01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Prey". Aired: April 2014 to December 2015.
"Prey" features quite different story lines from one season to another. Season 1 follows a Manchester detective on the run from his former colleagues. Season 2 follows a prison officer, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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Detective Farrow claims he found his wife and younger son m*rder.

We have your fingerprints on the Kn*fe that k*lled Abi.

Tell me what happened.

I didn't do it!

The husband's one of mine.

Yeah, I know.

Let us work.

Ma'am, there's been an accident.

Farrow's escaped.

He's not a fugitive.

He's looking for something.

My family were k*lled for two computer disks.

Files into the disappearance of Omer Hassan.


What are you doing with the disks?

I've got one.

Sean destroyed the other.

He was working with Topher Lomax, but they weren't in charge.

I dealt with Alex Chambers.

He sold me Hassan's identity.

Mac, I need you to find someone for me - Alex Chambers.

Something on the disks connects Chambers to the m*rder of Hassan.

I know you're not just running.

I know you're not trying to escape.

Devlin's protecting you.

And you trust that snake?

That snake's your best mate.

The only person I trust is Mac - she'll keep the disks safe.

I'll look at the disk, but I can't let you go.

Then I'm sorry.


Susan Reinhardt?

How many Sues do you think there are out here?


Jesus, Sue.

What were you thinking?

Don't start I'm fine.

Yeah, you look it.

You're lucky we're not bagging you up.

Farrow's around here somewhere.

I want squad cars here now.

He's clearly a nutcase.

Is he?

What if he didn't do it, Ash?

He did.

Look at the state of you.

How far would you go to find the people that k*lled your family?

I need you to PNC a name for me.

Alex Chambers.


Oh, come on, Ash.

Proper shiner.

Let's get you looked at.



What do you want?

You weren't answering your phone.

I told you what to do.

I can't sit at home with my thumb up my arse.

Alex Chambers.

You found him?

Look, it's not as simple as that.

Do you know where he is or not?

No, not yet.

Then we've got to speak to Reinhardt.


We won't.

You don't go anywhere near Reinhardt.

Until I find Chambers, it's either Farrow or us, right?

You need to do something.

Well, you need to buck up.

You can't be coming round here, all pissed up.

You're not a kid.

Now, I swear to you, Sean, I just need some more time.

Chambers could bring us all down.

You have to trust me.

Now, promise me you won't talk to anyone.


Oh, my God.

What happened to you?

Come here.

Thanks for coming.

Is there no-one else you could ask?


I sent Ash home.

He gets on my tits.

I forgot I had them.

I'm sorry if I've put you out, or upset the missus.

She's got a name, Sue.



Thin Lizzy.



I'm really sorry.

I just...


just needed to be with someone that I...

that I mattered to.

Susan, we've been through this.

No, not - not someone that loves me.

I'm not that daft.

Doesn't even have to like me.

Just someone that... that I mean something to, as a human being.

I do like you.

You silly cow.

Of course I like you.

Come on.

I'll run you home.

You're in early.

You've not been signed off?

I needed to think.

Look, I've drawn a blank on this Alex Chambers.

Not a dicky bird.

So I'll just -

I met Farrow.

Did I tell you?

The day before he...

It was right here, actually.

He must have been coming from Records.

He lent me a quid for a Mars bar.

Just handed it over, just like that.

Didn't think twice about it.

Just like I didn't think twice that he was guilty.

That he'd stabbed his wife to death and left his little lad...


Come on.

It all points to Farrow.

He didn't have a key.

There was no forced entry.

All these doubts because he gave you a quid?

Maybe it's that simple.

Look, we follow the evidence, not feelings.

Ten times out of ten, we're bang on.

These guys are not that bright.

Farrow is.

Coppers make the worst K*llers - Oh, my God, Ash.

I told him his little boy was d*ad.


Mackenzie's just arrived.


Thank God you're all right.

I'm fine.

It's not that bad.

I can't believe that Farrow did that.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

It's not your fault.

I'm just trying to pull everything together in my head.

What did he tell you?

Well, he spoke a lot.

But nothing that made much sense.

If I'm honest, he erm...

Excuse me, can I have the sauce, please?



Are you OK?

I'm fine.

He frightened me.

Threatened you?

No, no, no, nothing like that.

No, erm...

It was like erm...

it was like Jekyll and Hyde.

I mean, what if he really is ill?

None of us wanted to believe that he could actually do it.

He said he gave you a disk.

The case files into the Hassan disappearance.

No, he didn't give me any disk or any CDs.

Look, I...

I just feel like it's my fault.

I mean, I knew that breaking up from Abi really h*t him hard.

You know, not seeing his boys.

Maybe I should have seen it coming.

Look, Susan...

he's out there alone, and he's unstable.

You have to find him, before he does something else stupid.

Thanks, Mac.


They weren't CDs - the case files, they were those old floppy disks.




Are you coming home?

I can't, kid.

I can't.

But I will be able to soon, I promise you.


Oh, Finn, come on.

Finn, I haven't got long.


I can't remember their voices, Dad.

Mum and Max.



Listen to me.

Remember that erm...

that video we posted for Livvy?

Where, in Wales?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've got it.


There we are, running around.

Now we're spelling Livvy.

I didn't even want to be the V.


That's us, Finn.


That's us.

Finn, I've got to go.

No, Dad, don't go.

I love you.

Never forget that, OK?

I love you.


It's me.

Did you look at the disk?

There was no disk.

What did you say?

Look, you're not well, Marcus.

You're not thinking straight.

There is no disk.

What have you done?

Was that you?

Were you at my house?

Did you go to the crime scene?

My keys vanished from the house.

Did you take them?

It was you...

You set me up.


you, Devlin and Lomax, you're all working for Alex Chambers.

Prove it.

Christ, Devlin.

Late night?

What do you want?


You all right?


Right, so...

What have we missed?

Farrow swore he let himself in, so the k*ller had been and gone.


Sean, come on.

What's off?


out of place, you know, wrong?

All the doors and windows were d*ad-locked.

Was Abi security conscious?

Did she have a key under a stone somewhere?



She was a copper's wife.

Come on, Sean.

While you're still sober, prove to me Farrow didn't do it.

It rained last night.

Are you sure this wasn't there before?

Hello, Sean.

Surprise, surprise.



You look like I feel.

You shouldn't be here.

Me and you need to have a talk, Sean.

Can you just give me a minute?

I'm not well.

I've not got a minute, mate.

Come on.

Now, I know Mac is involved in this, and I wanna know why.


What do you want?

You may not have k*lled my family, Sean, but you know who did.

Who is Alex Chambers?

I don't know.

I never met him.

I swear to God.

Have you got any idea...

what you've done to me?

To my life?

Do you want to h*t me?

Go on.

She wasn't d*ad, you know, when I found her.

Just h*t me.

I won't stop you.

It was only seconds, but - Come on.

She fought it, Sean.

h*t me.

She fought.

h*t me!

Now she's gone.

I was in the water.

I was in the stream in front of the house.

It's just...

I'm thinking...

she'll be cross, because I've ruined this suit.

She'll be cross about that.

Marcus, don't.

She's gone, Sean.

They've both gone.

I should really be with Finn.

But they won't let me be with him.

They'll put me in prison.

You know what the worst thing is, the worst thing is, the worst thing is, he'll think I did it!

He will think I did it!

His mum and his brother.


Mac knew Chambers.

I never met him.

He was blackmailing her.

That's all I know.

Why are you protecting Chambers?

I wasn't protecting Chambers.

I was helping Mac.

And that is all I ever wanted to do, was just to help Mac.

Chambers didn't k*ll Hassan.

Mac did.

She'd gone undercover as a buyer.

It was her first big job.

And Hassan rumbled her.

Mac was the copper in the files?

He kicked the shit out of her.

I mean, he really went to town on her.

She almost d*ed.

So why not arrest him?

We did.

But we messed up, Marcus.

We didn't have a case.

CPS wouldn't touch it.

So the case was buried.

She waited for Hassan one night and caved his head in.

Lomax saw the whole thing and blackmailed her.

How could you not tell me this?

How could I?


Lomax and Chambers, they got rid of the body.

They took over Hassan's business and trusted that we'd turn a blind eye.

Mac never knew where they took the body, until you ID'd him on the moor.

Who is Chambers?

I don't know, but even Lomax is scared of him.

He pulls all the strings.


I told Mac that you'd left the disks at Abi's.

It was Chambers that organised the burglary.

Sean... don't think this changes anything.

I need your car and a phone.

And I want Lomax's address.

If you can't give me Chambers, he will.

Ma'am, I've got Sean Devlin here to see you.


OK, send him up.


I think it's about time we got this sorted out, don't you?

I've just seen Marcus.

What you got?

The hook your laddo used to get into Abi Farrow's house, the coat hanger?


Scrote called Dale Lomax.

Pulled twice for the same gig last year.


So what's the connection?

Look at the address.

Where Dale Lomax lives.

Farrow and Devlin were scrapping on his doorstep.

Right, OK.

Come on.

Mark, on your feet.

I need you now.

Jen, let me know if there's any sightings of Farrow.

You don't want to help Marcus.

Of course I want to Marcus.

And I will help him.

But I am not in control here.


You know I spoke to Reinhardt?

You know I went to Abi's house with her?

She's getting closer to the truth.

So is Marcus.

They both are.




why couldn't you trust me?



Does Farrow know everything?

Does he?


You just piss off.

You sanctimonious shit.

Does he know what you did?

Does he?

No, of course he doesn't.

No, of course he doesn't.

Can't you understand what I am trying to do?

I'm trying to save us.

It's not worth it.

What are you saying, Sean, eh?

We should have told the truth from the start.

That's what we should have done.

I'm going to go and speak to Warner.

That is what I'm going to do.


No, that's -


Just wait.


All right.

You're right.

You're right.

We still have to find Chambers.

Look, this is the only way we can help Marcus.

Look, if...

if I haven't got Chambers by tonight... we'll do it your way.

We'll do the right thing?


Police entering the building!

Police entering the premises.

Dale Lomax, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the m*rder of Abigail Farrow and Max Farrow.

You k*lled my wife and son.

No-one was supposed to die.

Chambers wanted the disks.

They connected us to Hassan.

Don't ask me who did the job.

He sent some kid.

It went tits up.

That's it.

Where is Chambers?

You don't know anything.

I know one thing.

You're not d*ad yet.

Now, you might want to have a little think about that.

What do you think you can do to me?

I'd go right now.


One chance.

Where's Alex Chambers?

Piss off.

Oh, no, you don't.

I know you know where he is.

And you should talk.

Devlin's gone.

He's finished.

He's probably spilling his guts right now.

You trust Devlin?

After all he's done?

After what he did to you?


You don't know, do you?

You don't know.

See that bloke?

Is he a bailiff?

I don't know.

Looks familiar.

Alex Chambers.

It's a woman.

Yeah, I've just seen that er...

Marcus Farrow.

Yeah, seen him clear as day.



No, no, no.


Oh, shit.





Anyone in?

I'm going upstairs.

All right, but no TV.


If you're ill, go to bed.



Max, I'm not having a shouting match with you.

Come down here and speak to me.

Max, if you want to talk to me, come down here - I'm busy.


No, no!

No, get away from me!

Look, hang on.

Get away from me.


Stay away!

Stay away!

Stay away from me!

All right.

I'll admit I was there.


No, it's right.

I was robbing the place.

I'll admit that too.

Come on, Dale.

This woman come homes with a lad.

And I'm upstairs.

So you know, er...

I hid.

I hid, right?

And then I heard this banging and shouting.

It turns out it was er...

It was your lad...

off the news.

Your copper.




He comes in.

He and his missus get to it pretty bad, you know, like rowing and shouting and arguing.

He's saying he wants the lad to come home with him.

But er...

the kid ran off.

And Farrow tried to grab him.

And the lad slipped.

And he er...

he fell on the stairs.

It was an accident Go on, Dale.

She goes bananas.

He grabs a Kn*fe.

Interview concluded at 18:10.

Find Warner.

He claims he's a witness, said he heard Farrow k*ll Abi.



We found Dale's uncle.

He's d*ad.

We've a witness.

A neighbour.

He says he saw Farrow leaving the address minutes before the body was found.




Dale goes nowhere.

Farrow's k*lled Topher Lomax.

Damn it, Ash.

He's finished.

Hello, Marcus.

We need to meet.




Warner wants a word.

We're up shit creek if Farrow's started knocking them off.

I know.

Why's he k*lled Dale's uncle?

I've honestly no idea.

Can you take a message?

Is this turning into some sort of spree?


I'm afraid she's in a meeting.

Ma'am, it's important.

Just take a message!

We need to regroup.

We need to weigh up where we're up to.

No, sir -

It's just not good enough, Sue.

I think we need to put a fresh pair of eyes on it.

I know it doesn't seem like it, but we have covered real ground.

It's my fault.

I shouldn't have put you under the spotlight.

It's not fair.

You weren't ready.


He said you owe him a pound.

What did he say?


He said he's going to catch the snake.


Susan, I want your team back at Longsight immediately, understood?

Sorry, Sue.

Up here.

He's like a kid.

Do you think he ever grew up?

Where is he?

Alexandra Chambers...

never existed.



It was just a name we invented the night that Hassan was k*lled.

Someone to hide behind.

I think Lomax kept the name alive just to spite me.

It took on a life of its own.

I'm sorry, Marcus.

You've been chasing your tail.

I just needed time.

That's all.

To do what?

Well, I'd have thought of something.

Look, I am sorry.

But I had no choice.

Don't you dare f*cking say that to me.

I was not going down for Hassan.

Christ, what that animal did.

I couldn't move...

for weeks.

You can't know how that feels - being certain you're about to die.

If I could make you understand -

Did Lomax understand?

If anyone understood, we wouldn't be here.


Things went wrong.

f*ck you.

I hate this.

You should have trusted me.

You trusted Devlin.




Come down.

He should have been there...

the night that Hassan att*cked me.

It was on the case files, where he was.

She wanted to see you first.

Not just where he was...

but who he was with.

I'll tell him.

The two of you had split up.

You were always splitting up.

You were with Abi?

I really wanted you to hear this from me.

We just needed the disks.

Just to cover our tracks.

How could we know what we would go on?

Shut up.

Tell him how long ago it was.

Shut the f*ck up!

About ten years.

Give or take nine months.


Everything he's told you is a lie, Marcus.

He was sleeping with your wife.

He's Max's father.

She's lying.

Don't listen to her.

He wanted to save face.

I made mistakes.

No-one regrets them more than me.

Your family d*ed.

You're like my brother.

I loved Max and I loved Abi.

He said he wanted to take care of Finn if anything happened to you.

No, no.

No, no, no, she's lying.

No, no!


Max was mine.

Max was mine!


I'm not you.

I'm so sorry, Marcus.


you k*lled him.

No, I didn't.

You did.

It was your prints.

Lomax and Devlin.

The two men that you blamed for the death of your family.

Look, there was no choice.


You made me do this.

Don't you judge me!

Who the f*ck are you?

Goodbye, Marcus.


Thank God.


he's here.

He k*lled Devlin.

His prints are on -

Andrea, don't.

Just don't.

I heard you.

Is that it?

Is that your answer?

Another m*rder?

They heard it all.

It's over.

This... This isn't... fair.
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