03x03 - Chapter 19: The Convert

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Mandalorian". Aired: November 2019 to present.
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Set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and 25 years prior to the events of The Force Awakens, it follows the title character, a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Din Djarin, and his exploits beyond the reaches of the New Republic. It's the first live-action series in the Star Wars franchise.
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03x03 - Chapter 19: The Convert

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THE CLIENT: This is Doctor Pershing.

His enthusiasm outweighs his discretion.

What do you have for me?

THE MANDALORIAN: If I visit the planet

and I can bring you proof that I
have bathed in the Living Waters,

then by Creed, I would be redeemed.

There's nothing magic about
the mines of Mandalore.

They supplied beskar ore to our

ancestors and the rest is superstition.

"These mines date back to the
age of the first Mandalore.

"According to ancient folklore, the

mines were once a Mythosaur lair."

THE MANDALORIAN: "I swear on my name."

"And the names of the Ancestors."






I am redeemed.

BO-KATAN: I witnessed it.

You bathed in the Living Waters.

You are Mandalorian again.

Can we leave now?

- Can I ask you something?

What is it?

You see anything down there?

chasm passing me as I fell.

I didn't realize it was so deep.

BO-KATAN: It wasn't.

The b*mb from the Purge must

have triggered seismic activities.

Did you see anything alive?

THE MANDALORIAN: Alive? Like what?


Let's get out of here.


my ship and I'll be on my way.

You will forever have my gratitude.

BO-KATAN: I would invite
you in for a feast,

but I'm guessing that helmet
isn't coming off again.

- This is the Way.
- This is the Way.


- (expl*si*n)

THE MANDALORIAN: We took a h*t.

BO-KATAN: Something's
coming up on us fast.

It looks like a squadron
of TIE interceptors.

How close are we to Kalevala?

- Not far.
- THE MANDALORIAN: Get us back there

and I'll reinforce from the N- .

- Can you evade them?
- BO-KATAN: Our shields aren't gonna

hold. I need you to back them off.


Where'd they come from?

BO-KATAN: I've scugged off
a lot of Imperial warlords.

They tend to get mad when
you hijack their ships.

Now you tell me.


Get ready, we're comin' in hot.

I won't be able to
slow down for the drop.


Interceptors are a lot
tougher than TIE fighters.

Are you still up for the transfer?

- I don't see any other choice.






I made it to the N- . Heading to you.


Don't worry, I grew
up flying these cliffs.

- Of course, it's been a while.


Thanks for the backup.

Two more to go.


Go right. I'll meet
you on the other side.

One down, one more to go.

BO-KATAN: On it.





Not bad for an antique.

You take any damage?

Just shields. You?

Not a scratch.

Let's take 'em in just to be sure.

Nice sh**ting.


Hang on. I'm seeing
something on the scope.




Those mudscuffers b*mb my home!


- Bo, we've got company.

Bo, listen to me.

You have to get out of there.

There's too many of them,
we've got to get out of here.


That's a lot of ships
for an Imperial w*rlord.

sending jump coordinates.

To where?

Someplace they won't find us.



DR. PERSHING: I appreciate you
letting me speak here tonight.

The Amnesty Program saved my life.

There are many of us who had no
choice in working for the Empire,

but now, the New Republic
has given us a second chance.

So thank you.

I believe that pursuit of knowledge

is the most noble thing someone can do.

Sadly, my research was twisted

into something cruel and inhumane,

at the behest of a desperate individual

intent on using cloning technology

to secure more power for himself.

But despite the
shameful work of my past,

I now hope to help the New
Republic in whatever way I can.

Though that work is now behind
me, and I regret what I did,

I assure you that my
original intentions were good.

When I was young, I lost my mother,

the person who I admired most.

(SHAKILY) Her...

Her heart gave out.

Had simple organ cloning been
available on my homeworld,

her death would have
been easily preventable.

It was then that I vowed
to make it my life's work

to help others avoid such needless loss.

Thanks to the groundbreaking
work of the Kaminoans,

we know that cloning can
duplicate an individual

from a single genetic strand.

What my work explored was the hopes

of combining multiple
strands to create replicas

that incorporated the best
genetic attributes of both donors.


DR. PERSHING: It's quite
fascinating actually.

The first casts rejected the
formula almost immediately,

- but...
- Hello, Doctor.

It must be wonderful now that
you work with a government

that appreciates your contribution, no?

- Of course. I'm very lucky.

And we're lucky to have
you, Doctor Pershing.

How are you finding the
city? Comfortable, I hope?

Yes. Though anything
would be comfortable

compared to the Outer Rim.

- MAN: The Outer Rim, I can't imagine.

You know, I was almost drafted.

Imagine me, serving.

Oh, darling, that was the Empire.

MAN: Oh, my apologies.

Empire, Rebels, New
Republic, I can't keep track.

That's why I should
just keep my mouth shut.

We try not to get involved.

Well, I think you deserve
the very best, Doctor.

After everything you've been
through, you're just so brave.

And such an inspiration.

I'm so glad you're working for us now.

Thank you. (LAUGHS)

DROID: I see you're
going to Amnesty Housing.

Congratulations on making
it into the program.

- Thank you.
- DROID: Have you been in Coruscant long?


DROID: Well, I think you'll
find it a very lovely city.

You must be sure to visit
the Skydome Botanical Gardens.

The Mysess blossoms
are in full bloom and,

oh, my, oh, my,
are they something to see.

Ah. And if you have time,

the Galactic Museum has
a wonderful new exhibit

on hyperdrive technology
that is fascinating.

And you must take a day trip

to the Holographic
Museum of Extinct Animals.

There are some truly
fascinating creatures on display.

I found the mantabog of
Malastare to be utterly...

Ah. Look at that, here we are.

Amnesty Housing.

Please watch your step
as you exit the vehicle.

Have a good evening.


OFFICER : Yeah. Said I was,
and I quote, "On the way up."

OFFICER : Ugh. Poodoo.
We don't get promoted.

- OFFICER : No, you don't get promoted.

OFFICER : Love it.

Hey. Join us for a drink.

Amnesty Officer M .

Amnesty Scientist L .

- You're new?
- What do you mean?

To the program.

The pins, they make it hard to hide.

Oh. Yes. I was just transferred
from the Re-Integration Institute.

Welcome to Amnesty Housing.

- It's paradise in comparison.

This is G , M , G .


Everything all right?

I didn't expect to see anyone
from Moff Gideon's ship here.


I didn't know you worked for him.

I heard he escaped en
route to the w*r Tribunal.

No, that was just a cover story.

I heard they hooked
him up to a mind flayer.

I try not to think about him anymore.

Thanks to the rehabilitation program,

I can contribute to the New Republic.

Just like you.

Just like all of us.

Long live the New Republic.

GROUP: Long live the New Republic.

Long live the New Republic.

Have a seat, Doctor.

There are more of us
here than I expected.

Yeah, that surprised me at first too.

It's not how the Empire
would have handled it.

No. No, it is not.

OFFICER M : Yeah, they
weren't big on redemption.

Have you taken in the
sights on Coruscant, Doctor?

No. I haven't had the time.

I'd be happy to show
you around when you do.

Thank you.

Uniforms did fit better.

I do miss the lights of hyperspace.

What do you miss, L ?

- Miss?
- From before.

No. I'm glad that the Empire is...

No, not like that.

- Of course, good riddance.

I mean, more like the
everyday stuff. Like the food.


Um... I guess,

maybe those, uh, yellow travel biscuits

- from the ration packs?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

- Wow.
- Ah, that brings back memories.

(SIGHS) I don't think you can
get those on the Core Worlds.

Uh, no, you can't.

Gotta say though, I liked the red ones.

- You're crazy. Travel biscuits?
- What's wrong with them?

I'm just saying, if I never see
another ration pack in my life,

- I'll die happy. I'll drink to that.
- All right. Well...

If I want something dry, I'll
just listen to your jokes.

- Mmm. Okay.

Drink, drink, drink,
drink, drink, drink, drink!

WOMAN: (ON RECORDING) Thousands of

layers of buildings and skyscrapers

cover the entire planetary
surface of Coruscant.

Because of this, Coruscant is one

of only a handful of city-planets,

known as an "ecumenopolis."

Though Coruscant is often referred

to as the "center of the galaxy,"

- it's not precisely located at our...

One moment!

Travel biscuits.



Good morning, L , happy Benduday.

Another set for archival.

Good morning.

Oh, I saw your talk last night.

Really interesting stuff.

Oh. Thank you.

Yeah, I had no idea
you were so experienced.

Wonder why they have you down here?

I'm happy to do whatever is asked of me.

- (CHUCKLES) Well, you know... Oh!

Excuse me.

- I'm falling behind.

I'll let you get back to it.

- Thank you again.
- Yeah.



You're melting.


It's just, um... so many people.

It's all a bit overwhelming.



OFFICER G : A trillion
permanent residents.

DR. PERSHING: Amazing.

All these people working
together to make something better.

It makes me feel rather insignificant.

I don't know about that.

Makes me feel special,

knowing everything I had to
overcome to get back here.

You've been to Coruscant before?

I trained here, at the academy.

Not much has changed, other
than taking down the cogwheels.

It did feel different though.

We thought we were doing good.

I do think about that sometimes.

All of my research going unfinished.

We were close to making some
incredible breakthroughs.

In the right hands, our discoveries

could have helped a lot of people.

So, why not continue your research here?

I don't think it's something the

New Republic would be interested in.

- The ethics of cloning are complicated.
- But if it could help the New

Republic, isn't that important enough?

Following orders blindly is how we

got in trouble in the first place.

Sometimes you have to trust your gut.

The New Republic is trying their
best, but they're struggling.

There are lots of capable
people who wanna help.

Do you understand what I'm saying?


What is that?

That is the peak of Umate, the
highest mountain on Coruscant.

They say it's the only
place on the entire surface

where you can see the planet itself.

(WHISPERING) How strange.

You wanna touch it?

- Are we allowed to?
- Allowed?

Live a little, Doc. It's not the Empire.


DROID: Please refrain from
physical contact with Umate!

- I'm so sorry.


You knew that was gonna
happen, didn't you?


DROID: No littering.

- Ah. Sorry.

Let me buy you a photon fizzle.

Ah, the look on your face
was priceless. (LAUGHS)


DROID: Do you still find your

- current housing situation comfortable?
- Yes.

Are you able to maintain
a consistent schedule?

- Yes.
- Are you experiencing any undue stress

- due to work or personal matters?
- No.

Have you experienced
any feelings of anger

- or resentment towards your coworkers?
- No.

Have you experienced any
feelings of anger or resentment

towards the New Republic
government or its representatives?


- Thank you for continuing...
- Can I ask a question?

- Proceed.
- If I were to pursue my own research,

recreationally, would that be allowed?

According to your file,

your previous research involved
cloning and genetic engineering.

That class of research is expressly

prohibited by the Coruscant Accords,

Section , subparagraph seven.

My apologies.

Do you have any further questions?

I guess not.

Thank you for continuing to be an

important part of the Amnesty Program.

Have a nice day.


What we were talking
about the other day.

My research.

I've been thinking about it.

I know it's important,

and in the hands of the New Republic

it can actually be used for good.

I just need to prove it.

Sounds like you wanna continue it.

But... I mean, how?

What do you need?

Well, not much to get started.

Um, some supplies, a mobile lab station?

It's a silly idea, I know it is,

- but I really believe that...
- Stop.

You wanna help the New Republic,
they just can't see it yet.

We can get you a mobile lab station.

But it would require going
outside our designated perimeter.

No. I can't... I can't do that.

If they found out we'd both be sent

back to the Re-Integration Institute.


I've done a lot of
things I'm ashamed of.

I have a lot to make up for.

But if your research really
is as important as you say,

I'll take that risk.

It's too dangerous.

Well, just, uh... sleep on it, okay?


Good morning, L . Everything okay?

Yes. Thank you.

But this, uh, equipment I'm archiving,

it's all coded to be destroyed.


Looks like it.

But it's all still perfectly good.

It's Imperial technology.

Yes, but it can still
be put to good use.

If I can have access to the equipment,

I'd be happy to demonstrate how...

Can I be honest with you?

We are really behind here.

Not only do we have the Imperial
disposal yards to inventory

but we're still decommissioning
the Alliance fleet.

I'm sure you understand.

I just think I could
be helpful if I could...

It would require authorization
from the department.

You could submit a C- request,

but I've never seen someone from
the Amnesty Program make one.

I'd have to check if
that's even possible.

It's fine.

Forget I asked.

I'm sorry, L .

I know it's not easy,

but I assure you this is
truly helping the New Republic.


DROID: Are you experiencing
any undue stress

due to work or personal matters?


Have you experienced
any feelings of anger

- or resentment towards your co-workers?
- No.

Have you experienced any
feelings of anger or resentment

towards the New Republic
government or its representatives?

Apologies if you didn't hear me.

Have you experienced any
feelings of anger or resentment...

- No.
- Thank you for continuing to be...

Our main objective is to
help the Republic, right?

- Correct.
- And that supersedes everything else?

It does.

Thank you for continuing to be an

important part of the Amnesty Program.

Have a nice day.



The mobile lab station, let's go get it.


Tomorrow night?

You're helping the New Republic.

It's the right thing to do.



OFFICER G : Relax.

Just follow my lead.

Take a deep breath, Doc.

It's gonna be fine.

Remember why we're doing this.


(WHISPERING) Keep it together, Doc.

(PANTING) You're better
at this than I am.

Oh, you'll get the hang of it.



- Taungsdays, am I right?



Where are we going?

The disposal yards.

You know, the inventory
you're cataloging.


Imperial ships will have
mobile lab stations, right?

They do, but they're Imperial.

Well, not anymore.

Now they're just junk.

Look, we slip in, grab what you need,

and we're back at Amnesty
Housing before you know it.

Have you done this before?

Where do you think I got the biscuits?





DROID: Tickets, please. Tickets, please.

- DROID: Thank you.
- Follow me.

DROID: Tickets, please.


DROID: Tickets, please.

Go ahead. I'm right behind you.

You can do it.

Nice, Doc.

DROID: Thank you.

Keep moving.


(NERVOUSLY) Taungsdays, am I right?

We'll work on that.

- Sorry.
- Watch it!



It's the end of the train.

DROID: (ON PA) Approaching
Shipyard Depot, first station.

We're gonna jump.



Trust me.

arriving, Shipyard Depot.

- And...
- Uh...

- Now!







Never done anything like this before.



- You sure we're alone?
- Yep.

Ships are all inoperable.

No need to guard 'em.





I must have passed you on
Gideon's ship a hundred times.

Sorry I never introduced myself.

I, uh... You don't have to apologize.

That's not how things were back then.


Now it is.

Elia Kane, Communications Officer.

- Doctor Penn Pershing, Scientist.

Nice to meet you, Doctor Pershing.

Here it is.



Is everything you need here?

This is perfect.

I'll only take what I need.

It's all going to the scrap heap.

I remember the first time
I was in a place like this,

I couldn't believe I'd made it.

My mother was a doctor in
the town where I grew up.

I would spend days in her office
dreaming of a lab like this.

But to actually be in one... (LAUGHS)

You always knew what you wanted to do.

- As far back as I can remember.

What about you?

What did you wanna be when you grew up?

I didn't really have a
chance to think about it.

- What was that?

Just the ship settling.

Keep packing.

I'll keep watch, just in case.


How do we get back?




Keep moving!



Amnesty Scientist L , raise
your hands, you are under arrest.


- Wait.
- Raise your hands, L .

Just wait. Wait. Wait...


TECHNICIAN: Good morning, Doctor.

Listen, I can explain.

- I wasn't trying...
- No need.

Amnesty Officer G has
already submitted a report.


What did she tell you?

We understand that the
adjustment can be difficult.

No, no, no. I think
there's been a mistake,

- I wasn't...
- We're here to help you.

Indoctrination by the Empire
is challenging to overcome.


Wait, uh... This is a mind flayer.

This is a Six-O-Two Mitigator.

It's a non-invasive
experimental treatment,

recently approved for rehabilitation.

No, it's a mind flayer.

It's a similar device,

but we've found at low voltages

it can be used to help soothe
select traumatic memories.


- You'll see some pleasant colors,

hear a light buzzing,

and experience a great sense
of relief in no time at all.

- You're gonna wipe my mind.
- Absolutely not!

This isn't the Empire, son.

This device is used to heal.

I've been through the treatment
myself, I found it quite refreshing.

Please, just let me explain.

I was just trying to help.

This will only take a moment.

I'll be here when you wake up.

You don't understand.

She brought me there. It was a trap.

Please, I just wanted to help.

She set me up. Please.

You set me up.

(MUTED) You set me up.

Why did you set me up?


he was doing so well.

You've done the right thing.


I know this will help him.

It will.

You are a real credit to this program.

It's nice to know that for every
failure, there's a success like you.

- This should offer him some relief.



Shall we?

Do you mind if I stay?

He relapsed, but he's a friend.

I still care about him.

Of course, you do.

Yes, you're welcome to stay.





I'm bringing you to
a Mandalorian covert.

This is how we have survived in exile.

I'm familiar.

THE MANDALORIAN: It's a secret
location and you are my guest.

They still live by the old ways.

Yes. It will go smoother if you
keep your helmet on. Trust me.

(SCOFFS) Of course.


PAZ VIZSLA: Come no further.

You are an apostate, Din Djarin.


I have been to the mines of Mandalore.

PAZ VIZSLA: Impossible.

The mines were collapsed in the Purge.

The planet is cursed.

lies meant to keep us in exile.

PAZ VIZSLA: How do we know
that it is not you who is lying?

BO-KATAN: He speaks the truth.

I was witness.

PAZ VIZSLA: And who are you, Nite Owl?

I am Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze.

PAZ VIZSLA: Your House has fallen

from the Way. You are both apostates.

been to the Living Waters.


I bring proof.

PAZ VIZSLA: We shall see.


PAZ VIZSLA: Din Djarin claims to
have bathed in the Living Waters.

ARMORER: Is this true?

THE MANDALORIAN: It is. I have proof.

BO-KATAN: I was witness.

He fell into the depths
and I pulled him out.

ARMORER: He speaks the truth.

These are indeed the Living Waters.

Din Djarin, you are redeemed.

This is the Way.

MANDALORIANS: This is the Way.

And Bo-Katan Kryze, by
Creed, you too are redeemed.

BO-KATAN: But I do not walk the Way.

ARMORER: Did you bathe in the waters?

BO-KATAN: I did.

And have you removed your helmet since?

BO-KATAN: No, I have not.

Then you may join our covert and
live as your ancestors once did.

You may leave anytime you wish.

Until then, you are one of us.

Welcome, Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze.

This is the Way.

MANDALORIANS: This is the Way.
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