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03x13 - Beginning

Posted: 03/09/23 12:52
by bunniefuu


I can't brute force the password.

Perhaps I k*lled the wrong brother.

- I told you... I can't access

project Omni remotely. No one can.

If you can't get me in...


When the company started going down,

David lost his grip.

I feared that he might do something rash

with our more sensitive
technologies, so,

I stole the physical safeguard.

Multi-factor authentication keys.

I'll get them for you.

Seb says I've got two strikes,

and if he has to see me
almost die again, he's out.

How's Dennis?

Definitely not in the joking stage yet.

Not sure I am, either.

I'm glad you're OK.

You, too.

I don't feel any different. Do you?

Nope. You'd think having your bloodline

ripped out by an ancient witch
would be more... noticeable?

But until recently, I thought

the bloodline magic was strictly
a one-in-a-generation thing.

Yeah. It's kind of hard to
miss something we didn't even

- know we had, but Nicky?
- Yeah. If she's not a warrior?


- ALTHEA: Hey.
- RYAN: Where have you been?

Nicky and I hit the training room,

trying to gauge our new
bloodline-free physical abilities.

- Verdict?
- We still have our skills,

but the recovery time,

instinct, and strength...

Not what they used to be.

What about Xiao?

She's taken all of our bloodline juice.

She could be the strongest
person who ever lived.

How can we even think
about stopping her if...

- JIN: Zhilan.

Where's Nicky?

I don't know. She
told me to wait here.

Said that there was
something she needed to do.

If I'm not a warrior, who am I?

You are who you always were.

Kung Fu is not all I taught
you at the monastery.

You learned to look
past identity, to see within.

I know, Shifu.

But Xiao k*lled Mia.

She took back the
power of the bloodlines.

Without my warrior strength,

how do I stop her?

You have saved the world before

and not because of your bloodline power.

You can do this again.

I want to believe you,

but I know you're not her.

You're not the real Pei-Ling.

Nicky, if I am not her, I am memory.

I am you.

Your Shifu taught you
everything you need.



Are you sure you won't have some?

Mama, she says she's OK.

Kind of figured you're
not big on sweets.

- I love sweets.
- Oh!

- Nut allergy.

- MEI-LI: Oh.
- RYAN: It's Evan.

David Wheeler was k*lled

at Delta Security Endeavors HQ.

His brother's missing.
Evan's coming over.

Do you have any leads?

Only that an unidentified Asian woman

was spotted on surveillance
video at the scene.


What does Xiao want with Delta?

When you were with Nicky,

did you guys discuss a plan

when you find Xiao,
what you're gonna do?


- RYAN: Baba?
- JIN: Hmm.

What are you thinking?

I think Xiao must die.

She's too dangerous to live.

Your Baba's right.

Xiao is holding Mia's soul hostage,

and all the other bloodline spirits.

I don't know how.

But someone has to k*ll Xiao.

Mama and Baba, Nicky's
Shaolin. She can't.

NICKY: I won't have to.

I found another way.

I know how to stop Xiao.

Xiao is too strong now that
she has all of our bloodline power.

I realized we need another way.

She said Pei-Ling is
still trapped inside her...

A pebble in her shoe.

What if we free her?

Bring her into the fight?

We've been trying to b*at
Xiao to save Pei-Ling,

- but what if saving Pei-Ling...
- Is the key to beating Xiao?

Xiao needed Pei-Ling to come
back to life to get to our world.

- It started with her.
- Let's end it with her.

We might actually have a sh*t.

- RYAN: Hey.
- HENRY: Hey.

- We'll catch you up.
- No, no worries.

- I got the details.
- How are you gonna free your Shifu?

Well, we still have the
anti-magic fruit, right?

I think so. Seb prepared the antidote.

Well, Bo said Xiao fears anti-magic.

It's the one thing
that could weaken her.

Can you prepare another solution

to maybe, like, put in a syringe?

A syringe? You're going to inject her?

Nicky, you're going to have to get

close enough to her to do that.

- No. It's too dangerous.
- I know, Mama. But we have to try.

- Now we need to find Xiao.
- I could try to get ahold of

the surveillance footage
from David's m*rder.

Yeah. We can scrub it, look for clues.

There was a witness, too.

One of the Delta guards
is in police custody.

If we could get inside,
we could question him.

- Find out what he knows.
- Yeah. We'll get Nadia on it.

You seem good.

You gave us a second chance.

I don't want to waste it.

But for this plan to work,

we need to be sure Pei-Ling

is still alive inside Xiao.

When I reached out to the bloodlines,

something cracked open with the Compass.

I'm gonna try something. Wish me luck.


What's the holdup with you two?

Dimples loves you,

and it's clear you love dimples, too,
so, just seal the deal already.

You're giving relationship advice? You?

You're right. Forget I said anything.


So, more magic and science today?


Something like that. Ahh.

Should be a lot simpler
than the antidote.

Just need to create a neutral
solution for the anti-magic.

Where'd you put the leftovers?

- What was that?
- Food truck plans.

Raw ideas.

Not ready for your eyes.


Here it is.

Should I put it in the fridge?

- I was afraid someone might eat it.
- Should be fine, but that's it?

- That's all that's left?
- I followed your instructions.

Used exactly grams.


- Seb, that's a one.
- That's a one?

Wow. You really are a doctor.

Well, good news. Somehow,
the antidote worked

and we didn't overdose
the whole bloodline.

- Bad news...

Only enough left for a single dose.

Nicky's only got one sh*t.

So, does your source
have any idea where this

unidentified Asian female was seen?

No, but if Xiao really was at Delta HQ,

she'll be on these tapes.

So... how are things?


You know, just general life things.

- Nadia things.
- Oh, my god. How do you know?

How do I know that Nadia's pregnant?

Your parents left a
message on our voicemail.

I know I shouldn't have said anything,

but I couldn't help it.

And also congrats! Right?

Yes. Absolutely.

It's early, so, we're
not telling people,

- but... yeah.
- Mmm! You're gonna be a dad.

I know.

Yeah, juggling everything is gonna be

challenging, so, when the baby comes,

I'm gonna need your help
around here even more.

- Yeah. Of course.

This is it. David Wheeler's office,

the time of the m*rder.

Well, it confirms Xiao
was there, but that's it.

Can you pull up the footage from
Xiao's att*ck on the Jyu Sa mine?


That glitch. It was
in both of the videos.

- You think she's causing it somehow?
- The scepter, the bloodlines...

Xiao's taking in a lot of power.

What if it's causing some sort of...

- Sort of magical interference?
- Yes.

Delta's got those
surveillance cameras up

all over the city.

We've hacked them before.

If we can get into Delta's system again,

track the glitch, we
can use it to find Xiao.

[SOFTLY] Pei-ling?


[SOFTLY] Pei-ling.

XIAO: You. Huh!

Don't know what strings you pulled,
but you only got minutes.

Who are you?

We just have a few questions.

What happened in Wheeler's office?

We know about the woman.

Did she say anything?

- Do you know why she k*lled him?
- She didn't k*ll him.

I did.

I aimed the g*n at his chest,

and I pulled the trigger.

I don't know what happened.

I didn't have control. It's like
my mind and my body

didn't belong to me anymore.

I could only watch
as... I don't know how,

but she made me do it.

Mind control? How?

The scepter, all that bloodline power.

Guess the sky's the limit
for what Xiao can do.


Hey. One anti-magic syringe...
in an auto-injector.

- One sh*t to hit Xiao.
- Ryan, you are brilliant.

I know, but, uh,

I don't know how strong that
is. You sure this'll work?

It might not knock out all her power,

but hopefully it'll weaken her enough

- to loosen her grip on Pei-Ling.

We've been using Delta's cameras
to track Xiao's movements.

ALTHEA: She's close.

The financial district.

Is that the Grand Union bank?

- ALTHEA: It is.
- ZHILAN: What the hell is

Xiao doing at a bank?


WOMAN: Our pleasure, Mr. Wheeler.

Anytime you need access to
your personal vault, just call.

When you get into project Omni,

what are you gonna do?

What do you want with our satellites?

Not your concern. Just give me the keys.

Hey, Xiao.

Are you here to make a deposit?

Huh. I see. A withdrawal.

XIAO: I suggest you get
out of my way, Zhilan.

You don't stand a chance.

Are you sure about that?


Man, on P.A.: We have
a code in the lobby.

Everyone remain calm.
Please exit the bank.



Whatever you're planning,
we will stop you.

- MAN: This way. Clear the area.


You should've done what I said.



Xiao's even stronger than we thought.

Yeah. And it wasn't just a guard or two.

- It was the whole bank.
- HENRY: Not the whole bank.

Xiao didn't control you or Zhilan.

The anti-magic. Ryan's cure.

We got dosed. Maybe we're immune.

Mind control? Is that really
what she's been after this whole time?

Xiao spent thousands of years
watching the bloodlines...

Powerless, unable to control them.

She said that they were disobedient,
unruly. She... she hated them.

She's making up for lost time
by turning the whole world

into her very own psychotic puppet show.

She got keys from Matthew.
Said something about satellites.

Project Omni?

It's from my Delta research.

They were building a
massive satellite network.

They wanted to increase the
scope of their surveillance.

But what does Xiao want
with the satellites?

Maybe she's trying to extend her reach.

- What if she's trying to control...
- Everyone.

Evan, Nadia, dig into those files,

pull strings with the D.A.

- We need the location of project Omni.
- Yeah. We got it.

- ALTHEA: What for?
- NICKY: We have to stop Xiao

from taking control of those satellites.

Althea, you have to stop her.

You want me to break into
Delta Security Endeavors

and then override Xiao's
control of their satellites?

Uh, I'd need way more
computing power than I have.

Not to mention, I'd have to
break my plea agreement and...

I can do that. Um, I just need to

take care of something first, but...

I'll handle it.

HENRY: Don't want to
add to the bad news,

but... I got in.

I saw her.

Pei-ling is alive, but she's weak.

Then Xiao sensed me.

Knocked me right out of her mind.

She's blocking me. It's like she's

putting up some kind of a wall.

We can use that. OK.
When the time comes,

keep pushing, keep fighting.

I thought you weren't
sure about taking this job.

I wasn't, but I don't
really have a choice.

Wish me luck.

Agent Nichols.

Ms. Shen. I'm surprised
you finally reached out.

You've made a decision?

I have.

I'll accept your offer.

But I have a few conditions.

Non-negotiable conditions.

Firstly, I'll only join the NSA
on a part-time basis.

My work at Hartley Legal Services

is too important to me.

- Part-time?
- Mm-hmm.

And I know I have to
be trained in Maryland,

but I won't be moving to the east coast.

My life is here, and
I'm not leaving it behind.

As for your offer to
lift my plea agreement,

I can't discuss it,

but... I'm about to break that plea.

So, I'll need retroactive
immunity, as well.

Is that all?

One more thing. Immediate access

to an agency-standard modem

and cores from your NSA clusters,

an SCSI mainframe,

and two terahertz
modulators by end of day.

- [BANG]
- MEI-LI: Oh! Watch the walls.

♪ ... I'ma do what I want ♪

♪ lips so glossy, I'm so bossy ♪

♪ so, I'ma do what I want ♪

Ursillo got the address from discovery.

The project Omni command center's

being housed at a DSE-owned

substation near Mount Sutro.

Thank you, Evan. Thank Nadia, too.

- EVAN: Yeah. You got it.
- NICKY: Oh, hey.


Althea told me the good news.

She worked it out, right?

She's gonna keep working with you?

Right. Yeah. I don't know

what I'd do without her.

- NICKY: Thank you.
- EVAN: You got it.


Refill, anyone?

Who the hell are you?

Your new boss.

I'm here to take control
of your satellites.

You can't. They're behind
a security failsafe.

Even we don't have that
kind of access. Hey!



Now. Your turn.

Reposition all satellites

directly over the city.

I'll take care of the rest.


Terahertz modulators?

SCSI cores and main?

Oh, I've missed my phone,
but this? This is...

- Deep breaths, babe. Deep breaths.


Let's see what you've got.


We're hitting her from all angles.

Althea is working her magic.

Once she's in, she'll
go toe to toe with Xiao,

stop her from controlling
the satellites,

as Henry makes a play on her mind.

He's the only one
who can bring Pei-Ling

back into the fight. Meanwhile...

We face Xiao in the flesh.

Command center should be here.

East entrance is our best play.

She's in.

Getting in wasn't easy
but it wasn't that hard.

Someone already took down
a major security protocol.

- NICKY: Xiao,
- ALTHEA: If so, she's

taking over. Satellites.
They're being repositioned.

- Repositioned where?
- ALTHEA: Right over our city.

What should I do?

OK. Control as many of them as you can.

- Keep fighting and keep her busy.
- OK.



What's happening?

Someone's overriding my commands.

Shutting satellites down.

The sister.

Uh, this just got interesting.

They're on to me. Someone's fighting me,

retaking control over the satellites.

- NICKY: Is there anything...
- ALTHEA: Don't worry.

I've got this.

- Ryan?



Mama, Baba!

We're OK, we're OK, we're OK.

MEI-LI: Who are these guys,

and what are they doing in our house?

- NICKY: Xiao sent them.
- ZHILAN: Her puppets.

She's trying to stop Althea,
and she'll send more.

We have to find Xiao,

but I-I can't leave my family.

Go. I'll keep them safe.

No, go.

Nicky, if your plan works
and you save Pei-Ling

and you get a sh*t at Xiao...

Take it.

It's happening... Already?

NICKY: Yeah. Xiao's on to
us, and she's fighting back.

Zhilan's protecting my family
and I’m on my way to Xiao.

- HENRY: Alone?
- NICKY: I-I don't have a choice.

Listen, Henry, I'm counting on you.

You're the only one
who can reach Pei-Ling.

I'm ready.




Grr! Every time I shut down a
satellite, another one pops up!

- Bam Bam... the hammering.

Just a few more nails.
We'll keep you safe.

You just focus on what you're doing.

[SOFTLY] You've got this, OK?

- Ohh.

Whoever's doing this
is good, but I'm faster.

Should have all the satellites
in position any minute.

That won't be necessary.



Pei-ling, I’m getting you out of here.

Uhh! No, no, no, no, no!

I can't. Wait.

The runes are blocking me.


Why? Why k*ll them all?

Because I could.

I got what I needed from them.

That's the difference between us.

I take what I need and move on.

I prefer to work alone.

But you... You have
all your... connections.

I know you're planning something.

You have all your friends and family

working against me.

All that wasted effort.

I don't know what your plan is

or what you're hoping
they'll accomplish for you.

I don't care.


Get in position!

Time to fight.

They'll fail,

and so... will... you.


Child, you really think
you could fight me?

You have no magic.

Your bloodline power is mine.

You're not even a warrior.

IMAGINE DRAGONS: ♪ We are the warriors ♪

I don't need to be a
warrior to kick your ass.

♪ Built this town ♪



IMAGINE DRAGONS: ♪ Don't turn away now ♪

♪ we are the warriors ♪


♪ That built this town ♪

HENRY: Pei-ling, I can't
get you out of here.

You have to free yourself.

How? The runes. I am so weak.

JIN: Hyah! Hyah!

IMAGINE DRAGONS: ♪ We are the warriors ♪


JIN: Hyah!

♪ That built this town from dust ♪

HENRY: Pei-ling, Nicky needs you.

IMAGINE DRAGONS: ♪ We are the warriors ♪

♪ that built this town ♪


What's the matter, Xiao?

Feeling a bit overextended?

- How?
- You took my bait.

Fighting Henry, attacking my family...

You're controlling satellites, minds.

You're stretched thin... alone.

But I have an army.

My connections don't make me weak.

They make me strong.




- RYAN: Zhilan!
- ZHILAN: Uhh!




HENRY: It is now or never.

You have to get up and fight.

Go, Pei-Ling. Get out!


Look who's alone now.

Your plan, the combined
efforts of everyone you love,

they distracted me,

bought you a moment.

But that moment has passed.

The satellites are in position.

I can see this whole
city and everyone in it.

All their minds, all mine to control.

After that, the world.

Even the world won't satisfy you.

Satisfaction? I gave up on that
the day the emperor threw me away.

I may never know happiness,

but power is its own reward.

It's over, Xiao.



- MEI-LI: Uhh!
- GUARD: Wait! Wait!

What happened?

Good question.

Zhilan. Zhilan, go. Go help Nicky.

Uhh! Aah!





[SOFTLY] Yes, Nicky.


She is gone.

For now.

My child...

your work is not done.

Xiao is an ancient evil.

She can be weakened but never k*lled...

As long as I live.

- NICKY: No.
- Pei-ling: When Xiao used me

to come back, her
magic linked us forever.

You know she is a danger to this world.

Then we'll fight her again.

There's always another way.

Nicky, the souls of the bloodline

were bound to Xiao and now to me.

They deserve peace. Think of them.

Think of Mia.

What about you?

Shifu, I don't want to lose you.

Then think of me, hmm?

I, too, have been trapped...

in the source realm, then on earth.

I may have my body...

But until I die...

I will not be free.

No. Shifu... I can't.

I know my death hurt you, child.

But it happened.

I am grateful for this time with you,

to see what you have become.

But you must let me go.


It is time.

- Shh.







I wanted more time, too.

Xiao had to die, and
the bloodline spirits...

needed to be free.

Mia, Simon, all the others.

Pei-ling, too.

She deserved freedom, peace.


The world is not done punishing me.



I know you don't understand.


I don't know if I do.

But we saved her.

You saved her.


If that's true...

Then why isn't she here?

Where will you go?


I don't know.

Good-bye, Nicky.

SEBASTIAN: So, Dennis, how's the arm?

Not too bad. A couple
weeks, and I'll be back

to kicking Ryan's butt on the court.

Mm-hmm. Don't you know not to insult

the doctor who prescribes your meds?

Happy surprise birthday.

Seb was never getting
that past me. Thanks, sis.

Hey, Patience.

So, how's the food truck coming?

It's getting there.
Restoration's a lot of work,

and Mei-Li and I are still
vetting suppliers but, you know.

They're being sticklers about
produce, but I've tasted the menu.

Oh! It's gonna blow your mind.

- NICKY: Hmm. Can't wait.
- ALTHEA: Nicky!

A little help?

So... has the NSA given you
a fancy code name yet?

"Agent Shen-Soong" is fancy enough.

Next month is training. I'm terrified,
but usually, that means...

- You're gonna crush it.
- EVAN: Heads up!

Hangry pregnant person coming through.

Sorry. Only months, but... the hunger.

- EVAN: Here you go.
- Nadia: Thanks, bug.

- Who would've thought it, huh?
- Not me. But it's perfect.

Thank you.

JIN: Yeah, don't forget
to set a constituent

meeting, OK? Thanks, Harper.

Work calls on a Saturday?

Take office in a few months,
got to hit the ground running.

City's lucky to have you.

I'm proud of you, Baba.

That makes the both of
us, sweetheart. Come here.

- NICKY: [SOFTLY] Love you.
- JIN: OK.

So... Nicky saves the city

and the world, again.

What is Nicky gonna do next?

Mmm. I had a feeling this was coming.

"When is Nicky gonna get a real career?"

You said career. Not me. Hmm.

Honestly, Mama, I
don't know what's next.

The D.A. got Delta Security Endeavors

to drop their charges, so,

- that's not hanging over me.
- Mm-hmm.

But it's weird. A week ago,

I knew what I was supposed
to be doing, who I was.

A Warrior. The Sheriff of Chinatown.


These days... Seems like Chinatown

has plenty of heroes.

I feel free.

You know, there was a time
when I would've stopped you from

everything you were meant to be.

It's a big world out there, Nicky.

And all you have to do

is ask yourself what you really want,

and then...

Go for it.


This feels right.

♪ You make me feel... ♪

HENRY: It does.

I really don't want to check the clock.

Me neither.

- HENRY: Uhh.

GRIFF: ♪ I shut the
door behind me, babe ♪

♪ turn the lights out,
it's been a long, long day ♪

♪ you pick me back up... ♪

How much time do you have?

Well, flight leaves in about hours,

so, I guess that means I have to go now.


GRIFF: ♪ "how you doing now?" ♪

How long are you gonna be gone?

Ah, Yuen's been fuzzy with the details,

but... all I really care
is that it's one

top-secret mission with the Wan Zai

and then my debt to
them is finally paid.

I think the real question is,

how long will you be gone?

I don't know.

It's a big world out there.

CLUTTERBUCK: ♪ you make me
feel a million times better ♪

I know we just got each other back...

But I'm not worried.

Fate brought us together once before.

I know it'll do it again.

- _
- The landlord folded.

Mrs. Huang's getting a juicy settlement,

plus, she gets to stay in her apartment.


Well, I couldn't have
done it without you.

going to San Francisco ♪

♪ be sure to wear some
flowers in your hair ♪

♪ If you're going
to San Francisco... ♪

There you go. Two "alchemists."

- MAN: Thank you.
- Woman: Thank you.

What? Too soon?

Apartment's ready.

We can move in this weekend.

Bye-bye, sex jail.

This calls for celebration.

- Tonight, Chez Panisse?

MCKENZIE: ♪ All across the nation ♪


MCKENZIE: ♪ Such a strange vibration ♪

Yes. Copy.

MCKENZIE: ♪ people in motion ♪

Rain check?

- Sorry, Bam Bam.
- Good luck, Agent Shen-Soong.

JIN: Yeah. I'm working
on the other supervisors,

and we will have the votes.

- And we will fill those potholes, OK?
- All right.

MCKENZIE: ♪ People in motion ♪

- _
♪ for those who come to San... ♪

Here you go. Salamat. Please enjoy.

And we are sold out of the pinakbet. Ha!

Might be time for a second truck.

- How about a fleet?
- Oh! Ha ha ha!


- MEI-LI: Well, hello.

I know. I'm out of here. I got it.

Had some time between shifts.

Thought I'd stop by for a snack.

Well, we're all out of pinakbet.

But I can make you something spicy.


How about some bicol express?

- RYAN: Bicol express?
- SEBASTIAN: Some...

MCKENZIE: ♪ if you
come to San Francisco ♪

ALTHEA: OK. Who's up? Got
some big news from SF General.

RYAN: Hooked 'em up with the VIP
suite. We're all chilling here,

pics of gorgeous Rosie coming soon.

EVAN: Nadia's resting,
but she's being a rockstar.

- RYAN: Here she is!
- All: Aw!

NICKY: Thank you.

Oh, wait. I wanted to thank you again.

You stopped those men
from hurting my family.

- Oh, I wish I could repay you.
- It's OK. Really.

Thank you so much for hosting me.

It's no problem. Is this what you do?

Wander the earth,
helping people in need?

Something like that.

PEI-LING: Do not fear change, Nicky.

The end... is just the beginning.

MAN: Greg, move your head.

KIDS: Nice sh*t, mom!