
a restaurant.

An out-of-town place that needed
the money of two, but it's a golden deal.

Word of Nannina.

This place was going to be your
business, you and your boyfriend? - Yes.

And where is this place? - At
Janiculum. You know how lovely it is!

Let's see it, Nannina.

This fresh air's good. A couple of
lungfuls and you have an appetite.

But where's this restaurant?
- Down there.

There it is. It seems ready-made.
- That? It's an abandoned house.

Look, it's in the middle
of the woods.

Who owns it? Are you sure it's
free? - It's the monastery's. - So long!

Why? - You think the monastery
will give permission to make a restaurant?

Last year it was a restaurant. It
all depends on how serious one is.

So why isn't it open? - It failed,
he didn't make it work. Come down.

This was the garden for eating,
with tables under the ''berceau''.

If one cleaned up the house...

Look at that view! St Peter's from
here, all Rome on the other side...

Ah, but this is more
like a lookout!

What do you say? - Nannina, I really
like your idea.

Those who have no money
get the good ideas.

Look at the Capitol, the Colosseum...

Look, you can also see the prison.

What are you thinking, Nannina?
- Nothing. I just feel sorry for those locked up.

If I was a minister today,
I'd give them all an amnesty!

Say Orestes, let's look
inside the place? - Eh.

Up there is the accommodation?
- Of course, the bathroom and everything.

# How beautiful to bathe... #

# ..with Nannina! #

Hey Orestes, I don't like this
music. - I was joking. Nannina!

What's up?
- Give me your hand.

Nannina, I think that we
will do this.

Think carefully.
- No, I don't want to think carefully.

Nannina, what a good idea
to come up here.

I will be in the sun, I will be
in the light...

Nannina, I feel like a poet. Hey,
I've really worked up an appetite.

Nannina, we don't need to own a
restaurant to have a snack.

Exquisite. The best surprise of my
life. - It's from my sister.

A relative in the country sends
the supplies: eggs, chicken...

Already roasted?
- Like from a deli. The best.

Thanks, an egg
would do nicely.

And pure tobacco? - Rotisserie
tobacco. You know how the country is.

Nannina, I've rediscovered it all, eh?

Nannina, what's up? Today, every
so often, you become sad. - Nothing.

I'm only thinking that today there
are those who don't eat.

You are so sensitive...

Did you like the film ? - Mah,
these films are so full of misery...

No, beautiful, beautiful... - Did
you like it? - There were many things...

I didn't understand anything. - What
can I explain? - Good night. - Bye.

Good night, miss.
- Good night.

# How beautiful
to bathe with Nannina... #

What're you singing? - Oh, just singing.
- That's it for today?! - That's it.

Drink your camomile
and you'll sleep better.

85 and 700, a little less than usual.

Thank you. Tina was on the
checkout for 3 hours.

Check it. - No, I trust her.
- Check it, check it.

And checking!

It's correct?
- Eh? Yes, yes...

So, this restaurant?
- Are you already backing out? - No!

I knew it.
- No, not me. - Ah...

Then we don't have a deal.
- But what's it to do with me?

You've heard my proposal
and you have to go there.

Okay, if it'll make you happy,
I'll go.

But on one condition.

Accepted before you
say what it is.

I want to be your partner.

Partner with me?
- Yes.

You have my guarantee, right?
Put it in the deal.

I'll become a partner in proportion.
One-fifth okay with you?

(Tina ) Oreste, go to sleep,
hurry up!

But the license has to be in your name,
if no-one...

Ah, yes? Okay, if you prefer,
if it's better for you...

And then there's the work... you
won't do just one-fifth... 50-50, eh?

Okay, as you wish, 50-50.

50-50... Even the lease
will be in your name, okay?

As you wish.
- Thank you.


You get out immediately, okay?
You're fired, slut...

Yes, fired by you
and rehired by me...

As a wife!

Yes, I'm marrying her!

And you will respect her, get it?

Nannina, Nannina, where are you?

Nannina! And so the
engagement is made.

But we have only spoken of
a partnership.

Nannina, I want to make
ours a perfect union.

It's not right to mix
sentiment with business.

I am who I am, all or nothing.

Orestes, the night brings wisdom,
you sleep on it. Reflect.

Addressing Orestes, call me "tu".

I'll try to get used to it. It's late,
I have to go. - Nannina!

Nannina, remember, huh?
All or nothing.

Okay, good night.

# When it is evening... #

Michele, if you behave yourself,
you can eat tripe here every day.

Two, four, six...
- Nannina! - Oh!

You've escaped?
- No... The amnesty arrived.

And now there's this as well. Did
you have no shame while I was inside?

What have I done? - I was at your
home. - So? - You're marrying an old man.

Mario, you believe this?
You think that I... ?

I was alone and
I had to survive somehow...

And you found a protector.
- Mario, I did it for both of us.

I thought you'd be inside for some
time. - And now I'm out!

Mario, I swear, I have done nothing
wrong. You are my man.

You must decide: do you want all
this or me, understand?

I'm going.

And listen to me. If you don't follow
me, you won't see me again!


- What is it? - I'm coming with you.

And all this? You don't want
the restaurant?

You told me to choose!
- And you'd give it all up?

You don't know what a lot
of work this place would be!

Oh, what do you want?

Nannina, my beauty!

Gracco, what are you doing here?
Isn't it Sunday today?

Doesn't it make you happy that even
on a Sunday I'd turn out to help a friend?

What are you doing? - I'm preparing
a small breakfast.

A small...
breaking four eggs?

Aren't there two of us?

Two? - Am I wrong in the head
or something, eh! Me and you!

Who else, otherwise?

But how did you know I was coming?
Today is Sunday.

You told me you were coming?
- I only decided just now.

What's "just now"? Last evening!
Don't you remember?

Last night you told me: ''Tomorrow
is Sunday, I'll come over and finish the curtains''.


Very well... I'll finish breakfast
and you can continue the interrogation!

In short, do you want them
or not?

What's this not wanting them?
I want them, yes.

Ugh! What a palaver. Here's the bread.

Nannina, how could I have told you
yesterday evening I was coming over today?

And I not remember it?
- Eh... - I just felt like it.

Me, yes
- What are you saying, Nannina?

No, Nannina, what are you saying?
What are you saying?

Eat! - Eat, yes.
Watch me loose my appetite.

What's that? - Nothing,
the gardener from the monastery.

Indeed, I better go and have
a word with him.

Who's that? - The upholsterer,
a friend of the owner.

And he's eating my eggs? - Ssh!
You are my contraband, eh!

Yes, but all that will be over tonight,
I'm going to win. - Of course.

It's the third bout. - Yes.
- Come. - Yes. - I'll give you the ring!

- Bye. Not here, there.

And look after your strength.
- Yes.

I still say I didn't tell you.

Steady on!

Hands off. Eat!

And up, and away! Steady on,
let me! Ugh!

And no, eh! You don't have
to make these little jokes!

Bon appetit! - Who is it?
- Orestes. Did you tell him?

Me, tell him?!
- Oh my God! - Nannina, but...

Am I interrupting? - How are you?
- It's too many? - But you're joking!?

State inauguration of the
restaurant, eh?

He asked for two eggs. You want
the same? They're cold, I'll do some more, okay?

I missed my breakfast to discover
this surprise!

What surprise?
- What surprise... ?

The curtains, no? - See how good
they look. - You having a party today?

Not at all? I'm done here.
I'll change and be ready.

Nice pattern, eh? All by hand.

When you're coming to the restaurant,
kindly let me know.

Oh, what's this? I came here to
work! I'm a friend!

It seems that bringing the curtains...

- I'm ready, here I am.

When you've finished the curtains,
shut the door firmly. - Yes.

- Bye, Nannina. Bye, Orestes.

I did not tell her, Orestes
she knew... she was waiting for me...

She loves me.

Oh, she loves me.

# Let's go inside,
Nannina, Nannina... #

I didn't tell her last night.

She must have known,
all the same, I'm the source.

Eh, Orestes...
It's fate, what can you do?

What is fate?
- What is fate?

I was thinking of the fate of the
poor who can't afford to shave in the morning.

Their barbering must wait til evening.
Feel, try it, feel.

Mm... nice...
- Good? Eh?

Like sealskin, no? - You have to
go out? - Yes, a client, a visit.

You have to work even on Sunday...
- Understand? Even on Sunday.

I work, you work...
You work? What are you doing?

Painting. - Painting?
What? - The child's cabinet.

Because it's a saving.
- Yes, bravo, a saving.

Saving, dear.
Anything for this family!

Can I help you?
- Eh? A barley water. - 80.

Luigi, take over the checkout.
- Okay. - Orestes knows.

I'm going. Today is Sunday.
- Have fun, eh?

It's a pain, the party for my aunt.
What a lovely girl. What's your name?

Miria. - What a beautiful girl. - Miria,
such a pretty name! - The First Communion.

First Communion you say?
Where are you going? - I've things to do.

Sir, a coffee?
- A cognac.

Three beers and a grenadine.
- Okay.

No, you have to explain that
intuition this morning.

Only love could make it happen.
You want me.

Okay, we'll talk tomorrow.
Now I have an urgent appointment.

Your appointment is with with me.
And it's an appointment with destiny.

You're kidding. But is this the
place to talk of such things?


Do me a favour, give me a lift
but don't start on any more of these speeches.

- Luigi, mind the shop,
I have to go. - Okay.

Mr Gracco, you're dreaming.
- Ah, I'm dreaming?

So you know what I say to you,
Nannina ? I'm taking over. - What?

Taking over the restaurant.
Which is also a good deal.

It is, yes. - I'll turn it into a hotel.
- Poor Orestes, your old friend.

Some English gentlemen are behind
it, we'll tell him.

Please stop now,
this is the place.

Don't leave me this way. Where're
you going? - It's Orestes who's backing me.

Ah, it's Orestes? - Mm-mm.
- Nannina, why don't you tell him?

Me? - Yes. Tell him.
You tell him I'm taking over.

Nannina, taking over.
Taking over, Nannina.

I'll think about it.
- You tell him...

Oh, what?!
- Only me, Nannina.

- Nannina, I'm ashamed of what
I've done. - What have you done?

I followed you here.
Jealously is a serious affliction.

I saw you leave with Gracco
and all reason deserted me.

I was worried and asked him for
a lift. - Why did you lie?

Let's go out so I can explain.
- Among sports, I like boxing.

I felt bad that as a girl
I like these shows.

Let's go.
- No, what's wrong? You like it.

And there's my cousin. - What?
- Yes, we grew up together.

Come on! What's his name?
- Mario. - Come on, Mario !

It's his girlfriend...
- Ah, yes? Where? - There she is.


But you are more beautiful.

Attention, we have come to the
main bout of the evening.

In this corner, at the maximum
permissible weight, Alex Dubeau...

Fighting against Mario Rossi.

Now gather up all your strength,
or you won't see a penny.

He's going to win.
We'll cheer him on.

Cheer him, Nannina.


Come on, Mario, for all of us!

Knows his stuff...
a complete athlete, I like him.

Come on, Italy!

You've broken him, now k*ll him!

Come on! Come on!

French, and he's b*ating you!

''Break'' !

Throw a right, ''dead man'' !


He's finished, come on.

Courage, Nannina.
He's doing well, your cousin's winning

You are a good man, Orestes.
Sometimes I think I belong with you.

But what are you saying, Nannina?
Why are you calling me "voi"? Aren't we engaged?

Yes, yes, sure. Eh!

Go strong! Go strong!

Hey, Nannina ! Don't worry, the
Frenchman can't last much longer.


Miss, miss.
But are you ignoring me? - No.

I'm sorry too, I've brought
him six pounds of oranges.

But who's he?

He's the greengrocer.
- Sit. - Sit.

Go back to your place where
your not bothering anyone - I'm going, okay?

Oh, they're all experts here!

Come on! Wake up!
Show him what a man you are!

Mario, you're going to win!

One, two, three...
- Oh no! Oh no... - Four...

Oh no, oh no... - Five...
- Oh no... - Six... - Oh no...

Seven... - Oh no... - Eight...
- Oh no... - Nine, ten! ''Out''!

Courage, Nannina, he was the best.

Ah, ''experts'', you lost!

He's finished with boxing.
- Poor man, he has my sympathy.

We'll take him on as a waiter, eh?
- Just a moment.

Take another look at her!

Mario, you had to win tonight.
- I had it won and you called out to me.

To take courage.
- And make me lose. - Mario!

Leave me alone,
can't you see I'm jinxed?

I'm a relative. - (Mario) No, I
was winning, but someone had a bright idea.

(Mario) He'd never have beaten me.
- Mario, I can't stay here.

I'll see you in an hour at the
restaurant. - Eh! - Mario.

Yes, now I should go to collect
my consolation prize. Get out.

Beautiful satisfaction, after what
I've done for you. - What have you done?

After how much you've disgraced me.
And you ask me that?

Do you think I don't know who that
old man with you is?

(Mario) What made you bring him
here? When do you expect to marry?

Mario, I didn't bring him,
I came back to you.

Nannina, I can't give you a
restaurant, best you forget me.

Goodbye, Nannina!

You don't believe that...
- Leave it, Nannina.

I'm not angry, it's my fault.

Between you and him
are not my years.

It doesn't matter... our partnership
is dissolved and we'll be friends as before.

But you are wrong.
- I am wrong, yes.

I was jealous of an upholsterer,
but... better it's someone young like you.

So all our partnership...
is dissolved?

I told you before, with hand on
heart, remember?

All or nothing.
Well, what will be will be.

Don't talk about it anymore.
- And you'll ask for your money?

Well, Nannina...

Listen, I have to tell you...
- Ah, you're still here!

Yes, I'm here. Tonight I have lost
everything, even the restaurant.

Good, I thought I was the only
loser tonight.

And if everything goes wrong, it's your
fault. - I like that!

Go back to prison,
it's the only place for you.

Michele, you know you won't
be eating tripe here any longer.

And the cashier?
- Eh...

What'd you like?
- The usual, right?

Oh, Orestes. - Eh.
- But you have lipstick? - No...

Let me see. - No, not...
- Let me see! - It's okay, Gracco.

But you have lipstick?
Why you...

Miss Tina, you wear lipstick?
- It's a fond memory. - Yes?

Mind your own business!

What's all this?



Another cuckold. - Please don't make
insinuations! - What happened?

I've broken. - Broken?
- You've broken? With Nannina ?

Yes, her, with Nannina.
- How "broken", that's strange?

Ah, I'm sorry to hear it, you were
so good together. How did it happen?


Gracco, you want to know the truth?

I realised I was too old,...
- And her? - ..I didn't want to sacrifice her.

How did she take it?
- Eh! Desperate, but she'll accept it.

He'll accept it too.
Here, Oreste? Take it.

Drink your camomile and go to sleep
and let Tina take care of everything.

No! I'm not drinking any camomile!

Tomorrow I'll find a cashier like
I want! - Like I want!

Hello? - We'll see! - Gracco?

It's Nannina,
but don't give away that it's me.

It's Orestes'? - Yes, but it's
Gracco. - Yes sir, I'll choose!

Respectable and 40! - Right, no I
understand. - 20, 40, 18, as I like.

What are you saying? - I'm saying
I hear the voice of Orestes.

Why is he shouting? - You need to ask
me? Arguing with Tina, okay?

Think of your health, you have uric
acid! - I'll do as I like.

Gracco, something very shameful
happened, will you help me out?

Is Orestes very angry? Ah...

He told you what happened?
- He told me everything.

Well, no matter...
I wanted to explain.

I wanted to speak to him but it
won't help - Wait, wait, where are you going?

If you go, what are you going to do?

Of course...
what am I going to do?

But what did he tell you exactly?

That he left you because of the age
difference, but I could tell that wasn't true.

Poor Orestes,
he can't even lie well.

No, he lied well,
it's just he can't fool me.

And so, we are in agreement, no?
- Yes, we're agreed.

Men soon break their promises.
- I'm breaking nothing.

I said I'm taking over
and I'm taking over.

Where are you?
- At the restaurant.

I have to see you, right away.
I'll sort everything out.

A China Martini. - I'll.. I'll sort
out the sofas and armchairs myself.

Do you understand, Na... Narciso?
What will I get in return, Gracco wants to know.

You're paying for that!

It fell, I didn't do it on purpose.
- Hello? Don't you answer?

I'm sighing... Sighing like this.

Gracco, Gracco, I need just a
little affection.

See you then. Bye, bye.

Nocturnal business, eh?

Michele, thank heavens
men are so stupid,...

..otherwise how would a poor girl
like me make a living?

Hello, Ines? Hi.

What were you doing, sleeping?

Listen, something's come up.
I'm at Orestes'.

I called my brother in
Viterbo, about that business...

What business? That business.

Ah, I didn't tell you? Yes.

It's just that there's
some trouble.

No, it's his wife, she's unwell.
Quite badly, it's serious.

I must go over there.
Well, good, you understand.

Listen, I may stay there the night.
Yes. I hope so...

Bye... Who?
Gigetto? Okay?

I sent him to his aunt, he's sleeping
there, tomorrow is Gaston's party,...

..and the uncle is taking him to
Lake Nemi, but Rosa hasn't called me yet.

I'm worried because I don't
know if he arrived.

But you know we don't have a phone!

But it's stupid, use the neighbouring
flat's phone and find out.

You'd get lost in a glass of water?
Yes, bye. Okay, I hope so... Bye.

Luigi. - Yes. - A bottle of
cognac. - Which? - The flat one.

Give me that.

It's for the ailing?
- Yes, it's for the ailing.

A good distraction.
- Take care, eh?

Good night, boss.
- Goodbye, pal.

Gracco! Gracco! - What is it?
- Gigetto is not at his aunt's.

He's not there? - No, he's not there.
- How do you know? - I telephoned.

I'm coming down,
we must look for him.


What's happened Mr Gracco?
- I don't know. Can I never have some peace?

My son is lost, my sister-in-law
is sick. All at the same time!

Come on, get in. Hurry, let's go.
- Where are we going? - I don't know, we must try!

You're so irresponsible. Your son
should be at home! - Ah, yes?

Who sent him out to play football?
Is it me who wants him to be a footballer?

Good grief, shut up!
It all has to happen to me tonight.

Instead of arguing, we should be looking.
- Where? You tell me, where?

But Gigetto went with my Marco,
they went to play at Pigneto.

But Marco is back?
- He came back a while ago.

Don't cry, we'll go to Pigneto.
- Lady, don't cry. - Crying, her.

To Pigneto.

You'll see, I'll find him. - If you
don't collect them, boys always end up like this.

Have you found him, boss?
- No. - How come?



Gigetto! - There's someone on the
telephone. - Gigetto... Where was I going?

The telephone.

What's the number.
- What's up? - 856593. Thank you.

Who was it, Orestes? - She said to
call the morgue. - The morgue, no.

It's a good idea, so you know
nothing bad's happened and calm down.

If anything's happened to my son,
I'll give you horns. - Be quiet.

I'll speak, and you mark my words.
- Show me some respect...

Shut up!

Yes, it's a chil...
Yes, the father's here.

Who is it, Orestes? Who?

Yes, I'm the father.
Yes, Gigetto's his name.

Yes... 8 years old.

No... No, he's never gone bathing
in the Tiber. No, he'd never do that.


Blue? Yes, his eyes...
Oh no... oh no! - Courage.

I'll go with you, Gracco. - Take my
wife home and don't tell her anything.

See that it is not him.

It won't start. - Take the bike, it's
quicker. Bruno, give the boss your bike.

The bike?
- Eh!

Virgin Mary...

(Yes, I know, I'm just a
sinner, but save Gigetto.)

(I love my son.
You can do it, my little Mary.)

(If you give me back Gigetto
I make this vow.)

(I will not go to Nannina,
I will not betray my wife.)

Never again!

Say, you, where you going?
- To the morgue. - What's the name?

Marcelli Gracco. - Wait a
moment. - Look, I have a child...

A lady has telephoned and
said the child is at home.

You can relax.

My wife has telephoned? - Yes.
- He's at home? - Yes. - Thank you!

Thank you!
- You're welcome. - My boy!

Where is my boy? - Here.
- Where was he? - They found him.

My boy. - At the fair of
San Giovanni. Two policemen.

They found him sleeping under the
swings. - Ah, my boy...

Thank you so much. - It was on the,
merry-go-round, he thought you'd given it to him.

Now let him sleep. - All the best.
- All the best. - Thanks so much.

Courage. - Be patient. What are you
going to do? See your partner?

I was on the carousel horse,
it was the 1100 we were winning...

Winning? - I was spinning so much...
- All Rome has been spinning.

Then I fell asleep. - Yes?
- Papa, the 1100 is right. - Yes?

You stinker...
Are you tired? Lie down. Sleep.

Sleep. He's already away, see?
Already asleep.

It's beautiful having kids, eh?
But it kills you...


- Tell me.

Tell you what? What's happened,
what have you done? What are you trying to say?

I've made a vow.
- Like I said... but...

You too? - Why too?
- Like I made a vow?

Like I did, me? No, why?
You made a vow? - Yes.

For Gigetto? - Yes.
- And you've split the beds? - Yes.

For the Madonna to save
him, we have to make a sacrifice.

For a long time?
- For six months. You upset?

It's a sacrifice for you men,
I know. - But no, it's not what...

It's that... eh...

Tell me, this vow that you've made,
do you have the strength to respect it?

Eh, it would be a sacrilege.
- A sacrilege...

And you couldn't change it?

You're a beast, you! But I'm glad
I married you.

For goodness sake. - But you have to
understand the vow can't be changed. Oh, no.

Once you say to the Madonna...

''Madonna, if you return Gigetto
I will observe this vow.''

That was what I said. She has returned
the boy and you cannot break your word.

You have to pay.
- Okay, pay, pay.

Pay, I'll pay.

And if I don't pay?

I thank you that after so many years
you still love me.

But, Gracco, think of Gigetto.

If we took back our word,
the Madonna could take back him.

And if Gigetto tomorrow...
I don't know... fell under a truck...

Stop it! Why should he go under a
truck? He's not going under any truck.

You'll keep him at home, there'll
be no going out and he won't go under any truck.

And if it happened? We wouldn't be
able to live with the remorse.

All this because you made a vow!
What's done is done. It won't be long.

Gracco? Gracco.

I'm sorry too, you know?

But you'll understand it,
when someone is in danger...

When someone is ill...

- Mm? - And Viterbo? - What?

Viterbo, no? - What is Viterbo?
- Why are you sleeping? Answer me.

I have to answer? Frascati,
Rieti, Ancona? What do you want?

But, your sister-in-law is ill
and you're not going?

She's sick?
- Eh!

I don't know...

I'm not going out again. - But
they're waiting, Gracco, I'm telling you!

I don't like the bad impression
it would give your brother if you break your promise.

But I can't go!
I can't go there! - Why?

Because you know nothing. Go to
sleep, it's late. - Look at this

Get up at once and go there!
Then they won't think I made you go.

Come on, move, darling.

Where will I sleep? - You'll sleep
there, no? - But how will I go? - Eh!

Don't you see it's raining? Raining,
how can I go? - But you won't be walking.

Look, I'm on my way.
- Of course you are, you must go.

Ines, it is you who is sending me.
- Yes, I send you, I send you.

Look I'm going, and never ask
why I went - Okay, no go!

Take the raincoat.
- (Gracco) I don't want to go!

Agostino! Open!



Are you deaf?
- Eh, I was sleeping.

Have you had a fight with your wife,
eh? - Yes. Laugh! Laugh! - Who's laughing?

It wasn't even your fault
about Gigetto.

Shut up about Gigetto, it's something
else. - I understand, poor thing...

Poor thing! You too?
Poor thing, what have I done? - Everything.

Get yourself to bed. - I'll sleep
in your bed. - Tomorrow we'll talk.

Talk about what? He talks, talks.
- An examination of conscience.

Shut up, Agostino, you're getting
on my nerves. - It's not nerves, boss.

No? And what is it? - It's remorse.
- Go to sleep so I can sleep too.

Put all these damasks over you.
- They're fake. - Fake for me

Turn off the light.

But what have I done, what have I
done to deserve this punishment?

Agostino. - Eh.
- You are a religious man. - Eh...

You follow the saints, religion,
these things?

I try to be a good Christian.
- Well, good. Then you can help.

Agostino... you've loved?
- Eh?!

You've loved? Once upon a time,
in your youth. You've known love?

Well... I've known temptation.

But I struggled, resisted and won.
- Always? - Always!

Although I struggle, resist...
- But don't win.

Can I help it if I'm attractive
to women? I...

Oh! - Eh?
- I'm talking to you. - I get you.

Understand? Like me.
Come here, Agostino.

Come here,
sit down. Sit down.

Agostino, you should know that I
with Nannina... Yes, the cashier at the bar.

Her too?
- Yes, her too. - You and Nannina?

Yes, me and Nannina...
- Well, then. - Okay, well...

Poor us... - So, I...
- But Nannina is a tempting devil.

Okay, this devil Nannina...
- So? - So, with this...

What have you done?
- Nothing! I haven't done anything.

Listen, I'll explain it all.

Nice vow. - Beautiful.
- Truly beautiful. - Beautiful.

Your wife can walk in front with her
head high, you have returned to the path of righteousness,...

..and Gigetto, thank heaven
he is safe.

Agostino, I need you to talk to me
as a brother, not like a priest.

But now between you there is a
barrier of sin. - You're giving me this?

Yes, because at this time I am
like your father,...

..and you are the wretched

Oh, I'll have you!

You are my worker and I pay you to
respect me, not to insult me.

Where are you going?
- To sleep!

I promise you that I will change.
- Do what you like!

Boss, boys today face a thousand
dangers, crossing the road...

..going to swim in the Tiber,
playing about with g*n...

These days for a child's salvation
they need an exemplary father!

Ah, enough, enough!
I promised to change, okay?

If she comes looking for me tomorrow,
what should I say? - Have faith.

Between you and her now is the Great
Wall of China. - What do you mean, "Wall"?

There is! After all, Nannina
is a good Christian.

To be good is good...
- So now go and tell her.

Go? - She will see you
like a sacred object.

It will help her sin no more.
- Go! Thank you. - Not now, it's night.

What? She's waiting, suffering.
I must go. - To say what?

Nannina, open! Nannina!



Nannina, it's only Gracco!

Nannina! Only Gracco...


Ah! Oh, God, what is it?!

- Nannina... - Gracco!
I thought you weren't coming any more.

Why are you all wet?
- It's raining. - But the roof is fixed.

No, it was the hat. - The hat?
Oh, what a fright it gave me.

I've gone to bed
because it's late.

I'll prepare a little something
if you haven't eaten.

Go downstairs, I'll get dressed.
- No, no, stay there. - What?

I'm starting to get an appetite
because I missed dinner. - Maybe after.

After... ?
Gracco, what do you take me for?

Like... the one I take you for.

Go down, be good.
Go down, down. Down. - Going down.

Nannina, don't dress. It doesn't matter,
not necessary. - Why? - Why yes.

Why "why yes"? - Let's be
clear. I'm a scoundrel...

It's not...
- It is, I'm a scoundrel.

I'm realising that you're
an honest girl.

You're not an honest girl?
- Yes, yes... I think.

Therefore, Nannina, you should
make peace with Orestes. - But, Gracco...

Make peace with Orestes, he's a
widower, you can marry... I'm a scoundrel.

When a scoundrel fixes his eyes on
on a girl like you...

But, Gracco... - Nannina, make peace
with Orestes, I'll put in a good word.

I don't understand
anything any more.

Why am I here tonight?
Why do you think I came here?

- Well?

Well, to talk about the restaurant.
- To talk...

A man like me is here at
2am to talk?

It's about the business.
- What buisiness? The business...


I have much sympathy for you.

You have sympathy for me?


I'm down on my luck, Gracco, and if
a man lends a hand... - What are you doing?

Nannina, when a man lends you a
hand, what then?

What then, Nannina? What then?
- In short, what do you want from me?

Why are you asking all these questions?
- What? What do you want?

So a girl cannot have...
affection for a man like you?

Can't have... affection?

Yes, you can.
- So? - So what?

Then why do we talk so much?
- What do I know, me?

You're soaked! Take your clothes
off or you'll catch a chill.

No, let me leave. No, Nannina.

I thought you weren't coming any more.
- Indeed! - How indeed? You're here.

Okay, I'm here. Nannina... - Well?
- Nannina, I have to talk, sit there.

What must you say?
- Sit there.

Say what you must say.

Nannina, may I sit?

Nannina, I have to talk to you.

I came here to talk to you.

I'm here.

I must talk to you.

Nannina, do you believe in vows?
- Of course.

But if a vow is made,
it must be respected? - Of course.

But who made this vow?

My wife. - What has your wife
vowed? - She's split the beds.

Six months.

Why are you laughing?
- Eh, my poor Gracco.

It's not funny. - But you, you're
the sort who'll find consolation.

Find consolation, Nannina?
- Eh? - I must talk to you.

So talk. - I must talk to you,
Nannina. - Talk, talk.

I came here with the purpose of talking.
- I'm listening. - It was my purpose.

Talk. - Talking?
- Talk. - Nannina, talking? - Yes.

But you are a sacred object.
There's a Great Wall of China between us!


Go away, Nannina, get away!
- But that sounded very nearby.

It was very close,
but it wasn't a natural thing.

Don't you see, it's back?
- It always returns. - No, not always.

Nannina, make peace with Orestes.
He's suffering, Orestes.

Oh, you will console him thinking
of the 250,000 lire of savings, no ?

What 250,000 lire?
- Eh... that which you'll be paid.

Nannina, let me see the accounts of
the restaurant. - It's not the time.

- No, no, let me see them.
- Right now? - Let me see, Nannina.

Here, look.

That's 250,000 lire for the
convent and 730 owed to Orestes.

But I still have to raise
90,000 lire, for the security.

Then there are the supplies, ham,
cheese... - Sausages, tins...

Okay, tinned goods will suit the
restaurant. - Yes. - Another 200,000 lire.

200... 7... 9... Almost a million.

Nannina, I don't have a million.
- Okay, slow down. We'll manage.

I don't need time,
I'll never have that much.

you haven't come here from the notary.

- We need money, but we're fond
of each other - Don't, can't you see how I am?

What's wrong, are you sick?
- Eh, very bad, very badly.

- Where? Here, I have a cramp.

Wait, I'll prepare something hot.
- No, no, I should go home.

Are you crazy? With this rain?
- I want to go to my house.

No, you'll end up with pneumonia,
my boy. - I'm going home, Nannina.

Going home, I want to go home.
- Calm. - I want to go home.

Stay calm. - I want to go home,
I want to go home.

If you get agitated, you'll make it.
worse. - I want...

Things worse, oh? - The cramp, no?
- Nannina, have you understood?

No, I've understood nothing.
- No, have you understood, Nannina?

Understood what? - Eh, you said
about the cramp! - You don't have cramp?

Nannina, you've understood very well,
but you're wrong. - No, no.

I'm a man! - Very good.
- I'm a man! A man I am!

Ask what I am! - Don't get angry
that I don't understand anything.

No, you don't understand! - No, I
swear... - Nannina, you must forget me!

You must forget Gracco, Nannina!
- No... - I can come no longer!

I cannot tell you why but I cannot
come any longer! No more, Nannina!

Oh, but who asked you?

Yes, I know,
I'm a scoundrel, a worm.

In fact there is nothing more to
to be said. Sorry I came back.

To keep it, I'll keep away.
The vow will be kept.

But what is it?

Yes, say, what is it?

It was a good deed, something
useful, much needed these days.

I could give a sum...

Even a handsome sum.

Would this change things? But how
would I know if you agree?

You can do anything.

Therefore, I'll put my hat on my
head and count to five,...

..if it flies away,
that means you agree.

All right with you?

One, two, three, four,...

..four and a half...

Four and three-quarters...

There's still time.


A coffee, Ms. Tina.
- Good morning. It's a little cold.

How are you?
- Bad... What a night that was.

Your teeth again?
- Worse... the thoughts.

I had a bad night,
I was praying for a great sinner.

That boss of yours? - Eh! - The one
who sets a bad example for Orestes.

And were you praying about something
special? - Very special. - What?

The cashier?

- No! - Yes! - No! - Good morning.

Good morning, you're late. - Eh,
get moving... - Moving, yes.

Good morning. - Good morning.
- (Tina) You slept well?

Yes, why? - When a great weight
is lifted, we sleep better.

A good thing you've already done
- Okay, enough. - Good morning.

Pardon me, but that money you put
into the restaurant, when will you get it back?

Get it back, get it back...
- When it opens? - It's not opening.

And the opening?
- It's not opening, the money ran out.

And if she finds another with the
money? - There's only one fool like me.

No, two!

What are you saying?
Come on, tell me.

It's papa. - You're here.
- Prepare me a hot bath, Ines.

My God, what happened? Come have
some coffee, it's freshly made.

Something bad's happened?

Say... is she dead?

- Your sister-in-law!

How do I know?
- You didn't go to Viterbo?

- How come? And where have you been?

Gracco! What have you done? - Nothing!
- So? - He's annoying me.

Every time he takes off give him
a slap... - But is that the right way?

Because of what he's done. - Look at
this - It's your boy's report card.

You've seen the report card?
Look here, look.

Religion: six. - Eh, six.
- Okay, six... well, that's religion.

Moral Education, civil and fiscal:
two. Work: none. And when is work?

Italian: two. Science and
hygiene: three. Doesn't even wash!

This is your son, understand? Talk
to your son. Tell him not to move.

It really annoys me when he fidgets.
Don't fidget, stand still!

If he doesn't, I'll knock his block
off! - You didn't go to Viterbo.

Here, this shirt needs washing.
- Traitor!

Have you been with a woman?
- What? Me?!

- Stop it, I know! - "I know",
what do you know? - I know, I know!

Know what? I swear there is nothing
to know! - No swearing, liar!

Take a good look. - Look at what?
There's nothing here, look at what?

Ines, this is a coloured pencil
mark. Ines, open up!

(Ines) Go back to your whores!
- No whores. Whores, Ines...

You say this to me today?
- (Ines) Yes, right now.

If you knew how unfair you're being!
Open! - (Ines) It's that bimbo!

What do you mean, bimbo?

Go wash, you're making me sick!
- Sick...

Ah, I make you sick?
You're sick. Sick...

Is it right when she dirtied me?

Why are you laughing at me?
What's so funny, moron? Moron.

Ah, I make you sick, eh?
Very well...

Then it's much better if...


Excuse us, madame, our rooster
escaped the coop. - Sorry for intruding.

Why, it's all yours.
- Eh, no... - Careful.

Do you know that the restaurant
is no longer opening, sister? - Why?

The installment expired yesterday.
- Oh, there's no rush, your fiancee...

We're not engaged... - My
apologies. - Maybe Provvidence...

Here, beautiful, here...

Who's that?
- I don't know, sister. Here, beautiful.

(Nannina) Yes, hello. - He's out
on the road. - With all those cars...

Have you seen a white chicken?
He was here just now.

Yes, he was on the way to Rome.
- Then he's lost.

We'll have to raise the fence if
they aren't all going to escape. - Thank you, miss.

And you, sister. - Good luck with
the restaurant. - (Nannina) Thanks.

You'll see, it'll turn out for the
best. - (Nannina) I don't think...

- What is it?

Here, you want it?

You want to roast this, some saint
sent it my way, if not today...

He's heading to Rome, eh? Poor
thing. - Not as poor as me...

At Janiculum the boys have become
too high-brow, they no longer want balloons.

Please explain how you... - I've
always been a bit of a bullshitter.

That's true. - I'm completely broke,
this job suits me.

Am I butting in? Can I stay here?
- As long as you like.

I have no protector any more.
- Haven't you made up with the old guy?

No, I'm on the canvas. You see?
- What? - The restaurant.

Goodbye, it's gone.
- I'm sorry.

It must have been destiny,
I did everything...

Well, almost everything... I couldn't
go through with it, and have ended up with nothing.

We have this chicken. - Okay, there's
that. - It's not enough, Nannina?

A chicken, Nannina... and me too.

To get married
it requires a restaurant?

Nannina, come away with me.
- Where? - I don't know.

Well, good, don't tell me,
it would ruin the surprise.

Before night, I'll find someone
better to sell these balloons.

I'll be back and will take you
away, eh?

Gracco. Gracco!

My treasure?



What is it?

What's up?

Can't you see? Look.
- What am I looking at? - The bed.

Ah, the bed! You've...
Yes, but what about the vow?

You are not a man one can restrain
with a vow. You are a force of nature!

Yes, but the vow? - I went
to the priest and he has freed us.

He's freed us? Great!

So I was right, there are some vows
that aren't binding. - On this, yes.

I couldn't do it if I didn't agree
with you. - You agree?

Oh, yes. - Eh, yes, but at that
moment you were serious?

Well, as you said before, we've
already paid for this vow.

A vow made at a moment of
distress is not valid, he said.

He said that? - Yes! Aren't you
happy? - Am I happy?

He said that? - Eh, yes!
- And you ask if I'm happy?

I knew that it was upseting you.
What do you think? - About the vow?

In a moment of distress, one is
anguished and...

One can only make them when one is
cold-blooded. - Oh, yes - Yes. - A madman.

But, how can one be in a moment of
of anguish and keep cold-blooded?

Where's my jacket.
- You're going? Where are you going?

- Eh ? - Eh... - What do you want?

Oh, Agostino, what you doing, sleeping?
- No, I... - Agostino, you're the limit.

Why? - Because in religion,
you understand nothing. - Me?

What are you looking at?
What is it? Work, okay?

- Mr Gracco Marcelli?

Yes, it's him.

I need some advice.
- From me? Ask. Ask me, father.

Tomorrow is the feast of the patron.
saint. - Ah, yes? - The bishop will be present.

Ah, good! - Unfortunately we do
not have a chair worthy of His Excellency.

There's this, here. - Truly I had
seen this and I thought...

No, we only sell them in pairs,
reverend. - Pity, it is ideal...

Not possible to negotiate. - Couldn't
we be a little''elastic''?

What, elastic? - Yes, make a
sacrifice for the parish.

A sacrifice for the parish...
You know how to be ''elastic''?

If elasticity did not
include us priests...

Get an invoice for the chair.
- Elastic also on the price.

Say no more, father, we'll supply
one and at cost price, okay?

Thank you, you are a good person.
- Well, if we don't help each other...

Indeed, on that matter, father,
I wanted to ask you something.

Ask me.

What is it? Don't you see I'm talking
with the father? Who taught you?

Go get the bill.

He well knows that we're talking
about him. - Him?

Yes, he's an old worker I was fond
of as a child.

Now he has got into trouble.
Because he has a vice, a bad vice.

- Married? - Yes...

His wife is a holy woman,
and there's a child, a love.

He married late, though, eh?
- Yes, late.

You know, he is doing very well
courting a girl. - Him? - Him.

A kind of girl... a cashier.
It's... he lost his son.

- No, lost in Rome.

In that moment of anguish and pain,
he made a vow to the Madonna.

He said: ''Madonna, I will be pure
and will never betray my wife''.

Never again... You follow, father?
- I follow, I follow.

He made the vow for nothing,
now what should he do?

he should be faithful to his wife.

Eh, well, it's obvious,
when one makes a vow...

Never mind, it's not the vow,
it's clear as water. - Water?

A vow to the Madonna
not to sin? Pretty strong...

It's like someone going to church,
and in exchange for a favour...

..promises not to rob
the poor box.

But what about this vow? - Well,
this vow... I had a suggestion.

I told him: ''Break your
word, you'll k*ll your son''.

Another nonsense.
- Yes...

God is merciful,
He is not a trader like you.

In any case, he must be faithful
to his wife for one simple reason.

He promised it in front of the altar
with the seal of the sacrament.

You think he knows that matrimony
is a sacrament or has he forgotten already?

Father, matrimony aside... - Here's
the bill. - Not needed any more, go, go.

Go, go. - Are you married? - I'm not.
- No? - Go ahead, good man.

It's a surprise to me, living in
immorality. - Are you married?

Yes. - Any children? - One. A boy.
- Bring the chair tomorrow.

Absolutely. You know what... ?
Make it a gift.

You'll bring it. - Personally.
- We can talk a little. - Yes.

And maybe make a confession.
- Yes. Me?! - Yes, you.

It's always good to confess,
and you may have a particular need.

Tell me then how much is the chair.
- You won't accept it as a gift? - No.

I swear that... - But who are you
trying to fool? You only fool yourself.

And your bad conscience.
- So, father... - Come, tomorrow.

Boss, you'll confess?
- Eh?! Yes, I'll confess.

It's always good to confess.
Agostino, the vow was not valid.

Boss, should we do the bishop's
chair with red ribbons?

Yes, do the red ribbons. Hurry
up before we close, I'm busy.

Gracco! - Who is it? - Excuse me
a moment... - No, I'm busy.

No, where are you going? - I can't.
- There are two sisters, you want to talk?

Two sisters? - Eh yes, they want
to speak to you about something

What's important?
- It's important, important.

Here is the tenant. - Good day.
- Good day. - Good day, mother.

But who is the tenant? - You!
Sit down. - But I'm busy.

And get comfy, comfy!
- Okay. - We'll talk better.

So, the reverend mothers have come
for the installment.

You are the partner of the restaurant.
- There are things you don't understand.

You, really you? - Why not? Today
me, tomorrow him... that's life.

Excuse me, Orestes.
- What do you want? - What's this to do with me?

Gracco, better you as you're a
friend. I don't mind, I know everything.

The whole thing? - All, all!
- But, Orestes, you don't...

It's delicate... But I believe that
in business you have to be pratical.

The receipt. - Here it is. - Here.
- Here. - Here, 250.000 lire to pay.

Me? - Yes.
- But, excuse me, Orestes... - What?

Are you saying that all your agreements
pass to me? - Yes, all, all.

Also becoming Nannina's partner in
the restaurant. - The restaurant?

But it's not pratical, I'm an
upholsterer. - You'll learn.

What does that matter? You don't
know about boxing either. - Boxing?

I said boxing if you didn't hear,
but if you take it very slowly, you'll understand.

- Boxing. Really?

This installment needs paying at once?
- Yes, if not the young lady will go.

Poor thing. - Poor thing.
- Poor thing. - Poor thing.

Sign, please. - But she's leaving?
God forbid... she's leaving?


250,000 lire.
- Sign.

This is the first installment...
- The first installment, yes.

250,000 lire.
- Two hundred...

No, and who paid?
- Your boyfriend. - Ah, yes? - Yes.

Here, your boyfriend bought out
that other one and paid immediately.

It can't be, sister? - Immediately!
Indeed, such a kind person...

Who, the upholsterer?
- Yes. - Yes, yes, yes...

You can stay and open. - Yes, yes,
but I don't want this money.

He truly has given it to us...
- Eh, yes, to the convent.

Yes, I understand, but I'm leaving
all the same. - Why?

Indeed, we know that you are a good
girl... - It's for that reason, mother.

You don't know the world if you
think he has given the money this way.

He said he is a partner. - Yes,
a partner! Mother, when a man pays...

I am sure that in a short while
he'll be here to collect. - What?

Sister... I understand

You mean you would have to...
- Very much so, the way things were going.

This world. - You said it:
this world. - Ah! - What?

I understand too. - Ssh!
- She's understood too, sister?

You see, it took me a lot longer
because I thought I was being clever.

Of course not! I want to try to
be a little happy.

He looked a little like...
- Yes, like himself.

A sinner.
- May the Lord enlighten him.

I would respond differently,...

..I'd remain and force him to act
like a decent person.

Believe me, it's not so easy.

We have a great
w*apon: prayer.

Did he say when he'd be here?
- (Nannina) I'm sure.

Well, now we should say the rosary,
us three together. - Mother!

You'll see,
prayer can move mountains.

(Gracco) # Let's go inside together,
Nannina, Nannina... #

Sir, here's the pressed jacket.
- (Gracco) Good, put it there.

Enough play, Gigetto,
go do your homework.

I'll do it later!
- No, do it now. Go!

Ines? - Yes? - Tonight I won't be
eating at home, I've things to do.

Listen, if you think work must come
before everything else, you're wrong, you know?


If the monsignor says: ''Tonight
come and take the measurements'', must you?

I'd tell him: ''I'll come tomorrow''.
- You can tell him. I'm going tonight.

Go tomorrow? When the feast's today?
- Okay, I guess so.

I've made that English
soup that you like.

To go to the monsignor you need
your best suit? - I must look good.

I'll eat the English soup tomorrow.

If you come back from the monsignor
dirty with red, it's over, you know? Forever.

Why would I be dirty with red?
Ah, perhaps the monsignor's robes...

Oh, but who puts these ideas she gets
into her head?

Look at this. Now I'll give you
what for, you know? - What's he done? Leave him!

He's got pen ink on my
white table linen!

But dad the tablecloth was already!
dirty. - Of course! We'll do the laundry tomorrow.

Nice reasoning!
I have to do the laundry...

More stains, fewer stains...
What does it matter, it all gets washed.

Dirty... Dirty, Gigetto,
tomorrow us men will do the laundry.

Nice reasoning! You're dirty,
like father so is the son.

Where do you get these ideas from?
- Nowhere, I just see certain things.

What do you see? For...
And it was just coloured pencil.

Ines, you don't know me yet.
You don't know what a devoted husband I am.


What is it?

Good day.
- Ehi!

Ehi... come in.
- No, thank you.

You, come in!

But what's happening?
- The rosary.

The rosa... rosary?

Don't move, eh?
- Not leaving until you come back.

Take it.

Lady, courage, let's go.

(Agostino) This time, he's
paying for everything.

So Tina, you'll find me another
job? - Don't worry.

The radio.

But what's going on?
- The rosary.

But what's going on?
- The rosary.

My wife.

Good friend you are! - You've done
well to pay the rent, it's a good deed.

She's a good girl.
- Good, isn't she?

I also spent a lot of money,
but it isn't important.

It means that the restaurant will
be our wedding gift.

You're getting married? - Yes.

Didn't you know? She's engaged.

To who?
- To a young man, a boxer.

A boxer?
- Boxer. - Boxer.


- Boxer.

(Mario) Nannina!

Get your suitcase, I've found a
room and maybe even a job.

Who are all these? - Leave it,
I'll explain later. - Has someone d*ed?

They're reciting the rosary,
I'll explain later. The restaurant is ours.

- Yes, yes. yes.

Mine and yours?
- Yes, ours, and we can get married.

Why are you crying?
- I'm so happy.

What did you have to do? - Nothing,
that's the beauty. This time, nothing.

Maybe that's why it's all
worked out so well.

For the time that you're here,
I'm going to sleep at the monastery.

Why the monastery?! - As we're
getting married, we'll do things correctly.

Nannina, I don't recognise
you any more.

You've changed into
someone else!

Of course, now I'm the mistress!

And you're the master too.
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