01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gracepoint". Aired: October 2014 to December 2014.
When a young boy is found d*ad on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. Soon deemed a homicide, the case sparks a media frenzy, which throws the boy's family into further turmoil and upends the lives of all of the town's residents.

Gracepoint is not to be renewed but you may like to follow Broadchurch.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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Previously on Gracepoint...

Danny, it's mom. Call me now. I want to know where you are.

The body of a 12-year-old child was found on north beach here in Gracepoint.

Oh, God.

Carver. I know who you are.

You took my job.

Preliminary findings means we're now classifying this death as a suspected homicide.

I'll make a statement to the media later. Till then, everything stays between us.

I just saw Chloe at the beach. She was leaving a stuffed animal.

I did not confirm that.

They released his name.

Who told that journalist?

Someone wanted to make it look like an accident, but that kid wasn't up here.

Where were you last night?

I told you. I was working.

If you or someone you know has any information, please come forward now.

We will catch whoever did this.

[Eerie, melancholy music]


[Indistinct police radio chatter]

You had a nightmare.

I did?

You were shouting.

What... what was I saying?

We couldn't really tell, but we heard you say "Danny".

Are you going to work today?

Yeah, I'm sorry. I have to.

Will I have to talk to the police?

Not today, but soon, probably.

When I do talk to them, could it be with you?

I don't think so, sweetie.


Is there something you want to tell me?


Listen, I don't want you to worry.

Everything's gonna be just fine.

All right?


[Dark music]

A condolence book.

I should have thought of that.

Church should be doing it.

It's not a competition, Paul.

This hits us heathens hard too.

No, no, no, no. Of course I-I didn't mean...

Come. Be the first to sign.

Detective Carver. Detective.

Renee Clemons, San Francisco Globe.

I used to be at...

You honestly think I don't remember you?

Can I buy you a coffee?

Is that a joke?

How 'bout we make a fresh start?

Attention's only gonna build.

Why not let me tell your side?

I walked Danny's route to the observation point.

There's a house on Harvey Ridge, mile and a half from Danny's body.

Park service owns that.

They rent it out.

Find out who's stayed there past six weeks.

And there's a camera at the lookout, 50 yards down.

Get the footage.

How's the house-to-house?

We've got five officers on it, plus two cadets down from redwood.

Where's everyone else?

It's a big weekend.

Whalefests at Hastings and Eureka, plus the big bike race...


I'm gonna tell that to the family?

I was just in with chief Morgan, and he said the county sheriff will send more people.

All desks are clear from now on.

Okay, but you're...



Danny's skateboard, Danny's cell... Priorities.

And I need a list of suspects.

You know the town, who's most likely?

If the kid was k*lled before the beach, where's the m*rder scene?

Jack Reinhold called.

He said he had something important that he remembered, and he...

You're welcome.

Hi, El.

Hey, mark.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Can you stop? Can you stop, please?

Every time we open the door...

Fred. Fred. Come on.

Is it every time?

Okay, come on. Let's go.

Is this really necessary?

As I said, they're just elimination prints so we can rule out your prints from those we find here or anywhere else.

And if she wants us to do it, it's necessary.


Did anyone get any sleep last night?

[Mary sighs]

I don't imagine.

Pete here will be your official liaison. He will be posted outside at all times.

He'll give you information on everything.

You can ask him any questions you need to.

Why can't you do that? No offense.

Oh, none taken.

It's a highly specialized job, and Pete's just finished his training.

[Chuckling] Out of the frying pan.


We... we know you, Ellie. You know us.

I know, Beth.

And the best thing that I can do for you now is to find out who k*lled Danny, okay?

Yeah. Okay.

Chloe, sweetheart, you're gonna be next.

And how about the funeral? Can we at least start planning that?

Not yet.


Until we find the person responsible and we have him in custody, then Danny's...

His body, it's...

Look, I'm sorry to talk this way, but it's the most valuable piece of evidence we have.

We cannot allow the body to be buried until we're sure we've got the right person.

We can't have him back.

He's not just evidence. He's my brother.

I know, sweetheart, and I'm sorry.

That's terrific.

Give her the paper. [Clears throat]

We made a list. People who might have done it.


These people are all your friends.

We know.

Detective Miller?

Excuse me.


You have a minute?

500 in cash taped under Danny's bed.

You're kidding.

And we found this in the daughter's room under a floorboard.

[Tense music]

Here we go.

I couldn't stop thinking about him last night.

Danny had been a big part of the wildlife group on and off, doing his shifts.

A quiet kid.

A good heart.

It matters, good heart.

You said you remembered something about seeing Danny.

Yes, I did.

About a couple of weeks ago... Or maybe it was ten days... I was taking a walk up the cliff path out by Osprey Point, about 7:30 in the morning. And I saw him with someone.

With who?

I don't know. But he was out on the cliff with someone. He had his notebook in his lap, Danny did... The one they use to record sea life with. But he was turned to talk to this young fellow. Hiker boots, big pack... Backpacker. Medium height. He had a bandana on.

Danny looked far more interested in talking to him than he did in counting whales. Danny laughed about something. Seemed innocent at the time. It was only after you were in yesterday that I remembered. I sure hope this doesn't have anything to do with what happened. I'd feel terrible if it did.

Have you told my mom and dad?

Not yet.

Please don't. It's not mine.

It was in your room.

I don't use it. I swear I don't.

Do you deal it?

No, of course not, I...

So if you don't use it and you don't deal it, then why did you have it?

Did somebody ask you to hold it for them?

Are you trying to protect that person?

It's just one tiny bag.

Okay, then why don't we go tell your mom that.

No. No, no, no.

You said you wouldn't.

Chloe, possession of a schedule I drug is a criminal offense.

Dealing a schedule I drug is a criminal offense.

I was just handing it off.

That is called dealing.

You will not get in trouble if you tell me the truth.

Who gave you that cocaine?

Gemma Fisher.

At the Inn?

I work for her cleaning rooms sometimes.

Housekeeper. Glamorous.

What about the money?

What money?

Chloe, do not be a smart ass...

I don't know anything about any money, I swear.

Why would Gemma Fisher be giving a 15-year-old cocaine?

[Sighs] Oh, my God. I'm gonna get in so much trouble.

Did Danny have anything to do with dr*gs? Anything?


No, not at all. He...

God, please, just leave me alone.

I just want to curl up and die.

I didn't mean that.

"We miss him terribly. He's left a hole in Gracepoint's heart."

Does that just make it worse?

What could make it worse?

There are three tents on the beach now.

Any idea when they're gonna come down?

When they're done, I guess.

Not soon.

You know, when they catch whoever did this, I vote for a public lynching.

They should string them up.

Come for a drink later.



Is your room okay?

Room is excellent.


Owen, right?

Renee Clemons, in her favorite scarf.


Welcome to Gracepoint.

Thank you. It's nice up here.


Yeah, we do quaint well.

Or... did.

Kathy, this is Renee from the Globe.

Listen, I was hoping that I could set up somewhere while I'm in town... A free desk?

Yeah, can't see why not.

You got here fast.

Kathy Eaton.

Arthur Halpern says hello.

Oh, yeah? How do you know Arthur Halpern?

Uc Irvine. My advisor.

My former editor.

I know.

Also lover... Till I decided I didn't like penises.

Uh... Renee was looking for a desk, so...

Yeah. I'll need the printer too.


Maybe you should say "please."

We're a busy operation here.

I can see that.

I give you a desk, what am I gonna do when your cohorts start coming?


Well, I will make it work.

Thanks anyway.

[Cell phone jingles]

It's got to be a one-time thing.

I mean, they're not that kind of family, and Chloe's not that kind of girl.

Nobody ever is, Miller.

I live here.

I mean, we get a couple of bookings for possession every month... Mostly pot... But hardly anything more than that.

Just making one for yourself?



I think you might want to take this one.


[Eerie music]

[Breathing heavily]

What are you doing?

Just, uh, the phone lines.

Uh-huh. So do it.

Sam, clear desk.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. Let's go visit Miss Fisher.

Did you give Chloe the cocaine?

Not really.

What does that mean?


There was a couple down from Seattle for the weekend.

They were staying in a suite, spending lots of money.

They asked me if I could get them some coke.

Chloe was working that day, so I asked her if she knew where I could get some.

But she took so long, the couple had gone.

So I gave it back to her.

And where did Chloe get it from?

She said a friend.

She said he didn't deal, he just knew where to get some.

Did her brother have anything to do with this?


It's got nothing to do with that.

Okay, do I get arrested?

We need to process the offense.

I know this was really stupid, but is there any way we can do this quietly?

I mean, I could lose my license for this.

Make a time to come down to the station and give a formal statement.

You'll be charged, fingerprinted, and released.

And we'll try to keep it quiet.


That way, we'll have elimination fingerprints for the investigation, and you can get on with your business, okay?

Don't worry.

We don't have to tell Mark or Beth about this, do we?

Don't do that, Miller.

Do what?

Don't help people out of a jam.

Don't tell them they don't need to worry.

Excuse me?

Stop reassuring people.

Let them feel the pressure.

Can I say something?

You're not here to train me.

I know what I'm doing. I know how to handle people.

So you can keep your brooding, assaholic, big city cop act to yourself.

[Car door clicks]


[Solemn music]

Potato chips?

Why don't we have any potato chips in this house?

You don't want potato chips.

No, I do.

I do want potato chips.

Where are you going?

Out. I'm going out.

Oh, you should probably clear it with Pete.

Mom, I... I am going to the supermarket, all right? That's all.

I've been going to the supermarket for millions of years.

Well, let me go for you.

No, I want to go by myself.

But just give me your list...

No, mom! Will you... Please stop smothering me, all right?

[Sighs] I'm sorry.

[Solemn music]


[Tires squeal]


[Sobbing, screaming]


Hey. Hey.

You all right?

I'm pregnant.


Have you told anyone?


I've only known for two weeks.

What about Mark?

It's complicated. Mark... Mark wants what he wants.

This time I need to know what I want.

I know.

That makes sense.

Yeah, except I don't.

Uh... well, who else can you talk to?

Maybe your mom?

No, I can't yet.

And don't you dare tell her either.


[Sighs] God.

What do you think I should do?

Beth... You're the priest. Aren't you supposed to advise people? I can't tell you what to do. I couldn't tell you 20 years ago, I can't tell you now. [Chuckles softly]

I think we both know that.

[Chuckles softly, sniffles]

I've been praying for you and for Danny since I heard.


Thank you, Paul.

Can I give you a hug?



Yeah, thank you.


Course I feel for the family.

It's terrible for them. It's awful.

Don't think we won't all suffer.

Saturday night, you got no one.

I hadn't noticed that, Ned. Thanks.

Dozens of grey whales just offshore, not a soul to take out there.

We've had a recession, crap weather, half of main street already shut.

Now we're a m*rder town.

Yes. A child d*ed here.

What tourist is gonna want to come to Gracepoint with all those tents front and center, hmm?

We ought to march over there and pull them down ourselves.

Though first, I will have one more bourbon.

Oh, no. You won't, actually. I'm cutting you off.

Listen to that. She thinks I'm drunk.

Well, yeah, you must be. From the way you're talking, I mean.

It's been 40 hours, Ned.

That family have just lost their only son.

What, you want something to do? You could write them a card, send them some flowers, start a collection for Danny's wildlife group.

Get a hold of yourself and grieve respectfully.

And then, when the k*ller's been caught, that boy can be buried, all the tents will come down, and people will come back and they will buy things. But until then, keep your mouth shut and be a decent person.

Keep the change. You're gonna need it.
You want to write this week's sermon?

What's that?

Burrito. Chinese was closed.

Are there beans in it?

It's a burrito.

I swear, you are worse than my two-year-old.

Next time, I will ask them to leave the beans out.

We've canvassed every house with a view of Osprey Point.

No one saw Danny with the backpacker, or saw the backpacker, period.

Which doesn't mean Jack Reinhold didn't.

But why didn't he mention it when we spoke to him the first time?

Did he really not remember or did he choose not to tell us?

Would he have a reason to lie?

[Inhales] And do we think the dr*gs and the money at the house are connected?

Was there any link to the cocaine?

You know you do this incessant question thing?

Bam, bam, bam. No way anyone can answer.

It's like you like it that way.

Do I?

First m*rder.

Finding it tough?

This time I'm letting you answer.

The answer's yes.

What'd you make of Beth and Mark's list?

[Sighs] Made me sick to read it.

Teachers and babysitters... Some of their best friends.

It just... Maybe they're in shock.

Or they're smart.

We didn't ask for a list.

They could be trying to direct where we look.

Taking the focus off their family.

The Solanos did not hurt Danny.

You're saying that as a detective or as someone who knows them?


You have to learn not to trust.

That's what you have to teach me?

You're gonna have to do your best to try to see this town from the outside.

I can't be outside.

I don't want to be outside.

You can't be objective. You're not the right fit.

Or maybe you're not the right fit.

Swooping in here, taking over, assuming everyone's evil.

I say, "good morning," you grunt.

You bark orders at everybody...

We're dealing with a d*ad child here.

[Paper crinkles]


It's a simple truth, Miller.

Anybody's capable of m*rder, given the right circumstances.

No. Most people... Have a moral compass.

Compasses break.

[Ominous music]

[Knock on door]

[Dog barks]

Susan Wright?


Detective Carver, Gracepoint PD.

What's this about?

Jon Kurtz from the park service said you have the keys to the Harvey Ridge house.

I clean it.

He said he'd phone ahead, let you know to have them ready.

My phone's d*ad.

I need those keys.

I have to look inside.


Something to do with that boy?

I'll bring the keys back when we're done.

Let me see that I.D. again.

[Dog barks]


[Dog barking]

[Clatters] Oh... Jeez.


You got to sign for them.

I don't want trouble if you don't come back.

Let me know if you find anything interesting.

[Barking continues]

[Ominous music]

"Though he slay me, yet, I will trust in him. Our hearts may be broken, but our faith must endure. We weep... We suffer... We rage... But let us not turn our backs on God. Now more than ever, we need Him. We turn to Him."

Big group for a Tuesday.

I don't know.

You'd think after something like this, we'd get even more.

I guess nothing's a given.

Except Christmas.

And easter.

Even Mark came last easter.

Oh, did he? I don't remember.

Sat right in front.

His tie matched Beth's dress.

Reach out to her, would you?

You've always been so good for her.

I just... I figured I'd give her some space.

Well, sometimes people don't know what they need until it's given to them.

I'm praying that's why God brought you back to Gracepoint... To help my daughter.


[Indistinct chatter]

[Child laughs]

Ah. [Laughs]

Why don't you get in there?

Show 'em how it's done?

I don't want to.


You want to try to do something normal, see how it feels?

Nothing will ever be normal.

I know that's what you think right now, but it's not always gonna feel like this.

Do you want to talk about it?

If not here, then later at home?

'Cause we haven't...




Hey, my boys.

I was just driving by and I saw you.

And I thought... That I would come and spend five minutes with you.

Is everything okay?



It's the Millers...

Hey, Jeff.

Hanging out at the Park.


Does that mean you caught the k*ller?

Hey, Jeff, that's not really...

Getting close?


Any leads or...

I can't say, actually.

Is he bothering you guys?

Jeffrey, I told you not to do this.

Okay, tell me this at least. Should we be worried?



We're all wondering. Don't we deserve to know?

So, you don't ambush her at the playground.

Easy answer...

Do we keep our kids inside? Can we take our eyes off them?

Just keep close watch on them, and they should be just fine. You know what? I would really like to go and spend five minutes with my family.

Sorry, Ellie. I'm sorry.

Jeffrey, I told you not to do this.

You all right?

What'd you find?

Camera only takes still sh*ts, two per minute.

10:31, Thursday night. Lot is empty. 31:30... empty. 32... A station wagon. 32:30...

Mark Solano.

Yes, it is.

He said he was out on a job.

Yes, he did.

What is he doing?

Waiting for someone.

How do you know?

I don't, but I bet I'm right.

[Mouse clicks]

What happened? Power outage.

10:38 till 2:10. Everywhere south of main street.

You are kidding.

[Knock on door]


Are you done?

No, it's not that um...

You're working the Solano case? Danny Solano?


There's water involved.

What does that mean?

I've been told there's something with water.

What? Who told you?

[Sighs] Um... I have this thing. I get messages.

For crying out loud, who let you in?

No, it's important. Please don't ignore me.

I am supposed to tell you that's it's... It's like... It's like he was in a boat or he was put in a boat.

I don't know why.

Who's telling you this? Where'd you get this from?


So, tell me about Gracepoint.

Well, it's the only town for 20 Miles, one road in, one road out.

People come for whale-watching season, tourists, and then again the summer, but basically, we're just a working town.

We've never had a m*rder here.

I do a weekly crime report in the journal, so...

Don't you want more than that?

You're a good writer. You could do what I did.

Work for a legit newspaper, a good news site.

How you know I'm a good writer, huh?

You look me up too?

I followed Emmett Carver on his last case.

He fumbled the Rosemont investigation, then he all but vanished.

Those, um... Those two kids who went missing?

Three. Three girls.

Nina, Sidney, Megan.

Now suddenly he's here, working this case.

If you care about this town... Well, what happened here...

Help me out.

Introduce me to people, help me write about what's going on.

You do that, I might be able to help you.

What do you think?

State your home address.

12 barker road in pine bush.

Where is that?

It's 40 Miles east of here.

And you're saying Danny Solano wants us to know that he was put in a boat before he d*ed.


And I want you to know that nothing offends me more than cranks wasting police time.

I don't ask for these messages.

They just come to you.

Did this one come to you before or after your company sent you here to put in extra phone lines?


Amazing. I love this.

The telephone guy who hears voices.

I didn't ask for this, but I do hear it.

If you don't want to listen, that's fine.

Oh, you're a reluctant psychic.

A child has d*ed, and you come here with this self-promoting crap.

Did you ever meet Danny Solano?


Do you know his family?

No, I don't think so.

Do you have any concrete evidence relating to the death of Danny Solano?

Well, it depends on what you think is concrete evidence.

Would you be willing to give DNA and fingerprint samples for elimination purposes?

Yeah, I suppose.


Interview terminated, 2:47 P.M.

You know what happens around a m*rder, Mr. Connelly?

A whole industry crops up.

Groupies, rubberneckers who want a part of it.

You're only the first.

Don't let me see you here again.

She says she forgives you about the pendant.

Every big case, these roaches crawl out of the woodwork.

What did he mean about the pendant?

He has the nerve to come into our office...

Check his prints!

Find out who he is, what he wants.



Oh, thank you very much.

Where are you going?

Mark Solano lied to us about where he was that night.

You check the...

Wait, wait.

They went through Danny's hard drive. Apparently, he was keeping some kind of journal.

"November 9th: A Mountain of homework." "November 30th: Movie night."


"December 9th: Enough of this. Time to quit." "December 15th: Dad's really gonna k*ll me now." "January 18th: Gotta get out of here. Budapest sounded good." "January 30th: I think I know what he's doing. What am I doing?"

First and foremost, our prayers are with the Solano family. These are clearly dark days here in Gracepoint. But the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. We're a strong community. I hope the people who live here know the church is here to offer whatever support they need, faith or no faith. I have a closeness with the Solano family forged over many years, and together, we can find our way back into the light. Encouraging words of...

Hey, I was watching that.

Where are you going? Mark?

Mark! Mark!

Don't just stand there. Go after him!


Enjoying your moment of glory?


Stop talking about us!

Mark, Mark.

Stay away from my family...

Calm down, please.

And stay away from Beth.

For God's sake...

No! Your God left my son for d*ad.

And don't you forget that.


You're too late, pal.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I...

How your parents holding up?

They watch TV and fight.

Pretty normal, just more so.

Want to go back to my place?

The police found the coke.


They were searching the house.

What'd you tell them?


Where do they think you got it?

They don't know.

They didn't push it, so I didn't tell them.

Don't look at me like that.

Well, just because they didn't push it, doesn't mean they'll just forget about it.

Chloe, I can't have the police at my house.

My Uncle'd k*ll me. You know that.

What do you want me to do?

I'm sorry, Dean. I didn't realize you're the most important person in this whole thing.

I'm sorry I didn't know my little brother was gonna get k*lled, and the police would be crawling all over my house and my mom wouldn't be able to stop crying all the time.

Okay, okay. Okay.

I'm sorry. Chloe.

I'm going home.

You want a ride?

I'm gonna walk.

Come on, Chloe. Let me give you a ride.

I'm fine. I want to walk.

I'll talk to you later.

Excuse me.

Can I borrow a light?

[Lighter clicks]

You're Chloe, right?

Why? I'm sorry for what happened to your brother.

I'm guessing this meant a lot to him.

What are you doing with that?

Listen, you can't leave that down there.

It'll get stolen or end up in the papers.

You'll never see it again.

I just wanted to leave something.

Not something that's meaningful.

There's too many vultures around.

How do you know so much?

I'm one of them.

I work for the San Francisco Globe we're not talking to the papers.

I know. You're right not to.

I really just came to give you that and stop someone from stealing it.

If it was my brother, I wouldn't want some stranger selling that online.


Can I borrow your phone?

What are you doing?

I won't call you, I won't come to your door, but if you and your family ever need to talk, you just need a friend if things get to be too much, call me.

Thanks for the light.

Thursday night, the night Danny didn't come home, where were you?

I was on a job.

I got a call... I don't know, like, 9:00.

A family had no hot water, no heating... Everything was down.

How long did that take?

Most of the night.

The boiler was ancient.

I was there really late.


What do you mean "no"?

There was no job.

We have video footage of the lookout down the hill from Harvey Ridge.

You were there at 10:30.

What, you're snooping on me?

We're checking all the security footage in the area.

What were you doing that night?

Am I a suspect?

First thing we do is eliminate people from the investigation. You tell me where you were, who you were with, how long you were with them... I eliminate you from suspicion. If you don't tell me those facts, I can't eliminate you. You're a potential suspect.

In my own son's m*rder?

I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

Take a look at this.

It's a match for Danny's blood type.

Do you think he was k*lled here?

We believe so, yes.

There's also kids' sneaker prints, size 6, all over this area.

Size 6? That's it? No others?

Well, yeah, mine. My guys.

Every dog Walker that's been through here since Thursday night.

So he was k*lled here, and moved two miles down the coast to where we found him.

Why would someone do that?

The guys have been all over this place.

Someone scrubbed it, top to bottom, with one exception.

I need to know where you were that night.


I met a friend.

We had some drinks, and then I got dropped off at the parking lot, then I came home.

[Pen clicks] What time?

[Paper rustles]

I don't know. 4:00 in the morning.

[Sniffs] What's your friend's name?

I can't remember.

You can't remember the name of your friend?

Where did you go?

We had some drinks. I think we had some food.

Drove around.

You think? This was five days ago.

Well, a lot's happened in five days.

[Distant noise]

And is there any reason you wouldn't want me to know the name of your friend?

When you came in, you went straight to bed?


Can your wife confirm when you came back?


She was asleep.

Mark... I'm gonna give you another chance to tell me who you met.

[Phone vibrates]




I'm at the hut.

CSI thinks it's where Danny was k*lled.

Anything else?


The whole place was scrubbed clean, but we did find one set of prints by the sink.

I had them sent in to run a match against elimination prints.

The prints belong to Mark Solano.

[Ominous music]
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