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01x06 - Part 6

Posted: 08/31/15 15:01
by bunniefuu
Zaleski: ...which for Yonkers has been a long time coming.

( applause )

And so, for all of us, this special day is a validation of the city's future.

( applause )

We're here today to celebrate a new beginning, a new life of a different sort.

This one for five residents of public housing, who'll be the first to move into the new townhouses.

If those five residents would please come forward, I would like, as the mayor of Yonkers,
to present you each with a symbolic key to your new townhouse.

Woman: All right!

Woman: Thank you.

Woman #2: Ooh. Ooh, look at this!

Thank you, sir.

( laughing )

Man: Whoo!

Yes, sir.

Mary. Hey! Wh-where you been?

Oh, hey, Jack.

Everything good? Nice to see you.

We're making real progress knocking down the affordable housing part of the court order.

We-- we just need to keep the pressure on.


And the compromise plan the council approved fell apart the day before they were going to give it to Sand.

Mary, we can stop the next 800 units.

( chuckling ) Jack, the thing is affordable housing is for people who can afford to rent.

So it's not the same thing.

It's the same.

It drops down property values, it brings in the bad element.

It's just I don't agree with you, okay?

They said you went to the other side.

I didn't believe them.

You working with the housing people now, right?

They tried the same program in Greenburgh and it worked, Jack.

Bullshit! You really think it could make a difference?

Yes, I do.

These people live like animals...


...and you're sitting around singing "Kumbaya," please don't put trash on my street.

Good luck with that, Mary.

Jack, do you hear yourself?

And tonight you'll hear not only from me but representatives of the police department, the sanitation department, the Housing Authority Maintenance Office.

Cheapest bid for moving costs came in at 700.

And HUD isn't willing to pay for that, so how many of you can afford $350?

Half the cost?

( woman coughs )

And if you had six months to pay for that?

That would help?


Security deposits may not be used to pay rent or other charges while tenants are occupying the dwelling units.

A show of hands for those of you who could afford a washer-dryer stack unit at $500.

If there is illegal activity within any of the units, you can expect a zero-tolerance approach to anything that comes to our attention.

In which case, a tenant found to be involved in illegal activity will be evicted.

How many of you have lawn mowers?

Any drug involvement by any member of your family will result in immediate expulsion.

And with more trash that can fit inside the in-ground receptacle, it should be double-bagged and sealed like this.

Any questions?

And you will, at times, encounter members of a neighborhood watch group who will be patrolling the area.

And-- yes, ma'am?

Will the white folks have to learn how to be good neighbors as well?

Excuse me?

Woman: Yeah, what you mean, "neighborhood watch group"?

Who are they watching, me?

Yeah. And are those people attending a course so they can learn how to accept us?

Like we're taking this course to learn how to accept them?


Woman #2: Right.

You started out thinking you wanted to make a move, to live somewhere better, but is that still what you want?

Do you still want to move into these new homes in this new neighborhood, given what you've heard, what you've seen, and what we've gone over?

Everything has a cost.

Every choice means responsibility.

And it will be different.

Different isn't always better.

But it does mean "different."

So... let me ask you...

did you come here to make your life and the lives of your family different?

You didn't.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, man, I'm a hardheaded Polack.

You don't play ball with me, I shove the bat up your ass.

Are you f*cking crazy, Nick?

You know what?

Maybe Zakian wasn't so bad on the Parking Authority.

Maybe I made a mistake corralling votes to replace him.

A guy can learn, can't he?

Restiano: Yeah, I get it.

You want to frost Zaleski's b*lls, but, Nick, you already publicly supported replacing Zakian with Bob Jean.

For you to flip now--

Look, Vinni, I'm the minority leader on the council, and I'm just opening up the lines of communication with my mayor.

Don't look at me, Vin.

I'm a simpleminded Republican without a dog anywhere near this fight.

But I would like to be a fly on the wall when Zaleski gets the news.

( music playing on radio )

Man: Still on the truck.

Man #2: Jose.

Man #3: Yes, sir.

Man #4: It ain't there.

Man #5: No, the other box.

Woman: Where's this go?

I think she wants that 'round back.

Man: This is heavier than I thought.

Woman: Screwdriver.

Man: It's in the truck.

Woman: Go get it.

Man: All right, ma'am.

Thank you.

( chatter continues )


Man: This going inside?

You gonna help me?


You gonna help me?

( distant woman shouts )

Thank you, Johnny.

Yeah, you hold that. Right?

Good Lord, the junk you have.

Daddy says he's giving you the couch in the basement.

He says not to argue.

Have you seen Jaron?



( imitating jet engine )

I-- in my room, I have this window, and it looks out into, what, like four, five trees--

Mom, come see the bedrooms.

Yeah, do you want to go see them?

Yeah, we should get going. Felipe.

But you don't need to leave yet...

Roberto, come. Time to go.



( distant children playing )

Bye, mi chiquito.

Bye. Love you.

It's a really beautiful house.

Gracias, Carmen.

Thank you, Tia.


Yeah, 157.

You know what we forgot?



Oh, we'll never hear the end of it.

You'll never hear the end of it.

Go home, n*gg*r*s!

Yeah, you, you g*dd*mn porch monkeys!

Damn it!

Go ahead.

The bottom shelf?


Dwayne: Hey, Mama.

Norma: Dwayne, is that you?

And Libby.

We brought you and Tash some groceries.


How you making out?

I don't know.

It's gonna take some getting used to.


It's beautiful, Norma. Just beautiful.

Tasha: What y'all get us?

Dwayne: Oh, uh, uh...

Tasha: Nillas?

Dwayne: Bam!

Norma: Okay.

Oh, I can make myself banana pudding.

( birds chirping )

( distant train horn blaring )

Nick, did you see this?

You're quoted here saying that I told you Bob Jean's mismanaging the YPA.

Yeah. "Herald Statesman," right?

I never f*cking said that.

Yeah, I'm just having a little fun.

I'm bringing back John Zakian to the Parking Authority.

I'm gonna replace Bob Jean.

At my expense?

It's okay. I got the votes.

I talked to Nick Spano, and he's gonna get his guy to go for it, so that makes three.

Nick, when you got rid of Zakian, he was my boss, but the mayor had your back.


So, now you're gonna go against the mayor to try and f*re my new boss?

Yeah. You're gonna be fine.

I got the votes. I'm telling you, trust me.

What is it that you're trying to accomplish with this?

I'm just letting him know.

Know what?

That you have some votes at the YPA?

That I'm still here, God damn it!

I gave him everything he has.

I gave him-- I pushed the housing through, I gave him the strong-mayor charter, the patronage, the power.

I stepped aside to let him be mayor.

I did all that, and I paid for it, and I bled for it.

I'm not gonna be ignored.

If Zaleski doesn't wanna give me my due, that's fine.

I'm just gonna make him look like the jackass that he is.


Just trust me.

( scoffs, bangs )

( crickets chirping )

( cooing )

( car engine starts )

Where's Tasha?

I think she went to bed a while ago.

Dwayne: Yeah, you sure got a lot of stuff here, Ma.

Norma: Mm-hmm.

The moving man did a job today, didn't he?

Dwayne, honey, I don't think I can keep my eyes open much longer.

I don't think they're coming back.


Who not coming back?

Dwayne: No one, Ma.

( rustling, dishes clacking )

When we were parking the car out front, a couple of guys drove past.

Some words were said.

What'd they say?

What did they say?

( sighs ) Oh.

Libby's right, Mama.

They're gone.

Well, of course they gone.

Y'all need to be gone, too.

Come on, go on. I'm fine.

All right.

( chuckles )

Good night.

Good night, baby.

( door closes )

Man on TV: I'll take Danny McGuire here.

( car engine starts ) - He knows the ropes. Don't you, Danny?

Danny: Sure, I've had 'em around my neck for years.

Woman: What?

Man: Oh, Miss Blodgett.

Danny McGuire, our new tenant.

( soft clatter )

( distant clatter )

( soft clack )

( soft clack )

( soft clatter )

Woman on TV: Oh, could you possibly use me a picture, Mr. McGuire?

Of course, I haven't had much experience, but...

( object scrapes )

Boy, get up. Time to go.

We're going to Grandma's. Okay, that's it, that's it.


( coos )


Come on. Come on.

Little John: Huh?

( baby coughs )

Zaleski: I'm gonna be here three more years, and you have to run for reelection next year.

And I promise you-- this Parking Authority stunt goes forward, we will primary you against someone who can bury you.

Bring it.

Nick, please, don't pick this fight.

You barely got by last year, and that was before redistricting.

Terry, don't throw numbers at me, all right?

I can run citywide, and Jim knows it.

And if it wasn't for Martinelli splitting the votes last year,

Pete Chema would be sitting in that seat, not you.

What'd you win with, a kick-ass 36%?

( laughs ) Shit.

You want Bob Jean off the Parking Authority?


But there is no way in hell that we can put John Zakian back in there.

Name a replacement we can live with, and you got him.

I don't know, Terry.

I've really come to like John Zakian.


You messin' with my head, girl.

Damn, we got the stairs, too, baby?

( John chuckles )

( music blaring on radio )

Hey! No, no!

( grunts ) Oh!

Rosa: Hey!

Hey, come back here, you f*ck!

Man: Hey, yo!

( crying )

Two guys, black, 20 or 25 years.

Do you remember what they were wearing?

Any distinguishing marks?

It happened too fast.

They were waiting for me as I turned the corner.

I-- I had just cashed my paycheck at Getty Square, did some shopping, and then I walked up here to visit my aunt.

How much cash did you have?

$300 in an envelope in my purse.

You're just lucky nothing worse happened to you.

Rosa: I know.

I found this in a dumpster. Yours?

Anything else? My packages?

Nah, nothing like that. Sorry.

Is this your place of residence, miss?

No. I'm in the townhouses now.

I don't live here anymore.

( lock clicks )

( door opens )


I just heard.

You happy now, Nick?

Now that I have no job?

I'm gonna fix this.

I'm gonna fix this, okay?

I will.


Bob Jean is telling everyone he fired me because I'm incompetent.

Jesus, Nick.

How am I gonna get another job with that reputation?

I thought I had the votes.

I thought I f*cking had those votes.

Nick Spano thought so, too.

He feels really bad about it, you getting fired.

Right. Well, f*ck it, you know?

How could you play politics with our lives?

I'm so sorry.


I am.

Okay, if there's nothing else.

Oh, I-- I got something else.

Someone needs to teach our neighbors some manners.

Yeah, they all sit there on their steps across the street and stare at us.

( others agree )

All the time, staring.



You think I'm kidding?

( murmurs )

Woman: And sometimes I have to go in my house and pull the shades down just to get away from them.

If-- if I were you, I'd just go about my business.

If you see them, say hello.

Yeah, if they don't say hello back, then fine, but at least no one can accuse you of not being polite.

And that's what we've been doing.

And what about the dogs?

Women: Yeah. Ooh.

What dogs?


Look, they walk them over...


...and the dogs do their business on our lawns.

One woman with, like, three white poodles and a man with a Rottweiler.

( women agree )

Doreen: They're the worst with it.

Okay, so I guess we tell the neighborhood to curb their dogs.


So, the next item is to elect officers of the tenants' association.

Any volunteers?

You can't begin to govern yourselves without officers.

Doreen, it's my understanding you had experience before this on a tenants' council.

Sorry, I don't think I'm interested.

Woman: Don't look at me.

So, I spoke to Nick Spano, and no surprise, he wants Joan Deierlein as city clerk.

Now, Spencer's on board.

He's gonna sponsor the resolution.


Now, Madeline, she's retiring November 2, and Kathleen Walsh is gonna step up to first deputy clerk, which leaves a vacancy at second deputy, and a Democrat needs to fill that.


And everybody was kinda thinking that Nay could have that spot.

Are the Republicans on board with that?

Yeah, well, Spencer and f*g are.

I'm not sure about Dickerson or Sal.


Spano's behind Nay's appointment, because he feels bad about that switched YPA vote.

You know I had a limousine waiting to take him to make the vote, and he still switched, that f*ck.

Yeah, it's not like the old days when a bought guy stayed bought.

Yeah, well, it really put me in the doghouse, that's for sure.

I warned you about that, Nick.

I know, and I'm making it right now.



I owe it to Nay.

So, listen...

John, he's gonna sponsor it as majority leader.

But it'd be really great to get a bipartisan show of support.

Now, ordinarily, the minority leader would cosponsor, but, Christ, I can't put my name on something that gives my wife a job working for the council, so I'm gonna abstain from the vote.

But, Vinni, would you sponsor with Spencer?

( exhales )




( glasses clink )

I really appreciate that.

( music playing faintly )

( doorbell rings )

Thomas Downer, parole agent for John Mateo Santos.

( Downer sighs )

( grunts )

( Little John babbling )

The boy favors you.

( babbling continues )

John Billie. And this Shanda.

John, your mother resides at 321 Bruce Avenue?

You told the prison caseworker you were going to live with her.

I was, but that was a mistake.

This the right address now.

This one.

Miss Rowan, this is your apartment?


Well, here are the rules-- I will come by the house.

I might come early, I might come late.

I need to check that John lives here, that there are no dr*gs, alcohol, or illegal activity of any sort.

Do you agree to allow me into your house?

Do you agree to have Mr. Santos staying with you?

Okay. Be good.

Little John: Okay, Mommy.

( door opens, closes )

So, if they could stop tossing their litter on this side of the street, it would help.

Another concern is the neighborhood residents walk their dogs, and they've been letting them go on the townhouse lawns.

And maybe they're used to it being an empty lot, but, specifically, there's a lady with three poodles...

Yes, and-- and a man with a big ol' Rottweiler.


There's the poodle lady now.

Where, Mama?

Lieutenant Gelman, why don't you go have a word?


Mary: Oh.

Gelman: Excuse me.

( dogs bark )

Mary: Uh, another complaint, Captain Reid, is the staring.

We can't do anything about people looking at other people, so maybe the police can't really help us with this, but the silent stares from the neighborhood residents... uh, in the absence of any friendly interactions have become unnerving, especially for the kids.

I can see there would be.

But you're right that there isn't much in my authority to deal with that.

( door opens )

Won't happen again.


( women laugh )

Uh, I think that's-- that's it.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

You're welcome.


If you bought a box, we wouldn't have to make the drive so often.

Yeah, but I like the drive.

I like seeing Yonkers at night.

I know.

Anyway, the clerk's job is a done deal, so at least I cleaned up after myself.

That's all I was saying.

Yeah, you made the mess.

Yeah, I know.

All right, what about you?

I'm sure that Zaleski and Surdoval are gonna redistrict you now.

Yeah, they already have.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, if I read the ward maps right, they're gonna put me in a district that's 60% Hispanic.

My people.

Yeah, I'll teach you to say "vote early and often" in Spanish.

No, Fuentes is gonna run.

So I'm behind the eight ball.

I don't know that I can hang on the way they've gerrymandered me.

f*cking Zaleski.

( engine starts )

( radio playing )

♪ walked from the mountain ♪
♪ to the valley floor... ♪

( tires screech )

( honks )

Man: Where you walkin'?

( music continues on radio )

♪ searching for my beautiful... ♪

( car turns off )

Good evening, miss. You all right?

You sure this is a good idea?

Yeah. Yeah, it's fine.

Come on. We're here already.

I'll wait here.


All right, all right.

( sighs )

( video game music playing )

Can't sleep?


I'm pregnant, John... again.

It worked.

What worked?

I made pinholes in the rubber.

You did what?

( video game pauses )

( sighs )

Seemed like the love you felt for me wasn't there no more.

'Cause you always say, "I never wanted these kids."

I guess I wanted to know if it was true.

( softly ) How the f*ck...?

I can't.

I can't do this anymore.


You gonna have an abortion?

You gonna k*ll something we made?

( video game continues )

( door closes )

( doorbell rings )

Hi, good evening. I'm Councilman Nick Wasicsko.

I was mayor when the housing was approved, and, uh, I just wanted to check in, find out how things were going.

You from housing, at this hour?

No, no, no. I'm not from housing.

I'm-- I was, uh...

( dog barking )

Not from housing. I was the f*cking mayor.

Mayor? Are you sure?

I thought the mayor was something with a "Z," a "Zoo-ski" or something.

Uh, that's the current mayor.

I was the mayor at the time that this housing was approved.

Nah, I don't know anything about that.

You got the wrong unit.

( doorbell rings )

( sighs )

He-- hello, ma'am. I'm so sorry to bother you.

Uh, my name is Nick Wasicsko.

I was the mayor when these houses were approved, and I just-- I was in the neighborhood, and I just wanted to see how the residents were doing here.

What'd you say your name was?


Nick Wasicsko.

Yes. I remember you.

From the news.

Yes, ma'am.

You the man they spit on.

Yeah, I remember you for sure.

( chuckles )

Yes, well, uh... are you happy with the house?

I'd like to think it was worth it.

I could ask you the same thing.

Yes, well... you take care.

You have a nice night.

Good night.

Mayhawk: So, I want to thank you all for a job well done, for all your hard work in making the housing initiative a success.

This will conclude our efforts.

Wait. Wait a minute.

You mean it's over?

Just like that?

The job is done.

You mean the funding ran out.

I mean, our job is done.

There are still problems with those units with the neighborhood.

The worst hasn't happened, Mary, and the best will depend on them.

Their future is theirs.

We can't hold their hands forever.

Sorry, but we can't just drop them, either.

We-- we can't-- ( scoffs )

Well, I'm not gonna leave them.

I mean, I'm just gonna go back to the townhouses and the meetings, and I'll help them in any way I can, if they ask me.

Mrs. Dorman... you're a good neighbor.

I want to thank you all again.

( chatter )

Lucille's not coming back.

Mayhawk told them the program's over.


Doreen: She and Mary Dorman asked me to run the Trenchard-Gaffney meeting until you all have an election.

Oh, man.

All right?
( music playing )

Now, first is this thing about our kids not going on the bus trip to Playland.

Housing says it's only for West Side children.

Uh-uh, wait a minute.

We part of municipal housing, too.

I know, but that's their rule.

So, instead, I think we should have a party for our own kids here.

Okay? An end-of-school party before summer gets too hot.

Look, if we're gonna do this, it has to be about more than repairing leaky faucets and storing lawn mowers.

I'm talking about really getting together, okay?

Doing things the way neighbors are supposed to.

Woman: She's right.

Maybe we should do this.

We should.

Okay. So, for an end-of-school party, we should have a list of what everybody's going to bring.

Yeah, and don't everybody bring hot dogs.

All right, fair enough.

And we'll have it right out here, even though housing don't want the children running around.

We don't care what housing wants. Don't worry about it.

Now, about the Con Ed bills...

Restiano: Yeah?



Ah-- no, no, no.

You cracked it last time, and then we talked business and I felt bad about breaking our rule.

Business-- ew.

Oh, yeah, yeah, the worst kind. Politics.


( chuckles )

So, listen, I, um-- I can't run again in the Second.

Sí, señor.

( chuckles ) Right.

Yeah, they fixed me good, didn't they?

And, um... well, I've been thinking.


I'm gonna run for City Court judge.

What the hell, you know, I'm qualified, I've got a law degree, and, uh, well, I just--

I need you to carry my petitions for me, Vinni.

Christ, Nick.

I already promised my support to Joan Pincus.

Joan Pincus?


Okay. Joan Pincus, huh?

What is she to you?

Well, I-- look, I feel like shit right now, but how was I to know you were going to throw in for city judge?

You know, I-- I already gave Joan my word.

I'm not gonna go back on that now.

I'm sorry.

Hey, uh...

( sighs )

All right, Vinni.

( door opens )

( imitating engine )

( dogs whining, barking )

Poodle Lady!

( dogs barking )

Poodle Lady.

Bye, Poodle Lady.

Bye, poodles.

Tasha: Come on, Ma.

You need to save that money you done worked so hard for.

It's my money.

Now, I wanna take my mama out to lunch, okay?

What you got a taste for?

You know I always liked the Sizzler.

Oh, Ma, I do not want to take the bus all the way back downtown.

We here now, right? How about the Clam House?

The Clam House?


I-- I never been there.

Come on.


It won't hurt none.

( groans )

( birds chirping )

( knocks )

Zaleski: Come in.

He's here.

Send him in.


Nick, have a seat.

Come on.

( chatter )

( music playing )

I'll be right with you.

Mr. Zorzi.

( men chattering, laughing )

( whispers ) Is they all white people in here?

Uh... yeah.


Uh... I think we won't be staying.


You sure?

No, we'll just order to go, please.

Thank you.

Nick: Hey.


When are you gonna get to the kitchen cabinets?

They've been in boxes for a month now already.

Yeah, yeah. It's on my list.

Yeah, okay--

Um, listen, I'm gonna--

I'm gonna primary Vinni.

Zaleski's gonna back me.

He's gonna put me on the ticket and throw me enough cash to mount the campaign, so...


You know, I can't--

I can't run in my own district, and I can't sit this one out if I want to run for mayor next time.


So I don't really got another choice.

So you go with Terry Zaleski, and you turn against your friend?

You know what?

I'm gonna volunteer for Vinni.

That's right.

I'm for Vinni Restiano for council president.

This is bullshit.

( man shouts )

( siren wailing )

Police! Freeze!


Oh! No!

Officer: Get off!

Man: That's the guy.

That's him!

Get on the ground!

She's on the third floor, bleeding bad!

I didn't hurt nobody!

Keep your mouth shut!

( grunts ) Shut up!

Is his name on the lease?

Oh, no, not on the lease.

Well, where is he living, then?

( footsteps approach )

And why would he give this address?

( police radio chatter )

( chatter )

( door opens, closes )


Hey, Vinni.

What a f*cking coward you turned out to be, huh?

Hey, come on. - You couldn't come in and tell me in person?

You couldn't pick up the phone and give me a call yourself, huh?

It's not personal. You know that. It's politics.

Oh, please! You and I both know that lie, remember?

I don't have any other options here.

Me, neither, Nick.

But don't think this is gonna be easy for you.

I got a little Yonkers in me, too.

Vinni, come here, have a drink with me.

No, you don't--

I gotta know-- do you even believe in anything, anything other than yourself?


I'm sorry.

f*ck you!

( ice clatters )

( door opens, closes )

The reason I'm running is because of Mrs. Restiano's growing inability to work with Mayor Zaleski.

And, frankly, I'm disillusioned.

I have worked with the Republican majority on the council to produce unanimous votes 92% of the time.

Mrs. Restiano works only too well with the Republican majority as an enemy of our Democratic mayor.

In fact, Nick and I have voted the same way 98% of the time, that is, until he decided to run against me.

( applause )

Get over it, Nick. People are on to you.

The girl got her hearing notice threatening eviction.

City housing already trying to throw her and her kids out of doors.

Well, if she lied on her lease...

We all lied.

It's a game they rig up.

If we have a man and he's kicking in a little money for his kids, we gotta lie so the rent doesn't go up or so we don't get put out if ever he did anything wrong once upon a time.

Yeah, but--

She didn't cause the trouble, and her kids didn't, and the trouble didn't happen anywhere near her home.

But the whole housing program's under f*re right now, Doreen, so they're gonna make an example out of her.

But he's the assh*le for using her address.

But you know what? She shouldn't have let him stay there if his name's not on the lease.

I'm sorry, the stakes are too high.

But he's her man.

He fathered those kids.

Look, people get busted, they use the men's shelter as their address.

There's a whole lot of men in public housing, but not on the lease.


And not just men, either.

I mean, my sister Gail lives with me.

We lie, but they make these rules as if we're children.

( engine starts )

Carmen: I'm going to die on that waiting list.

Because that lady was k*lled, I don't think they're ever gonna build more townhouses now.

Same as before-- yelling, protesting.

I started looking at apartment ads-- three times as much as Schlobohm and so filthy, I wouldn't keep pigs there.

Zaleski: In the present situation, it's the citizens of East Yonkers on whom we need to rely.

Because the reality is that the budget constraints limit our ability to deploy additional personnel to resolve those issues.

Now, another point that we need to discuss...

Excuse me, sir?

...with the homeowners--

Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, ma'am.

My name is Doreen Henderson.

I represent the Andrew Smith Townhouses on Gaffney Place and Trenchard Street.

I want to talk about what I think a lot of people are thinking about-- the new townhouses and that lady who was m*rder across town.

( women murmur )

The tenants are very upset
about what those two city councilmen said last night on the TV about the kind of people we are, and we're upset that they want to screen people at the sites and check on who we have as company and things like that.

How would they like it if that kind of thing was said about them?

I'm sure they would be upset.

( crowd agrees )

The tenants are decent people.

And the tenant who might be evicted because of this is, too.

( crowd agrees )

That man, Santos, it shouldn't be assumed that he lived on Gaffney Place just because he said so.

Zaleski: Yes. Yes, ma'am. I--

Yes, ma'am.

I just wanted to say that as commander of Second Precinct where most of the townhouses are, we haven't really had any unusual problems at any of the sites or with the residents.

( applause )

Zaleski: Thank you.

Thank you, Captain, for your assessment of the situation.

Is that one of yours, Bob?

Lucille Lantz had high hopes for her.

She is proved right.

Zaleski: ...we will of course continue to offer protection and service like we did before.

Miss Rowan, do you have a statement to make before we hear testimony?

( sniffles )

Attorney: Very well.

We'll hear first from Thomas Downer of the New York State Division of Parole.

Officer Downer, you are John Santos's parole officer?


( knocking )

How you been, Billie?

I'm Doreen.

I remember you from Schlobohm.

Yeah, I live around the way now.

Good to get out of Schlobohm, right?

Got my eviction notice.

Gotta get a new apartment, I guess.

Girl, listen, you can't let them do this.

Your man screwed you, but don't screw yourself double by not fighting back.

Billie, do you love living here?

Do your children love living here?

Come on.

We gonna call legal aid together.

( faucet running )

( dishes clacking )

( keys jingling )

You voting today?

Who you voting for?

It's called a secret ballot for a reason.

Of course I'm voting for you.


( tsks, sighs )

( door closes )

( phone ringing )

( rings )


Nay, it's Vinni.

Vinni, uh, you just missed him.

I'm-- I'm sorry it's come to this.

He betrayed me, Nay, and he's done the same to you.

You need to know this.

He wasn't sleeping alone on those trips to Albany.

Ask him about the Desmond Hotel.

I know what happened there.

( thunder rumbling )

It's sick.


And wrong.

f*ck him.

f*ck him.

( rain pattering )

( knocking )

Miss O'Neal?

It's me, Billie, from 175.

Sorry for walking on your grass.

It's nice grass, too, right?

( chuckles ) How are ya?

I'm okay.

Listen, I don't mean to bother you, but legal aid is trying to keep me from being evicted.

And it helps if I could get some-- some neighbors to sign a petition saying I wasn't a problem.

Well, you're not to me.

Thank you, Miss Norma.

Oh, she can't...

Let's go inside and sit and do this right.

I can come back. I mean, if you have to be somewhere.

Just to vote. You voted yet?

Uh, no.

Habit with me.

But I can't say it seem to fix much.

Likely to do more good today signing your thing.

Come on in the house, though, baby.

You need the keys.

I wanna say a special thank you for all of you who worked so hard today out there manning the polls, getting our message out.

( applause, cheering )

Thank you all so much for all...

I need another f*cking beer.

Thank you.

This is a bit of a bittersweet victory.

Nick... what happened at the Desmond Hotel?

The Desmond in Albany?

Nothing. Why? Was something supposed to happen?

Never mind.

Restiano: ...including Mayor Zaleski.

It was a situation that was unnecessary...


Restiano: ...and a situation that should not be repeated again...

What are the last wards left?

( applause )

Restiano: And now the results...

Yeah, thanks.

Tonight I intend to ask for the resignation of the Yonkers Democratic Party.

( door closes )

Well, you gave it a run, Nick.

Vinni was the incumbent, but you--

( distant train horn blaring )

You gave it a good sh*t.

Got close.


Well, that's twice in a row I've lost running citywide, so by the rules of the game, I'm done as a candidate.

So, what do you have for me in the administration?

Jim... promises were made.


You're just gonna, you know, just use me up like that?

You gonna run me against Vinni, and that way you get rid of one of us, right?

Okay. Well...

Hey, and don't think I didn't see that, um-- that, uh, report in "The Herald Statesman" yesterday.

That investigation of the IDA you guys are doing, that secretary that stole some money?

What about it?

That's the last b*llet, right?

Wh-what do you mean?

As mayor, I was chairman of the IDA, Jim.

But I didn't steal shit. You look at my bank account, I didn't steal anything.

Then don't worry-- - Yeah, but I'm still gonna get investigated anyway?

If I'd have b*at Vinni, you would've come at me with that bullshit anyway.

I get Vinni for you, but then you get me, is that right?



I don't have a pot to piss in, Jim!

I didn't steal, but you wanna take what's left of my reputation?

You wanna tear that down as well?

Nick, you need to calm down, okay?

f*ck you, Jim!

And you tell Zaleski I said f*ck him, too!

Piece of shit.

We work for trucks.

Yeah, we work for garbage trucks.

Let's clean up so everybody can get this dirt away.

( dogs yelping )

Poodle Lady.

Poodle Lady.

My name is Jaron.

What's their names?

Martini, Brandy, and Alexander.

Do you like dogs?


Soft, isn't he?


Poodle Lady: Yeah. Somebody's playing behind you here.

He's really excited.

( barks )

( bell dings )

Man: 22 up!

AC plain and a full house.

You should have gotten a haircut.

You should have taken off of work.


I think you would look much better with shorter hair.

I think you'd look better without eyebrows.

( chuckles )

I can't do that. I can't take them out.

As it so happens, I made an appointment for tomorrow.

For your hair?


That's good.


Oh, God, it's almost 2:00. You gotta get me back.

No, I'll be in trouble.

Play hooky with me.

I can't.

Come on.

I can't, and you are going to go back and help your brother with the cabinets today.


What's that face?

It's just...

Nothing from Surdoval?

No, no, no. There's nothing for me there.

They made that very clear.

Well, screw them.

Seriously. Screw them.

You can teach, you can practice law, you can do whatever the f*ck you want now.

Yeah. Screw them.


Let's go. It's late.

Is your stomach better?

Yeah, it's okay.

( sighs ) Okay.

( chatter )

Nay: Bye, thank you.

Hey, Nay. Nay.


This, uh-- this IDA thing, they're g*n for me.


Listen, Zaleski, Surdoval, they've got Maniglia and these other creeps digging into it, like everyone's corrupt except for them.


Who cares what they think?

I care. I care. It's my reputation.

You haven't done anything wrong. You're innocent.

That's not the point. It doesn't matter what you...

Innocence is no defense. It's politics, Nay.

It's a smear job.

Okay, so what? Let go.

It's done. Do something new.

Cut it. I gotta go.

Nay, just-- take the day off with me.

I can't.

I can't.

You know Vinni is looking for any excuse to f*re me, and you know that.

( sighs )

I need you to snap out of it.

Do it for me, please?


You'll be okay.

We'll be okay.


I love you.

I love you, too.

Let's go.

Give me a smile.

Go, go--

Give me a kiss.

( dog barking )

( children chattering )

Roberto, Maria!

Where is Felipe?

Playing videos in his room.

Get your brother, and get your jackets.

Where are we going?

Get your jackets.

Nick: ...the f*ck you're doing.

I know what you and Biondi are up to.

You're f*cking Zaleski's hatchet boys with your press leaks and your innuendos.

By the time the truth comes out, it won't matter.

Anyone who's against you gets trashed, is that right?

If you didn't do anything, then what's the problem? - Then what?

Then you'll tell people that later?

I spoke to your auditor, I told him everything I know, and the next day, it was in the f*cking newspaper.

You're making a scene, Nick.

f*ck you, Andy!

No, f*ck you!

And f*ck all this investigation bullshit!

You don't want the truth. You're out for blood.

Isn't that right?

Woman: This is ridiculous.

( continues indistinctly )

( door opens, closes )

Woman: I never liked that guy.

( soft clattering )


I don't know where anything is.

( sighs )

I lose everything. I can't f*cking find anything.

Oh, f*ck.

( footsteps approach )

Hey, Nick.

Come on, help me with these.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming.

I'll be right there, all right, Mike?

Hey, Mike? Mike?

( crying )

Hey, Mike?

Come here.

( sobbing )

( sobbing ) But they didn't find anything.


( sighs, sniffles )

( sighing )

( footsteps approach )

It's about time.

( door opens, closes )


Maria: Give it here. Here.

Felipe: No, I'm telling!

Roberto: Stop being a baby.

Felipe: No.

I'm not being a baby. I'm not being a baby. - Just give it to me.

( chatter continues )

( sobbing )

( beeping )

( dialing )

( beeping )

( beeping )

( bird cawing )

( coughing, retching )

( beeping )

( beeping )

( beeping )

( beeping )

( machines whirring )

( chatter )

No. Are you serious?

( boys chattering )

( pager beeping )

( pager beeping )

Excuse me, please. Sorry.

Cemetery's closed 5:30.

Oh, you're the mayor!

( chuckles )

On TV I saw you.

I'm leaving in just a few moments.

Oh, okay, okay, okay.

Thank you.

( sighs )

( children laughing )

Girl: Hey!

Mary: Hey, Doreen.

♪ I don't need your answered prayers... ♪

Doreen: How you doing, Mary?

♪ or the chains your lover wears ♪
♪ or the secrets that you hold ♪
♪ lift me up, darling ♪
♪ lift me up ♪
♪ and I'll fall with you ♪
♪ lift me up ♪
♪ let your love lift me up ♪
♪ I don't need your sacred vow ♪
♪ or the promise tomorrow brings ♪
♪ they're behind the morning clouds ♪
♪ I'll take the faith the daylight brings ♪
♪ lift me up, darling ♪
♪ lift me up ♪
♪ and I'll fall with you ♪
♪ lift me up ♪
♪ let your love lift me up ♪
♪ when the morning bright ♪
♪ lifts away this night ♪
♪ in the light above ♪
♪ we will find our love ♪
♪ we will find our love ♪
♪ your skin, your hand upon my neck ♪
♪ this heart, this heart, this wilderness ♪
♪ lift me up, darling ♪
♪ lift me up ♪
♪ and I'll fall with you ♪

( vocalizing )

( chattering )

( vocalizing continues )

( chattering )

We are adjourned.

( vocalizing continues )

( chattering )

( vocalizing continues )

( birds chirping )

( hammer clicks )

( g*n )

( bird cawing )

( sign squeaking )

( children playing )

( chattering )

( children chattering )

( music playing )

♪ it's late at night ♪
♪ you're all alone ♪
♪ pale moonlight ♪
♪ cold as stone ♪
♪ heart beats fast ♪
♪ time moves slow ♪
♪ a stranger's glance ♪
♪ does he know ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ when the people find out that you lied ♪

( music continues )

♪ well, they took you in ♪
♪ they made you well ♪
♪ they told you things ♪
♪ they'd never tell ♪
♪ to pay the debt to 'em ♪
♪ you made 'em fools ♪
♪ that's what you get ♪
♪ they trusted you ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ when the people find out that you lied ♪

( music continues )

♠when they run to the temple ?

♪ and find the treasure gone ♪
♪ do you think it's gonna be a cross ♪
♪ they're gonna nail you on ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ when the people find out that you lied ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ where you gonna run to ♪
♪ where you gonna hide ♪
♪ yeah, when the people find out that you lied ♪

( music continues )