01x03 - Flowers

All episode transcripts for TV mini-series. Aired: April 2015 to May 2015.
Fictionalized account of actual events and people surrounding Lizzie Borden, an American woman who was tried for m*rder in Fall River, Massachusetts, after her controversial acquittal of the horrific double m*rder of her father and stepmother in 1892.
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01x03 - Flowers

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Emma: Previously on The Lizzie Borden Chronicles...


If it isn't dear d*ad William's sweet little sister.

This is Nance O'Keefe, and she's inviting us to a party.

I'd like you to meet Spencer Cavanaugh, the writer of tonight's play.

See how it brings out her eyes?

Go upstairs. There's a bath waiting for you.

Isabel: He's a theatre person from New York.

He and Lizzie had a meeting.

Looked like he was trying to separate her from her money.

You should raise your skirt!

No, please!


Adele, just do as I say.

[Spencer screams]

man: Today we mourn, for we have truly lost a great man.

Taken too soon, William Almy lived to serve.

And he served the people of Fall River like a guileless angel, neither needing nor wanting anything in return.

His passing leaves a hole in our lives and our hearts, which can only be salved by remembering his good works and gentle soul.


Oh, no bother.

This isn't right.

What would you prefer?

Someplace near Mother and Father, of course.

Father at least.

William was a m*rder, blackmailing bastard.

You really want that in your father's final resting place?

When you put it that way...

man: Pardon, ma'am.

Who will speak for the d*ad here?


You are the eldest.

William... brother...


In life you were nothing by trouble.

In death...

You finally have peace.


May God have mercy on your soul.

We ordered your headstone. It will be here next week.

Let's go.

Thank you.

No trouble.

It's a beautiful day.

Do you want to have breakfast downtown?

Honestly, I'd like to lie down if that's all right.

Anything the matter?

I'm just tired.

This has been a stressful week.

Let's get you all tucked into bed.

I have some recipes I'd like to try for the party.

Oh, yes, the party.

It'll be a perfect start to our new life of leisure.

It's all rest and relaxation from here on out.

[flies buzzing]

Who is he?

Does it matter?

Just chop him up and dump him in the bay.

We doing other people's dirty work now?

As long as they're paying, yes.

She give you enough to make it work my while?

And who might "she" be?

Lizzie Borden.

Oh, Skip.

You on her hook, or is she on yours?


I'll let you know.

Oh, tea?

Yeah, please.

Siringo: You know that there's a fair in town next week?

You like elephants?

[laughs] Sure.

So, you know, Spencer Cavanaugh never did come back.

Yeah, you said you saw him with Lizzie, is that right?


It's not unusual for someone to skip out on a bill.

You think he skipped out?

Don't think that every time a sparrow dies, Lizzie Borden is to blame.

You said that you grew up with her.

Yeah, I did.

You mind sitting?

You have time? Please.

Ezekiel says you're a dangerous man.

That you're a Pinkerton, and Pinkerton are K*llers.

Is that a question?

Are you a k*ller?

I've taken lives, yes, Isabel.

You planning on taking any while staying under this roof?

Well, it's never my intention.

I take no joy in it.

But it happens?

You k*ll people.

If circumstances demand it, yeah.

Circumstances you create?

No, I don't create them.

I end them.

You're creating this circumstance.

I'm just trying to understand.

Why don't you tell me... what was she like?

She never stood out.

Just your average, everyday girl, huh?


She was a monstrous child.

She never caused any trouble as far as anybody else could see.

Tell me, not every sparrow falls, but maybe one or two?

When she was about 10 or 11, after church a boy pushed her in the mud, ruined her dress.

Week later at the church picnic, he accidentally drowned in a pond.

They found his stomach was full of mud.

Like he'd been forced to eat it.

What else?

The mayor's daughter, she liked to ride a horse through the garden behind the hospital.

She liked the smell of trampled flowers.

That ended when the horse stepped in a hole dug in the dirt.

Broke its leg. Had to be destroyed.

What about the girl?

She spent three months in that hospital recovering from a broken back.

Lizzie was volunteering there, visited with her every day.

Everybody said Lizzie was an angel.

When the three months was up, the girl d*ed of sepsis.

Did you think she was an angel?


I think, Mr. Siringo, these circumstances are gonna end bloody.

Not if I can help it.

Ezekiel: Isabel!

I have to go, Mr. Siringo.

Charlie, please.

[Madhouse by The Black Box Revelation]

♪ Snakes are leading my way through the madhouse ♪
♪ Madhouse ♪
♪ Pleasing, teasing ♪
♪ Holding my own breath ♪

All right, that's enough of that.

You look like hobbled donkeys.

Let's try some other kind of pose.

Perhaps something more... Sapphic.

Do you know what I mean?

Shall we?


Be sexy now. Sexy.

Stick your hand... Okay, good.

Now hold it there.

Right, now we'll take a minute and then we'll, um...

We'll do Daphnis and Chloe, and you'll be the boy.

Skipjack: Phipps, I need your talents.

Bring your rig, and let's go.

You told me you needed this batch by tomorrow.

They'll keep.

Let's move.

[knocking at door]

Nance, what a terrific surprise.

Hello, Lizzie.

Oh, come in. Come in.

Are you here from New York?

I am.

I went to your old house but your neighbors told me you moved.

We just made the switch.

Actually, we're having a party here tomorrow night to celebrate.

I would love it if you could come.


There's something that I've come here...

It's so wonderful to see you.

Good to see you too.

Nance: I'm here on a bit of a mission actually.

Oh, really? Something intriguing?

Well, I hope not. I'm looking for my brother.

You have a brother in Fall River?

He came to see you last Saturday.

It's been four days. I haven't heard from him since.

I'm not sure I understand.


Spencer Cavanaugh is my brother.

Do you know where he is?

[screaming and stabbing]


Somebody, please... help me.


Please. Please. Please.

Nance: It's just not like him.

Lizzie: And you're sure he's not in Boston?

Miss O'Keefe.

How lovely to see you again.

Hello, Emma.

Spencer Cavanaugh is missing.

I don't know if "missing" is the right word.

Spencer is Nance's brother.

Oh, I didn't... I didn't know that.

I just can't seem to locate him.

He's gone off before. He does that sometimes.

Well, he was just here.

He showed us a bit of his new play in our old barn with Adele.

Who's Adele?

A local girl that we were taking care of.

She's run off.


Uh, Sunday night it was, right?

And you met with Spencer at the hotel that afternoon to back his play?

Yes, that was the last time I saw him.

This Adele, is she pretty?

And a bit dim.


That's how he likes them.

Well, maybe he took her to Boston.

Why Boston?

He's trying to raise money for his play.

I'm told no one there has seen him.

Maybe you should go to Boston, and if he turns up here, we'll get word to you.

Yes, I should try that.

[wood creaking]

[shuddering gasp]

Hello, Adele.


Lizzie: All right.

Here you go.

Come on, sweet girl.

I know, I know. Oh, there you go.



Okay, not too fast.

Come on.

Oh, there's my sweet girl.

There you go.


Oh, you're safe now.

You're safe and sound.

As long as you promise me...

Promise me...

That you won't misbehave again.




Do I have your promise?

Yes, Miss Lizzie.

I'll be good.

I promise I'll be good.

All right.

Poor girl.




I have some bad news.

Well, then let's start with good news.

Come on.

Adele has come back to us.

How wonderful.

Adele, how are you?

I'm fine.

Has she shed any light on the missing Spencer Cavanaugh?

The last I saw of Spencer Cavanaugh was on Saturday after our performance in the barn.

After his departure, I didn't see him again.

To this day I have not seen him.

That's all I know.

Is she all right?


Well, she had a couple of rough nights on the row, but she'll be okay.

Who's coming to the party?

Oh, none of these people.

They've declined.

And these are the only replies we've received for a party that begins in less than six hours.

No one wants this.

I do.

I don't...

Especially so soon after William's death.

It's unseemly.

Emma, we need to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood.

Lizzie, do you honestly think the neighborhood doesn't know who we are?

Trust me.

At 9:00 tonight, this house will be filled with life and laughter.

[knocking at door]

My, what a day of surprises.

Good afternoon, Miss Borden.

Mr. Flowers.

What can I do for you?

I hope you don't mind the interruption.

I was having some thoughts about our agreement and wondered if you might not have time to discuss.

Actually, no...

Well, I'll only be a minute.

Hello there.


Mr. Flowers, this is my sister Emma.

How do you do?


And you already know Adele.

Oh, shit in my hat.

Adele, I hardly recognized you.

Has he come for me?

Will you give us a moment?

Emma, a word?

Stop acting like a child.

You're done with him.

Who is that man?

He's nobody.

Nobody doesn't ooze menace all over our living room.

Oh, my God.

Adele, you need to go. Go down to the florist and see if the hydrangeas are ready for delivery.

We need them by 6 p.m. tonight.


Yes, ma'am.

Thank you, ma'am.

Who is he?

Her father? Husband?

Her former employer.

Oh, a procurer, in our house?

Emma, stop.

What does he want?

Well, why don't I go find out and then I will send him on his way.

Do you want to go with Adele?

No. No, I want this madness to end.

So it will.

We can talk?

I would like our business to continue.

We have no more business.

You took care of that thing we talked about?

Sure, but who's to say there might not be something in the future?


You know, I've had a thought.

Uh, what's it called?

Asking for trouble?

A retainer... to keep me and my services at hand.

A retainer?

15% of your family business monthly.

[laughs] Absolutely not.


You seem to be very fond of Adele.

Be a shame if something happened to her.

Don't threaten me.

I believe I threatened Adele.

My thr*at against you comes after I threaten your sister.

Now, you think about it, and get back to me.


Might be helpful to have you around, but 15% is way too high.

We're not negotiating.



The first payment will be at the end of this month, in full, as a sign of good faith.

Good day, Miss Borden.

florist: I'll check and be right back.

It's Adele, is it?


Thank you.

Hmm, that's beautiful.


Yes, very pretty.

You staying with the Borden sisters, Adele?


Well the only reason why I ask is, uh, a good friend of mine, Spencer Cavanaugh, he had a meeting with Lizzie a couple days ago and, well, he's gone missing.

You know where he is?



The last I saw of Spencer Cavanaugh was on Saturday after our performance in the barn.

After his departure I didn't see him again.

To this day I have not seen him.

That's all I know.

Whoever wrote that must have put in a few punctuation marks, Miss Adele.

I need to go.

Well, hold on a second now.

What happened in the barn?


You said something about a performance.

I need to go.

That's a lot of flowers for the Bordens.

They hosting a funeral?

Spencer gonna be there, Adele?

florist: What's going on?
I'm not saying that.

I'm saying I don't agree with reaching outside of the circle to do business with that particular woman.

You think it's got anything to do with the fact that she knocked you flat on your ass?

You best watch your tongue.

Flowers is the boss. He decides what's what.

You kiss his ass with his pants on, Jimmy?

Or do you pull them down first?

Got a smart mouth on you, don't you?

Maybe a boy should pay attention to what it's got to say.

I do my job, bellies are full, everybody's happy.

Oh, yeah. We're all living the high life.

Barely getting by while Flowers keeps all the cream.

Don't worry about him giving a raise anytime soon.

Not since you got beaten up by a girl.

Well, if you don't like the way he's running things do something about it.

Or you could cut your throats, save him the trouble.

You boys never could see over the next hill.

Lucius, pour that kicked dog a pint.

He's got a vision. The rest of us are just blind.

Skipjack. Skipjack.

Let the house... Let the house get you a beer.


Lizzie: Well, what did this man look like?

He's not from here.

Tall. Over 6 feet.

Dark clothes.

Which way did Adele go?

That way.

And him?

The other way.

Well, thank you.

Can you have the flowers delivered please?


Do you know who this man was?

No, not in the slightest.

Probably a customer.

Can we not discuss this?

You've brought a dangerous element into our lives.

Emma, I'm concerned about Adele right now.

She's out there. She's all alone.

Adele will wander back, I have no doubt.

So, uh, we hear you're having a party.

Is there gonna be cake?

Can we "axe" you for a piece?

What's so funny, boys, huh?

[fabric ripping]

I catch you again, you're in trouble, you hear?

Thank you so much.

They've torn your coat.

Oh, that's... that's all right.

No, that's all right.

Let me fix that for you.

No, it's not necessary.

It is necessary for me to show my appreciation for your efforts.

Mr. Trotwood, give Emma your coat.

Your silhouette will be greatly improved.

Well, my silhouette could use it.

Well, all right.

Are you coming to our party tonight?

We sent you an invitation.

I have to work unfortunately.

But I hope to attend the next one.

If there is a next one.

Emma thinks the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are going to show up and ruin everything.

One ought to do it.

Thank you.

I'll have this done in two hours.

I'll be by to pick it up.

She's a good woman, your sister.

Yes, well, she sees the best in everyone.

[mellow rock music]

♪ The writing's on the wall ♪
♪ The sky's about to fall ♪
♪ The darkest days are here ♪
♪ The end is getting near ♪
♪ And you better run, run, run ♪
♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ Run, run, run ♪
♪ You better run, run, run ♪
♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ You better run, run, run ♪
♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ He's got your soul in his sights ♪
♪ It's a full moon tonight ♪
♪ You won't see the morning light ♪
♪ Nowhere left to hide ♪
♪ Nothing left inside ♪
♪ You pray to stay alive ♪
♪ 'Cause you might not survive ♪

Mr. Cavanaugh, I presume.

♪ When the devil calls your name ♪

Mr. Siringo.

I have something for you.

What is it?

It is a note.

From who?

I couldn't say.

I found it in the mail slot, just now.

♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ You better run, run, run, you better run ♪
♪ You better run, run, run, you better run ♪
♪ You better run, run Adele?

♪ You better run I'm just here to listen.

♪ When the devil calls your name ♪
♪ When the devil calls your name ♪

You disappoint me.

I'm depending on you to do your job, Mr. Siringo.

What's your business with Adele?

Does your sister know that you hired me?

How could she?

Oh, she's pretty damn clever.

She confronted me six days ago.

What happened to Spencer Cavanaugh, Miss Borden?

He went to Boston.

Oh, really?

I demanded the utmost discretion.

How is it possible that you're known to my sister, intimidating her friends, and failing to prove her innocence?

Because I can't.

Well, then I'll hire someone who can.

Where was your sister the night that Almy got k*lled?

William did that.

Hmm, it's a shame we'll never find out.

You watch yourself.

You know what, Miss Borden?

I could easily take your money and give you a report that guarantees your happiness.

I thought you'd be different.

Someone from the outside without preconceptions.

Well, I'm just seeing what's in front of me.

How come you can't?

Vindicate my sister!

I'm starting to think it's not about her.

You're the one that's in trouble.

If Lizzie's the monster that I think she is, then what's it say about the woman that raised her?

I have no use for you.

You're fired.

Leave Fall River and don't return.

Yes, ma'am.

Ah, Mr. Danforth.

I'm gonna brighten your day.

Ah, you're checking out.

I am indeed.

Well, I'm sure the Pinkertons will find something despicable for you soon enough.

Isabel, when you're done there, go clean Mr. Siringo's room, please.

Scrub it good.

Excuse me.

Did I hear you right? Are you with the Pinkertons?

Well, yes, ma'am.

My brother's missing.

Ezekiel: If I could get you to sign here.

I need your help.

I've just been to Boston, where he was supposed to be.

What's your brother's name?

Spencer Cavanaugh.

Isabel, don't trouble yourself.

I'm gonna be staying a little bit longer.

I'll do up your bed for you, Mr. Siringo.

Thank you.

Can I have my brother's key?

Are these your bags?


It's just upstairs.

[If You Know What's Good For You by Elijah Honey]

♪ I'm the devil in disguise ♪
♪ Speaking in tongues and raising fires ♪

Where do you want to pee?

♪ If you know what's good for you ♪
♪ Stay away from me ♪

Just do your business.

♪ Yeah ♪
♪ If you know what's good for you ♪
♪ Stay away from me ♪

Do your business.

Go on.

Do it.

[sighs] I'm cold.

Miss Borden.

[dog yelps]

Hello, Mrs. Kenney.

I hope you're well.

Why wouldn't I be?

My sister Emma and I are having a party later this evening.

I'm aware.

You received our invitation?

I did. I won't be attending.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sorry that my lack of response was ambiguous enough to drag you to my property.

Well, it's really no trouble.

I wanted to make sure that your response was not delayed by the post or some such thing.

Miss Borden, I understand your desire to try and rehabilitate your reputation.

But neither I nor anyone else on your list of invitations has any desire to be your instruments of salvation.

To be clear, you are despised.

The sooner you leave this neighborhood, the better.

So you're definitely not attending.

Come on.


All I know is he didn't come back after his first night here and he left his suitcase.

That woman with the scar told me that he went out With Lizzie the...


You want some?

I'm good. Thank you.

On his second evening here, he sat here with Lizzie, she left, and then he went out.

Alone, right.


And he didn't go to Boston.

What are you looking for?

His problem.

He would never leave without this.


It's my brother's curse.

Where are you going?

Back to Lizzie. She knows something.

I wouldn't do that. You don't want her to think that you're a problem.

What? You think she k*lled my brother?

Where's your proof?

Well, a lot of people have been dying lately, and they're all connected to Lizzie.

She's notorious, but she's not vicious.

Miss O'Keefe, you seem very sweet.

But you have no idea what Lizzie is capable of.

I'd stay out of it.

It's like a beehive in here.

Isn't it wonderful?

What's wrong, Emma?

It's just been a day, that's all.

Adele is upstairs.

She came back?

There's something wrong with that girl.

Can you just make sure they leave room in there for the band?

We have a band coming?

Of course we do.

It's a party, silly.

What did you tell him?


Who is he?

A detective. A Pinkerton.

[panting] Oh.

Did he ask you about Spencer?

What did you tell him?

I didn't say anything.

Don't lie to me.

I'm not, I swear.

I left before he could ask.

Did he follow you home?

Here? [Stammering]

Is he outside watching the house right now?

I don't know. Please.

I'm sorry.

What are we gonna do?

We k*lled someone. We have to go.

This is not a problem.

Please, Miss...

Come on. Come with me.

Let's go.

Miss Borden.

It feels like a mother's embrace.

Stop it.

I'm being serious.

This... This is wonderful.

It's all for the party?

I wish you could come.

As do I.

It'd be good to see you happy.

Enjoying yourself, I mean.

I'm afraid it's gonna be a somewhat tragic affair.

At the moment we have no one attending.

I-I don't understand.

Oh, I think you do.

Who wants to be seen with the Borden sisters?

I have no problem with that.

Well, you're a very brave man.

It's the coat mostly.

It just, uh... Just makes me look tough.

Even tougher now.

Um, I, uh, I should get going.

Of course.

I'll let you get on.

Have a wonderful night.

And give my best to your sister.

Thank you again for the fix.

I truly appreciate it.

It's my pleasure.

What are we doing here?

Taking care of some business.

Hurry up.


Who's there?

Miss O'Keefe, it's Isabel.

I brought you something to eat.

May I ask you a question?

Of course.

What do you think of Lizzie Borden?

You see, Mr. Siringo thinks she might have something to do with the disappearance of my brother.

I wouldn't know anything about that.

You saw them together.

You can leave the tray in the hall.

[rock music]

You know who he works for.


Well, anyway, it's good to earn my 15%.

Haven't earned it yet.

There's still one more matter to discuss.

Another inconvenience to remove?

Sadly, yes.

Skipjack. Skipjack.


How far we taking him?

Here is good.

man: Hey!

[train whistle bl*wing]

Anybody drinking?

No, thank you.

Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you.

You don't worry about her. She knows her way around.

Have a seat. Let's discuss our future.

Miss Lizzie, please don't leave me here.

No, of course not.

Mr. Flowers and I just have some business to discuss.

Be out of here before you know it.

Sure you're not drinking?

No, I've brought my own amusements.

Well, I like a woman who travels prepared.

So, let's talk about our next event.


Who's next?

It's going to cost you more by the way.

I'm expecting that.

Oh. [Laughs]


What's that?

It's my father's old straight razor.

Do you want it?

No, thank you. I have a barber.

This then?


[Holy Ghost Station by The Dustbowl Revival]

♪ I'm going down ♪
♪ Holy ghost station ♪
♪ My baby is going home ♪
♪ And though she been d*ad ♪
♪ Three long years, Lord ♪
♪ I'm so tired ♪

[lively music]

Sweet mother of God.

[faint string music]

Lizzie: Nance?

What is this?

It's all our friends from New York.

I invited them up last minute.

I wanted you to come, and you came.

I'm so happy.

Nance, what's the matter?


Have you found him?


I sent a man to ask you questions.

You did?

A policeman?

Well, I haven't seen him.

But I've been busy.

I want answers, Lizzie.

Nance, I've given you every answer I have.

The last time I saw Spencer was Sunday in the hotel lobby.

I don't know what else I can tell you.

Are you lying?

I have no reason to lie.

Spencer is a good and talented man.

He asked me for help with his art, and I gave it to him.

I'm frightened, Lizzie.

Oh, I know you are.

I know.

But you can trust me.

No matter what other people have told you, I am not a monster.

Now, let's go inside and have some fun.

Put all this darkness behind us.

Just for a little while, okay?


Come on.
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