01x09 - Escape from Shit Mountain

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Poker Face". Aired: January 26, 2023 - present.
A mystery-of-the-week series following Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.
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01x09 - Escape from Shit Mountain

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All right, everyone, we're gonna

increase the resistance by five

between and ...


Nice, everyone, great work. Keep it up!


Let's stay motivated, folks.

Forward, forward, forward.



f*ck. f*ck.

That's right, Bobby.
Heavy snow is on the way

if it's not already here.

And with a winter weather advisory

now in place across the state,

we are asking that if you
can stay inside this evening,

please do so because we're expecting

most mountain passes to be snowed in.

This storm has already crippled Denver

with road closures and blackouts

throughout the metro area.

Several feet of snow
are expected tonight

as this front moves from west to east.

Well, luckily, the
storm system should break

before tomorrow
morning's commute begins.

But we are keeping our eye on the radar,

and we will continue to update you

with further developments.

Officer Buckley, I was
just about to call you.

Yeah, sure you were, Nelson.

So the storm took down
our monitoring system.

Your device will be
out through the night,

but conditions on your
parole still apply.

Do I need to remind
you of the consequences

- if I don't hear from you?
- No, sir. I understand.

Good. I'm coming to check on you

at : a.m. when the
system's back online.

You got that?

- Got it.
- All right, Trey.

Don't do anything f*ck' stupid.

f*ck. Yes!







Hey, brother.

How you doin', man?

Cool, so listen...

Hey, man.

I am so sorry about this.

This whole thing is
f*ck' nightmare. I...

Goddammit, it's good
to see your face, man.

What's it been like, a year?


What do you think's going
to happen here, Trey?

I need to use the spot.


All right, uh, I'm going to go.

Look, man, I am a piece of shit,

and you are a true friend, brother.

But I, I do have to go.

But I'm going to text you.

We're going to talk this all out.


You know what?

Let's, let's talk it out now.

Let's, let's go inside.
Let's get a drink.

Everything's going to be good. Okay?


You still got my stash?

Ahhh, yeah, you do.

Place hasn't changed a bit.

Neither have you.

Here you go, buddy.

I don't know how you
drink that shit, man.

It brings me back.

To better times.

I owe you a lot, brother. I know that.

And I am sorry that I didn't call you

as soon as I got back into town.

It's been a f*cked-up year.

Can I show you something?

Look at this shit.

Some assh*le at my firm
couldn't make his nut,

he goes all whistleblower,

accuses everyone of insider trading,

some bullshit.

They make me take the fall.

Now I'm six months into
a -month sentence,

losing my f*cking mind.

Six months?

You been back for six months,

and this is how I hear from you.

I was on house arrest.

Yeah, you on phone arrest too?

Bro, I was embarrassed.

Okay? The whole town
knows me as this big sh*t,

and then I come back

with a tag on my ankle like some cow.

Yeah, sure. It's humiliating
for you being back here, huh?

I didn't say that.

It's just you're like family to me

and I...

I didn't want you to know.

Anyway, looks like
you're doing great. Huh?

Your pops left you the place?

Yeah. It's been a real picnic.

You got your family's money
and you go to Stanford,

and I get stuck in this
f*cking dump, you know.


You don't know what this
place was like after all of it.

You were gone.

Everywhere I looked, I saw her face.

It's the power.

It does this during storms.

Oh, you, you, you want to go?

Yeah, no, you should f*cking go.

Look, there's nothing I can say to help

what happened.

Maybe we just shouldn't talk about it.

Yeah, right. I mean, you
got what you wanted. Yeah.

- I didn't say that.
- I'm not a f*ck' idiot, Trey.

I know I didn't go to college,
but I know what I'm here for.

You know what? How about
I just give you some money.

Man, it's the same damn
thing since we were kids.

I don't need that shit.


f*ck you too, then.

And I went to Harvard.
Not f*cking Stanford.

The roads in are shut down.

Hold on. Hold on.


Hey, she's hurt. I
think we need some help.

All right. Looky here.

More trees.

Oh, hi.

You know, there's probably
even more trees over that way

at the scenic overlook of trees.


Anything I can help you with?

Oh, no, I'm good. Just trying to get off

these never-ending mountains from hell.

- Why would you want to leave?
- Hmm?

Oh, hi.

Uh, well, that's a quality question.

I guess I just don't
really go in for heights.

It, uh, whacks out my nasal passages.

It's a real...

You don't really need to know
all this, but it is a mess.

Can I show you something?

Well, I'd love to, but
I've got a very strict

no second location policy.

Served me well, kept me
from getting Zodiac'd.

And I have been kind of

a death magnet this past year, so...

No, no, but, uh...

Well, we do all have to go sometime.

Let me just fold up my map.

Oh great. More trees. Terrific.

You don't like trees?

Pine trees, nah.

You know what it is?
I smell pine and, boom,

shitty Christmas memories.

- Proustian.
- Yeah.

Yeah, right. Proustian.

Check it out!

I call it the Magic Mountain.

Isn't it awesome?

It's f*ck' gorgeous.

I'm never leaving Magic Mountain.

I'm never leaving Magic Mountain!


- Ma'am, please, no.
- No, ma'am, it's...

- Please stop.
- It's gratis.

Tips not required but
always appreciated.

Here. Please. Please.


Thank you. Kind of.

Hey, hey. What did I tell you?

You can't be here.

You're freaking out the customers.

Stan, my man, believe me, I am trying.

Okay. Just a couple more windshields,

and I'll be able to
get the Cuda to Denver.

Now you, you want me in Denver.

I know you do. You want this for me.

If you're not out of here in
minutes, I'm calling the cops.

Ah, you're a prince among men, Stan.

You're a prince among...


Dude, you f*cking wiped.

- Huh?
- You f*cking wiped.

Yeah. Yeah, I sure did.

Oh. God.

- Are you okay?
- Oof.

You need anything? I
got some Advil or Aleve,

maybe a lidocaine patch or codeine,

Percocet, Peyote.

You want coke? I can get us some coke.

Okay, easy, hacky sack.

Uh, all I want is to get
off this shit mountain.

You got a car?

Uh, thatta way.

- It's nice!
- Yeah. It's empty.

Where are you headed?

Sea level.

Love that for you.

So... if I fill you up,
will you give me a ride?

For real? All right.

Uh, hey, I am just going
to need my wallet back.

You're hilarious.


Come on.

Stan, my man.

I am here as a bona fide customer.

I'm going to need a
fill-up on number seven.

I've been seeing these everywhere.

- They ever find this girl?
- No.

That thing's been hanging
there for ten years, so no.

Family name.

If I run this card,

you're taking her with you.

Oh, you will never see us again.

Have a safe trip, Mr. Bernstein.

So, Mortimer...

what brought you to Shit Mountain?

I board. So I follow the snow.

But that life is not cheap.


So kind of a gentleman thief situation.

All right.

Well, I'm similarly nomadic
minus the kleptomania.

But maybe I should try it.
You could give me lessons.

Sorry. I don't do sex stuff.

No judgment, though.

Man, it is really f*ck' dumping, huh?

Wonder if we should put
on the chains or something.


Chains are a myth by big automotive.

If you start to skid,
just turn into the...


You got to be kidding me.

You were supposed to turn into the...

All right, Morty, come on.



Shit, shit, Shit Mountain.

- You have a phone?
- What? No.

I'm, I'm off the grid.

Okay, I have one, but it's d*ad.

So if you don't have a
charger in here, then...

Hey, you know what?

Why don't I stay in the car?

You can walk back, find
that gas station dude.

I know they had a tow truck.

Oh. Great idea, Mortimer.

Yes, that is a great idea.

I am definitely going to do that.

Just riddle me this, Morty.

Are you going to steal my car?

- No.
- Bullshit.

You are percent
going to steal my car.

Okay, fine!

I'll walk back and get us a tow.


- Geez.
- Mortimer.

- Mortimer.
- What?


Klepto freak.


Be careful.

All right, Morty, where did you go?



Hey, over here. Help!

Oh my God.

This assh*le's really not going to stop.


Hold on.

Down, down, down.

Hey, she's hurt. I
think we need some help.


Are you me?

Hey. Try to stay awake.

Did I just die on Shit Mountain?

You're at a motel. We
found you by the door.

Do you know what happened?

I'm d*ad.

I d*ed on Shit Mountain.

I've always been the caretaker.

What? Uh, no, you're not d*ad.

Do you know what happened?


Little twiggy friend.

Where did you come from?

Hey, can you focus?

Can you focus on me right now?

Mr. Serious Focus Man.

- That's me. Yes.
- Hello.

Listen, you've been very
badly hurt, but you're safe.

We're trying to figure
out what happened.

- What do you remember?
- Yeah.

Uh, you see? Uh, okay, uh...

There was moose.

- Moose?
- Moose.


And I thought,

is he warning me?

Some kind of a moose warning?

That's crazy, though. But he was.

So you think you were
att*cked by a moose?

No, no, no. That's a stag.

Hey, what's your name?

Charlie. Uh...

So sorry, um, where I am.

You're at a motel. We found you outside.



Ah! Ah!

Oh f*ck!

My leg!

Jesus. Oh, my God, my everything.

Do you know what happened to you?

Yeah. Uh...

I was, uh...

Come on, think hard.

Don't press her, dude.

Okay. No, it's, it's okay.

Uh... so...

I was on the road,

and you were there.

You know, a mini you, uh, and...

there were headlights and they were,

they were coming right at me.

And do you remember
what kind of car it was?

I, I, I don't remember.
Just, just lights.

And then, oh, my entire
body exploded in pain,

and I saw a bunch of stars.

And just as I was
headed for the light...

I was a kid again.

Back at Anaheim Shores Beach Club.

Uh, my family went there
one summer when I was eight.

Oh, I hated that place.

But in my dying moment,
that is where I went.

Which is, oh, it's
very confusing for me.

Because what if...

Oh God.

What if that was the
happiest moment of my life?

So you don't remember anything real?


my mom,

she put me in a Smurfette monokini.

Why would she do that? And, uh...

Wait a minute, uh, uh, who are you guys?

- Jimmy. We're friends.
- Trey.

So what happened next?

Yeah. Then I...

I woke up in a tree,

'cause God knows you've got nothing

but trees around here.

And then I...

I slashed my way out
with my stabby stick.

Okay, I'm at, like, seven percent.

But there's no hotspot,

no wi-fi, no nothing.

Dude. What happened to you?

Mortimer Bernstein, you son of a bitch.

We'll let you two catch up.

I almost had a heart att*ck...

Just relax. Okay?

I mean, she's alive,
right? So that's good news.

The only good news is she's
got a classic case of CRS.

Can't Remember Shit.

With any luck, she's f*cking concussed.

- Permanent brain damage.
- Don't say that.

What, you want to start
answering questions

about what went down?

All right, look, the roads are closed.

They're not going
anywhere tonight, okay.

We'll get 'em a room. We'll
keep 'em here till morning.

We? No, I can't do
anything. I got to go home.

No, no, no. You're not bailing on me...

Do you know what happens if
I get caught outside my house?

I don't give a shit. Okay.
What if they call the cops?

Then we've got police crawling all over.

And what if they find the spot?

They can find the spot.

That's why it's the spot.

- But what if.
- Shut the f*ck up.

You wanna call the cops?

Let's call the cops.

Phone lines are down.


Hey, we're having an emergency

down at the Deerfield Motel.

Can you please put me
through to the police station?

No. No cops. No cops.


just with the storm,
they're probably so busy

with the snow plows and the snow things.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I don't think they could even
get through with the roads closed.

Yeah, I saw a bunch of guys

shutting down the road to Denver.

It is bad.

Why were you driving my car to Denver?

To look for you.


You stole my car?

Man, you f*cking klepto hippie freak.

Okay, you don't need
to get weird about it.

Morty, look me in the eyes.

Did you or any of your
associates run me over

so you could steal my car?


All right.

Oh man. Wallet.

Ladies, the closest clinic
is in Avon over the pass.

I think it's too dangerous
to get you there tonight.

So how about this? Jimmy
sets you up with a room.

You clean up that leg, get some rest.



Yeah. Let's figure this
all out in the morning

- Can you walk?
- Uh, yeah, probably.

Bea Arthur, that f*cking hurts.

Wait, wait, I can make a splint.

I do this all the time.

I just need a stick

and make it half the size...

No, no, that's an antique.

I'll buy you another antique.

Uh, guys, be cool. We can
just use my stabby stick.

Where is it? It's, uh,

it's actually exactly
the perfect size, so...

Mortimer! f*ck in the f*ck?

That is not a stick.

Yeah, that's a bone.

Where'd you get that thing?

I don't know, the, uh,
the place I woke up,

in the tree thing out in the woods.

You know, there's animal
bones everywhere out there.

No way, dude.

That is a person bone.

Congratulations. Because
I think you found a fossil.

That's like Paleolithic or something.

- From a caveman?
- Could be.

No, that bone's not old.

It's got metal pins in it.

So that's surgical, right?

Whoa! I know what this is.

What? We're all suddenly
bone-ologists here?

My bud Turbo had a
gnarly half-pipe crash,

and they did surgery
and put pins in his legs.

And he showed me the x-rays,
and they looked just...

like that.

Morty, uh, you and me, at Stan's,

that sign with the snowboarding
girl who went missing,

the one you see all over town, right?

This does sound familiar.

Well, yes, because you were there.

Come on, bus stops, Burger Kings,

everywhere you go, you see that,

that flier with their face on it.

Uh, you guys know what
I'm talking about, right?

She's got a catchy name.
Like Jackie Jazz or Claudia.

Oh, the, the hotel must have

one of those missing posters, right?

- No.
- Bullshit.

Why would you lie about that?

I know exactly why.

Because there was a reward, $ , .

See, I do remember.

That's very sharp of you, Morty.

And Jimbo here is lying because he wants

the reward all to himself.

What the f*ck, dude?

Jesus. Yes, I have one.

Hey, look, Morty, are you
thinking what I'm thinking?

- K.
- We found Chloe Jones.

Hey, the chances that it's this girl,

I mean, what are we
even talking about here?

And we still can't do anything
about it until tomorrow morning.

Jimmy, get the rooms
ready. The motel's empty.

We're going to give you
the best rooms in the place.

They're exactly the same
as all the other rooms.


Come on.

- Morty.
- Hang on a sec.

Morty, w-would you stop stealing
for one second and listen to me?

- What?
- Well, you're a woman of the world.

I mean, I can't be the only one
getting bad mojo around here, right?

Now, these guys want
to put us in a room.

Well, that is a second
location, my friend.

- So?
- I've got a very strict

never let dudes take you
to a second location policy.

Served me quite well.

I don't know.

I'm pretty sure the whole
motel counts as one location.

Besides, the angry one in
the sweatsuit's kind of hot.

Okay, well, he's, he's
wearing an ankle monitor,

so that's kind of a major red flag.

Oh yeah? Ooh.


I'm just saying, those things
are mostly for rich guys

that have lawyers and
do, like, light crimes.

Light crimes. Oh, very good. Okay.

You guys make a terrific couple.
I'll see you at the wedding, Gatsby.

Hot or not, there's no way we're sharing

that reward money with those brodinskis.

We wouldn't even know it was a bone

if it weren't for me.

Ah yes. Your contributions
have been manifold.

And you are the one who found it

because you were left for d*ad.

That's not nothing.

No, you're right. That's not nothing.

In fact, it's odd, huh?

- What?
- Well,

what are the chances of me almost dying

and then getting dumped
right next to another body?

- Statistically?
- No, wait.

I wasn't dumped.

That weird tree thing that I
woke up in, it's hard to find.

You'd have to know it was there.

So that means...

whoever h*t me in the
road and stuck me there,

they also maybe buried Chloe Jones.

Yeah, I figured that out minutes ago.

But the thing with a
h*t-and-run is they probably ran.

Ran where? The roads are closed.

There is nowhere to
run. Give me the phone.

Only if you promise we split the reward.

Yeah, y... y... you
win. Give me the phone.

Look, I'm calling this
in under your name,

you know, assuming that you have one.

Holy shit. This line is d*ad.

I don't think these
guys called the cops.

- Why would they do that?
- Oh, I don't know,

but I'm not really in a
speculating mood right now.

- We need to go.
- I am not going anywhere

without getting that reward.

Morty, we need to go now!


But you're really messed
up, and I can't carry you.

You need, like, gauze and meds.

Maybe there's some first
aid shit in your trunk.

Wait, why were you
going through my trunk?

- I'll be right back.
- Bullshit, Morty.

God damn you, Bernstein.

What are the f*cking odds, man?

I'm not even supposed to be here.

Yeah, well, you called me.

Now they're going to call the cops

for some pissant reward?

You know, for most people, Trey,

grand is real money.

Okay, working-class hero,

I get it, it's real money for them.

Then why don't you
open your wallet, huh?

Double the reward if they
keep their mouth shut.

Pay 'em off. That's what you do, right?

My God, it's not like
you didn't take the money!

Because you did, didn't you?

Now you're trying to play all wounded

and throw that back in
my face ten years later.

Look, we just need to get
through the night, okay.

They'll leave. You heard them.
They don't want f*cking cops.

Those chicks are shady as hell.

Yeah, well, you know what?
Maybe that works in our favor.

I'm saying they're unpredictable.

Maybe we just take care of them.

Don't make me ask what
the f*ck that means.

They can be handled.

If you're worried they're going to bolt,

I've got some blues I
can slip 'em, all right?

Give 'em a good night's sleep

and then pay 'em.

And they're gone.


But you better be right.

Last thing I need is another
chick going crazy on me right now.

What the f*ck? What?

They can be handled?

Great instincts, bro.

Oh shit.




You lose this?

I was just coming to check on you but...

looks like you're taking
pretty good care of yourself.

I always do.

Why don't you, uh, lower that g*n

before someone gets hurt?


Seems like that bird has flown, Trey.

That's a lot of hurt in there.

Look, I don't know what
you think's going on.

I think I just caught
the psychopathic assh*le

who h*t my friend in the road
and buried them in a tree.

- Calm down.
- And was dumb enough to do it

in the stupidest shoes
to wear in the snow.


Yeah, you left your dipshit
footprints at a crime scene.

And it was a gnarly crime scene.

That's Chloe Jones in there.

So between this and the
LoJack on your ankle,

I'm starting to think you've got
quite a lot to lose here, Trey.

Tell me what you want.

That was the first smart
thing you've said all night.

Come on, you little bastard.

Augh. You gotta be f*cking kidding me.




- Oh.
- Where's your friend?

Uh, she's getting
something from the car.

Well, she forgot your keys.


So you knew Chloe Jones?

So you're the guy.

The guy?

The guy who drops K on a car

just to show the world
what a big d*ck he has.


Just so you understand
what you're getting here,

this is a Lamborghini Urus.

Urus. Twin-turbo V- , graphite capsule,

only a few hundred in the US.

I don't just steal wallets.

I take pride in my work.

Not that I've ever boosted
a ride as sweet as this one.

Little better than the
junker out front, huh?

Got that right.


You really h*t her.

That going to be a problem?

Just cosmetic damage.

You're an assh*le.

But you already knew that.

- Do we have a deal?
- Yeah, we have a deal.

But if you're thinking
about calling the cops

as soon as I h*t the road,

don't forget that I know all
about your little hidey-hole.

And I got a phone full of photos.


Trey was the one who
was tight with Chloe.

They had this on-again, off-again thing.

But... sometimes we all hung out.


It was fun being around her.

You know, she had an energy.

I miss her.

I'm sorry. Uh...

Yeah, it seems like she
was kind of a big deal

with the snowboarding.

Sort of a real small-town hero, huh?

Everyone thought she was
going to go to the Olympics.

Then... she just vanished.

People talked, pressure got to her.

Being the golden
child, she skipped town.

There was a lot of talk.

- You're not looking so hot.
- Yeah...

You should take these. It's ibuprofen.

I'd start with two.

Yeah. Thanks.

So you think that's her out there?

I don't want to think about it.

Right. I mean, I...

Me, I just, I can't get over

the coincidence, you know, uh...

Like, do you think that
maybe the same guy...

What did I just say?

I can't think about it, you know.

It's too hard.

You know, this isn't a cold case mystery

for me or some bullshit.

It never f*cking goes away.

Does it ever go away?

I wish I'd...

I'd have protected her from...

whatever I...

I wish I'd have been strong like that.

Man, I-I'm sorry.

I, I just started snapping
into this mode I have and...

You know, it's, it's been
pretty messed up here,

to tell you the truth.

I generally live in the sunshine.

But this year,

I mean, it has eroded me, you know.

It's just... Jesus, like...

It's been pretty dark,
actually, you know.

It's hard to feel safe and, uh...


Look, I-I'm sorry. I...

I'm not going to let anything
happen to you tonight.

You believe me, right?


Yeah, I do.

Tell you what, Jimmy, end of the day,

all I really want to do

is get off this shit mountain.

Anaheim Shores...


- You okay?
- What the hell is in this?

Oh shit. Oh, that's Trey's coconut rum.

He f*cking loves that shit.
Sorry about that. Hold up.

You know, I, uh, I think
I'm just going to...

ow, find Morty

and, uh, get, get out of here.



Au revoir, Morty.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Ibuprofen, my ass.

- What happened to the girl?
- Don't worry about it. We're good.

No, dude. You look like shit.

Yeah, because I was
busy fixing our problem.

Saving you again. You're welcome.

Trey, what did you do to her?

It's not going to be a problem

for us anymore, okay.

Oh f*ck, Morty, I'm sorry.

- Oh, my God.
- No one is going to miss this girl.

- Okay? Nobody.
- We all could have...

f*ck you, guys. f*ck you.

You took this way too far, man.

I caught her trying to steal my car.

- Okay?
- Bullshit.

She was gonna go to the cops.

I did what I had to do
to save your sorry ass.

- To save me?
- Yeah.

I didn't want any of this.

Yeah, well, I didn't
want to crash my K car

because some chick's
going crazy on me again.

That's the second time
you say that tonight.

Say what?

Some other chick going crazy on you.

Are you... Are you talking about Chloe?

f*cking shit. Are you serious?

- We're gonna talk about this right now?
- Was it, Trey? Trey.

- Here we go.
- What did you do?

- Hold on. Do you hear that?
- Shit.

- No. Don't change the...
- Shut the f*ck up. Listen.



- Oh.
- Oh shit.

I thought you were asleep.

Uh, well, you also
thought I was d*ad, right?

So I guess this is a thing I do now.

- You should have stayed down.
- Trey.

Man, you f*cking ran me over.

- Chill out.
- Look, whatever he told you,

he is lying, okay.

- He k*lled Chloe...
- Okay.

- ... and now he's doing it again.
- We need to get her outside.

He's just going to leave you
here to do his dirty work,

and then he's going to bail.

Just leave you in this
haunted moose lodge,

seeing Chloe everywhere you look.

Are you trying to play
us against each other?

We've been friends for years.

Bullshit. Okay.

Jimmy, he k*lled her. You understand?

- He k*lled Chloe.
- Oh, my God, you bitch!

This is pathetic, right?

Trey, what did you mean?


"Another chick going crazy
on you." What did you mean?

Don't let her get inside
your head right now, man.

It's just, Chloe.


Did she go crazy on you?

- Dude...
- You said she had an accident.

A bad reaction to the coke
I sold you, that she fell.

That is what happened. She fell.

No, that is bullshit.

Did you h*t her?

- Did you push her?
- No!

- Bullshit!
- Okay, none of this matters!

We were kids.

I mean, who cares?

Jimmy, how long have
we known each other?

Think about everything
we've been through.

Man, you were always
like my big brother.

You're my protector. And
now I can return the favor.

You want out of all
this? I can get you out.

- Jimmy...
- Whatever you want.

Whatever you want.

We just got to do this one last thing.

Jimmy, please.

All right.

There he is.

Let's get her outside.
It's cleaner that way.


Okay. Come on. Let's just get...

Back up, man.

Get out of my way.

- You ruined my life.
- I ruined your life?

I was the only good thing you had going.

You were a loser then, just
like you're a loser now.

Look at you, still
stuck in this sh*thole?

Let me tell you a secret.

This is where you were
always going to be.


But at least I'm done being your bitch.


That is how you f*ck' do it!


Morning, Trey,

It's your friendly
neighborhood parole officer.

Be right there.

All right, man, hurry up.

It's cold out here.

Merry Christmas.

This morning, Colorado residents

who were in a decade-long search...


... responding to a tip
from a parole officer...


... on the property
of the Deerfield Motel.

Authorities have confirmed
that the remains belong

to long-missing snowboarding phenom

Chloe Jones.

In a bizarre twist, Jones
was discovered alongside

two more recent slayings.

A local, James Silva, was found d*ad

along with a drifter named Charlie Kale,

whose body and identification was found

in a wrecked vehicle near the property.

- Mortimer?
- They're both believed

to be victims of a wealthy
parolee, Trey Nelson.

Stay tuned for more on
this developing story.

And now we turn to county politics

where a referendum
on snowmobiling has...

I'm d*ad.

Holy God almighty.

I'm d*ad.

It's over. We got her.

All I need to know is
how deep to dig the hole.
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