02x15 - Trust

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02x15 - Trust

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Just tap if it's too much, okay?


- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You're kidding.

I'm flattered you came
by to check on me, though.

Thinking about doing
some traditional cooking.

My place?




♪ ♪

Hey, Smitty.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Where's Scott?

Conference in DC.

He's giving a presentation to legats

from all over the world

about our team's
activities and casework.

I'm sure it will be well-received.

Well, I know how I feel about our team.

- Uh-oh, here we go.
- What?

Raines always gets
sentimental three drinks in.

- Like clockwork.
- All right. Come on, come on. For real, for real.

The thing I love most
about the Fly Team is,

we're actually a family.

I don't know if that's
because we're stuck here

on the other side of the world,

or we're just damn good at what we do.

But I know how much I appreciate y'all

and how much you mean to me.

That is actually very sweet.

- Cheers.
- Uh, are you daft?

You can't cheers with water.

Why not?

Because it's bad luck.

Come on. Cheers.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Let's go. I'm getting
you a proper drink.


And uh, let's see a snap of
that bloke you've been shagging.

I mean, dating.

I don't even know if I have one.

- Please.

He's cute.

He is, isn't he?

And you look really happy, Jamie.

I am.

- Two more, please.
- No problem.


♪ ♪

How's it going with Maya?

Uh, she struggles a
bit with the odd hours.

Days I disappear, can't check in.


She doesn't like it.

Well, she'd be crazy not to
hold onto you with both hands.


♪ ♪



♪ ♪



♪ ♪



♪ ♪

- Everything all right?
- Oh yeah, nothing.

Why did we get called in on a Sunday?

Apparently a Hungarian
cop iced a couple of people

in their apartment last night.

Government offices are
buzzing all over Budapest.

A cop?


- Hey.
- Hey.

Great, everyone's here.

Our victims are Juci and Ferenc Oláh,

k*lled in their home
last night in District .

The neighbors heard the
g*n, looked out the window,

and saw a Hungarian
National Police officer

fleeing the scene.

Why are we getting involved?

The HNP Director of Police Oversight

reached out to Washington,

asking for our investigative assistance.

And I just had a call
with the director himself.

What'd he say?

It was a "good chance to assist

our host country's counterparts."

In , the Hungarian National Police

had an embarrassing
blemish on its record

when a menu was discovered
for accepting bribes.

The London papers called the HNP

"the best police force money can buy,"

and our host has been trying to quash

that reputation ever since.

They do not need a fresh
stain on their department.

I know Captain Agoston Manko from there.

Worked a couple of cases with him,

including the festival
b*mb last year.

Yeah, I know him.

Not the most pleasant personality.

That's an understatement.

I got a bad h*t off him.

So everyone keep their heads
cool, stay professional.

We're walking into a
wasp's nest over there,

and we don't know where
the sting is coming from.

I have a rapport with him.

Happy to run lead on this
since Forrester's gone.

Or you can.

Not that you need my
permission, of course.


You should, absolutely.

You're gonna be a boss yourself one day,

and this will be a good opportunity

to get some experience under your belt.


Let's roll out.



You're Ben Erdos's partner, right?

I'm Jamie Kellett. We met at Zizi's.

Ah, yes. Yes, of course.

Uh, FBI.

Uh, Oversight bring you in
to assist our investigation?

They did. Hey, have you seen Ben?

I haven't been able to reach him.

He hasn't been here today.

I tried to phone him, text
him, but he hasn't answered.

He's scheduled to work?

- This is all hands on deck.
- Right.

- Thank you.
- Hey.

He's been acting, uh...

how... how do you say, uh...

What, off?


Cold, closed.

It's not like him.

- I have to...
- Yeah, of course.

Captain Manko.

Agent Vo.

We were told you could
use our assistance.

I want to make it clear that right now,

we only have an eyewitness account

pointing a finger at HNP
officer leaving the scene.

We don't know if that's accurate

or if the perpetrator
could have been an imposter

wearing a similar uniform.

To what gain?

To make my department look bad,

to throw us off the scent...

I can think of a number of reasons.

But whatever is the explanation,

I will have the answers soon.

Can we see the crime scene?

Of course.

I'll escort you myself.

♪ ♪

We'll need ballistics of the b*ll*ts

found in the bodies, shell casings,

or if any b*ll*ts exited the bodies

and embedded in the walls.

Of course.

Also, I suggest that you
inventory everyone's firearms,

do a round count, perform
g*n residue tests

on all of your officers.

We can call in an FBI forensics
team, the best in the world.

They can be here in seven hours.

Our crime scene
technicians can handle it.

The husband, Ferenc Oláh,

was working for Gedeon
Architects here in Budapest.

From the proposals and
RFPs left out on the desk,

it looks like his
firm was recently named

a finalist to build a new
football stadium in Debrecen.

Contract's worth nearly a billion U.S.

Uh, the wife, Juci Oláh...

she worked for a charity
organization, Toolbox.

They uh, they build houses for the poor.

Like Habitat for Humanity?


Maybe we should look into her.

For her charity work?

Corruption is corruption.

Shouldn't we exhaust all leads?

Absolutely, we should.

♪ ♪


She heard a noise that
sounded like g*n.

- And then?

She looked through the peephole

and she saw clear as
day a police officer

standing at the neighbor's door.

But that was very fast
for the police to arrive.


Then she saw the officer hurry away,

and she thought that
was strange behavior.

What happened next?


She went to check on
the neighbor's apartment,

because she has a key.

What I saw in there was horrible.

Those poor, poor people.

They were so nice.

Who would do this?

We're going to find that out.


She has a brother who works
in the Hungarian parliament,

but she wasn't sure if
the police could be trusted

after what she saw.

Thank you for your time.


Nothing from the rest of the neighbors.

Either they were sleeping or
didn't see or hear anything

at the time of the m*rder.

Nothing looks stolen from inside.

None of the desk drawers were forced,

jewelry and money
untouched in the bedroom.

This was a professional h*t.

That looks like a surveillance
camera above that shop.

Maybe the video will show us something.

Good eyes.

Let's check it out.


Good morning.

English? Ah, good.

You want guitar, bass, maybe drums?

Nah, we're with the FBI,

helping out the Hungarian police.

You have a camera out front.


Your camera out front.

Ah, yes. Camera, yes.

Does it record?

I'm not the owner.

Do you have a monitor

where you can see what's on the camera?


I need to know if your camera records.

There's some equipment out back.

I never use it.



Surprisingly current.


♪ ♪

Hey, you mind if we take this?

Shout, shout, knock yourself out.

Who's that?

Parents of the deceased, Ferenc Oláh.

May I?

Mr. and Mrs. Oláh,
do you speak English?

I'm Cameron Vo with
the United States FBI.

We're investigating last
night's tragic sh**ting

alongside the Hungarian National Police.

And I would just like to say

that I'm very sorry for your loss.

- The United States?
- Yes.

We're based here in Budapest,
and we provide support

and expertise to the police here.

But we don't understand.

Who would... who would do this?

We are working to discover that.

Our son was a lion.

Honest, hardworking.

He never had trouble.

Is there anyone you can
think of who might have

been envious of his success?

Envious? No.

He had many friends. Many.

Could fill up this room.

Ferenc never hurt anyone.

- He was... [SOBS]
- It's okay, Enéh.

Be strong.

Anything you need from
us, we will give to you.

We must... we must help.

Thank you.

I'll update you guys
if we have anything.

In the meantime, here's my card.

So if you think of
anything, anything at all,

please phone me.

Hey, Cam. We got the video.

You need to see it right away.

Ben, you need to call me
as soon as you get this.

♪ ♪


Despite your personal feelings,

I'm assuming you'll investigate this

with the same amount of professionalism

as if it were any other case.

What are you talking about?

This is from the music shop camera

at the time of the m*rder.

♪ ♪

That's your boyfriend Ben, correct?

I need an honest assessment
of your headspace right now.

To the extent that you're owed one?

My headspace is, there's
an explanation to that video

that doesn't make Ben a m*rder.

Are you sleeping together?

And please don't say that's
irrelevant to the case.

Ben and I have been intimate, yes.

But if you think I would
ever let personal feelings

interfere with finding the truth,

you don't know me as well
as I thought you did, Cam.

Ben is our number one suspect right now.

We have video evidence
he was at the crime scene

following the m*rder.

He has gone MIA at
the headquarters here.

He is not at home, and he
is not answering his phone.

- It looks bad.
- It does, yeah.

So we have to operate under the theory

that Ben Erdos committed these m*rder.

Do I think the man I'm seeing
is a cold-blooded k*ller?

No, I don't.

But that won't stop me
from finding the truth,

no matter what theory
you're operating under.

I will find the truth, and
I will do it objectively.

But I am not investigating
it from that angle.

Sorry, I won't.



♪ ♪

Our first priority is to find Ben Erdos.

He was last seen on surveillance camera

leaving the victims' home.

His current location is unknown.

We must consider that he
is armed and dangerous.

Deadly force is on the table.

You good?

We need full access to what cases

you and Ben were working on.

Maybe there's an explanation
on why he's unreachable,

or why he was at the m*rder site.

From an old case?


Uh, okay.

Uh, that's Ben's desk.

He's not the... the
most organized partner,

but he's very thorough.

You have authorization
to look through anything.

I don't believe Ben did this.

I appreciate that.

♪ ♪

How's Kellett?

[SIGHS] Probably regretting her decision

to let me run lead on this case.

But other than that, she
said she's good to go.

What do you say?

I have to take her at her word.

Cam, this is a heated case.

A lot of eyeballs.

Regardless of how you feel about Jamie

as a friend and colleague,
protect yourself...

and her.

Because that protection
might come in the form

of pulling her off this investigation.

- You're Agent Vo?
- Yes.

I brought Ben Erdos an informant

about five months ago.

A drug pusher, lowball
dealer in the Fundai Mafia.

- Hungarian mob.
- That's right.

- You turned him?
- Yes.

I thought if you're
looking for a different way

to reach out to Ben,
maybe go through Gaspar.

Captain Manko waved me
off, so I'm coming to you.

That's a good thought.
Where can we find him?

Béla Gaspar.

These are my friends Vo
and Raines with the FBI.


We need to know how would
you reach out to Officer Erdos

when you had information to sell.

Or we can publicly arrest
you, put you in a marked unit,

and march you right in front
of the HNP headquarters'

front door so all your friends will know

you're working with the police.


Erdos gave me a number.

I send text, we meet.

- Where?
- Széchenyi Bath.

We share information in the sauna.

That way no...

Send him a text now.

Tell him you'll meet
him there in minutes,

and you've got information that'll help

get him out of this mess.

What mess?

Just do it.

♪ ♪

Unlike Captain Manko, I'd like to bring

Ben in without g*n.

Let's spread out.

♪ ♪

- _
- Sorry.


Shh, shh.

It's me, it's me, it's me, it's me.

You need to give me a minute to explain.

- I can't do that.
- Jamie, please.

Everyone thinks you sh*t and
k*lled an innocent couple.

I know.

I realized that when
I heard the radio call

go out that they were
m*rder. But I'm being set up.

You should have contacted someone.

- I don't know who I can trust.
- You can trust me!

Think of the position
you're putting me in.

- I can't look the other way.
- I know.

I know, all right? I'm sorry. I just...

They have a video of you
leaving the crime scene.

No. No. Not at that time.

So you were there?

I met Ferenc Oláh
because the Fundai Mafia

warned him to back off of his bid

for the soccer stadium.

They have their own person
they want to win that contract.

Is it documented?


Yes, there's a case file on my laptop.

I called it "Zold" to make it private.

It will confirm why I
met with Ferenc Oláh,

and the metadata will
show that I created it

prior to our interview.

The video shows you leaving
the scene after the m*rder.

When I left at : p.m.,
the couple was still alive.

I assured them that I would investigate.

Does the video have a timestamp?

Yes, you leaving much later.

Then it's true.

What's true?

Another case I was following

led to Fundai Mafia accounting books.

I found this payment
made by a corrupt banker

to a router that links
to an HNP credit union,

but it didn't reveal the account number.

Do you see?

Someone inside the HNP
is on the Mafia's payroll

and is framing me.

They changed the timestamp.

- Who?

There is an Officer Nagy,
works in Organized Crime.

She led us here.

- Also my captain.
- Manko?

When I told him about
the accounting books,

he wanted to see them.

He said he would send them to Oversight

but he never did, and I couldn't

find the books in the office.

- And now this.
- Okay, fine.

Come in under FBI protection.

We will keep you safe.

All this time in Budapest,
you still don't understand

how Hungary works.

There will be no protection.


He's here!




♪ ♪

- What happened?
- Ben was here.

He rigged the lights to create
a diversion and get away.

- Did he say anything to you?
- Yes.

That he was innocent.

That someone inside the HNP

is working for the
Fundai Mafia to frame him.

And he just got away?

Look, if you're not up for
catching him, just say it!

My head is fully in this!

Quit questioning that!

♪ ♪

I want you to know I
don't think Ben did this.

I think he was set up.

And that's not girlfriend
me talking, that's FBI me.

I looked him in his
eyes, and I believe him.

If I'm right, then we're wasting time

while the real k*ller
plots something else

or covers his tracks.

Look, a payment was made
from the Fundai Mafia

to someone in the HNP.

Ben says he found that
payment in an accounting book

that has since disappeared.

If he found it, then we can too.

And if we can track that
payment to the recipient,

then we can find out
who here is framing Ben.

I'll be honest, Vo isn't really seeing

eye to eye with me on this.

So if you're not, either,
I won't hold it against you.

I'll help look into it.


But if you're wrong about him,

I won't hesitate to bring him down.

You said Ben mentioned a
"Zold" file, or "Green" file?

There's no file named
that on his laptop,

or anywhere on the HNP database.

Okay, well, then maybe...

There's no file that references Ferenc

or Juci Oláh named anything.

It doesn't exist.

- Ben lied to you to get away.
- Captain.

This glass was taken
from the crime scene.

It has Ferenc Oláh's blood on it,

and it also has a fingerprint
that matches Ben Erdos.

We've had an officer
stationed at Erdos's flat

just in case he showed his face.

They just reported g*n.

It's only five blocks from here.


♪ ♪



- Kellett.
- Upstairs.

- Are you sh*t?
- I don't think so.

- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm okay.

♪ ♪

All clear.

No sign of Ben Erdos?

Who is this?

I was watching the flat
when I heard g*n.

I raced up the hall.

A man was fleeing the apartment.

I... I didn't get a good look at him.

Was it Ben?

I can't be sure.

Can't, or you don't want
to identify your partner?

I don't know! I... it
could have been him.

I tried to get my g*n up,
but before I could, he...


You have to come in now.

David has just been sh*t.

If you're lying to me, I swear to God

I will put the bracelets on you myself.

You're off the case, Jamie.

- What?
- Go home.

- You're benching me?
- Yes.

This is how you run lead on a case?

Well, then let me tell
you... you're not ready yet.

♪ ♪



- Jamie.
- Hey.

I don't know what kind of power trip

Vo thinks she's on right now,
but she's out of her mind.

- Jamie...
- I gave her an inch,

and she taking the whole damn mile.

- Jamie!
- What... I'm calling you

because I need someone
with actual experience

looking over the case
since Forrester's MIA.

She's in way over her head,

and there are actual lives
on the line, including mine.

Are you ready to listen to me now?

Go ahead.

I think you are too close
to the suspect in this case

to see things clearly.

I think you should do as Vo asks,

go home, cool down,

and let this investigation
run its course.


♪ ♪

Here's Erdos's laptop.

Thank you.

You sure you know what you're doing?

I was taught that when everything

is breaking against you,

you have a plan,

and you don't let anything
distract you from that plan.

Keep your head down,

do the work, plow forward,

and if you're sure you're right,

you trust that feeling.


You get that from Forrester?


From watching you.

♪ ♪



You're not benched.

I just made a show of
taking you off the case

because I want you working
without HNP's knowledge.

The files not on Ben's computer?

The one he marked "Zold"?

Raines saw that it was there...

or used to be there,

only it had been
erased since the m*rder.

So that would take
someone inside the HNP

with access to their system.

So unless Ben was hiding in
the air conditioning vent,

I don't think it was him.

And plus, m*rder at his apartment?

Fingerprints on a glass?

Are you really gonna
date someone that sloppy?

So you want the HNP to
think I'm standing down

while I investigate them?

Correct. Here's Ben's laptop.

Find out who erased the
file, who's framing him.

I have to get back to work.

We're trying to identify
the body in Ben's apartment,

see how it fits in.

And Raines is working on
the accounting payoff angle.


I made a statement back
at the crime scene...

Get back to work already.

Why aren't you at the hospital, Officer?

Because I want to catch
the man who sh*t me.

If that's my partner,
then... then so be it.

But I'm not resting, sir,
until I bring in the sh**t.

The body in Erdos's apartment...

Ottó Bognár.

Another bidder for the soccer
stadium contract in Debrecen.

He had an anonymous text
on his phone luring him

- to Erdos's apartment.
- A second bidder?

Yeah, and check this out.

Nandor Kis is the third bidder.

You're not gonna believe this.

His uncle is Szilveszter Kis,

high-ranking lieutenant
for the Fundai Mafia.

- Okay.
- Two bidders eliminated.

Only one left, with what I
would consider strong ties

to the Hungarian mob.

You think they paid Ben
to k*ll these people?

It happened in New York.

Caracappa and Eppolito.

Two NYPD detectives
performed dozens of hits

for the Gambino crime family.


♪ ♪



You have to believe me,
Jamie, I'm innocent.

I wasn't even at my apartment today.

I've been trying to clear my name,

but I'm sinking in quicksand.

I have your laptop.

You believe me?

The file you opened for the Oláhs?

Someone inside the HNP erased it.

You believe me now?

- Jamie?
- Yes.

Okay. Thank you. Look, Jamie...

Tell me exactly how someone could erase

a file that you originated.

They would have to have
access to my RMS account

using Wi-Fi at headquarters.

They would also need to have my password

and a two-party verification
code texted to my phone.

♪ ♪


What are you doing here?

I was about to ask you the same thing.

Yeah, but why here?

I only texted Ben.

You're shocked we're
monitoring a dirty cop's phone?

Then I assume the rest of the department

is right behind you.

Call out to them.

You were the one cloning his phone.

You were the one with
access to his laptop.

You were the one who
could erase the file

from inside HNP headquarters.

And you were the only one
on scene at Ben's apartment

when the second m*rder took place.

The body armor was a nice touch.

What'd you do, sh**t
the vest, then put it on?

♪ ♪

Hey, I'm not...

Shut up!



You framed me.

The Fundai Mafia wanted to
cut you in, but I said no.

Better to make you the fall guy.


Because I knew you would
never take the bribe.

You're too decent.

What now?

You k*ll me here?

An arrest gone awry.

This b*tch caught in the crossfire.

It'll be...

He's not the only one I texted.

♪ ♪

We got it?


Light him up, Raines.

Say the word.

Drop the g*n, David,

and you can still live through this.

Blind him.

♪ ♪


How long have you been
working for the Fundai Mafia?

Two years.

I, um...

I started out making
sure they wouldn't, uh...

I would tip them off to police activity.

You son of a b*tch.

Go on.

The money got better and better.

I... I gave them a few
files on their rivals.

Why Ferenc Oláh and Ottó Bognár?

The Mafia wanted that contract.

Neither Oláh nor Bognár would submit.

Ben was investigating another case,

and I knew he was close
to figuring it all out.

So you k*ll Oláh and
Bognár for the Mafia,

you pin the whole thing on your partner,

their guy gets the
billion-dollar stadium contract,

and you get to keep being their rat.



When we collected the music shop video,

we handed it to him.

He manipulated the timestamp
to make it look like

you were exiting after the m*rder.

He also planted your fingerprint

on the glass at the scene
for the crime lab to find.

He had you pinned in.

But he didn't factor
in the FBI's tenacity,

even when all signs pointed my way.

No, he didn't.


♪ ♪

Thank you.

For everything.


One thing they don't
teach you at the academy...

how to stay awake for
days on end without sleep.

Oh, that's easy.

Middle drawer, snacks.

Bottom drawer, caffeine.

And when the case is over and
you're ready to celebrate...


What? What? How?


Okay, I just got off
the phone with Forrester.

Washington was very pleased
with our efforts here.

The director of the HNP spoke
to the director of the bureau

to commend us, and Scott
was able to reference

this case in his presentation
to the other legats.

I told him how solid
you were on this one.

He'll make sure everyone knows.

- Team effort.
- Well, in that case,

I'm buying breakfast at Lang Bistro.

I was hoping for a medal,
but I'll take brekkie.

Start without me.

I gotta take care of something first.

- Awesome job, girl.
- Thanks.

Think you're up to be a
boss full-time one day?


Hell yeah.

♪ ♪

Oh, hi.

You just gonna go
right back living there

after a guy was m*rder inside?

Sure, why not?

I didn't k*ll him. [CHUCKLES]


I know that look.

I think we should cool
things off for a bit.



You didn't trust me.

What do you mean?

I told you I'd protect you,
and you didn't trust me.

What, at the baths?

Yes, at the baths.

Jamie, I just wasn't sure...

You rigged the lights
before I got there,

which means you thought
about it ahead of time

and you didn't trust me.

I was innocent, Jamie.

And I never doubted that,

but you didn't believe in me
enough to know that was true.

You didn't trust me
enough to tell me anything

about the corruption you
discovered from the jump.

You left me scrambling to defend you,

putting my job on the line,
instead of confiding in me.

And that's not how I operate.

Not professionally, and
certainly not personally.

I have a really small
circle of trust, Ben.

Once you step outside of that,

it's damn near
impossible to get back in.

Come on, Jamie.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

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