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03x06 - Episode 6

Posted: 02/06/23 07:14
by bunniefuu




Tea? Oh, hiya.

How are you feeling?

Ah, sorry.

Did I bore the pants off you?


How are you feeling?


What for?

For knocking on people's doors
at three o'clock in the morning?

Oh, don't be. I have got friends,
but, you know...

How are you feeling?

I need to get back to work.

You've had two hours' sleep.

I didn't sleep.

Can I make you some toast?

I wish I could sleep
in me own bed.

Well, you can't.
Not till they've caught that twat.

Toast, er...

Don't know, I'm not hungry.

Yeah, go on, then.

I'm not being funny, Alison,

..what's these? Oh, crap.

They're what's-her-name's.
Where were they?

Who? She rang me.

That dippy, half-baked, pissed-up
probation officer I've got.

"You haven't found a little packet
of little blue pills, have ya?

"Only, I've lost some."

So they're not yours.

I don't do pills, Catherine.
I told you.

Not since what happened.

Well, you'd better ring her, cos
these are prescription-only.

She'll need them.

LAUGHS: She doesn't get
them on prescription.

How'd you know?

Silly b*tch offered to get me some.

How? I told her, I said, "Sod off."
I don't know.

I don't want to know.
Well, who gives them to her?

I don't know! I've no idea.

Can you find out?

No, I can't. I'm on licence.

In fact, they're going
down the pan.


Why's this just sitting here
like this?

I'm going to put it in me uncle's
garage. When?

He won't know. It's a sh*thole.
He never goes in there.


Tomorrow, before the flight,

after we've visited that funny
little Faisal fella in Elland.



Come on, then!

Clear. Stay where you are!

Get off me! Get down!


Settle down. Ivan Sertic
and Matija Jankovic... No! are both under arrest on
suspicion of false imprisonment,

money-laundering, and
assisting Tommy Lee Royce

in escaping lawful custody. What?
You what?

You do not need to say anything but
it may harm your defence,

if you do not mention when
questioned... You can't! I can't!

I'm getting married
in two hours!

Me girlfriend's going to go mad.

Oh, my God.
Are you even listening?




Manhunt team in Dewsbury want to
talk to you this morning, so...

Why? I'll drive you over there after
I've popped in at Halifax

and done the morning briefing.

Because you visited him.

Can I get my breakfast?

If you're quick.

Oh, here he is.

And Catherine!

Coffee? Tea? Whisky and soda?

Have you got any juice?
I have.

Not for me.

Have there been any...developments?

Not that I know of.

Eggs Benedict?
Caviar on toast?

Coco Pops? Sorry, you what?

Look at him.

He's half asleep.
What time were you playing

on that games console till
last night?

The lad will not pass his exams with
one of them in his bedroom.

Come on, I'm going to be late.

You can get a bacon butty
in t'canteen.


♪ There's a tower block overhead

♪ All you've got's your benefits

♪ And you're barely scraping by

♪ In this trouble town

♪ Troubles are found

♪ Stuck in speed bump city

♪ Where the only thing that's pretty

♪ Is the thought of getting out. ♪


Morning. Hiya.

Morning. Morning.

They get younger every day,
don't they? No. He's, er...

This is my grandson, Ryan.

Oh, you're the lad
Rob Hepworth teaches.

Detective Superintendent Shepherd.

Andy. Sorry. Thanks.

Do you like him?

Not much.

How's that, then?


...he can be nice enough
when he wants to.

Like, he was nice to me
earlier this week, but...


You'd better get on.


I don't know.
It don't go right deep. He...

..said his marriage wasn't happy

and we all have our
crosses to bear.

Well, what I'm going to do, right...

Look, are you here all day? No.

No, I'm dropping him
over in Dewsbury

to give a statement
to the manhunt team

about visiting Tommy Lee Royce
in prison.

And then I've got to go
to Wakefield

to see the Chief Con.

Well, when you get back, if your
gran could let us know upstairs,

I'd like you to make a statement

about that conversation
to one of my officers.

Yeah, sure. Good lad.

Thanks, Andy. And I did.

Thought you were a new recruit.

Something about you!



Gdje je no? Gore.

Darius nam je rekao da dodemo
po njega.

Ah, here he is.

I'm Zeljko, Darius's brother.

You're coming with me.
You're not safe here any more.

How come?

Never mind how come.

Get your stuff. We haven't
time for a debate.

We're in the alley.

Travelling in the boot.


So you won't be seen.

Go on, get in. Quickly.

Put your stuff in and get in.

Hey, be careful with that.

I'm not getting in there.
I'm claustrophobic.

Get in.

Where's Darius? At work.

I want to talk to him.

He's busy. Why do you think
he sent me?

I'll sit in t'back.

I'll keep my head down.
I'll keep my lid up.

I don't need to be in t'boot.

I forgot me inhaler.
What? Me inhaler for me asthma.

I'll just go and get it.
Marko can get it.

f*ck off. I know where it is.


Just forgot my stuff. Telephone.

See ya.

Got it.

You're in the front.

No, I'm in t'back.

Come on, shift.

Move it.

What's the matter with you?

We've come here to help you,
and you think you're the boss?

I'm times more likely
to get seen in front, f*ck.

They'll pick me up on one of their
stupid little ANPR cameras, won't

Come on.

Shift, you ugly piece of sh*t.

Do it.


I'm Tommy.

What's your name?

Does this fella not speak English?

It's Marko.

Marko, Tommy.

The first thing we need
to ask you, Ryan,

is when did you last see
Tommy Lee Royce?

In court yesterday.

And did you speak to him
at the court?


And when was the last time you had
any proper contact with him?

I went to visit him on
Saturday with me uncle, Neil.

But then...

..last night, I was playing on
my games console, he messaged me.

So I called him.

Last night?


You called him? Yeah.

And did you speak to him?


How long for, Ryan?

Don't know. About ten minutes.

So, erm, where's your games
console now, Ryan?

So where'd you say we're going?

We're dropping you off, then
Darius will come and fetch you.

Darius? I thought you said
Darius were busy.

He is, but...

..he'll be here.

Then what?

That's as much as we know,
Tommy lad.


What's he doing?
What's he doing?


So, what you're going to do now,

Zeljko, or whatever
your stupid name is,

is take me to Darius,
wherever the f*ck he is!

f*ck you, you little b*tch!

Thank you.

Sergeant Cawood. I'm sorry, but I've
just heard that the Chief Constable

is going to be another
half an hour.

Oh, are you...?
I've stuff to be doing.

As I say, he'll only be... He's
going to thank me for me service,

I'm going to say it's been
an honour and a privilege.

Yes, but I think he'll be
disappointed if you're not here.

No, he won't, love.

Give him my regards.










RYAN: Dad?


Are you at home?

I'm not. I'm not allowed
anywhere near home.

I have done my best.

I'm just tired now.

WHISPERS: Go home, Mum.






Arms out! Put the Kn*fe down!

Armed police! Armed police!

Armed police! Where is he?


In here!

Royce and the games console









Are you coming to get me?

You said you'd be, like, an hour,
and you've been nearly two.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm coming. Sorry.

I'll be, er, minutes.

How have you gone on?

Fine. What did they ask you?


I'll tell you when I see you.

All right.

OK. Ta-ta, love. Ta-ta.



DS SHEPHERD: Forensics is
showing that the kitchen

is where the fatal att*ck

and where they also believe Joanna
was put into the suitcase,

which was then dragged
to the garage.

They've also found her blood

in the bathroom
and in their bedroom.

Now, I told you yesterday
that the postmortem

showed several bone fractures -
historic ones,

ones there's nothing about
in her medical records -

a fractured hip, fractured
radial bone, broken ribs.

Looks to me like this fella's
been knocking her about

all over the house for years.

So I think it's time he came in

and we spoke to him under caution.

DC STEAD: Do you know a
lady called Abigail Oates?

Abi? Yeah.
Er, we're work.

What would your reaction be if I
told you that we'd spoken to Abi

earlier today, and then she told us

that you and her have been
having a sexual relationship

for the last months? Um...

Right, well...


Surely that's irrelevant to
what's happened to Joanna.

Well, except some people might
think it suggests a motive.

What would your reaction be,
Rob, if I told you that Abi told us

that you, on one occasion,
said to her

that "life would be so much
simpler if Joanna didn't exist"?


No. I don't remember saying
anything like that.

I don't think so.

Why would Abi make
something like that up?

I may...have said things
that could be...

..interpreted in that way.

Living with someone
with mental health problems

isn't easy, and I don't think
anybody could dispute that.

But I was probably just...just...

Just getting things off my chest.


..did you k*ll Joanna?

Did you att*ck her?


Have you ever att*cked her?

I didn't do this.

Have you ever att*cked her?

I'm going to show you
a photograph, Rob.


Can you confirm for me that
that's your kitchen?

Yes? Yes.

And those are your chairs, correct?

Correct, yeah.

You can see that this is the same
chair as in the first photograph.

And can you see that mark,
under the top rail,

where we've tilted the chair
forward? Can you see?

Er, yeah.

This is an enlarged image
of that mark.

Can you describe to me, Rob,
what we're looking at there?

It's a fingerprint... blood.

We've had the lab result
back this morning...

..both of the fingerprint
and the blood.

That's Joanna's blood.

And the fingerprint is a match
to your middle right finger.

The blood analyst is telling
us that that particular print

could only have been made
when the blood was still wet.

Can you explain to me, Rob,
how that got there?


Rob. Yeah.

Can you explain to me
how Joanna's blood -

blood that was fresh when
the fingerprint was made -

might have your fingerprint in it?


We had a very...

..difficult relationship,
and sometimes...

Yeah. But... She'd try
the patience of a saint.

And I'm not a violent
person, normally.

I did not...


I...I didn't k*ll her.

So I can come back
tomorrow afterwards,

but my face will all be numb...

MUMBLES: ..and I might be
talking like this.

No, you're fine. We'll manage.

I hate fillings.
But don't be late on Friday.

Hey, Faisal.

In't this them two lads that
came in here with that STI?

They've been charged with
false imprisonment

of that girl from that flat
up here, that girl that d*ed.

Danielle Womersley.
It is. It's them.

That's not nice.

And money-laundering...

..and helping that Tommy Lee Royce
bloke escape.

VOICE FADES OFF: Jesus H Christ.
See ya!

Will I get my games console back?

Not till they've caught him.

And then...I don't know.

Will he know it was me
who squealed on him?

There's any number of ways they
could have worked out where he was.

Anyway, it don't matter now,
does it? He's gone.

Legged it.

He wanted me to go to
Marbella with him.

Said this fella could sort us out
with everything when we get there.

What fella?

I told him I didn't want to go.

Did you?

Yeah. Why would I?

Did you tell the major incident
team about this Marbella thing?

Yeah. And how'd he take it when you
said you didn't want to go?

Said to think about it.

Did he?

I never would have gone with him.

I feel sorry for him,

but there's no way I'd have
gone on t'run with him.

Clare was really upset
last night when you went.

I don't think her and Neil
are speaking now.

Thought they were going to
Majorca on this jolly.

No-one's going to go without you.

You know, last night, when I said I
loved you and you said,

"What's brought this on?"


Ann'd had a go at me.


At their house. She was pissed,
but she said stuff about how,

when I was born, nobody wanted me.

What was she saying that for?
Nobody except you.

But why's she saying that?
Cos she was pissed.

Yeah, but why'd she
get on to that?

Cos she was angry because
of me seeing me...him.

But she was banging on about

You know she thinks the sun shines
out your arse. Well, yeah.

She was banging on about how,

when I was a baby,
you looked after me

and everyone else ran a mile.

Me grandad, me Uncle Daniel.

But then I thought, Clare didn't.

Clare's always been there,
ever since I can remember.


Only cos she'd got
nowhere else to go.

I don't think it was
a question of ethics.

I think it were more to do with
trying to stay on the wagon.

Yeah, but she was there.

She was always there.

She's always been there,
as long as I can remember.

So you can't fall out with her,

not because of me.







There's still tea in that pot.

Not that you'll be interested.

Making yourself at home here?

I'm cooking a meal
to say thank you to Nev.

Have you caught him?

You'll be doing his
housekeeper out of a job.

She's fine with it.
I asked her.

Have they not found him with

whatever it was they gleaned
off his games console?

They traced him to an address
up Queensbury.

They found evidence that he'd been
there, but he'd gone, so...

...he's still out there.

And he's 'round here somewhere.
How do you know?

He wanted Ryan to go to
Marbella with him.

It's what he was cajoling him
into doing last night.

Hang on.

Royce were going to take Ryan
to Marbella with him?

Yeah, and then... Yeah.

He won't go, of course.

He's very adamant he wouldn't

have gone anywhere with him,
and I believe him.

So he's going to be angry.

And he's going to be even more
desperate and dangerous

than he would have been, anyway.

Ryan didn't tell him
we were here, did he?

I realised something today.



Maybe I shouldn't have been so
frightened of him meeting him.

It was always something
he'd probably

want to do at some point.

Maybe I should have had more... in him not to be...

..taken in by him.

I suppose I was just
frightened that he'd,

he'd be like him.


That he'd turn out like him.

But he's just not, is he?

For all his faults, he's just...



He's just...

He's just a happy...


..pretty flippin' normal kid.

And I suppose he...

..just needed to go and have
a look at him for his own...

I don't know.

Just so he'd know for himself
that he wasn't like him.

Are you stopping?


Can do, yeah.

Last day tomorrow.

years, eh?


JOYCE: Where do you think
you're going?


What for?


For all.

On your own?

It's a cake shop.

You do know that you can
buy cake in Halifax?

Yeah, but not like
Mayberry's, though.

You will be back, though,
won't you, though?

For, say, one o'clock, though?

Joyce, it's quarter past nine.

Yeah, well, I don't know what's
on your agenda, do I?

Anyway, why?

Because there might be another cake,
a bigger cake,

or something, at that time.

And a bit of a presentation
happening here for someone.

That the Chief Con might have
gone out of his way to insist

that he wanted to be at,
for instance.


OK, well...


..I'll see how I'm fixed.

Hiya, Winnie.

What do you know?







Do you need an ambulance?


I think you need an ambulance.

I want you to nudge that Kn*fe
towards me. Gently.

You think I'm going to hurt ya?

I'm not going to hurt you.

No, but I might hurt you
if you don't do like I say.



You're under arrest,
do you understand?

I'm arresting you for
escaping lawful custody.

You don't have to say...

What are you doing
with those albums?

I were looking at Becky...

..and Ryan.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention

when questioned something that
you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

They were just sitting
in there, on a table.

Like they were waiting for me.

What have you done to yourself?

Bust me ankle...

..knackered me wrist, lost a bit
of blood, but, you know,

don't matter.

You taken something?

Borrowed a couple of
your painkillers.

RADIO BEEPS: Code zero.


Officer .
Trying to get a location.

Off the phones!
Sledge, Betty, you're with me.

Location established.
Hangingroyd Street...

How'd you get those injuries?

Don't matter how I got 'em.

I think you need an ambulance.

I think I should call you
an ambulance, Tommy.

I don't want an ambulance.

despatched. ETA ten minutes.

Who helped you to escape
from court, Tommy?

Was it Darius Knezevic?


Darius Knezevic...

..m*rder Gary Gaggoski
eight years ago.

I were there. I saw it.
I saw everything he did to him.

I've lied for him,

but he's pissed on his side
of the bargain, so f*ck him.

I need you to tell that to people.

To your people.

Pissed on his side
of the bargain how?

That why you're here?
Gary Gaggoski.

You need to be listening and
you need to remember all this.

You can tell 'em yourself, love.

Oh, I'm d*ad meat, me...


Will you remember?

Gary Gaggoski.

Why are you telling me
you're d*ad meat, Tommy?


, backup are on their way.

ETA five minutes.

You know your lad's
been visiting me... Sheffield.

What's that got to do
with anything? Nothing.

Telling you summat else now.

He'd been visiting me.
Yeah, I know. I know.

Know all about it. No, you don't.

Oh, you think cops and prison
officers don't talk to each other?

What, and you've let him?

No, I didn't LET him.
But I do know all about it.

And do you know what? I'm pleased.

Pleased he's been visiting you.

Good, well, I'm pleased
that you know.

Cos he's had a chance
to see through you.

And it's been a real pleasure to me,

watching the scales fall away from
his eyes.

See through me?

I take it Marbella's
off the menu?

I take it that's why
you're in my kitchen.

What do you mean, see through me?
There's nothing to see through.

I mean that he knows for himself now
that there's not a lot

going on up here and that
you're not someone to trust.

Oh, that's just sh*t. And that
you're not even interested.

I've never lied to him
about anything.

You tried to persuade him
to go on the run with you,

for f*ck's sake.

Cos I wanted to spend a bit of time
with him because someone -

oh, yeah, you - never even let
me know he'd been born.

Never let him know who his
real dad was...

Just to be clear, he saw straight
through that Marbella sh*t.

..even then he was in
massive denial about it.

There's a difference between
getting someone pregnant

and being a dad. I know that.

I know that! Chance would have
been a fine thing.

Are you f*cking serious?

I could have been a good dad if...
You are so f*cking deluded.

You tried to get him to go on the
run with you, for f*ck's sake.

You've got me all wrong, you old
b*tch. Oh, yeah?

Have I? Oh, pardon me.

Are you not the freak
that m*rder Kirsten McAskill,

that r*ped and traumatised
Ann Gallagher,

that kicked the sh*t out of me so
that I was four weeks in hospital?

You kicked the sh*t out of me
on that barge!

Yeah, in the line of f*cking duty,

not because I'm a braindead
psychopath who thinks

it's an afternoon's amusement.
You're just not very....

..bright, saying that.
Do you know, I'm glad.

I'm glad he's been to see ya.

Glad that he's been able to
make up his own mind,

so he knows that you're just

a f*cked-up, frightened,
damaged, deluded,

nasty little toddler brain
in a big man's body.

Oh, really? Yeah.
Oh, really?

Yeah. And what I've seen,
what I've seen really clearly

these last few days is... much he is nothing like you.

Oh, I've worried for long enough.
But now...

..that boy is a prince.

For all his ups and downs,
he is about

as unlike you
as it's possible to be.

You're not a dad.

You wouldn't know how to be a dad.

I'm sorry to be the bearer
of such difficult news.

Right, well...

..know this.

I had some options last night.

I had a can of petrol
and a box of matches,

and it did occur to me that
I could burn your house down

and all the sh*t in it,

but I decided not to do that.

And do you know why?

Next time you're thinking all
this nasty bollocks about me,

I were looking at them pictures
of Becky...and Ryan.

His whole life,

from when he were a baby.

All them years
I never even knew him.

And do you know what I realised?

I realised...

..I realised what a
nice life he's had.

What a nice life YOU'VE given him.

I hated you.

I hated you for not
telling me I had a boy.

But last night, I had a glimpse
of what a nice life he's had.

And I don't hate you any more.

I forgive you.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't treat
Becky any better.

And you forgive me?

You delinquent f*ck.

You have no idea
what you did to Becky.

And you forgive me?

I loved her.

You crippled her.

You reduced her to nothing with
your endless, endless abuse

and your nasty little threats.

This bright...

..beautiful kid...

..reduced to nothing because of
a nonentity like you.

Do you know what it was
like after she gave birth,

that whole week?

Have you any idea what it was
like watching her disappear?

I loved her.

You loved her?

You threatened to
chop her tits off.

Yeah, I didn't mean that.

SCREAMS: You said it!

And you also said it
to Ann Gallagher.

They didn't know
you didn't mean it.

Is that what you get off on, Tommy?

Saying things like that
to women half your size?

Is it?

It give you a thrill,

give you a hard-on saying
nasty, glib sh*t like that

to people? f*ck off.

No, you f*ck off.
I loved her.

I loved her!
She made me feel normal.

And then she didn't want
to know me,

and that's when I got cross.

And that was you.

Well, I don't know
what you're talking about.

If I did anything to her,
it were because of you,

you sanctimonious b*tch.

Oh, f*ck off, you moron.

Oh, f*ck you, you b*tch!


If you Taser me, it won't work.

Petrol doesn't conduct

But you might well spark me off,
if you Taser me.

What then? Oh, yeah.

You might get done.

But then...

..believe it or not...

..I don't want you
to get done, you deaf b*tch!

I want you to be here...with Ryan.

So I'll do it meself.


I've already taken
a load of pills anyway.

Belt and braces, me.

I'm not going back to prison.

Don't do it, Tommy.

You'll remember to tell them for me?

Gary Gaggoski?

Say it.

Oh, I'll never forget
Gary Gaggoski.

I nicked him once for a public
order offence, and he bit me.








You all right?

He's in there. He's a mess.

I'd get the paramedics in.

Are you OK?


I'm... I'm looking for me sister,

I'm really sorry.
You can't get through.

Yeah, but I need...
I need to just check she's...


You're OK.

Was it him? Yeah.


We've had another bit of a tussle.

I won.


I think I might have singed
one of your crochet blankets.


Just a small piece.


Did someone say he's in a coma?

Royce and Darius Knezevic
all in one day.

Most people
just bow out quietly

on their last day, Catherine.

Have you charged
that Rob Hepworth yet?

Yeah. Not with Joanna, though.

We found indecent images on his

It turns out he was
blackmailing a lad, you know,

at school, to send them to him.

Who's going to look after
those two little girls?

There's a grandmother.

Well, there's two grandmothers...

..and a grandad.

Got some intel for you.

Might not be relevant, but...
Go on.

There's a friend of mine,
ex-con, Alison Ga...

You know Alison Garrs?

She found out
her probation officer

takes knock-off diazepam,

so I asked her to find out
where she gets them from,

and she said she wouldn't,
but she did.

She gets 'em from
this little fella in Elland -

a pharmacist. He has a shop

near them flats
where that lass d*ed.

Interesting thing is,
I did a few checks on Niche.

He's called Faisal Bhatti.

And guess what?

He lives not yards up the
road from the Hepworths' house.


♪ There's a tower block overhead

♪ All you've got's your benefits

♪ And you're barely scraping by

♪ In this trouble town

♪ Troubles are found

♪ Stuck in speed bump city

♪ Where the only thing that's pretty

♪ Is the thought of getting out. ♪