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01x27 - The Lights in the Sky Are Stars

Posted: 03/05/23 12:46
by bunniefuu
Such a mysterious reaction, is it not, irregular?

Why do you go against us to such an extent?

You are but a virtual life form inserted into a Spiral gene.

Once the remnants of the Spirals evolve and raise their banner of revolt, you would become our messenger.

That is all there is to your existence.

Being born as the child of a Spiral warrior and falling in love with a Spiral warrior were all simply a coincidence.

You are not special in any way.

To see a messenger resist this much is a rare occurrence.

The reason you resist, and the reason for their stubbornness, if we are able to find it, we would be able to annihilate them in a single breath.

No matter how much you probe my body, you will never understand it!

There is no need to understand.

Knowing is enough.

Then you will not be able to win against them.

He will come.


I've come, Nia.

Just like I promised.


There is no way intelligent lifeforms can escape the Alternate Space Labyrinth.

Don't underestimate us!

Whether it be time, space, or alternate realities, they mean nothing to us.

We will pierce the path and methods you've chosen!

That is who we are, The Dai

-Gurren Brigade!

Even if we were to be enslaved in the galaxy's cycle of rebirth, the feelings that were left behind will open the door!

Even if the infinite Universe were to go against us, our burning blood will cut through fate!

We'll break through the heavens and dimensions!

We'll show you our path through force!

Tengen Toppa Gurren


Final Episode: All
the lights in the sky are stars I am surprised.

This is the first time the Spiral race has gotten this far.

When a messenger has been tainted with Spiral power, we call them Irregulars Very well.

I will fight you on the same grounds with the same form that you rely on.

What's the meaning of this?

That is their method.

By fighting equally with the same form, they will try to impose absolute despair by winning.

Lord Genome, that body?
Here in Super Spiral Space, recognition is manifested into physical substance.

It is only a temporary body, but please allow me to fight along side you.

That's reassuring.

Nia, I don't think I can face you as a father after all this time, but you did well.

Thank you, father.

Have you awoken from your thousand years of fatigue, Helix King?

I am not a king.

I am but a warrior now.

Just like you, Viral.


Is that all you have SPIRALS!



Leave it to me!

Your actions are futile!

And me!

Me too!

Me too!

This space is completely under our control!

Your chances of winning here are ZERO!


That's That is the Anti

-Spiral's home planet.


It is exactly as you say.

We Anti

-Spirals were formerly Spirals.

But having realized that pushing Spiral power to its limit was linked with the Universe's destruction, we began exterminating all lifeforms with Spiral power, and even isolated the
insignificant lives left alive in the very edge of the Universe.

And to stop evolution, we imprisoned ourselves in this withdrawn space!

We sealed our bodies and evolution on our home planet; This ugly form is proof of our determination!

You foolish beings conceited with Spiral power, Tell me, do you have that determination?

Our souls were once of the same race.

We sealed our own evolution.

Do you have the resolve to do as we did, and protect this Universe?


You have nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!

You have absolutely none!

Without any determination, without any resolution, without anything!

You use Spiral power for your own desires, and in return, You become conceited with that very power!

That is the Spiral race's limitation!

That is why you have to be annihilated!

What's going on?

We're no match for them!

We won't be able to protect Earth like this!

That's right.
Until we can go back to Earth It's the Earth!

It's really the Earth?

Don't tell me a Space

-Time distortion?


The fight between Tengen Toppa Gurren

-Lagann and the Anti

-Spiral is interfering with the Spiral Recognition System.

It created a Space

-Time position bypass?


So that is your home planet?


Hey Sis!

Wait, Kiyal

What is it?



-This is There's a reaction from the Recognition

-Transportation System!

It's unbelievably gigantic!



I won't let you lay a finger on the Earth!



Go all out, Gabal!

Leave it to me!

That is not your planet!

-Universe SWING!


Take this!

And this, this, this!


The probability fluctuation is!

That was pretty good.
Pinpointing this close is my speciality!

Do you plan to rise with this meaningless change?
Of course!

The tomorrow we're trying to reach is not a tomorrow you've decided on!

We We by ourselves choose our tomorrow from the infinite universe!

We will fight through it.
We will fight through it all and protect the Universe!

We'll stop the Spiral Nemesis too!

There is no way you can possibly do that!

We'll show you we can do it!

What kind of nonsense is that, coming out from the mouth of lowly beings that will be suppressed by us?
I'll make you regret that arrogance!

It's a staggering amount of energy!

Energy capable of creating universes!

It's like a Big Bang He's going to throw it at us?
Infinity Big Bang STORM!



With the eternal power of the Universe's genesis, I will extiniguish even the last speck of DNA!

Hold on, Darry!

You too, Gimmy!


This is getting dangerous!

We won't be able to hold out at this rate!

Simon Dear But, they won't be finished like this!

Not yet I can still go on!


Leave this to me.



Don't grieve for me, my daughter!

I was once inside a sea of despair and weariness, but I came all the way here With this temporary body, it will give me satisfaction, being able to create a tomorrow for the Spirals!

Yes, you're certainly right.

Nia, you Simon.

You got this far doing what you had to do.

Isn't that right?

I got it.

I'll win this fight for sure.

Of course!

You'll end up dying like a dog anyway!


Lazengann is quantumly dividing!

I was waiting for that!



Lord Genome, let's go together!


He quantum divided himself and converted it to raw energy?

Take this!



I won't let you!



Why is it?

Where are you getting all this power?

We're evolving more with every passing minute!

With one revolution, we move forward a bit!

That's a drill!

That is the path towards destruction!

The Spiral race's limit!

Why can't you realize that?

That's your limit!

In this space full of turmoil, you act like a king and seal other lifeforms, and that is your limit!

That's right!

There was someone much, much bigger among humans!

For his sake too, we will move forward!

This spirit is infinite!

I've also bet on that greatness!

Remember this well.

This drill rips holes through the Universe.

That hole will become a path for those who follow us.

The wishes of the defeated and the hopes of everyone who follows, with those two thoughts, with 20 spirals weaved in, we'll carve the path to tomorrow!

That is Tengen Toppa.
That is Gurren

My drill is the drill that pierces the heavens!




Then Make sure To protect the Universe Of course.

Humans aren't that foolish.
What happened?

The power that was sustaining this Space created between dimensions has vanished.



Can you hear us?



Planets throughout the galaxy are contacting us one after another!

The freed Spirals are sending us signals of joy!

To thinkWe had this many allies in space!


It's finally over, Nia.


Let's go home.

Welcome back, my lady.

Thank you, Old Coco.

Look, Simon!


It's beautiful.

I Thank youwith all my heart.
I will never forget about you, Nia.

Even if this Universe is destroyed.

You're such a fool.

It won't be destroyed.

That's why everyone worked so hard.
Yeah, You're right.

I love you, Simon.

Yeah, me too.

I love you.

Simon It's okay.
It's something Nia and I knew about.

But this is Defeating the Anti

-Spirals would mean that this would happen.

Nia was a virtual life the Anti
-Spirals created.

It's amazing she was able to hold out this long.

She was a really persistent girl.

Then Then we should use the Spiral power!

With that power, Nia can be revived!

And not just her, d*ad people too!

Simon is not God, Gimmy.

d*ad people are d*ad people.
If we revive them unwillingly, they'll just get in the way of our followers.

I'll leave the rest to you, Rossiu.



I'm Simon the Driller.

There's someone more appropriate to pass through the hole I've dug.

Please leave it to me.

It was fun, Simon.


An assembly for galactic peace, huh?

I hope it goes well.

Even though we're all Spirals, with different clans, there are different ways of thinking.

It's taken the government 20 years in the end, though.

It's a job only you can do, President Rossiu.

I wonder how he's doing?

Don't worry.
I'm sure he's protecting us from somewhere.

He's that kind of man.

This is Nakim.

As a representative for all the galaxies, I've become a member of the Gulaparl team.

I definitely won't let the Spiral Nemesis occur.

I'll be leaving now, Yomako



Bye, Ms.


It's about time, huh, Gimmy?


Captain, the Gulaparl team will soon be leaving the ground.

All right.

Activate the Hyper Spiral Engine!

When the Gulaparl team joins us, we will head into deep space!

We're going as the representatives of Earth!

Put in some spirit!

What's wrong, boy?

I can't open the shell well.

You're putting too much power into it.

Try to turn it around more lightly.

Like this?

You're right!

You're amazing, mister!

Of course!

Who do you think
- Delicious!

No, I guess I'm nobody.

It's Gurren

There's a bunch of Gurren

You're right.

I wonder if I can go too?

Of course you can.

All the lights in the sky are stars.

That's right.

They're the stars where our Spiral friends are waiting.