Boldyn (1982)

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Boldyn (1982)

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"Illusion" presents

Film based on the novel
by Jerzy Putramenta


Screenplay and directing.
Eva and Cheslav Petelsky

Starring Virgiliusz Gryn

Operator Maciej Kiyovsky

Composer Jerzy Maksimuk

Art director Yaroslav Svitonyak

Film director Roman Kovalsky

Stop! Where are you going!


That's right, sir lieutenant.

What are you doing here?
Where are the others?

Vanadek has taken, is
regrouping to new positions.

What a regrouping, what
are you talking about, boy!

Do you hear? There's a general!

Get up, general's order!

Kholera, Vanadek told me...

f*ck Vanadek!

Come on, group! Run, follow me!

Get up! Get up!

Run! Germans!

General k*lled!

What? What you said?

General k*lled!

To stand! Stop!

Stop! And it's you, Dark One,

Headquarters in which direction?

Over there. Hurry up and you'll get it.

The general asked about you


General. He got a little,
Grinfeld takes care of him.

Colonel, what about the general?

d*ed. You should know
about it, damn it, or not?

Yes, but the sentry said...

Listen. The squad is in
danger of destruction.

Two squads scattered when they
learned about the death of the general,

Therefore one must pay attention
- you must say that the general

is injured, understand?

There is.

Here is the order to the departments.
General's order, okay?

I understand.

Let's try to retreat at night.

But we are surrounded!

It seems to the Germans that way,
because there is no way to go through

the swamp, and
everything else is cut off.

But we must try,
there is no other way,

So, in half an hour the Wolf will go,
you and Elka and people from

the patrol will follow the Wolf.

Just remember - not a word
about the general, okay?

I understand.

For what dashing are
you going to this Boldyn?

This is boor, boor and rude.

I don't understand. Which Boldyn?

I'm not going to any Boldyn.

That's exactly what I'm thinking...

What is the Polish intellectual
looking for in this barbarian?

You arrived on a
train full of thieves

only to get from
thieves to bandits?

Strange people.

When I actually...

So, are you going to trade?

Do you have any items
with you? Or money?

Lay out on the table.

Well, where's the money?

Now you see that
miracles do not happen.

You went to Boldyn because
you couldn't take it any more, no?

Do you know...

that this road to Boldyn is open?

He has not been sending any
of his own through Avissa lately.

Now do you understand
why I'm talking to you?

Not really.

Because you are gone.

Do you know for whom?

Not for me, not for the Gestapo.

Not even for the Millennium Reich,
which you don't believe in.

After all,
there is something above all this.

There is a certain
community of Europe,

which is threatened
by such Boldyn.

In this Europe there is
a place for your people.

But not necessarily.
Do you understand it?

It is impossible to
throw France out of

Europe, for example,
let alone Germany.

Each such attempt is
worth at least one world w*r.

But with Poland...
it's not so obvious.

So listen, sir Pakosh.

Now you know why I spend
so much time on you.

You were going to Boldyn - go.

We are giving you
a great life chance.

Wait here.

Think about what I told you.

About Europe, first of all.


Who are you?

I? I'm from Warsaw!

Yes, speculator,
come on, run away.

Fedor! Fedor!

Batsmag! Do you have Fedor?


So you yawn! Come back, and
don't come back without Fedor!

I will!

And who are you? Speculator?

No, I'm with you.

To us, to us! Now everyone is with us!

Attention people! I give you
three minutes! And then we'll sh**t!

Well! Run! Wherever you want, quickly!

He is not here!

Have you looked everywhere?

Nowhere to be found!

Damn it, Kholera!

What do we do now...

What did you forget here?

Yesterday, on the tracks, one was sh*t...


As soon as arrived.


Somewhere here lay.

What did he look like?



Do you hear, Batsmega?
Fedor is ordinary, he says!

Boys, come to me!

Yes, sir!

Chechot, where is Fat?

Sent to the cemetery. Until he was seen

And with a machine g*n?

Not any more.

As it was, after all!

Dragged away.

Batsmaga, Chechot, clear the station.

As ordered!

If so, you know.

And you follow me!

What do you have here?

Here, Kholera, clung.

Where did he not exist?

The devil knows,
he drove up from the other side.

Well, lads, we'll either cross the
river, or we'll all be run over here.

Maybe on a boat?

And where to look for it?


I think so:

let two crawl up with lemons
and a Molotov cocktail.

Do you think we'll screw up?

Let's fill up.

Well, take Botyan, and go!


Kholera. Everything is with them.

Everything is with us.
That's all, f*ck your mother!

Who said? Karchokh?
Well, forward to the bridge!


Who is a volunteer?

Karchoh, go ahead!

Who else is a volunteer?

Do you have a grenade?



Listen, I'll crawl under the
bridge and come in from the rear.

You get on the road...

and get out of what you have there.

Comrade Colonel, Citizen
Speculator, on your orders.

I'm fine, thank you. You can go.

And you pass.

It's already dark...

Winter is coming... Sit down.

Pakosh Mechislav... Father in
captivity, teacher by profession...

Mother is also a teacher...

Well well...

Well... How did
you come to Avissa?

I could no longer stand it,
I could not look at them.

Should have done something

This is also possible in Warsaw.

You did not have contacts,

No, I decided to go to
General Boldyn myself.

And why specifically
to General Boldyn?

Because he fights.

Not too willing.

Well, that means you were
going to see General Boldyn...

So what?

The Germans dropped us off the
train and herded us to the station...

No thank you.

Were you interrogated?


And what did they want from you?

I have no idea.

Thought you were a speculator?

No where.

Maybe you have found something?
Some papers, newspapers...

There is nothing. Felt a little.

Listen, Speculator...

Haven't you seen...


tall, humpbacked nose,
thick eyebrows, fused?

No, I didn't.

And during the interrogation...
they didn’t ask you about Fedor?


What happened to that bridge?

Why did you rush without w*apon?

What did you expect?

Comrade Wolf called out:
"Who is the volunteer?"

Well, I accept
you in my brigade.

You will be in the Wolf section.

Why colleague?

You rushed.

We actually talked...

Have you written everything?

Yes, Citizen Captain.

Allow me to go.

I'll go check the posts.

Sivek in the yard.

Well, speak up.

What, Comrade Captain?

Everything. Why did you go to Avissa?

I wanted to see General Boldyn.

What for?

I don't understand, Citizen Captain.

Don't understand?

What are you?

What education do you have?

Secondary school.

What about higher education?

Before the w*r, a year in law.

And in the occupation?

Few courses.

Were you in an organisation?


So why to Boldyn?

All Warsaw is talking about him.


Many say.

Do you know anyone from the party?



What's strange, Citizen Captain?

Do you want to say something else?

My conscience is clear.

And besides conscience,
what can you refer to?




Who sent you?

Captain Siebert.

Shut up!

And don't play dumb

Who sent you to spy on us?

Speak, bitch!

Speak or I'll crush
you like a dog!

Go away!

You still resist!

Hide this or...

But the fact that!..

And then I'll go to Boldyn.

I will go to you!

Who the hell is there!

You, Rybarchik, again For your own.

What do you need here?

Who gave you permission?

What should you have asked?

Did you even ask the captain?

What is there to ask,
the matter is clear - sent.

I would tell you it's clear...

Listen, Elka...

To whom Elka, and to
whom - citizen sergeant.

To the captain for
instructions, now.

I must speak at
once to the General!

They're here now,
don't interfere.

But I don't understand!

Then you will understand.

Do you think you
went to university?


Comrade Captain, I was just
interrogating him, and Elka...

Sergeant Vinyarskaya.

And Sergeant Vinyarskaya says
that the captain told him to release him.

The lieutenant is lying, I did not
say that I said to release, I only asked

if I ordered to be interrogated.

Your business?

No, Comrade Captain?

I didn't tell him to
question him, Lieutenant.

You see.

I didn't tell him to release him.

What did you say,
Comrade Captain?

Carry him back.

Yes, sir!

You see, Comrade Colonel,
what conditions are created for us.


What do you call yourself?

That's right, Comrade Colonel,

Why did you choose such
a name for yourself?

It's not me, the department gave me.

And if you could come up with something
yourself, which one would you choose?

Maybe reckoning?

We have half a dozen of them.


There are enough of those too.

Because in the department...

In the department it is so,
but here it is different.


What impressed you
the most here with us?



Dark? Dark type.


Mrachnyy? Good.

From today you will be Mrachnyy.

Citizen sergeant, you need to give
him uniforms and some kind of w*apon.

And hurry! To be
ready in an hour.


Alignment to the left!

Citizen General, Colonel Protsnal reports:
the department is ready for your orders.

Thank you.

Command freely.

Attention! At ease!

Order number 64.

Carrying out a combat mission, the
department under the command of

Volk occupied the Avissa railway
station with a bold att*ck, damaged the
tracks and equipment of the station.

Released a large number of prisoners.
Up to 15 fascists d*ed during the action.

A large number of w*apon and
amm*nit*on were captured. Our losses
are 2 d*ad. Eternal memory to them.

During the operation, a heroic deed
was performed by the volunteer Mrachnyy.

When the enemy's armoured car
cut off the department's retreat,

Mrachnyy, unarmed, rushed to
the armoured car and set it on f*re,

Thanks to this, the department was
able to return without further losses.

For this heroic deed, I award the Volunteer
Mrachnyy the rank of second lieutenant.


Signature: commander of the
detachment Boldyn, general,

political officer Krupitsky, colonel,

testified by the chief of staff.
Protsnal, L7 Lieutenant Colonel.

Lieutenant Mrachnyy, get out of the line.

Well lieutenant, thank you.

Come to me as an aide-de-camp, okay?

There is!

Citizen Colonel...

Okay, okay, sit down, don't make noise.

Have you ever done something like this?


Don't worry, you'll learn.

But what should I do?

First of all, don't make noise.

Adjutant - the right
hand of the commander.

Do you know where you got to?

Do you know which
person you will be adjutant?

What he says, what he comes up
with - remember everything in
order to repeat it in time.

Orders, assignments.

It is a great honour, but
also a great responsibility.


Yes sir!

Briefing the adjutant, Colonel?

Yes, in general...

Leave, I want to rest

I am already leaving.

Good night,

What is your name?


So Metek.

Do you know why you are here?

What are you, mute?

And you know, it's
good, very good.

Here is just the place for the mute.
The less you talk, the better.

But now say something.

Why are you, new, inexperienced,
and Kholera knows where?

That's why it's not from someone old,
not from Protsnal, not from Siebert,
not from anyone, you understand?

Nothing, then you'll understand.


Coming soon!

Do you know what is most
important to you right now?

Not papers and any
nonsense, but trust.

If you have trust, everything
else is nonsense; if you lose
it, nothing will help you.

Ah, Mrachnyy!

How are you?

How did you sleep?

Excellent, Comrade General!

Well, what do people say?

Everything is good.

Complain a little about the rain.

For the rain! Stupid.

When it rains, planes don't fly.

Metek! Come here.

What's this?

What happened here at night, huh?

I heard screams at night.

Wanted to get in...

What did he shout?

I don't know... Something like "thunder"...

You're probably wrong.

Let's not talk about this.

Listen Metek...

Whatever he does, it's our business,
his and mine, you understand?

Fix the hook, now.

And for the future...

Whatever happens here, don't
break down the doors, okay?

Well, what are you staring at?


Citizen General, officers assembled.


What's next on the agenda today?

The international situation
will be reported by Colonel
Krupitsky, the rest as usual.

Sit down, lads.

Aty, Mrachnyy, keep minutes,
not conversations, only decisions.

Please, Comrade Krupitsky.

In recent months, the international
situation has changed drastically.

The German fascists, defeated
at Stalingrad, lost hope of victory.

Since then, their main goal has been
to drag out the course of the w*r in

the calculation of disagreements
in the anti-h*tler coalition.

Yes! OK then.

What exactly is going
on with us, for example?

On our territory, one can notice the
growing resistance to the invaders.

The partisan movement is expanding

So good.

Have questions?

Well, as we heard, the situation is good.
The h*tler beast swayed,

which means that it is on its feet,
and it is our duty to release so much
blood from it so that it expires.

What, no?

So what's next? Let's go guys quickly.

In the last week,
intelligence reports

indicate a decrease
in traffic to the east.

At the same time, our scouts inform 0 the
appearance of Wehrmacht departments in the

vicinity of Avissa
and to the east of it,

as well as in the vicinity of Malkevichi,


Here are the Malkevichs.

Are the squads big?

Up to a platoon, 1-2 cars.

And west of Avissa?

What, Comrade General?

Is there less rail traffic too?


Listen, Talalei, this is a
message of paramount importance.

Put all the agents on the
railway traffic in Avissa.

Yes, sir.

Well? What? Will they
touch us before winter?

Siebert, what do you say?

I guess, that...

Former data...



I don't think... Why would they
att*ck now. Winter will come,
the marshes will freeze...

Comrade Krupitsky.

I think so too, Comrade General.

What's the point right now?

Rains, swamps got wet
- no way to pass, no way.

Yes... And I say that they are preparing.

In winter?



Branches appeared in
three points. What the hell?

They are looking for apartments,
looking around, where they could

place a company,
or even battalions.

Well! Look at the map, damn it!

Here, from this side they cut us
off from Polissya, here, here...

What are you telling me,
how else will they feel it!

They want to overthrow us.

You are right, Citizen General!

That "you're right"! What do you suggest?

We need to get ready.

Demand to drop the cargo from the air.

amm*nit*on is bad.

Maybe mortars...

So what? Sitting like in a fortress?


If not, then what?

And if they press you so hard that
you can’t stand it, where will you go?

To the East.

And there the largest forces will be
concentrated so as not to let us through.



Siebert, say something

To the West.

Aty, Mrachnyy?
Maybe you are a young Napoleon?

On North.

Well, what I said, some Napoleons.

Oscho, stop joking.

Not east, not west,
not north, not south.

I don't know myself.

Now we need to send
reconnaissance in all directions.

Every day 3-4 branches.

And, if possible, for provisions.

It's clear?

Yes sir.

What else?


Then go ahead, folks.

This is a catastrophe.
3-4 sections a day...

We t*rture people, and if something
starts, they won’t be able to move a foot,

So you think it's
out of the question

that we're being crushed now?

Of course. They do not
conduct aerial reconnaissance.

Two weeks ago they were still
spinning around Avissa, and now...


After all, they will not climb blindly.

But it was raining.

Today? This kind of weather.

No... I think...

Well, shall we go to dinner?

An hour later, only four more.

Well, see you then, Colonel,
I'll take a walk.

See you. My regards.

Ah, Mrachnyy... What do they say?

Nothing, Comrade General.

Nothing? Even sheep bleat.

Is there anything from Protsnal?

What are the Germans, moving?

From where, Comrade General.
Everything is quiet.

What about the rest?

Everything is good.

So there are no Germans?

That's right, no.

And who yesterday came from the Starogo?

Pine. Report from Avissa.


Did not see.

Yeah didn't see it. If they had,
they might not have returned.

What people say
in the villages, in

the towns, damn it,
it's so hard to know

because people from the
village go to this Avissa,

See, why don't they say,
they have acquaintances there!

Colonel Protsnal will have to...

I instructed him to send 2-3
squads a day, but what is he!

Where are these offices, your mother!

What are you staring at!

Out, f*ck you!

Don't worry, Mrachnyy, he has
those att*cks. What are you for?

For you, Comrade Colonel. Because there
is no intelligence plan in the report.

And I, in fact, a plan.

I will report.

God knows, maybe
wait until he lets him in?

No, he's very worried,
I'll go and tell him.

Comrade General, Colonel
Protsnal with a developed plan.

With a plan?

Stop it! Stop it!

Oy baby!

No! No!

Quiet. What happened to you?

Say what it was about.

Protsnal that he did not
write in the report...

What are you telling me!
What happened before this?

What are you, offended?

I said that between us - our business.

He shouts "out", and what are you?

Such a knight.


Tomorrow, if he screams, leave,
as if nothing had happened, and
not a word, understand?

As if nothing had happened.

Stop! Password!

What are you shaking!

Eat smoking?

Cut short.

It doesn't matter.

No Germans, damn it.

Get pissed off again.

I don't know what to do any more.

Ha, listen to what Wolf writes:

"We are in Topolany. Quietly.
We requisitioned potatoes, three carts..."

After all, there must have been Germans.

Yes, nonsense.

Or maybe come up with something?

What to think?

Well, in the reports...

I don't understand what...

What is it? To hell?


What happened, Dark One?

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel,
I ask the general.

Well, eagles, how are the Fritz?
Are they moving?

Yes, Citizen General.

Then order. Where?

Based on the testimony of the villagers,
they did not have time to write it down.


Moved around Avissa.

Again, three trains left for
the east, and no less arrived.

Talalei reported that
people saw new units.

Well, please. Who would have thought!

In the brigade of Stary, a German
truck was seen near the village

of Topolyany, which drove off
before they could open f*re on it.


I'm listening!

Or to the commanders, in
half an hour. my collection.

There is!


And you, Protsnal, go to your
place and bring all the data.

Yes, sir!

Mrachnyy, well, didn't I say?

Wait, wait,
then everything will be revealed.

They didn't believe me, fools!

What do you think?

The boys say that we sit
quietly for too long, it's boring.

That's right, Mrachnyy,
we've been sitting too long!

Well, go ahead, organise.

Now it will start

The health of our general!

On the Germans! Lead us to the Germans!

The general quickly
revealed the Swabian plans!

Our general foresees everything!

Well, let's drink, lads!

Fly in.

Because the general foresees everything.

You see, Mrachnyy, what
excellent officers I have.

They already take my word for it.

And how was it over Yaselda, lads?

You, Mrachnyy, think that I was always
so great, that I was appointed, that

I graduated from
different schools,

climbed into the
bosses without Vaseline?

But no! I appointed myself!

What, no, lads?

He joined the detachment near Kobrin,
then there were not even twenty people.

At that time we did not really
know what to do, but there was

a first-class commander, Comrade
Vinetsky, of blessed memory...

Well, lads, for Vinetsky!
Mrachnyy, drink up.

Elka, amm*nit*on!

Does Elka have amm*nit*on, huh?
But not for everyone.


If I wanted to, then I would have
coped with everyone, everyone.

Don't trust?

That's what I would do,
and that's all for him.

Are you afraid?

If I said that you pinched me, he would
have chopped you into cabbage here.

Elka, give me this vodka.

To whom is Elka,
and to whom is the general's wife.

Take three.

He was a good guy.
Politically savvy.

When we got him, things went smoothly.

We spun the rails because
we didn't have dynamite yet.

Suddenly, a train whistles on the bridge.
Terrible, like a house upside down.

Elka, what were you doing there, huh?

Go you!

Two wagons flew off the rails, the
rest of the wagons poured out, all with

r*fles, machine g*n,
even mortars.

Well we run

The Germans are behind
us, but we can’t really run,

legs sink to the knee.

There's a volley!

We fall into this swamp,
we lie, we lie...

I want to get up but I can't.


I can't move it with my hand.

Look, he has...

In a word, half the head seemed
to be chopped off with a cleaver.

I shout: "Boys, lads.
And the boys are already gone.

So what should I have done?
Carry a corpse on your shoulders?

Well, lads...
For the memory of Comrade Vinetsky,

without which there would
be no Boldyn in the world.

May his memory live on

I caught up with our brotherhood, and
they told me: "Postpone Comrade Vinetsky?"

And look at me like wolves.

And the worst of all is the Dark One.

"What are you staring at me
for," I say to him, and - for SHSH.

And he: "Dog under your tail P".
This is for me, you know!

Yes, you went! What should I have done!

Through the swamp, on the shoulders?

Where have you been, dog?

They dumped themselves, and I had to drag?

Well? Am I right guys?


I'm right? Why are you silent?

You were right, General, by God,
there is nothing to worry about.

We were stupid, and you, General...

See, preacher, that's when
your word would come in handy.

You must know, Mrachnyy, that
Protsnal was already great then, oh!

I'm not, I'm a simple
man and he is zero, brother!

He was already an intellectual then.

Leave him alone!

You listen, Mrachnyy, I'm telling you.

They know it by heart, they
don't want to listen to it any more.

So, I told him: "Close your mouth!"

"And anyway, why are you lying
here belly up? Get up and go ahead!"

And you should know that the
lads were exhausted, they did
not sleep the whole night.

And then one, the
other on me to push out.

But I, General, because I...

Well, yes, okay, I admit...

Protsnal stopped them, said:
"Boys, he's right"

Well, imagine, Mrachnyy, it helped.

We go through the swamps, we reach Yaselda.

Burnt house. The lads are lying
in the corners like herrings,
and are already snoring.

I look - Yaselda
is wide, spilled...

Finish. Sleep!

Babs are always like this, in a brazen way.

The guys sit quietly for themselves,
and the woman scandalises,

Elka, where!

Mrachnyy, what are you looking at,
the glasses are dry.

Well... I stand in front of
the hut, I want to cry,

I look - Protsnal, I'm going to him.

"Guy, we need to take that one,
otherwise the partisans over
Yaselda will be finished, period."

I wake one, he hums,
does not open his eyes.

Protsnal shouts: "Comrades!"

"In the interests of the working class and
the worldwide revolutionary movement..."

Well. very right, you know...

Even "under the banner of Marx,
Engels, Lenin and Stalin..."

The boys are sleeping! Kholera.
There is no other way out -
you need them with water.

Well, look what
happened, I find a bucket...

Get up, damn it!
Collection, and to the other side!

Don't listen!
He will break off to order!

Get up!

Don't get up!

Shut up! Are you getting up or not?

But the fact that?


Well lads...

Not a minute more. sh**t down
the rafts, and to the other side.

Who will delay...

What, Mrachnyy, do you think that's it?

Hell no.

There, behind Yaselda,
that's where the fear is.

But what?

I'm not afraid the Germans
will come, I'm afraid they won't.

Suddenly I hear - an aeroplane, and
on the other side about a hundred
guys are climbing the beams.

I say to the boys: "Well,
what would you look like now?"

And they say: "The right decision,
Comrade Commander."

Commander, you understand?

Well, talked you to death.
Bye! Need sleep.

Mrachnyy! Close.

All right, General, let's go!

Who is in Avissa?

As usual. Police, gendarmerie.


Comrade General, he examined
everything, there is no army.

Like this? And what did
Protsnal fill me with?

There is an army!


On the bridge. They built
bunkers on one side and the other.

Have you tried them?

God forbid, just observation

In a place?

Not in town, really. Maybe only
at the station, we didn’t get there.

Talalei, what's at the station?

Security, maybe a platoon.

So why did we bring so
many people? Protsnal?

The army doesn't come to sit still

Yesterday was, today they could transfer.

What do you suggest?

According to the plan, att*ck.


Maybe a bridge. But there is a crossing.

Good. Starogo!

You and your crew on the boats.

Zelenets will cover from
the side of the bridge.

Okhorovich's brigade remains on this side.

And will keep in touch with Zelenets.

Protsnal commands everything on this shore.


Listen, Comrade General!

You go to the station and take the station.

Meanwhile, the Starogo One will
clean up the place.


I'm listening!

You go with the Wolf, as soon as you take
the station, lay mines, and - into the air.

Signalling and arrows too. It's clear?

Yes sir!

Order, follow.


Weird. Talalei,
take me to some hut.

What kind of huts are
these, for the general himself!

Is there any tavern?
Something to eat?

There is.

Well, go ahead, brother.

Who's there?

Police! Kwiatkowski, open up.

Open up.

Sir Commandant?

Fool, it's the general himself.

Sir General!

So, Mr. Kwiatkowski,
what's going on here?

Thank you, sir General, everything is fine.

Somehow, a little...

What, under the Germans?

Hey you, Kwiatkowski,
we know everything about you.

Tell me which of the Germans are in Avissa?

Well, what are you, sir officer,
what again?

Who can say something about me?
I am clean as a tear.

With the Germans? Not for any money!

Good good. Is there some
kind of army, where is it?

In the town? No army!
At the train station, maybe?

On the bridge.

O! Of course,
there is some kind of watch...

Leave it, Talalei. Sir Kwiatkowski
is a wise man, and knows that it is

better to live in
harmony with us?

That's right, Sir General!

It is such an honour for me -
Sir General Boldyn himself!

Sit down, Sir Kwiatkowski.

Well, what about the army, the Germans?

No, sir general, I give you my word.

And were?

No, they weren't. No army.

And when...

A few days ago, we unloaded at the railway
station, and then drove through the city

in lorries in the
direction of Topolyan.

And who spun this to sir General!

Someone who will get away with it!

Well, your health,
Sir Kwiatkovsky!

Nonsense. The old one takes the policemen.


It must have been the Wolf
who reached the station.

Comrade General, mission accomplished,


Yes sir.



And the Germans?

Twelve were k*lled, two escaped.


One is wounded.

Not bad.

Hell, how do you teach
them to take the language?


Flour, porridge.
The boys are loaded onto carts.

Order. Eat something.

Mrachnyy, pour it.


Set the heat.

Probably got a warehouse with
amm*nit*on, too strong an expl*si*n.

Maybe there are Germans there? There
probably is, but my bold intelligence...


There must be something...

Mrachnyy, look what's going on there,
and if something happens, signal.

I will!

What's happening?

The Germans are falling!

What are the Germans?

Lots, a whole train!

Where is the wolf?

Kholera knows him! Gasuy!

Comrade General, we must go!
A whole train of Germans at the
station, they are attacking!

Comrade General,
the squad has been dispersed!

Well, Mr. Kwiatkowski...

So I won't drink tea. It's a pity.

Thanks for the meal.

Come visit us sometime and
have something to eat. Good?

Starogo man, block the street for a
quarter of an hour. And in which
case, retreat to the crossing, okay?

Krupitsky, take the squad
from the bridge, cover it.

I understand!

Talalei, and you, dear, go to the station,
this one could mess something up.

If it's serious, give me a rocket.
What is your?


Order. Forward.

Rule five hundred metres below!

Mrachnyy, run to the Starogo, let him
immediately return to us. Already!

What's with Wolf?

There is no it, cut off, probably!

Damn you! Maybe they will
come back, they have a whole night,

If they get to the shore,
they will already be found.

What about swimming across the river?

Ah, of course. You know what,
take five people and wait on the
shore with the boats. Wait, okay?

The Germans will raid.

Wait, he said, clear Kholera! Report!

There is!

Wash up. Eat something, don't worry

Son of a bitch.

Wolf and his twenty men are gone.

Wolf himself, Chechot, all old friends.


Kholera knows what's wrong with them.

Were there Germans?

That's right, they weren't!

When I found out about this,
I left two brigades on this side,

because what kind of Kholera was
it to drag them to the other side?

I went on my own, with the Starogo One.

And got ambushed?

Like chicks,

son of a bitch!


Well no.

Who told me that the Germans are in Avissa?

No, Talyus is good too.

Protsnal believed that there
were Germans, but Talyus did not

say a word that it was a linden.

And so many people were k*lled

Kholera is clear,
I am this son of a bitch!

Here, have a drink.

You're right.

For the Wolf and for Chechot!


You go to the officers, tell
them to come at three zero-zero.

Comrade General, Captain Siebert.

Sit down.

So so...


Please. The colonel only
asks for Colonel Krupitsky.


Invite Vanadek.

Yes, sir!


General asks.

Everything, Kholera, was dumped on me.

Didn't write the word.

Damn Protsnal got his revenge
on me, you son of a bitch.

I haven't spoken to Protsnal yet.


Cannot be,


General asks.

So, Protsnal.

During the night,
the detachment suffered losses.

The Cape comrades analysed the
situation, and unanimously decided

that you are
responsible for this.


Do you want to say something?

Or maybe you do not
agree with this assessment?


I'm happy.

Comrade Krupitsky will present
the details of the discussion.

For some time Lieutenant Colonel
Protsnal exaggerated various rumours

about the presence of the German
army on the periphery of our territory.

The command decided to
pre-empt the att*ck of the enemy...

Decided correctly?

True, if the information were correct.

Okay, let's move on.

Since tactical reconnaissance showed
the absence of an army in Avissa,

it was att*cked by a small force.

Therefore, the appearance of
random transport caught by
surprise and led to losses.

What do you offer?

What about Protsnal?

He must be held accountable.

For example?

Cannot remain in the
position of chief of staff.


Vanadek, write the order.

This is us for yesterday.

The same day after day.

Okay, Elka.

When the w*r is over, I will take
you to Bialystok, and there I will
take you to the best restaurant.

And please, whatever you want -

steak so steak,
liver so liver, please.

Even baked chicken!

Well! You see, Mrachnyy,
what it's like with women!

Your lucky that you are not married.

But you've been married for three.

Okay, okay, what, you can't joke?

You picked a good time for jokes.


Is your butt itchy?
Do you want to receive?

You have already received.
Now you distribute to yours.

Elka, you know
perfectly well that Protsnal

screwed up, just as
you know, as I do...

Both of you messed up.

Shut up!

What's there!

Comrade General,
there is something about Protsnal,

Had contacts.

With whom?

I've been to the Starogo One twice.


For injustice?

Not only.

Inaction, errors in intelligence.
The Germans did not even think
about the offensive.

Cattle. Who reported to me?
And what's Starogo on it?



Knows what will fly next!

What else?

Calm down, not stupid lad, he
sees what is happening here.

Aty, Mrachnyy, listen and learn.

What else?

Protsnal expressed the opinion...


06 command errors.


Things to think about...



What the hell!


Are you talking to me now, Kholera?

Siebert, don't think that
you're so indispensable,

if anything, you yourself will
go to such and such a mother!

There is written evidence, General.

Well, Krupa, you will get Protsnal,

Krupitsky, Comrade General.

All right, Krupitsky.
As we say...

A fish is a cancer, Kandyba is a fool,
cancer is a fish, a fool is Kandyba,

one way or another,
Kandyba is a fool.

Yes, Krupa... Ugh, Krupitsky!

What, you don't believe me?

Nah, read it.

Well, now you see what kind of bird it is?

Conducts campaigning.

Undermines the authority of the command.

The question is,
what to do with this shit?

You're on political issues,
so come on boldly.

Am I right, Siebert?


I thought it was a fool with ambition...

And this is a saboteur, clear Kholera!

In Avissa he led us to the Germans!

k*lled my people

I ask you: is this a coincidence?

I know Protsnal less than you,
I met him only here.

However, we know that he was
sent by the party even before Vinetsky.

Party, you say?

Do you know how many
provocations there were in the party?

I know that there were

But the one whom the party sends to
the forest, like this, immediately
write down as provocateurs...

No, Comrade General.

So, angel?

Well, not an angel.
But to immediately agent...


We don't understand each other,

We don't have mutual understanding.

Well, Protsnal, remember, I said
that it is not good to be conceited?

But you still become conceited,
clear Kholera.

Offended by the command, right?

Speak now,
otherwise I'll cut it into flasks!

However, I've been talking

Colonel Krupitsky, be kind enough
to conduct an inquiry yourself.

Citizen Protsnal, it has come
to our attention that you carried
out agitation against the command.

This is true?

Not true.

And if I present witnesses
to you, then what?


Do you think the command is bad, because
you needlessly att*cked Avissa, yes or no?


That is...

Yes or no?

Did you say something similar?

This is not entirely true.

But did they say? For whom?



With whom?

With dog shit,

Oh you brute!
scoff, and people to death!

You know what I'll tell you...
Your chatter is up to my ass.

But I lost the best
division because of you.

Starogo comrade Wolf, perhaps
already in the next world,

I won't forgive you, you bastard!

Groats! Protsnal the saboteur - on trial!

Mrachnyy, write the order.

For sabotage activities to
judge Protsnal by a m*llitary court.

Consisting of: Colonel
Krupitsky - Chairman,

Captain Siebert and Captain Ivanov - assessors,


Go to hell! Fell asleep a little,
put on a show all night.

I know...

Damn, what do you know!

Captain Siebert...

Go away!

When he wakes up, tell me
that I came. We start at 9:00.



Don't understand what you are being told?


Date and place of birth?

24th November 1910, Pruzhany,

Since what time in the woods?


Do you think it's so easy, one or
two, and a person to the next world?

Listen, when I took over the
department after Vinetsky, the
whole staff was me and him.

Once we sent Talalei
to the village for food.

We are waiting for an hour,
another - it is not.

Well, Protsnal to me: "It was
not necessary to send without
familiarisation with the w*apon,"

"the army is a serious matter",
"training", and training, training...

And I don’t answer at all, because
which of me is a warrior, with a

department without
a year a week...

At school, too, I don’t remember
- five, maybe four departments...


No, nobody.

It seemed.

So we are sitting in the bushes,
waiting, but Talaleika is not there.

Then Protsnal says to me:
"Maybe they were captured?"

Oh, Kholera, so that's what you think!

"Well, wake up people, Protsnal!"
Understood? "Protsnal", without
any "comrade" there.

So, we go to the village, we look -

and windows, screams,
songs shine at the mill.

Protsnal says: "So, it's probably the
Germans and the policemen celebrating."

Oh, Kholera, I think.

Maybe you're right, pig...

What is happening there?

Mother of God! Waiting
to see with my own eyes!

Who's there?

We are celebrating, Boldyn's messengers
have come, and we are celebrating!

So those are from Boldyn, right?

Over there!

And here is our favourite commander!

General Boldyn!

People! Long live!

Wait a minute!

This is from the contact,
and this is from the general.


Set up posts in the village,
and this one under arrest,

Yes, sir!

Well, people, thank you for the
hospitable welcome of my army.

Because we are your army.

We are here to protect you

We ask the noble general,
not to disdain the peasant treat.

One hundred years,
one hundred years let us live!

General, order fulfilled!

And this one addresses me as
"general", understand? "General".

Well, now Protsnal is a saboteur.

They will give him a tower,
how to give him a drink,

Otherwise it cannot be.

No, I know you're thinking:
"Don't be a fool, Boldyn"

"to hell with all this court, return
Protsnal, and peace in the house," right?

But you see, if you give your word,
that word no longer depends on you.

I didn't come up with this,
damn it, I'll change it.


General! General!

What? What do you want?

General Wolf!

What is a wolf?

Came with a branch!

Mrachnyy, quickly to Krupa! To
hell with this court, your mother!

Okay, okay, guys, sit down!

Come on, put on more!

I report, comrade teneral. It
was more likely not to come.

Oh. . oh you horse!

Well, sit down, sit
down, Wolf, wind up!

When the Germans licked us in Avissa,
we went out of the bushes out of the city.

To continue like this, there, I
thought, it would be empty. But
even there they were waiting for us.

What was to be done?
We go to the woods.

Eat, eat, it will get cold!

They also tried to pass under Poplars, in
Kuryany, and each time they were ambushed.

Then we went around to the north.
We slept during the day, and at
night - a throw of 20-30 km.

It looks like, Comrade General, that
the Germans are trying to surround us,

Intelligence let it down. The Germans
have gathered garrisons around us.

I don't know what kind of tasks
Talalei gives to these intelligence aces.

From him such Sherlock Holmes,
as from me a bishop.

What are the losses?

Five k*lled. He left three
seriously wounded at the mill.

Where is Krupitsky?

There is an order to
stop the court session!

Here are Topolyans,
here are tall Kuryans...


It's hard for us right now...

I don't know what I should do.

Maybe ask Comrade Vinetsky?

What do you think?

What am I saying, after all, comrade
Vinetsky has long been d*ad...

I messed up.

Comrade General, allow me to
report. The brigade is ready
to receive cargo from the air.

Order, Starogo.

Well, Comrade Krupa.

Krupitsky, Comrade General.

All right, Krupitsky.

What do you think they'll give us?

We made an order: TNT, amm*nit*on...

And if they play a trick on us,
and you will be served first of all?


If they send a whole
plane of political literature?

They seem to be flying.

Eh, if it had flown in from two
hundred planes, large ones,
they would have landed...

And two hundred t*nk.

Once - and our Avissa, once - and our
Bialystok! And then - to Warsaw!

That's right, General.

Vanadek, why are you silent?

That's right, Comrade General,

If we had something...

If we don't have it, we'll get it.
Now prepare the plan for
Operation Avissa-Bialystok.

Should be ready in three days.

Yes, Comrade General.


Well, Mrachnyy, we'll show them some more!

A couple of wedges,
a couple of cannons,
and how to get in!

They will only stay in paradise.

Kholera, as in the garbage,
no strength. Fill the watering can...

Couldn't watch, Mrachnyy?


Can't you see what's happening to him?

Did you hear anything this night?

Did not sleep?

I thought he would k*ll, sh**t.

For what?

The same as usual.

And what do you mean,
I received an order - I carried out the

order, the rest is nonsense.

And no one gives him orders.

If only they understood it.
He is a little alive, and you add.

They will come, as if with a report,
they will report something to him,

and then it starts...

Ah, Kholera with you,
it seemed reasonable...

What, they don't exist yet?

It's still early, General,
only seven o'clock.

So you don’t heat the oven,
what are you waiting for?

The collected cargo is
distributed among the departments.

amm*nit*on has been replenished.

Ivanov blew up a train east of Avissa,

Stary's brigade
made a sortie for food.

Five hundred measures
of flour were obtained.

Yes, it's all good.

But I think we are making a big
mistake by sitting like badgers in a hole.

How far from us to Kovel?
250 km. Atam is already ours.

So, if the Germans had been h*t
hard here, they would have broken their

defences and
forced them to retreat.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you think Boldyn has gone mad?

Don't wait!

Comrade General...

I said that it is necessary to prepare a
plan for the Avissa-Bialystok operation.

Spoke? Where is this plan?

You spoke three days later.

And it's already been five.
What, you can't count?

How, Comrade General!
The order was yesterday!

Immediately after dropping the load.

What are you weaving?
When did you drop the load?


In two days it will be done, general,

OK then. Enough for today. Go work.

I'm tired, I need to rest,


How is it, they really dropped the
load yesterday? Or did you agree?

General, you can ask anyone you want,
for example, Comrade Elka, or a sentry...

What do you advise me, assh*le!
To think that the commander is crazy?

General, I'm just
here to remind you.

The Comrade General gave the order, they
left, then there was still canned meat...

Ah, yes.

Of course you are right. Damn
you. Well, yes, I remember! We
drank alcohol from the cargo.

Today I have heartburn, so yesterday
they drank, since today I have heartburn.

You know?

Fly for Vanadek,

I gave him general instructions, but
now I've thought about it, and I want

to give him
detailed instructions.

You see...

Who will cover the operation from Warsaw?

And there the Germans
will hold on tight, to be sure.

Znzstoy, you can never speak

badly about command,
even if it is wrong.

w*r is w*r, not a
meeting for discussion.

After all, this is an outstanding
m*llitary man, a real talent.

Such a folk gem.

Only if you believe too
much in your infallibility...

Especially those strange statements...

So what to do, Comrade Colonel?

Maybe to Greenfeld?

Neither Greenfeld nor
anyone else are psychiatrists.

Do you know what it can lead to?

And now we can't remove it.

So, Mrachnyy, now a
difficult task awaits you,

We must do everything so that
Boldyn's authority remains inviolable,

But what about Bialystok?

Vanadek will report tomorrow what to do.


Of course.

But this is madness!

It's a long road from
planning to implementation.

We cannot now
openly submit to him.

Okay, go already. Follow him, and
no stupidities. Not a single step.

Where are you, Dark One?

Nobody here. You are not, Elka is not.

She's probably in the dispensary,
Greenfeld sent for her.

That's good, let it work a little.

She has a rotten life with me...

Well, what are we going to do?

Give orders, Citizen General.

Command, command!

I thought you would advise
me something, and you "order"

Maybe go to the departments?

It's probably lunch now, Comrade General.

It's good!

Let's go and see what the
partisan brethren are fed!

Again this mess!

Damn those frozen potatoes...

Give Dulevich, let him eat.

What about bread?
Will they give me some bread?

Will give as soon as possible.

Well, according to an old
acquaintance, pour me this gruel too.

I will!

Give someone a bowler hat

I didn't come here for the parade.
Sit down, damn it!

What, give me a bowler hat,
or so Nivore, Chive?

Dip, lads!

Yes, these are not flasks
at Leyzor in Bialystok...

Were any of you there?

I was Comrade General.

So you know what's good.

And this, of course, is not very good.

Comrade General, call Dulevich here!

Do you think flasks from
it would be better?

Good, bad, but you need to eat.

Nothing to do about.

You yourself know that there are
garrisons in all the villages around.

You can't bring anything without a fight.

This is the point, and
not that Dulevich is bad.

Why are potatoes frozen?

Because someone dug badly, not deep.

Dulevich oversaw it, this is a fact, and
he will get it for it, I will follow it.

Do you know what he will get?
The same potato as yours!

I'll follow!

But even if it's not frozen,
that's not the point.

It's about the blockade.

And we have to break it!

Do you know what the Germans have?


Lupk and Rovno are already free,
fights near Kovel.

And how much is from us? Two
hundred and something kilometres.

And if we h*t them now,
what would happen to them?

Sitting in the swamp...

Lice gnaw at us, we eat a smelly slop.

We are cold and wet.

But this is not for long. Get ready,
When the time comes, I will lead you.

And not on some kind
of Avissa, Ana Bialystok!

Let's h*t the Fritz up to the tomatoes!

If we are alive, we will have
real t*nk, g*n, and who

knows, maybe even Sweden!

To the Fritz! To Bialystok!

Long live Boldyn!

Well, I have to go. Hold on. Soon we
will take a walk in Białystok restaurants!

I give you my word, the priest in the
church could not have said it better!

Heard, Mrachnyy, has already
made a preacher out of me!

The general sees
through the soldier's soul!

Immediately to them about real t*nk, g*n!

Aty what, tramp, do you think I lied?

What do you think,
I deceived my own soldiers?

If he said real, then real.

If you don't believe me,
ask the Mrachnyy One.

Mrachnyy! Tell the captain
where we'll get the t*nk from.

They are being parachuted, Comrade Captain.

Well, Ivanov, have you heard? Landing.

In turn, comrades,
we must build an aerodrome.

After all, t*nk on parachutes
will not be lowered.

Do you think the clearing
behind the hills will do?

You just need to pack the snow

Vanadek, start work
tomorrow, two weeks.

You also need to apply to the
centre to send t*nk, a*tillery,

mortars, and air support.

Any questions?

No? Then you are free.

Siebert, stay.

Have you seen these guys?

Already sniffed.

I give them an operational task, and they?
They don't even look at each other, tramps!

They don't believe again.

Or do it in two weeks, or never,
just watch the snow melt.

And then you can't walk here.

Mrachnyy, remind me at the meeting
that the aerodrome should be in a

week, not two. clear?

Comrade General, allow me to
report. Team Zelenets during the
construction of the aerodrome.

Is there an answer from the centre?

No, Comrade General.

Did you send a message?

Yes sir.


Three days ago.

Why couldn't you yourself, you
brute, report that they were not
answering the front from there?

Send a reminder.

I will.

And you, Krupa,
when will you finish the aerodrome?

By order, Comrade General.

So, in six... in five days.

If only it were cold!

If Krupa had no moustache,
he would be a girl!

Krupitsky, Comrade General.

Good. In five days you will
report on the completion of the task.

Only this rain, Comrade General...
Water from all the hills flows here.

We carry snow, we tamp it down,
and it all floats. And without tamping. .

Just don't.


Or maybe you don't like
that there will be an aerodrome?

What are you standing like an idol?

Do you want it in the face?

Five days to
complete and report!

Yes, sir.

What about you? Why are you laughing?

But Comrade General...

No, I can see in your eyes that
you're laughing. Glad it's raining, huh?


Oh, you already sniffed with them ..


Oh you...

Is there an answer from the centre?


These wedges.

Boy, are you crazy too?
Didn't know it was contagious.

Do you really think we
sent that radio message?

From which it follows that we
have a commander who has gone?

And that will be?

Nothing will happen.

We'll let you know today.

What won't they send?

What will they send. What
will these damn t*nk send!

Wouldn't it be possible to postpone it?
At least for two days?

And then what?

Ready to do what the hell.

No, we'll pile up the answer today.
And one to calm him down.

Listen... Maybe change the cartridges in
his p*stol to blanks? What do you think?

Well, eagles! No rain today, huh?

Yes, sir.

That's good. Because in the rain,
my eagles are like wet chickens.

Well, what is there?

I report, Comrade General,
there is an answer.


There is agreement, General.

You didn't believe me, bastards!

So here you go, read on!

"In response..." and so on...

"We notify that we agree to
the operation you are planning."

"In pursuance of the
foregoing, within ten days,"

"as soon as flying weather sets in,
you'll get a regiment of light t*nk,"

"as well as two batteries
of anti-t*nk r*fles."

Report on what, Krupa?

aerodrome, Comrade General.

You see! Look, Kholera.
If you don't, I'll k*ll you!

And what are you like...
like taken out of a coffin?

Don't you like that the general is right?

I give my head that they
gossiped that this is crazy, huh?

To you! Today is a good day
for me to mock the incredulous!


You alone are clean, and since
you are clean, run for a clean one!

We need to clean this up.

How much to take?

What's the difference,
take as much as you want.



Did you put on pants?

No, that's good.

Run to Vanadek, let him send messengers to
the brigades for a report, and come here.

Yes, sir!

Oh, here comes Comrade Major!

Do you hear?

I hear.

b*mb are bullshit...

Machine g*n.

Comrade General, the Germans
have launched an offensive.

Where, when, by what means?

There are no wounded yet, but machine g*n
are heard from the direction of the Starogo.

Did you send messengers?

Yes sir!

Intelligence reported on the concentration?

That's right, Comrade General,


The day before yesterday.

So why didn't you tell me, you bastard!

How is it, Comrade General! Immediately,
the day before yesterday at the meeting.

Comrade General personally told
Galalei to conduct reconnaissance.


Oh hero. So he ran, almost
got a blow, What's there again?

From Colonel Starogo. Half an
hour ago, the Germans crossed
the swamp. Brigades att*ck.

And you let them pass!

Very smart. How many?

The colonel said,
about a regiment of infantry.

What else did the Colonel say?
Perhaps he asked for reinforcements?

OK. Run to the colonel and tell
him to hold on as long as possible

And if possible, let him push the
Germans back into the swamp. It's clear?


Don't count on reinforcements.


Kholera clear.


For several weeks it was warm, warmed up,
the swamp dried up, so they crossed over.

They struck with two columns
on both sides of the lake.
Caught the old man by surprise.

Didn't hold back. There are those k*lled

AT & forge in the direction of
the centre of the hills, that is, on us.

f*ck them. We'll see.
What about Okhorovich?

He held his position.

From Green.

Zelenets is in order,
the Germans were delayed.


If only to hold out until the
night, they will not move at night.

Let the Starogo One gather whoever he
can and, together with Zelenets,
push them out into the swamp.

Report Green.

Yes, sir.

Well, Elusya?

Are you afraid?

Never mind, let's break them down.

The Fritz are no longer the same.

Let's go to Bialystok,
I'll buy you a dress, Elyusya!

Luckily the boys didn't run away.


I'll go and see what's happening
with the counter-att*ck.


What are you doing here, 2?
Are you causing a panic?

Do you want a b*llet in the forehead?

I report, Comrade General.
According to the instructions, we
eliminate the unnecessary archive.

What instructions are you carrying!

Comrade General himself signed,
in case of an offensive,


Another year ago. Here he is.

You only create panic

Damn you.

To stand!

Squad leader, come to me!

What are you? Are you running, dog?

Comrade General, order.


Colonel Starogo.

What are you driving me! Where and why?

There were sh*ts, not far from
here. He told me to gather
people and comb the thickets.

Like this, in a crowd, blindly?

I report sent a patrol.

Guys, follow me!

Why don't you att*ck?


Ate from Zelenets?

Stop plugging holes.

Oh you! I myself will
command, Come on PPSH.



Boys, get in position!

Boys, for a free Poland, Follow me!



Did you see how the Fritz received us?

We won't be able to hold out for long.
Run to Vanadek, let him gather whoever

he can and att*ck the Fritz from the
other side. Come on boy! Already!

Long live Poland.

Get up.

Raise the people, Mrachnyy.


I will.

Listen to my command. Get up!
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