01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "RIVER". Aired: October 2015 to November 2015.
"RIVER" revolves around a brilliant detective, whose fractured mind (suffering from a massive psychotic event when he loses his partner) traps him between the living and the d*ad.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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Do you hallucinate, have visions or believe you see those who are now d*ad?


Detective Sergeant Jackie Stevenson was a brave and invaluable member of the police service.

You witnessed the m*rder of your colleague less than three weeks ago.

You can't bring Stevie back.

What does she know?

Exactly! (River chuckles)


'Do you see ghosts? I don't believe in ghosts. Then what do you see?'


We're all sad, John -- all broken.

I'm glad it was you by her side when she d*ed.

River, Detective Sergeant King.

Is that my baby-sitter?

We're trying to link that car to Stevie's m*rder, otherwise you chased an innocent man to his death.

His girlfriend is expecting a baby. She's already gone to the press.

Yeah, there he is! There's the m*rder!

I didn't do it.

Can't sleep?

Guilt does that to you.

What would I sh**t a pig for?

Some of them are my best customers.

Then who did?

Then who did?

Music: I'm In The Mood For Dancing by The Nolans

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing... ♪

Still smells of Chinese.

Didn't you save a fortune cookie?

♪ I'm in the mood for chancing ♪
♪ I feel like dancing ♪
♪ Ooh, so come on and hold me tight ♪
♪ Dancing ♪
♪ I'm in the mood, babe ♪
♪ So let the music play ♪
♪ Ooh, I'm dancing ♪
♪ I'm in the groove, babe ♪
♪ So get on up and let your body sway ♪
♪ I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing ♪
♪ You know, I shan't ever stop tonight ♪
♪ I'm in the mood for chancing... ♪

They're burying me tomorrow.

♪ I feel like dancing ♪
♪ Ooh, from head to my toes ♪
♪ Take me again ♪
♪ And heaven, who knows ♪
♪ Just where it will end! ♪
♪ So dance, yeah, let's dance ♪
♪ Come on and dance... ♪

( Music fades to echo )

Feel no guilt, Inspector.

I'm not talking to you.

Guilt has quick ears to an accusation.

I'm not talking to you today!

I have always thought a country should be judged on how it treats its insane, rather than its sane.

The stranger on our shores, rather than those already home.

Just do it.

Just let go, River.

( Train brakes screech )

TV: 'The 26-year-old man has now been named as Christopher Riley. Officers investigating the drive-by sh**ting in October of Detective Sergeant Jacqueline Stevenson believe Riley may have had key information relating to the incident. Girlfriend Tia Edwards spoke to our Local Affairs Correspondent, Alexis Wilby. With only weeks to go until the birth of her baby, the death of Christopher Riley has caused my client considerable distress. Fundamental questions need to be asked. Why is this officer still working, when this young woman's boyfriend has d*ed? My client had a bright future ahead of her. She'd just enrolled on a course for nursing, she was looking forward to the birth of her baby. Now, that future is shattered.'

You know, you don't need to carry all those files.

They're all digitised, now.

Only, it'll take you twice as long.

You talk too much.

If I don't talk, then we have nothing but air.

'We talk. She crosses the road, she stops halfway. She turns her head. There's a look of recognition.'

If Riley was driving that car, maybe she knew him.


Did we ever arrest him?

River, we found Stevie's DNA...

Maybe there was a grudge?

.. inside the car.



It nails Riley to this. You're off the hook.

Too right, there was a look of recognition. She'd been in that car.

They're asking the questions we should be asking -- what was a respected officer doing, fraternising with a known drug dealer?

No. Don't do that.

Was there anything, anything different about her?

You worked with her that day. You went for dinner, for Christ's sake.

You must have talked about something.

We talked about nothing.

We worked -- and then we had lunch, and then, we worked some more. We went for a Chinese.

She was not fraternising with a drug dealer.

Then what was she doing in that car?

You can't deny where she comes from.

Her family are alibied, but they used to run half of east London.

She sent her own brother down. A betrayal like that?

That family never came back from it.

Tonight, at the wake, if you see anything, if you get a sense of anything...

River, please?

Marcus is waiting on your psych's report, so please, even if you don't think it, even if you don't feel it, just try, please, try to act like a normal person...

( Chrissie's voice fades to echoes )

( River pants for breath )


In and out.

In and out.

We've been here before.

You just pretend.

DNA inside the car?

Anything else you didn't tell me?

Your collar's not straight.

We worked. We had lunch, we worked some more, we went for Chinese.

We talked about nothing? Really?

I don't remember.

Loss of memory is a sign of mental decline.

I don't remember.

If you put 30 things on a tray, a person would only remember, on average, nine.

That's ridiculous.

Close your eyes.

Soap, towels, hair in third sink, cracked ceiling, mirror, chipped.

f*re extinguisher, broken cubicle door, fan, bin, chewing gum on sink.

Ten. I got ten!

You've burnt your shirt.

I've got a spare one hanging up in my locker, if...

It won't fit.


Go back through the CCTV footage from the Riley case.

Look for anything they missed.

Thank you.



The coroner has already ruled accidental death on Riley.

You got away with it.

There are procedures put in place to protect police officers from wrongful dismissal.

So, it may take me time, but this isn't the place for you, River.

I expect your psychiatric report to support me in this.

Watch yourself. Riley's girlfriend's been removed from the front desk.

She was demanding to speak to you.

Where are my flowers?

For a skunk dealer?

I was still a person.

In Colorado, I'd be considered a pharmacist.

In Colorado, you can own an AK-47 and graze your llama on public property.

Hey, yo! Who you talking to, bruv?

You're a nutter, you know?

Bleedin' nutter!

Music: Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys Pigs.

Stuck-up b*tch. Who does she think she is?

There seems to be an amnesty on smoking. At least the beer's free.

He's boring me shitless.

Oh, thank you. No more for you, then, eh?

Your money's no good here.

Hello, Jimmy.

So, you got him?

What was he -- some smacked-out kid, looking to have a pop at a cop?

Why did it have to be my sister?

There was a time I could have put a g*n to somebody's head and found him myself.

Now, I'm a reformed man.

You've been gone a long time.

Old sins cast long shadows.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

I decapitated a man, River.

I know.

Watch your back tonight.

Music: Since You've Been Gone by Rainbow

( Microphone feeds back )

All right, darling. All right, darling.

I'm singing your song, sweetheart.

♪ Since you been gone Since you been gone ♪
♪ I'm out of my head, can't take it ♪
♪ Could I be wrong? But since you've been gone ♪
♪ You cast the spell, so break it ♪
♪ If you will come back ♪
♪ Baby, you know You'll never do wrong... ♪

( Music and noise of pub fades )

I'm embarrassed.

She's a cow when she's sober and Nelly Furtado when she's drunk!

They don't even know what song I sang.

Is it any wonder I left?

And in the morning, they'll bury me -- and the one person who'll be missing, the one person who should be there...

I'm not family.

Who says?

Who says?

m*rder! m*rder!

m*rder! He didn't do it, he didn't do it!

Look at me. Look at me!

m*rder! You k*lled him!


This time, it was going to be OK!

You k*lled him!


Get off me! He didn't do it!

All right. All right, love.

It's all all right. Go on.

Oh, get yourselves inside!

Go on, inside.

There, there, love...

There, there...

When's that baby due, huh?

You look about ready to drop.

I hope they take it away from you.

Is it that m*rder, druggie, smackhead scum's?


It's empty.

You leave my buggy! You leave my buggy!

It's all right, it's all right, it's fine. There's no baby.

Just leave it alone!

( Tia sobs )

It's all right. There, there...

Leave it alone...

She wants to talk to me.

She as*ault you.

She knows something.

She's a rambling mess. We've interviewed her before.

You can't get any sense out of her.

She just keeps saying the same thing. "He didn't do it." - Well, maybe he didn't.

She was sectioned ten months ago, for drug-induced psychosis.

That's what happens when you smoke too much skunk.

Let me try, at least.

We're ringing around, trying to find a unit that can take her in.

It's the safest place for her.

Her and Riley's first child was taken away from them.

Yes, and now she's pushing around an empty buggy, for Christ's sake.

Exactly. Come on. She's got nothing, that kid.

Just give me my buggy! I need it, please!

Let her have the buggy!


You can take the buggy.

If I think that she's a danger to herself, or to you...

Rosa sits in with you. She's the appropriate adult.

If she thinks Tia can't handle it, she will call it.

You're going to take this one.

You are. You are. You are.

I don't have that power.

No, you all have the power.

All of you!


Sit down.

No, just give me a chance.

You only give up your power when you don't think you have any.

I'll be a good mum.

You can show them.

You can show them that you can be better than this, Tia.


Side effects hitting you hard today?

What are you on -- Risperidone?

Should take care of that, if you take them every day.

No, I stopped taking them.

That won't help, Tia.

No, I looked it up. It's bad for the baby.

If you take your medication and get well, you're showing that you can be responsible for yourself and for a child.

If you don't, you won't see the world straight.

Well, that can be overrated!

Right, Tia?

But if you don't, they will think that you're more of a thr*at to the baby than you actually are.

And you will love that baby... won't you?

They said it was a good size, on my last scan.

Then it's a boy.

Everyone says that shit.

Two to one, I'm right.

You went for that scan the same night my colleague was k*lled.

And Riley wasn't with you.

Where was he?

If he didn't do it, who did?

Who was driving the car?

Tia, who drove the car that night?

You're a queen when you're pregnant.

And then, you're nothing. You're nothing.

( Light buzzes )

They're going to take this one away, too.

Turn them off.

Turn off the light.

You're going to take this one away.

What the hell is going on?

She's in no state to be interviewed.


He's in no state to question her!

How long did you live with Riley?

A long time.

He looked after us, he took care of us.

But he wouldn't help with the baby.


We were going to do it right this time.

He got me the car, and a cot. A nice cot. He bought stuff.

Who did? Who got you the car?

You're not talking about Riley now?

Riley didn't care about the baby.

He cared about dr*gs.

I had to dope her up, it levelled her out.

You try living with that kind of crazy.

You nut-nut.



I want this interview stopped.

Marcus, this is my case.

Then handle it better than you are.

I want to help you, Tia. You're clean now, that's good.

But I need you to tell me who you're talking about.

You have to talk to me. You have to trust me.

We can do it right this time. We got a buggy... and we got baby wipes -- and we're going to look after our baby. Me and...


Me and... We're going to do it right.

Tia, who? Who's "we"?

( Door opens )

No! No, no, they're going to take it away from me, no!

No! Please tell them I can do it this time!

I can be a good mum!

You've got to tell them I can do it this time!

Please! Don't let them take it away from me!

It's different now! You promised! You promised to help me!

She closed down. You won't get anything.

You switched the light off.

The buzzing -- the buzzing gets in your head. How can anyone think?


I have concerns that Riley's death is affecting her mental stability.


She wasn't talking about Riley.

No! No!

Please, I don't want to, please... No. No! Just get off me!

Just get off me! No!

Please, let me go, please... No!


So, who was she talking about, then?

Someone who cares for her.

Someone who's helping her.

If I'd only had a longer time with her...

You always were good with the window lickers.

It's nice to see you found your tribe.

( River grunts )

Admit it... you miss me.

( Can drops )

If that's a Dr Pepper, it's mine.

Must have got stuck halfway down.

It swallowed my quid.


There are no images of Riley in the car until the day after Stevie was k*lled.

Before that, he's always on foot.

Sprawl of kids around him -- running for him, it looks like.

He's not got that car any time before Stevie d*ed.

So, who had it?

Then, I noticed some date discrepancies.

Some login details that didn't look right.

October 21st, 21.03.

October 21st, 21.03.

He was two miles away... and he certainly wasn't driving that car.

When Stevie was sh*t...

Riley was on the other side of town.

( Can hisses open )


I might be a skunk dealer, but I'm no m*rder.

I saved that for you, River.

Got to find yourself another man.

You have to release it to the press.

We went over everything...

You missed it.

Yes, thanks for that, Einstein.

You know, you've made this twice as hard for yourself?

Do you know what the press will do to you?

I was wrong.

They will crucify you!

He was innocent.

The boss has asked for Stevie's accounts again.

For what?

Weight Watchers subscriptions? Payments for takeaways?

.. And ten grand, withdrawn a week before she d*ed.

They're asking me if she had a second phone.

It's an obvious question.

What am I going to do with this?

Ira, could you just give us a minute, please?

If this kicks off...

I don't know if I can do this any more.

Grace is a hormonal mess...

Nina's 12, and still wets the bed.

Joe's idea of a gap year is not getting up till 12 o'clock, and Peter...

Don't have a fourth.

A fourth is the last in, and you never catch up with them.

Go home. Clean yourself up.


Someone else skipping their meds?

For some, it's a little rum and coke.

A little popper pill, a little line, a bit of puff...

Maybe you should try it, River.

You do what you have to do.

You read my file, man?

I've been in care since I was three. Robbing by the time I was ten.

You think that girl Tia's any better?

The baby will end up the same.

All that crap doesn't end up in the sea.

It washes back up the shit pipe, back to here.

But I was still worth something.

I was still worth something to someone.

Can you say the same thing?

Music: The Tide Is High by Blondie No-one ever called me Jacqueline.

I hate carnations.

♪ I'm not the kind of girl who gives up just like that ♪
♪ Oh, no It's not the things you do... ♪

Don't let her bully you, and don't eat anything.

It'll be out-of-date, frozen shit.

Hello, Frankie.

All right?

No-one got to bed till it had gone five.

Will you hurry up?

The service is at St Mark's.

At the top.

Father James d*ed last year, so it won't be him.

But we've a very nice gay who's taken over.


You can't say that, Mum.

Everyone knows he is.

Would you get upstairs and finish getting ready, Frankie?

It's just family.


There'll be a story coming out in the news today, about Riley.

He didn't do it.


No, no.

We're releasing it to the press. He was two miles away.

It wasn't him.

Who, then?

It's all right, Mammy.

They can go back to watching us.

Don't give me that crap.

We were watching X Factor.

We've told them that, again and again.

My whole life you police have taken. Every time.

First, my son. Then, my husband... and then, you take my daughter and put her in a uniform and you take her, as well.

16 years...

16 years, she didn't speak to her brother.


The only real justice is when you take the law into your own hands.

I'll find who did this.

Sure you will.

Domestic v*olence arrest.

Husband was drunk.

Wife had called 12 times before.

We made to arrest him... he slammed it in the door.

I got you a pack of frozen peas, sat with you all night in A&E, until they could see you.

It was only the tip.

( River sniggers )

And in the morning, we ate Mars bars and... you told me stuff you'd never told anyone before.

( Door opens )

I've been here for 15 minutes.

I want you to knock 15 minutes off my time.

I was a good nurse to you.

Get some steak on that eye.


Yesterday, with Tia... you were very...

It's my job, so...

Even so, you were very good with her.

She'll be all right.


She needs medication.

So, that's better for her, is it?

Not always. For some people... I hope.

So, it's better for the child not to be with its mother?

Farmed off somewhere?

You lived with your grandmother, didn't you?

Yes, until I was 14.

Where was your mother?

What sort of day was it?

Your last day with Stevie.

They don't come in a neat line, memories -- they come in bits and you have to try to... Piece them together.

Yeah. It was a... slow day. We'd been working on a case for a long while.

[RIVER SNORTS] I don't have time for this. This is...


It was an ordinary day.

We worked, we had lunch -- fast food.

I tried a milkshake -- banana.

And for some reason, she got it into her head that she wanted Chinese.

And I agreed to go with her to a restaurant at the end of the day.

What are you writing?

Just notes for myself.

So you can detangle, decipher and decide?


So, it was a date, that night?

You'd gone on a date?

With Stevie?


These questions, it's...

It's not natural to talk to someone.

Yet talking to yourself is?

I'm not talking to myself.

There's always someone there. Someone I'm talking to.

"Note to self -- the patient comments that he always talks to himself..."


But what is important is that the patient can control it, he can distinguish between what's there and what's not -- what is real and what's not.

And can you?

Yes, I can.

Have you done this before?

Have you ever been prescribed medication?

There's nothing -- nothing on your medical records...

On applying to the force, I submitted to a full medical examination...

You know... which I passed... if you do not declare any medical or psychiatric history... successfully.


Well, my BMI was a little high.

You want me to do this report, don't you?

If I don't do this report, what will happen?

I'll lose my job.

And then what?

I'll drink a lot of whisky.

And then what?

Do you know Marcus McDonald well?

Yes, you do.

Well, since you were asking me questions, I thought...

In about two minutes, Dud, the very nice man from the press office, will pass this door.

In his hand, he will be holding an official statement for the press, who are about to convene, also just a few yards from here.

They will learn that I... I chased a man to his death.

I chased an innocent man to his death -- although the medical coroner kindly has concluded that it was accidental... which is of very little comfort to his girlfriend.

His girlfriend, who's been sectioned.

Although, who wouldn't, under the circumstances, go mad?

I'm just telling you... in case you'd like to note that down.

They've found you out. I blame myself.

I'm not listening.

I tried, but you have no small talk.

It keeps people from asking questions.

Weather. Football. "See anything good on the TV last night?"

Try it.

You might surprise yourself.

Ira -- CCTV pictures, Tracey Estate, last 12 months.

Riley got that car from somewhere, and Tia was talking about someone else.

That kid, there... there, there... there, there, there... there.

Always with a bike.

Who is he?

I need to talk to Tia again.

Find out where they took her.

I'll meet you downstairs.

Do you want the radio on?


Have you ever been to China?

You see, that's when you could have asked a question.

"No. Why?"

I was up reading about it till three.

Baby wouldn't sleep.

Amazing place.

Now, you say something else.


The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco in 1900.


You can trust nothing.


You were right, Tia.

Riley couldn't have k*lled DS Stevenson.

I need to find out who did.

Did I do that?



They gave me something.

At least it's quiet here.

Yes, it is.

Do you want anything, Tia?

A cup of tea, or anything?


You sure?

I want to show you something.

Is he the "we"?


I didn't want to go on my own.

You still worry...

You still worry, when they...

When they feel for the heartbeat, you can't be sure, so...

So, Bruno came.



He's different to the others. He's a soft boy.

He's kind.

And he was with you at the hospital that night.

Is he the father?

He'll make a good dad.

I thought, this time...

I thought, this time, with Bruno...

He just wanted to get us a car.

He didn't want me going on the bus.

He didn't nick it until the next day.

The day after that copper got sh*t.

So, he stole the car?

Yeah. As soon as Riley saw it, he wanted it.

He didn't care that it was hot. He didn't give a shit.

There was nothing we could do.

So, we need to talk to Bruno, to tell him that...

To tell him it's OK.

We just need to know where he got the car from.

They're going to take the baby away, for definite now.

So, you need to show them that you're OK.

You need to take your medication.

You need to tell us where Bruno is.

Maybe, with his help, you can keep the baby.

Maybe he can be the good dad, until you're well again.

You're all right, Tia.

Even as you are, you're all right.

Not everyone fits, in this world.

Do you hear me?

We can do this.

We're all right.

We just have to... Pretend?


Oh, is it now?

Bruno, I need Bruno.

We can get him. Tell us where he is.

That's him.

Bruno! Bruno, stop! It's OK!

Slow down! You don't need to run!


( Bruno pants for breath )

We know you stole the car. Where from?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We know everything, Bruno.

We talked to Tia.

Is she all right?

Is she all right?

Is it coming?


Is it coming now?

You have to tell me who you stole the car from.

So, it was dumped here?

People do it all the time, if it's a piece of shit.

I came in early. Someone was dropping it off.


I couldn't see. It's dark in the winter.

He was wearing this old coat. Just dumped it at the gates.

I called to him, but he kept walking.

So, I took it.

She'll need her bag.

We can get her bag.

It's all back at Riley's flat.

She needs her stuff -- nappies and shit. Please?


It's all in here.

She's better off with him than me.

Even if he's just a kid.

I only went out for a milkshake.

I'm so sorry.

What do we tell Chrissie?

We traced the car to the scrapyard.

Anonymous tip-off.

We need to get an ID on the man who dropped off the car.

We'll talk to Bruno in the morning.

Let's give them the night.

Do you think they'll be all right?

I hope so.

I don't know what I'd do if my baby was taken away.

You rush people. Don't rush people.



What am I doing here?

You were assigned.

I've got a masters in IT, six years' experience in violent crime...

I don't know what I'm doing here.

And I'm going to be late for the quiz.

Tonight? Terry mentioned it.

In logistics?

Do you talk to anyone?

Not if I can help it.

And you should clean your car.

If you cleaned your car, it might make you feel better.

There's people who do that for you, now.

You pay them, and they put this stuff on your tyres.

Makes your tyres look new. A bit greasy, but new.

Stevie always...


When it got bad, she'd always tell me, so...

So, I'm doing the same.

I had an aunt who used to talk to herself.

Did you like her?

She tried to strangle my Uncle Ralph.

( River laughs )

What time is the quiz?


You don't want to be late.

( Car engine starts )

Close your eyes.

I'm trying to work.

Close your eyes.

( River sighs )

What can you remember?

Your eyes... blue-greenish.

Nose, longish.

Hair, brown.

Blonde bits, sometimes.

I don't remember.


Too many teeth.

Top lip, thin.

You're useless at this.

Your cheeks explode when you laugh...

You need to tell them what we talked about that night.

I don't remember.


If this is your way of helping with my passing...

What passing? You're still here!

( Door opens )

You're still here!


Your questions...

Yes, I've taken medication before.

No, I've never disclosed this.

Yes, Stevie helped me control my condition.

No, I've never been formally diagnosed.

Yes, I'm aware this is a breach of police protocol.

And when was the last time I spoke to a friend?

I don't have any.

The only one I have... HAD is d*ad, so...

( Faint laughter )

I'm a...

I'm a good officer.

But in this world, that's not enough.

In this world, you have to be able to... nod and smile and drink a pint and say, "How was your day?"

In this world, no-one can be... different or strange, or damaged... or they lock you up.

So, what do I do?

What do I do now?

You keep talking.

( Car engine starts )

It needs charging, you doughnut.


I had a second phone.

Music: I'm In The Mood For Dancing by The Nolans Go on... try it.


You might surprise yourself.

♪ I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing ♪
♪ You know I shan't ever stop tonight ♪
♪ I'm in the mood for chancing ♪
♪ I feel like dancing ♪
♪ Ooh, from head to my toes ♪
♪ Take me again ♪
♪ And heaven, who knows ♪
♪ Just where it will end! ♪
♪ So dance, yeah, let's dance ♪
♪ Come on and dance ♪
♪ Dance, yeah, let's dance ♪
♪ Come on and dance... ♪
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