01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV miniseries "Rebellion". Aired January 3-31.*
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"Rebellion" tells the story of the events surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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Yes, sir.

There's a document.

I took an oath Fran.

You should be fighting for your own country.

That's what we're doing, fighting for our king and country.

No, you're a traitor.

I don't know what you think you're playing at but once you're married it will all have to stop.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The last thing we want is a martyr and as for their collaborators in our administration, deal with them.

Yes, sir.

Miss Lacey.


I've been asked to fetch you to the Castle.

( Rumble and clatter of printing press )

Looks good.

Hope it cuts the mustard Mr. Connolly, sir.

Ah, it's a fine looking poster Jimmy.

It's good work, but I'm afraid we're not going to be needing it.

Casement and the German g*n captured and now this.

This clown.

All orders given to Irish volunteers for today, Easter Sunday, are hereby rescinded.

And no parades, marches or other movements of Irish volunteers will take place.

Each individual volunteer will obey this order strictly in every particular.

Eoin MacNeill, Chief of Staff.

Hello my love.

I come with these mobilisation orders.

Have you seen this?

No parades today.

Irish Volunteer march is can celled?

This is a trick.

Liza, the dressmaker's here for the final fitting.

You'll need to put it on.

Liza, chop, chop.

Stephen's on his way to sign the settlement.

You're getting married tomorrow, or have you forgotten.

I know.

I'm sorry, everything is such a spin these days.

( Church bells )

Mr. Hammond.

So Sir Matthew's finally released you at last.

It was your idea I be brought in I suppose.

Well, it's an emergency.

Three hours of dictation, my hand's fit to drop off.

I have to type up these reports for the Prime Minister, the Chief Secretary, the cabinet and the Lord knows who else.

Well, I told him you were the best in the pool.

Thank you for ruining my holiday weekend.

Did you have other plans?

They came for me in the middle of the night Charles.


Vanessa is down the country visiting friends, because of this German g*n and Casement business I've had to stay behind.

We'll have the rest of the weekend together.

I'm sorry May, how it's been.

I've missed you.

I thought you brought me in because I was the best in the pool.

Oh, but you are.

( Sounds of sex from next door )

Where are ya going?

Sorry, Popsy, business to attend to.

It's the first proper bed I have every stayed in.

Well it seemed a shame to wake you.

What am I supposed to do?

Do you have a home?

They think I was with my friend last night.

Work today.

Well, why don't you have a little lie in.

I'll sort out a few more hours with the manager downstairs.

( Ping of coin on dresser )

Not a handful of rich people but all the working people must enjoy the fruits of their common labour.

That'd be the day.

That day is now or should have been.

Nothing to lose but our chains.

And our heads. Let the man talk.

If we can't have a revolution in this world we can at least dream of one in the next.

Why can't we dream of one in this world?

Listen to this.

VI Lenin.

Sometimes history needs a push.

Any news?

Mr. Pearse is meeting Connolly to persuade him to go out anyway.

Eoin MacNeill.

Bloody traitor to his nation.

Maybe we're better off without him and the faint hearts up here to come out for Ireland.

If we go out in spite of him we're going to be outnumbered.

It's a question of honour, Cormac.

This generation must show itself willing to make the sacrifice and strike the blow for Gaelic Ireland or else the dream will die with us.

Are you not afraid Miss?

Yes, I am afraid...

But I'd sooner to die free than live as a sl*ve.

It's a very generous settlement Mr. Butler.

Thank you father.


Thank you.

( Moaning and heavy breathing )


More!? You're irrepressible tonight, what's got into you?




Of having you to myself.

And by my poor mother's blood and suffering I make this oath.

( Knock on door )

One moment, come in, come in.

Liza, it's time you were changing.

Yes, of course.

I understand you're being nervous, but once you're married you'll understand what a wonderful thing it is and with Stephen at your side you will have the whole world at your feet.

I'm so happy for you Liza.

I'm happy you are mummy.

Let me help you dress and do your hair, as my mother did mine on my wedding day.

( Bustle of cars and voices )

It's on again.

Jimmy, where have you been?

What is it?

It's on again.

Jesus, they must be mad.

At least we have the element of surprise.

Surprised us as well.

Let's give it a go so.

What have we got to lose, eh?

Yeah, nothing but our chains Mick.

Up the worker's republic.

Up the republic.

Come on lads let's go.

Everybody here?

There's still some in the infirmary Miss.

Milo tell them up and dressed.

Their country needs them more than their sick beds.

New orders, follow me.

Let's go boys, come on.

You're out bright and early.

Grand National.

Thought we'd have a day out as a proper family.

Can we afford it?

Yeah, I think we can afford one day of happy memories before I go back to the front.

Don't you Peg?


Yeah, you want to see the gee gees don't you Peter?


And Mini.

I don't want to see any stupid horses.

Well, in that case we'll give Sadie your ticket and you can stay in and mind your baby sister.

Da, I wanted to go out.

Yeah well, you've been going out a little too often these last few days missy.

You're staying in and since you are you can give your mother the loan of that fancy new hat of yours.

I've been thinking of signing up you know.


Why not?

Because you don't believe in anything.

I believe we all die in the end.

Here come the cavalry.

Mrs. Daphne Lyons, you must be so proud.

I couldn't be prouder.

You remember Harry, Elizabeth's brother.

I do.

And George and Monsignor Mulcahy.

Pleased to meet you.

Elizabeth's uncle.

You're entering into enemy territory Uncle Robert.

We should set aside our schisms for one happy day at least.

I jest, I jest.

You look beautiful darling.

Thank you.

Doesn't she look beautiful Edward?

Beautiful, the image of you.

As I once was perhaps.

As you still are!

Dolly, come along.

I'm sorry daddy I forgot something.

Oh, hurry or we'll be late Liza.

Well, I suppose you know what this means.

I got the orders Liz, it's back on.

Wait here.

What is she doing?

Ah, she's probably just nervous.

No, let's go inside.

Ah, all right, all right.




You're keeping everyone waiting.

Come on Liz, will you hurry up!

I'll try the kitchen.


Come on.



You were to muster at Stephen's Green?

With Markievicz.

It's too late, they're out already.

What about you?

John Connolly's, Dame Street.

I'll go with you then.

What about Stephen?

What about your family?

There'll be other days to marry.

There won't be other days like this.

What are we waiting for then?

Now, Civil w*r and Punch, last two year's winners are running again today.

I like the name All Sorts.

Do you now?

All right, All Sorts it is.

Because you're smart and you know how to pick a winner Peggy.

I do that Art.

Excuse me sir, are you free?

Where to Miss?

Trinity College.

I thought you students were all away for Easter.

I'm here to see someone.

I've not been here before.

Well, you're welcome to Dublin.

Or as some would say you're welcome to Dublin.

Doctor Lynn.

Elizabeth, you're here, I thought you were getting married today.

What are the orders?

Dublin Castle.

Are you ready!

Fall in!

Stay at the rear.

Help with the wounded.

What are those eejits play acting at now?

What is it?

These volunteers making a nuisance of themselves.

Will they be long?

Lord knows with this shower.


Cor, Ray.

What do we do, Miss?

We wait for the signal.

( Whistle )

What's -- what's happening?

To the GPO!

( Loud shouts )

I'm sorry Miss you're going to have to continue on foot.

Right lads... But I don't know the way.

Side door!

Jesus, I have to go.

This motor's my living.

Just please, sorry.

Good luck, bye-bye.

Go on, hurry it up.

( Shouting )

( g*n )

Something's happening over at the GPO.

I better make a run for it, you best get changed.

What about me?

Well, you too of course.



When the Constable called for me the other night.

I thought I was going to be arrested.

I don't think there's any reason for you to be afraid of that May!

Come on, get changed.

Charles I'm pregnant.

Well, that's extraordinary.

Is it?

Yes, it is for me.

For me that's extraordinary.

We can't have children, Vanessa and I, we've tried.

Visited doctors, I thought it was me, my fault.

It's not your fault.

You're definitely up to snuff.

Maybe we should just run away together.

We could go to India.

How would we live?

I'd write novels.

You'd be the star of the stage.

In India?

America then.

I don't know about you, but I could do with a dry sherry right now.

Must be the holiday traffic that's keeping her.

Appears so.

Mr. Wiley.

Good to see you.

The Sinn Feinners have taken over the city.

I'd say the Germans are coming.


They're calling up the reserves to secure the college.

I'm to be married.

You should report to the barracks.

I'm sorry Stephen.

Stephen, I am really sorry, I need to go with him.

I'll be back soon okay?

Of course.

I'm sorry.

I will see you later?

Yeah of course.

Harry, take care of the guests for me and explain this to Elizabeth.

All right, change of plan, wedding's off.

Seems like we're having a rebellion instead.


Keep pace.

( Church bells )

Come on.

What are you lot playing at?

In the name of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic, I demand you open the gates.

The gates are open, but not to the likes of you bowsies, do yourself a favour and get out of here before you land yourself in some real trouble.

Open it!

This is your last warning.

And I'm telling you, that this is your last warning.

( g*n )

Come on!

Close the gates!

( g*n and ricochets )

Leave him be.

He was unarmed.

He was warned.

Pull back. Pull back to City Hall.

He's saying something.

Bless me Father...

Pull back.

Pull back to City Hall.

Pull back.

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, come on.

We're going to get k*lled out here, come on.

Come on we gotta get out of here.

Get in.

( g*n )

Get in, keep going.

( g*n and breaking glass )

Get up, get up, get up, get up.

( g*n in the distance )

Someone please tell us what's going on.

I just popped in to buy a stamp for God's sake.

Watch your language, some of these are only boys.

Where are we taking prisoners?

Excuse me.

Where are we taking prisoners?

I think they said the basement.


Miss O'Flaherty?

Commandant Pearse.

All Cumman na mBan volunteers must report to the kitchen or the medical room.

Cormac, please take the prisoner to the basement.

Yes sir.

A woman can pull a trigger as well as any man sir, or a boy.

How would we look if we put women in danger?

Thought you looked upon us as your equal sir.

Does your proclamation not say that?

Indeed we revere women as purer than men, hence we must protect them.

And as for the proclamation gentleman, I need a detail to accompany me.

( g*n in distance )

( Knock on door )

Please, I'm here to see George Wilson.

He has rooms here.

The college is closed to all but residents and cadet corp.

Mr. Wilson's not here.

But I just arrived from Belfast.

I've nowhere to go.

I'm his fiance.

Thank you.

( g*n in distance )

Hurry it up lads!

First Lieutenant Duffy Lyons, 6th battalion, Fusiliers.

Barracks told me to report here sir.

They're in City Hall, I need a situation report.

Take those men and go down.

Yes, sir.

( Footsteps outside )

( Knock on door )

I beg your pardon!

This hotel has been commandeered in the name of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic.

The what?

Run it right through, hoist her high.

I suppose you're taking us hostage are you?

Give them a hand... well, not unless you would like us to sir.

No, we're going to hang the Starry Plough outside the front of this bastard William Martin Murphy's Imperial f*cking hotel.

Come on Charles, they're just boys dressed up as soldiers.

Well rather a citizen soldier than an Englishman's whore.

How dare you, you take that back!

I'd be on me way, I'd be on me way now.

Come on Charles.

I think she's right sir.

I think you should go.

Come on Charles.



(Tannoy announcement) All soldiers must report to their home barracks immediately.

We'll be fine from here Art.

Ah, at least let me see you home Peggy.

Is it the Germans?

Nah, nah, it's not the boche.

It's Jimmy and his shower.

Well, they're not capable of this Art.

Here listen, it'll be over before you know it.

Don't worry about us, we'll be grand.

Peter, you look after your mother, yeah.

Keep me that paper, good man.

See you soon.
( g*n )

( Ricochets and breaking glass )

Why did we retreat?

We could have pushed on to the second gates, there was only a handful of men.

We couldn't say how many soldiers were up there.

What are we supposed to do barricaded in this building?

We hold the position.

Hold the -- hold the position!?

Those are the orders man.

You h*t Sir?

I'm fine.

Nurse, Elizabeth!

Captain Connolly's been h*t.

When did this happen?

When I was hoisting the flag above.

(Screams in pain)

That means they've got sh**t on the Castle roof.

( g*n and ricochets )

Doctor Lynn, Doctor Lynn, Doctor Lynn!

(Shouts in pain)

Move along, the cavalry are on the way.

But I want to see the show.

Move along I said.

She now seizes that moment and supported by her exiled children in America and by gallant allies in Europe...

What is this?

It's the proclamation.

Of what?

The Republic.

We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies to be sovereign and indefeasible...

It's Mr. Pearse, he runs that school Frances teaches at.

...people and government has not extinguished the right nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish people.

Nonsense, come on May.

...In every generation the Irish people have asserted their right to national freedom and sovereignty.

Six times during the past 300 years they have asserted it in arms, standing on that fundamental right and again asserting it in arms in the face of the world, we hereby proclaim the Irish Republic as a sovereign independent State and we pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades in arms to the cause of its freedom, of its welfare, of its exultation among the nations.

The Irish Republic is entitled to and hereby claims the allegiance of every Irish man and Irish woman.


George, where have been?

You shouldn't be here darling.

It's not safe.

Six of our cadet corp have been sh*t d*ad by the rebels.


Why is it doing it?

To free Ireland.

From what?

From British rule.

But we're British.

From us too then.

Why on earth did you come Ingrid?

For you, of course.

Aren't you pleased to see me?

Come here.

We have to get you back to Belfast.

( g*n in background )

The Reserves are coming.

They're coming.

Come on May, we must get to the Castle.

( g*n and clammer of voices )

( Door opens )

Minnie, are you alone?

Am I alone?

Yeah, is your ma here?

No, me ma's not here.

You've to come now.


Town's gone mad.

The Shinners have sh*t all the police and you can grab all the swank you want.

All the swank!

Yeah, swear to God.

We have to go quickly before the Germans arrive.

The Germans?

The Germans.

I've got Gracie.

So, just bring her.

The whole town's at it.

Come on, let's go.

That'll do.

Let's look at you.

Look more of a man than any of the lads in here.

We'd better get a move on before the rebels shame us completely.

( Breaking glass and laughing )

Have you no shame?

What do you think you're doing?

It's you lot started it.

You'd risk your life for a hat but not your own country?


(Kids singing) ♪ We're the volunteers, we'll whack the British army.

♪ We are the volunteers, we'll whack the British army.

Get outta here before ya get hurt, come on.

♪ We are the volunteers, we'll whack the British army.

You two, stop, stop!

What are you doing with them shoes?

They don't even match.

Just having a bit of fun, bit of shopping.

You too are old enough to know better.

Sorry miss, I have to catch up with them kids, me baby sister's in it.

Go, go, get out of here now.


Oi! Would you look at that?

Put that down.

Says who?

In the name of the Provisional Government I said put it down.

In the name of me arse, get lost.

( Crash of breaking glass )

( g*n )

He said put it down.

You nearly k*lled me.

If I wanted to I would have.

Oh yeah, go on then sh**t me then in front of people.

( g*n )

You did it again, ya b*tch, I hope the Brits k*ll every one of yis!

Yis are wrecking this town, yis bastards.

God help yis!


We have to show them we're serious.

By k*lling them?

If we have to.

( Piano music )

Mrs. Hammond!

You're back early mam.

Couples are tedious enough at the best of times, when one is on one's own they're unbearable.

Did Mr. Hammond say when he would be back?

Haven't you heard?

Heard what?

The Germans have invaded.

I beg your pardon!

And the Shinners have come out to help them and they're going to m*rder us all in our beds, or worse, cook says.

Don't talk balderdash, child.

I shall call Mr. Hammond.

So dramatic.

We can use the back lanes and cross to the Castle by Richmond Bridge.

The cheek of ya, the dirty cheek of ya!

Get back!

How dare you...

Get back!

With a g*n in your hand.

How dare you, how dare you...

( g*n )

(Screams of pain and crying)

(In background) Now look what you made me do you stupid woman.

We're not going to the Castle.

Where are we going?

I'm putting you on a train to Cork.

I'm not going home Charles.

Just until it's over.

You have to look after yourself, May, and our baby.

We should try and slip away.

It's too dangerous!

What about your lodgings?

I'm not going back to all of that.

There's my house, Dalkey.

It's safely outside the city.

There won't be any trouble there.

What about Vanessa?

She's not due back 'till later.

I'll be home before her and I'll put you up in a hotel by the sea.

It'll only be for a few hours May.

Come on.

( g*n in distance )

Is that everything?

I can look after you while you build your practice.

No Ingrid, it's not possible.

Just think about it George.

We don't have to marry.

Three pounds, that's more than enough when you're headed to Belfast anyway.

Seven pounds for the night that's in it.

I'll be lucky if this place isn't b*rned to the ground by the time I get back.

Will you take five?

Some leave!

Ordered straight back to the barracks.

If I get me hands on one of the wise bones who's behind this...

I hear 15,000 boche have landed in Wexford...

I need men for a scratch unit.

Who here has seen action before?

You, you, you and you.

Get your kit and follow me.

Around here, check your a*mo and your kit.

( g*n and ricochets )



What are ya doing? You shouldn't be here.

Commander Sean, he's d*ad.

Who's in charge?

Doctor Lynn.

( g*n )

What are the orders?

Hold the building.

( g*n and ricochets )

Fix bayonets!

Stay close to the walls.

Come on go.

( g*n )

Machine g*n in!

( g*n and shouting )

Keep your eye on him.

Get up.

Machine g*n now!

Stay close to the wall, you're on me, 200 yards away, go!

...first staircase on the right, second staircase on the left.

Dr. Lynn, we need to retreat now.

No, we've been ordered to hold the building.

We're all going to die if we stay here.

Our deaths will be symbolic.

Symbolic of what? Stupidity.

I vote we retreat.

We must follow our orders and I'm ordering you both to hold your positions.

Lads get the hell out of here.

( g*n and ricochets )

( g*n )

Stay close, get in, get in.

Cover around back.

On me, go, go, go.

Lads hurry it up.

All the way, go on, all the way up.

Get the hell out of here.

Move it, go.

Not a word to anyone, you didn't see that.

Move on.

Come on.


( g*n )

We're nearly there.

(Man groans in pain)

I can't go with you Jimmy, I'll come find you later if I can.

It's w*r Lizzy, we can't save everyone.

Where are you injured?

Let's get him off the street.

Hold on, hold on.

(Man screams in pain)

Get him into the cathedral.

Thank you.

Please state your business father.

You're a little more than a boy.

I'm a Volunteer for Ireland father.

What's your business with us?

I've been with Archbishop Walsh and his Grace told me to ask you to stop this madness before any more harm to people or property occurs.

Okay, follow me.

I'll take you to Mr. Connolly and Mr. Pearse.

Sir, papers?

I work here.

( Phones ringing, typewriters clacking and voices )

A ring of steel gentleman, which we shall tighten around the heart of this city until we have crushed this rebellion.

I was looking for Sir Matthew.


I've been moved downstairs.

I'm sorry I was so late Sir, the cordon.

If the m*llitary are in control perhaps I might be free to return home sir?

We're not going anywhere until this is over Hammond.

Yes sir, of course.

( Tinkle of piano )

( Doorbell )

Gretta, the door.

But it might be the rebels madam or the Germans.

I don't think either are the type to ring before entering.

It'll be word from Charles, go.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Can I help you?

Em, my name is Miss Lacy.

I'm Mr. Hammond's secretary, he sent me here.

Very well.

Mrs. Hammond.

Miss Lacy.

I'm terribly sorry to impose.

Mr. Hammond had to stay at the Castle and it wasn't safe for me to return to my lodgings, so he sent me here to keep me safe.

I'm sorry.

I hope that's all right.

It will have to be.

If that's what my husband wants, to keep you safe.

I would have hoped he'd have sent a soldier but...

Gretta would you take Miss Lacey upstairs please.

Thank you.

Ma, I want to go and see what's happening.

No, get away from there.

I want to find Uncle Jimmy.

Well, you're not and that's that.

(Baby cries)

Where have you been?


What's all this?

What does it look like?

Here Sadie, I got you and Peter sweets.

Where did you get them Minnie? And the shoes and hat.

Well youse took my hat so I took this.

From where?

From the shops, everyone's at it.

I don't care what everyone's at.

We don't do what everyone does.

You don't understand.

Understand what?

It's a revolution.

I don't care what it is, take it off you.

Do you hear me?

Take it off you I said.


I'll take it off you then.

And the rest, pick it up.

Let me in.

Ah, you're only a child, go, go home.

I know the password, it's Limerick.

I don't give a curse.

Go away before you get yourself hurt, go.

I've got this.

It's a Parabellum off a Turkish officer me da k*lled.


Okay, give me that before you get yourself hurt.

Yes, sir.

Before you get yourself k*lled.



And report to the kitchen and peel the spuds okay.


In, come on.

Jesus Christ, absolve you of your sins.

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Thank you father.

Would you lead us in the rosary, father?

I really should be going.

The Archbishop is expecting me.

It's a great consolation to men who are about to face their death to have a priest near.

Yes, of course.

I still refuse to believe that she's part of this.

Surely we would have known something, seen something.

Well, perhaps we only see what we want to see.

What have you seen?

Nothing, nothing Edward.

There you are.

Mary, take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

What have we done Jimmy?

Whatever it is it's not done yet.

I've got to go to the GPO Liz.

People need me here.

Go, I'll look for you later.

Here, give us another whiskey, get us another whiskey.

She's fighting out there, I don't want to go out there.

I don't want to go out there.

I'm drunk as a skunk and I like it.

I like it (laughs).

To thee we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in the valley of tears.

Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Oh merciful, oh loving, oh sweet Virgin Mary.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Platoon, halt.

Company, attention!

Company, stand at ease.

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