04x10 - The Death of Jonathan Moore

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "You". Aired: September 9, 2018 - present.
A clever bookstore manager relies on his savvy Internet know-how to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him.
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04x10 - The Death of Jonathan Moore

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[Joe] Previously on You:

Well, isn't this a pickle?

I'm hallucinating, right?

k*lled me? Yes.
He wasn't lying, Joe. He didn't know you.

- Marienne is really in a cage.
- Tell me where she is.

You know where
because you and I are the same person.

Something's happening to me,
but I'm gonna fix it.

- I'm gonna fix it all.
- As long as he's alive,

- he will come after me.
- But what if he wasn't?

I spent my morning
outside a police station

with a backpack full of ketamine

- and you won't tell me why.
- I will.

- [Edward] Forget it.
- Thank you.

[Edward] Good luck with that.

Your friends were k*lled.

Phoebe, you were bloody kidnapped.
You need rest.

My father is the worst man alive.

I just want to make my own way.

Well, I believe
you can be the person you wanna be.

I own everything in this world I want,
including you.

- What am I supposed to do with this?
- What do you think? k*ll Marienne.

[Love] Somebody does need to die
for this to end for good.

- [g*n]
- [Joe] I know what I need to do.

You're not suicidal. You don't wanna die.

- Get the f*ck out of my way!
- [Rhys] Will you look at that?

You could have ended her suffering,
Joe, if only you'd just listened to me.

Maybe from now on you do exactly as I say.

[Joe] In Tobias Wolff's story
"b*llet in the Brain,"

the hero is going to die.

That part isn't up for debate.

With respect, probably best
to dump her in that lumberyard.

Do her a Malcolm.

[Joe] It's only a question of how
he's going to spend his final moments.

She wants Juliette to know.

So she doesn't wait for her mom forever.

The story seems to contend
that dying this way is a fitting end.

[Victoria] Wait, so are you saying,

he wants to die?

What do you think?

I could've done this job for decades,

but today,
I retire from this and everything.

It's not a good feeling, turns out,
to know you're going to die.

I think it's a case
of wrong place, wrong time.

No, I think it's grace.

Say more.

To die thinking
of what you most love is...

It's a gift.

What the f*ck?

Victoria, please. Phones.

I'm sorry, but Rhys Montrose
was found d*ad in the woods.

[woman] Wait, what?

[indistinct chatter]

[cell phones beeping]

[Rhys] You've lost them all now.

- You might as well...
- Class dismissed.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thanks for coming.

I take it you heard about Montrose.


Nadia, be honest.

Was I just
a fling slash occasional dealer?


No, the opposite.

Then what is going on?

I wanna tell you. I really, really do.

I feel like I'm going crazy and...

You are the only person that I trust.

Also, I don't wanna lose you,
and I'm sorry that I pushed you away.

Now, I'm scared you might not believe me,
but here it goes.

Read this.
And then I'm gonna show you something.

Read it.

It's just down here.

No, no. How...?

No, no, no. There was a cage.
There was a glass cage. What the f*ck?

What? Like what Love Quinn did?

No, I don't think it was Love Quinn.
I think it was him this whole time.

- I think he came here and he k*lled her.
- Nadia, Nadia. What's going on?

Oh, my God, I broke into his flat.
And I found this key.

When I got here, there was this cage
and there was a woman inside it.

- Like, locked in the cage?
- I am not lying.

And I'm not crazy.
I wouldn't even write stories this dark.

He had her in the cage and went to class.
You can believe me or you don't.

I believe you.

- One question. Why no police?
- Well, because they'll poke.

They'll ask questions and then he'll
just get on to them and then he'll run.

We need him d*ad to rights or not at all.


Who else?

[reporter on TV] Mr. Ernest Foy, ,
a keen bird-watcher...

[Rhys] Bloody bird-watcher.
You must be having a laugh.

No way that old fart just stumbles
over the body.

- What'd you do, kick leaves over him?
- ...have reportedly taken DNA samples

- from the site.
- We need to talk about this.

- The discovery of the body...
- What the f*ck are you doing? Oh, God.

Tell me it's not a note.

[Joe] I doomed Juliette to a life
of believing her mother d*ed a junkie.

Love was right.

If I stick around, I'll only do worse.

You are not suicidal.

You're guilty
and you're being p*stol about it.

Wallow later.

Tom Lockwood set us up.

He's coming for you, Joe.

You don't know that.

He sent you to k*ll
because he knew you could.

The only thing that doesn't line up
is his sanguine attitude

towards a wife stabber
who's dating his daughter.

Oh. Unless he got you
to flay his nemesis and set yourself up.

That would be a move
worthy of Tom Lockwood.

[cell phone buzzes]

Please go see what's wrong
before you off yourself. I'm curious.


Are you okay?

I had to drink a lot to do this.

- What's wrong?
- I visited Phoebe at the hospital.

I was so worried after Adam that Rhys
would simply break her. Did you see...?

Rhys. I did, yeah.

I'd say my father had a hand in it,
but his bodies aren't found

unless he wants it that way.

Anyway, um...

Phoebe figured it out.
She's leaving London when she's better.

Be free.

That's it.

Be free.

You had to drink a lot to do what?

I was going to leave town
and just cut you off by text.

I thought it would be easier.

Because I suppose I've been falling
a little bit in love with you.

- Kate.
- How much do you know about...

stalkers, Jonathan?

Not any more than most.

As you know, when I was , ,
I was working with my dad,

learning the ropes.

I was quite boy crazy.

I liked them tortured and dark.

What happened?

They kept leaving.

Stopped calling.

Or got in trouble with the law. I...

I started to feel I must be cursed.

Someone was interfering?

One day I overheard my father
hiring someone to follow me.

I broke into his office
and there was this file,

phone records, who I'd given a blowjob to,
even my f*cking menstrual cycle. It was...

A horrifying violation.

And I confronted him and he simply said:

"I'm your father.

The world isn't safe
and I need to protect you."

Yesterday, he informed me
he's behind everything I've accomplished

from the day I cut him out.

- That can't be true.
- He simply never stopped.

I went to confront him
at his stupid workshop.

He's refurbishing a plane.

Why is it every wealthy man-child
becomes obsessed with flying?

Told me he'd created my life.

Everything I've achieved is not mine.

My entire existence is illusory.

Are you even real or did he send you too?

Kate, no.


This is real.

This is me.

This is you.

He owns me.

He owns me.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

You'll hate this
because you're no fun, but...

I really do believe
Tom Lockwood needs to die.

I agree.


- Oh, Joe, you thrill...
- Stop.

He has to die. Doesn't make it right.
Doesn't mean that we enjoy it.

- So much easier if we did.
- Rhys. I get it.

I was in denial.

I broke you
right off the darkest part of me

and you've been trying
to get me to see the truth.


So fine.

I can accept you're me.

I decide if the line gets crossed,
when and why.

I never took you as a top.

Oh, look. Joe, do you think I want
to stand here yabbering on

like some separate bloody person?

Let's stop bickering and come together.


You'll never have to see me again.
It'll just be you f*ring on all cylinders.

Pure, whole, unburdened you.

We need duct tape,
a box cutter and a quick stop

at that sex-positive toy store
near Bayswater.

We're gonna k*ll
a near Illuminati-level billionaire.

That requires a pinch of creativity.

That workshop that Kate mentioned
is probably an airplane hangar.


Oh, her code is - - - - - .
Rothko's birthday.

Thank you.

Ah. I'm assuming
he'll be with a bodyguard.

Well, we can do stealth. Whatever.

Tokyo is eight hours ahead.
We have until midnight.

- [Edward] Hey.
- Took you four hours to grab dinner?

Well, detoured to my dad's office
at the newspaper for...


If he finds out, add me to the m*rder.

Everything on Montrose,
everything on Eat The Rich.

Hopefully, all we need to build a case
against Professor Goldberg.

Pick up some champagne.
I'll be about an hour.

Very good, sir.

[Tom] I'll dangle the baby over the cliff.
They'll know we're serious.

No, no, no, we could do that.


You can also try this.

Get it done.

Yeah. Thanks.

Now's the moment. Go, go, go. Hurry!

Hey, Tom.

I wasn't sure I had the right place.

Keep talking. Don't let him think.

The text was me. Kate doesn't know.

I'm hoping we can talk.

- The DNA.
- The DNA on Rhys's body.

It was a little bit of a surprise.

Looked dramatic, right?
I don't like an ambush.

Neither do I, but I wasn't really sure
how to phrase it to your admin.

"Hey, I need a quick chat with Tom
about the guy I k*lled for him."

Yeah, about that,
nothing to worry about with the DNA.

- Why is that?
- Christ, just jump this tosser

and put that cloth right down his gullet.

All that was
was me controlling the news cycle.

Didn't have anything to do with you.

And my private counsel,
Cynthia, she's all over it.

- I'd call her and have her bury...
- And ruin the plan?

- Sorry, what plan?
- I take care of Rhys, you take care of me.


You're going crazy on me.
Tell you what, I'm gonna call Cynthia now.

I'm gonna make sure
that she knows we're okay.

[Rhys] Good job on the cuffs.

Coroner won't see a mark.

I'm a tad concerned about the force
to push his hand to his own head

with the g*n.

Might have
to bundle his arm up a little bit,

but otherwise
it's gonna be very convincing.

I am pleased.

[Tom] This necessary?

Okay. This isn't only about DNA.

Katherine's upset with me
about our conversation.

I'd harken a guess
she told you what I said?


And spied, controlled her life.

Do you really believe
that my daughter cares about you?

- Don't take the bait.
- Don't talk about Kate.

She only cares about proving
she doesn't need me.

I mean, the shit she's done
to spite me, but I protect her.

- By chasing away her boyfriends?
- Oh, no, no, she does that on her own.

What else she tell you I do?

Do I seem like the type
who would wanna hurt his own daughter?

But you do hurt her, Tom.


I'm done with her.

That's it. I was putting more into it
than I was ever getting out of it.

I mean, listen, you wanna take over
the job of saving Katherine from herself,

be my guest.

[door slides open]

- Hugo!
- Joe, hide! Hurry! Hurry!

- Quick!
- [Hugo] I'm sorry, but the chief justice

- has been trying you.
- Hugo, over here! Right now.

- Hurry up! No, no, behind you!
- [Joe] Shit.


That's it. Marvelous!

Okay. I did like su1c1de for Tom,
but rather difficult now, isn't it?

We can make our friend here
look like a m*rder, can't we?

Tell me what you want.

It's yours.

How'd you like to go home again?

As Joe Goldberg.

I can do that for you.

Could scrub you so clean, you whistle.

Won't be a room you can't walk into
and command respect, Joe.

And this? This is nothing.

Business, eggs get broken.

Everybody just walks away, Joe.

Don't be foolish. I want you
to grab that phone and hand it to me.

You're gonna be very rich
in a couple of seconds.

You think you can buy me?

I think I can save you.

That's what money can do.

So you can go back to your life as Joe.

Okay, I hurt Katherine. You love her.
I understand that you're angry.

My methods aren't gentle, but I...

Joe, you got to understand, I...

I came from...

I came from nothing.


- So did a lot of people.
- Yeah, I did bad things.

The f*ck am I doing? Is this...?
Is it begging you want? Bullshit.

I didn't make the world, Joe.

Neither did you.

You gonna k*ll me now? Why?

Because I'm a survivor?

Because I had what it takes
to not get eaten alive?

Katherine gets to say, "Daddy's bad,"
because I bubble wrapped her entire world.

You think that worked?

What are you doing for her right now, Joe?
The same g*dd*mn thing.

Don't you let him get in your head.

You don't even see it, do you?

You do this for her,

you become the problem.

You and I are the same, Joe.

We do what has to be done
because that's what being a man is.

[Tom grunting]

This was a good k*ll.

["Bodysnatchers" playing]

[Joe] Even the most curated online
presence gives certain truths.

Tom is into great men, wars,
vintage planes, analog books, intel,

m*llitary strategy,

how to keep secrets in plain sight,

like, fortunately for me,
banking information.

♪ What it is I've done wrong... ♪

God love a man who thinks he's smarter
than everybody else.

Oh, go back.

That page.

Seen some fingering.

♪ Two for no... ♪

[Joe] As police will discover,
Tom's bodyguard, Hugo McNamara,

was in a financial crisis,
barely able to sleep.

No one questioned why he'd rob Lockwood,

forcing transfer
of million pounds to a new account,

or why in the heat of the moment with Tom
he'd accidentally go too far.

It's incredible
how fast you can doctor a m*rder scene

when you team up with your dark side.

Forged a compelling tale.

Made Kate safe.

Did it, partner.

♪ You k*lled the sound
Removed backbone... ♪

[Joe] Hugo vanished.

Never seen again.

Silver lining,
last corpse I'll ever have to bury.

Just one task left.

♪ I've seen it coming ♪

♪ I've seen it coming ♪

♪ I've seen it coming ♪

♪ I've seen it coming ♪

Quite the morning for it, isn't it?
Certainly earned a leisurely stroll.

See a few sights.


Why am I here?

[Joe] Because my crazy, d*ad wife
told me the truth. You're not safe, Kate.

Okay, why are we still...?

So forgive me.

Separate, Joe?

[Joe] Not yet. Not while I'm alive.

Joe, just precisely what the f*ck
have you got planned here?

For f*ck's sake, enough!

[tense music playing]

You won't.

I know you won't.

- And why is that?
- You wage w*r with your own nature.

That is what you do.

You have this notion
that you're an especially bad person.

Join the bloody club.

What do you think everyone else sees
in the mirror?

I think I've k*lled a lot more people.

You are a stellar example
of the human condition.

A traumatized brain
constantly trying to shame us.

That's what you need to fight, the shame.

I should be ashamed.

No, that's why I'm f*cking standing here,

trying to untwist you
before you k*ll us both.

[cell phone buzzing]


Well, go on. Answer.

She probably heard about Tom.

She needs you.

[Joe] Goodbye, Kate.

I don't understand you.
You and Kate have a future.

- No, we don't.
- Of course you do. Why not?

Because I will...

I'll k*ll her.

Will you?

Every time I try...

I made it perfect.

It's never enough.

There's no amount of loving or supporting
or k*lling the assholes holding them back.

I want this time to be different.
It's not gonna be different with Kate.

No, no, no. Stop, stop.

I just helped you.
I can help you with this.

Very sweet of you to offer, Rhys,
but we both know that you're full of shit.

It's not about Kate, is it?

It's us.

Despite all I've ever done for you...


despise me.

All I ever wanted was to make you happy.

And it ends with a corpse
in the trunk of my car over and over.

I can't do that again.

We did what we did for Kate...

- I'm done.
- No.

We can figure this out, you and me.

You and I, we can do anything together.

I'm alive for you.

Why can't you see that?
Why can't you see me the way I see you?

I love you!

[Joe] Lockwood was right about one thing.

We didn't make the world.

And it f*cked us up deeply.

But one thing we can do is decide
whether we're gonna continue the cycle...

or break it.

- Thank you.
- [grunts]

[Joe] They say
everyone who jumps instantly regrets it.

Turns out it's true.

I was trying to protect you,
but what I did was give up.

I should have tried harder,
but now it's too late.

And it means no more walks,

or picking you a rose,

or hearing you laugh,

or kissing you so softly
it's like we're whispering.

All I've ever wanted is to love
and to be loved completely.

I should have fought harder.

I was born to give you that.
That's all that matters.


Just you.

We fell asleep. Oh.

Hey, um...

Let me know when you're awake enough
for me to ask you something.

Oh. I'm quite the morning person, so go.

- Does he know you're on to him?
- I hope not.

What aren't you telling me?

I'm sorry, I've...
I've just realized that this is...

This is really, really dangerous for you.

And you're only doing it
because you care about me.


You must never tell anyone this.

Why I need to nail him down
before he slips away.

As long as he's alive,
he will come after me. I just...

I just need to think.

What if he wasn't?

Wasn't what?


I'll do it.

My child is out there. I will not blink.

- If you could...
- Knock him out.

My boyfriend can get ketamine.

And a Kn*fe. A Kn*fe for me.


So I'd asked you for the ketamine.
I'd got a Kn*fe.

But, also,

I had this even crazier plan, plan B.

We figured so much could go wrong,

- we should prepare both of them in case.
- [Marienne] He knows I live for Juliette.

So first step is taking her away,
so I have nothing to live for.

My phone's under the tarp
back there in the backpack.

[Nadia] If we didn't manage to k*ll Joe,
we were gonna have to k*ll Marienne.

He didn't know it,
but he was actually texting me.

The real Juliette was safe in Paris
with the real Beatrice.

You might as well k*ll me!

[Nadia] I don't think it required
much acting

for Marienne to h*t rock bottom.

I was terrified
of her taking those beta blockers.

Take enough and it will slow
your heart rate down enough

that you seem like you're d*ad.

A tiny bit more and it was just too easy
to go wrong, you know.

I wanted to k*ll him.

It was a much simpler plan
and simpler was better, but...

But plus he deserved it.

But... And you know...

I f*cked up.

So Marienne had to enact plan B.

When you bailed me out, I was terrified

I wouldn't get there in time
to follow him.

[dramatic music playing]

Come on, come on, come on. Please wake up.

Wake up.

Come on.

Oh, my God. Oh, thank f*cking God.

Hey, Marienne, it's me.

You're okay. You're okay.

It's fine.

You are an actual superhero.

I don't know, it wasn't all that.

And it's still not over yet.
I feel like we've h*t a wall.

You got her to safety.

He has no idea she's alive.

You didn't tell anyone,
I won't tell a soul.

The more I learn who he is...

I don't trust it was enough.

The way she described him, it's like he...

He fundamentally...
He doesn't let things go.

He can't.

He can't because he's an obsessive.

Oh, my God,
we need to go back to the flat.

Because he would have kept something
from his victims as a souvenir, right?


[dramatic music playing]

[Joe] What?

I'm alive?

Happy birthday.

You d*ed for a bit in the water.

Police boat pulled you out
and revived you. You're very lucky.

They patrol for falls.
I'll tell your friend that you're awake.

[Joe] If I'm alive, then...

Just me.

You absolute twat.

If you had d*ed,
I would never have forgiven you.

Did you really fall?

[Joe] If I've gotten another chance,
I can't start by lying.


Oh, f*ck, Jonathan.

You should have told me.

I didn't wanna hurt you.

It was...

I guess I say it by just saying it.

I've done terrible things, Kate.

Such as?

[Joe] Just got you back,

now I tell you the thing
that'll make you leave.

I've k*lled people.

- And this drove you to the bridge?
- I've been the worst kind of man.

You can ask me anything and I'll tell you,
but you're gonna leave when you hear it.

He's d*ad, you know. My father.

m*rder for money.

Some might call it karmic.

Still, it's about as simple
as string theory, emotionally speaking.

He made you do something.

Made's a strong word.

His lieutenant, Cynthia, told me about
some DNA they found on Rhys's body.

She felt I might know the perpetrator.

You do.

Sadly, the tests are inconclusive,
so we'll never know who k*lled Rhys.

No. No, I don't want that. I don't want
you having to cover up what I've...

It's done.

He's left me everything.

The company, empire.

Everything the bloody light
bloody touches.

I told them I'd sleep on it.

Uh, but if you'd asked me
three months ago,

I'd have said no, but then I met you.

You don't understand.

No, listen, you have made it possible
to even conceive of that type of future

because you've gone
and made me believe in myself.

You've been quite insistent
that I'm not a bad person and everything.


In my soul, I know you are good.

Though I have a proposition for you.

You ready?

We keep each other good.

We keep each other good?

Yeah, I... I do actually mean that.

I think you just said...

the thing I've needed to hear...

someone say to me for a really long time.

We are capable of terrible things,
but I also know that we'd rather die.

- So...
- Yeah, we're in this together.

Am I still dreaming?

I will say yes to everything,

but I need you to help me through
the hard times without losing myself.

If you do this for me,
I'll do the same for you.

When I was in the water...

I thought of you the entire time.

Oh, God, you...

You Americans are so emotional.

I love you too.


what do I need to know about your past?

To start...

my name...

is Joe...


I am really not sure
this is such a good idea.

Just keep your eyes on the street
and say the word if you see him.

Wait, word? Did we have a word?

"Words," as in, you know, words that add
up to, "He's coming, get the f*ck out."

He's an obsessive. He's an obsessive.

- What else?
- Well, he has to be a narcissist, right?

Had to get a thrill out of k*lling
by night, teaching Ted Chiang by day.

Well, maybe teaching's part of his game.
Maybe he gives his students clues.

"The Man of the Crowd."

It's a nameless man
stalking people of London.

Remember that poet
he was quoting, Robert Lowell?

And that Ouija board stuff, connecting it
to controlling death and life?

James Merrill, you mean.

Uh, no, Merrill did
Changing Light at Sandover.

- Trust me, it... It was Lowell.
- Trust me, you're wrong.

I'm... I'm pretty positive.

Well, I'm looking
at his collected works now and...

zero Ouija shit.

Oh, my God.

Oh, we got him, Eddie.

Got him? What does that mean?

- A box.
- [Edward] Box?

[Nadia] Of Rhys Montrose's things,
articles, his mail...

Oh, God,
there's really personal shit in here.

Okay, okay, take pictures, right?

Leave it there and get out.
I'll meet you at the car.

- Nadia.
- Yeah?

Nice detecting.

[camera clicking]

Where are you?

Where the hell is he?

- Oh, shit, f*cking hell!
- [Joe] Oh, sorry.

- You scared the life out of me.
- It's okay.

Did I see you coming from my flat?
Are you looking for me?

No, I was, um...

No. I was looking for Eddie.

Um, he's been at a mate's.
He should be here now.

What's the code for your phone?

Thank you.

Let's delete these.

Figures that you'd be the one.

Don't be nervous. I wouldn't hurt you.

My circumstances have changed.

I now have access
to substantial resources...

- Don't give me anything. I'll go away.
- You work, what, two, three jobs?

- Sleep's for the rich, right?
- I'm not gonna say anything to anyone.

I can make this work for all of us.

["Anti-Hero" playing]

♪ I have this thing
Where I get older... ♪

[Joe] As someone wise once said,
if you don't grow, you rot.

Case in point, Blessing and Sophie
bought Sundry House after Adam d*ed.

Blessing's gift for monetization saw her
eclipsing Adam's desire for expansion

with the creation of a Sundry House
in the metaverse,

a virtual watering hole
for every rich douchebag on Earth.

Sophie's personal tragedies increased
her follower count by %.

Roald returned to London
after a hunting trip in Germany,

where he sh*t a close personal friend.

But his family kept it out of the papers
because, after all, it was an accident.

Poor Connie lasted
nine whole days in rehab.

Still meditates though,
and it seems to help.

Enjoy your booty bumps,
you absolute train wrecks.

[Joe] Some people want to rot.

♪ It must be exhausting
Always rooting for the anti-hero... ♪

[Joe] But the lucky ones are transformed.

Made deeper, wiser.

Phoebe quietly tied up business in London

and left to teach English
to elementary school students in Thailand.

- [Phoebe] ...five, four, three...
- [Joe] None of them

have any idea who she once was.

She's just their most devoted teacher.

Ready or not, here I...

[Joe] We earn the life we were
meant to live by fighting for it.

I didn't learn that the easy way.

There is no love without loss.

I'll always grieve
Marienne taking her own life.

- [cell phone buzzes]
- That heartbreak is part of me now.

"Grateful for a second chance
at a good life."


- ♪ It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me ♪
- ♪ I'm the problem, it's me ♪

- ♪ At tea time, everybody agrees ♪
- ♪ Everybody agrees... ♪

[Joe] Tom Lockwood was right.

You can come home again.

All you need is Kate,

plus a cybersecurity team,
a squadron of publicists, and Cynthia.

Scrub search results, hack news archives,
bribe the Madre Linda chief of police,

all to support
the simple, true story of Joe Goldberg.

Your story is incredible.
You must be tired of talking about it.

People are curious, I understand,
but it's... It is pretty simple.

Many people have lived
through violent partners.

My late wife, Love, was deeply troubled.

I just did my best.

Public consensus is, I made the sensible
choice to put my son in safe hands.

Well, not to blow smoke, but you're sort
of a quiet hero here and back in the UK.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Were you yourself shocked
when you read of your own death?

[clears throat]

[Joe] My favorite's when they ask about
the DNA mix-up involving some toes,

but Cynthia's right to steer us
to less sensational waters.

Let's move back to Kate.

As you're grieving your dad,
you've stepped into his shoes,

- kept the company running smoothly.
- I've had help.

Is that how you see your role, Joe?
Supportive boyfriend?

Only because I haven't been able
to convince her to elope yet.

Shocker, this woman is busy.

Says the man who spontaneously
bought a book shop, darling.

It was closing down.

Books are a passion of mine.
We should be talking about the foundation.

[Kate] It's what this is all for,
after all.

Plan's ambitious, an arts school
here and London, and by year's end?

[Kate] Well, I don't mind pushing hard.

If you're looking for the core
of Kate Lockwood, that's it.

She's a fighter.

[Kate] Oh, I think we both are.

All for the good, of course.

I can make this work for all of us.

I've done bad things.

I'm not proud.

But the important part is,
I've been given a chance to redeem myself

and make up for what I've done.

And I can only imagine
how that must sound to you, really.


I promise, no one has to get hurt.



- No, no, no!
- Shh. Nadia.

I got a second chance.

And this time, I'm utilizing all of me.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.


Tell them all about me.
No one's gonna believe you.

So you'll live.

You're right, I want that for you.

Honestly, my greatest pride as a teacher
is that I could help you grow.

And there's gonna be a box
found in your bedroom by the police.

Rhys Montrose's things. Anonymous tipster.

They'll realize it was Eddie.

That's why you k*lled him.

You have so many gifts.

I'm looking forward
to watch what you do next.

[police siren wailing in distance]

She refused to speak in her own defense.

Still hasn't spoken from prison.

Like I said, smart.

See, I'm simply very lucky.

Don't give me points for coffee. That's
insulting, not in front of a journalist.

[Kate chuckles]

[Joe] I get it now.

Love can be real, complete.

- If you are.
- So, what's next for the power couple?

Well, at the risk
of sounding terribly sincere,

we're largely focused
on changing the world.

[Joe] So many ways to do that.

- Hmm.
- [Joe] I have so many tools now.

Sure, k*lling's one of many,
but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

She's here to change the world.

Though the k*lling part
is also much easier now.

But I'm honest with myself about it.

I'm just here to help.

[theme music playing]
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