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Only Yesterday (1991)

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Here you go, ten days off.

All officially approved Taeko.

All that time off and your only going to the countryside?


Break up with your boyfriend or something?

I just love the countryside.

- Bye!
- See ya!

Let's go to your place!

No way!

Tell me why you jerk!


Come on.

Hi Aiko, heard you got a bad report.

Uh-huh, but I don't mind.

How come?

As soon as we get home, we're going to my grandma's in the countryside.

So it'll be ages before I get yelled at.

Your lucky!

Your going to the country side too?

Yup, Nagano. How about you Taeko?

I don't know.

Guess where I'm going.

My dad bought a summer house.

Wow! Amazing!

Taeko, such a bad grade in math again?

But science improved, did you notice?

Hey mom, where are we going this summer?


But I want you to take me somewhere.

I can take you to a movie.

The grateful crane is playing, isn't it?

No, that's not what I mean.

Take me to the country side.

The country side?

Yes, maybe grandma's village.

Grandma lives here with us.

Well then, what about grandpa's?

He d*ed remember?

We don't have any relatives in the country, please don't ask me for things you know we don't have.

Both my parents were born and razed in Tokyo.

Unlike my friends, we didn't have any home village we could easily visit out in the countryside.

And even if we did,..

Going away now would be imposable, everywhere would be all full up.

I wanna go!..

There is the "Onoya"?

We used to go there all the time.

I'm sure they'd find a room for us.

- Don't you think...
- Sounds great!

Lets go!

Yeah mom, that a great idea and Taeko's never been there.

Huh, that's right.

Hey, is it in the mountains... the sea?

- In Atami.
- What?


Its fab and you get to take the b*llet train.

That's right, you'll love the b*llet train.


It's a lots of fun.

There's all kinds of Hot Springs.

Oh, but you know, the biggest one is the Roman bath.

She's right, and there's a whole lot of little ones as well.

There's a mermaid bath and one called the swan.

Oh! That ones my favorite.

A mermaid?

Oh yeah. You might even see a real mermaid.

And you just love Hot Springs.

With mermaids.

Well, your father has to work so why don't the four of you go?


- Uh.
- Oh.

The four of us?

Oh great.








Your here every day Taeko, that's pretty impressive.

All my friends have gone to the country.

So ah, aren't you going anywhere?

Yup', Atami.

Atami? What are you going to do in Atami?

Take hot springs baths.


That's really good timing.

Me and my family go away next week and there won't be anyone here for a while.

Have a great time in Atami.


See you later then.

Okajima residence. Hello.

Hey Nanako, it's Taeko how are you.

I'm heading up to the farm today to see your husband's family.

Need me to bring anything?

Nothing in particular.

Oh wait, maybe you could buy some cookies for Naoko. and tell her there from Morockometo and me.

I'll pay you back.

No problem. Don't worry about it.

So, how's mom?

She's out today.

But she's mad at you.

You wouldn't even meet that guy.

It was a sure thing and all agreed.

She's said 27 and to old to be picky.

Oh, that's all mom ever thinks about.

True, but you could think about it a little bit more.

Your not so young anymore.

Oh, thanks a lot.

Tae, your not old. but whats wrong with settling down instead of doing all these wacky things.

Did you really take a vacation to work in the fields last year?

Yup', harvesting rice. This year, I'm picking safflowers.


Yes! Cause-a' you, I gots' me a fine farm family now.

And they've adopted me as one of there own.

Aw, give me a break.

Sho' nuff.

You don't get that much vacation.

Don't stay in that drafty old house. Why not treat yourself to a fancy hotel somewhere and relax, unwind you might even meet someone special up there.

You can forget about that. And I don't believe in mermaids anymore either.


Oh yeah, right the bath in Atami.

Are you still dwelling on that?

Taeko, you still hang on to things don't you.

My sisters, of didn't want to go anyplace like Atami.

So, of course they didn't.

Uh, grandma?..

Mm.. Mmm.

Come on.

Can we go to a bath now?

We just got back from one.

But that was only a little one.

I was board out of my mind.

- So, I tried them all.
- Wow.

The Grimm Brothers Bath.

The Mermaid, The Lemon.

The Purple Pansy Bath, and..

When I go to the Roman Bath my head was spinning.

It's huge!

It's amazing...

I staggered, I swooned, I almost drowned.

The overnight trip I begged for was over.

And awaiting me back home was a long boring summer vacation.

The other day, my sisters and I were reminiscing.

I found myself finally telling them about it.

We couldn't stop laughing as the memories came flooding back.

- Cool.
- Wow.

You ever tried one?

Only from a tin.

I'm the one who asked for it.

Yeah, we know.

Dad, where'd you buy it?

The Sembikiya in Ginza.

Must have cost the earth.

So, how do you eat it?

Slice it into rings.

Slice it how?


I don't know.

Did you ask at the store how we should serve it?


Let's save it and have it Sunday.

Huh? Why not now?!

I think we should wait until we know how to serve it.

I'll have a banana.

Banana anyone?

I want one.

They certainly do have some strange looking fruit in those hot countries.

I'm home!

I found out how to cut up the pineapple!


Watch your fingers Nanako.

Wouldn't a carving Kn*fe work better?

Wow! It smells so good.

♪ Pineapple. ♪

I can't wait.

Whad'ya know?

Yaeko, get plates.

Huh? Oh yeah, plates!

We give thanks.

We give thanks.

It's hard.

It's nothing to rave about.

It's not very sweet is it?

It doesn't taste anything like what you can get in a can.

Live as long as I have and you see everything.

- You can have mine Taeko.
- And mine too.

It's good...

Taeko, you don't have to eat all of it.

You'll get sick.

Oh well..

That was a letdown.

Bananas taste a lot better, don't they?

You can say that again.

I guess bananas are still the king of fruit.

Time for a banana then.

The king of fruits.

The king of fruits..

Was the banana.

The year I fainted at the baths and had my first pineapple...

Was the year the Beatles came to Japan, starting the groups sounds craze.

Everyone wanted to play the electric guitar.

My sister Nanako, was a freshman in art school, and always up on the latest trends.

Yum, Michelle right.. The Beatles' have such great lyrics.

She was one of the first to wear a mini-skirt and like everyone else, soon figured out there was a right way to avoid the wrong kind of stares.

My other sister, Yaeko, was in her second year of high school.

"Super brainy."

Still, I knew she was crazy.

Still, I knew she was crazy Yaeko?

About some Takarazuka actress.

About some Takarazuka actress.
You need to knock before coming in!

You need to knock before coming in!

When my sisters recall the good old days,

it's mainly about fashions or pop stars.

For them, 1966 was the high point of their youth.

But for me, it was just for the grade.

Bands like the tigers and Julie wouldn't appear until years later.

So, for me their discoveries of 1966

were mainly going to school and coming home and...

And then "my" essay was put up on the wall by my teacher.

Oh, that's wonderful.

And then you know what he said mom?

A book report this good should be read in the book club.

Isn't that absolutely incredible?

Well, isn't it?

- You didn't eat all your lunch again.
- Huh?

Why do you hide the pickles in your bread?

'Cause I really hate pickles.

Now I've got to throw all of this away.
What a waste.

Your such a picky eater!

I think it would be a whole lot better

if you were a girl who ate what shes given

instead of a girl whose essays are just a little bit better than everyone else's.


How do you drink that, its awful.

I don't think the milks too bad,

it's the radish and onions I hate.

Me, I'm sticking to carrots.

So, I'm going to have to drink the milk.

It's stupid that we can only leave one thing on our plate?

Who made this rule anyway?

I'll drink it.

Huh? You will!

Next time you eat my radish and onions, ok?

Um-hum, um-hum, um-hum.

Thank you!

- Hey, don't...?
- We can leave one thing remember!

That second bowls' a k*ller.

Some people keep running in the hall,

and there are some people I won't name who don't stop

even when the hall monitor told them to.

Nobody's gonna turn around and then walk back.

You shouldn't really be running in the first place.

Just don't do it.

They're right. You could knock somebody over.

Oh yeah, on the other hand if they ran into you they'd just bounce right off.

- Stop!
- Boing.

I don't know why everyone can't just walk in the halls.

You know he's right.


- Please everybody.
- What's the big deal.

If you have something to say, please, raise your hand.

- Here!
- Go ahead Tsuneko.

I think the hall monitor should be able to run after the kid and catch him.

Then that kid goes back to where they started and walks slowly.

- Ooh. - Hey. - Pick me.
- Ooh. - Pick me. - Ooh.


I'm next...

In that case, I think the monitor should have to go back and start again too.

- He's right! - He's right!
- Exactly.

Ha! You know it!

I think so too.

- Here.
- Tsuneko.

I do not think the monitor should have to go back and walk.

And here's why...

The monitor is doing the same thing

as a police car catching someone who is speeding.

That makes sense.

Any objections?

I don't understand any of this.

Wait, there're police cars?

Yeah, so stop running.

So, monitor can run after people who run and

make them go back and start again.

Unless theirs any other business.


Miss. Tsuneko.

- Gosh, she never stops.
- Bossy paints.

- Would you just let her talk.
- Make me!

Some people aren't eating all there lunch.

The other day I read an article in a magazine about the w*r in Vietnam.

There are people in foreign country's who are very unfortunate.

We are all very lucky.

Lucky to have her!


I believe we have to appreciate the food we are given, much more.

The rule we have now says, your allowed to leave one kind of food on your plates,

but that's spoiling us!

Your a little "Miss. Goody two-shoes."

What's so wrong with leaving just one thing anyway.

Vote to make milk optional.

You cant.

Get someone else to eat it for you.

That is just wrong.

Some kids even hide food inside their trash.

None of us!

Why do we have to listen to you anyway?

I wont eat that anywhere.


Please raise your hand if you want to speak!

I just can't take it no more!

That night after I'd left my sisters and gone to bed,

one after another, memories from fifth grade

suddenly started flooding back into my mind.

Wait here.

The dog we had..

Track and field day at school..

Having nightmares from reading comic books and

longing for an electric pencil-sharpener.

All those tiny things came back so vivid in my mind.

Like a movie was playing inside my head .

Almost overpowering my other thoughts.

So clear,..

I could see it.

Is one of you Taeko Okajima?

That's her.

- No!
- Show me.

We came to tell you that a boy in our class, Hirota, says that he likes you.


Let's go tell Hirota we told her.

I knew it.


Where-where is it?

Right there.

Shuji Hirota loves Taeko Okajima.

- Wow!
- Right.

Who is this Hirota guy?

- I don't know.
- Never heard of him.

Taeko, are you sure you don't know him?

No no, promise.

Excuse me. Which one is Hirota?

Look, girls from class 5.

Hirota, someone's here to see you.

Hi. Looking for me?

You.. You shouldn't write things on walls that aren't true.


Taeko says you did.

Uh, I.. But I didn't!

But Hiro, you did say you like Taeko in class 5-5.

- Uh-uh.
- Oh yes you did.

That's why we wrote it on the wall.


♫ I really really love her ♫

Cha cha cha.

♫ but she's way off in the sky. ♫

Cha cha cha.

♫ like a distant star. ♫

- Goodbye.
- Cha cha cha.

♫ I really really love her. ♫


We just went and talked to Hirota.


We went ahead and told him for you.

Don't write weird stuff on walls.



No running.

That's what you wanted, isn't it?


[5th grade: Room 4.]

But wasn't it funny?

Over here. C'mon.

See right over there?

That's him, Hirota.

Hira, Hirota in 5-4 says he likes Taeko?

He's amazing at baseball. The best pitcher.


Tono the only one who can
even come close to getting a h*t.

Oh, is that so.

We play them in the next
inner class tournament.

- Go, go!
- Go for it, Tono!

Go, go, go, go, go.

Play ball!

C'mon, Tono!

C'mon class 5-4!


Hiro, go for it!

Taeko's watching you know!

Tono, go for it!

Get a h*t!

- Strike!
- It's ok Tono.

Way to go Hiro!

Strike him out!

Taeko, you better not be cheering for 5-4.

Why would I do that?

h*t it!

= h*t it! Tono rah!!

= h*t it! h*t it! Tono rah!!

= h*t it! h*t it!

- Ooooh!
- Go! Go! Go! Go!


= Yeah!

= Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!
Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!

C'mon Shuji nail it!

Give it the old one leg trick!



- Yeah!
- Strike!

Your out!


= Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!
Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!

= Hiro, Hiro,..

I didn't know anything about baseball.

But even I could tell, he was superb.


Get it get it!

= Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!
Hiro, Hiro, Hirota!

What's wrong Taeko?

Between the cold and the excitement,

I ended up going to
the bathroom five times.

- Safe!
- Yeah!

[Girls' bathroom.]

And that's the game!

Woo woo–hoo.

Good job.

Class 5-4 wins.

= Good game there buddy.



Hiro, you were incredible!

This was all your fault Suzuki.

What do you know.

It's not like you helped.

If Tono couldn't get a h*t off him,
then how was I suppose to.

Tono threw it to you and you missed it

and they scored three runs.

It was a wild throw.

No one could have caught that.

Good game.

Hey, coach said he'd buy us all ice cream.

That's great!

She's a girl, she doesn't know
what she's talking about.

C'mon Taeko's over there.

Come on.

Yeah, come on.

Actually I, um, need to go home.

- Better hurry.
- Hurry up she's leaving.

What's the matter now, Taeko?

It's to late, she ran away.



I... wha...

Er... Th... Th.. Owee.

Eh cloudy...


Do you like sun or clouds?

A sunny day or a cloudy day?

Which do you like best?



Yeah, me too!

A sunny day or a cloudy day?


Cloudy or sunny?

Yeah, me too.

I didn't intend to bring my fifth grade
self along with me on this trip.

But clearly she was along for the ride.

She was always around.

But why fifth grade I wonder?

The boys will play baseball in Phys-Ed,
the girls assemble in the gym.

= Huh?

Come on he said the gym...

C'mon guys lets play baseball.

C'mon let's go! C'mon.

Take me Tonoooo.

Today, I have something very
important to tell you.

Soon your all going to graduate
from elementary school,

go on to middle and then high school.

And when you grow up, then
you will have babies.

A woman's body, your body, goes through
changes to prepare you for this.

Cᵒᵐᵉ ᵒⁿ!

Come on over here.

- Did you know?
- Mm.

Who told you?

My mother explained it
all to me last summer.

I'm what you call an early-developer.

"Early" what?


My mom said that bigger and taller
girls get theirs earlier.

I bet those those girls already have um'.

Well, some of them, probably.


ᴴᵃʸ, ᵗʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ.


- You gonna buy um?
- I think so.

I knew it.

Your buying some aren't you Taeko?


I think it' actually a good idea.

And everyone going to need them eventually.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Yeah, she's right.

Hey, why are the girls buying some sort
of special underpants from the nurse.


Soo, did you know that?


Is that really true?

Why would you do that?

You should mind your own business.


Why does the school nurse sell underpants?

[Girls' bathroom.]

[Girls' bathroom.]

[Girls' bathroom.]

You told one of the boys. How could you?

Why would you do something like that?

You can't tell stuff like that to boys.

Rie, it's a secret just for girls.

Rie likes Nakayama. I'll bet
that's why she told him.

You can't trust boys even if you
have a crush on them.

- Do you under stand?
- Uh-huh.

What's going on?

Rie went and told Nakayama
all about us getting out periods.

That terrible.

And he's been telling everyone.

He promised he wouldn't tell.

Boy's never keep there promises.

= Right?

= Right!

Oh my goodness.

Boys are all immature and discussing.

And now they wont leave us alone.



- = Perverts!
- Oh!

Dress up day!

Sure enough, looking
up skirts was all the rage

and periods became an obsession.

You have a period.


Your a _?_. *

Stop it!

I wonder what were gonna do next "period".


Ow, that hurt.

You got a filthy mind you know!

Hey! Cut it out!

Your on your period.

I am not!

Oh! Rie and her big mouth.

- Yeah.
- ᴼʷ!

I'm sorry.

For what?

I shouldn't have told him about it.

It's no big deal.

It seems to be.

The nurse said it's perfectly
normal but every ones angry.

Well, I'm not angry.

I started getting mine in fourth grade.

Huh? You what?

So I, skip gym class occasionally.

You can't do PE when you have your period?

I guess. My mom sends a note to the school.

Nakayama said, that he felt sorry for
all the trouble we have to go through.

Rie! You told him you skipped PE?!



First, I made him promise he wouldn't
tell any of the other boys but...

But that means!

That they think every girl
skipping PE is on her period!



Really, you think so?


[ Please excuse Taeko from PE
because of her cold. ]

I'd really rather not miss gym.

Since when?

You don't want your cough
to get any worse do you?

Then I'll stay home.

You have no fever, so go to school.

Then I'll go to gym class.

Suit yourself...

But don't come crying
to me if it gets worse.

See you later.

When did she suddenly get
so interested in phys ed?

- ᵂʰᵉʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ?
- ᴴᵉʸ!

Taeko, your face is red.

Huh? Oh yeah.

Are you okay?

I caught a cold.

You look feverish.

You shouldn't go to gym class.

Sit it out.

I'll go tell them.


How come?

I got a note from home.

O-K. Then it's no problem.


Cᵒᵐⁱⁿᵍ ᵗʰʳᵒᵘᵍʰ.

I'm not going to gym class ether.

We're both the same.


I love playing dodge ball.


Uh,.. Rie?


Are you on your period?


I see.


I'm not on my period. I have a cold.

I know that. You're not an early developer.

Yup', I'm here because I'm sick.

A period isn't a sickness.
I could still play.

It's just that,.. My mom
would prefer that I not join in.


Leave it alone period girls!


Don't touch it!

Boy, that was close. I could'a
caught your period.

It's a cold.

ᴴᵉʸ, ᵒᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ!

"Caught your period."

Periods are not contagious.

What an idiot.

Will you stop it! It's not that funny!


Hey look, it's the period pair!

I am not!


Rie, how can you stand that?

Well, my mom said that having your
period it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Well, yeah,.. I guess so.

To be a butterfly the caterpillar
has to become a chrysalis first.

Even if it never, for a moment,
wanted to become one.

Was I remembering those days so clearly

because I need to become a chrysalis again?

Certainly things felt different
from when I started work.

At work and at play we girls seemed
to have a lot more fun than the boys.

We felt as if we had taken flight.

But thinking about it now..

Maybe we were all in a trance.

Just flapping our wings.

Perhaps my fifth grade self is trying to
tell me to try to find a new way to fly.

Anyway I need to get some sleep.

Not much time before I get to Yokatta.

Ah! Woh!






Was that.. Was that the Tokyo train?

Mm, sorry you missed it.


Hey, are you Taeko?


I'll take this.

Uh-uh. W-wait a second. Who are you?

Eh? Oh, you don't remember?

Oh, well, I don't know why you would.

I'm Toshio. Er, second cousin of Kazuo.


- Is that who you are?
- Yeah.

Oh dear..


Is there something wrong?


I just..

I just... I thought you
were a bag snatcher.


That's crazy.

Didn't you hear me call out to you?

Oh yes.. I did.

I just didn't think.

I... I'm terribly sorry.

Yeah, it's ok.

So, where is Kazuo?

Oh, eh,.. He.. Suddenly called and asked
me if I'd come to pick you up.

Looks like it's been raining?

Yeah, but it should clear up today.

I.. Guess I should've borrowed
my dad's car.

But I like driving this.

There's room for two. Hop in.



Is this music all right?

Sure. Yeah.

So, this music, it's certainly different.

Yeah, it's a 5 piece band from
Hungarian called, Music Hash.


You're into music like this?

Just a bit.

Peasant music.

Because you know, that's what I am.

That's cool.

- Think so?
- Uh-hum.

You do remember the harvest
party last year at Castawo's.

That was fun.


And a bunch of young guys
stooped by if you recall?

Not at all.

Ok, maybe you can remember
one particular guy.

Still, no?

Have a good look at this face.

Oh! Uhh!


So, you came to help pick safflower?

You must be interested
in dyeing fabric then?

Not really.

For some reason I just love the idea
of picking safflower like they used to.

Of course, living up here you
must know all about these things.

Well, mostly you just hear of it.

Once upon a time this
area was famous for it.

I've never grown it, that's for sure.

But it was huge in the samurai days right?

Yeah, The Safflower Barons.

The ones who profited made a fortune

but for the peasant it
was just another crop.

Do you know: Whose fair complexion
will this flower of crimson one day adorn.

Yeah, a haiku by Basho.
I looked it up before I came.

- Oh, you did?
- Yeah.

I just looked it up last night.

But you know, the same book said,

that the women who picked the
flowers could never in their lives

wear or afford the rouge that it came from.

Is this where they have
The Summer Festival?

Yeah, the river bank is packed with people.

The newspapers say, that agriculture
is having a hard time.

Is that right?

It is, absolutely.

We've got crop quotas, we've got
free trade, we've got fewer fields.

If it goes on like this there
wont be any farms left.

You know...

There's no job that isn't tough,

so, you do what you have to do
and in the end somehow you get by.

Do you think it's the same
these days in the city?


But I find a lot less people there
really live for their work.

And how about you Taeko?

- Me?
- Uh-hum.

I suppose I am one of them.

My jobs alright for a 9 to 5.

For me, I could farm all day and night.

Yup', it's wonderful raising
things that are alive on the land.

You mean like cows?


Not that.

Sure we have some animals,
but look over there, see that?

Apples, cherries. They're all alive.



The way I see it, if I take
good care of them

they'll pick up on that and do
their best for me.

Oh,.. I guess I got carried away.

Naw, I get what you mean.

I think it's lovely.

To tell you the truth, even though
my parents worked on a farm.

I only just gotten into it.

It's all recently I worked in an office.

Oh, a major career change.


More like an entire life change.

You need to be seriously into it.

My friend convinced me to go into business
with him on an organic farm.

I.. guess you could say
I've gone back to my roots.

What do you mean by organic?


"One must be organized to be organic."

But you know I wish I was.

It's simply all natural.

Oh, we still use machines
but hardly any pesticide.

And use manure to fertilize.

Oh yeah, I've seen labels that say: "No
chemicals used" or "low chemicals."

Well, you can forget
all those fancy labels,

in the organic you encourage the life-force
that all living things have naturally

we simply assist in the process.

Its a very cool way of farmer.*

Only that "simply assisting"
there is never that simple.

They said to bring you
straight out to the fields.


Yup', I'm going right to work.

Now? Are you sure your up for that?

I slept on the train.

Besides, your suppose to pick the safflower
when the dew is still on them.

And the thorns are still soft, right?

I suppose but...

I'm a bit of a night owl,

so I booked an over-night train to help me
make a quick shift to getting up early.

Wow! Your really here to work!

There they are!

Good morning, everyone!

Taeko, it's so nice to see you.

Here I am again.

Hello grandma, you're looking
very well as always.

You don't look so bad yourself.

Not tired from your trip?

Naw, I feel fine.

Your sure you don't want to go
back to the house first for a nap.

No really, look, I'm good to go.

Oh my. Traditional work pants.
You really are ready.

And they're the only ones
I brought with me.

Well, look at you.

These days you hardly ever see
the girls around here wearing those.

You look more like a farmer than they do.

She sure does.

Hey, farm girl!


And so I began my second
taste of country life.

I always wondered
how they produced

a vibrant vivid red

from such a simple
yellow flower.

According to folklore,

before they had
protective gloves,

young farm girls would harvest
the pedals with their bare hands.

The thorns could prick them mercilessly

and their blood was said to turn
into the deepest crimson.

I imagine those girls

unable to afford to paint
they're lips red

with the very rouge
they had created.

I manage them jealous
of the fancy girls from the city.

It took sixty baskets of pedals
to make a handful of rouge.

Ironic that a golden flower,
once transformed into red,

was quite literally worth
it's weight in gold.

It's amazing,

the pedals were rinsed
then crushed into a paste.

With enough air and water the pedals
oxidized and gradually turned more red.

In two or three days the mushed-up
pedals ferment and go completely red

and turn sticky.

After the paste has been pounded
in a mortar and rolled into an egg shape.

It's dried in the sun and finally it
can be used as the bases for rouge.

Even the liquid from pressing
the yellow pedals isn't wasted.

Every last drop is squeezed out and saved.

It is then used for
safflower dyeing of cloth.

♪ Dye, dye we are off to dye ♪

♪ We dip it in the color. Dip
it good and let it dry. ♪

♪ Safflower will no longer make us cry. ♪

Those poor village girls way back when.

Would bring color into their world
with this so called waist product.

They would dye cotton and
linen bright beautiful pink.


Now mechanization has reduced
the amount of labor.

But the pedals still need
harvesting by hand, every day.

Rouge cakes soon mold,
and the flowers wait for no one.

When you look back
over the flowers you've picked

suddenly new ones have come into bloom.

In the rainy season your soaked without _?_

and sometimes work goes on all night.

The days have flown by,

I'm tired in a deeply satisfying way.

I feel a little like one of those
flower-picking girls of old.

If I'd had the chance to help
out like this when I was a girl,

I'd have written an essay
about my own life.

Not just about something I'd read.

Hey mom, can I have 5,000 yen.

¥5,000? For what? Do I look
like I'm made out of money?

Mom, no but. Well,.. You said
you'd buy me some new running shoes.

Running shoes can't cost that much?

Yes, they do.

No, they don't.

Well, Pumas sure do.

- Pumas?
- Yes Puu·ma.

Well anyway, I've never heard of them.

There must be cheaper ones.

What's wrong with the ones you have now?

Nobody wears those stupid old things now.

You begged me for those.

Everybody is getting Pumas.

Who's everybody?

Kako and Megu and then
theirs Yachan and Nonchan.

What? That's only four.

Well, it's more than just them.
It's everyone.

I don't think so.

Maybe if you helped out more.

Mom! ᴹᵒᵐ...

You got him to buy your doll another dress.

It's not even your birthday.

Didn't you say it would only be
for Christmas and birthdays?

Dad, your spoiling Taeko rotten.

Do I spoil you little bear?

All of a sudden, my fifth
grade self was back.

But uh...

How come Yaeko got a brand new kimono?
It wasn't even her birthday.

That was for a show.

Your always asking father
for little things all the time,

but he buys us one big thing now and then.



Taeko, you stop that,

and eat what you are given.

Daddy eats my onions, right dad?


Whats the big deal anyway, everybody knows
that your gonna get that kimono eventually.

Another hand-me-down.

A lot of kids don't even
have hand-me-downs.


Then you can finally give
me that enamel handbag.

I thought I told you to give that to her.

You're still hanging on to that.

That's for babies. Give it to her.

No thanks.

I don't even.. Like it.

You don't? Fine I'll keep it.

Taeko, I'm not buying you a new one.

Who cares.

Humph, I'm glad.

Now I get to keep it
for sentimental reasons.

Oh yeah! I hate it now!

Next course. Take these away now.

You see, they get thrown out.

That is such a waste.

No don't. Don't throw them away!

You should know better.

Eat it your self then it wont go to waste.

All of you girls are so selfish.

Daddy, I need a new enamel bag.

Because Yaeko won't give me hers.

Well, that's because you
said you didn't want it.

Yeah, but uh...

You have to stand by what you say.

Go on, hurry and get ready.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna wear these shoes.

Mom, why does she have to come too?

You told me it was gonna be just us.

Just you, me and daddy.

I've done all my homework.

Is there some sort of problem?

We're going out for Chinese.

It's much more fun if we all go.

In that case then, grandma
should come with us too.

Grandma says Chinese food is too oily.

If you don't wanna come, you can stay home.

Come on Taeko we're going.

Hurry up you slowpoke.

I can't go, I don't have a purse.

Yaeko, lend your sister your enamel purse.



Come on, we're ready.

I'm not going!

Your not. Let's go mother.

Fine you can stay here with your grandma.


Are you not coming my little bear?


Let's go.

I'm coming!

No shoes!

Stop that! Please stop!

Sʰᵉ ˡᵒˢᵗ ᵃ ᵇᵘᵗᵗᵒⁿ.

We stayed home, of course.

My cheek swelled up.

My mom gave me a cold towel
but it wouldn't stop stinging.

All that night I lay in my bed wondering..

Why am I being singled out?

I must be adopted.

I was sure of it. Absolutely sure.

Cried myself to sleep that night.

Was that the first time..
That your dad ever h*t you?

That was the first and the last.

Dad slaps me sometimes.

Not that often though and not that hard.

It might be better if it
happens now and again.

Only once and you wondern' why
it had happened just then.

It's hard to believe that
you behaved like that.

It just doesn't seem like you.

Well,.. That was me.

It's all the same, Pumas, onions.

Ah,.. I feel a lot better now.

Thank you.

Wait a minute! Wait! Your poor mom.

I didn't mean to encourage you.

Take my advice.

Your mom a smart woman. Listen to her.

ᴵᵗ'ˢ ᴼᴷ.

ᴵ'ᵐ ᵍⁱᵛⁱⁿᵍ ᵘᵖ ᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᴾᵘᵐᵃˢ ᵃⁿʸʰᵒʷ.

Good girl.

Hey, this deserves a bit of ice cream.

Sound good!




- Hi.
- Not so fast.

They're 100 yen each.

Hey MM77020, are you up for a drive?

Hey Taeko, are you up for a drive?

I'd like to take you to Zaō tomorrow.
Its pretty.

- Zaō?
- Mmm.

They said you went to a temple
there last time you were here.

The elders gave me permission. Don't worry.

The views at mount Zaō was incredible.


But Zaō itself has got
a little bit touristy.

Why haven't you ever gotten married?


Why, is it that strange that I'm single?


No, I didn't mean that.

There are plenty on women
in the city who work.

And I think my single friends
outnumber the ones that are married.

Oh, really?

For sure.

It makes sense.

It's true.


It is completely normal.

So, Toshio...

When you were small how
were you with fractions?


Where you flip the numerator
and denominator,

did you get that?

Uh,.. I don't remember.

But I don't think I found
it very difficult. You?

- Even fractions?
- Mmm.

Lucky you.

I bet you don't remember because you
understood it right away.


Why do you ask all of a sudden?

I believe that people who understand
how to divide fractions right away,

understand life right away too.

Ok, here then, let me give you an example.

One of my friends was just
average in school,

but she could flip a numerator like that.

I think people who understood
that saw life more clearly.

She always new she would get married

and exactly what she'd do.


But I was terrible at fractions.

Sometimes I'd just wish that it
had been easier for me.

[Room 5, Taeko Okajima, 25 points.]

Uh,.. You see,..

Before the test,..


We had art class.

And... we did,..

Uh... we did blow pictures.

Blow what?

Well,.. You spread the paint
on the paper and...

You blow on it to make patterns.

Oh, I see.


Really hard see.


And then?

My head ached. From doing it all day.

And blowing so hard.

And that's why you did so poorly?

Huh, I guess so.

Very well then.

Do you know the right answers
to the ones you got wrong?


The correct answers?



Get Yaeko to help you with it.

Really! Yaeko?!

Or Nanako.

If you think that would be better for you.

I'll ask Nanako.

Nanako's not back yet. Can I wait
'til later for her to help me?

Guess I'll just have to ask Yaeko.

You can't be serious!

Mother! Mother!

What on earth is this?!

How am I suppose to help her?

Just do your best. I'm sure
you can be patient with her.

She doesn't understand at all.

How can I help someone like that?

I'm sure you can find a way.

But something is definitely wrong with her

I said help her!

Mother,.. No normal kid
could get a mark this low.

But Taeko is not a normal kid!

Taeko, your sister's going to help you.

You got a headache from blowing patterns.

I understand.


Sit down.

Now, recite your times tables out loud.

I don't need to prove that to you.

Just tell me what to do.

I'm telling you! You need
to know your multiplication!

It's division by fractions.


All you have to do is reverse
the numerator and denominator

then multiply.

Didn't they tell you that at school?


Then why is it all wrong?

Yaeko, be patient please.

Why would you divide
a fraction by a fraction?

Dividing two-thirds of an apple
into quarter means...

If you take two-thirds of an apple
and split it into four ways...

How much apple does each person get?



And so, it's one, two,
three, four, five, six...

One-sixth of an apple each.

Stop, stop, stop, stop. That's multiplying.

What? No way!

When you multiply it's more?

If you divided two-thirds
of an apple by a quarter...


Stop thinking of the apples,

all you have to remember

to multiply you leave it the same.

To divide you reverse it.

Is that actress in Takarazuka?


- A "D" in her math exam.
- A "D"?

That's right and it's better
than last time.

If she got a "B" or a "C" I could
tell her to work harder.

Yeah you could.

Should you maybe get her IQ tested?

When she first started
school she did pretty well.

She's getting dumber.

She did fall down the stairs
when she was a baby.

That's right, in her baby walker.

I really thought she was dead for sure.

All she got was a bump on the head.

And now it's affecting her.

Your right. That must be it!

I don't think that's it.
She's just not very good at math.

I bet shes talking all the time in class.

If she'd just listen, divisional
fractions would be easy.

Any idiot can do it.

And what about next year,
shes going into sixth grade.

I never see her studying at home.

That's true.

I don't get it.

Dividing two-thirds of an apple,
by one-forth of an apple.

Oh, I haven't the slightest idea
what that could possibly be.

I'll show them.

Divided two-thirds of an apple

by a quarter means...

Ahh! I don't get it!

I never came to grips with it.

Have you ever felt that way about anything?

Even a fraction?


You know what?

We have to work even harder
on organic farming.

We've let the rich and powerful
take control of us farmers.

We've tried to be like
people from the city.

But lost ourselves along the way.

So, we have to think, about getting
back to real aquaculture.

As it was.

Goodness me...

Farming, it's really a passion.


You know,.. That's my friends speech.

Yup', but I feel the same way.

I think it's great... the...
all the thought

you put into division
of fractions

is still so important to you.

Well, I didn't mean it
to sound like a big deal.

People are always telling me, that I got
a good job, at a good company

but its not something that I'm really into.

You clearly love farming.

Its difficult not to admire
your conviction.

Are you.. kidding?

Of course not!

Your lucky you know
what you want from life.

Agra culture is a declining industry.

It'll be nice if we're in a situation
where we could just work through it

and not have to think
about it but... We're not.

So... we've got a lot to think about.

We've got to learn from each other.
Back each other up.

If we don't, we'll never make it.

Taeko do you ski?


I've been a couple times with some
friends but I'm not very good.


Hey, you know what,..

Why don't you come back
and ski this winter?

Wait. You're really good at it aren't you?

I.. I'm all right. I'm an instructor
here at Zaō in the winter.

An instructor? You must be great.

Naw, every one around here
is an instructor.

Now this is countryside.

The real countryside.

Not like Zaō.

Um,.. Not really.

Oh, Zaō was beautiful but...

Don't worry. It's interesting you say that.

- Oh?
- Mmm.

City people see forest and woods
and streams and they're happy.

Because what they think
they see is "nature".

Apart from back deep in the mountains

almost every thing you see
here is the work of a farmer.

That so?

Sure, of course it is.

- The river?
- A dam.

- And those woods?
- Planted.

- And this stream?
- Dug.

Irrigation, it's not just
the paddies and the fields.

Everything has been touched by man.

Our ancestors cleared
this and cultivated that

encouraged mushrooms, Berry's, wild garlic.


Yeah. The scenery come
about by lucky accident.

As people have struggled with nature
to get what they needed to survive.

So without people, this scenery
wouldn't have been here.

No it wouldn't have.

To get what they need from nature,

farmers have to do a lot
of different things

to make sure that nature
will continue to provide forever.

It's sort a joint venture
between people and the earth.

That's how the country side works.

Now I get it.

All these feelings I have.

Almost nostalgic for this place.

There's a connection even though
it's not where I grew up.

Does that make any sense?

So, that's what it is.

Oh my poor back.

I'm not sure whats so cool
about organic farming?

I told you,.. It's very
cool in theory but...

The difficult part is putting
it all into practice.

Helping everything grow naturally.

Tell me again why we're farming
like it's a hundred years ago.

These days, with most of your organic rice
they'll spray it once with weed-k*ller.

Most places don't weed
by hand like they used to.

There just isn't the manpower to do it.

You're really working hard aren't cha'?

Ya' ready for a break?

How about some tea?

Yes! I'd love some.

Anything to take a break
from organic farming.

Thanks to Toshio, I got to try
a whole bunch of new things.

I was proud to learn about a world
I'd always felt close to

but never truly knew.


"Oh, the crows are flying away."


I finely got to see that for real.

That was my most famous line ever

I had just one line in my school play.


Yeah, me too.

I only got small parts to play.

How 'bout you?

Hmm,.. I always get the big parts.

Cause there aren't very
many kids in my class.

That's great..

But on the other hand,

it's a bit of a problem here.

You can't imagine how modern farming has
forced family's to the city for work.

- So, not many kids around, huh?
- Yeah.

Hey, at least it makes drama more fun.

Mmm, nuh-uh, I'm more into sports.

I like track and field.

I'm a pretty good runner.

Are you? I was never more than average.

And no more than "Village Child 1:"
On the school play.

But you know what? I'll never
ever forget that one line.

It's crazy,.. I honestly thought
I was going to become a star.

A star?



As "Village Child 1?"


Like,.. You were going
to move to Holly wood?

I know.

I really threw my self into the part.

I bet you were adorable back then.

No, it's not that!

I would practice in front
of the mirror for hours and hours.

You did what?

For "Village Child 1"...

I practiced.

You see I only had one line

and I couldn't do very much with it.

"Aw, the crows are flying away... look."

Tricky huh?

And then, I bet, you invented new lines.

Of course.

Aw,.. Look up there, all the crows
are flying away today.

Watch them fly away.

There's two.

- There's three...
- There's four...

See you later. Goodbye crows.

- Bye.-Bye.
- Bye.-Bye.

And the teacher loved it.

Not one bit.

Fine that was very nice.

But please, lets only say the lines
that are written on the script.

♫ We are the magicians of the village. ♫

♫ We will put a spell on you. ♫

That's sad, whats wrong
with a few extra words.

They weren't very good anyways

so I didn't mind giving them up.

But I still had the desire
to express myself.

I realized what I couldn't do with words

I could express in the way I moved.

= Aah...

Oh look, the crows are flying away.

- There.
- There's two.

- There's three.
- There's four.

♫ -Bye.-Bye. ♫
♫ -Bye.-Bye. ♫

That all it was.

But it was worth the effort.
"Village Child 1" was a big h*t.

It's hard to believe, right?

All the teachers said I was truly
fantastic n' stole the show.

And I was asked to join
a local theater company.

Then one day, it got even better than that.

- Hello, excuse me?
- Oh!


≡Suddenly several dozen
sticks of dynamite went off.

≡Boom! Right in front of me.

In front of you.

Really, Taeko?

≡I was setting the table
with granny and captain Kidd.

≡And all the potatoes
turned out to be dynamite.

Our physical play has a child roll.

We'd very much like your daughter Taeko,

to perform in the university
theater production.

We think she'd be fantastic.


I see.

We'd have rehearsal on Saturday afternoons.

And I promise they wouldn't go too late.

Alright, but...

Oh and we'll make sure she gets home okay.

Me in a grown-up play?

Not with those amateur kids.

I'll be with real grown-ups!

I'll be a star!

≡ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh what a wonderful day. ♪

≡ ♪ Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a ♪

≡ ♪ Cock-a ♪

≡ ♪ Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a ♪

≡ ♪ 'Gack'-a ♪

≡ ♪ Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a ♪

≡ ♪ 'Gack'-a ♪

≡ ♪ Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a Cock-a ♪

≡ ♪ 'Gack'-a ♪

Oh! Mom!

Who was that?

A young man from Nihon University
wants you to be in his production.

Taeko, I guess you did really
well in the school play.

And? So?

He said that he'd hoped you do it
and he ask me very respectfully.

Hey, that's great!

So, you finally you found
something your good at.

No, no Taeko wrights some very good essays.

Sounds like she's perfectly
suited for this.

Much better than studying math.

Oh yeah. For sure.

You know, I played the lead
part "Tongue-Cut Sparrow"

but nobody ask me to be in their play

I know, I know!

So,.. What's next?

This is show business. You
could become a child star.


You should join the Takarazuka.

Yes! If you practice, maybe
you could join them.

We'll have no performing.


No show business.

Dad... its university
play, not real show biz.

That's right. It's just...

I said no.

My dinner.


Dad can get really stubborn, can't he.

This is your fault. Your the one that said
I could become a child star.

Can I get in the bath first?

Sure you can.

And Takarazuka.

All that stuff about show business.

Why'd you have to tell him that, huh?

Why Nanako?

Your such a pest.

≡ ♪ Poor boy, poor boy, don't
you feel sorry for me? ♪

I promise, we won't take much of her time.

Yes, but I-I-I...

We'd very much appreciate it.

She's really very shy,..

Very timid.

I realise you had to come
all the way here again

I'm really very sorry.

≡ ♪ Poor boy, poor boy... ♪

≡ ♪ Such a long way from home... ♪

≡ ♪ Poor boy. ♪

And now Aoki from class 5-1
is going to act in that play.

She's been going around telling everyone.


Today, her mother even came to the school

and Aoki got to change
into her best clothes.

To go to Nihon University.

Her dress had enormous frills
that go all the way out.

- Taeko.
- Huh?

You can't tell anyone that the young
man from Nihon University

came and asked for you first.

How do you think the other girl would feel
knowing that she wasn't their first choice.


Well Taeko?


≡⌁ that was news for children

≡⌁ and now its time for

≡⌁ pop-up pumpkin island

≡ ♪ breaking through the waves. ♪

≡ ♪ sh**ting through the clouds. ♪

≡ ♪ Where is it heading? Yokkori pumpkin
island? Where will it take us? ♪

≡ ♪ Something special waits for us, ♪

♪ Just over the horizon. ♪

♪ There'll be hard times,
there'll be sad times, ♪

♪ but we'll never lose heart. ♪

♪ We hate to cry, so let's laugh instead. ♪

♪ Let's go! ♪

♪ Hyokkori pumpkin island! ♪

♪ Hyokkori pumpkin island! ♪

♪ Hyokkori pumpkin island! ♪

So sad. Poor little Taeko.

I guess I never really managed
to put all all that behind me.

So, as soon as I got to high school,
I immediately joined the drama club.

And then what?

Turns out "Village Child 1"
was a bit of a "one-off".


I wasn't gonna be a star.

But I had a lot of fun and well ah...

Ah to much. It was just a dream.

Yeah, but...

Your old man, your old man. Whether
it's in Tokyo or out here in the country.

You know, when I was in high school,
all I wanted to do was to go to Tokyo.

I wanted to apply to a couples
of colleges there but...

It didn't come to anything.

Must have been frustrating.

I accepted it

but some of those guys who went to Tokyo

they were no smarter when they came
back than when they went away.

Doesn't bother me now.

My father always new
I would make a good farmer.

The old mans pretty wise.

I think I know how you must have felt.

Oh! But I was never really going
to be an actor, don't you see.

Course I do. But it's the same thing.

"I am happy as my face shows."

"My face shows that I don't care."

I love that program as well.

You did?

Machine g*n Dandy he was great.

I had such a crush on him!

'Can believe that.

Hey, there were a lot
of uplifting songs on that show.

Do you remember any of them?

Wait, how did that other one go? Ah!

"If today's is bad then
tomorrow will be better."

"And if tomorrow is bad
then try a little harder."

"You will see and you will know."

"Tomorrow tomorrow."

Don Don Gabacho. Don Gabacho.

Your crazy!

"If today's is bad then
tomorrow will be better."

"And if tomorrow is bad
then try a little harder."

The song Toshio recalled, reminds
me to always look ahead.

That there's always tomorrow.

I love that.

Of course,.. Tomorrow.

So, your leaving tomorrow.


Thank you for all that you've
done for me this summer.

May you stay well granny.

Thank you Taeko.

My dear, do you like this place?

Yes, I love it.

I always feel very much at home here.

Well, I'm glad.

I was born here.

It's the only place I've ever called home.

I've never left.

Well, I did go to Tokyo, on one occasion.

When Arimitsuo married your sister

I much prefer it here.

Do you my dear?

Yeah,.. Actually I do.

Tokyo is always such a tangle of traffic.

Even on a hot day it can
be a cold place to live.

Out in the countryside
nature connects people.

Taeko, could you ever see yourself
living in a place like this?

Sure, I suppose I could.

Everyone around here is so nice.


I was thinking, why don't
you become MightyMike77020?

I was thinking, why don't
you become Toshio wife?


Mitsuo left for the city when he met Nanako

but if you like it here you could stay.

No need to leave.

Stay and marry Toshio.

You'd be happy.


Mother,.. Now where did that come from?

You'll scare the poor girl.

Will you consider it Taeko.

Don't take her seriously. You
know what a big kidder she is.

Mom, stop messing around.

I am not messing around.

I know that you'd like her to stay as well.

Er, mother,..

It's not about what we'd like
and what we'd wouldn't...

We'd love her to stay. Of course we would.

But we know that girls from the city
are much more independent.

We can't assume that.


But you know, she does
seem to like it here.

And she's a good worker.

It does my heart good to see it.

I'd like nothing better that to see
her end up with Toshio.

Now Kiyoko,.. Don't you start too.

Your embarrassing the poor girl.

Taeko's got a good job
with a good company in Tokyo.

And Toshio younger than her.


What's that got to do with anything.

Taeko,.. Don't listen to him.

You could work in Yamagata.

Or y-you could stay here
and work on the farm.

Kiyoko, now you shouldn't join
in with this kind of talk.

Taeko came here for a nice vacation.

She's our guest here.

You are making her feel awkward.

I know you're not against it?

I against interfering all right.

I just think we need to be realistic.

For one thing I wonder if granny's
even bothered to speak to Toshio.

You can tell with one look
what Toshio thinks.

Darn right.

It's not for you to say
whether it could work.

Why don't we ask Taeko.


Just leave her be.


You see that.

She's gone.

You can't force these things.

I was only speaking my
mind and being honest.

Marrying a farmer, I'd never
once thought of that.

It's a strange feeling to even imagine
that kind of life could be mine,

it would have been so nice just to be
able to come right out and say,

"Sure, if he'll have me."
Like I'd seen in a movie somewhere.

But I couldn't bring myself to say it.

Now my shallow love of the country side,

my "Lets play farm." Childs game.

It all left me feeling guilty.

I'm mortified to think of how I prattled
on about how pleasant it is here.

How charming.

How ideal. *

I've never struggled with a harsh winter.

Nor a blight.

Nor any reality of farming.

I can't do this.

I feel so foolish.

Living here the earth would swallow me up.

I'm not shaking hands with you.

Hey, did you see the shirt
Abe wearing today.


Its the same shirt Tanaka
had in the forth grade.


Its a secret.

When it was his turn
to feed the class ducks,

he kept the bread and took it home.

He did?

Have you seen the palms of
his hands. They're filthy.

I'm sure glad I don't
have to sit next to him.

Yeah, poor Taeko.

Go talk to the teacher
and get your seat changed.

Yeah, he should sit next to another boy.

Right Taeko?

Well I...

I'm ok with him.

If I moved, I think it
would hurt Abe feelings..

I would move.

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes.

Don't you dare him. Don't
tell him what we said to you.

I wont shake your hand.

Abe wait!

Taeko? What are you doing out here?

Oh, it's nothing.

I just needed some air.

Look at you. Your soaked.

Don't worry. C'mon, lets get in the car.

A little "going-away-gift".

My mother made it for you.

They're pickled onions.

Eh-no, please don't go back there.

Huh? Why not?

Please, just drive somewhere.

Are you okay?

I just saw someone.
Like it was only yesterday.


He was the new kid at school.

Looks the same.

I just saw him down the road.

So, this kid, Abe.

He was really poor.

He always wore the same thing.

He was filthy.

He was always snotty

and always sickly.

He'd wipe his nose on his sleeve

and flick snot at us, oh!

And if you look at him
even a little funny,..

He'd say,

"What are you looking at."

"I'll knock those eyes out of your head
if you don't watch out"

I couldn't stand the little brat.

I had to sit next to him till summer,

and I couldn't swap my seat.

We did square dancing in the gym.

Even then I always seemed
to wind up next to him.

He never did his homework

and I hated how he'd ask
other people to copy theirs.

The other girls would gossip about him.

Ughh... I couldn't join in.
I just wouldn't do that.

I knew that gossiping about him,

especially because I hated him, it
would be the worst thing ever.

But then,..

Just before the summer vacation, Abe
was leaving for another school.

And the teacher decided that we should
each shake his hand, goodbye.

Nobody wanted to.

It was obvious.

So obvious.

He was really nervous

and his hands were dirty.

And so,..

He went around to each kid,..

N' shook their hand.

Every single kid.

Then he came back to his chair.

I was the last on to shake his hand.

I held it out and he said,

"I wont shake your hand."

"I'm not shaking hands with you."

" ᴵ ⁿᵒᵗ ˢʰᵃᵏⁱⁿᵍ ʰᵃⁿᵈˢ ʷⁱᵗʰ ʸᵒᵘ."

I'm the one who thought
the worst about him.

I feel like,.. Abe knew that.

That's why he wouldn't shake my hand.

Did something happened at Castawo's?

You see,..

I was always a goody two-shoes.

I guess I still am.

Can't help it.

You're acting strange,
really different today.

I don't know what they said
to you at Castawo...

No, honestly no.

Nobody said anything at Castawo's

I'm sorry.

I was just thinking back
to when I was a kid

and feeling sorry for myself.

How 'bout this...

Maybe Abe,..

Wouldn't shake your hand,
because he liked you and

didn't want to say goodbye.

The girls he liked in class
he would be nice to.

In front of me he acted all tough.

His hands jammed in pockets,
using bad language,

swaggering around, spitting as he walked.

He was a little thug.

There you go.

It's just what boys do.

When I was little, I would tease
the girl I liked until she ran off home.

It's not the same Toshio.

I mean, he didn't skip
anyone except for me.

I was the only one.

Well,.. Its like the saying goes.
You know...

"Girls are always blind
to the love of boys."

Huh. Do you really believe that?

Sure, it's obvious.

And it always has been so.

Abe wasn't really all that tough.

He couldn't act that way.
Not with the boys.

I guess with you it was easy
for him to act tough.

After all you sat right
next to him in class.

He was taking advantage of the situation.

Hey, theirs no way he wanted to
shake hands with the whole class.

Your the only one he was honest about.

"I'm not shaking hands with you.", yea?


Knock it off huh.






I remember,.. I felt so bad
for Abe and so guilty.

That I imitated him.

But it was too late.

The damage was done.

I couldn't undo what happened
or my feelings of hate.

The fact is I hurt him.

Ah,.. Looks like it stopped raining.

That's nice.

Check out the moon.

Sometimes at night you can
see _?_ and foxes out here.


Shall we get going?

Oh dear, they'll be
worrying back at the house.

And,.. There'll be a few rumors
flying around, that's for sure.

I'm sorry, I've put you
in an embarrassing position.

They sure wonder what happened
at Castawo's today.

Don't ask them about it.

I'm serious. Promise me that you won't.

Ok then,

a little music?

For the very first time, I'm
thinking all these things

and feeling all these feelings.

Of my feelings towards Toshio,

of his feelings towards me.

Did I just open my confused head
and convoluted heart to this guy?

I did.

And yet, it was as easy as breathing in...

And breathing out.

I'm amazed at how I'd been able
to fall back on him that way.

I felt as if...

As if I'd always known him.

As if he was part of my own past.

And the one I wanted a hand
shake from most was...


Just a hand shake.

What is this feeling?

Thinking about it with him so close to me.

I wonder?...

Taeko, do you have everything?

Yes, I think so.

All right, see you in the winter then.

Yup, I'll read up on agriculture
for the next time I see you.

Huh?? Your not coming to ski?

The only way to learn
is to do it, you know.

Give some thought to what
we talked about, alrighty?

- Huh?? What was that?
- Yeah?

Don't you worry, that's
between Taeko and me.

Hmm, did something go
on yesterday between you two?

I'm sorry,.. And I'm fine.

Next time I wont bring
along my 5th grade self.

Hold that train!

Take care of yourself, Naoko.



♪ Yasashisa o oshinagasu ♪
Washing away tenderness

♪ ai sore wa kawa ♪
Love, it's a river.

♪ Tamashii o kirisaku ♪
Cutting the soul to pieces,

♪ ai sore wa naifu ♪
Love, it's a Kn*fe.

♪ Tomedonai kawaki ga ♪
An incessant thirst,

♪ ai da to iu keredo ♪
love is, they say, but

♪ ai wa Hana inochi no Hana ♪
love is a flower, the flower of life.

♪ kimi wa sono tane ♪
You are the seed.


♪ Kujikeru no o osorete ♪
Afraid of being discouraged,

♪ odoranai kimi no kokoro ♪
your heart never dances.

♪ Sameru no o osorete ♪
Afraid of waking up,

♪ chansu nogasu kimi no yume ♪
Your dream never takes chances.

♪ Ubawareru no ga iyasa ni ♪
Hating to be taken away

♪ ataenai kokoro ♪
your heart won't give.

♪ Shinu no o osorete ♪
Afraid of dying,

♪ ikiru koto ga dekinai ♪
you cannot live.

♪ Nagai yoru tada hitori ♪
Long night, all alone,

♪ tooi michi tada hitori ♪
long road, all alone.

♪ Ai nante kiyashinai ♪
Love doesn't come

♪ sou omou toki ni wa ♪
when you think it will.

♪ omoidashite Goran fuyu ♪
Please remember, though

♪ yuki ni umorete-ite mo ♪
it's buried under the snow in winter,

♪ tane wa haru ohi-sama no ♪
in spring, with the sun's love,

♪ ai de Hana hiraku ♪
the seed blossoms into a flower.
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