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01x13 - Passion Lends Them Power

Posted: 05/14/14 06:47
by bunniefuu
My name is Roman. Ten years ago, our ship crash-landed on Earth. We came here seeking refuge, but the humans thought that it was an invasion. (rapid g*n, shouting) That night, I met a human girl who tried to protect me a girl I never thought I'd see again. The surviving members of my race, the Atrians, were rounded up and isolated inside a militarized sector.

Now it's 2024.

Seven of us have been chosen to attend high school as a part of a government integration program. But the humans and Atrians continue to distrust each other, while I fight to protect my people and the human girl who saved my life at any cost.

Previously, on Star-Crossed:

DRAKE: When my mom returned to the Sector, Vega wanted her to build something called the Suvek for the Trags.

You think it's some kind of b*mb? We're gonna smuggle the Suvek outside of the Sector using the Mardi Gras Unity float.

(grunts) (gasps) I told you I would handle Roman.

(grunts) Roman.

Oh, my God.

EMERY: Just stay with me.

I I made it back here.

That's all I wanted to do.

You ran all the way from the Sector? - I'm I'm calling a doctor.


Cas Castor stabbed me with a blade coated in Atrian poison.

Doctors can't help me.

What about cyper? I could go to the Sector - No.

It's too dangerous.

If cyper's the only thing that's gonna save your life, then I'm willing to take the risk.

I just need you to fight to hold on until I can get back.

("Do or Die" by Hungry Kids of Hungary plays) Mmm, thanks.


I don't remember what it feels like to be full.

This is normal.

None of this is normal.

I haven't even told my parents.

What's going to happen when I start showing? And not to mention I suddenly have Wonder Woman strength.

All the women in my tribe get stronger during pregnancy.

Oh, here.

Eat this herb.

It's called dyret.

It'll help with the symptoms.

What are we doing? What do you mean? I mean, how is this supposed to work? Where would the baby live? I can set something up in my pod.

No baby of mine is living in a jail.

That jail is also my home.

Trust me we're gonna work something out.

All right? - Mm - You all right? Mm.

Nice, you got the baby.

What? You found you found the plastic baby hidden inside the king cake.

That's good luck.


(chuckles) It's good luck.

(phone chimes) It's Gloria.

Have you heard from Grayson? Do we know if he got the Suvek to Gloria? No, I haven't heard anything.

But it's only been an hour.

And no news is good news.

Right? Why does my mask look like Freddy Krueger? Well, clearly you have a thing for complicated dudes.

You excited for your first-ever Mardi Gras, Jules? Mm-hmm.

With my first-ever boyfriend.

How long is this first-ever stuff gonna last, exactly? Just until I've done everything.

And there are a lot of things I'm looking forward to doing very soon.

LUKAS: Well, hopefully not while we're sitting here at the table.

(giggling) Taylor heard back from Gloria.

The float never made it to school.

Wha are you serious? Where could it be? - You talk to Grayson? - No.

ERIC: What's the big deal? Grayson probably just made a pit stop.

No, he would've went straight to school.

He should've been there by now.

What's going on? You guys are acting really weird.

There's something you guys should know.

There's a reason that we took the float into the Sector today.

How much does Taylor know? - As much as Gloria.

That Grayson was supposed to drive the float back to school, but never showed up.

They don't know about the b*mb.

And now's probably not the best time to send Taylor into a panic spiral.

What are we gonna do? - Drake, you were part of the crew that worked on the float today at the Sector.

Where could it be? - I have no idea.

Seriously? You lose a float and I'm supposed to trust you with a baby? Gloria is gonna explode if this float doesn't show up.

How do you guys even know this thing is a b*mb? Because Suvek literally means blast or flash in Sondiv.

That sound like a peach cobbler to you? Guys, I just called Grayson's cell phone.

An emergency room nurse answered.

Grayson got carjacked.

Well, is he okay? He's b*at up pretty bad.

Vega must have sent her Trags after Grayson.

If they att*cked him and they stole the float, the Suvek could still be out there somewhere.

VEGA: Won't be long, now.

The Suvek is in the hands of our outside operative.

And by sunset tomorrow night, the playing field will drastically change.

All thanks to you.

k*lling Castor, bringing us the Iksen's Key.

But you look troubled.

Roman is d*ad.

Castor k*lled him with a poison kos.

I know how you felt about Roman.

But he opposed our cause.

And we do not mourn our enemies.

I just need to take a walk.

Clear my head.

Sure this is where you left your camera this morning? Yep, on a table in the House of Cards.

It's a vintage analog.

They don't make them anymore.

I'll just be a few minutes.

Be careful.

(electronic hum, lock clicks) Emery? - What are you doing here? - Teri, please.

I need to get cyper to save Roman.

Roman's alive? He ran to my house to get away from Castor.

He's bleeding out.

If I don't get cyper, he's gonna die.

Cyper alone won't cure him.

You'll need Atrian blood.

My blood.

I'm coming with you.

(steady beeping echoes) NURSE: You're gonna be fine, Grayson.

Your friends are here to see you.

(soft grunt) Hey.

Glad you're all right.

JULIA: Lukas told us about the Suvek.

What happened to the float? I was driving it to Gloria and I must have been ambushed.

Whoever h*t me must have taken the float and the Suvek.

You didn't get a look at 'em? - No.

It all happened so fast.

All right.

We got to call Gloria, let her know that there's a b*mb inside - the missing float.

Gloria will just call the cops.

We can't waste any more time.

We have to call them ourselves.

Is he still breathing? Barely.

Give it time.

We've done everything we can.

Let's rock and roll.

TAYLOR: I've already confirmed the photo booth and the deejay Now, this assumes we actually have a float for the parade, doesn't it? Yes, we are doing everything we can to locate the float, Ms.


Is that some kind of a senior prank? Floats don't just go missing.

You were supposed to be supervising that committee.

I'm sorry.

I've just been a bit overextended lately.

(phone beeps) Oh.

Uh, one of the krewe just reported that the float made it to the warehouse.

What are you doing with dyret? Now I understand why you've been so overextended lately.

There's only one reason to have dyret.

Who's the father? You know what? Don't tell me.

I don't need to know.

Do you understand how serious this is? If word got out, people would think that Atrians were preying on our young girls I know, okay? I'm not even sure that I'm gonna keep the baby.

I mean, how can I? What would that life even look like? You're coming with me.

(inhales) (panting) (groans) I think he's waking up.

I can't believe it.

Go get him some water.


What are you doing here? Saving your life, stupid.

Where's Emery? She'll be right back.

She came into the Sector to get cyper.

And I used my blood.

(panting quietly) Thank you.

(crying): I never thought I'd see you again.

I don't think I've ever seen you cry before.

(sniffles) Yeah, well you've never almost d*ed before.

(sniffling) This is who you really are, Teri.

A healer.

(door creaks open) Roman! (whispers): Emery.

TERI: Roman needs to be back at the Sector by sundown he isn't safe here.

Castor's not gonna be a problem for him anymore.

Thanks, Teri.

This is my third message.

Where are you, Emery? Listen, the cops found the float.

Call me back, please.

Hey, there's nothing in that thing except confetti and cigarette butts.

We used this float to smuggle an Atrian b*mb out of the Sector last night.

Is there any chance that whoever stole it left behind any clues? I know you you're that Montrose kid.

Hey, do us a favor quit wasting our time.

Okay, fine.

If you're not gonna help us, then we'll call Gloria Garcia.

Gloria told us to handle this.

Let's go, guys.

Are you serious? They're not even gonna help us? Just because of the Red Hawks? There's a b*mb at Mardi Gras.

That Trag who float-jacked you last night must have driven it here and taken the Suvek out.

They couldn't have gone far.

GRAYSON: I know, makes sense.

They'd want to set it off in a crowded place, and with the whole town here for Mardi Gras But how are we supposed to find it? They could have taken it anywhere.

I'm picking up trace amounts of radiation from the float.

It's probably left over from the Suvek.

So we search the area and try to pick up the signal.

And if you measure anything over 500 CPM, then you're definitely getting closer to it.

Let's split up.

The Trags targeted you.

Castor tried to k*ll me.

Fighting for my people nearly cost us both of our lives.

But here we are.

(laughs softly) Here we are.

My father wanted me to be the next leader, to see his dream of integration through.

He said we needed to put the needs of our people above everything else.

That's my father's path, not mine.

How can you be so sure? Because my path always leads me right back here to you.

(phone vibrating) (whooping, shouting) (percussion playing) - Anything? - Not yet.

Hopefully, the others are having better luck.

(bell dings) Don't worry.

They think even Gloria Garcia has abandoned them.

They're all alone now.

So is this how you always imagined it? On the floor of your parents' shed? (laughs softly) Nothing about us has been what I imagined it would be like.

But right now, everything is as it should be.

(phone vibrating) - (phone vibrating) - Mm.

That's the third time in two minutes.


(phone vibrating) - Mm.

Let me just see who's calling.

(beeping) - It's Grayson.

Of course it is.

The eternal iwap blocker.

He called eight times.

GRAYSON: Emery, the Suvek was stolen last night.

We're trying to find it.

Listen, stay away from the parade.

Okay (beeping) My sister's at Mardi Gras.

So are my parents and all of our friends.

Teri said something to you before she left.

She warned you to get back to the Sector before sundown.

Maybe that's when the Trags are planning to detonate the Suvek.

She probably wanted me back in the Sector so I'd be safe.

That leaves us only a little over an hour before they plan to set it off.


We're not gonna let that happen, all right? Remember to set the Suvek to detonate at exactly 5:50 p.


That is the opportune time.


Got it.

Oh, wait.

One more thing.

The human zwabs that tried to steal the Suvek are here.

And the Atrian traitors who helped them.

Drake and Sophia.


They're looking for the Suvek now.

Order your men to stop them, even if it means having to slaughter our own.

Where are we? The future home of Edendale Springs.

top-notch security, three community parks, and that's just the first phase.


But I don't get it.

Are you moonlighting as a Realtor? It's going to be a community designed exclusively for Atrians and mixed-race couples.

A place where they can live freely, without fear of judgment or att*ck, far from the Sector.

Why haven't I heard about it? Well, the Atrian Relations Committee is keeping it under wraps.

Just until the project is ready to be unveiled.

I know this isn't easy, what you're going through, and you'll make your own decision.

But before you do, you deserve to know what your life could look like if you decide to have this baby.

EMERY: Grayson, where are you?

I can't hear you.

No, I Okay, hold on, hold on.

Okay, we're here.

Well, where are you?
(Dixieland playing)

EMERY: Uh-huh.



Yeah, yeah, I yeah, I'm on my way.

Dad? (lively Dixieland playing) Dad? Dad?

Roman, thank you for coming.

I don't know who you are, but I came because I saw my father.

Sorry to disappoint you.

I am Jesytur.

I guard the gateway to Eljida.

As for seeing your father this herb draws Atrians to it by evoking their most powerful memories, which for you are of your father.

I had to draw you from the crowd without exposing my identity.

An Atrian from the Sector came to Eljida last night.

The mother of your friend, Drake.

Saroya? She says that the Trags are planning to set off the Suvek.

They must be stopped, or thousands of humans and Atrians will lose their lives.

We tried to destroy the Suvek but failed.

Even if we found it, I don't know if we could stop it now.

The Suvek can only be activated by the Iksen's Key.

The Iksen's Key.

My father used to wear that around his neck.

If you remove the key from the Suvek, you may be able to stop it from being deployed.

Nox had much faith in you.

He knew he could depend on you to safeguard the future of our people.

My father expected a lot from me, but I I can't be held responsible for his legacy anymore.

Why is that? (sighs) Because I made a promise to a person that means a lot to me.

There's someone you should meet.

Roman this is your half-brother.

You have to call the h*t off on my friends.

There has to be another way.

We will k*ll anyone who stands in the way of our victory.

(indistinct chatter) Grayson, I'm at 4th and Main.

I don't see you anywhere.

Call me back.

(sighs) (grunts) What do you want? Your father k*lled our leader.

You have defiled Atrian purity by seducing his heir, Roman.

We want to watch you bleed.

Hey! You don't want her.

You want me.

I'm Grayson Montrose, son of the leaders of the Red Hawks.


The humans that want to wipe the Atrians off the face of the planet.

You let her go, and you can have me.

(grunts) GRAYSON: Look, let's hang by the cops.

(indistinct police transmission) I heard what those guys said.

Are they Are they Trags? How did they get outside the Sector? They're Hidden Trags, Atrians who've had their markings removed so they can live among humans.

There are t*rror1st Atrian cells in Edendale? - And they're after you? - (sighs) They're trying to stop us from finding the Suvek.

And apparently they hate me out here as much as they do in there.

Because of Roman.

So where's he now? When we were together you always came first.

You still do.

We lost 'em.

Come on.

JESYTUR: I hoped you both would meet one day when the integration became complete.

Now the future is uncertain.

I thought it best you meet each other now.

I knew about my father and Gloria.

I just had no idea they had a son.

Your father left many things undone when he was taken from us.

He was grooming you to carry on his work.

(sighs) I have to go find the Suvek.

You both should return to Eljida.

I'm gonna see you again, okay? Good luck.

We're all depending on you.

Thank you for showing me Edendale Springs.

It's the first time since I found out I was pregnant that I feel like there's hope.

Well, I'm really glad to hear you say that.


(phone ringing) This is Gloria.

I I'm on my way.

(cheering) (drumming) I got a signal.

I just got a signal.



You guys find anything? I'm getting an elevated radiation reading on this block.

The Suvek must be nearby.

I'll tell the others to meet us here.

Is that Taylor? (sighs) I know you didn't want me to come, but guess who I bumped into at the parade.



She just got back into town.

Can you believe it? I told her about our little soufflé in my oven.

Don't be mad.

Hey, girl, didn't you just say - that you were really hungry? - Mm-hmm.

That place has the best beignets in town.

Ooh I'll be right back.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't snap your neck right here.

I can think of four.

What do you want? I want you to stop your friends from finding the Suvek.

And if you don't, I'll make you watch Taylor and your unborn freak baby meet a very painful end.

If I were you, I'd get moving.


We found Roman.

Is everything okay? You just disappeared.

Some Hidden Trags came after us, - and I was worried - Did they hurt you? I got away.

Thanks to Grayson.

Where were you? I met an Atrian who told me something about my father.

I'll tell you more about it later, but it could change the promise that I made to you.

LUKAS: Radiation readings are highest in this building.

We checked all the floors.


What about the roof? (whirring) Elevator's fine.

The Suvek could be on the roof.

I'm gonna check it out.

Wait! We got to pull out now.

What's wrong? - Zoe's alive.

She has Taylor.

If we go after the Suvek, she'll k*ll her.

Where's Taylor now? You and your friends were right.

This is a great place to watch the parade.

Whoo-hoo! What is that thing? Oh, just a little device that's gonna bring an end to mankind.

(laughs) No.

No, seriously.

What is it? You heard me.

It's gonna usher in the age of the Atrians, and all the humans are gonna be wiped off the face of your own planet.

Or gathered up and sent to the Sector, since I know how much you and your humans love your camps.

TAYLOR (panting): Zoe, what's going on? That's not - You can't be - You want to know what the hardest thing about pretending to be human was? Having to act like we were friends.

I don't understand.

You're the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the human race.

Oh, and don't even get me started on your relationship with Drake.

Because your little baby is an abomination that I'm personally gonna have to fix.

(yells) (Zoe shouting) (Zoe shouts) Find her.

The rest of you stand guard.

It's almost time.

(electrical buzzing and hissing) If Zoe is a hidden Trag, and she has the Suvek, we should be up there trying to stop her.

If Zoe sees us, she will k*ll Taylor.

Look, if we don't do anything, we'll all end up d*ad.

Drake, they're right.

You and Emery said the Trags are setting the Suvek off at sunset, right? We have more time.

Sunset's in ten minutes.

(elevator bell dings) (panting) You're okay.

Zoe she's on the roof, and she's actually an Atrian, and she has four other fake human Atrians with her and this machine that looks like a vacuum cleaner, but could bring an end to humanity, or or something.

Sophia and Lukas, just get people away from the building.

Julia and Eric, find whatever you can to barricade the door.

There might be hidden Trags outside.

Drake, Grayson and I are gonna go to the roof.

DRAKE: Taylor, you need to get in your car and get as far away from here as you can.

Yeah, I'm going with you and Grayson to the roof, but we need a plan.

Zoe's not just gonna hand over the Suvek.

(elevator bell dings) (grunting) I think I have a plan.

It's almost time.

We must prepare for battle.

(coughing) Vega! I wouldn't do that if I were you.

(garbled radio transmission) I know about the Suvek, and I'm already evacuating Mardi Gras.

Now, where is it? (laughing) It doesn't matter.

You're too late.

(elevator bell dings) Go! Move it! Last chance, Vega.

Tell me where the Suvek is, or you will end your days in the Crate.

We'll be out soon.

And you're the first person I'll come for.

You and the rat who betrayed me.

TERI: It was me.

You did this? - I couldn't let you k*ll my friends.

This will not please your father.

My father? You said he never left Atria.

You're going to wish that were true.

You all will.

(whistle bl*wing) (indistinct crowd chatter and shouting) LUKAS: We got to get everybody out of here fast.

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

(crowd screaming and shouting) - f*re! Everyone clear out! - (yelling) f*re! Run! Go! Run! f*re! I sent you to get Taylor.

I don't have any use for her.

Get rid of her.

(grunting) (grunting continues) sh**t her.

sh**t her! (grunts) Go! Go! (grunting) Grayson, catch! (g*n) I need to find the Iksen's Key in the Suvek.

I'll keep her guys busy.

Cover me.


Go, go! (g*n) We don't have much time.

That should keep a Trag or three from breaking in, right? Does it matter? They have a b*mb that could wipe out the town and everyone in it.

No amount of furniture is going to stop that.

You're gonna be okay.

You don't know this, but I've come pretty close to death before.

And I learned you have to believe you're gonna make it, or it's like you've already lost.

If we're gonna die tonight, I wanted to get that in.

(g*n, b*ll*ts ricocheting) (rapid g*n) (grunts) I found it! No, wait.

I got this.

Drop your g*n! (grunts) Grayson.

(grunts) (cries) (rapid trilling) (panting) (grunts) (beep, whoosh) (gasps) You stopped the clock.

Yay, you.

But you should know Trags always have a backup.

(beep) (rapid beeping) (rumbling, high-pitched whirring) (high-pitched whirring) (high-pitched whirring, buzzing) Emery, get down! (whimpering) Help! Help! Someone! Drake, help! (siren blaring) Emery? Emery?! Emery.

Emery, please wake up.


Come on.

Grayson, wake up.

Come on.

(whooshing) It's not a b*mb.

It's a signal.

(rumbling) A signal to who? (rapid trilling, beeps)