01x06 - Thorns - Drain

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Bαstαrd Executioner". Aired September - November 2015.
"The Bαstαrd Executioner" tells the story of an early 14th century warrior knight in King Edward The Third's charge who is broken by the ravages of w*r and vows to lay down his sword, but when that v*olence finds him again, he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.
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01x06 - Thorns - Drain

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(birds chirping)

You're awake.


You are lovely when you sleep.

Is something weighing on you of late?

You seem very... vigilant.

As a devoted wife should be.

To keep her blessings in good order.


Seems my blessings have yet to settle into good order.

You have known only the life of a journeyman, Maddy.

Your rough spirit will quiet in time.

And when Luca is of age to swing the a*, he will have no struggle with a settled life.

Luca will not have this life.

Of course he will.

It is his birthright and duty.

As it was yours.

(birds chirping)

Have the reeve post it, please.

Yes, my lady.

It is the king's proclamation, Isabel.

I must inform our shire.

Pardon, Baroness.

Our steward has brought on a new girl to pick our berries.

He asked if I might take her to the fields today, show her where the sweetest fruit grows.

To Glyn Goch?

My spirit is in desperate need of a girl's task.

Corbett: What need knocks?

It is your reeve, Chamberlain, in need of counsel.

(woman moans)

(rodent squeaks)

A... royal matter.

(thumping, clattering)

(door creaking loudly)

Good, reeve.


(rodents squeaking)

Lovely morning.

(rodents continue squeaking)

(sighs) It is best left to the imagination.


It arrived from Windsor in the middle of the night.

The baroness insists that I post it in the market square.

The word to be spread.

(exhales softly)

(gasps softly)

All from the tinker's pile?

Yea. Nothing will be missed.

Honoring your promise will keep the Wolf in our good grace.

At least it'll be a familiar blade that tries to k*ll us when the rebels att*ck our next caravan.

Are you to travel today, Maddy?

Yea. To the rock beds. Trading grain for new sharpening stones.

And who will be there?

Anyone fair or familiar?

(chuckles) At the quarry?


No one fair.

(horse neighs)

(horse huffs)

(chickens clucking)

(indistinct chatter)

What does it say, Father?

Blessed news.

Lady Love is with child.

(lively chatter)

The baron's parting gift.

An heir at Ventrishire.

(lively chatter continues)

(quietly): Shit.

Noble knights.

Punisher. Marshal.

Where do you venture this morn?

South. The rock beds.

We trade grain for sharpening stones.

The quarry trail crosses the mines.

A favored hiding hole of the rebels.

I will travel with them.

A waste of your valuable time, sir.

It's a ride most familiar to us.

The court cannot risk the loss of its most skilled punisher.

And besides, you give more delight than the whores and the minstrel.

(both laugh)

(horse neighs)

Until the mead pours, then.


Yea, on.




What grain rattles like steel?

Just an odd lot of junk, for barter.

Noble blades... and shields?

That is Sir Denley's mark. Who is it that barters for stolen w*apon?


(quiet groaning)

(seething breaths)

♪ born with a heart ♪
♪ that could ache more than b*at ♪
♪ the mind of a k*ller ♪
♪ the soul of the meek ♪
♪ flock with no shepherd ♪
♪ is a vulnerable game ♪
♪ I can live without a hearth ♪
♪ without love ♪
♪ but I do need a name ♪
♪ Father, do you burn ♪
♪ if your hand is in f*re? ♪
♪ does your head spin with rage ♪
♪ when fooled by the liars? ♪
♪ king of the kings ♪
♪ do you feel any pain? ♪
♪ do you feel any pain? ♪

I can deliver all this to Griffith.

You should get back, put the others on task with our urgent need to flee.

Norton knows we travel with Huxley.

We cannot return without spurring suspicion.

We must slip in at Vespers with the change of guard.

Allow us time to take our revenge and escape.


(horses neighing)

(animals chirping, chittering)

(mooing in distance) _

We will pick for an hour or two.

We need to stay at your side, Baroness.

After the att*ck on Lady Pryce, our chamberlain doesn't want...

I so appreciate your deep concern, gentlemen.

Perhaps you should take two men.

Perhaps you should take my words as the end of this discussion.

We'll be back soon with... little plump treats.


I fear Sir Locke will be looking for two of his own little plump treats.

You are scandalous, maiden.

I only speak what is true.

His berries are very small.


Cormac: The Seraphim would only settle in... substantial waterways, for communication and to make an exit. _

These larger rivers do not flow deep enough into the shire.

Our search should stay to the coast.

Well, the shire's castle is on the northern bend. This brook winds north and leads to the main trail of the court.

That would be an easier journey, master.

Do you doubt my fortitude, young Cormac?

No, sir. But... your duties at Windsor may be called upon for a swift return, and I think it most sound that my men and I take the burden of a greater territory whilst you search Castle Ventris and its courts for our elusive Seraphim.

Your diplomacy skills are as sharp as your mind, dear boy.

(chuckles): Then we venture.

(crickets chirping)

They will begin their search at the castle.


I will ready my service.

(wind whistling, birds chirping)

I thank you for taking this risk.

I am sorry the slaying of this... eager dog now forces you to flee, but... perhaps it is God taking the reins, guiding you to holier ground.

And will you be able to provide that refuge?

Indeed, you are a man of your word.

I will keep you and your friends safe.

But there is a more pressing need than our safety.

At the fishing village, your rebels att*cked a noble caravan, putting the life of the baroness in peril.

That att*ck was not our doing.

Gruffudd knew nothing of the plan.

The foolish att*ck of young hearts.

I am trusted.

I have... earned my leadership.

I guide our course as best I can, but revolution cannot be tucked inside a box.

It has no law, no punishment.

Nor does chaos.


Man: Rhys... (whispers indistinctly)

You should travel. I'll keep my men here until after dark to await your return.

I have your word about the baroness?

No more att*cks.


Nothing I dictate would ever throw harm her way.

It is beautiful.


I love it so.

But I must confess to you as well.

There are times my spirit aches for adventure.

I dream of it so vividly.

The thrill of travel, a different...

(Lady Love and Isabel screaming)


You desired an audience with the Wolf, and so I obliged.

Where is Isabel?

Your maiden is unhurt.

I am told you wish to speak of peace.

Uh, forgive my hesitation to engage in fair-mindedness.

It seems being bagged and carted like a sack of root builds little trust.

One has to protect our history and honor the myth, dear sister.


Clearly, my father chose ill-bred mistresses early in his marriage, incapable of bearing children who are sound of mind.

Insulting my mother builds little trust as well.

I thought having our little talk at Great-Grandfather's fortress might give you comfort.

Yes, and I'm sure you're quite comfortable amongst the rubble and ruin.

I believe that was another... insult.

You'll have to forgive my dull wit, Baroness.

I didn't have the privilege of your scholarly upbringing.

Oh, please.

Do not wear the tattered peasant cloak with me, Gruffy.

You were always well cared for.

Father loved his secret son more than he did Trista and myself.

It is wonderful to see you again, Love.

Still tiny, still all... spit and wit.


You as well.

I only wish our meeting was inspired by kinship and not bloodshed.

And it is a reasonable assumption that you do not flaunt your brotherly ties to the Wolf at noble dinners?

No one is aware.

Although Isabel would recognize you.

Your hair and beard are unruly and filthy...

...but you still have the face of that teenage boy.

That boy d*ed many deaths since.

As well as hundreds of other innocent boys.

Such is the nature of rebellion.

A sad and bloody truth.

A truth we must change, Gruffy.

That... is what the Byth Encil wishes for, Love, change.

An independent Wales is my greatest wish as well.

But that change will never happen blade against blade.

You're smart enough to know that.

It must happen at a table with men and women of even temper and open heart.

When you find these men and women, I'll openly pull up my chair.

I did not start this revolution, Love.

Longshanks planted that seed of hate years ago, ripping from our hearts our most sacred title and crown, placing it on the empty head of his own frivolous son, the first Prince of Wales never to speak a word of Welsh.

Our history may still burn us, brother, but you lead the Byth Encil now.


You guide the efforts that never retreat.


I must confess, sister, I am more legend than law.

Half the rebel att*cks are made by men I have never led or even met. Including the one on you on Penfras Mawr. I am so sorry for that.

A revolution with no leader is chaos.

Blood spilled with no purpose.

To no end...

And that is why I bagged you today, Love.

I need money to organize these men.

If I can provide food, shelter, w*apon, care for their families, they'll become loyal soldiers, subject to sound command.

You want me to fund your revolution?

I know you were able to hide family heirlooms from Ventris.

Jewelry, chalices, noble medals.

How do you know...

Oh, yes, the crypt.

It was the only way I could visit my father at the castle.

We spent many hours amongst our d*ad ancestors, talking, reading. I know the magic that room possesses.

Then why not just creep in the d*ad of night and take what you desire?

I may be an unruly, filthy, rebel bastard, but I'm not a thief.

And I have no right to that history.

I know how sacred those things are to you.

I am asking you to bestow one to me.

A gift.

To help our beloved Wales.

Were you there, in the grass fields, when my husband was k*lled?

I was.

But another took his life.

A warrior that once served Erik.

An honorable man.


I will wait for you in the under passage.

After compline.

If you cannot help, I'll hold no ill will, sister.

And if I do not give up our precious history, will that end all talk of peace?

Jessamy: You are just in time, my love.

Supper's nearly served.

I need you to sit and listen.

It is pressing.

Stay, boy.

You need to hear this.

What troubles you, Maddy?

That is not my name.

I'm not quite sure why you hold onto this lie the way you do.

There is no lie, husband.


I am not your husband.

Nor am I an executioner.

All in this room know that truth.

As well as our chamberlain.

Corbett holds that secret over my head, threatens the lives of all of you if I do not willingly commit his sins.

You commit no sins, Maddy.


All I do is commit sin.

You are pious. In service of God...


I m*rder an honored knight this morn.

One of the men responsible for k*lling my wife and unborn-unborn child.

That is the thing that brought me here.

Revenge is why I stayed.

You are speaking such madness.

Madness will happen if we're not gone before this noble's blood falls on my hands.

We need to leave this place.


Or Corbett will most certainly make examples of us all.


Why are you doing this to us?



I'm sorry you were pulled into this.

Your heart compelled you to help me, and I will be forever grateful.

But now I need to protect you.

This is our home, husband.

Our children...




And if you want to save our children, you must... do what I say.

Pack only which is most needed.

Some dry goods and water as well.

Be ready to travel after dark.



(door shuts)

I'll pack what we need, Father, and see that Mother is ready.

Thank you, Luca.

Once we are safe, will you leave us? No longer be my father?

I will never be your father.

Not of birth.

But I'll not leave you, son.

(indistinct chatter)

(quietly): You take the wife and children and ride to the old Aberffraw fortress.

But I should be here, in the fight.

Keeping those innocents alive is the most important thing to Wilkin.

He's trusted you with that task.

Then I'll not let anything harm them.


Then we can take our vengeance to Leon and the four we know were at West River Riding.

But we still don't know for sure who k*lled our families.

We are certain they were part of the m*ssacre.

Trust they k*lled someone you loved.

Are you certain you're able to do this, Isabel?

I have asked for your confidence so much as of late.

That is my service, Love.

Knowing you have opened the door to a potential peace gives me great joy and an even deeper admiration for my lady.


Baroness, we were heavy with worry.

I am so sorry, Sir Locke.

I was showing Isabel a favorite childhood spot of mine.

Seems time slipped away.

A favored spot in these woods, my lady?

Yes. North.

There is a clearing, with a quite lovely...


A deep, mysterious bog.

With strange mud and...

Do take us home, good knights.

We've had our fill of memories.



(indistinct chatter)

Your father about, lad?

No, sir.

Leon: When he returns, tell him our chamberlain needs him.

A pressing matter.

Yes, sir.

(quietly): What if the blame for Huxley's death falls to rebels or desertion? _

Is it not wise to wait before we risk such peril? - Huxley left with Toran and I.

When he does not show up for drink and whores, the knights will come looking for us.



The Roman verses. Are they transcribed?


There are hundreds of pages.

And yet you have time for idle conversation.

You are the punisher.

Yea. Gawain Maddox.

I'm afraid I don't know your name.

This is true.

You do not.

To the quill, Moor.

My superior.

In his seventh year of 23.

Payment for his crime.

He will die with a quill in his hand.

You will never see that fate, brother.

That is why we must use this misfortune to set f*re to our revenge and take flight from this place.


I will be ready.

"This shall be the law of the leper in the day of his cleansing."

"And the priest shall go forth out of the camp and shall look, and behold, if the plague of leprosy be healed..."

The market does not trade today, healer.

I am here to see you, Father.

Let us take some quiet time to think about our lesson.

Heads on hands.

How may I be of help?

I do not deal in remedies, woman.

These are not to heal.

They are to warn.

An omen.

A danger comes to this court, a darkness.

It is not wise to show your pagan hand so openly.


Chapter 14, verses two and three.

Would a pagan hand know the touch of every page in your Bible?


The crown of thorns.

You will know the evil when you see it.

God will guide you to the task.


Did you find Maddox?

I did not, sire, but I found another with urgent news about our punisher.

The wife.

Insisted she speak of this pressing matter only with you.

It was received from Baron Pryce, but an hour ago.

A rebel, discovered in our shire, has confessed to the m*rder of his beloved wife, Lady Trula.

The baron claims that the guilty man was under orders of the Wolf.


Not unlike the order given to att*ck you at the fishing village.

As it is our jurisdiction, Baroness, I have promised Baron Pryce swift justice in the trial and punishment of this godless m*rder.


(door opens)

Pardon, Baroness.

Good chamberlain.

We have visitors.

His most Holy, the Archdeacon of Windsor.

I've told the gate guards Jessamy and the children are meeting family just beyond the north turn.

I can tuck the trapper in the back of the wagon.

He can take the reins when they clear, get them to the Wolf.


Blades, hammer and punch for the shackles.

Our cage key should unlock Berber's quarters.

And your play for Leon and the others, you trust it will work?

The knights will be into the mead by now, aware that Huxley has not returned.

If I can spur Leon to a challenge before they press me for answers, the reeve's pride should distract their suspicion.

I'll take the fight to the training yard.

Wait there with the others.

We make the att*ck, sudden and deadly.



You must go.

They wait for you. Please.

Easy now, lad. Who waits?

The chamberlain would like a word, punisher.

Ah, Father Ruskin.

This is his most Holy, Archdeacon of Windsor.

An honor to meet you, your most Holiness.

You as well, good priest.

The Archdeacon is here for an examination of accounts.

Officially, yes.

Our Holy Father, Pope Clement, requires a most accurate reporting of his growing flock.

For me, it is more of an possibility to meet your congregation.

Lady Love: I do hope you'll honor us by giving Mass this Sunday, Archdeacon.

Robinus: The honor would indeed be mine, Baroness.

I beg your pardon, Holiness.

I have some duties to close before I retire.

Thank you, Chamberlain.

Baroness. Good priest.

Sir Absolon.

Lady Love: Good night, Milus.

We have prepared our guest chamber for you, Archdeacon.

That is most gracious.

Father Ruskin: Sir Absolon, I've made room for you in my quarters.

Thank you, Father.

Maddox and Marshal wait with my men.


Chamberlain, may I ask what pressing thing the wife spoke of?

If it be of a criminal nature, I should be aware.

It was more of a marital nature.

Station Sir Norton outside the door.

That is all, Reeve.

Why are we here, Corbett?

Sir Huxley has yet to return from his travels with you.

And why is that our concern?

It is more the concern of your wife.

She told me that some of the knights made vile and lustful advances towards her.

And you, overcome with jealous rage, threatened to take vengeance.

She begs that I confine you until your proper mind can be restored.

It is time for us to be true, gentlemen.

I know who you and your friends are.

Hooded bandits caught up inside a bloody dumbshow.

What proof do you have of this wild tale?

I knew of Wilkin the warrior long before he was Wilkin the barley farmer.

I was quite certain that he was not Gawain the punisher.

The rest of your clever guile was obvious.

You present the d*ad bandits to quash a rally for a noble hunting party.

And you condemn your own brother.

A deserter and an annoyance.

It was the wife, however, who inspired my rescue.

A rescue that makes us your puppets.

Not puppets.


My proposition...

...you want revenge for what happened in the village.

I need smart and capable men who will serve me beyond the boundaries of manor law.

Wilkin: Your noble guard bows to your whim.

Most of my knights are hirelings.

Soldiers of fortune with a loyalty to profit, not manor.

The risk of betrayal is too great.

Sir Norton.


Corbett: You were there the night that we served justice to West River Riding?

Yes, sir.

I saw you take a torch to homes and put a blade in many innocent villagers.

Is this a discussion to be had in the presence of these men, Chamberlain?

I am afraid it is.

Gather your friends.

t*rture him, k*ll him, whatever will quench the thirst of your vengeance.

Then, when you are through, toss him in the water pit.

I will see to it that his and Huxley's blood does not land on your hands.

Five, gutting a helpless one, would bring no man peace.

Your peace is not my concern.

This is about honor and business.

He is my offering.

And it will be my final one.

Your wrath will not touch our reeve or any of his other men.

Then... you and your bandits will serve under my charge.

There is much to accomplish.

You are well aware of the consequences if you turn against that or disappear.

Imagine... how heartbroken Love would be, if she were to discover that her growing affection was born on a bed of lies and godless deception.


The wife.

She is quite mad.

Take concern in that.

(moans quietly)

Ask the question that weighs on you heavy.

Do you gather the others or should I?

I'll bring them.

(Norton groans)

(hinges creaking)

Please forgive me.

(water dripping)

It warms my heart that you have come.

A man has confessed to the m*rder of Lady Trula.

According to Baron Pryce, he claims to be a rebel, following the orders of the Wolf.

I do not know this man, sister.

He was not under my orders or anyone else's within the Byth Encil.

Why would he lie and willingly condemn himself to death?

I cannot know what is in his heart.

It seems that now my lore is being turned against me.

If they only knew how small I truly am.

The famous Wolf, scurrying like a rat through dank tunnels, stealing crumbs from kind strangers.

Please forgive me, dearest Love, for pulling you into this.

I come to this cause willingly.

Do not fall down that dark hole, brother.

I need the big, strong Wolf to eat the sad, little rat.

Spit and wit.

This man will be in our charge soon.

I will find out what is in his heart.

Get the truth in this matter.

We need to help each other.

It is extraordinary.

Find a smith who can separate all the stones.

It should provide a strong foundation to build your army.

I have your word, brother, that we do this together?


An alliance of noble and outlaw.

It is... rather poetic.

Poetry will not keep our necks from the king's a*.

With caution and counsel is how we proceed.

In the presence of God, you have my word.

May our savior keep you safe, Gruffy.

Of course he will.

Jesus was a rebel.

(man yelling)

(muffled yelling)

I will keep turning and turning.

I need the name of the man who k*lled the boy's mother.

(muffled yelling)


(muffled groaning)









God have mercy.

What spurred such horror?

A need for truth.

Do not stop me!

Ash: Brothers. Please.

We are family, are we not?

Sir Denley.

He was the one who plunged the dagger through your mother.

He gave up that truth.

He was witness to it all.

And Ventris.

He was the one who slit my boy's throat.

I give us what we want, brothers.

This knight-- he knows of the man who k*lled my Eva.

I need to take that from him.

Toran... - If we are to be crushed under Corbett's thumb, at least give me the relief of knowing who took her life.

And you think it gives me relief every time I see Petra's cross swing from our reeve's neck?

It tortures me.


And it will drive you to a madness only soothed by thrusting a blade into the belly of the reeve.

Allow me the comfort the madness will serve!

That deeper burn.







Sir Locke.

He thrust the blade into her belly.

And then her throat.

It was Locke.

(loud panting)






(liquid pouring)

(airy gasping)

(liquid pouring)

And so, we have vengeance.

(doors creak open)

Master Gawain?


We always seem to find ourselves in the most unlikely of places.


Have you exchanged church pews for sacks of grain?


I fear God might not recognize me as of late.

Why is that?

My heart feels so unfamiliar.

As if it beats inside another man.

And my hands-- they... hold no warmth, no...

...truth I can recall.

I'm sorry, my lady. I'm...

I'm so very tired.


And very sad.


If this other man is half as true and good as the one I know, I am sure God sees the grace within him.

You are so kind to me, my lady.

And so beautiful.

My moments with you-- they feel like... the only thing that has any truth.

You see me.

From that moment in the chapel, when you touched my wound...

...my dearest Love, I have been drawn to you.

My apologies, Baroness.


I am...

It's the drunkenness of fatigue.


I am not offended, Master Gawain.

Then you are most forgiving.

Good night, Baroness.

I saw the birth of a boy.

When I touched your wound that night.

A vision.

It lasted but a moment, but it was... vivid and clear.

I sensed you saw it, as well?

No, my lady. I... felt only the pain of my wound.
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