01x02 - Scene of the Crime

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gotham Knights". Aired: March 14, 2023 –; present.
In the wake of Bruce Wayne's death, his adopted son Turner Hayes forges an unlikely alliance with runaways Harper and Cullen Row and criminal Duela when they are all accused of a m*rder they didn't commit by district attorney Harvey Dent.
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01x02 - Scene of the Crime

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Previously on "Gotham Knights"...

We've been set up.

WOMAN: Thousands have
lined the streets to honor the city's

fallen hero Bruce Wayne,

who Gotham has now learned was Batman.

Wayne is survived by
his son Turner Hayes.


Your father had Alfred.

You have me.

STEPHANIE: This makes
it look like the person

who paid to have your dad k*lled is you.

TURNER: They think I k*lled my dad

because I wanted his money?

DUELA: It's the bat brat.

The night he was k*lled,
this was found on your father.

FORD: All aboard the Blackgate Express.

- Uhh!


Your little attempt at escape

just made my job a little easier.

He's in on it. They all are.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Robin.

HARVEY: We are marshaling

all of the city's resources

to hunt down these fugitives.

Harper and Cullen Row,
the Joker's daughter,

and Bruce Wayne's own son.

TURNER: We're gonna find who really
k*lled my dad and clear our names.

DUELA: It's the symbol
of the Court of Owls.

They're the ones who
really run this city.

No one knows who they are

'cause if you find out...

it'll be the last thing you ever see.


MAN: Negative, negative.

MAN : Clear.

Did you know about this?

Bruce shared many secrets with me

but this wasn't one of them.

Bag and tag everything.

MAN: Let's go. Pack up all the security.

But the irony... people who couldn't

stop crime in Gotham treating the man

who did like a criminal.

Bruce was my friend.

So was Turner.

Will you bag and tag him as well?

GARBAGE: ♪ I'm only
happy when it rains ♪

♪ I'm only happy when it's complicated ♪

♪ I'm only happy when it rains ♪

♪ You know I love it
when the news is bad ♪

♪ Why I feel so good but feel so sad ♪

♪ I'm only happy when it rains ♪

♪ Pour your misery down... ♪

[CHUCKLES] Hey. This is totally you.

Matches your new hair.

And you clearly don't know me at all.

Okay. Now.

We got most wanted. Wanted most.

Take 'em both. Decide later.

GARBAGE: ♪ ... happy when it rains ♪

Guys. Only grab what we need.

DUELA: I absolutely need this,

well, $ , jacket
and the matching kicks.

GARBAGE: ♪ ... sad, sad songs ♪

We discussed this. It's more of a loan.

Once we clear our names,
we're paying it back.

Right. Just as soon
as the store pays back

all the child labor they
exploited to make this stuff.

Well, you know if you
victimize the victimizer,

then it's a victimless crime.

I'm not sure the law sees it that way.

Just as long as they
don't see you, right?

Not exactly my style.

Mm-hmm. That's the point.
We gotta change up our looks so that

we don't match our mugshots.

I really wish they'd
taken that turtleneck

when they seized your trust fund.

Hey. You're a fugitive now, okay?

You are no longer
required to be this boring.

Come on. What happened to that guy who

grabbed the wheel and
wrecked the prison transport?

That guy that I know
you keep tucked away,

hiding underneath all that cashmere?

Let me know when he
wants to come out and play.


Okay, who tripped the silent alarm?

Attention, shoplifters,

please make your final selections

and kindly bring them
towards the rear exit.


TURNER: Carrie? What are you doing here?

Responding to a burglary in progress.

You know anything about that?


As the manhunt continues
for Turner Hayes

and the band of criminals
wanted for the m*rder of Bruce Wayne,

Mayor Hill announced that he's
created a blue ribbon task force

spearheaded by District
Attorney Harvey Dent

to apprehend the fugitives.

No matter where the hunt
leads, we'll drag those K*llers

out of whatever sleaze-infested
back alley they're holed up in.


DUELA: Um, I do not see
what the big deal is.

I just needed to pick
up some accessories.

CARRIE: You're all supposed
to be keeping a low profile.

Oh, and dyeing your hair
blue isn't exactly blending in.

HARPER: This is Gotham.
You blend in by standing out.

We needed supplies.

Sure, we have our run
of this place at night.

Food from the kitchen.
Showers in the gym.

But clothes are another story.

Trust me... the lost and found

is... slim pickings.

But committing crime isn't the
best way to prove you're innocent.

And how are we supposed to do that?

Our leads don't lead anywhere,

and that detective who
tried to frame/k*ll us is dirty.

So, have fun calling the cops on a cop.

And I'm not sure how many clues
we can get from a watch engraved with

the symbol of some evil bird cult.

Laugh while you can.

Court of Owls controls this entire city.

They have eyes everywhere.

And yet no one has ever seen them.

No one who lived to tell about it.

Right, right, right, right.

"Speak not a whispered word of them

or they'll send the
Talon for your head."

Let's just tell the cops.

No, really. A nursery rhyme did it.


She's right.

We need something a little
more tangible to go on.

I have a friend working on that.


First two periods are cancelled,

and they're having an assembly
to talk to us about Turner.

You'd think your classmate
becoming the most wanted

fugitive in Gotham since Ed Nygma
would give us the whole day off.

He didn't do it, okay?

Come on.

Money from his bank
account was paid to the K*llers.

And if he were guilty,
then why would he ask me

to hack the banks to find out
how that money got there?

You... you did what?

Used his dad's Batcomputer
to try to prove he was innocent.

I'm sorry. I'm just trying to figure out

which part of that sounds more insane...

The fact that you hacked the
city's financial infrastructure

or that you did it on a Batcomputer.

Do you understand how much
trouble you could've gotten in?

I'm more worried about the trouble
he's in, because I'm his friend.

Well, you could become an accessory
if you keep helping him. Steph.

He's going to get caught,

and when he does,
he's gonna bring you down with him.

I mean, the guy couldn't even
figure out his dad was Batman.

Where the hell is he gonna hide?



- [Kn*fe CLICKS]


Looks like someone took a
wrong turn at cheerleader tryouts.

We don't have
cheerleaders at this school.

Hmm. Their loss, 'cause you are

rockin' that skirt, blondie.

- STEPHANIE: Thank you.
- TURNER: Duela!

Duela, let her go.

She's my friend. You can trust her.

I don't trust you.

Who the hell is she?

Stephanie. Hi.

I thought you said no one
else knew about this place.

She's the only other person.
Duela, put the Kn*fe down.

- DUELA: Or what?
- TURNER: Or you might

k*ll the one person who
can prove we were set up.

She's looking into where the
money you were paid came from.

This is the hacker chick?

Hacker chick. Hi.



As in Arthur Brown?

Are you the daughter
of the "Quiz Bowl" host?

I think I prefer "Hacker chick."


'Cause that is what
this group was missing.

A celebrity game show host's kid.

DUELA: So, you're the
one who's gonna take

all those ones and zeros
and make 'em prove we're innocent?

That was the plan,

until the GCPD impounded
everything in the Batcave.

So, the Batcomputer?


Harvey, have you seen Detective Ford?

Uh, not in a while.

He's been dodging my calls.

Well, he better not dodge mine.



Is that his phone?










We better check on his team.

Uh... uh.




members of the GCPD task force

assigned to hunt down the fugitives

wanted for the m*rder of Bruce Wayne

have themselves been found m*rder.

The gruesome discovery was
made earlier this morning.

The GCPD declined to comment

on an ongoing investigation,

but sources within
the department say that

each of those
detectives was decapitated.

"Or they'll send the
Talon for your head."

Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. What was that?

Maybe... maybe Duela was right about

how dangerous and...
Say it with me now...

How real the Court of Owls is.

Why would they k*ll Ford and his men?

Because they screwed up k*lling us.

Okay, okay. Say they are real.

Who is gonna believe us?

TURNER: My dad would've.

If the world's greatest
detective was found

holding a Court of Owls coin,

I'll bet he knew something about them.

Maybe he got too close to them
and that's what got him k*lled.

Oh, and now you want us
to end up just like him?


- I want to pick up where he left off.
- And how do we do that?

There is one way.

But it's a terrible idea.

Never stopped us before.

They got Bruce's journals.

He kept records of all of his cases.

I never saw any journals in the house.

That's because they're not in there.

Um, they're in his office in Wayne
Tower in a secret compartment.

We'd have to break in to get them.


You're right. That is a terrible idea.

But we need to find out everything
we can about who's after us,

and who would know better than
the last person they targeted?

My dad.

You know, this isn't like breaking
into Daddy's liquor cabinet.

I know. It's more like something the guy

who grabbed the wheel and
wrecked the transport would do.

HARPER: So, you swipe one leather jacket

and suddenly you're a master thief?


But it's a good thing I
know some people who are.


DUELA: You do realize the
first rule they teach you

in thief school is never return to

the scene of a crime, right?

Since when do you follow the rules?

Uh, since Daddy's power tower became

the most famous crime
scene in the history of Gotham.

HARPER: Not to mention
they'll have doubled the security,

restored the motion sensors we disabled,

and have redundant cameras covering

every way in or out.

All but one.

My dad had a private elevator.

Goes all the way from the lowest
level of the garage to his office.

Bypasses every security
camera and guard in between.

I always thought it was so
he could avoid the press.

I guess it turns out it was
because he couldn't exactly

roll through the lobby
dressed as Batman.

Okay, but to even access the elevator,

we need to break into the garage,

and Wayne Security patrols
search all the cars going in.

Except their own.

My dad used to say that every
strength is secretly a weakness.

Okay, all due respect
to Daddy's Batproverbs,

but what the hell does that mean?

It means the most vulnerable areas

are the ones you're not worried about.

Wayne Security
vehicles are equipped with

transponders that
automatically open the gates.

Their way of keeping
people out is our way in.

Oh, okay, so, your solution
to breaking into a building

is breaking into a car.

Nobody has to risk any
more than they already have.

- I can go in alone.
- Not gonna happen.

- I'm in.
- Ugh.

You're gonna need someone
to keep the engine running.

[SIGH] And if you want to even

get the engine running,
you're gonna need me.

I was hoping you'd say that,

because I just happen
to know where a couple of

Wayne Security vehicles
might be lying around.

Whatever gets me out of this attic.

MAYOR HILL: Do you like numbers?

I do.

They're the only things in
this city that don't lie.

So, let's talk numbers.


That's how many toe tags
our fugitives have racked up.

. That's how many grieving
families I've just had to talk to,

and they all have exactly one question.

When are we gonna catch 'em?

But you know the number
that I'm most worried about?

... your approval rating?

Zero, which is how
many leads you've got.

Actually, there is one.

Financial Crimes sent this over.

The night of the convoy escape,
every bank in Gotham was hacked.

They were digging through
accounts belonging to Turner Hayes.

If they were escaping from the convoy,

then Turner couldn't have
been hacking into banks.

So, somebody's helping him.

After he was arrested,
who was his one phone call?

Ms. Brown. Would you
come with us, please?

Is that a question?

More of a courtesy. Let's go.



We're clear.

Not too bad for a trust funder.

You know I wasn't always rich, right?

Here we go.

Didn't think I'd be back this soon,
did you, Wayne Tower?

Looks like somebody gave you a
brand-new set of motion sensors.

I'll be accessing those.

And your cameras.

Okay. No patrol on the top level.

You two are good to go.

We'll monitor you two from here.
Be another pair of eyes.

And your fists if it comes to that.

- Let's hope it doesn't.
- You guys are gonna do great.

CARRIE: Come on.
We're on a tight timeline

and I have an AP history paper to write.

TURNER: You think these journals
have anything in them about the Court?

CARRIE: I think we're about to find out.

Um, probably the wrong time to ask this,

but what do you think happens
if they changed my dad's code?

Two dozen heavily armed
guards descend on this very spot.




Okay, what's with the
team spirit all of a sudden?

You never went along with a plan
you didn't come up with yourself.

All right.

Going along with Turner's
plan is a part of my plan,

one that involves getting
the hell out of Gotham,

and I was just about to
invite you two to join me.

What about clearing your name?

I would rather keep it off a tombstone.

And you know, besides, if we
check out of here, we get new names.

I'm kinda digging the name Harper.

Whoa. Kidding. Hate that name.

Look, I'm just saying that if...

If proving we're innocent
means breaking into

a place that we were very
lucky to get out of the first time,

- we are better off running.
- Yeah, it takes money to run.

I got that covered. I did some
asking around and this creepy,

little timepiece is worth a
whole lot more than we figured.

An antiquities dealer over on
Brundle offered up a number that splits

very nicely ways.

And then what?

Every way out of the
city is a GCPD checkpoint.

What makes you think you
can dodge that much heat?

- You're sitting in it.

The... the GCPD isn't searching
Wayne Security vehicles.

That'd be like searching
the president's motorcade.

Heh. This comfort ride beauty

is our luxury ticket outta G-town.

Come on.

I'll even let you
pick the radio station.



This is the last place he was alive.

CARRIE: Come on.

We don't have much time.



It's a good thing you
know your way around.

That his most recent one?

No, it's from when he was just a kid.

It's all about the
m*rder of his parents.

This was his first case.

Wonder what made him dig that out.

Listen to this.

"Everyone, even Alfred,

believed that a lone
thief was responsible."

"Joe Chill may have pulled the trigger,

but he didn't orchestrate the m*rder."

"The Court of Owls did."


You seriously can't be
thinking of taking off with her.

Just because she's deranged
doesn't mean she's wrong.

- DUELA: True.
- HARPER: Staying in Gotham is su1c1de.

- DUELA: Also true.
- CULLEN: I'm so tired of running.

All right?
First from Dad, now from this.

Yeah, a by cell in
Blackgate will fix that.

But they'll probably just
skip straight to a coffin,

which is a lot less roomy.

Do you even care about what
happens to Turner and Carrie?

- DUELA: Not particularly.
- CULLEN: No one's talking to you.

I care about what happens to you.

And if that were true, you wouldn't be
asking me to run.

HARPER: Cullen, what?

CULLEN: I want to stay and clear my
name not only because, you know,

I chose the damn thing,
but because it's finally my choice.

You want to go with her? Go.

I'm staying for Turner and Carrie.

And for me.

Look, I know you want to help Turner.

And so do I.

I really want to believe
that he's innocent.

You can't seriously think
he had anything to do

with m*rder his dad
or any of those detectives.


But I would buy it
from the Joker's daughter.

And the longer he's on the
run with criminals like her,

the guiltier he looks.

Just tell me where
Turner is so I can help him.

Before it's too late.

Is holding a press conference
to announce a manhunt

your idea of helping Turner?

Is hacking into every
bank in Gotham yours?

You know, not many of Turner's friends

have a . in computer science, so,

it seems like

you certainly have the skills.

Theft of corporate and financial data

carries a -year prison
sentence, minimum.

So, I need you to level with me.


I know two things.

One, Turner is innocent.

And two, if you had any proof against me

other than my list of electives,
I'd be in handcuffs right now.

And I know not to say anything
else without an attorney.

- Sorry. That was things.



You don't want to talk. Okay.


Looks like there's someone who does.


Okay. You sure?

Why would the Court
k*ll Bruce's parents?

I don't know.

And according to this,
it didn't start with them.

He believed they m*rder his
great-great-grandfather Alan Wayne.

- The guy who designed this building?
- Yeah.

My dad suspected the Court had
been hunting Waynes for decades.

Centuries, even.
He was obsessed with it.

He drew maps, every corner of the city,

trying to locate where
they gathered in secret.

What did he find?


"In the end, all I was certain of

was that the Court was a fairytale.

No more than a nursery rhyme
made up to scare children.

The only thing real was
my obsession with them.

Despite my efforts, I found
no evidence they ever existed."

I don't get it. He was
investigating the Court when he d*ed.

Something must have changed his mind.

Maybe it's in his last journal.


Uh, what's that?

Security alert.

Uh, guys?

All the security cameras
in the building just went offline.

That's great. How'd you manage that?

HARPER: I didn't. And I don't think

security did, either, because

they just notified the GCPD
of a possible intrusion.

- HARPER: And now the motion

sensors are going off on your floor.

CARRIE: Security?

There's no patrols on your level.

TURNER: Then who the hell is it?

HARPER: I don't know, but if you
don't hurry, you're gonna find out.

- TURNER: We're packing up now.
- CARRIE: Got his last journal.

Come on. Let's go.



Guys, talk to me.

Guys, what's happening?

I think we just met the Talon.


What the hell is that?

- Security alert just went building wide.

HARPER: Wayne Security is
on their way up to you right now.

HARPER: Oh. Fun.

GCPD is already inbound.
You need to get out of there.

A little stuck right now.


We've gotta go help them.


CULLEN: Duela, no.

DUELA: They're about to be
the meat in a cop-Talon sandwich.

This is your last chance to stay alive.

- You can go with her if you want.
- Not without you.

Duela, you can't do this.
You can't just abandon them.

Why not, Cullen? Everyone abandoned me.

Enough times for me to know that
no one would ever come save me.






- Let's go!
- Come on, come on!


- TALON: Uhh!


- TALON: Uhh!

TURNER: Could use some help here, guys.


Come on, guys, we have to go.

Can't get out that way.
Garage is crawling with GCPD.

TURNER: Well, we're
definitely not getting out that way.

- CULLEN: Then we're trapped.
- TALON: Uhh! Uhh!

There is one way.


How? Climb?


We fly.

TURNER: Have you ever
used that thing before?

Don't answer that.

It's a -story drop, so,

you know...

don't let go.


As advertised.

Genuine Sicolo. Limited edition.

Skeleton dial.

Polished camphors. Tells time, too.

You neglected to mention an engraving.

Okay, so, knock a
few bucks off the sticker price.

It's quite a unique feature.

Is this what makes it so sought-after?

What do you mean, sought-after?

When I called around
to ascertain the value,

there was one potential buyer

who was quite interested
in this particular model.

Willing to pay a fortune.

And willing to pay even more

for the person selling it.

TURNER: I don't get it.
Why would Duela screw us over like that?

HARPER: She's the Joker's daughter.

I'm surprised it took her this long.

How much could she have possibly
been offered for that watch?

I'm not sure you want to
put a price tag on betrayal

but I'm pretty sure a
personalized engraving

makes it worth less, not more.

That depends on the buyer

and the engraving.


Oh, please tell me
you are not this stupid.

Unwise to insult the
person holding the g*n.

Considering what's coming,
I would rather be sh*t.

You have no idea who
you're dealing with.

- Nor do I care.
- [g*n CLICKS]

At this price point,
I don't ask questions.


whatever they're paying you

will be going towards
your funeral costs, okay,

because the Court of Owls
is not really in the...

The leaving loose ends kind of business,

- and that's what both of us are dealing...


- DUELA: Aah!












Aah! Uhh!



- TALON: Uhh.








Hey! Come on! Get me out of here!



CARRIE: h*t the deck!


How many more of those you got?

Not enough.

- Run!
- Yeah.






Just change it every hours.

No, I mean for coming back for me.

Don't thank us.

If we'd gone with you, we'd be d*ad.

And if it were up to us,
we would've left your ass.

You want to thank someone?

Thank him.

That was pretty stupid, you know,

thinking that you could go
up against the Talon like that.

I had help.

I guess that's why I'm still alive.

EZI: ♪ Somebody just
tell 'em I'ma fight ♪

♪ And find a way ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm alive today ♪

♪ Someone better tell
'em I've arrived... ♪

Look, I know we all
wanna k*ll each other.

But if we stick together,
we have a better sh*t

at keeping the Court of
Owls from doing it for us.

Well, you almost got
kabobed getting Daddy's diary.

Was it worth it?


You ever stop to think
maybe you are, too?

EZI: ♪ Pushing me ♪

♪ I'm questioning
everything, if who I am... ♪


Um... you're...

pretty good with that sword, you know.

It's nice to know Bruce Wayne's kid
can wield more than a dessert fork.

You know, back in my old neighborhood,

all I wanted was to play street hockey.

But when I was adopted, my
dad insisted that I learn martial arts

and fencing,
to get good at them, be the best.

Lucky for you he did.

I don't think it was luck,

or coincidence.

Makes me wonder what else he
might've been preparing me for.

EZI: ♪ I'm doing my best ♪

♪ While out of my element ♪

♪ My element, I'm questioning... ♪

What the hell are you doing?

You think ratting me out is gonna
stop me from helping Turner?

I didn't rat you out.

Oh, really? Oh, what were you
in there doing for over an hour?

I told them that I did it,

that I was the one
who hacked those banks.

- BRODY: I said that Turner asked you

to do it, but you didn't wanna
break the law for him, so, I did it.

To help my friend.

Why would you do that?

I just couldn't sit here and watch you
screw up your life.

Not for that guy.

What about you?

Weren't you the one
lecturing me on getting in trouble?

Just as long as I
can keep you out of it.

- I can't let you do that.
- You didn't ask me to.

I guess that's the difference
between me and Turner.

WOMAN: System says that
they accessed the building

using Bruce Wayne's personal code.

What was taken?

According to the inventory,

just the sword.

Why risk coming back for a sword?

I don't know.

Might want to ask the antiquities
dealer we found impaled by one.

"They watch you at your hearth."


I'm merely the messenger.

Well, I could've saved you the trip.

Please let the Court
know that I'm as unhappy

with the hunt for Turner Hayes
and the others as they are,

and you can assure
them that apprehending

the fugitives is my top priority.

But I might have more time to devote

to running our quarry to ground

if I didn't have to keep covering
things up for their executioner.


you didn't seem to have
any complaints when he

eliminated your rival years ago.


Have you forgotten
your debt of gratitude?

I haven't.

Just keep me in office so
I can continue to repay it.

I'm sorry.

I never meant for you
to get in so much trouble.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

Helping me is just too risky.

Says the guy who Catwomaned
his way into Wayne Tower

and almost came out way shorter.

At least now we know
the Court of Owls is real

and we can use this to clear our names.

I just don't get how the Talon
even knew you were there.

I mean, you guys have to
heist your way in there

dodging security guards,
cameras, motion sensors,

and the Talon just

cruises in and out of
there without a trace?

Yeah, and that's not the only mystery.

Look at this.

This is the last one my dad wrote in.

Anything interesting?

Well, somebody thought so, because...

they ripped out his final entry.

I don't get it.

Why didn't they just
take the whole journal?

I don't know, but...

whoever it was doesn't want
us to know what he wrote.

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