01x05 - Episode 5

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Last Panthers". Aired: April 2016 to December 2015.
"The Last Panthers" is based on real events inspired by the notorious Balkan jewel thieves "the Pink Panthers". An independent claims specialist is given the job of recovering stolen diamonds... no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the diamonds, is a police officer. The investigation takes them across Europe and into a world where shadowy figures control events.
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01x05 - Episode 5

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Where is he?

2nd building on the left, with the light on.

Is he alone?

Stay here.


Hey, Zlatko.

Hi, Adi.

Been looking for me?

Come with me.

What for?

To blackmail Milan, huh?

My brother's a good man.

That's where you're wrong.

I'm fed up with you people thinking you're so powerful.

We only think we're powerful?

My poor Zlatko...

You have no idea what power is.

I love my brother.

Milan, Dad doesn't like us going so faraway.

But we can see everything.

Ferid, my friend...

Stop being a pain. Why do you do that?

Listen to me.


Don't piss me off, we work together.

I said, stay in the village.

What's going on?

Go home.

Go on...


Why do you insist?

I told you...

Stop being a pain.

I don't give a shit about aid work.

You piss me off, I'm an idiot, Is that it? Go on, say it.

Can I f*re it?

Wanna be a soldier?

I'd make a good soldier Maybe you will, one day.

How's that girl?

What's her name?


Going well?




Get the car ready!

This shipment ls for Marseille.

We promised 5. We keep the rest.

I'm going to see Naida.

Adnan Go to bed.

Come on, Ferid.


He's d*ad? Let's go.

What have I done?



Adnan, where's Milan?

I don't know.

We had to strike first.

Dad, we had to do something.

You've sentenced us all to death.

I thought it was the right thing to do.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Any others?

I'll check.

It's OK.

Follow me!

Guys! Come on!

Halt! Get out!

Are they ours?


Come on!

Go back!

We'll have to push.

Help me push.

Have they...?

Yes, come on.

Are you sure?

Yes, do what I do.


This is what we'll do.

On the count of 3...

Push as hard as you can.



Turn around.

Please, turn around.

I said, turn around!

Please, turn around.

We have to bury Dad.

We can't.

They'll come back. We must go.


To f*cking Serbia.

Serbia? But the Serbs k*lled Dad.


We'll start a new life in Belgrade.

I'll look after you.

Come on.
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