01x07 - Season 1, Episode 7

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x07 - Season 1, Episode 7

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Previously on Spotless...

I don't think I can trust you.

Not anymore.

What is that supposed to mean?

Answer me!

No, get your hands off me!

I know where your wife works.

I know where your kids go to school.

I am gonna make them bleed.

My wife passed away.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't behave particularly well.

Can you tell me if you recognize any of these people?

Especially those with former links to Eddie Morbury or Nelson Clay.

So what does she have to say for herself?


You should be d*ad. Not him!

I'll help you with these two.

And then you're on your own.


He loved that place.

It was... his escape, away from everything.

It's empty now.

Maddy, not at the table.

Stop it, it's rude.

It's only rude if I'm interrupting something.

Conversation, family discourse.

Nobody's said anything for 10 minutes.

They're changing colour.

The bruises.

It means they're healing.

Maybe on the outside.

The injuries could have cause a thromboembolism.

My son, the doctor.

What's that all about?

I don't know how thrilled I am having my 10-year-old son sit opposite his badly beaten uncle, commenting on the severity of his injuries, and not being the slightest bit disturbed by it.

Tell me, when did that become normal or acceptable?

That's over.

Everything is dealt with.

Should I trust you on that?

You wouldn't lie to me, would you?

Of course not.

He's leaving for a job in a about 10 minutes.

Are you busy?

No, there's nobody else here.

Look, Julie, you can't keep phoning me.

I'm coming in.

There's a message from Padraig.

The North Circular is a b*tch, so him and Rosie will meet you there.

That's fine.

Look, we're... we're in the black.

Not by much, maybe we could stop the off the record jobs.

Yeah, I'll make sure to suggest that to them.

Maddy, please.

I'm OK.

Think of it as palliative care.

Though you could at least put your hand in your pocket.

Minimum wage?

For what? For folding clothes?

There are girls half your age on the other side of the world making them.

All hardship is relative.

Well, leave me alone, please.

How do you get someone to like you?

Well... you can't.

Is there a boy?



Well, you have to... you have to become irresistible by being unavailable.


He looks right through me.

Wanting something you can't have can be painful.

Especially when everybody else has it without even trying.

But if it hurts, that's life.

Three colours: Blue is on catch-up.

It's French. Might make you feel better.

It's not exactly a comedy.

But all right, let's what them cry together.

Go get the tissues.

Is the business in trouble?

Not that I'm aware of.

Currently running at profit.

Something's going on.

Secret bank accounts, hidden mortgages.

Come on, you're his right arm.

Nothing happens here that you don't know about.

I know you care about him.

There's a second book.

I've been running two jobs diaries.

For tax purposes?

Well, who are these jobs for?

It's for clients who can't go through the usual channels.


Is he in trouble?

Right. This stops, now.

I don't think he can.

I need to know what we're dealing with.

Show me the other book.


Lithuanian maybe.

One night stand?

She's still at mine now.


You should be careful with Lithuanian girls.

Especially dirty, are they?

They come to London to get especially pregnant.

Any details?

Not much. Domestic I think.


I didn't use a condom.

She had it covered.

I don't often get the chance to go bareback.

What do you think?

He did her, then himself maybe.

First one here, the second one here.

Hey, Charlie.

It's all right, John?

No, this wasn't domestic.

There's not enough blood for a crime of passion.

Too much mess. People... tend not to break their own possessions.

Doesn't have to be passion.

Some couples grow to hate each other.

This wasn't robbery.

It was a double m*rder.


Was there kids?


They're with family.

Turf w*r.

Proper "send out a message" assassination.

Then trash the place out of spite.

Well, the sooner we start, the sooner we're done.


Come with me.

Don't point this f*cking thing at me.


It was quite a mess you had to clean out this morning.

Horrific... even.

Husband and wife, sh*t at point-blank range.

You did it?

They were family, you prick!

It was his brother, Veysel.

I don't know who that is.

You've heard the name.

You were present at the death of Frank McElroy.

Why am I here?

You have a brother.


Veysel saved his life.

Dealt with two associates from his past, from France.

Your brother made promises.

So far, hasn't delivered on any of them.

What promises?

Nelson Clay.

It's clear my brother's m*rder was carried out by Nelson Clay or his employees.

Old school warning sh*t.

And the easiest thing to do would be to retaliate.

We butcher one of Nelson's men, he kills one of ours. Tit for tat.

Who benefits from a personal feud?

It's the 21st century.

You're close to Nelson Clay.

Not when it comes to his business.

Well, your brother seems to think you are.

Claims he relies on you to make all kinds of problems disappear.

We'll need to stay in constant communication.

I want Nelson's contacts, his deals, drop points, dates, his patch covering Vauxhall, primary locations, addresses, dealers...

I can't get you that kind of information.

It's what my brother expected what your brother promised.

It's just business.

You work for me, now.

A "skin flick"?

You don't know what that is.

Yeah, it's a p*rn film.

No! A naked selfie.

For girls, top off only, no face.


Boys collect the pictures on their phones, sometimes they swap them without the girls knowing.

They play a game, "Guess Whose Rack?"

You're not serious?

That's just how it is.

Maddy, you're so pretty.

I don't want you to let anyone especially a spotty-face kid, make you think otherwise.

There's a party Mom says I can go.

I dunno if I want to.

Well... you're going to go.

And... you're not gonna try to fit in.

You're not gonna be a sheep, you're gonna be a lioness.

Strut your stuff, shake your tail feathers...

Make them notice.


You're going to buy yourself, something knock-out.

Don't be a sheep, be a lion with a peacock's tail, and go shopping, that's your advice?

Yeah, and if you don't like it, give me my money back.

I'd enjoy myself just as much staying here with you, you know?

I know.

I'm wonderful.

Off you go.

And there's me thinking we were exclusive.

I had no idea.

It's the first time I've met them.

I didn't bring them into this.

Not personally, no.

Your brother hasn't been shy in offering all kinds of help.

They helped him out, with those guys you threatened him with.

Romain and Nico, from Saint-Nazaire?

Pair of charmers.

Heard they're no longer with us.

How do you know all this?

It's my business to know.

Information is currency.

Your Turkish friends know that. That's why they tapped up Frank, and now your brother.


Let's say no more about it.

Our Turkish brethren, a thing of the past.

But if I find out you're in contact, in person, or by phone, or you get so much as a craving for a shish kebab, I will end you.



Get your house in order.

Veysel Kisa.

Mean anything to you?

I was going to tell you.

Doesn't matter now.

Veysel's d*ad.

His wife too.

Nelson ordered it.

A guy called Hakan... this morning, put a g*n to my head, took me to meet Veysel's brother.

Claims you made a deal?

I... I didn't have a choice.

They're expecting us to work for them.

Bring them everything about Nelson's business.

What do you want me to do?

I tried to help you.

OK? I'm sorry.

It's what happens, isn't it?

Since the beginning, since we were kids.

Every day brought something else, always worse than what came before.

Until this.

Two phones.

Two bosses.

No way out.

Except there is.

I'm going to see DCI Squire.

There's a film.

Belonged to Kendrick.

He kept it hidden.

What's in this film?

Nelson... doing what Nelson does.

k*lling a man.

Torching his body.

Where is this film?

Somewhere safe.

A place no one knows about.

Everyone I know who trusted a cop, is either d*ad, or in jail.

What choice do I have?

You can leave.

You take your family, and you go.

Forget about the house, forget about the business.

You said it yourself, the bank owns everything.

I don't think the family would come.

Julie knows something.

About what?

About this business? The money?

Or about your girlfriend?

I don't have a girlfriend.

Sure you do. And I don't judge you.

It is what it is.

What's going on?

Van trouble.

I lost the keys again. And...

You know, how I am.

I keep forgetting things.

It's fine.

You have a lot to lose.

You're a big help.

I'm a little surprised to see you again so soon, Mr Bastière.

Is there something specific I can help you with?

In here, it is everything you'll ever need on Nelson Clay.

Evidence linking him to drug deals, extortion, blackmail, m*rder.

What evidence?

I'll need reinsurances.

I want protection for me and my family.

Relocation, somewhere far.

Maybe the States, or Canada.

Immunity from prosecution.

Did you participate in any criminal activity?

Not willingly.

I can order you to hand that box over, arrest you for withholding evidence.

Then you would have no idea what anything in there means.

What it relates to, and what else I might have.

This is a negotiation, right?

We need to go through all this, log it, formally admit it, prepare a preliminary witness statement.


I will also have to formally caution you.


Standard procedure. You're presenting criminal evidence and stating you were present at the scene, on several occasions. In truth, in your shoes, I wouldn't have come in here without a lawyer.

I didn't know who to trust. My father told me to trust no one.

It was good advice. We can stop, give you time to secure representation.

I need this to happen now.
How long has this been going on?



Since have been strained since Martin came, but the... the second mortgage, the loans, they go back way before then.

And who else knows?

Maureen knows some, and maybe everything.

She's right about one thing.

You can't speak to Jean.

No, I have to talk to him about it.

Come on, he's my husband.

Who has been lying to you on several counts.

Money, criminal activity, God knows what else.

As of right now, I'm your lawyer.

And anything you say to me is protected by attorney-client privilege.

Is that really necessary?


And I'm not giving you a f*cking choice.

You need to protect yourself, and the children, in case he starts moving money around.

Trust me, I have seen it all before.

And you do not want to come out of this with nothing.

So, what do you know?

It was the first time.

We arrived, and DCI Kendrick was already d*ad.

sh*t in the head.

We had no option.

The thr*at was implicit.

Get rid of Frank McElroy's body or there would be consequences.

It wasn't m*rder, the overdose k*lled her.

But I was tasked with moving the body making it look accidental, to protect a politician.

When I returned home, Nelson was sitting on my front step.

He told me quite openly that he ordered the k*lling of Veysel Kisa and his wife.

Interview suspended at 15:23.

Let's take a break.

Go get yourself some coffee or something.

Don't you need to arrest him?

We're just at the beginning of a long process.

This guy knows where I am round the clock.

And we know where he is.

It's what we do.

Your life and the lives of your family is about to change.

Go get some air.


I'll just be one moment, OK?

Come on.

What are you doing?

Well you wouldn't take my calls.

You stood me up. Left me sitting alone in a restaurant.

Please, I don't have much time.

I had to go to the cops.

There's no choice.

You must be relieved.

Not really.

New life, new place, new beginning.

I just...

I just wanted to say goodbye.

For your sake or mine?

And in other circumstances...

Don't f*cking patronize me!

I'm done with this kind of thing. It leaves a bad test.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm a big girl, I knew what I was getting into.

How's your mom?

She's dying.

Goodbye, Jean.

Good luck.



I'm looking for your husband.

He's not here.

Do you know where I can find him?

No, he doesn't stick to routine.

What happened to your face?

My past caught up with me.

The kettle's on.

Will you come in?



Your husband needs to back off, leave my brother and his family alone. He's done nothing wrong.

Nelson likes Jean.

Not anymore.

Sit down.

You could have internal bleeding.

I'm fine.

Have you been to a hospital?

What painkillers are you on?


I'm not big on medication.

I used to be a nurse.

Hmm, I'm pretty sure we can do better than aspirin.

What the f*ck?

Try to keep the noise down.

He can just walk in here?

Well, I have never been arrested, or even questioned, over any crimes since I was in my teens.

I'm invisible.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Good and bad are relative concepts.

Told you that before.

Is everyone corrupt?

Corrupt doesn't come into it.

Is this it?


Relatively small... considering the potential harm it could have done.

This disappears, all right?

We done?

He came in to barter.

I think he has something else.

Do you have something else?


He's lying.

You said it yourself, this is a negotiation.

What else do you have?

You're right.

He's lying.

Why did you visit Tom Kendrick's widow?

You were observed.

To see how she was holding up.

Excuse me.

Let's see what Mrs Kendrick has to say.

You're a cancer.

Diane Squire takes a modest stipend.

She's a single mother, she has a teenage son.

But she's not greedy.

She doesn't like to fill her boots like Tom Kendrick did.

Did I underestimate you or overestimate you? I don't know...

Do you know how tired I am, of listening to you?

With your "man of the people" shit.

You're not a philosopher.

You're just a thug that read a book once.

Nothing more.

This should clarify things.


Mrs Kendrick?

Yes, speaking.

So sorry to disturb you. This is DCI Diane Squire Fortune Road police station.

I wondered, could I have two minutes of your time?

Of course.

It's come to our attention that some of your husband's computer files were stolen.

We recovered them in the possession of a man named Jean Bastière.

The Frenchman?

Yeah, he came to see me.


He didn't thr*aten you, did he?

No, nothing like that.

He was rather lovely.

Can I ask, do you recall why he was there?

Was he looking for something in particular?

No, just some general questions about Tom.

Oh, we had a little chat about Fallowfield.


What is that?

It's just a property.

A place in the country me and Tom had. Why?

These are good.


I'm sure you've seen a lot of faces like this.

I never worked in the A&E.

I mean a woman like you.

What is a woman like me?

How many kids did Nelson get hooked on heroin to pay for your house?

I think you're confused as to what he does.

I'm not judging.

I'm just curious to see how you rationalize everything.

We're all different things to different people.

So you detach.

To me my husband is kind, supportive.

To you he's...

He's a psychopath.

Actually I came here to invite your husband to k*ll me in place of my brother.

But you're not gonna die today.

Listen, you... you can't have any more painkillers, but, uh...

One minute.

Over here... is medical-grade marijuana.

Your husband runs cr*ck dens and you have to hide a tin of weed?

I used to get it for my cancer patients.

Be stupid not to keep the dealer on speed dial.

How come you lot didn't know about this?

I thought he was under investigation.

This place was under his wife's maiden name.

Kept it under the radar.

So, this is what my money paid for.

So where do we start?

What are we looking for?

It's you who think there's something to look for, not me.

You two start at the top of the house. I'll start here Begin at the centre of the room, and work your way to the edges.

You're the expert, are you?

Yes, I am.

What are you?

Other than a half-wit with a cannon?

Hide behind your badge, love.

That's all you'll ever do.

Yeah, all right.

You can pull her pigtails later.


I always feel sorry for those who follow in the footsteps of the d*ad.

In order to find love, someone else had to suffer.

Plenty of people marry widowers.

Sure, but it's tainted.

They're bereaved.

At best, you're second choice.

And at worst, it's you, him, and a ghost.

I don't think of it like that.

I wonder what it would feel like to find a completely clean new love.

And I wouldn't be saying that if I had not been smoking this.

He's gonna be home soon.

Then I should leave.

You should.

You're not what I expected to find coming here, you know?

I could, stay in town tonight.

I sometimes do.

Whatever it is, we'll find it.

Why does Nelson keep you so close all this time?

Despite the difficulty you cause him.

Because you're so good at what you do.

There will come a point, possibly in the next hour, where the negatives of that arrangement outweigh the positives.

You could have a good life.

Like you?

My father was an alcoholic.

The same one that told you not to trust anyone?

He was a weak man.

I realized at a young age how much effort is wasted denying the inevitable.

I've had enough of this.

Get up!

What am I looking for?

If we dump your body here, you'll never be found.

Do you understand that?

Talk to me.

That's all you have to do and it finishes.

I don't have to see this.




I think Kendrick went to extraordinary length to make things watertight, don't you?


That's quite a selfie!

I had no idea.

How the hell did Tom Kendrick pull this off?

Didn't think he had it in him.

Motion sensitive camcorder.

Basic home security. A couple hundred on the high street.

It's hardly rocket science.

Make sure every component is completely destroyed.

And how can we be sure that this is everything?

He's got nothing else.

Just in case.

You can't do that in front of me!

Why the f*ck not?

Because there have to be some f*cking boundaries.

I'm a senior officer.

He'll be on camera, at the nick.

More than once, throughout the day.

You should buy a lottery ticket, mate. You're the luckiest man on Earth.


You bought some new stuff?



Leave me alone!

I'm sorry.

Uh, please don't be embarrassed.

Just go away!

Do you want to talk about it?

You enjoy your party, all right?

There is no party.

Hey. I'm in town.

Where are you?

This can't happen again.

I don't do this.

Of course not.

Give it ten minutes, and then, um... just pulled the door shut, it will lock. When you're on your way out.

This is Nelson's place. We can't be seen together.


Uh, are you cooking?

Nina's coming. She took Oliver to the cinema.

She's gonna have some supper.

So, gossip and a catch-up.

Girls' night in?


Then I'll make myself scarce.


f*ck! Charlie?

I nearly shit myself.

Yeah, well that would undo all your good work.

What are you doing here?

I'm just locking up.

Making sure it's secure.

Terrible thing that happened here.

What kind of world, eh?

Proper gangland k*lling.

Post-mortem says very skilfully done.

So why the mess?

After they were d*ad, they only want to f*ck the corpse of the wife.



Now, what kind of a person does a thing like that?
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