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02x03 - Season 2, Episode 3

Posted: 12/26/15 14:54
by bunniefuu


He wants Julie to give him my daughter.

Do you have kids?


Then you really don't understand.

He's pulled a voicemail off Murdoch's phone.

I think you need to listen to this.

'Please...' (SOBS)


'Leave me alone!'

We've two d*ad bodies, Sue.

One of ours in intensive care.

It looks like this boss of Murdoch's is involved.

He's up to his neck in debt.

Someone must have been paying him to get Jules Hope out.

The question is, who was he here to meet?

The body in the car, it's not him.

So, what, Dan Hope's still alive?

Who is it?

That body we found yesterday, Eddie Goad.

Eddie's brother Anthony runs a nightclub up the road from here.

A few years ago, me and Eddie stole some money, a lot of money.

I don't know where he is, no-one does, but if you - Hello?

Anthony about?

They're up there.

Go... Go!


It's over, David.

There must be some reason why Dan's done this.

Something must have happened.


Step forward, please.

Empty your pockets.

OK, go on.

It couldn't be Eddie.

Eddie's inside.

No he's not.

He's not inside, Julie, he's out.

You know, I messed up and I'm really, really sorry, but...

..he's going to come after us.

And it won't matter that you're in here cos he's gonna get to you.

This is the worst place that you can be right now, in here.

It's all right.

I'll think of something.



It's me.

You OK?

Right, call Ward.




I'm not getting bogged down in their system, not while we're still looking for Jules and Lucy. (SIGHS)

I'll take responsibility.

Just listen to me, you need to find Eddie Goad.

Come with me.

Right, take a seat, David.

Can you keep an eye on the door for me?


We'll just be a few minutes.

Can we get a coffee?

Aye, for a tenner.

You what?

You've just shut my shop, love.

I'm losing till here.

There's ã20, but I want the change.

Right, David, you do understand that you're under arrest?

So you need to watch what you say to me without a solicitor present.

I don't care, I just want to find my daughter.

So why are you on about Eddie Goad?

He kidnapped Lucy and threatened to k*ll her.

He was the one who had me break Jules out of the hospital.

David, Eddie Goad is d*ad.

He had nothing to do with this.

It's nothing, I'm fine.

So why did you come back here, then?

I thought you were d*ad.

To find out what had happened to you.

Where's Lucy?

I took her to Coniston.

Right. There's a ferry to Heysham this afternoon.

We can catch that, and then we'll phone the police and we'll tell them where she is.


No, there's some stuff that we need to work out.



We found a body on Sunday morning.

Yeah, Daniel's.

What makes you say that?

His neighbour told us.

Mr Rizla.

The ID that we found on the body was Daniel's, and that was our initial line of enquiry, but the DNA tests have come back and they confirm it wasn't Daniel.

It was Eddie Goad.

So as far as we know, Daniel's still alive.

What can you tell me about Jeff Crabtree?

What do you mean?

It was Jeff that fell at Cherrytree Gardens, he's d*ad.

We think he was being paid to set this up.

It was Jeff who told me to take Jules to the hospital.

OK, David, listen to me.

We need to get Lucy back safe and sound, that is our number one priority, do you understand?

Now, we are going to have to deal with the things that you've done, but first of all, we need your help.

We need to find Lucy and that means finding Daniel.


I don't know where Daniel is.

OK, David. So what about Jules?

You know where he'll come looking for you, Jules, and he told me what he wanted.

You know the money that you stole?

Well, the police never found it.

So all this time Eddie's been banged up, that money's been sat there, waiting for us.

Dan, the money's in a safe.

I couldn't get it open.

It needs two keys.


How did you find that?

Eddie came looking for your key and I got his, OK?

Where is he?

Daniel... the car.

All I want is that key... and my money.

Where is she?



What happened at the flat, then?


Stay there, OK?

Something's gone wrong.

They must have been caught.



Is she still here?

I'm sorry -


The deal's off.

You're not getting your money.

You think I care about that? Lucy!











Get up! Get up, now!


You have to get up!



I know where the safe is.

We could get the money...

..but we'll need Dave, Dave to get my key.



Room S10. Go.


Call an ambulance.



Can you follow the ambulance, please?

Can you get a detail in the hospital he's going to and get back to me? Cheers.

How is he?

Not great.

(SIGHS) Radio Stafford's people and get them to canvass the hotel.

Someone must have seen something.

Then what?

I've not a sodding clue. Come on.

Jules was seen leaving the hotel with a man matching Daniel's description.

Together? That's useful. We can...

..focus a pursuit.

We'll look at CCTV.

I mean, they must be going somewhere.

CCTV, is that it?

Is that the best you can do?

If Daniel has Jules, then he doesn't need Lucy anymore.

Doesn't mean to say he's going to let her go.





Dave, do you want to see Lucy again?

Come on.



Sue, can you hear me?


Sue...? Sue!

Pull over.

Pull over!


Where's Lucy?

Let me go... Where's Lucy?!

Right, calm down.

I know you've met up with Daniel.

I know. Where is she?


I don't know!

You're lying! You can k*ll me or you can phone the police, but all you'll be doing is burying Lucy.

You little b*tch.


If Lucy's in Blackpool, the police will find her.

She's not in Blackpool.

He's taken her to the Lakes.


I don't know.

I've done everything you asked.

I know.

It's you, isn't it?


You got to Jeff.

It's not Dan...

Dan's just doing whatever you tell him to do.

You had my mate set me up, and now he's d*ad!

It wasn't supposed to go so far.

All I wanted was for you to get me to Dan.

You knew Lucy was pregnant...

I know!

..and still you went on with it!

I know, and I am so sorry.



I really did believe that Dan was d*ad, and that Eddie had got to him before I could...

..and that he'd taken Lucy.

But Dan's not d*ad, he's got Lucy.

There's something that we need you to do for us.

I'm not helping you.

Dan's on his way to her right now...

I'm not helping you!

..and if you don't help us, I don't know what he'll do.

I don't know what Dan is capable of, he might hurt her.

And all we need is for you to get us a little key.

Key? What do you mean, a key?

What sort of a key?

For a safe. The money, the money that I stole with Eddie.

What, and that's it?

Well, get one cut or get somebody to open it for you! No, I can't.

But if we get the key, then we get the money.

And then we're gone, and then you get Lucy back.

This key...where is it?

It's in the prison.

You're f*cking joking.

We're gonna wait for your daddy, OK?


Don't struggle with me.

And keep your mouth shut.

I'm coming back, all right?



I should be done any minute.

Everything looks fine.

That's the heartbeat, there.

You're quite close to 11 weeks, were you due a scan?

I've only just found out I'm pregnant.

It''s not quite sunk in.

You all right?

Yeah, fine.

Still no news on this car.


Feels like Stafford's dragging his heels a bit.

Well, he can't just have vanished.

And I want to speak to Anthony Goad, Eddie's brother, find out what Murdoch was doing round there.

Richard, can you give me a minute?

Can you check on Alan for me?


You OK?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

When were you going to tell me?

I only found out myself this afternoon.

What do you think?


I dunno. It's a shock.

Sorry, I've got to get this.

Of course, fine.

Sir, can I call you back in two minutes?


It's the boss, he's not happy.

Sounds like you're really busy.

So what are you thinking?

Well, I thought we'd split up.

No, I didn't say that...

Jesus Christ, a baby...

And what about this job you've got lined up?

You know, I thought that's what you really wanted.

No, I said I didn't know what I want.

Look, I do know when they asked who to phone, I said you.

Well, now, you've got no choice.

I do have a choice.

Maybe I'm ready to make one.

You were asking me to marry you a couple of days ago.

A lot's happened since then.

I do want to marry you, of course I do.

It's just I've done all that.

I thought you and me would be slowing down, and not...starting again.


Look, Sue...

No, it's fine.

Phil, look, you're being honest.

You don't want to marry me, you just want someone to grow old with.

Now, you're just pissed off...

No, Phil. I'm not angry, honest.


No. I've got to get on.

But I'm glad you came.


'You have seen a doctor?'

Yes, sir.

I'm...I'm fine.

'You're absolutely sure?

Traffic said you were knocked out.'

Er...yeah erm...

..I h*t my head on the side window, but I'm OK now.

And Iddon?

'We're both fine, tip-top.'

So where are we up to on Lucy?


..Murdoch didn't know where she was, but we do know who's get her, though, Dan Hope.

He was seen with Jules at the hotel, so if we can just find Murdoch...

Forget Murdoch, Lucy has to be our priority.

Yeah, but, sir...

Lucy's been missing close to 48 hours...

I don't need to tell you the stats.

Yeah, no.

She's pregnant. As it stands, we don't know where she is.

Yeah, but, sir, I still think our best chance is to find -

Sue, you're not listening to me.

Finding Lucy has to be our priority.

I think you and Iddon need to come back.

I'll speak to Stafford.

No, sir, please.

Please, do not do this.

I will find Lucy.


If you have any idea where they could be heading?

They were just looking for Eddie Goad.


Figured that's how they'd get Lucy back, he had something to do with it.

(Then everything went black.)

Then everything what?

Everything went black.


I'm over here.

What have you got?

The last thing he remembers is getting clouted by Jules.

When he started to come round, she'd gone.


Oh, come on. We'll find them.

It's not just that, it's erm...

sh*t... sh*t!

You had a row with Phil... cos of this teaching job down in Hendon?

How do you know about that?

We're the police.

You're not going, are you?

You are, aren't you?

I don't know.

You don't want to be a bloody teacher.

You love what you do, even if it's all going tits-up.

You love it.

That's what Phil said.

And he's right, I do.

Then what's up?

I'm pregnant.


Bloody hell... I... Congratulations. You told the boss?


And you're to say nothing either, all right?

Not until we're done.

Richard, promise me you won't say anything.

I don't know the first thing about bloody babies.

Oh, bollocks to it.

With any luck, we'll be sacked by the end of this shift and we won't have to worry about it.

Come on... I shouldn't be dumping this on you.

You're a good boss, Sue.

I bet you'd make a great mum.

I can call you Mum if you want, let you get used to it.

All right, you soft sod, don't push it.

And will you please stop calling me bloody Sue.

All right, Mum.

My mate's got a car we can have.
Mr Goad, thanks for waiting.

I'm Susan Reinhardt.

This is DC Iddon.

I'm very sorry about your brother.

I want you to catch the bastard that did it.

We're doing everything we can.

There's a couple of things I'd like you to clarify, if you can.

Now, Jules Hope used to work with your brother at a casino in town?

That's right. Until Eddie was caught with his hands in the till.

Yeah, well, that's yesterday's news, love.

See, Eddie served his time for that.

We know.

Pleaded guilty, served four years of an eight-year stretch.

That's not what's interesting.

Now, a couple of months after Eddie was caught, Jules quit her job and did a midnight flit.

She didn't say goodbye to any of her friends or her foster parents.

Looks like she tried to drop off the face of the planet.

Or that she was trying to get away from someone.

Now, the money that Eddie stole was never recovered.

Look, I had nothing to do with that.

As far as I'm concerned, that whole thing was a set-up.

We never saw a penny of it.

I'm not disputing that, Mr Goad.

All I want to do is find your brother's k*ller, do you understand?


You buy that?

Jules and Eddie embezzling 200 grand over a year?

She's the accounts assistant, she had access to the books.

Eddie ran security.

OK, let's say it's Eddie that steals the money, a couple of grand here and there, and Jules cooks the books, they do that a couple of times a week for a year?

That's not fraud, that's Ocean's Eleven!

But if Jules was in on it, how come she never got caught?

Eddie spins a line, takes the blame.

You can suspect all you want, but if some bloke's got his hands up, saying he did it.

That's nice of him (!)

Nice guy, Eddie... till he comes out of prison, hoping for a big reunion, and Jules has vanished, she's buggered off, taken the money.

That would piss me off, too.

Worth it, is it, all this?

Two people d*ad...lives ruined, all for a few grand.

I didn't break out of prison cos of the money... was just something that happened cos of Eddie...

..and now, I can't turn my back on it.

But you'd risk me breaking into prison for it.


You know, me and Dan, we had nothing growing up.

You had foster parents.

It's not the same.

It's not blood, is it?

They did their best, Linda and Matthew Nutter.


Can you believe that?

Me and Dan, we were raised by Nutters.

He k*lled two people, including my mate...

..and you think 200 grand is just going to fix him.


But it'll be enough for us to get away, make a fresh start.

D'you know what I think?

I think you've got to stop making excuses and start seeing him for the bastard that he really is.

He's all I've got.









Shut up.

Shut up!

(SOBS) I'm sorry.


You're not behaving.

You sit here and you be quiet, OK?

Your dad's gonna bring me the haul, cos if he doesn't, I'm gonna k*ll him.

And I'm gonna k*ll you as well, you understand me?



Check it again.

Have you still not found this Discovery?

No. We put the number on ANPR, it drew a blank.

They're not going to be driving it around, are they, it's too hot.

Have there been any reports of stolen cars in the last four hours?

No, but we've got CCTV from the train and the bus stations.

Jules and Dan freed Murdoch to do something, to go somewhere.

CCTV had Daniel pulling up outside the hotel in the Discovery, so they must have dumped it and got another car. OK.

I'll get on it.

You're gonna have to work on your people skills.

What's that?

Listen, don't start thinking we're besties just cos we had a moment, all right?

Yes, Serg.


There's a shift change at 6:00, which only gives me half an hour.

What's your prisoner number?

AN... CL... 1705.

Let's get this done.

Get in the driver's seat.


Bloody hell.



Christ! You look a right mess!

What's going on?

What do you mean?

Are you having a laugh?

You doing a bunk with Julie Hope.

It's been on the news.

Jeff's d*ad.

Yeah, I know.

The police have searched his office.

What the hell's gone on?

All right. Listen, if I tell you, this goes no further.

Somebody did try to break Jules out of the hospital and erm... well, they think Jeff was involved.

It said on the news you're on the run with Julie Hope.

I spent all day with the police yesterday, I'm trying to sort this out.

Where's Hope now?

I can't say any more, but I do need to see Carswell.

She's not in yet.


All right, well, er... give us some keys, I'll go over there and wait for her.

Good luck, pal!



It just seems like a waste of time, doesn't it? Yeah.

If I've heard one, I've heard them all...




Good morning, mate.

Is the gov in?

That was quick.

I left the police report in the car, head's not screwed on, be back in a minute.

Hold on!

You've still got to sign out.

Everything all right?

Yes, ma'am.

I didn't realise you were in.

We sent Dave Murdoch down to your office.

Sorry, what are you talking about?

Murdoch, ma'am.

He's come in this morning.






'Anyone got eyes on Murdoch?'

Copy that. Just signed him out.


Just here in the car park...


Dave! What's going on?!




DS Reinhardt?


Call for you.



He's where?

Right, thanks.

That was Ravenhill, Murdoch's prison.

He's only gone and taken a key from Jules Hope's personal effects.

What kind of key?

It's registered as a security key, so that could mean a...lock-up or deposit...

The money, they're going after the money. Serg...


Have you slept?


Grabbing hours here and there.

So you haven't slept since Sunday?

Sir, I appreciate the concern, but I don't need babysitting.

Sue, I'm here to take you back to Manchester.

Filed are going to take the case.

Sir, please...

Is this Stafford?

It should be their case anyway.

Jules and Daniel are in Blackpool.

Sir, we don't know that.

Murdoch's just turned up in Manchester.

Please, sir, don't do this. Please.

I think your judgement's impaired, Sue.

I think you're exhausted.

You took Murdoch into custody, uncuffed...and he escaped.

Jesus Christ...

Murdoch's not a criminal, sir, he's done what he's done under duress.

One of our coppers is still in intensive care... don't tell me what Murdoch is.


Now, you need to listen to me.

They wanted to suspend you...


..and they still might.

I'm sorry, Sue.


Yeah, go on.


'Serg, they found the Discovery Jules was driving.'


'It's here in Blackpool.'

Just give me two secs.

They found the Discovery.

Please, sir, I'm begging you, let me play it.

If it doesn't pan out, you won't have to f*re me, I'll resign.




I had the police round, asking if I knew where you were, if I was helping you.

I've been worried sick...

I know...

I know.

They've got Lucy.

They've taken my little girl.

I can't stay here, I've got to find her.

But I need your car.

No, Dave, what you need to do is phone the police.

It's too late for that.

You're k*lling yourself.

You look ill.

You can't be thinking straight.

I've got something that they want... if I can get it to them, they let Lucy go.

You know where they are?

Yeah, they're somewhere in the Lakes. The Lakes.

What, that's it?


You have to listen to me, Dave.

Phone the police, tell them what you know, let them find Lucy.

I can't sit on my arse, in a cell, not knowing.

Chrissy, I'm begging you.

You're the only person I can trust.

I need an address.

Just let me borrow your phone.


Can I help you?

I'm looking for Linda Nutter.

I'm Linda Nutter.

Toby, come inside, please.

I'm trying to find Daniel and Jules Hope.

I told the police yesterday, I don't know where they are.

I'm sorry. You don't understand, they've got my daughter.

I can't help you.

She's in trouble.

Please. I've got nowhere else to go.

You're my last chance.

I know they're somewhere in the Lakes.


I just want to find my daughter.


Thank you.

Boys, can you go to your rooms, please?

Just for a while. Thanks.

We try to take the kids to the Lakes every year.

We've done it for years.

About the only time we could get the pair of them to behave.

Where do you take them?


Ward doesn't look happy.

Tell me about it!



Toffee wrappers, pair of glasses, a few petrol receipts... all from round here, though.

Bloody hell.

Please, please, please! Come on.

(SIGHS) What's that?

Sat nav.

Can we have the keys?

Come on! Keys!



What you got?


Hang on.


Where's that?

The Lakes.

SAT NAV: 'You will reach your destination in 20 minutes.'


You get it?

Murdoch got caught.



We needed that money.

No, we don't, we forget about the money. we need to get as far away from here as possible.

Where's Lucy?

Dan. We've got a couple of quid, how far's that going to get us?

Dan, where's Lucy?

It's just you and me now.

That's it.

Come on, we've got to go.



Where's my daughter?!

Where is she?!


What's he done with Lucy?

Where is she?


Forget it, you're going nowhere.

I'll tell you, but you've got to let us go.


That way. In the huts.

I'm sorry.



Come on.

Come on, come on.

OK, OK...

Stay there.



Come with me, come with me.

Come on.


Come on...come on.


Stop! Stop.


There they are.




Come on!


(SOBS) Oh! Come on.





Jules, that's enough!


No... (SOBS) No.

(SOBS) Don't...

Jules, come on.

Come on, there's nowhere to go now.


You know what he's done, don't you, Jules?


That's it, put it down now.


It's over now, Jules.

That's it.

Right, give me the screwdriver, Jules.


Jules, give me the - (GROANS)

You can pick him up...

Don't be stupid, Jules.

Take him to your car.


Don't look at her, you look at me.





Richard, just stay still.





(It's OK, it's OK.)

It's OK.

It's OK, love.

(SOBS) I'm here.

I'm here, it's OK.

It's OK, it's OK.


It's all over.

Your dad's here.

Dad's here.

It's all right, love.

It's all right.

You're safe, OK.



Over here!

You know you might not see her for a while.

Oh, careful.

Oh, come on, it's not that bad.

I've cut myself worse shaving.




They've had a go at this.


Richard, careful!

Clumsy twat.

I'm sorry...Sue.


DS Reinhardt.