01x07 - Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gracepoint". Aired: October 2014 to December 2014.
When a young boy is found d*ad on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. Soon deemed a homicide, the case sparks a media frenzy, which throws the boy's family into further turmoil and upends the lives of all of the town's residents.

Gracepoint is not to be renewed but you may like to follow Broadchurch.
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01x07 - Episode 7

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Previously on Gracepoint...

They're panicking, starting to show themselves.

That's exactly what we want.

Our b*rned boat, it belonged to my brother-in-law.

Who knew it was there?

I don't want anything to do with you.

I know men who'd r*pe you.

You have any kids?

Daughter. 17, lives with her mother.

This is dad. Please try me.

You're the detective's kid.

Come and knock on my door sometime.

Found this.

That's Danny's phone.

Forensics get anything off it?

No data, no texts, no call log.

I know about you and Gemma Fisher.

I saw him with someone.

With who?


Lars Pierson.

His cell number was found in the lining of Danny's jacket.

Pointing the finger at an innocent man.

That's not the version we submitted.

What are you doing to protect Jack Reinhold?

You're asking for help, but you won't talk to us.

Vince is rounding up a lynch mob.

[Knocking at the door]

They're scum, the bunch of 'em.

They hounded that poor man to death, and now they're playing innocent.

If you're coming, you'll need a black one.

County Supervisor's cutting our budget.


Starting next week.

He's pulling staff support, forensic requests.

He can't do that.

That's what happens when a case drags on.

Bosses lose confidence, panic about accounting.

But we can't pull back. Pierson's still out there.

C.S.I.'s combing the property out at the Harvey Ridge hut.

We're still looking over...

Get it done this week.

Drag everyone in.

Rack up overtime before he pulls the rug out.

Know what might help?

Nailing whoever vandalized Jack Reinhold's shop.

Might win us brownie points.

You know, you don't have to come to the funeral.

'Cause of this?

Screw 'em.

You think they're right? Worst cop in California?

Maybe top ten.

Danny's k*ller could easily be there.

With another death on their conscience, let's see who's looking worried.

Doesn't seem right. Burying Jack, and they still won't let us have Danny's body.

Well, they have to find the k*ller first.

Can we not do this right now?

You know, I-I've been thinking, maybe I should start working again.


I don't know. Next week maybe.

I mean, Vince can't carry the business forever, and we need the money.

If you want me to stay home, I can...

No, no, no, no. You are probably right.

We need the money.

I will find something to do here alone.

You could go back to the visitor's center.


Get direction from the d*ad boy's mom...

That'll pack 'em into town. I'll be fine.

[Footsteps approaching]

Nope, no way.

I said, "black."

I didn't even like him.



♪ Father strong to save ♪

♪ Whose arm doth bind the restless wave ♪

♪ O savior whose almighty word ♪

♪ The winds and waves ♪

♪ Submissive heard ♪

♪ Who bid'st the mighty ocean deep ♪

♪ Its own appointed limits keep ♪

♪ O hear us when we cry to thee ♪

♪ For those in peril ♪

♪ On the sea ♪

We are assembled here today to share our grief and to celebrate the life of Jack Curtis Reinhold.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Jack Reinhold was a good man.

As we've learned, since his death, an innocent man.

He owned a local business.

He was a part of our community.

He taught our children to notice and value the natural world, and to work to preserve it.

So how are we here?

Why did this happen?

Because we let him be smeared and intimidated.

We were absent when he needed us.

We failed him, just as we failed and continue to fail Danny Solano.

So well done, you.

You managed to give us all a good tongue lashing.

What did you just say to the town priest?

What, tongue lashing?



[Both laughing]

Seriously, you did Jack proud.

Mm, you too. Holding his wake here...

It's very Christian of you.

Yeah, it's funny, seeing as I'm a wiccan.


Hi. It's good to see you both.

I'll have a white wine, and a beer for my husband please.

Yeah, yeah. [Clears throat]

Seems like half of Gracepoint is here.

Keep an eye on everyone...

Eye on everyone.

Tell you if I see anything suspicious... Got it.

I've taught you well.

Yes, I knew nothing before you came into my life.

Here you go.

Thank you.



I don't know what Beth told you, but we're not going for that memorial service.

When all this is over, we're gonna have a real funeral, okay?

If your mind's made up.

It is.

Understood. Whatever you want, Mark, I'll be there.

Well, I'll tell you if I want you there.

It was a nice lecture...

And a veiled message to me.

Not veiled at all.

I came to you, I told you Jack needed protection.

You did nothing.

Hi. Hi.

I never heard back from you on Susan Wright.

I had frank look into her. Nothing got flagged.

You didn't handle it?

I was hoping I'd get your personal attention.

My personal attention?


Is that funny?

Kathy, can we talk about this later?

Now is not the time, really.


[Disturbing music and effects]

[Object smashes] Oh!

I'm fine. I'm fine.

A few too many, buddy, huh?

I'm fine.

You doing all right there, Tom?

This must be a hard day for ya.

It's okay.

Is that Paul I saw you with?


You get along with him?

Did Danny get along with him?

I guess.

They ever...

Talk in private, meet outside of Sunday School?

What are you doing?

You all right?

Hey, why don't you go find mom?

You want to talk to my son, you come to me first.

I saw the priest put his hand on his leg.

They were sitting here alone, so I thought I'd check on him.

Did you not hear what Paul talked about in church?

You assume the worst in people at every single moment.

Sometimes I'm right.

You could show some gratitude that I'm concerned about your boy.

You're a disturbed person.

I'd feel sorry for you, if you weren't making everyone in this town so miserable...

Especially my wife.

Hey, buddy, you doing okay?

Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Well, there are a lot of people in this room who love you.

Look, I know all this must be really tough on you, being at a funeral.

Does it make you think of Danny?

You miss him pretty bad?

Of course I miss him. Why wouldn't I?

Tom, why are you...

You don't even know anything about me anymore.

You want me to carry that for you?

No, thanks.


What's that, Dyl?


Ugh, crap. Uh... 7:58.

Uh, all right, hold on.

I can go alone.

- Pongo.

No, stay with your brother.

Daddy's getting him.

Dad, take him. I'm fine.

You need to stop worrying.

It's three blocks.

Uh... okay.

All right, give me a kiss.


Have a good day.

[Children chattering]

Okay, buddy.

[Knocking at the door]

You know what I decided? No more newspapers.

You and I are done reading them till we close this case, not online, not in print. It isn't healthy.

You with me?

Just nod.

Close enough.

So what's up?

I finally got some information from Danny's cell carrier.

Turns out Danny's flip phone was set to forward all calls to another number.

That number has to be his smartphone, but it's switched off, so we can't trace it.

Can we get someone to...

Already done.

If that phone ever gets switched on, we'll know about it. Oh, and question for you... Did you know that the priest went to high school with Beth and Mark Solano?

Paul Coates? Yeah. Different years though. Beth and Paul were class of 2000. Mark was class of '99.

Sounds about right.

And you didn't bother to mention this?

Well, I told you he grew up here.

Where'd you think he went?

[Knocking at the door]

Sorry. Call for you, Detective Miller.

Tom's school.

All right, just put it through to my desk, please, Tammy. Sure.

Thank you.

This is Ellie.

Oh, hi, Carol. He's not sick, is he?

But Joe walked him to school this morning.

Are you sure?

I left him three blocks away. He had his bike.

What time?

Right before 8:00, a couple minutes.

There were other parents around. There were lots of kids.

Oh, god, Joe.

Should I meet you at the school?

No. Go find him.

I will, I am.

I shouldn't have left him alone. I'm sorry.

El, I know what you're thinking.

This isn't what happened to Danny.

How can we know that?

Of course that's what I'm thinking.

[Tapping on window]

I'm coming with you.

His bike isn't outside.

Did anyone see him this morning? Noah, or...

I haven't said anything to the kids.

We don't want to alarm them, if that's avoidable.

It might not be.

You should give her some names.

Noah, and who else?

Evan, Henry.

And we should talk to his teacher, see if there's any reason Tom might have wanted to skip.

A quiz, or a test, or trouble with a classmate.

He... He didn't mention anything.

Mr. Conroy is out today. His wife called last minute.

Is he sick?

She just said he couldn't make it.

I tried to ask why, but she hung up.

It's your call.

You want to talk to the kids, or find the teacher?

Hey, buddy, you got to give me a call.

I'm not gonna be mad, I just...

Just need to know where you are, so call me back, please.



You haven't heard anything?

Did you see him on his bike today?





What's he like, this Conroy?

Quiet, better with kids than with grown-ups.

Neighbors aren't home either.

Want me to wait here, see who shows?

Triple fudge. These are my favorite.

Did you say something?

You're gonna like this new mix.

They're not for me.

Someone must have seen him. How many kids pass that corner?

We've got officers asking. So far, no one.

Could he have left on his own? Do you think Tom ran away?

Detective Miller doesn't think he would do that.

Well, he did seem pretty upset at Jack's funeral.

Well, a lot of people were upset.

Mr. Conroy was on the list you gave us.

He didn't show up for work today.

Can you say why you put his name down?

You don't think he...

We don't know.

Was there a reason you included him?

I did. Beth didn't want to.

[Scoffs] We talked about this.

He was a male teacher. Danny had only had females.

He found it strange at first.

Found "it" strange or him?

Well, both actually.

But you said you ruled him out.

Every teacher at Gracepoint had a solid alibi for the night of Danny's m*rder.

Conroy's wife told us he was home with her.

We had no reason not to trust her.

And now you can't find him.

We can't find either one of them.

At the moment, we have no definite indication that Tom Miller's disappearance is connected to Danny Solano's death.

For now, we've shifted our focus to locating Tom.

We have officers searching the immediate area.

Members of the community have also volunteered to help.

What are you doing to protect other children?

School gets out in three hours.

We're coordinating with Principal Atkins, as well as Principal Reaser at the high school.

We're advising parents to pick up their children, or send another adult.

[All asking questions]

I would emphasize again that this is strictly a precaution.

We're not at all certain that what we're dealing with is a second abduction. In the green.

Will detective Miller be taking time off?

That's gonna be up to Detective Miller.

What about Detective Carver, given the lack of progress on the Solano case, questions surrounding Jack Reinhold?

Mr. Reinhold committed su1c1de.

His death had nothing to do with Detective Carver or any member of this department, and as lead investigator on the Solano case, Detective Carver is uniquely positioned to lead the search for Tom Miller.

You said they're aren't connected.

I said we don't know if they're connected.

That's it for now. We'll keep you posted on significant developments.

[Crowd murmuring]

That's it.

We have a child to find.

[All asking questions]

No, I'm sorry.

Come on, chief, one more.

This is not your fault.

We're gonna find him.

How do you know that?

How could you possibly know that?

We have no idea where he is, and...

No, go ahead, finish your thought...

"Thanks to me."

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

Joe, we agreed that you would walk him to school and back, that we would always know where he was.

Yeah, I knew where he was.

He was three blocks from school, headed in that direction.

But he never got there!

Mark's organized a search team, and you should go and join them.

Owen's coming to watch Dylan.

Let me take him with me in the backpack.

What? You don't want me to?

Owen's coming.


Hey. Hey.

You doing okay?

Not great, no.

You talk to either of them? Your aunt or...

Heading over there now, so...

Well, you take all the time you need.

Come back when you're ready.

Come back?

Thought you were done with me.

Are you done with Renee Clemons?


She ran away as soon as they found Jack, so...



I'm really sorry, Kathy.

Give my love to your family.

Fred and Heather Conroy drive a 2009 saturn astra, dark red.

Plate number there. Get an alert on the vehicle.

Uh, you, have we tracked down Fred's family?

I'm Angela.

I left two messages for his sister in Denver.

Father deceased, mother not answering her phone.

In-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins.

Someone must know something. Find them!

[Low conversation]

Can I help you?

I'm here to see Emmett Carver.

Detective Carver?

Yeah, okay.

He's in his office. Can I tell him who's asking?


And he'll know who you are?

I hope so. I'm his daughter.

[Door closes] Ma?

[Chuckling] Hey, ma, you all right?

Where have you been?

I was just in the workshop.

Why are you in trouble again, Vincent? Where'd you get those brownies?

From your friend at the Park.

I don't have a...

Do you mean the Trailer Park? Ma, did a woman come here?

From the Park, that's right. She was looking for you.

Is that blood on your face?

I-I went hunting earlier this morning.

She says you're in trouble, Vincent.

Give me those. Don't touch these.

We'll see who's in trouble. [Slams garbage lid] Don't go fishing those out of the garbage. All right? You understand? God knows what she put in it.
Call the County Supervisor. Get him to double resources, not cut 'em back!

They've given us one search dog. We need ten!

We need two full staffs, around the clock, one working Danny's case, the other searching for Tom.


I think you should consider stepping down.

Excuse me?

It's happening all over again.

You came to Gracepoint to put Rosemont behind you.

Instead, it followed you here.

You just said it in front of a hundred people...

There is absolutely no evidence that Danny's death and Tom's disappearance...

I still think it might be best.

Forget it! Who would you have take over anyway... Miller?


It's her son who's missing.

I am the only one who is remotely quali... what?

It's my office, Emmett.

So answer the door!

And don't call me Emmett.

Detective Carver, sorry to bother you.

You don't look sorry.

I was trying you on your office phone with no luck.

Because I'm here, because I'm busy.

What do you want?

Hi, dad.

Okay, so nap around 2:00, and put in a video if you need to.

Yeah, we're fine. Just go.

Okay, I'm going. I love you, baby.

Say, "bye, mama."


So I need you guys in four groups.

We've divided the neighborhood, and we're gonna be walking the streets, going block by block, door to door, looking for Tom Miller and his blue and black...


Blue and black mountain bike.

Thanks a lot for turning out.

Let's go find Joe and Ellie's boy, okay?

I came down main street from the bus station.

This town is seriously tiny.

What, do, like, eight people live here?

You walked from the station on your own?

I'm 17.

I know.

And what's with all the whales? They're everywhere, on the street signs and mugs.

What's up, Julie?


Can you please tell me why you're here?

What happened to school?

Staff enrichment day.

Does mom know where you are?

Yes, she knows.

God, for some reason, I thought you'd be happy to see me.

You left that pathetic sounding message.

I am happy to see you.


This isn't an ordinary day. We've got a missing child, a 12-year-old boy, and the more time...

Fred Conroy's mother had a stroke, so he's been in Eureka county hospital since late last night.

Miller... Another d*ad end.


Oh, hello.

I-I'll wait outside.

Yeah, there's a kitchen, snacks.

Is this your daughter?

She is. She... yeah.

I'm Julianne.

I'm Ellie Miller.

Hi. She's just gonna wait in the kitchen.

[Phone ringing]

Excuse me.

Detective Carver.

My dad said there's another kid missing.

There is.

Keep him there, wait for me. Okay.

[Hangs up phone]

Your backpacker's come home. They're got Pierson.

Stay here.

Gracepoint P.D.

Detective Carver, this...

Hey, that is a potential piece of evidence.

Do not contaminate it. Put your gloves on.

I want this area secured properly.

Get on your radio, and get every off-duty officer in the county down here, now!

I'd do whatever she wants if I were you.

His service p*stol, g*n, two r*fles.

We're tracing them now to see where he got them all.

And we found this.

What is it?

Risperidone, 8 milligrams, antipsychotic.

We haven't counted the pills yet, but it looks he hasn't taken any in the last six months or so.

When can we talk to him?

Waived his rights.

Said he just wanted something to eat, so we got him a burger.

Yeah, I saw that.

Why didn't you offer him a milkshake too?

Given you're dealing with a missing child, sheriff said you could talk to him first.

All right, let's do it.

In Gracepoint, properly.

I'll take him back. You stay here, search the property.

Absolutely not.

I'm gonna be in that room.

Wouldn't be appropriate.

Okay, but you need to keep your mouth shut.

Let's go.

You've never seen this boy?


I don't... I don't... I don't know.

They never brought me my fries.

Excuse me?

With my hamburger.

They never brought me my fries.

Can you tell me about the untouched medication at your home?

I don't like it. I like to walk instead.

Are you aware that it's an antipsychotic?

Yeah, I have heard that.

It's also sometimes used for post traumatic stress disorder.


Did you know that?

Why? You want to borrow some?

What does that mean?

Sir, can we just please...

You look stressed, and she looks traumatized.

Yeah, all right.

You feeling traumatized?

You feel it through your body?

You don't like that feeling?

Look at the picture again...

I don't like that feeling either.

Nobody likes that feeling.

Look at the picture!

Have you seen this boy?

You were uncomfortable looking at this boy a minute ago.


[Sniffs] I wasn't uncomfortable.

I was hungry.

He's a good-looking boy.

Answer... the question!

Have... you... seen that child?

He disappeared today, the same day you returned to town.

Your phone number was found on the body of another boy who was m*rder six weeks ago!

Have... you seen... this child?

He's a good-looking boy.

He looks just like you.

If you have done anything to my son, I will hurt you!

Hey, hey, hey.

I will punish you...

Hey, I will deal with him.

I will deal with him, come on.

In a way that you will never forget!

Come on, come on.

[Door slams shut]

[Dog barking]

I had a feeling you'd turn up today.

Stay away from my mother.

Your mother?

[Dog barking]

She's farther gone than I thought.

[Dog barking]

Makes things simpler in some ways.

Me, you can't fool so easily.

I want you out of our lives.

What is that? Money?

Don't be stupid.

Take it.

You aren't thinking straight, Vincent.

I know what you did.

You need to talk to me, tell me everything.

[Gasps] Shut up!

[Dog continues barking]

You take this money, and you get the hell out of Gracepoint!

Everything was fine before you showed up.

You're hurting me.

This is nothing.

I've got a r*fle in that van. [Dog barking] Don't make me use it.

[Dog continues barking]

[Car engine starting]

I will run these over. You two keep going.

Wait, wait. Couple more.

How many is that, 6,000?

Well, there's lots of people searching.

Hey, mom, make some with just jelly, just in case people are allergic, all right?


Oh, my god! You scared me.

I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to be here.

No, you're not.

Who is it, honey?

I-I think you need to leave.

I will, I am, but there's something I need to tell you.

I'm gonna call Detective Carver.

No, mom. Wait.

Is it about Danny?

No, it's about his friend, Tom Miller.


Someone's seen Tom.



Joe, what's happening? Did you find him?

Someone spotted him on the road toward Lincoln.

They're moving everyone north. Mark was the first to leave.

He's been incredible.

So Tom was all right when they saw him?

He was on his bike. It was this morning, but...

Oh, god.

I know. It's something anyway.


What's going on?


[Sighs] Um...

There is this man. Um, he hears messages.

He's told me some things about Danny.


Some of them have been true, and I am sure that this isn't... I hope, that it isn't...

Okay, I'm sorry, wait, so he told you something about Tom?

Yes. [Sighs]

What did he tell you?

That Tom's been hurt. That... that he...

He's what?

He's said he's bleeding.

All of Gracepoint has joined in the search for Tom Miller.

Our town has come together beautifully.

If I can single out one person in particular, Mark Solano has taken charge of our community search in a way that I find especially moving.

[Softly] Thank you.

Oh, your guy's banging on the door.

He says he's hungry.

Yeah, he starts talking, he'll get a five course meal.

In fact, I'll cook it myself.


Not now, Julie.

I need to talk to you.

I need to talk to our suspect, all right, just give me...

I've been sitting here all day.

I know, I know, and I hate that I've made you wait, but one more interview.

What is this?

Come here, come here.

Were you going through my desk?

Can you please just tell me what this is?

Are you sick? I looked it up, and...

I'm fine.

That's not what I read.

Is there something wrong with your heart?

Is... there something...

Shh, shh.

I get dizzy... sometimes.

This takes care of it.

You get dizzy?

What does that mean, you get dizzy?

It means you don't need to worry about it.

But... I'm fine.

I'm completely functional and fine, and also... And I'm sorry about this...

But I have got work to do.

Is this the reason you said no to that ski trip last winter?

Is this the reason that mom said you shouldn't have taken this job?

A 12-year-old child is missing.

Yeah, you've said...

You need to stop this.

It's always the same.

All you care about is other people's children.


Go ahead, talk to your lunatic.

I know you want to.


I'll be 15 minutes... 20.

Will that... yeah? That okay?

I need change for the snack machine.

Why was this boy headed towards your house today if you've never seen him before?

He was headed towards my house?

On his bike, this morning, riding up the highway.

That's just a coincidence?

I don't... I don't... I don't know.

You know him?

No, not that I'm aware of.

Who wrote this number?

That's my cell phone number.

Yeah, who wrote your cell number on that piece of paper?

It looks like my handwriting.

All right, you need to cut the spacey, confused crap right now, 'cause I'm not buying it, all right?

Did you write it?

It looks like I wrote it, so maybe I wrote it.


Have you ever met this boy?


That's a different... That's a different kid?

Yes, it is.


[Photo crackles]

Hold on.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

This is messed up.

Have you met him?

[Chuckles] Budapest.

Excuse me?


What the hell does that mean, "Budapest"?

I was walk... I was walking down the coast near here, like... like, a couple of months ago, and there's him, early in the morning, he's staring at the ocean, looking for whales and stuff.

I like looking at the whales.

Those Tokyo douche bags that slaughter them and eat their blubber, I could just...

Cut them into little pieces and see how they like it.

Focus! Tell me about the boy.


There he was. He was sitting near the cliff, and he sees me, and I see him, and he asks me, uh, what the capital of Hungary was.

And... [Laughs]

I don't usually know that kind of stuff, but I-I was stationed in Hungary a couple years ago, so I told him Budapest.


And then he wrote it in his crossword and I...

And I... the one with the palace on it...

Why did you give him your phone number?

My phone number?

Why did you give it to him?

He said he wanted to see places.

He wanted to get out of his little town.

I told him if he ever wanted to talk, he could give me a call and...

He wrote... he tore off a piece of his crossword, and I...

I wrote my number down, and I-I kept on walking.

Is it bad? Is he d*ad?

Why are you asking that?

Because I've seen guys that...

Know when someone's d*ad.

They look like you look.


I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I screwed up. I don't...

I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry too.

This wasn't your fault.

I just... I'm just scared.

It's okay.

He's gonna be okay.



You know where my daughter is?

She left 20 minutes ago.


She said she had a bus to catch, so Angela gave her a ride down to the bus station.

[Bird chirping]

God's creatures watching over us.

I never liked birds.

You know, I... Have to commend you, Mark. Taking charge today, bringing the community together.

Just doing what I can.

I know what they're going through.

I know you do.

Should we look this way?

You know, I've seen people, sat by them as they've endured all kinds of hardships. Not everyone responds the way you have.

Yeah, some people withdraw, get angry, some turn away from their families, turn to drink, other vices.

What are you trying to say?

Just... just that you're... You're a good man. Beth's lucky to have you.

I'm gonna go check in with Jeff.

Oh, good lord. Mark!
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