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Creed 3 (2023)

Posted: 03/08/23 04:14
by Maskath3
Marianne: Adonis

Young Dame: Thought you got scared, about to roll without you?

Hey Donnie, this way

Yo, they should be expecting us

Young Dame: What’s the deal? You got me next?
I got you champ

Girl; Hey Dame who’s your friend?
Young Donnie: My name’s Donnie, nice to meet you?
How you doing?
Young Dame: Plenty of time for that

Young Donnie: Right hand , unorthodox, first Cassius to knock you out , you got a nice jab, he overreaches, tore his shoulder playing football for Paly
Young Dame: Make him miss

First round knock out

Watch That jab, keep that guard up

Young Dame: Yeah boy, what’d I tell you! What’d I tell you! That straight right , that’s the perfect punch
Young Donnie: You played him to sleep
Young Dame: First thing I’m gonna do , get one of those big diamonds , got something for you too little homie
Young Donnie: Appreciate you, I got you something, was my Dad’s , original
Young Dame: I’m gonna get there one day , make nationals, bring home the gold in the Olympics then turn pro, you’ll be right there with me, someone’s gotta carry my bags
Young Donnie: Why you gotta play with me like that?

Young Donnie: Leon ? You don’t remember me do you?
Leon: I don’t
Young Donnie: Not so little now!

Todd Grisham: Battling an old rival in what Creed has said will be his final fight

Is Conlan looking this good or Creed looking this bad?

Creed ‘s gotta do something fast or he’s gonna end his historic career with another loss to Conlon

Duke: Only b*at you worse than last time , what you smiling about? Am I missing something? Something funny?
Adonis: Checkmate

Jessica: What a way to go out
New unified heavyweight champion For the first time in two decades

Adonis: What’s up?
Amara: You forgot didn’t you?
Adonis: Forgot what? Five minutes
Amara: Dad you promised

Adonis: Would you like some more tea?
Amara: Yes kind sir

Bianca: Thank you for all you’ve done, you get her to bed?
Adonis: I had to bribe her with like six scoops of ice cream, dont know how she’s gonna get to sleep
Bianca: Retirement’s made you soft, a few scoops yourself? Take that off before it stains
Adonis: I see what you’re trying to do, get me naked
Bianca: Definitely not trying
Adonis: Own it, still hot? Still warm?
Bianca: I’m working
Adonis: I’m working too
Bianca: I got fifteen minutes
Adonis: How bout twelve?

Adonis: It’s not just about power, timing, speed
Duke: You telling me?

Felix: Champ wanna go a few rounds?
Adonis: And mess up the suit? We trying to get you paid, cant get you paid if you keep knocking out your sparring partners , you got Drago in four weeks, we know you got power, it’s not just about how hard you can h*t, you’re the champ, listen to Duke

Duke: You hear those three words, not I love you, not take it easy, listen to Duke

Adonis: I know Drago’s got the bigger name but Felix has got the belt, his splits gotta be bigger, I’m gonna have to call you back

Can I help you?
Dame: Can I have an autograph?
Adonis: I aint signing no autographs, you can get off my car
Dame: You dont remember me do you?
Adonis: Dame? You got me, Damian
Dame: Got down to the hood, stop by the old gym
Adonis: We upgraded a couple years ago
Dame: I dont want to take up your time, Just came to tell you what’s good, if you want to catch up, let me know
Adonis: Where you heading now?
Dame: The crib
Adonis: Time to get some grub

Dame: Surprised you still come down here, eat with the common folk
Adonis: I do when I can , a lot of things I can’t anymore, I used to
Easy, easy
Dame: You know how long it’s been since I had this shit?
Adonis: How long?
Dame: Eighteen years
You been there this whole time?
Dame: I wrote you a few times
Adonis: You did? Where’d you send them?
Dame: Mama Creed’s , still up there in Bel Air?
Adonis: She’s still there, Same house , never got them

Dame: Remember some of the moves I taught you
Adonis: You know what I remember? You knocking my ass out?
Dame; I helped your big head up, remember that?

What’s the program?
Dame: Same program the last time you saw me, I wanna be champ
Adonis: You still wanna box?
Dame: Kept myself in shape
Got some moves you never seen before , gas in the t*nk, got that chain, can’t be Diamond Dame looking bumly

Adonis; You need anything, what am I talking about? You just came home

Dame: I’m situated , don’ t need to receive no handout
Adonis: Didn’t mean it like that

Adonis: Get you set up with Duke

Adonis: What’s so funny?
Bianca: Convincing your Mum to move in so I can have a live in brand
Adonis: Not a bad idea
How you doing mum?
Marianne: I’m good, I’d be better if my son was on time for dinner
Adonis: I got caught up

Marianne: You gonna have your hands full with that one
Bianca: We already do

Mary Anne: She’s the best
You’re the worst
Adonis: You don’t mean it

Adonis: Is that a good idea?
Marianne: We are not doing this tonight , let’s be straight, so everybody knows, I’m not leaving my house
Adonis: We’re just worried about you
Marianne: I am not having another stroke tonight maybe tomorrow night
Adonis: That’s not funny
Bianca; It’s kind of funny
Adonis: You’re not helping

Where were you?
Adonis: I saw Dame
Marianne: Damian?

Adonis: Why’s this kid picking on her?
I’m just asking
Bianca: D , sign
She probably wants attention
Adonis: Why is my daughter in trouble and this kid isnt?
Bianca: Obviously we’re worried about Amaya, Being comfortable is important, we understand fighting isn’t the way to handle things
We love Amara, she’s an academically exceptional child, she just fights

Bianca: You wanna teach her how to fight? That’s your advice
Donnie: I didnt think I had to at a deaf school like that
Bianca: What’s that supposed to mean? Deaf school like that?
Adonis: Needs to know how to protect herself
Bianca; I’m not saying she shouldn’t know how to protect herself
Adonis: Protect herself, somewhere she’s supposed to be safe but isn’t
As parents we have to access her emotions
Adonis: Amara’s supposed to hold hands with this bully? That’s not real life
Bianca: I know that worked for you, Now that you don’t have that as an outlet, try talking or get a hobby
Adonis: I’ll get a hobby , you, come down to the studio and start laying tracks with you
Bianca: That’s not funny
The solution to everything isn’t a punch to the face
Adonis: It isn’t, sometimes it is

Duke: Could have asked me, this ain’t a charity, homie’s older than you
Adonis: Just giving him a break, isn’t that what we do?
Duke: No, this ain’t a YMCA
Adonis: Nobody’s lining up to get in the ring with Felix, I’m just saying let him spar, we got zero bodies , aint nobody want to fight Felix

Felix: You trying to hurt me?
Dame: Little man aint like that
Felix: Who you calling little man?

Duke: No you don’t got it, I told you this was a mistake! Got a chip on his shoulder, this was a mistake!
Dame: Don’t get quiet now Duke

Dame: I asked where the black family lives
Bianca: There are others around
Dame: I ain’t see none

Adonis: You never brought me flowers
Dame: Want me to give you a kiss

Got those see through stairs

Adonis: Amara
Dame: Amara
Adonis: Nice to meet you
Dame: Nice to meet you
Bianca: She says you too

Dame: This square is married to a genuine rock star, how many gold records you got?
Bianca: A few, mostly artists I produced
Dame: She produces , you’re punching up, when’s your next show miss producer?
Bianca: I don’t perform like that anymore , i took a break , i was having issues with my hearing onstage , preserve what I have left
So how long you known each other?
Dame : Go way back , we was like brothers , before went all Hollywood, shared a room at the gym
The group home , remember the bed bugs
Adonis: I try to forget

Bianca: I’m going to bed, tell him he’s invited to the label party
Dame: I heard that, I’m invited

Dame: Used to love coming to the hood, now you all domesticated
Adonis: See what happens when you get married
The women run this house, i just live here
Dame: You traded it all in for a monkey suit
Adonis: A suit has advantages, You say that like I got soft, like i dont still have the sneak att*ck
Dame: Champ’s still got pepper
Adonis: I left boxing, boxing didn’t leave me
Dame: I didn’t get it together to be a punching bag for some chump
Adonis: Don’t sleep on Felix , did it the hard way, he earned it
Dame: Eighteen years the hard way , took your name, gave you a number , i told you i want to b*at him
Adonis; I want to help you like I said I did
Dame: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, i want a title sh*t
Adonis: It doesn’t work like that, you think i can snap my fingers and make you contender overnight
Dame: Ain’t that what happened with you?
If Apollo Creed can take a chance on an underdog
Why can’t you?

Bianca: You sleep alright? You were grinding your teeth
Why’d you never tell me about the group home?
Adonis: Nothing to say
Bianca: How old were you?
Adonis: I was around Amara’s age
Bianca: You don’t want to talk about it
Adonis: Dame wants to fight Felix
Bianca: For real? What’d you say?
Adonis: I told him no, impossible, Some people wait their whole life for a sh*t , Dame’s not even a pro
Bianca: Why’s it look like you’re still considering it?

Why didn’t you tell me about me about the group home?
Adonis: Not much to tell

Adonis: What you up to rascal?
Amara: I was cleaning
Adonis: That’s not what Uncle Duke said
Amara: I don’t want to get in trouble , i know mum doesn’t want me to fight
Adonis: It’ll be our little secret
That’s a straight right , who taught you that?
Amara: You, how you b*at Conlan
Adonis: You watched that?

Dame; You look alright
Adonis: You too

Adonis; I’m going to make sure that’s the fight of the year
You alright?
Dame: I don’t need for you to babysit me

Victor Drago; You ready?
Felix; I’m always ready, don’t need to ask me
Adonis: Save it for Fight night, we got the money, we got the venue, gonna break records

Bianca: Send me the tracks, I can’t wait to hear them, so nice to meet you, congratulations by the way

You made it, tired of working the room
Dame: Don king over there
Bianca: Minus the hair , growth for him, he used to hate coming to these things
Dame: What’s it like? Having someone else sing your song?
Bianca: Good, If it’s gonna be someone, not bad
Dame: I almost believe you
Bianca: Can I ask you something?
Dame: You wanna know about how I got locked up, It’s a boring story really , I got arrested, few priors, dude got bumped, I aint saying he dont deserve it, not saying I didn’t deserve it
Bianca: Who is this dude?
Dame: Leon, I’ll leave Donnie the rest to tell you

Adonis: We’re not changing anything, he’s with a specialist, six months, I understand, I understand, just don’t change the date

Mrs Chavez: It’s not just about finding another fighter
He wants to fight Drago, he wants to get paid, he can’t wait six months for him to get cleared, these windows dont last forever
Adonis: Outside of Drago, one , two fighters, Ortiz, Aspartino and he’s recovering from his last fight
Felix: What did you have in mind?
Duke: He wants you to fight Damian
Felix: Damian isn’t even a real fighter
Adonis: Was real enough when he was sparring with you
Mrs Chavez: You dont like it?
Duke; He’s fighting the world and wants to hurt people, it’ll be a circus, no I don’t like it
Mrs Chavez: Will people watch?
Adonis: People will turn up, everyone loves an underdog story , you know how many tuned in when Rocky fought Apollo? people are still talking about that fight today
Felix: Tell your boy I’m going to b*at his ass in that ring
Adonis; What I need from you is to do your job

Voice : Taking over the famed Delphi gym with partner Lil Duke Burton, Adonis Creed is mentoring and training the next generation of boxing legends

The brightest jewel in the Creed Athletics crown is Felix Chavez

Felix: My mum and I want to build our own legacy

Adonis Creed is staking his reputation and legacy on unknown opponent

Dame: Before I got locked up, I was the highest ranked amateur ever

He was behind bars for almost two decades, he’s a former golden glove champion

Dame: Longest hiatus in the history of boxing, I’m back

Voice: The history of two fighters is on the line
Creed Athletics is promoting the surprise fight of the year

Will it be a Cinderella story or another notch on the champions belt?

Felix Chavez against a virtually unknown opponent

Is he that special? His first professional fight, he gets a title sh*t
It all hinges on Adonis Creed

Anderson showing good movement

What an awkward punch, that looked deliberate

Duke; Fight the fighter, I’ll fight the ref

Trainer: First fight, already got bruises on your face
Duke: I know what I’m doing

Lucky for Chavez, that cut is so below his right eye

Referee; Two point deduction, elbow, keep this up, you’re gonna get disqualified

Mrs chavez: There’s no such thing as defeat

Chavez isn’t getting back up, you don’t want to see that, Chavez is down and seems to be badly hurt

Winner by way of spectacular knock out and new unified heavyweight champion of the world

Adonis: I can fix this
Duke: Aint no fixing this, stay away from the gym! Stay away for a while

Mary Anne: How’s Felix?
Apollo: Still at the hospital, get out of there, give him some space
Mary Anne: Good idea
Adonis: What’s this?
Mary Anne: From Damian
Adonis: You kept these from me?
Mary Anne; To help you move on, I did , I was protecting you
Adonis: From what? He was my brother
Mary Anne: Not in That facility where they kept you caged like am animal, you think I was going to let you go back to that?
Adonis: You made me think I abandoned him , you know what we went through?
Mary Anne; I know that man the two of you b*at up
Adonis: You know Leon ? Than you know he had my back before you even knew who I was, He treated me better than the two kids in this house ever did! You took that from me! None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you !
Mary Anne: None of it, there might have been a time Damian had your back but that’s not what he’s doing now

Adonis: Get off me!

Adonis: You playing me this whole time? Why’d you lie to me? I vouched for you, put money up for you, brought you into my house, you met my family, i put the gloves on your hand
Dame: You put the gloves on my hand? You must be punchy, if memory serves, you used to carry my gloves
Adonis: Get your shit , get out of the gym
Dame: You think I need you? I needed you when I was in jail, when I came home, I needed you, you turned your back on me, I’m the champ
Run away, one thing you’re still good at Baby Creed
Adonis: What’d you call me?
Dame: Whole life in a cell watching someone else live your life, remember this? Remember this title? I’m just getting started, I’m coming for it all
Adonis: You threatening me?
Dame: No threats here homie, only promises bro, get yourself up for once , see how it feels

Bianca: You didn’t get messages from me this morning, what happened to your eye?
Adonis: Nothing
Adonis: I aint got time for a therapy session
Bianca; What do you have time for? Because I’ve been trying to talk to you for a really long time , will you please tell me what’s going on? Is it me?
Adonis: It’s got nothing to do with you
Bianca: Is it Leon?
Adonis: How do you know that name?
Bianca: From Dame
Adonis: What you want to hear? A sad story? Feel sorry for me?
Bianca: You have to open up for once
Adonis: There’s nothing to talk about
Bianca: I’m just trying to understand
In this house
Adonis: It’s d*ad, leave it, let it lie! I don’t want to think about that shit anymore
Bianca: You need to get your shit together, what can’t happen is she sees you like this

Adonis: I love you

Bianca: Its Mum, she had another stroke, they’re saying multiple organ failure, it’s time to say goodbye

Adonis: I’m sorry
Marianne: The first time I met you, that face, You were so mad, was going to knock everyone out one by one, like your father, that’s why he fought so hard but you don’t have to
I was so angry when you left me Apollo, when you left me alone
Adonis was his name, he saved me helped me to forgive you Apollo

Adonis: I’m sorry
Bianca: I know, it’s okay
Adonis: No it’s not, When Dame came back, all this shit came back too, I didn’t know how to handle it, you do, it comes to you, it’s easy for you
Bianca: It doesn’t come easy for me, there’s a lot of things I have’t figured out, Mary Anne was the closest thing I had to a Mum in a long time , I could talk to her, now she’s gone, when I stopped performing, it was really hard for me to accept my dreams hadn’t turned out the way I imagined , happy with what I had

Adonis: Leon was the Dad at the group home, I’m not saying me and Dame were angels, no kid deserves to get b*at on like we did , I saw Leon, I snapped, i h*t him, kept hitting him, his boys jumped me, Dame pulled g*n, the cops pulled up, I tried to run, Dame got caught, I got away
Bianca: Dame had a g*n, that’s not on you , you were kids, you were scared
Adonis: I didn’t reach out to him , i didn’t write, I didn’t call
Bianca: It’s not on you his life turned out the way it did
Adonis: Easier to forget, act like it didn’t happen
Bianca; You have got to believe so you begin to believe you deserve the life you earned
Adonis: There’s only one way Dame’s gonna listen
Bianca: If that’s what you gotta do

Stephen A Smith: You asked to be on this show which you’ve never done before , what’s on your mind?
Adonis: When I walked away from boxing, I walked away with unfinished business
Stephen A Smith: You gotta be talking about Dame, gotta be, let’s get that out of the way
You are the best pound for pound boxer three years ago, it’s been a minute since you been in the streets , what Dame is saying about you? Conlan was beyond his prime, Dame’s the next king of boxing
He’s talking dirty and unapologetically to anyone who will listen, he’s questioning your manhood, talking about your family , saying you can’t be trusted, you’ll run out on your boys
Dame: What’s up little homie? You want a tissue? Want me to come in there and give you a hug?
Adonis: Not here , this isn’t the way to handle it
Dame: Bad news bro, It’s live, this is how we handling it now, I’m just telling everyone the truth, Donnie ain’t gonna do nothing, he’s a coward, you’re a coward, you’re a fraud, Apollo would be ashamed
Adonis: You’ve lost it, I’m challenging you for the Heavyweight championship of the world
Dame: You and me?

Duke: Fractured five and six meta carpels

Remind me how many concussions you got?

You’re old, we can’t turn back the clock, we can’t hide your flaws but we can turn them into strengths

Dame: He’s retired, he dont got it no more, probably wont even make weight

Adonis: How’s the? But you’re good?
Victor Drago: Good enough to b*at you

Dame: You can go home

Duke: Look at that man in the mirror? Remember him?
Block out everything else, focus on the present, not the past, not the future, right now

Diamante: Welcome to the battle of los angeles, highest anticipated heavyweight bout in years

Damian Diamante: Welcome to the battle of Los Angeles, the fight starts now,
First the challenger Fighting out of the Delphi gym Proudly representing his hometown of Los Angeles at 26 wins and 1 loss, former lightweight and heavyweight champion Adonis Creed!
And across from me representing the Crimshaw district of Los Angeles , the reigning and defending undefeated and unified Heavyweight champion of the world “ Diamond “ Damian Anderson

The intensity is like nothing I’ve ever seen
Todd Grisham: You can feel the bad blood from each other in this battle of los angeles

Todd Grisham: Both fighters sizing each other up
Nice jab to the face landed, Creed ties him up

I’d give that round to Anderson with an impressive start

Dame: I’ll see you in a minute
Adonis: Don’t worry, I’ll be right back

You gotta wonder if Adonis creed is regretting his decision, retirement seems like it would be a lot more fun

Duke: He”ll fight dirty, keep your head on your shoulders, he’ll start making mistakes, he’ll make a lot of them , wait for that opening

What did we just witness, an incredible end to the eleventh round

Both fighters landing tremendous bl*ws

History spilling into the ring, an emotionally draining w*r

Dame’s trainer: Do what we came here to do

Duke: Let go of the fear, let go of the guilt, let go of whatever was dawg and welcome what is, go out there and be ferocious , go out there and be Adonis Creed

Damian Diamante: This contest ends at two minutes and twelve seconds of the twelfth and final round, once again Heavyweight champion of the world , Apollo Creed!

Todd Grisham; If there was ever any question who the king of boxing is, let there be no doubt the creed dynasty reigns supreme

Dame: I guess you did learn a few moves without me
Adonis: I’m sorry I didnt check up on you , that’s on me
Dame: We was just… kids , that wasn’t on you , none of it
Adonis; It’s not on you either
Dame: Come on, family and everyone waiting on you champ
You know where to find me

Bianca: She’s been waiting all night for this
Adonis: Looks pretty good in there
Bianca; You alright?
Adonis; I’m better now