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03x05 - Part Five: Imposters

Posted: 03/18/23 06:55
by bunniefuu

Good afternoon.

I am Captain Vadic.

You are harboring one Jack Crusher.

And we are taking him.

RAFFI: I've been trying
to figure out who stole

these g*dd*mn experimental w*apon

from Daystrom Station and why.

Who stole w*apon from Daystrom?

- [GROWLING]: I did!
- Who with?

TITUS: Like-minded souls.

Enemies of the Federation.

- Okay, so,

that's not withdrawal.

JACK: His face... it moved.

There's a Changeling on board.

SHAW: They're goo-people.
Walking, talking clay-dough.

They can replicate a person on sight.

- SIDNEY: Commander, it's me.
- Commander what, La Forge?

Commander Hansen.

RAFFI: What is it they want?

I believe they may be
planning another att*ck.

RAFFI: What could be so
big that they would use

a portal w*apon as just a distraction?

To draw attention from
something else that was stolen.

The real w*apon.

We should get to Daystrom Station now.

Your life in Starfleet... did
you have a life outside of that?

Starfleet has been the only family

I have ever needed.




T'VEEN: ... used a drone to
extract a sample of the nebula event

from crevasses in the hull.

Bioelectrical composition
is fascinating.

So, how soon before we head home?

They're saying all systems
will be back on line

in the next few hours.

SIDNEY: Thrusters on line.


[YAWNING]: already in.

Excuse me.

What are you doing?



I know what you really are.




Come home.

RIKER: Acting captain's
log: stardate . .

We've limped to the edge
of the Alpha quadrant

to pause for repairs to our warp core

and other essential systems.

Still no sign of Vadic and the Shrike.

Perhaps our return to Federation space

has offered us a bit of a reprieve.

So now we have a chance to focus

on all the other pressing matters.

PICARD: How the hell did a Changeling

get aboard this ship undetected?

RIKER: As I recall, Changelings can
mimic most species on sight alone,

but certainly not their
internal physiology.

Every crew member passes through

an internal imaging
chamber before reporting.

It's standard protocol
since the Dominion w*r.

Verifies that they're
not a shape-shifter.

I'm sure Starfleet will
be looking into that.

But I'm afraid they'll be
interested in something else as well.

They're gonna want answers. From us.

About our part in
commandeering this ship

and endangering her crew.

Time to go home and face the music.

Captain Shaw, I believe I have
something to return to you.

Computer, return all command
codes to Captain Liam Shaw,

voice authorization
Riker- - -alpha, echo.

- COMPUTER: Transfer complete.
- I relieve you, sir.

I stand relieved.

SHAW: So, now that that is sorted,

I should tell you that I have
already contacted Starfleet

and... they're on their way.

So, Commander, would you
like to face said music

- stated or un-instated?
- Stated.

I reinstate you.

Oh, and, um,

as a courtesy,

because of the harrowing ordeal
that we all survived together,

I'm gonna step outside
so the three of you

can get your bullshit story straight.


When Starfleet arrives,

I'll bear the brunt of it.

I should be responsible for everything.

Starfleet is on its way.

And I will handle the
situation as best I can.

We put you in such a difficult position.

- I'm so sorry, I wish...
- Most important is that you are safe.

You have a chance to
return to your lives.

And... [SIGHS]

I hope to be a part of them.

Jean-Luc, I don't
think this is over yet.

Not by a long sh*t.

Somehow, a Changeling bypassed

the ship's internal security system.

I want to know how.

I would like permission to
examine the Changeling's body.

Do it. Anything that shines
a light on Vadic's intentions

for you and Jack will strengthen
our case with Starfleet.

So, shall I find a
comfortable pair of restraints?

Starfleet's an organization

built on the ideals of reason,

and I can be persuasive
when I need to be.

That I believe.

You know, many a rebel

from all reaches of the galaxy

have found their way to Starfleet.

Perhaps you might
consider choosing a more

honest vocation.

Starfleet? Me?

For such a brilliant
man, you haven't really

been paying much attention, have you?

Uh, no offense, but when
Starfleet is done with me,

I'll be on my way.

Like you said.

Of course.





Your enemy's aggression will
always reveal their weakness.

You could've sacrificed
a move to reveal mine.

I already know yours.

It's talking!


stubbornness, and
shortsightedness is yours.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah, do
that meditation thing.

You knew I was gonna win.

COMPUTER: Priority communications alert.

Incoming encrypted message
from Starfleet Intelligence.

- Your handler?
- Yes.


It's been almost hours
since you contacted them.

- Patience, Raffaela.
- Patience my ass.

If that att*ck on Starfleet
recruiting was just a distraction,

that means as we speak

there's a bunch of t*rrorists
goo-freaks out there

planning their next att*ck.

Precisely why I requested
access to Daystrom Station.

We need to find out what else the
Changelings stole from that vault.





Find another way.


We've been denied access
to investigate Daystrom.

But why deny us and
still tell us to pursue?

I have to assume the denial came
from someone above my handler.

They're hiding something. [SCOFFS]

You know,

I am so done with all this pushback.

The key to this entire conspiracy
could be inside Daystrom.

I'll break in there myself if I have to.

- We are standing down.
- No.

If you've sacrificed
half as much as I...

[SHOUTS] Enough!

Can you not put holes in my floor
every time you need to make a point?

Do not presume to know what I have
and have not sacrificed for this.

Need I remind you the Daystrom Station

is guarded by a sophisticated AI system?

Access is impossible without
authorization from Starfleet Command.

Then how did a bunch
of morphing lowlifes

from District Six break into it?

That is a question
only Sneed can answer.

Had you not cut off his head.

To save someone who disobeyed orders.

All right, all right. Fine.

But someone out there knows how
the Changelings got into Daystrom.

So let's ask ourselves who
else is in Sneed's orbit.

I think I may know of someone.

Krinn. Kingpin of the
V'Lashi crime syndicate.

Specializes in
high-security infiltration.

They're coming! Go, go, go!

WORF: Wanted for multiple
counts of grand theft,

racketeering, and m*rder
across multiple systems.

If anyone knows something
about the break-in at Daystrom,

it will be Krinn.

Looks like a good place to start.

What's all this? What's happening?

We are feared.

We have successfully destabilized
the criminal element here.


We are now the alphas of District Six.


You know what? Sometimes work is fun.

Listen up!

We're looking for Krinn.

An associate of Sneed.

Let's get out of here.

RAFFI: Where is he?

Did you not hear me?

What happened to Sneed is gonna happen
to every person in this damn city

unless you turn him over right now.

What are you doing?

I am waiting.

For what?

For the ecology of District
Six to right itself.


We're gonna need a backup plan.

MALE: Titan, this is the USS Intrepid.

Power down and await
further instructions.

Captain, it's the Intrepid.

We're being hailed on a secure channel.

Sir, they're sending over a
shuttle of security officers.


Something wrong with their transporters?

Apparently the security officer
is insisting on a shuttle.


Shuttle en route, Captain.

Seven, I may have to ask
you for one more favor.

Better do it while you can.


- Do you mind?
- Oh.


Just feeling chipper.

Not because you're about to
have your asses handed to you.

No. Just... chipper.

You know, we have saved the
galaxy more than a few times.

And hopefully they'll remember.

Or they might remember that time

that someone hot-dropped
the saucer section

of the Enterprise-D on a planet.

Or that time that someone

threw the Prime Directive out the window

so they could snog a villager on Ba'ku.

Or the time that you boys
nearly wiped out all of humanity

by creating a time paradox

in the Devron system.

Basically, when it comes
to rescues from danger...

... you two have a real "chicken
and egg" thing happening.

Those were the days.

Ro Laren.

Captain Shaw. Permission to come aboard.

Permission granted.

Oh, hello. Where we going?

Somewhere they can't find you.

RO: Admiral Picard.

Captain Riker.

Starfleet requests that
you submit to questioning.

I should inform you that anything
you say can be used as evidence

in case charges are
introduced against you.

Charges of what?


Is this really necessary?

I'm perfectly capable of
handling all this myself.

Your father asked me to
hide you. Put this on.

No. No.

- No, no, no. I can't do this.
- Just do it.

If security officers come looking,

it's best to hide you in plain sight.

BEVERLY: For the record, the
subject is a suspected shape-shifter,

a known thr*at to the
safety of the crew.

Ensign La Forge, can you
please verify for the recording

that this corpse is indeed not you?



For the record,

Ensign La Forge has indicated yes.

First, what we do know.

Typically, upon death,
Changelings revert to liquid state.

But somehow, this one has
retained its last replicated form.

I'll start by examining the epidermis.


No DNA represented whatsoever.

And yet there's blood-like plasma.

This Changeling could pass
the traditional blood test.

So, what does that mean?

How the hell is Ro
Laren back in Starfleet?

She should be in
prison for what she did.

That was years ago.

The Maquis are no longer an enemy.

She had a mission to protect
the Federation from t*rrorists.

- Instead, she became one.
- Jean-Luc...

The last time you saw her,

she pulled a phaser on you.

Ro has always been an outsider.

You're the one who sent
her to infiltrate the Maquis

- knowing she might empathize.
- Empathy is one thing.

Betraying a commanding
officer is another.

And now she dares to show up
here and accuse us of treason?

We have absolutely no reason to
believe that she will treat us justly.

You mentored her.

You trusted in her
when no one else would.

- You had a bond.
- And she broke it.

Better let me do the talking.

I've notified Captain Shaw

that the Titan is under
official security review.

We've g*n the process of transporting

most of the ship's crew to
the Intrepid for reassignment.

- You will be questioned separately.
- This tone...

sounds to me as if our guilt
has already been predetermined.

Well, your full cooperation can
bear weight on your sentence.

Come on, Ro. You know us.

For these proceedings, you
will address me as Commander.


I'll start with Admiral Picard.

Please escort Captain Riker out.


I'm curious,

how does a lieutenant
who betrayed Starfleet

and her commanding officer

get reinstated?

Did you or did you not board the Titan

under the guise of conducting
an official inspection

in order to steal a shuttle?

And how does a traitor stand here

posing as a commander in Starfleet?


As if I'm an impostor?

Yes, Captain Shaw said you had
a Changeling issue on board.

Let's just get this out
of the way, shall we?

Blood or no blood, you...

Your Bajoran earring.

You're not wearing it.

I thought it was a symbol of your faith.

Or is this you

turning your back on
another institution?

Save your animosity, Admiral.

This isn't entirely about you.

Let's talk about your son.


Hear me.

Connect us.

Connect us.


Unit four, step up.



... hear me?

Were you ordered to beam
onto the Intrepid yet?



- Intrepid?
- Yes.


Is there somewhere else I can go?

Anywhere, please.

Another planet.

Anywhere else as long as
it's not a Starfleet ship.


Hey, you all right?



I had a Vulcan master...

... who taught me about pride once.

The natural evolution of pride

is downfall.

And here come you two.

You k*lled Sneed

right here, in public.

And what did we learn?

Pride leads us into traps.

But patience...

Patience brings great rewards.

We seek information

regarding your criminal activity.

You will yield your w*apon.

I assure you, we have the upper hand.

Were you under the impression I
would not recognize a mobile emitter?

How disappointing.


KRINN: It would be
illogical not to suspect

that you would prepare for me.

So I prepared for you.

BEVERLY: Given these
findings, it's become clear

how the subject managed to
avoid detection until now.

Somehow, this Changeling's
been able to completely

replicate internal human organs.

Only under intense dissection

does the tissue revert
to its natural state...

Is this a new species?


It's evolution.

Which means they could be anywhere.



And we would never know.

RO: Tell me about Jack.

I'm not sure I can do that.

Why not? He's your son, isn't he?

I've only known him a few days.

How is he relevant

to your investigation?

BEVERLY [OVER COMM]: Crusher to Picard.

Answer it.

Dr. Crusher, I'm with Commander Ro.

I understand, but I
have your test results.

My recommendation is you look
at them as soon as possible.

Send them here. Thank you.

Uh, if you'll excuse me,

this is a private and
urgent medical issue.



Everything all right, Admiral?

Why are you so interested in my son?

Perhaps because you are
avoiding my questions about him.

He's now central to this investigation.


It's strange, though,
you haven't asked me

about Vadic or the Shrike.

The Ro I remember was
much more thorough.

Well, perhaps you didn't know me at all.

Then enlighten me.

How did you claw your
way back into Starfleet?


After years with the Maquis,

I turned myself in to Starfleet.

I was court-martialed. I
was sent to prison again.

But due to my history
with, uh, t*rror1st groups,

I was recruited into
Starfleet Intelligence.

They put me into an arduous
rehabilitation program.

Where I proved myself.

Worked my way up slowly, again.

These are mere facts.

That's not what I want to know.

So, what is it you want to know?

Why did you join the enemy?

- Why did you betray your honor?
- My honor?

Or do you mean Starfleet's?


Blind faith in any institution

does not make one honorable.

You tell me everything you know
about the Changeling on board.

We know nothing.

We k*lled it.

Then I'd like to see the remains.

MALE [OVER P.A.]: All nonessential crew,

continue to beam over to
the Intrepid for debriefing.

We should alert sickbay that
we're on our way to them.

Change of plans, Admiral.

Step into the holodeck.


Computer, lock entry.


PICARD: What will it be?

Bajoran springwine?

Hands above the bar.

Of course.

Top-shelf only.

The walls are a little
thin on this ship.

This place have music?

Computer, music.


You do remember Guinan, don't you?

Put it down.

- I will k*ll you.
- Tell me who you really are.

You tell me.

How do I know you're not compromised?

When you first came on the Enterprise,

your Bajoran earring violated
the uniform dress code.

- We've been through all of this.
- Yes, but you claimed

it represented the family you'd lost.

And I allowed it only to
realize it was for your ego.


Your Bajoran has improved.

Oh, I have been rehearsing
this conversation for years.


You have no idea what it was like
living under your relentless judgement.

This wasn't about judgement.

We had a bond based on mutual respect.

Based on...

- You and I...
- You and I what?

- You betrayed everything I believed in.
- No.

You wanted to mold me in your image.

Your mentorship. Your
affection. It was conditional.

You dare to question my honor?

I joined the Maquis
because belonging there

meant standing up to injustice.

Even if it meant betraying
your beloved Starfleet.

That was me.

But you could never understand that

because you confuse morality with duty.

And that, Admiral, is your dishonor.

I believed in you.

Only when it was easy for you.

If I meant so much, you
would have understood.

You broke my heart.

And you broke mine.


if that pain tells us anything,

it's that we are who we say we are.

Why are you here, Ro?

Starfleet is compromised.

At the highest level.

Jean-Luc, I need you
to tell me right now.

Do you trust me?



Do you remember this place?

I hope you do.

It's where you took poor Sneed's head.

Not a kind fate for my brother.

Unless I am mistaken, you are Vulcan.

Hence Sneed, a Ferengi,
is not your brother.

Not by birth.

But we grew up together.

Scavengers of District Seven.

We protected each other.

Like family.

- Way to go.
- KRINN: He was loyal.

In my world, loyalty is
what passes for family.

He and I had a blood
oath, and I see your bond.

So you know what comes next.

WORF: Understand,

we are with Starfleet Intelligence.

Sneed was responsible for
the death of hundreds of...

KRINN: Hundreds of innocent people, yes.

You learned that Sneed was
the Changeling's intermediary.

You realized I facilitated the
break-in at Daystrom Station,

and I'm sure Starfleet Intelligence

thanks you for your service.

Never imagined a
Vulcan being dumb enough

to become a gangster.

There can be no utopia without crime.

Ergo, an organized criminal
enterprise is logical.

Ye olde fight to the death?

How original.

Some of my associates have wagered

the Klingon, by nature,

will k*ll the human within seconds.

Others, the inverse.

Let's settle the wager.

seconds or you both die.


An enemy's aggression
shows their weakness.

We spoke of sacrifice earlier.

Know that I have also
sacrificed much for this mission.

And it is clear

sacrifice is required again.

Raffaela, house of Musiker...

... it has been an honor.

Klingons seldom disappoint.


Do not hold back. Because I cannot!



I'm so sorry, Worf.

Do not be.

Today was a good day to die.


You are a warrior,

and this...

... is a worthy death.



RO: I believe the
Changelings have infiltrated

every sphere of power at Starfleet,

including key personnel.

Ro, how is that possible?

I don't know yet.

I think that there are
more on the Intrepid.

I don't trust anyone. Not the Captain.

I-I don't even trust the
transporters on the ship.

There have been fleet-wide
issues in four months. I...

What do you know about
the plans for Frontier Day?

Oh, it's Starfleet's anniversary.

Pomp and circumstance.

I was supposed to give a speech.

Well, our entire fleet is on display.

And what worries me is that
security preparations are classified.

It's days away and even
I don't have access.

- But that's not evidence of conspiracy.
- Jean-Luc,

your ship is not the only
one with a Changeling problem.

There have been incidents
across multiple starships,

all being kept quiet.

I'm just connecting the dots.

What does this have to do with Jack?

All I know is that Starfleet
insisted that I retrieve him.

But it's not the first time
that I've heard his name

amongst intelligence chatter.

Plus, a few days ago,

Changeling t*rrorists destroyed
a Starfleet recruitment center

with a portal w*apon.
Does that sound familiar?

- The same used by Vadic.
- Mm.

Let's take this to Admiral Janeway

- or Chancellor Roll.
- I've tried.

Well, then let me. I
certainly have some sway.

Well, if you can get past their
gatekeepers. I certainly couldn't.

I even tried to open an investigation

but I was denied access at every turn.

I even went to the media.

All I have are a pair
of intelligence assets

on the ground that I trust,

and we've been busy gathering evidence

connecting the portal
w*apon to something else

that the Changelings want.

They're close.

Even as we speak.

KRINN: Most unexpected.

Check him.


My calculations had the
Klingon prevailing, ten-to-one.

That smell... Klingon blood.

Makes me sick.

Get rid of him.

You work for me now, Starfleet.

You do have far more to lose.

I know you have people here.

An ex-husband, a son,

- granddaughter.
- You'll never own me.

I'll k*ll you first.

Would you care to wager on that?


Klingons never disappoint.

How you doing, big guy?

I hope I didn't go too deep.

I have lost a considerable
amount of blood.

You were d*ad.

I have mastered the Kahless technique

of regulating my heart rate
to nearly impercep... [GRUNTS]

Let us skip to the interrogation.

I am in desperate need
of medical attention.

Talk now.

Reason suggests

that you won't k*ll me

because you need more information.

My friend is bleeding pretty badly.

How much of his impatience
have you factored in there?

Daystrom Station is guarded
by a highly sophisticated

AI system.

But it has flaws that are most...


I brokered for a device
that exploits them.

Without it, no one can get in.

And you'll give us that device.


... would be logical.

I've transferred most of the
Titan crew to the Intrepid.

I have left you with a skeleton crew.

You must make sure that they are loyal.

Jean-Luc, you need to
take the ship and run.


What about the Intrepid?

I'm headed there now
to buy you some time.

MALE: Commander,

we located you in the holodeck
but were unable to gain entry.

- Are you all right?
- Prepare the shuttle. We're leaving. Excuse us.


I wish, just once...

... that you could look into my heart

and understand that I only
did what I thought was best.

All these years

that I wish you'd known me.

And that I'd known you.

Goodbye, Admiral.

Commander, we were instructed
to return with Jack Crusher.

We're leaving. That's an order.

Fastest court-martial I've ever seen.

Captain Shaw, you must listen carefully.

- We must run.
- Run? From what?

I don't have time to explain.

But Starfleet is compromised
and so is that ship.

It's all so much worse than we thought.


- Belay that.
- Don't you dare.

PICARD: Captain, please.

You must trust me.

FEMALE: Intrepid to shuttle.

You are clear to approach starboard bay.

Copy, Intrepid.

What are you doing?

Commander Ro to Intrepid. I
just lost my security officers.

- What the hell is happening?

Commander Ro to Intrepid. Do you copy?

Captain, we're being hailed.

On screen.

- Ro? Are you all right?
- They know.

My security team was just beamed off.

They planted an expl*sive on my shuttle.

Beam her out of there, now.

There's some kind of inhibitor on
the shuttle blocking her signal.

If she gets closer, we might
be able to get a lock on her.

Ro, turn back toward the Titan.

We need you to get closer.

I don't have time to disarm it.

Sir, she's moving away from us.

Ro, what are you doing?


it's up to you now.

You finish what I started.

SEVEN OF NINE: She's heading
for the Intrepid's port nacelle.

Ro, don't do this.

I'm giving you what you
gave me all those years ago.

A fighting chance.

Ro, I...

I do see you.


Forgive me. It's only now.



Intrepid is raising shields.

They're arming torpedoes.

- We're being ordered to surrender.
- Surrender? Why?

Don't you get it? We're being
framed for what just happened.

The Changelings masquerading
as officers aboard that ship.

- RIKER: Shaw.

We need to run, now.

I can't turn this entire
crew into fugitives.

SEVEN OF NINE: Most of our crew
was transported onto that ship.

You engage with it, and you engage them.

If we don't run, Ro will
have d*ed for nothing.

And many more will follow.

Captain Shaw... Liam...

if you still can't trust us, fine.

At least trust your own eyes.

Red alert. La Forge, get us out of here

the second the warp
core comes back on line.


Battle stations. Head to
your nearest designated post

and prepare for further instructions.

All nonessential personnel,
return to quarters.

Starfleet has been compromised.

Emergency order
- - -alpha now in effect.

He's here. Deck Ten.

Don't move.

We're attaching a transport
beacon to beam you away.



SHAW: Now, hard to
port. Evasive maneuvers.

SEVEN OF NINE: The Intrepid
is giving us one final warning.

SIDNEY: Warp drive on
line in ten seconds.

Intrepid targeting. Torpedo bays hot.

- We got to go.
- SIDNEY: Warp core on line.

Let's get out of here.

They're coming for us.


But who, exactly?




I'm sorry.

I know what she meant to you.

No, Will.

I don't think you do.

I don't even think I did.

She gave me this

just before she...

RIKER: Her Bajoran earring.

I don't know why.

I do.


Old-school spycraft.

It's a data chip.

But what are we looking at?

Her entire investigation.

She d*ed for this.

Look at it all.

All the way up to Starfleet Command.



Mr. Worf?



This is unexpected.

We're just as surprised
as you are, old friend.


Where is Commander Ro?

SHAW: Four?

On one Starfleet ship?


Nice sh**ting, kid.

Can we have a moment alone please?

Of course.


You can't hide from me, Jack.

I know when you're not sleeping.

Your eyes sink back into
your head. You look hollow.


I'm not sleeping.


You know, I remember a time...

... when you were so little

you basically stopped sleeping.

You were afraid to.

Afraid of what you'd see if you did.

- Nightmares?
- Mm.

I don't remember that.

I do.

I was there.

And you got through them.

And whatever this is, you
can get through this too.

But you've got to talk to me.

You're not okay.

All of the stress, your father,

attempts on your life...

I need to know.


Remarkable odds.

Tell me, Jack.

How did you know they
were all Changelings?

I didn't.

I think...

... there's something
very wrong with me.