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01x01 - Episode 1

Posted: 10/30/15 22:31
by bunniefuu
Radio: 'All patrols. All patrols. Immediate graded call for reports of an as*ault. Location is the beach by the East Pier. Your call sign, please.'

Control, this is Kilo 220, show me State Five to that call, please.

( Siren blares )

'It takes courage and conviction to become a police officer. More than just a job, it's a vocation -- a call to action. So, I think we can all feel a sense of pride and admiration for the men and women who stand before you today. And let us not underestimate the dedication and hard work that has brought them here -- the tough training that will enable them to faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of Constable -- an office with the most demanding of social and moral responsibilities.'

These constables will be at the heart of our communities.

On the front line, whether joining neighbourhood or response, they will provide help and inspire hope, acting as the cornerstone of our justice system.

'On a daily basis, they will find themselves dealing with people in extremis, confronting life and death situations...'

Will you please leave?

( They jeer )

Get out of here!

.. facing constant challenges.

'They will need to be resilient, responsible, respectful.'

Behave yourself! Guys!

'They will have to remain calm and assertive in the face of provocation... .. always striving for conflict resolution...'

Put your phones away.

Control, I'm requesting backup.

Ensuring cohesion and security... 'as they represent the service,' executing the highest standards of decision making...

Yes! You like it, do you? Eh? You like it, do you?

.. in their positive daily interactions... with the public.

Run. Run, run, run!

Run! Keep running!

( Laughter )

And as their Chief Superintendent, I will endeavour to support them, as they face the ever-changing demands of modern policing 'and gain a foundation of knowledge and experience in the execution of duty...' whilst earning the enduring respect of the public they serve.


What is the point of you?


And today, I'm here not only in my professional capacity, but like you, as a family member.

So... please step forward, Student Constable, PC Jake Vickers... my son.

( Applause )

So, you ready for your rookie?

Born ready.

This will be a good fit.

22, hometown boy, goes by the name of Jake... Vickers. Yeah, I heard.

So, what do they say about him?

He's just moved back after two years PCSO.


He hasn't done it.

Is there anything else he hasn't done?

What can I say? He jumped the queue.

It wouldn't be my decision, Ryan.

Straight on Response?

No skills, no experience?

So, what has he got?

A dad with stripes on his arm and the big corner office.

Look... just don't ride him too hard.

So what? Treat him the same as everyone else, yeah?

Exactly. And remember, the Chief picked you personally.

Oh, course he did. I'm the best baby-sitter in the business.



Jake, meet Ryan.

Ten weeks. You and me.

Let's go.

All right, Jake. I don't know what you know and what you don't, so we'll start at the very beginning.

Do you know how to do your vehicle checks?

So why did you want to do this?

Next step. Done two years PCSO, so...

I already know your CV.

I want to know why you wanted to become a police officer -- cos in my experience, there's three different types.

Fighters, who just want to punch people.

Then you've got your speed freaks, who just want to drive fast.

And then, there's your bed wetters.

Finally get a chance to throw their weight around, now they can hide behind a uniform.

So, which one are you?

Suppose I'm a chip off the old block. Dad's a policeman...

Let's just be clear. You MIGHT be a policeman -- your dad is a politician.

Let's go!

I just... I just want you to know, I'm totally up for this.

I'm bricking it, obviously... Nervous...

You should be -- cos I'm going be all over you.

Anything that comes between you and your ability to do the job properly will become my problem.

So, is there anything you need to tell me?

Er... Open book, really.

I'm gay, 22, single...

So, what about you?

Married? Got kids?

Radio: 'Any patrol please, for an immediate graded call to 24a Grover Street.' - Listen. Neighbours report the sound of a distressed male occupant. This address has a marker for high risk. Your call sign, please.'

Control, this is Kilo 220, show us State Five to that call, please.

( Engine revs )

Right, time to see what you're made of.

Control, this is Kilo 220, show us State Six. Over.

You come in... You come in here, I will s*ab you up, man!

Stop threatening me and open the door.

I'm serious! you'll need a full bl*wn m*llitary operation, man...

Listen, if you don't...


Do you remember me?

Look, I want you to come to the door, and let us in... but first, can you put that Kn*fe down for me?

Go on. Just put it down and don't touch it, please.

I'm out of it, man. I'm out of it...

I know you are, so why don't you put the Kn*fe down?

Put it on the floor and then we can help you.

It's going to be all right.

( Kn*fe clanks on floor )

( Door opens )

I'm really sorry, I'm sorry...

Yes, OK. You're sorry.

You've made a bit of a mess of your arms there, Nathan.

Are you happy for us to try and bandage them up?

You want me to do it?

Can you see an ambulance?


Is it OK if Jake does it?

It's his first day, but I reckon he'll do a good job.

Look, I'm going to have a quick look round.

Is there anything we should know about? Sharps? Needles?

Pitbulls in your bedroom?

( Nathan chuckles )

All right.

All right, keep your arms up for me, mate.

That's it.

Keep them up.

Look, I can't help you if you keep flailing about.

That's it. Keep them up. All right.

I didn't mean to do it, I swear.

It's OK.

I just, I just...

I couldn't think of anything else to do.


Things get on top of me, you know?

Hey... I'm here, all right?

I'm not going to leave you.

Now, keep them up. OK?

How are we getting on in here, then?

Nathan, do you remember me? We've met before.

You come outside with us, get in our nice, warm van and we can pop down to the hospital...

No, no! I'm not going...

We just need the doctor to take a quick look at those arms...

I won't do it! I won't go!


Radio: Broadcast, broadcast, all patrols. Please be on the lookout for a stolen digger, taken from a building site in Stanmer Park, described as a commercial-type digger...

Nice job.

It's all about how you talk to people, isn't it?

( Splash )

I've seen a huge improvement since last time.

I'd even say he's enjoying it.

'It's always been about confidence with him.'

But once he got over his nerves, I knew he'd enjoy it.

'He's definitely got more movement in his socket.'

Hopefully, we'll be able to build up the body mass.

He even jumped straight in the pool this morning.

Oh, bless him...

Right... Yeah.

( She mouths ): Tea?

Sorry, yes...


All right, well, er... I'll post you another cheque.


Just to let you know, Ruth, my dog sitter, will be picking him up from the swimming pool.

Yeah. Cheers. Bye. Bye-bye.

Your dog's having swimming lessons?

He has hip dysplasia. It's a recognised medical treatment.

You spend more on that mutt than I do on my kids.

Well, I see that mutt more than you do your kids.

( He laughs )

Keegan Benson's out. Time on remand.

Oh, good. Our favourite r*cist(!)

And the kids whose legs he broke? Probably still in physio.

Seriously, there's no point.

( Mobile phone rings )


I'm fine.

( He speaks north indian language )

I got your recipe.

Amchoor powder -- I won't forget.

I'm buying it now. OK. Bye, Mum.

You laughing at me?

Oi, raghead...

Oi, Mussie... I'm talking to you.

I said, are you laughing at me?

Please, just leave me alone, OK?

Look at me.

I'm sorry. Please, please...

All right, Mish?


Come on, guys. Behind the tape, please.

We'll need to take a look at your CCTV.

Doesn't work -- not for weeks. I keep ringing the company.

Where were you, when the att*ck happened?

The cold store, downstairs.

I heard the shouting, but when I came up, he was lying on the floor, covered in blood --

Kaleem standing next to him.

Sorry, "Kaleem"?

My son.

Hello, Kaleem. My name's Jo.

How old are you?

He's eight. He's off sick.

Do you like superheroes, Kaleem?

Who's your favourite?

Would you like to tell me what you saw?

He didn't see anything.

When the teacher was taking the register, she realised Lauren hadn't come in with the others.

I warned them about him.

Oh, God -- my little girl!

How long have you been divorced?

We split up 18 months ago.

Decree absolute finally came through last week and I thought it was over.

I thought we were free.

It's been hell.

Please, you have to help me.

Yeah, we will.

We've got his mobile and car registration and we're trying to locate him as we speak, so if you could tell me a little bit about him?

Is there a history of mental illness?

He's a depressive -- paranoid, volatile...

But he won't get help. Can't hold down a job...

Do you have any reason to believe that he might hurt your daughter?

I don't know.

I don't know what he's capable of.

You said it was your first day.

It is.

Do you like it?


Being a cop?

Yeah. So far, so good.

I had a job once.

Morrisons -- deli counter.

Cheese, ham...

Teddy bear luncheon meat?

Yeah, man! Yeah, we had that.

So, what happened?

Walked out.

My boss was a d*ck.

OK, Nathan -- we're going to head off now, get back to work.

You're going to stay here and let the doctors and nurses take care of you, all right?

You sure he's going to be all right on his own?

The crisis team has been beeped -- they're on their way.

There's nothing else we can do here.

Shouldn't we wait till they get here?

Look, this is a place of safety.

No crime's been committed.

And until you've been on the job for more than three minutes, maybe you'll let me make the decisions, all right?

All right.


We're off now, Nathan.

Look after yourself, mate. I'll see you around.

Radio: 'All patrols, all patrols, attention drawn to Woodingdean, there's a sus man in a digger which matches the description of the Stanmer Park job this morning, over.'

'This is Kilo 329, can you confirm the location, please?'

Mr Bangash, I've got a young man lying in hospital.

At this point, we don't even know if he's going to make it, so any help you can give us...

Why should I help you?

My shop was vandalised.

Three days, I waited for the police. Three days.

My son, shouted at on the bus.

My mother, abused in the street. You're never there for us.

I just want a quick chat.

Just Kaleem, telling us what he saw...

And as I've explained, Mr Bangash is well within his rights not to allow his son to be interviewed.

Yeah -- can I have a quick word?

Excuse me.

I've got a 21-year-old in intensive care, his parents flying in from India, bugger all forensic evidence.

That kid is my best witness.

So please, I'm asking you nicely.

Help me, just this once.

I'm sorry, are you trying to appeal to my better nature?

I thought you knew me better than that.

( Rap music plays )

Look, just to be clear -- you don't tell me to "chill".

You don't undermine me in public.

When you're in this car, in that uniform, you're one of the team and you act accordingly.

If you've got a problem with that... ( Brakes screech ) .. talk to your dad.

What the hell are you doing here?

Study period.

This don't look like studying.

You know what this looks like?


This looks like you're wasting your life when you should be in school.

( Kids snigger )

What, you think this is funny?

This is not a playground!

Listen, get back to school, now -- and I'll be calling your tutor to make sure that you do.

Go on.


Got kids, then.

Radio: 'Priority request for assistance, shoplifter Queens Road, female, 30, blonde hair, making off on foot, towards Church Street.'

Control, this is Kilo 220, show us State Five to that request, please.

( Siren wails )

Stop! Police, stop!

Donna, what's your position?


Police, stop!

Control, heading north on beach pathway.

This way!

I'm on Gardner, heading North. You eyes on? - 'No, not yet.'

There she is. Go on. Go on!

Jake, cuff her!

Right, I'm arresting...

( Shoplifter screams )

Oh, my God.

Cuff her!

( Shoplifter screams )

Cuff her to the rear!

She's trying to get her DNA on your hand.


Police brutality! This is police brutality!

Jake, come on!

Come on!

That's enough. You're coming with me. Don't resist.

Get off her, you pig!

Come on, then.

Four of you, one of her! It's disgusting!

Isn't it?

Don't get yourself into trouble.

You know what this is?

This is harassment!

You want to get that out of my face?

Don't touch me! Don't you dare touch me, you fascist bully!

Grow up.

( Crowd winces )

Cinnamon, stand up. Walk properly.

I'm epileptic!

I'm going to have a fit!

Sit down.

What are you looking at? Lithuania?

Malta. Madagascar! She pointed at Madagascar then.

Mate, does she look like she's from Madagascar?

I don't know. What does that mean?

What do I look like? Do I look Italian?

Hang on...

You've got a bit of your nonna's lasagne stuck between your teeth.


You're Bulgarian?



Hello, Language Line?

This is Brighton Central, we've got an Bulgarian female in custody.

OK, I'll hold.

Simon Reddington. I'm the duty solicitor. Who have I got next?

One second please, Mr Reddington.

( Cell door buzzes )

Up. Up!

Do you know who my mother is?

We don't care.

Well, you will care, because my mother's a lawyer.

She's a very important QC.

We don't care what people's parents do.
( Knocking at door )

Come in.

I understand your witness isn't talking, so I've called a local TV press conference.

Scheduled for this afternoon. You lead.

Yeah. Sir, with respect...

It's all right. It'll be fine.

I'll be with you.

Anything else?

Maybe we could go out afterwards?

Yeah, I'm...

Just for a bite to eat?

It's been a while.

That's not going to be possible tonight.

How's Debbie?

( Phone rings )

I really need to take this.

OK, great. Thank you.

Good news.

We've been able to locate James to within a mile radius.

We've placed a marker on his vehicle and put out an "all ports" warning.

Thank God. So, when are you going to move in, get Lauren back?

It's not as simple as that.

But you just said you'd located him.

We don't have an exact location. It's a... It's a process of triangulation. It takes time.

I don't believe this. My daughter might not have time!

Would you like to me to get a... family liaison officer?


No, I don't want a family liaison officer.

I just want you to do something, before it's too late.

( Laughter )

She was massively DISAPPOINTED!

So... Good morning?

Been bled on, spat on and felt up.

And how's your mentor?

I know. Bundle of laughs, isn't he?

( Laughter )

Got enough to eat there, Big Boy?

Jake hasn't even got his food yet.

It's Wednesday, so...

Double lunch.

Double lunch, exactly. Boom. Soup, sandwich.

Lino likes his pork products.

I'm practically vegan!

No, I haven't seen him yet, he went straight out with Ryan.

I've heard he's d*ad fit.

Really? He doesn't take after his dad, then.

Doesn't sound like it! I'm looking forward to seeing him.

Fresh meat, easy on the eye...

What's not to like?

Not got your sandwich yet?


Radio: 'This is Charlie Sierra 945, I'm at Marina Square, I have a robbery in progress. One masked offender in a large digger and two more in a pickup truck. They're attempting to take the ATM...'

Jake, come on!

( Sirens wail )

Kilo 230 -- you take the coast road, we'll head inland on Falmer Road.

Any units. We need urgent assistance, now!

Stand back! Back, now!

Move! Go, go, go!

The vehicle is a silver pick-up...

Shut your mouth.

.. vehicle registration is...

Don't you say another word!

Golf Victor Zero Six November Bravo X-Ray.

We've got it! Let's go!

They're leaving the scene, heading west -- west, out of the marina.

Radio: 'All cars. All patrols. CCTV reports the silver pick-up involved in the ATM robbery is heading towards Braypool roundabout. Any units available to attend, over?'

Kilo 220, we've got that, we're en route now.

( Siren blares )

Control, this is Kilo 220 priority, over.

'Go ahead, Kilo 220.'

We have sight of the silver pick-up truck, registration Golf Victor Zero Six November Bravo X-ray.

The vehicle is heading into Falmer.

( Car horns beep )


I am an initial pursuit trained driver in a marked response vehicle.

I am behind the vehicle, which is travelling at speeds in excess of six-zero miles per hour and climbing.

Do the commentary.



Er... Hi, guys, this is Jake...

Er... Control, this is Kilo 220...

We're heading down a road... er... We're heading, er... West...

We just passed a windmill...

He's braking, he's turning left, left, left, towards the university.

He's passing...

He's turning into South North Road...

North South Road.

North South Road.

The sat nav's not working. It's not keeping up.

I don't know where we are.

'Kilo 220, this is Kilo 230, we've a Stinger on board. Where do you want us, over?'

He's running red lights onto the two-seven...

We're travelling westbound on the Bravo Two Seven.

Stamner Park. Anywhere south of Stanmer Park would be good.

Come on, come on Ooh! How much do I love that?

You're a child.

Kilo 230 to Kilo 220, we are State Six with Stinger deployed as requested, over.

Kilo 230, we're approaching your location.

He's faster than us and he's pulling away.

We will be with you in...

You said it was the Bravo Two Seven!

A27... Oh, sh*t!

Alpha, sorry. Alpha.

( Tyres pop )

We're losing him.

Sorry, mate.

Vehicle is still on the road, ALPHA Two Seven, heading east.

Come on. Come on.

Out of the way! Come on!

( Ryan shouts )

It's a loss, loss, loss.

The thing is, we were trying to catch some really bad men and we went and caught your daddy, by mistake.

Thanks for being so reasonable about it.

We'll get you towed, get you somewhere safe.

Control, this is Kilo 230.

'Go ahead, Donna.'

Can I have recovery for a vehicle on the Bravo Two Seven to Brighton Central Tyres?

Recovery is for a manual vehicle, which has been stung by police in error.

'Copy that, Donna. Your location, please?'

Location is the Stanmer Park junction.

The vehicle is a green hatchback, registration November Two Five Eight Hotel Lima Whisky, over.

'Control received, are you aware that the vehicle is marked on PNC as an "urgent stop and detain all occupants"? Do you have the occupants with you?'

Control, what was the marker for?

'Child Abduction, over.'

'The occupants of the car have left the scene. PC Moretti and I are searching the area now.'

I said I'm sorry.

'Can I confirm their description please?'

Look, I hadn't done a commentary before... and the bloody sat nav...

I don't know if it's an A road, B road...

No, you don't.

You don't know anything!

You know, no-one else is going to say this to your face, so I will.

Everyone thinks you got this job because of your dad.

Is that what you think?

I think there's a reason why people put time in on Neighbourhood -- cos then they know where they are, they know what they're doing.

Cos this... This job is hard enough.

No respect from the public, press printing lies, every Home Secretary cutting us off at the knees!

sh*t from all sides -- and then, I get saddled with you!

You know what? You should be pleased.


You've been looking for an excuse to jump down my neck.

The moment I started, on my back...

That is my job!

I'm tasked to monitor and assess you...

It's more than that and you know it is.

I can't help being the boss' son, but you can help being a... A what?

'Any patrol please, for a call on the Ardglen Estate, 32 Peacemore Avenue. Members of the public have reported a disturbance at a house party. Your call sign, please.'

Control, this is Kilo 220. Show us State Five to that call, please.

( Car engine starts )

Thank you for coming today.

This is still very much an ongoing investigation... and we have a dedicated team of police officers working extremely hard to find out exactly what happened.

In the meantime, I would appeal for any witnesses, or anybody with information at all to come forward and contact us.

'DS Moffat will now read a short statement from Mr and Mrs Sharma, who are in India and have been informed of the att*ck on their son.'

'Our beloved son, Amit, had his whole life ahead of him when he left for the UK. He is now unconscious in hospital, fighting for that life after a senseless, unprovoked att*ck. Amit is our only son, our pride and joy -- and we are devastated about what has happened to him.'

Oh, my God, look at that chin. I look just like my mum.

That a good thing?

No, not really. She hasn't seen her feet for 20 years.

Hello? Speaking.

That's great.

Thanks very much. Cheers. Bye.

Crimestoppers tip-off. A name for the Sharma stabbing.

Go on?

Keegan Benson. Home address, 32 Peacemore Avenue.

Control, this is Kilo 220, We've arrived at 32 Peacemore Avenue in response to the disturbance report.

There's a large number of nominals in the front garden.

We need at least a couple more double crew cars before we can enter the building.

'Received, Kilo 220. Stand by.'

Music: The Other Side by Michael Spreitzer Is this your home?

Of course it's my home.

Do you want to go upstairs now? Do you want to go upstairs now?

We need to go in. He's my suspect.

Just wait for back up. It's heaving in there...

( Glass shatters )


OK, here we go.

Control, we've just had a bottle thrown at the police vehicle.

Request urgent assistance.

'Received, Kilo 220. Your nearest units are 20 minutes away.'

Oh, Jesus Christ...

We have to go now! We wait, I've lost him.

All right. Look, I'm going to go round the back, just in case he goes over the fence.

You stay with them. Do as you're told. Use your ASP, if necessary.

Get the suspect. In and out, as quickly as possible.

No heroics!

Police! Police! Police!

Don't move!

Benson! Stay where you are!

Come here, scum!


Back off!


Jo, are you all right?

Yeah. Not bad. You?



Back off.



Jake! Go and get Benson.

Find Benson. Go, go! Now!

Get back! Get back!

Drop it! Drop it!

Come on, then!

Get back! Get back!

Get back!

Come on, then!

Get on the ground. Get on the ground, now!

Drop it!

Drop it!

Drop the bar!

Mate, you don't need to do this. All right?

Listen to me. Listen to me...

Just walk away... Walk away.

I ain't walking, cos you got nothing, you black bastard!

( Bar clangs )

So, you did have him?

You had James, and then you let him go?

As I've explained, his vehicle was involved in another incident which some uniformed officers were dealing with...

So, you're no closer to finding them?

( Text alert )

It's him.

He's sent a message.

'I want you to know why I'm doing this and I need you to listen, and not hide behind solicitors and custody agreements, OK? I'm Lauren's dad, right? I'm her dad. And Lauren wants me to be her dad. Don't you, Lauren?'



'Not some stranger, who just picks her up and takes her to the swings every other Saturday. So, just... Lauren, don't be scared, all right? Tell Mummy that you want to be with me. Tell her you want to be with me. For ever.'

Can't say it now.

( She sobs )

'Tell her you want to be with me. For ever.

'.. You want to be with me. For ever. Tell her you want to be with me. For ever.'

There we go, that should hold it together.

Don't think you'll scar.

Aw, scars are cool.

As long as it's enough to get that little scrote on serious as*ault.

I heard he did all right.

Yeah, seems so.

Surprisingly pugnacious, considering who his dad is.

Jake, let's go.


It's all right.

So, you ARE a bed-wetter?

That's me.

( Car engine starts )

( Cartoon on TV )

Where's your dad, Lauren?

Where's Daddy?

Have a good one, mate.

Well done. Got your suspect.

Everyone OK?


Sorry you were put in that situation.

I just don't have the bodies.

It's not your fault.

How did it go? Rocky first shift?


You did all right. And you'll get used to it.

How long does it take?

About two years.

I haven't seen a crash like that in a while. It was horrible.

Hey, I was just saying sorry to Ryan.

We had to help with traffic. RTA. We couldn't get away.

Don't worry about it.

Are you OK? It sounded like a ruck.

Yeah... Yeah, fine.

You want to train with us tonight?



Yeah, all right.


Come on then, guys.

Music: Youth by Daughter

♪ Shadows settle on the place that you left ♪
♪ Our minds are troubled by the emptiness ♪
♪ Destroy the middle It's a waste of time ♪
♪ From the perfect start to the finish line ♪
♪ And if you're still breathing You're the lucky ones ♪
♪ Cos most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs ♪
♪ Setting f*re to our insides for fun ♪
♪ Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong ♪
♪ The lovers that went wrong ♪

( ECG beeps )

♪ We are the reckless We are the wild youth ♪
♪ Chasing visions of our futures ♪
♪ One day we'll reveal the truth ♪
♪ That one will die before he gets there ♪
♪ And if you're still bleeding You're the lucky ones ♪
♪ Cos most of our feelings They are d*ad and they are gone ♪
♪ We're setting f*re to our insides for fun ♪
♪ Collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home ♪
♪ It was a flood that wrecked this home ♪
♪ And you caused it ♪
♪ And you caused it ♪
♪ And you caused it ♪
♪ And you caused it. ♪

So, did you ring him?


The solicitor.

Mate, I see everything.

You want my advice?

Don't sleep with the enemy.

Radio: 'Any patrol please, for an immediate graded call to Brighton Beach, Madeira Drive. A member of the public has reported a body under the pier.'

( Siren wails )

A high-risk misper?

So, you know how this could have ended, don't you?

IPCC, Professional Standards, maybe even gross negligence...

We took him to a place of safety.

No crime was committed, sir.

We did nothing wrong.

This time, you were lucky.

You were lucky this isn't someone's beloved son.

No-one will miss him, no-one will care.

He will be forgotten.

But I will not forget.

You are the Tutor Constable.

The experienced officer.

Do not jeopardise my son's career before it's even g*n.

Are we understood?

Understood, sir.

An unpleasant task.

You all right?

Just doing my job. Sir.

Take this is as a learning opportunity.

Don't take anything for granted.

Check everything twice... cos everyone can make mistakes.