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01x03 - Episode 3

Posted: 01/18/16 08:49
by bunniefuu
New orders... follow me.

Let's go boys, come on.

( g*n )

We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies to be sovereign and indefeasible.

There's my house, Dalkey, it's safely outside the city.

There won't be any trouble there.

A ring of steel which we should tighten around the city until we have crushed this rebellion.

( g*n )





Order arms!

You didn't f*re private.

No sir.

Why not?

These men were traitors, were they not?

Are they not?

Sir, he's still moving.

( g*n )

To the international community of nations from the General Post Office Dublin.

For three days the Irish Republic stood against the greatest empire in the world.

Dublin is firmly held.

All British att*cks repulsed, but our forces are surrounded.

Hey, hey.

Just a moment Missy.

Where are you going?


I was stuck at a friend's house at the curfew.

Is that right?

Are you sure about that?

I am, sir.

Not lying to me now?

No, sir.

No, sir.


What is it corporal?

This one wants to pass.

Anyone in a rebel uniform who does not offer unconditional surrender is a legitimate target corporal.

But civilians, especially women and children, we're here to protect them.

Go on.

Are you sure we can trust them?

They're our fellow countrymen, corporal.

If we're not protecting them then who are we protecting?

If they were good Catholics, Mulcahy, they would be morally bound to surrender to the overwhelming odds in order to prevent useless sacrifice.

But how will we look if we support a foreign imperial Protestant power against our own Your Grace?

For the past 20 years I've worked with Mr. Redmond and the Irish Party to see Home Rule achieved in this country, and for the Catholic church to be at the centre of the new Parliament.

I'm only suggesting that we keep contact, to keep the door open.

When I was with him at the post office, I felt something Your Grace.

Something powerful, something positive, something we should be a part of.

They're hooligans, Father Mulcahy, and I forbid you to have anything more to do with them.

The most pressing concern is to preserve the treasures of mother church.

We must see to the safety of all movable church property.

Yes Your Grace.

And what of the people?

Our primary duty is to the Church.

That's all the information I was able to gather.

A whole brigade.

Two regiments.

By God, we must be b*ating them if they're having to call up English brigades, and Commandant De Valera, he has covered the city's approach roads?

There's a small company in the Ballsbridge approach under Lieutenant Malone.

And what about the other routes?

I understand De Valera is reluctant to risk his men against such odds.

Miss Kearney?


Type an order.

You, follow me.

Yes, sir.

The world now knows of our stand Mr. Connolly, sir.

Let's hope the signal got further than Liverpool.

Looks like Liverpool have got something for us, British reinforcements.

A task for you Jimmy.

I know you've itching for action and there's been little here as yet.

You're to take the orders direct to Lieutenant Malone.

Frances here will show you.

What about his commandant?

Let's bypass Mr. De Valera and his scruples and hope that the brigades don't bypass the one bridge that he's deigned to fortify.


Uncle Jimmy.

What the hell are you doing here?

I want to fight for Ireland too, but all they'll let me do is peel potatoes.

It's my brother's boy Mr. Connolly, I'm going to have to take him home.

It's too dangerous and you have your orders.

I'll send him back with the priest later.

In the meantime, how would you like to be my own personal messenger?

I'd like it well sir, will I get a uniform?

Well, you can take your uncle's hat for he'll not be needing it.

Best lose the jacket too, if we're to cross the city, checkpoints everywhere.

( Loud expl*si*n )

There is no way English capitalist would destroy their own property.

When it's Irish property sir, they'll not give a damn.

Come on, we should hurry.

Look after these for me yeah.

Look whatever you do Peter, stay in the building, away from the windows.

Do exactly what Mr. Connolly says.


You hear me?



Thank you.

We'll be on to the communion wafer next.


In the new Ireland we won't let all this religious humbug divide us.

My father says socialism's the work of the devil.

Sounds like mine.

Well, if poverty is the work of God then I'm with the devil.

Is it your father you're running from?

He wants me to marry my cousin.

You haven't had...


A fine pair, two escaped brides.

There was someone else.


That's why I'm here.

Seems that some things are more important to him than me.

Maybe some things are more important, or maybe those things are telling us this person is not the right person.

Did you have someone else?

It was more I changed.


I began to know my own mind.

Before this everything used to frighten me, but now in spite of all this I'm not so afraid.

I'm of some use.

Are you ready?

Come on.


General Lowe thanks you for your advice regarding the collection and burial of civilian bodies, he'll set a party to it.


He asked me to relay that your misgivings regarding their tactics have been noted and shall be conveyed to General Maxwell when he arrives.


He's confident that they're commensurate with the m*llitary situation.

And will destroy the city and our ability to govern it.

I'll have to write to Asquith again.

Sir perhaps we've done all we can.

We are the representatives of His Majesty's government.

We cannot abandon our post until the trouble is passed.

Sir, we haven't slept in three days.

I really should return home.

The answer is no, Hammond, you may telephone your wife.

Yes sir.

Yes, she's here Mr. Hammond.

But she can't come to the telephone.

Oh, she's indisposed.

Miss Lacey, she's fine too.

We're all fine.

Yes Mr. Hammond.

He says to say he apologises once again, but he's not able to leave the Castle.

And does he apologise for leaving me locked up for the whole Easter vacation with her?

He didn't say, ma'am.

Is she still upstairs?

Yes ma'am.

Tell her if she isn't down by lunch I will drag her down by the hair myself.

( Vomiting )

Should I tell Mrs. Hammond you're sick?

No thank you, please don't.

Penny mister, we're starving.


Things must be bad, the priest is scarpering with the family jewels.

Mummy asked me to come to you.

To come fetch me home?

To ask you to come home.

It's not too late.

Pater believes your truancy is motivated by mercy rather than menace.

It's not too late with Stephen either.

I'm not coming home, I'm needed here.

Harry, why are you really here?

I swear Lizzy, I've learnt my lesson this time...

Christ look around you, you should be helping us.

I don't have any money.

Anything? I'm desperate.

Try looting.

It's a bit common.

He said he'd go to mummy and daddy.

He knows who they are.

I'm afraid he might cause a scene or worse.


The money lender.


I'll be with you in a moment Ingrid.

You don't deserve it.



I could have you court martialed.

You should be ashamed to stand beside these men.

Instead, they're looking for people to shift the d*ad from the streets.

I volunteered you private, since you're not up to real soldiering.

Yes sir.

Yes sir.

Araigh Linn, come on.

( Knock on door )

( g*n and explosions in the distance )

Lieutenant Malone.

It's me, Jimmy Mahon.

New orders from headquarters.



All the a*mo we've got.

Make every b*llet count.

Yes sir.

Mahon wasn't it?


You a sh*t?

Yeah, I can sh**t.


Frances, I can sh**t.

You a lassie?

I'm a lassie and I'm a soldier.

All right.

I'll be in the abandoned house at the top of the street.

You don't open f*re until you see me open f*re.

Right lads.

Everyone into position.

Let's go.

( g*n and explosions in the distance )

( Sound of horses outside )

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Jesus, there's loads of them.

Left, left, left, right, left.

( g*n )

It's started!

( g*n and ricochets )

Give us the Mauser.


( g*n and ricochets )

Ah, if it isn't me old pal, Georgie Wilson.

Thought I'd find you here.

Stand me a drank.

I'm looking for Ingrid, Harry.

Ah, your Belfast ice maiden with the fiery heart.

Yeah, well she's come down from Belfast.

I tried to send her home but she ran away.

Disobedient fillie.

Try to be serious for once in your life, can you?

There's a w*r zone out there.

They're shelling the hell out of the quays.

Well, perhaps I can help you in your quest but...

A glass of porter and a whiskey for my friend please.

A large one, and I haven't eaten since yesterday.

And a sandwich.

I can do you a few slices of ham, but it'll cost ye.


Go ahead.

I went to see Lizzy today, she's helping in a field hospital.

There was an Ulster girl with her, pretty young thing.

Think they were shipping her to a hospital, the Mater.

I'd better go.

Toss down, it'll take you a half the day to get there with a brouhaha and a fellow can't march on an empty stomach.


Father please, come back, we're desperate, will ya?


We need food Father, the bakeries are all closed, them that the rebels haven't taken over.

I can offer neither bread nor milk, but if you have a message for a loved one involved in the rebellion I'll take it.

What are you doing taking those bastard's side?

Aren't they the reason we're starving?

Somebody must look to their spiritual well-being.

What about ours?

Where was the church when the poor needed them?

Should be ashamed of yourself.

Father, I have a message for me son Peter Mahon.

What's the message?

He's only 11.

Tell him he's to come home.

I'll take him home myself.

( Tinkle of piano )

Miss Lacey.

You're up at last.

Sorry Mrs. Hammond, I wasn't feeling very well.

Hmm, Gretta told me.

It has passed.


Oh, I really shouldn't.

I insist.

You may leave us Gretta.

You know Miss Lacey, your stay might be more pleasant, for us both, if we got to know each other a little.

I suppose you know people involved in this trouble.

No, why should I?

It's a small place.

I don't know anything about it.

You're Irish.

I am, but like you I'm a subject of the British king.

And where are your people from?

My family are from Cork, Mrs. Hammond.

And what does your father do?

He has a shop.

How quaint.

A tailor.

Mine's a Sea Lord.

He's at the Admiralty.

And what do you do Mrs. Hammond?

A lady does not do, Miss Lacey.

Drink your sherry.

I can't.

Gretta said you were ill yesterday morning too.

I shall have to call a doctor.

Please don't, it's not necessary.

You're my guest.

I insist.
( Tinkle of piano )

These English Tommies are welcome to the scrap if you ask me.

Sinn Feinners might be a bunch of bastards.

They are a bunch of bastards.

I don't like being asked to f*re on them, you know.

The sooner we do this the sooner it gets done.


Are you all right fella?

Where are you going?

We've orders.

No, captain, no, you may not have permission to re-route via the Baggot Street Bridge, nor the Leeson Street Bridge or any other damn bridge.

The British army will not retreat in the face of a rabble.

The Sherwood Foresters will come through at all costs as ordered.

Yes, Mr. Hammond?

You asked to see me sir.

Yes, General Maxwell has been appointed to deal with the situation by whatever means necessary.

Kindly inform Mr. Nathan that all future communications with Mr. Asquith and the government must pass through this office.

General, a list of all the ring leaders, names, addresses, places of work.

Thank you Detective Clover.

Good day, Mr. Hammond.

What sort of a ragtag mob is this that thinks they can take on the British army?

( g*n, ricochets and broken glass )

They keep sending them in.

Common man's life means nothing to these people.

Me own brother's a soldier.

Yet you keep putting them down.

We're all slaves to our masters.

( g*n and ricochets )

( Whistle )

What's that?

Pull back, remove the d*ad and wounded.

Jesus Christ, they're playing at w*r like it's a game of football.

( Noise from back of building and dog barking )

( Whistle from outside )

( g*n )

Got him!

( g*n and ricochets )

Let them blast away for a bit, we need to preserve the a*mo.

Reinforcements will be here soon.

♪ Soldiers are we, whose lives are pledged to Ireland. ♪
♪ Some have gone from a land beyond the wave. ♪
♪ Sworn to be free, no more our ancient sire land, ♪
♪ Shall shelter the despot or the sl*ve. ♪

Hey, young fella.

Yes, sir.

What age are you?


Just small for me age, sir.

We need scouts.

Yes sir.

But I'm Commandant Connolly's personal messenger, sir.

Well, it's him who ordered it, so I'm sure he won't mind.

We need to see where the enemy big g*n are.

Do you think you can help us out?

Come on. My uncle said to stay here.

To not go near the windows.

Your Uncle?

What's your name?


Peter, come with me.


Thank goodness you're safe.


Been looking for you since you run off on me.

I didn't ask you to.

And you were happy enough to be rid of me before.

I'm sorry.

Three days ago, I would have followed to you the ends of the earth, but now I'm nurse.

I feel like God's telling me to do it.

Ingrid, this is no place for you.

Follow me Ingrid.

You've the law.

And I've patients to see to.

Look, it's Da.

You back already?

Just wanted to see you.

See you all.


Minnie, give your Da a hug will you?

Sorry if I've been harsh with you Minnie love.

Something happen Art?

No, no.

Where's Peter?

Come upstairs and we'll talk.

Come on.

Minnie, look after your sisters.

We've been looking for you.

You got the money?

I really must be elsewhere.

I'm not waiting, hurry up!

( Doorbell )

Come in please doctor.

Thank you.

Just this way.

Miss Lacey is upstairs.

She hasn't been feeling very well.

You're back!

There's a flood of refugees streaming down Mount Street.

Good God!

Ballsbridge is like the Western Front.

Is that g*n really necessary, Edward?

Food has not been brought into the city in three days.

I had to pay three times the market value for those.

People are desperate.

Well, maybe we should be trying to help them then.

Maybe we should be getting out darling.

I telephoned my sister in Belfast this morning.

They have no trouble up there.

They've got their troublemakers firmly under control.

You mean the Catholics.

This is my home Edward.

I will not leave my children.

One of whom is a wastrel and does not deserve our protection and the other who ran away and doesn't desire it.

You leave if you wish, but I shan't be joining you in the black north.

( Buzzing of flies )


Come here!

It's not safe, come here!

Get off the street.

Come here!

Hey, come here, it's not safe.

( g*n )

He's a child.

He's a child.

He's a child!

He's only a child!

You're going to be fine, my love.

You're going to be fine.

You're going to be fine, you're going to be fine.

It's all right.

( g*n )

I think they got a fix on us.

Well, we'll go down fighting.

Where are the reinforcements?

Where the f*ck is De Valera?

You two out back.

( g*n and ricochets )

Our deaths will be an inspiration to others.

No, you listen to me.

You can sacrifice yourself for Gaelic Ireland another day, but when I'm not with you, you hear me.

( g*n )

The basement, let's go. No!

I'm not into that blood sacrifice shite, come on.

( g*n and ricochets )



( g*n )

Frances go, go, go.

Drop your g*n.

( g*n )

You alright Danny?

( g*n )

He's running.

Do you hear anything?



Drop, drop your w*apon.

Turn around.

( g*n )

Come on Frances, come on.



He'll make it, won't he?


Come on Peter.

He was h*t by a b*llet.

Up here.

That man, is he d*ad?

Yes he is.

Right, we need the table. Nurse can you help me?

Yes miss.

Lift him.

Are you ready?


Right. Wait, wait. Put him down, put him down.

I need some bandages.

I need a clean tray.

Right away.

It's gone right through.

Pack it in.

More bandages, you've got to stop the flow.

He's losing a lot of blood.

I need some spirits.

He's going to be all right.

He's just a boy. You sent him out?

It's all down his back, he's lost a lot of blood.

What's his name?


Peter, are you listening, we're going to save you.

You've got to fight, okay.


Keep, keep holding, keep holding it.

( Shouting )

Cover me.

( g*n )

Down the alley.

Got them.

Have you now.

( g*n )

Get into the right.

( g*n and ricochets )

Go, go, go!

Don't let them get away.

In there.

Up here.

Check on the left.

Which way?

They've got to be here.

Check that.

Open the gate, we're not losing them.

That fellow was only handing out bills, he was trying to stop the looting.

No, but he must have done something for the Captain to have told you to sh**t him.

There were others too.

Kids, 18, 19, they were just bystanders.

And there's no one you can tell?

Who'd listen to me Peg I'm only a private I'm not some bloody Trinity pal.

I can't go back.

Well, if you've run away, they'll come after you.

It's not just that, it's everything.

And when I saw that d*ad girl today I just kept thinking that could have been Minnie.

My heart bleeds for you for what you went through in Turkey.

Look at me.

Precious few days you have with us.

See your own city turned against itself, your own brother.

Ordered to sh**t your own.

But you need to go back!

Lord forgive me, I don't want to be the one to ask you.

But you are.

Yeah I am.

You need to go back.

Do you know who I'm fighting for anymore.

You're fighting for us.

Your family.

Your our king and we're your country.

Art, you're fighting for us.

I love you Arthur Mahon.

You're sure the priest will bring Peter back, are you?

Yeah, yeah, he promised he would.

( g*n and explosions in the background )

They saw us, we need to hide.

Not so keen to die for Ireland now are you?

I'd gladly die for her but I'm starting to think I'm more use to her alive.

Besides we've been fighting it all wrong.

That's the way we should've been doing it, back there, 10, 15 of us holding off a whole brigade. Yeah, now finally you're talking.

I wouldn't want to give those English sewer rats the pleasure of k*lling us.

I know somewhere we can go, should be safe.

Go there then, I'm going back to the GPO.

Back to the GPO?

My nephew is in there.

The trouble you and your Mr. Pearse have caused.

I'm ashamed, that's what I am.

What are you dressed like?

Sometimes I wonder if you're my sister's child at all.

Come in and I'll feed you.

It's good of the doctor to come.

You may sit.

He said they'd been working around the clock because of the rebellion and it's a relief to know that your illness is merely a natural consequence of your condition.

Three months gone he reckoned.

It's funny, I took you for an adventuress, not a cheap whore.

I beg your pardon.

You're not the first Miss Lacey.

Is that so?

When Charles was in East Africa he grew close to a native, Mie-mie or LaLa or some such.

He didn't try to hide it from me.

He told me about her.

I forbore, knowing he would grow tired of her and he did.

At the end of his posting he returned to London and to me without so much as a backward glance, and there have been others too.

Bits of local colour and I doubt whether I, let alone he, could remember any of them.

But you are the first to try a trick like this.

A trick like what Mrs. Hammond?

Getting yourself pregnant.

Oh, I didn't get myself pregnant.

Your husband got me pregnant.

See, Miss Lacey, Charles and I were unable to have children.

A top Harley Street practitioner found that the fault lies with the seed, not the soil.

So I come to the conclusion that you must have taken other lovers.

There has been only him Mrs. Hammond, I can assure you of that.

The seed is fine in fertile earth.

It would simply seem that I have been able to give him what you have not.

It's all I had in the bottom of the larder, and the few buns I had the flour left to make and black tea.

Go easy now.

You're a terrible woman.

I don't agree with it you know.

Upsetting people's lives with these wild ideas.

And it's not just me.

Everyone's against you.

All decent people.

Come here, I'll give you another drop.

I carry no arms.

I simply wish to administer to them.

Would you deny a man the opportunity to die according to his beliefs?


Monsignor Mulcahy.

Lieutenant Duffy Lyons, you know I'm no rebel.

I simply wish to give these men whom you intend to k*ll conditional absolution.

Of course Monsignor, but I would be grateful if you could convey to them that we're under orders to k*ll them unless they surrender unconditionally.

I will Stephen, thank you.

Let him through, now.

Monsignor, have you seen Elizabeth?


Father, Father.

Bishop said not to let you go in alone.

Too many confessions for one priest to hear.

Father Murphy I'm delighted you could join me.

I know the Archbishop is most concerned for the well-being of the rebels.

Glad I could be of some assistance.

Someone's coming.

Ah, look who's back.

I hope he brought some smokes.

Howya Father.

Any news?


Joined the priesthood, have you?


Through that way boys.

This can't end well.

We intend to win this Father, if I've anything to do with it.

Father, you're welcome back.

Did you see the Archbishop?

I had hoped to bring his blessings Mr. Pearse, but I at least have some messages for your men.

Permission to report, sir.

Let me in mate.

Reporting for duty.

Where have you been?

Temporary leave.


What happened?

He's d*ad, isn't he?

Oh my God, Jesus!

Oh, he's cold, he's cold. (Sobs)

What happened to you Peter?

Oh my God. (Sobs)

( Loud expl*si*n in the distance )

Padraig Pearse (voiceover): And now it begins. The as*ault by the English occupier we knew would come, but the more fierce it is, the more we know that we are winning, be assured all our principle positions are still intact. The country too is rising in support. A large body of volunteers are marching on Dublin from Dundalk. Panic has been unleashed amongst the authorities, especially in the counties of Dublin and Meath. Wexford has risen and a column is marching on Dublin. So whatever hellfires they rain on us we must hold Dublin until the country forces arrive to relieve us. The Irish Republic has already held out for three full days and by international law we are now entitled to the status of belligerents and have earned the right to send a delegate to the peace conference, which will follow the w*r.

( Loud expl*si*n )

So let them drop their shells on us because I tell you again, we are winning. We have redeemed Dublin from shame and made her name glorious once again amongst the great cities of the world. From our spilt blood the phoenix of freedom shall arise and our children and our children's children will enjoy the happiness and prosperity which that freedom will bring. Know that we have won.

( Explosions )