Hornet's Nest (1970)

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Hornet's Nest (1970)

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Where are the partisans?

Where are the partisans?






Coming in on target.

Okay, go.

Chicken Little to Red Dog.

The chickens are in the nest.

Schwalberg, bring him in, alive.

- He's bleeding.

- So he has a cut.

But it's like my mama used to say,

"You pray to the holy saints,

they'll send you what you want."

Maybe he'll say, "No, Aldo."

Maybe he won't want to.

He's gonna have to.

- Come on!

- You sure he isn't d*ad?

All right?

All right.

I want every farm,

every village in the district

turned inside out.

And you will inform the people that

anyone even suspected of helping this man

will immediately be turned over to the SS.

You don't think your commandant

will object to that, Corporal?

No, sir.

Hermann, Ehrlich. All right.

As soon as it's light, you continue

your search of the woods.

Yes, sir.

Well, Corporal,

what is your expert opinion?

This power pack is strong enough

to carry well over 300 miles.


A pity we didn't have

such equipment in North Africa.

Yes, sir.

What were they going to blow up

with all this dynamite?

The railroad depot, town hall,

SS headquarters,

the Grimaldi tunnel, the Della Norte dam?

He won't be bl*wing up anything now.

I don't think we should underestimate

a man who parachutes into trees

and can still outrun three able-bodied

soldiers, eh, Schwalberg?

Captain, they will be waiting

for you at the headquarters.

Yes, yes. We mustn't keep the SS

and the General Staff

out of our little guessing game.

You might ask Ehrlich to keep an eye out

for that new g*n my father sent me.

It seems to have disappeared.

He's been out a long time.

But how can you tell?

He's so big.

Hey, soldier.

He's as cold as ice.

- Then how come he's sweating?

- Maybe he's d*ad.

What are you thinking

he's d*ad for all the time?

There, you feel his heart?

I'm going to get a dottore.

You know how many n*zi

are out there looking for him?

For him, not for us.

I didn't go through

all this trouble just to bury him.


Trucks across the river.

- The f*re?

- It's out.

- Silvio, let's go.

- How about me? Listen.

See? I know them all.

- You're too young, Carlo.

- Let him come.

He's got to learn sometime. Dino!

You better stay here, in case he wakes up.


It is manufactured in the United States

and is designated Composition C.

It can be set off from a distance

with electric wiring and a primer cord,

or with a*t*matic detonators

plugged into the plastic mass.

The detonators, I am told,

have not been found.

The missing man has them, no doubt.

That was our assumption, too, Colonel.

It's obvious they were sent to destroy

a major m*llitary installation.

But which one?

The Aircraft Warning Complex at Verranova,

the Grimaldi tunnel, the Della Norte dam?

The Della Norte dam,

if I may say so, gentlemen.

Thank you for your opinion, Captain.

But six men or even 12 bl*wing up

the Della Norte dam,

what a charming fantasy.

The obvious target is the Grimaldi tunnel.

I would give orders

that appropriate security measures

- be taken to forestall...

- Colonel.

My apologies to the SS.

If they dynamite the tunnel,

they can tie up traffic for eight hours, 10.

Maybe a day if

they knocked out the ventilators.

And if they blew up the dam?

They'd flood the whole valley.

We couldn't move troops.

We could anticipate the major allied

advance, Captain Von Hecht.

The fhrer has given orders

to drive their armies into the sea.

I don't expect them

to be waiting on the beach.

Has Captain Von Hecht

been named Corps Intelligence Officer?

I'm sure the captain only meant to say...

Thank you, General Von Kleber.

There's really no need to defend me.

No, I'm not Corps Intelligence Officer.

I'm a field officer.

But the Della Norte dam is in my district.

Of course, we could stop

guessing about the target

if we had the prisoner to question.

Yes, Captain. I suggest you concentrate

on the search for the missing man.

That will be all.


Yes, sir.

General Rutke is taking over

a panzer division in this push.

I could arrange to have you

posted to his staff.

You've been asking for a transfer

back to the fighting forces.

No, thank you.

Where I am now, suddenly,

there is good hunting.

I'd hate to give that up.

You really are your father's son.

Thank you, General.

How many men can be sure of that?


Remember the signal.

Dottore, you've got to come quick.

It's one of the boys.

The little one, Mario.

You are not lying to me, Aldo.

I steal medicines for you

from the n*zi, don't I?

What, are you asking me if I'm lying?

All right. I'll get my bag.

And the people.

I think so.

You've got the americano.

- I want him.

- You had your chance.

You coming, Dottore?

Or are you going to play more tricks?

Aldo, you are making this w*r

a private matter.

That's right, and the americano

is my private property.

I could just take him from you.

You've got to find him first.

Scarpi, let me talk to him.

No! I found him and he's mine.

Are you coming or not?

All right, then.

If he dies, he dies.

Where is he?

All right, you win, Comandante.

You follow the creek past

the Saint Joseph shrine.

We'll follow you.

Come on.


Scarpi, the American. The mission.


No, no. You've got to cry

when you tell her. Cry.

You call that crying?

She'll be coming out in a minute.

It'll be daylight.

You, you cry.

That's crying?

Carlo, remember when your father

used to h*t you sometimes?

That didn't mean

he didn't love you, did it?

That is crying.


Dottore, please, you must come

right away. My mother is dying.

Where is she?

What's the matter with her?

Dottore, please, no time.

She is bleeding. There's blood all over.

I'm sorry. I can't.

I've been on duty

since early yesterday morning.

My brother said she'll die.

It's not far, Dottore.

Only across the road.

Dottore, please.

You said it was close by.

Just across the road.

Just a little further, Dottore.

A little further.

Dottore, please.

I want you to stop crying,

and tell me exactly

what happened and where we are going.

You found a dottore.

The saints will bless you.

My whole family will pray for you.

Exactly where is your family?

This way, Dottore.

Not far, maybe half a mile.

He said it was across the road.

It's my fault. I told him to say it.

We were afraid you wouldn't come.

But it's no more than half a mile.

I swear it by all the saints.

Thank you, Dottore. Thank you.

Dino, Aldo's here.

What are they all doing here?

They live here.

They used to live in Reanoto.

You ever heard of Reanoto?

Sure, she did.


Come on, Aldo.

You better... Where is the...

This is the dottore. How is he?

Not so still anymore.

And once, he opened his eyes.

But that's all.

He's in here.

This man is an enemy soldier.

Can you fix him up?

He's one of the Americans who were

parachuting into the area

last night, isn't he?

I admit he isn't my mother.

Can you fix him up?

I have no intention of doing anything for

him until he's reported to the authorities.

He needs help!

He is not going to get it from me.

Do you know what happens to people

who give aid to the enemy?

Get out of my way.

You're not going anywhere.

And you're a stupid boy.

Do you think you can get away with this?

Don't you realize they'll miss me?

That could be.

In the meantime, fix him up.

I said fix him up!

Come back with me.

Tell the authorities you found him.

You're children.

You won't be punished, I promise.

You stupid n*zi bitch!

You do what I tell you!

Grab her!

Let me go! Let me go!

Stop it! Stop it!

Let me go!

- Now shut up!

- Let me go!

Let me go!

I said shut up!

She'll fix him,

but maybe we got to fix her first.

- Let me go!

- Hold her!

- Let me go!

- Mario, Maria, get out!

Go on, get out!

Get out! Go on!

Let me go!

When we get through doing like your

soldiers did to our mothers and our sisters,

you're gonna do everything we tell you.

We're gonna make a little Reanoto here.

So it will feel more like home.

Dottore, please.

Did you leave them alone in there?

What are they gonna do?

Dig a hole in the mountain and run away?

You've been acting funny.

What's the matter?

I said, what's the matter?

That stuff with the woman before.

That stinks.

And you stink.

We wouldn't have gone through with it.

Maybe you wouldn't.

You want me to take it to them?

No, I'll take it.

I wanna keep her filled out nice.

You can put your shirt on now.


No broken bones.

You have a bad bruise on your rib cage.

It must be when I h*t the tree.

And you have a concussion.

But without X-rays,

I can't tell you any more.

Shouldn't he eat something, Dottore?

It would be good for you,

if you feel like it.

You'd be better to stay off your feet.

I've been off them too long...

I see you smoke my brand.

It's 8:00.

I'm an hour late for surgery.

They'll be looking for me.

Well you better hope they don't find you.

What's this?

A detonator.

What does it do?

Nothing without dynamite.

Hey, soldier, you're not eating.

Outside, I want to talk to you.

You know a man named Scarpi?

He's d*ad.

You know any of his men?

They're all d*ad. Everybody's d*ad.

We had a plague here. n*zi.

I need a transmitter.

You know where I can find one?

- Transmitter?

- Yeah, a radio that talks both ways.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I know Von Hecht has one.

We heard him talk once to Genoa.

All right!

You need a transmitter?

Luigi, Silvio,

I'll meet you back in the motor pool with

the shine bags around mess time.

- Anything else?

- Yeah. Where's the transmitter?

Von Hecht's office.

And this is his riffle.

You know the layout, huh?

And you know where the guards are posted?

Sure, we know. Don't worry about it.

You leave it to us.

Thanks, General.

I'll run this show myself.

What do you mean?

Well, if you give me a rundown on

this Von Hecht and his headquarters,

then I'll figure a way

to get the transmitter.

I don't like the idea. You stay here!

Now, look, kid,

I've got a job to do.

How about the job you got to do for me?

For us?

What the hell do you think

we saved you for?

Yeah. What the hell did you save me for?

You're gonna show us

how to sh**t these g*n.

Planning your own w*r, huh?

That's right.

Okay, if that's what you want.

After you help me get the transmitter.

After you get the transmitter,

you don't need us.

You're going to teach us first.

Aldo, maybe we ought to listen to him.

You shut up!

You don't like things around here,

you can get out.

Take your kid brother

and kid sister with you.

We're the ones who saved

his life, aren't we?

I said thanks, didn't I?

We waited a long time for somebody.

Okay, General,

squeeze one off.

Then where will you be?

You help me get a message through,

and I'll have you sh**ting

those g*n with your eyes shut.

How about it?

Hold it!

There's a machine g*n in there. A big one!

When we make our move,

you go with us, with the machine g*n.

Okay. Okay.

Now show me the layout

of this Von Hecht place.

If he tries to double-cross us,

I'll squeeze one off.

Don't touch it, please. Don't.

And the main road is here.

The motor pool.

Where are the woods?

- I think they're over here.

- Yeah.

- About here.

- Yeah.


There is Von Hecht's office here.

- Here?

- Si.

And a side window.

You will feel this, but just for a second.

For a second.

That means, "n*zi soldiers coming."

You got signals like that in America?


Only in America, it means,

"Cheese it, the cops."

Lead the way.

Shine, Colonel.

Working hard!

- What do you say, General? Shine?

- No.

Hey, Capitano, is this any way

to treat a friend?

I'm missing a new g*n, friend.

You don't think I took it.

No one else comes and goes

as freely as you do.

Capitano, I got something

much better than a g*n for you.

What would that be?

Shine, Capitano?

Never mind all that.

Well, I was just thinking how

it would look if someone walked in.

Aldo, if you're quite satisfied,

we are keeping up appearances.

Pretty busy in your district,

eh, Capitano?

Get to the point.

That woman dottore. I know who's got her.

You do?

The partisans.

There are no more partisans.

If the Capitano says so.

What partisans?

The ones with the wounded americano.

I don't suppose you'd

know where to find them.

Sure, if you want them.

You want them, Capitano?

Can you read a map?

We had maps in school.

You've lost a lot of customers.

I should make it up to you.

I could send you north.

You could live in a fine house.

I got business here.

That's what we all tell ourselves.

What do you want?

When it's all over, Capitano,

just remember me.


- You're coming along.

- Capitano!

If somebody sees me with you,

they'll be fishing my body from the river.

All right.

Hurry up!

Come on! Hurry up!

Did you find the transmitter?

Yes, it's in his office.

How many men are left?

Five or six. Two sentries in the front.

Carlo, Paolo, do your stuff.

The rest of you...

- But I don't have to.

- Get out there, damn it!


What are you doing in this area?

What are you doing here?

We've got company.

Hey, Capitano, give us a cigarette.

- Go away!

- Give us a cigarette, Capitano!

It will stunt your growth.

Wanna swap?

What have you got?

Calling Red Dog.

Calling Red Dog.

Red Dog, this is Powderman. Over.

Calling Red Dog. Red Dog.

Powderman. Come in.

Red Dog. Calling Red Dog, Powderman.

Red Dog, this is Powderman. Over.

Calling Red Dog. Calling Red Dog.

This is Powderman.

This is Powderman. Come in.

Calling Red Dog, Red Dog, Red Dog.

This is Powderman, come in.

- Hurry up!

- Shut up!

Hello, Red Dog.

Powderman, this is Red Dog.

Repeat! We've been h*t! Wiped out!

Red Dog. Where are you transmitting from?

You son of a bitch!

I said, "Unit destroyed."

Don't you read me?

Unit destroyed!

Red Dog, the b*mb is in place.

There is no other way.

Top Dog is counting on us.

Where are you now?

Powderman? Powderman, come in, please.

Calling Powderman.

Red Dog. Come in, please.


Let's get out of here!

Call your g*ng.

Hey. Here.

Went good, huh, soldier?

Yeah, you just graduated basic training.

Hey, you wanna blow us all up.

Nothing bl*ws up until I make it blow up.

Sit down!



What, soldier?

Hold this.

How far are we from the Della Norte dam?

I said, "How far are we

from the Della Norte dam?"

Maybe 10, maybe 15 kilometers.

I don't know.

Hey, Dino!

How far's the Della Norte?

Dino's papa built the dam.

- Right, Dino?

- That's right.

Carlo's papa, too, and Franco's.

My father used to take me up

on the scaffolds when I was little.

Once, when the cement was wet,

we wrote our names in it.

His father was educated.

He could write.

You gonna blow it up?

He's gonna blow up the dam!

He's gonna blow up the dam?

Yeah, why not?

Captain, will you be

making your report now?

The dynamite's been stolen.

Can't be too far away.

Get the damn sentries in here.

And get everybody moving.

Captain, they've been on the go

for 24 hours.

I want those expl*sives back!

Get the men out!

Remember me.

I remember you quite distinctly.

Aren't you ready yet?

Don't want to forget this.

If it gets in the way,

we're gonna dump it, you understand?

Don't you forget

you're gonna be our machine-g*n.

May I speak to you, please?


- Whatever isn't packed by now, leave it.

- It can't be later.

If you're still worrying about

what's going to happen to you,

there was a motion

just before to k*ll you.

There was plenty of seconds,

so just go along quietly.

I was thinking about the children.

- The younger ones.

- You're worrying about us?

They're not strong enough

to walk any distance.

There must be some way

to get them out of this.

Whatever you have in mind, forget it.

If they can't walk, we'll carry them.

Dino, get everybody to fall in.

You too, Aldo.

Fall in, Dottore.

You're going to use

these children, aren't you?

That's right, Frulein.

I'm going to use these children.

Even though that's all they are, children.

What the hell do you know about us?

Did you ever see the n*zi

put your father in front of a machine g*n?

You ever lie there and watch them

take your mother, your sister?

Nobody's gonna tell me what we are!

Or what we're gonna do!


All right, Aldo. You made a nice speech.

Now, fall in.

You ask a question, you get an answer.

Sometimes, you wish you never asked.

I'm a doctor, not...

Look, I'm fighting against time

and every second counts.

With any luck, I can make my h*t,

fast, clean and nobody gets hurt.

I'm a doctor, not a soldier.

I want to get back to the hospital.

Forget it.

You're tied in with us now till it's over.

That's a good g*n.

Yeah, for pigeons maybe.

We ready to march?

The map.

She get special marching orders?

Frulein? Now.

If we are going to be marching,

I should see to Maria's dressing.

The irrigation lake will make it

easy some time tomorrow.

Not tomorrow. Tonight.

Why not? Maybe even before.

What an army.

You three, start over there.

You two, follow me.

You sure?

These are my woods, soldier.

Remember, stay together.

All right, let's go through this again.

This is not a toy.

It kills.

You never aim this g*n, you point it down,

because it jerks up and pulls to the right.

Now, let's see you do it.

Good. Good.

Up some more.


All right, b*at it, get ready.

We've been through this now a dozen times.

You will reload in three seconds.

Like this.




Let me see you do it.

Ready? Go!




Aldo, show them how to do it.







When do we start sh**ting for real?

When the n*zi can't hear us.

Move out.


Dino, take the lead.

Please, they're all so tired.

- Let them rest.

- Aldo!

They can rest tonight at the lake.

We can stay here.

And let the n*zi patrol grab these kids?

You wouldn't want that.

Or would you?

They wouldn't hurt the boys.

Not if they gave up their g*n.

You got a written guarantee?

You'll be all right.

They'll take good care of you.

Get back.

Silvio, watch her.

Over here! I found a trail.

I found a trail!

Don't cry out. Don't.


Oh, my God. Mario. Mario.

Mario. Please, Mario. Mario.

Get these bodies hidden.

Mario, Mario, please.

Please, Mario. Mario.

Please, Mario.



He's all right. You see?

He's all right.

- Dino.

- Tried to get away, didn't she?

She tried to get away, didn't she?

She had the kids with her.

Don't be a damn fool.

What the hell difference does that make?

They think she's their mama!

I told you that it would be

too tough to watch her.

You can't wait to get to the Gestapo.

You look at me when I talk to you!

You're no big Frau Doktor here.

You're a bitch!

That's enough, Aldo.

And who in the hell are you,

telling me what to do?

I don't take orders from you.

We're gonna leave her here

with the other Krauts,

like I said we should have at the cave.

Get away from him, you bitch.

He don't need your help.

You don't really want

to do that now, do you?

Somebody might get hurt. Bad.

Maybe even you.

I'll take the lead, Dino.

That was good scouting.

Well, thanks.

Thank you.

For what? You two help Silvio.

The rest of you get ready to move out.

Captain Von Hecht,

this is quite a surprise.

A drink for the staff

before the big offensive.

No, thank you.

You wanted to see me?

Yes, an order has come through

for the transfer of two of my companies.

It must be rescinded.

Impossible. They have been

transferred to my command.

And guard duty at the railway tunnel?


You're going to leave the Della Norte dam

just begging to be bl*wn up?


The dynamite's been stolen. And the

American couldn't have done it alone.

Take it up with Major Taussig.

And from now on, report to him at Reanoto.

He's SS. He'll feel as you do, won't he?

That's always possible.

Good night. Heil h*tler.

You're wasting your time, Friedrich.

You've hunted with me, General.

I'm too close to the k*ll now.

A word from you...

Hunt down your American.

Ready? One.


Umberto, remember, point low. Like that.

Once again. One.


Any day now, you'll be

able to h*t 'em and run.

How's tomorrow?

I'll let you know when.

Keep working with those g*n.

I'm going to have a look at the dam.


I'm sorry.

But they don't call you by any other name.

Soldier is good enough. What do you want?

I heard you say

you were going up to the dam.

I want to come with you.

They won't bother you.

They have a bunch of shiny new toys.

I'd prefer not to be alone with them.

I won't get in your way.

- See that?

- What do you care? Let him have his fun.

You sure he'll come back?

All his stuff is here, no?

Aldo, he's going to want us

to help him blow up the dam.


But if we blow up the dam, we might

not be able to do what we want to do.

What we want comes first.

When are you going to tell him?

Did I ever tell you about

the time I was in Venice?

I met a girl in front of Sabatini's.

We walked down the street.

We stood in a doorway. It was dark.

She let me do anything I wanted.

You know, it was really something.

But before the real thing,

you know what she said?

- What did she say?

- You gotta pay!

The same with the soldier.

When he's got the dam bl*wing up

in his head and he can hardly wait,

that's when I'll tell him, you gotta pay.

Did you pay?

Everybody pays, stupid.

It never happened.

What the hell do you know about it?

When you were in Venice,

you were 11 years old.

Sure, but I was big for my age.

How did the girl know how old I was?

It never happened.

Shut up! Come on, get up!

You gotta practice with the g*n. Get up!

Could we slow down for a minute?

I have to talk to you.

Go ahead.

The little girl, Maria.

I'm very worried about her.

Her leg is badly infected.

It is spreading.

That's too bad.

Please, let me go back

with the two little ones.

I must get Maria into a hospital. Somehow.

You don't really believe I could do that.

Why not? You can send us with Silvio.

He could take days

to lead us to a village.

You could be anywhere by that time.

And what happens

when the Gestapo drops in,

and asks you for a list of the boys'

names and their descriptions?

What would you do then?

Has it occurred to you that I may not like

the Gestapo any more than you?

Well, you'd have to like them

to do Maria any good.

Please. You must find some way

to get me out with the two little ones.

Here it comes.

There are many soldiers down there.


Stay down.

And you have 15 boys.

Some of them not much more than babies.

And I wonder which ones can swim.

So you've decided to use the children

to help you blow up the dam.


I heard you say, "h*t 'em and run."

But that will always stay with you.

Don't you realize

what you're doing to these children?

Don't tell me about those kids.

I know how they feel.

When I was Aldo's age,

I saw my old man k*lled.

bl*wn up in an oil well f*re.

All I could think about

after that was bl*wing up

every goddamned oil well I could find,

like they want to k*ll

every German they can find.

You can't use the children.

If they help me blow up that dam,

I might even things up for them.

I won't go back. You can k*ll me here!

Right now!

Please, please!

Help, help! Help!

What a great little healer

you turned out to be.

You with all your bandages

and your splints.

You can heal me now, Doctor.

Get our men into billets.

- Get them fed quickly.

- Yes, sir.

Your men have been reassigned, Captain.

Major Taussig,

commanding officer of this area.

Heil h*tler.

I think we can dispense

with a formal briefing.

I'm the last man who has

to be briefed on this operation.

Colonel Jannings

has warned me of your spirit.

But while you're under my command,

you will obey orders.

Under your command.

My papers from General Von Kleber

specifically state...

Orders signed by General

Von Kleber are no longer valid.

He's been relieved

of his duties in this area.

In that case, I await your orders,


I've assigned you the east slope

of the tunnel, Captain.

- I myself will...

- I'll have to beg off.

The captain was twice wounded

while serving with the Afrika Korps.

A good field officer doesn't keep

his men standing around.

Assist the captain.

Make sure he doesn't tax his strength

by straying too far from the village.

- Move out!

- Move out!

A waste of manpower, isn't it?

Four of us sitting here.

Where to, Captain?

Back down the road

about three miles, there's a creek.

We'll follow it north toward the dam.

Okay. Dry out. Next two.


- I'm okay. I'm okay.

- Okay, okay, dry off. Go on.

I told you I'm okay.

That's all right.

Okay, dry out.

- How's it going?

- Almost finished.

Look, I'm almost finished, too.


Hey, soldier, ready for live a*mo?

Like I said, I'll let you know when.

But first we get to practice with it, no?

Why don't we just send the Germans

an invitation to come and get us?

But we've never sh*t one.

I hope you never have to.

Never have to?

Is that supposed to be a joke?

How are we gonna

not sh**t and still k*ll n*zi?

By bl*wing up the dam.

We gotta k*ll n*zi.

That's right, soldier.

If we do it right, the Germans

will never know we were there.

Before we h*t the dam,

we're gonna practice on live targets.

What targets?

The n*zi in Reanoto. In our village.

We got more important things

to worry about.

- Like a w*r.

- This is our w*r.

Before the dam, we go to our village.

That is our w*r. Can't you hear it?

And it's getting closer

and closer and closer.

Come on, Aldo. Use your head.

First, Reanoto.

You forgot about

the bargain you made in the cave.

What bargain?

You said we help you, you help us.

What was that?

Just something to keep

the little bambini happy?

We'll k*ll over 10,000 n*zi

by bl*wing up that dam.

You go into Reanoto,

maybe you k*ll a few of them.

Maybe they k*ll a few of you.

What the hell does that mean?

Respect! A man r*pes your mother

and your sister and kills them.

And you don't k*ll him?

You got no respect!

With you or without you, we go.

But if we go without you,

we don't go to the dam.

And you don't go to the dam either,

because we got the detonators hidden.

Where is the village?

We'll show you.

All right.

Load up with live a*mo.

We h*t 'em and run, eh, soldier?

Yeah, you little bastards.

h*t 'em and run.

Ehrlich to Captain Von Hecht.

Ehrlich to Captain Von Hecht.

Do you receive me?

Captain Von Hecht here.

We found the missing patrol.

Ehrlich, where are you?

About two miles northwest

of the old flour mill

where the trail branches off

toward the Della Norte dam.

- Wait there.

- Yes, sir.

Now they've got to believe it's the dam.

Yes, sir, but shouldn't

you tell Major Taussig?

I've told him and every other

SS officer in Italy.

To hell with them.

But Major Taussig will listen to me.

It might be worth it at that,

watching the SS admit it's not infallible.

Ehrlich, meet us back at the car.

Please, please. My mother had an accident.

We must get to the doctor in Rappelino.

Please, it's only three miles

to Rappelino.

Heil h*tler.

Major Taussig is at the Grimaldi tunnel.

Hello? Hello?

No, Carlo, like I told you before,

you pull the pin out first

then you slap it into my hand.

Everybody get ready.

Have you got that?

Hurry it up! Everybody down! Down!


Quiet! Everybody back in the truck!

Drop it back now.

Everybody duck!

Dino, get me a pack of that dynamite

and the detonator.

Silvio, hurry up!

Hey, Dottore, you like the way

we handle the n*zi?

Shut up!

Hey, soldier, what's the matter?

We h*t 'em and run, just like you said.

I said, shut up!

Round up as many men as you can

and see to the wounded.

Round up as many men as you can

and see to the wounded.

Major. Major Taussig...

You'd better get through

to headquarters, Taussig.

What? Yes, yes, of course.

But the phone. The phone is out.

Find the break in the wire

and have it repaired.

You'll need some men for a burial detail.

Yes, sir.

This way, Major.

Funny how one grenade

can chew up a small room.

My God.

We don't have to ask who did this.

Tell headquarters to transfer as many men

as they can to the Della Norte dam.

Don't give me orders, Captain!

Get Hermann and Ehrlich.

Three squads. We move out immediately.

You'll go nowhere, Schwalberg!

We don't have time for this, Major.



The shock of the incident

was too much for the major.

I tried to tell him

it wasn't his responsibility.

Good Lord.

Although I'm not one of you,

I share the feeling of you SS people.

Take charge here, Lieutenant.

When you get headquarters, tell them to

send extra security forces to the dam.

Yes, sir.

Better find another p*stol, Schwalberg.

I seem to have misplaced mine.

As the captain wishes.

Get out of there.

Go away from here.

- Children, get out of there.

- Get out of the water.

Get out of there. Go away!

Get out.

Go away from here.

Hans. Hans.



Let's go.

Hey, Aldo.


Soldier, soldier!

Hey, soldier.

Schwalberg, check both sides of the dam.

Hermann, Ehrlich!

I'll take charge here.


I have no orders turning over

command of the dam to you.

You have them now.

I take full responsibility.

Have all the lights turned on at once.

Recall all off-duty guards.

Throw a cordon of patrols around

the entire perimeter over there.

It will take time, sir.

It will take forever

if you don't get started.


Down. Stay down.

Have you ordered

the men up from the bunker?

Put out patrols?

No, Captain. I called headquarters.

Your orders were to report

to Grimaldi tunnel.

You are under arrest.

Turn off the lights.

Are you convinced now?

Get a patrol to the base of the dam.

I'm in command, Captain.

Keep the captain under guard.

Everybody down!


Get the hell out of here!

There he is!

Follow me!

Down! Stay down!

That way!



Get out of the way!

Aldo, Aldo.

You k*lled Carlo.

You k*lled Carlo.

Come on, you bastards. All of you!

Come on!

Let's get out of here.

Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.

Hey, Rico!

Franco, Paolo!


I k*lled 20 n*zi Germans. You hear that?

Twenty n*zi Germans

with a big, big machine g*n.

Much bigger than the one you use.

Much bigger!

Franco, Mikko!

I got a big, big machine g*n.

Then I got one, two, three, four...

Carlo's d*ad.

- Then I got seven, eight, nine. And then 10!

- Aldo.


Hey, americani! We won the w*r!

We won the w*r!

We won the w*r!

We won the w*r!

Give me those g*n!

You see that, Dino?

The soldier said to give him the g*n.

Hey, what's the matter with you?

You forgot already?

Carlo. But I told you.

I'm gonna tell the americani

how I k*lled 20 n*zi.

Let's go.

Just what I need, a shoeshine.


You've just captured a whole live German.



Pretty close.

Better give me the g*n, Aldo.

He's a n*zi. We k*ll n*zi!

Come on, Aldo. Give me the g*n.

No more orders.

He surrendered. His hands are in the air.

So were my father's.

Get away from him.

He's mine. I caught him.

Put it down, Aldo.

No more orders. I got this. I'm the boss.

You listen to me.

Do you hear me?

Dino, Giorgio, Umberto!

They're not with you!

They never were! They're with me!

Like Carlo, when you sh*t him?

That was an accident. I couldn't help it.

That's enough.

That's enough!

That's enough!



Lousy, filthy, stinking traitor.

If he gives you any trouble, sit on him.

Is it bad?

Thanks to you.

I admire the way

you accomplished your mission.

It was magnificent.

Don't you think so, Doctor?

They can always rebuild the dam.

Come on. Move them!

All right, Captain.

Get one of those trucks back here.

Yeah, for who?

Fifth Army, demolition.


Yes, sir.

Okay, get one of those trucks back here.

Come on, move it!

You're no good, soldier.

You're a n*zi traitor, soldier.

I hate you! Hate you!

Don't you come near me, or I'll k*ll you!

You listen to me, soldier.

You gotta pay!

You hear? You gotta pay!

You're no good, soldier!

I hate you!

Hate you!

You gotta pay.

Come on.

I k*lled Carlo.

Yes, I did.

But I didn't mean to, soldier.

Silvio's d*ad.

I don't hate you, soldier.

Soldier, you're bleeding.

They k*lled papa.

They k*lled mama, too.

I k*lled Carlo,

but I didn't mean it, soldier.

I didn't mean it.
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