01x01 - Acts of Borden

All episode transcripts for TV mini-series. Aired: April 2015 to May 2015.
Fictionalized account of actual events and people surrounding Lizzie Borden, an American woman who was tried for m*rder in Fall River, Massachusetts, after her controversial acquittal of the horrific double m*rder of her father and stepmother in 1892.
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01x01 - Acts of Borden

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(girls, singing)
♪ Lizzie Borden took an axe ♪
♪ She k*lled her mother with 40 whacks ♪
♪ After she saw what she had done ♪
♪ She gave her father 41 ♪
♪ Lizzie Borden took an axe ♪
♪ She k*lled her mother with 40 whacks ♪
♪ After she saw what she had done ♪
♪ She gave her father 41 ♪

[axe chopping]

[tense electronic music]

♪ ♪

[children chattering]

Mr. Almy, you understand you'll be denying us the life we're owed.

Mr. Pelton, I wish you would explain to--

Emma, you understand that I work with the law, not wishes.

Mr. Almy: Your father owed me a large compensation.

How could we owe you this much money?

Well, it's really very simple.

Andrew Borden's assets and his debts are yours now.

And since I am the estate's largest creditor--

You'll be first at the trough?

Mr. Pelton: All right, let's keep it civil.

Well, perhaps an equitable arrangement could be made.

You have no position.

You could give them one.

Why would I do that?

Emma: You have no decency.

Indecency is Mr. Almy's stock-in-trade.

[all squealing]

Says a woman who--


All right, I'm going to suggest that we stop for today.

Ladies, a moment, if you will.

It's important to understand that Almy is entitled to collect on his debt, and he will, if nothing else, to remain legitimate in the eyes of his colleagues.

We need to be willing--

Tell him we'll pay a one-time fee of Father's debt to make him go away.

What--what percent?

Ten. Final offer.

Ten percent?

No, he will need to--

Start at nine.

It does no good to antagonize Mr. Almy, Lizzie.

He needs to know we can't be intimidated.

♪ Lizzie Borden took an axe ♪
♪ She k*lled her mother with 40 whacks ♪

Ignore them.

I think you want to fight with him.

I want peace and respect.

We can run father's business. We can make a profit--

We don't know the first thing about running a business.

I know about solving problems.

The problem right now is everyone thinks we're an easy target.

That has to change.

[children shrieking]

I'm not afraid of you.

Then you haven't been paying attention.

[hard rock music]

♪ ♪

[bluesy rock music playing]

♪ ♪

Ah, this way.

[rustling in the branches]

[cocks g*n]

man singing: ♪ I like a criminal ♪
♪ I like a criminal ♪
♪ Ice cold ♪



[roars in pain]

[three more g*n]

♪ To make you so mad ♪
♪ Did they drag you right back in ♪
♪ To the lust where it all began ♪

Warren: [groans in pain]

Warren. Hey, Warren!




You gut sh*t me!


You son of a b*tch.

You could've let me go.

No, I couldn't.

Where's my hand, where's my other hand?

It's right there.

Just not working so well.

Oh, Charlie. I'm a mess.

I had no other choice, Warren.

You k*lled two men in Burlington.

That other fellow d*ed?

It's kind of hard to go on with half your brains in the chandelier.

I'm sorry I gut-sh*t you.

I was aiming at your g*n hand.

No, you weren't.

You know what? You're right.

I wasn't.

I need to see the chief.

police chief: Siringo. What do you got?

Warren Stark.

He's not leaking, is he?

Just sign the paperwork so I can get a bath, will ya?


Where's the rest of him?

I buried him on Killington Peak.


Well, he's a big guy, Chief.

Are you Charles Siringo of the Pinkertons?

He is. And this... is Warren Stark.

What do you got?

This telegraph came in for you last week.

Weren't you two friends?

He was his boss, a few years back.

Where you going?

Another job. I'll bill ya.

He's leaking!


[more drips]

[dripping regularly]

Lizzie's father: I've asked you not to make noise when I'm in this room.

Lizzie: Oh, Father.

I do love you so.

[axe chopping]

[axe chopping]



We need a change of scenery.

I think it's just perfect.

It is beautiful.

On the inside, too.


Oh, please, can we buy it?

It's too ostentatious.

That sounds like Father talking.

He's right.

He's not here.

We have to leave 2nd Street behind us.

Emma: It's so big.

So we'll fill it.

With what?


If Almy has his way, we won't--

It's not Almy's money yet.


We'll talk about it.

Officer Trotwood?

Everything all right?

Yes. I'm sorry to bother you.

How are you?

Fine, thank you.

Miss Borden, you might not remember me.

Of course I do.

You were very kind to my sister all through the unpleasantness.

Yes. Well, um...

There's a situation.

Marshal Hilliard would like to see you downtown.

About what?

I think it's best if the Marshal explains.

This way, please.

That way is the holding cells.

Are we being held?

Being notified.

Of what?

Property theft, and thr*at to inflict bodily harm.

Those children are lying.

This isn't about children.

Well. Look what the cop dragged in.

Hello, Lizzie.

I like what you did with the place.

What happened?

I got evicted. No home to go to.

They tell you that?

And when I go to get what's mine, they arrest me.

How long must he stay here?

If he's bailed out, he can leave now.

I got nowhere to go.

Oh, let's not spend the money.


William, you can come home with us.

It's the Christian thing to do.

We'll be up front, Officer Trotwood.

If you make any more trouble for your sisters, I'll pull your spine out of your ass.

You hear me?

[funky electronic music]

♪ ♪
♪ They see your hands And they see my hands ♪
♪ They see your hands They see my hands ♪
♪ ♪

Well, Mr. Danforth, it's a beautiful place you have.

Thank you.

So what brings you to Fall River?

Uh, business.

And what business would that be?

Private. I'm sure you understand.

Mr. Danforth: Oh, I do. I didn't mean to pry.

I couldn't help but notice that leather strap there under your arm.

Now that would be a holstered--

A holstered g*n, mm-hmm?

Now you're prying, Mr. Danforth.

I was at Homestead last year.

I was supporting my brother during the strike.

Yeah, that was a bad time.

It was shameful, actually.

Yeah, I saw a lot of those holsters on the Pinkertons while they were sh**ting up the boys.

It's a common make.

Gimme the damn key, and my bag.

If you say so.

Enjoy your stay.

[door slams]

Isabel. Listen.

The moment Mr. Siringo leaves his room, I want you in there changing his linens.

But they were fresh this morning.

Find out what you can. Go through everything.

But why?

Because I told you to do it.

I want to find out what he's doing here.

[blues music]

Have you looked everywhere?

Are you coming to church?

The old man hid something around here.

You know he had to.

He wouldn't just leave everything in the bank.

I'm ready.

How many upholsterers d*ed making that?

I lost count at 15.

When we return, we'll discuss the length of your stay.

Oh, and rent.


My last name is Borden.

Well, Borden Street is three blocks that way.

You can stay in the gutter for free if that suits you better.

Whatever he left you, I want a piece.

I'm his son.

You're a disowned bastard.

You want something for nothing. You always have.

Well, what did you do to deserve anything of his?

Lived with him.

Well, shit.

At least I was spared that pleasure.

A shame we weren't spared yours.

Take a bath.

Kiss my ass!

[door slams]

[knocks on door]

man's voice, echoing: It was an incredible crime.

Bloody, unthinkable crime.

A depraved butcher. Such malice.

What say you, Mr. Foreman, in the charge against Lizzie Andrew Borden?

Not guilty.

[gavel bangs]

[axe chops]

Siringo: Did you find what you were looking for?

I'm sorry, I just--

It's a light. It's dry cell-powered.

You can put it back now.

Isabel: I'm sorry, I'll go.

Siringo: Ah, now, hold on a second, now.

Mr. Siringo, let me go.

It's very important that you don't tell anybody about this.

You understand?

Who are you?

I was hired to review the Borden case.

You can't. Don't open this up again.

Did you know her?

I'm not going to do this.

Hundreds of reporters stayed here.

Camped here. In the hallways, in the kitchen.


My husband couldn't have been happier but it was ghoulish and terrible.

It needs to be put to rest.

Your husband. Mr. Danforth.

Ezekiel. Yes.

Did he do that to you?

Mrs. Danforth.

I'm not here to cause trouble, I promise you.

You can change your own sheets.

And my name is Isabel.

What did you find out?

He's a detective.

I know that. He's a Pinkerton.

He's in town investigating the possible source of obscene photographs and literature.

That's all?

Not unless you try and sell him a dirty picture and he has you arrested.

I suggest you destroy your collection.

Reverend Jubb: Love thy neighbor.

God spoke it. Moses wrote it.

Jesus quoted it.

Paul explained it.

So what does it mean?

Do we love our neighbor when it is convenient?

Do we love our neighbor when it is fashionable?

Do we love our neighbor when it is advantageous to us?

We love our neighbor because he is our neighbor.
[blues music]

♪ ♪

Where is it?

Where are you hiding it?

Where's my treasure?


♪ I'm gonna pack my bags ♪
♪ And catch a Greyhound bus ♪
♪ But then it broke down ♪
♪ ♪
♪ She took the car and the dog, yeah ♪

Aah! God!

♪ I'm gonna follow her wherever she may go if I have to ♪

God dammit!

Mr. Pelton: Miss Lizzie?

Miss Emma? It's Robert Pelton!

♪ Oh, so true I'm in love with you ♪


Is there anyone home?

♪ I'm in love with you ♪


Is there anyone home?

♪ If I ever make it out of this desert town ♪

Miss Lizzie!

Miss Emma! It is Robert Pelton!

Is there anyone home?

William: Can I help you?

I'm sorry, I'm looking for Miss Lizzie Borden?

They're at church. Come back later.

I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?

William Borden. I'm the brother.

But they don't have a br--

Ah, yes, you're... Andrew Borden's son.

William, is it? I'm Robert Pelton.

I'm the attorney representing your half-sisters' interests.

Money? You talking about money?

Yes, to a certain degree.

Well, why didn't you say that?

Come on in. Come on!

It's okay, come on!

It's just their perception, Lizzie.

Perception based on misunderstanding.

They don't want to understand.

They will.

The truth will come out and their perceptions will change.

Lizzie: Mr. Pelton.

Get in here. He's got something to say.

I'm sorry, but Mr. Almy has made it very clear that he intends to take everything.

Son of a b*tch.

Everything that he is owed, with interest.

William: So what do we have? What's left?

What do you--well, Miss Emma and Miss Lizzie, you will have to pay.

How much?

You will be in debt to Mr. Almy.

No, once Mr. Almy takes what our father owed him, what is left?

That's what I mean.

Your father's estate, all of it, will not be enough to cover what Mr. Almy is demanding.

You and Lizzie will continue to owe him.

Just them?

Not me, right? Not me.

Oh, will you shut up?

You'll be wiped out.

We'll never get out from under him.

No, I am afraid not.

So there's nothing. Nothing!

Let me go talk to him. I can talk to him.

I can explain things I'll make him see.

I don't think that's a good idea.

He needs to know what he's doing here, how he's destroying this family.

He knows.

Let me talk to him!


Thank you, Mr. Pelton.

We appreciate everything that you've done for us.

It's okay. It's all right.

Mr. Pelton: Yes.

I can see myself out.

Have a good day.

I thought you'd gone to bed.

I don't think I can sleep.

I'm going for a walk.

At this hour?

We're prisoners in this house, Emma.

Father kept us children.

All of our decisions were made for us.

I don't know if that's true...

We're grown women.

Is this what you imagined for yourself at this age?

I imagined what every girl does, I suppose.

A husband, a family...

[laughs quietly] What?

I even knew what his name would be.


I read it in a story.

I don't know why I took a fancy to it.

Did you never think of what your husband's name might be?


I never imagined a husband.

Our lives are still being decided by other people.

No matter what comes of the situation, you'll have me and I'll have you.

Oh, come on.

There's something in here.

I know you've hidden something down here.


See you later.

Good evening.


We having fun?

Enjoying yourself?

What the hell?

Come on, old man.

Come on!

What have we got?


[breathing hard]

Oh, my God.

[wood clatters to floor]

God dammit.

Mornin', Lucias.

You want a drink?

You know what I want.

Suggest you hand it over while you still got hands.

Is that Billy?

Billy Borden?

How you been?

sing-song: Hel-lo-o?

What's in the box?


I said, what's in the box?

My fortune.

Show me.

You wouldn't like what's in there.

What is it, really?

A d*ad baby.


Or you holding it for a friend?

Come in.

Come in!

I got your note.

Why are we here?

The house is ours.

You bought it?

We bought it.

We don't have the money for this.

We'll fight Almy in court.

You read Bleak House.

There'll be a trial. It could take forever.

Bleak House was fiction.

Emma, come on. It'll be fun.

We'll have a party.

We'll invite our friends, our neighbors.

Our friends.

It'll be wonderful.

Isabel, quietly: Hi, good morning.

So, you want to check in?

Oh, you're all paid up.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

Good-bye, now.



Can I ask you a question?

Who's Mary Weddington?

The prosecution had her down as a character witness, but she never testified.

She's a school teacher.


She teach Lizzie?

Taught her and almost everybody else who grew up around here.


Why didn't she testify?

Maybe the judge didn't think Lizzie's childhood mattered all that much.

What do you think?

You should ask Mrs. Weddington.

Emma: What if we don't have enough furniture to fill the place?

Lizzie: Then we'll buy more.

Hello, sisters.

William, what did you do?

Dug up some of the family tree, I'm guessing.

Oh, I guessed right.

What do you want?

I want my cut.


You two can split the rest.

Or I go to the police and tell them about the... d*ad baby I found in the Borden sisters' basement.

After Almy takes our money, there won't be anything left to split.

Well, then, darling sissie Beth, you better make sure he doesn't.

Now you listen to me.

You can do whatever you want with whatever you think you found.

It doesn't matter.

A d*ad baby doesn't matter?

Who knows where you got that from?

You're a liar and a thief, William Borden.

You'll say and do anything to get what you want and... everyone knows it.

And I know you.

Oh, you think so?

You play that card.

See where it gets you.

[exhales] I'm sorry.

Don't worry. Don't worry, we'll find him.

We'll find Benjamin and we will bring him home.

Can I help you with that, Mr. Weddington?

Yes, thank you.

All right.

So, you want to talk about Lizzie.

Just what your wife was prepared to tell the court.

Oh, why? I mean, what's the point?

I have a client that has a few a questions and I'm just trying to get them answered.

Mary could tell you everything about her, but this is one of her bad days.

Isn't it, Mary?


Hello, sweetheart.

She started slipping last year.

She gets further away every day now.

Is there, Mr. Weddington, something that you can tell me?

No--just that Lizzie was always trouble.

What do you mean by that?

You wouldn't see her coming.


She was a sweet child...

When it served her.

Mrs. Weddington?

Did Lizzie hurt you?

Oh... she did, didn't she?

We don't know that for sure.

It's interesting. Two days before Mary agreed to testify for the prosecution...

crying: My babies!

I'm sorry, I think you'll have to leave now.

Mr. Weddington, I just have one other ques--

You know, the comportment records are still at the school.

You want to read up on her, you go ahead.

Thank you for your time.


It's okay. It's all right.

It's a different method of making stronger steel.

What the man is selling is a slower, slower--


Carving up the world?

That's enough, back off! Back off!


Anything for anybody else?

Any scraps?



You have no right to take my money!

No right!

Let him go!

Let him go! Let the police handle it!

We're looking for William.

Well, he's not here.

You can let me in or I'll get a warrant.

Everywhere. Top to bottom, go!

What did he do?

He att*cked Almy and his managers outside the bank.

Was he hurt?




William fled unharmed. Almy's hand was injured.

Marshall Hilliard: Trotwood!

Excuse me.

policeman: Yeah, there's nothing here.

Around the back.

Let's go.

I do hope you find him.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

You think William is gone for good?

Not yet.

[door opens]


How did you find me?

I brought you something.

You and I are going to be civil.

We're going to have a drink, and after what you did to Mr. Almy, we're going to come up with a plan to get you gone with as much money as you need to live comfortably.

Why are you helping me?

At the end of the day-- Which it is--

We're family.

You just want to know where I hid the baby.

If, after all this, you want to tell me, that's fine.

But for now, come on.

[flies buzzing]

[buzzing intensifies]

What are you doing here?

You really should fix that cellar window.


[metallic clink]

What do you want?

Your behavior in Mr. Pelton's office the other day made it difficult for me to concentrate.

You were so tough, so... strong.

And determined.

I really think that you should go, Miss Borden.

You don't really want me to go, do you, Mr. Almy?

Why can't we work together?

Instead of against each other.

[bluesy rock music]

♪ ♪


[body bl*ws landing]


Emma: [screams]

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