01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "8MMM Aboriginal Radio". Aired April 2015.
"8MMM" is set in a radio station in the middle of nowhere, whose indigenous crew air the day-to-day preoccupations of the Alice Springs area. The station is run by non-indigenous people (Whitefellas) who fall into one of three categories: Missionaries, Mercenaries or Misfits: the 3Ms.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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Lola, voiceover: Hey, you mob.

This country, it's got a lot of problem, lot of things to work it out, true.

I'm tired for all this fight, fight, fight.

When we gonna stop at this carry-on...

Hey, that's my football.

.. over everything and anything?

Your football team is shit.

Anyway, stick around. We might learn at something.

Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? What's going on?

He's just being an idiot because his team lost.

Piss off, you co*n.

Hey, you can't say that.

You need to apologise.

I don't think so.

You're not leaving here...

You're not leaving, son, until you say sorry, OK?


Say it like you mean it.


Alright. Good, now shake on it.

Jessie: What's going on?

He called me a co*n.

It's OK. We handled it. He apologised, didn't he?

Big deal! That doesn't make it right.

Hey, dickhead!

Oh, here we go.

What makes you think you can tell my kid off?

Are you cracked? He called my son a co*n.

Gin burglar, you shut your woman's mouth or I'm going to shut it for her.

Are you for real?

Go wait in the car while Mummy ragdolls this inbreed.

No-one's ragdolling anyone. (Grunts)


Shit! You OK?

No need, you arsehole!

♪ Aaaahhhhh ♪
♪ Look, I'm here ♪
♪ I'm from the bush ♪
♪ Don't be shy 'cause I'm black ♪
♪ Listen to me ♪
♪ Talking to you From the bush. ♪

(Smooth sultry music)

♪ Hey, baby, do you think I love you? ♪
♪ Well, that ain't true ♪
♪ And do you think I need ya? ♪
♪ Well, that ain't true either ♪
♪ And do you think I want you? ♪
♪ Well, what makes you think...? ♪


(Children laughing, squealing)

Hey, champ.

Jeez, I hope you did something to deserve it.

I still can't believe it. How can people...?

One minute, you're buying fish and chips, the next, people are getting punched in the face.

Not people, just you.

I can't believe this town.

How can people be so r*cist?

Ah, look, it's all good and well for those bloody East-Coasters in their own backyards banging on about living with the blackfella and refu-f*cking-gees...

Here at the coalface, it's a different story.

It's because we're at the coalface that we need to try even harder.

♪ Do you think I want ya? ♪
♪ What makes you think that? ♪
♪ 'Cause you're just a little boy ♪
♪ You think you're all that... ♪

Jake: Don't you agree? Jessie?


What? What?

Nothing. I was just saying we need to try harder, don't you think?

Yeah, and in the meantime, some of us have got some actual work to do.

I think we need to develop a RAP.


A Reconciliation Action Plan.

You know, things 8MMM can do to build relationships and respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Like what? A group hug?

I think we should try anything we can to help bring black and white people closer together.

And I think you and I should work together on it.

(Gasps) I've got a million other things to do.

What could be more important than this?

It won't change anything.

It's like you forcing that little shit to say sorry to Thomas.

It's just lip service.

No, you're wrong, Jessie.

You're wrong. Gestures do matter. Now gather the troops.

I want everyone to meet back here in five minutes.


Meeting room.

What for?

Jake wants to nut out a reconciliation plan.

He's not gonna let that go, is he?


All this reconciliation bullshit's a waste of time.

Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Oh, hello, there's a first.

You and me seeing eye to eye.

f*ck off. That'll never happen.

OK, welcome, everyone.

Now, first of all, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, past and present - the Central Arrernte people.

Thank you, Jakey.

You're not gonna do that every time we meet, are you?

Why? It's just respectful.

If you ask me, we should have been doing it from the very beginning.


8MMM is the proud voice of the Indigenous community, right?

But we can go further.

We can be the pin-up organisation for black and white relations, with 8MMM's very own Reconciliation Action Plan.

If we da pin-up peeps, then why this joint being run by the pinkies and why is Jessie still professional trainee?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, there is nothing wrong with the training here.

Very high professional standard.

If people aren't progressing, well, I dunno, just draw your own conclusions.

We're an Aboriginal organisation. We don't need a reconciliation plan.

Hey, we didn't inv*de your country.


Come on, guys.

This could be the most important thing 8MMM's ever done.

Let's get excited about it, yeah?

Yeah, well, I'm f*cking ecstatic.

Yup, creamin' myself.

Look, look, look, this RAP will be a public declaration of 8MMM's commitment to unity.

(Smooth sultry music)

♪ And you're just a little boy ♪
♪ You think you're so cool... ♪

Right, so a bunch of meaningless words to convince us whities that all has been forgiven, eh?

No, no, I don't mean that, Dave.

I mean something a little more sincere than that.

Well, good luck with that. As if these people are ever gonna forgive.

Who you calling 'these people'?

Jessie, can I have a word with you for a sec? Jessie?

OK, what is it about reconciliation that makes you so angry?

What can I do to get you on side?

You can pay that little shit and his redneck father a visit.

What for?

Smack him in the mouth.

He'll still be a r*cist.

Yeah, but he'll be a r*cist with a busted-up mouth.

Jake, he punched you in the face.

Don't you want to make him pay, even a little bit?

Yeah, of course I did, but what's the point in holding a grudge?

That's what reconciliation is about.

OK? It's about putting aside our differences.

♪ And you're just a little boy... ♪

Fine, go save some more souls.

Just don't be surprised if they don't want saving.

Uh... where are...?

OK. Alright, so, who wants to volunteer for the working group?

I'll help you, Jakey.

Thank you, Lola.

And I'm always happy to do more for white and black relations.

Haven't you done enough?

Ladies, ladies, be nice, alright?

Jampajinpa, I can count on you, yeah?

What?! You said volunteer.

Yep, and I volunteered you.

Christ, this is a complete waste of my time.

Dave, sit down.



OK, for those of you who don't want to be part of the working group, you can go and attend cultural awareness training.


Means you.

(Milly laughs)

Well, why am I being singled out?

Radio announcer: 8MMM FM.

Hey, guys. Ohh.

Gimme $5.

Uh, sorry, I just spent my last dollar.

Come on, mo pukka, gimme a dollar.

Hey, your language is beautiful. Why don't you use it?

What do you know, pura?

Well, I know you're swearing at me.

Get outta here, you little black bastards!

I'll ring the cops.

No, no, no, that's the last thing they need.

They're just suffering the last vestiges of a long history of brutal colonial oppression that them and their families have been dealing with for generations.

We should be begging them for forgiveness.

Welcome, everyone. First RAP workgroup meeting.

Um, OK, first of all, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, past and present on which we meet - the Central Arrernte people.

You been already say that this morning, Jakey.

You sound like a broken record.

(Imitates record scratching)

OK, first point of business, I think we need a big public ceremony to launch our RAP.

You know, something culturally significant and poignant.

So, Lola, what's the Arrernte ceremony for reconciliation?

What? Like that sorry one?

No, that's for the Stolen Generation.

It needs to be a ceremony for bringing people together.

Might be love magic good for that one.

Love magic. That could work.

Yeah, we're not a dating site.

You know, we need a ceremony for reconciliation, not matchmaking.

You know, to unite us all, black and white...

(Stifles laughter)

I got no ceremony for that one. (Chuckles)

OK, maybe we'll just TBC that, but if you could have a word to some elders...

I could do some research.

OK, but maybe we'll let Lola...

If you can have a word with some elders first and see if there's anything they can think of to, you know, create sort of a sense of togetherness.

Biggest mob kangaroo tail?

Kangaroo tail. That's good.

Barbecue, yes, barbecue.

Some traditional food.

Like a barbecue that's, like, white fella meets blackfella,

'cause a barbecue's very white Australian, but then on the barbecue we could have...


.. Indigenous food.


Yeah, yeah... (Chuckles)


Hey, bra, who's da hot little chica hanging around?

Ah, that's Koala.



Just feeling the beats.

This album is the b*mb.

You better shake this man's hand now,

'cause he's gonna be too famous later.

I like your headscarf.


Milly: No, it'll be good for him. You know, feel a bit Aboriginal.

You know, get a bit of culture. All that kind of stuff.

Milly, you have followed up on that venue booking, haven't you?

And how's the list coming along?

Hang on.

Milly, the list?


Of dignitaries and VIPs for the RAP launch?

Call you back.

Have you...?

I've been working on that.

OK. Good.

Have you, really?

Because this...

'Sissy, Ray Ray, Momma J, that party girl from Jucy's.'

Can you maybe invite some actual dignitaries and VIPs and not just your friends?

Morning, Dave. Better not be late for that cultural awareness course.

You can't be f*cking serious?


Who's Coco?

Jampajinpa, over radio: Yo, players, my main man B Boy Budda Boy is in the house bestowing us with his brutal beats.

Stay tuned for 8MMM's new rap to drop.

(Dials phone)

Yeah, turn the radio on, your man's on.

Do you want to buy the CD?


Uh, hey, guys.

'Sup, boss man?

Please don't call me that.

Alright, player, what can I do you for?

I was just wondering what's going on.

Oh, Budda Boy in the house 'bout to drop some brutal beats - he wrote a rap for our RAP.

Yeah, check this out.

(Raps) ♪ Budda Boy and 8MMM You're up in this bitch ♪
♪ Jake is the man in charge But no-one gives a shit ♪
♪ I got a dog named Boofy and a cat with no name ♪
♪ But that don't really matter 'cause it's all about change ♪
♪ All my black and white brothers, sisters, time to unite ♪
♪ Let's reconciliate over some toast and Vegemite ♪
♪ And it's all about the Aboriginal protocol ♪
♪ So need some culture aware training just give me a call ♪
♪ When I talk about rap, I'll talk about the Reconciliation Action Plan ♪
♪ So let's support 8MMM 'cause Budda Boy is the man. ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah! What?! Budda Boy.

You brought a rapper in to rap about our RAP - that's up there for thinking outside the box.

Yeah, brother. Too deadly.

But it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, Jampajinpa.

I was thinking we should focus more on traditional music, you know, to raise cultural awareness.

Peeps don't want to listen to culture.

They live it 24/7.

Sure, even so, I just think, if we're serious about our RAP, then we need to focus on traditional music, OK?

Starting now.

No offence, 'Buddah Boy'.

It's Budda Boy.

Budda Boy, Budda Boy. And hip rhymes, by the way.

Smokin'. Smokin'.

About time to get my roll on. I'll catch ya later, Jampajinpa.

Yeah, catch ya.

Budda Boy on the bounce.


Hi, Lola.

Can you sing someone for me?

I've got something that belongs to them.

Why you reckon I can sing it love magic for someone?

'Cause I know you. Aunty Ethel told me.

That Ethel got no shame.

No good, that one.

You can't muck around for love magic.

But I just want someone to love me... and my skinny white arse.

You can't force it 'nother person for love you.

They gotta have feelings for you first place.

If you force them, they gonna go another way.

You'll be little, sorry, skinny, bony, white arse.

Lola, have you come up with any inspiring ideas for the RAP launch?

Why everyone reckon I gotta know about every ceremony for everything?

I'm not the only blackfella for this town, you know!

Lola's got other priorities right now, Jake. Can I help?

OK, well, yeah, can you do some research and see what you can find out?

We haven't got long - the invitations are going out. OK?

I'm on it. Yep.

Thank you.


Just the arsehole I wanted to see.

Piss off, you crazy bitch!

Oh, didn't think your big red neck could dodge me for that long, did ya?

Hmm? Friggin' hero!

I'm not gonna fight a woman.

That'd be right, you gutless wonder.

Piss off, you half-breed bitch!

Hey, better than being an inbreed.

What the...?

Father of the f*cking year award right there.

Nasty one.


Someone should teach him lesson.

Maybe you could help me.

Yeah, old fella like you can sing a nasty bloke like that, make him get the runs or something, eh?


You could do that to him for me?

You got smoke?

I don't smoke.

I won't sing.

Hey, how much for your kangaroo?

(Flies buzz)

How are you going?

Can you believe I'm being forced to sit through two days of this shit?

Surely there's not that much to know.

You're Dave?


Jake asked me to save you a special spot up front.


So you don't miss anything.


Welcome, everybody. I'm Napanangka.

Whether you want to be here or not, I am your ACT today -

Aboriginal Cultural Teacher.

You don't look Aboriginal.

That's because I'm white.

My husband is Aboriginal.

Right, so Aboriginal culture is sexually transmitted, then, eh?



Come on, youse were all thinking it!

(Chuckles) You were.

Yeah. I know it's unfair.

♪ TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS MUSIC They should play more Alyawarre music.

Yes, I'll tell them.

Hey, Milly, have you been able to confirm that venue...?

(Phone rings)

Ohhh! 8MMM.

Yep. Yes, I'll tell them.

Thank you for your complaint.

Complaints? What complaints?

(Phone rings)

(Ringing stops)


Jampajinpa, the idiot, is playing Inma 24/7 and everyone's complaining that he's playing too much Pitjantjatjara and not enough Anmatyerre, too much Walpiri and not enough Arrernte songs...

It's my fault. I'll speak to him. I told him to play it, OK?

You still don't know anything about blackfellas, do you?


Hi. I'm so glad I caught you awake.

Do you have a song for bringing people back together, you know, when things are broken one?

Oh, maybe a healing song?



Oh, you're gonna sound so good. It'll be fantastic.

But I didn't say I'm going to sing it.

Come on, you'd be doing me the biggest favour.

Please, Aunty Lena, please?

I could pay you.

Jampajinpa, on radio: Come down and help us unite black and white at 8MMM's Reconciliation Action Plan launch.

I'm going to start by droppin' some smooth beats to my lovely home girl.


Hey, he's talking larrikin way for you.

Oh, no, not Jampajinpa.

Lola, what have you done?

Jampajinpa's acting all jingly for me.

I been tell you, love magic make 'em people show they got feelings for you.

Yeah, well, I didn't want Jampajinpa. I wanted Budda Boy. It was his CD.

You now want to muck around for love magic.

Well, now you've gotta un-sing Jampajinpa!

I'm sorry.

Thank you so much for coming in.

You will be singing. Some people will be un-singing.

Lola, Koala's found a healing song.

It's the perfect centrepiece for our RAP launch. Koala, I could kiss you.

OK, Koala.

Oh, OK, um, OK.


What, now?

Um, yeah, if that's OK.

(Hums softly)

Jampajinpa: 'Sup, Koala?

Feel free to keep...



Koala... what...?

Oh, yep. I'll fix.

Hey, come back.

Well, that went well!

Why did she leave? Lola?

Where are you going?

Can you pay me now?

That's all?

Well, you didn't sing for very long.

My son-in-law's in there. Can't be in the same room.

Poison relationship.

Budda Boy's your son-in-law?

So he's married?

To my daughter girl.

He's very handsome. She's a lucky girl.

She's jealous one, you know?

If she catches you talking to him, she'll flog you.

Napanangka: After the discussion on Aboriginal tribal law, we'll move onto sign languages.

Look, we've been here for hours.

I've drunk more tea than my bladder can handle.

Any chance we can move the next topic to the pub?

No, we can't.


Indigenous cultural law can redress wrongs and restore social harmony.

It is sometimes called payback.

Or anarchy.

Payback has strict limits and rules.

It's supervised and controlled.

Those who break the traditional laws are punished.

Like being forced to attend cultural training, eh?


No. Like being speared in the leg.

Actually I think I'd prefer that.


72 RSVPs for the launch so far.

They're the real deal.

Your friends?

Right, I invited a couple of my friends.

She's not coming back.



We're gonna be a laughing-stock.

'Told ya.

RAP plan! What was I thinking?!

(Dave laughs)

Everybody, we gotta help it Jakey.



You've been nasty for Jake all week. What he done for you?

I tried to tell him it was a shit idea.

Dave: Yeah.

And what are we gonna do in three days? We've got nothing.

Don't you start. We got lights, a stage, VIPs.

Got a venue?


I gotta organise everything? I'm just the receptionist!

Why am I always being punished? I'm not your black sl*ve!

Oh. Oh! Oh! (Laughs)

What you laughing for?

I reckon I've got the perfect idea for a ceremony for the RAP launch.


Oh, my Lord.

(Siren blares)

Hey, if he's serious about this RAP crap, he should cop one in the thigh.

Be more authentic.

I couldn't be more serious about reconciliation, OK?

If I could take a spear, I would.

Lucky they made payback illegal, otherwise I'd take you up on that.

It's still a beautiful gesture.

(I'm with you, Jake.)

OK, thanks. Thanks, Koala.

Jampajinpa: Hey, you got this, boss man. You right, you right.

Alright, cue the stupid white fella.

He knows this is an act, doesn't he?

Don't be a wuss. He's just working the crowd.

But he knows to go behind the leg and not in...

You'll be right.


Hey, everyone. Hi.


Hey, Jakey, da sack!

Are'nthe, Ate'nthe', Are'nthe, lheprhel Ate'nthe', lheprhel Ate'nthe.

Jake: Ohhh! (Groans)

Dave: Oopsie-daisy.

Oh, he got me!

(All exclaim)

Lola: Oh, my Jakey! Jakey!

Koala: Jake, Jake, Jake!

Jessie: Move, move, move, move, move!

I been tell you do it gammon way!

Hey, he moved!

Somebody get something for the blood.

(Laughs) Yeah, righto.


Come on. Where's a bandage?

Didn't exactly go according to plan, did it?

What? No-one can question his commitment now.

See? Be careful what you wish for.

Milly: Wrap him up.

Pass it here.

Koala: Need some reiki?

How bad is it?

It's not pretty.

Oh, that's not good.

That's not good at all. (Groans)

(Women sing in Indigenous language)


(Cheering and applause)

Thank you, Aunties.

You're OK.

(Jake groans)



You right, Jakey? You right?

I'm OK, Lola. Maybe just... can you call an ambulance for me?

Thanks. (Groans)


Jake, you just took a spear.

So, have I wiped the slate clean for everything white fellas ever did to blackfellas?

Don't get too carried away.


Lola, voiceover: Like I been say, him big job to make blackfella and white fella friend.

(Cheering, applause)

Reconciliation... that not assimilation.

We always gonna have our own way.

No good that eye for eye.

We gotta see it eye to eye.

You been listening to 8MMM FM.

Aboriginal radio in Aboriginal country.

Jampajinpa: Ah! Some shit never changes.
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