01x10 - Needles

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mad Dogs". Aired: January 15, 2015.
A group of underachieving 40-something guys travel to Belize to see an old friend, when things take an unexpectedly dark turn.
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01x10 - Needles

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[birds chirping and trilling]

[beeping steadily]

[wheels clattering]

Woman [over P.A.]: Dr. Rose to pediatrics, please.

Dr. Rose to pediatrics.


[indistinct chatter]



Excuse me. Sorry.

Oh. [Gasps]

What'd you do that for?

You deserved it, that's why!

You h*t me in my mouth!

That's right.

I h*t you right in the mouth.

You're a child abuser!

Please, I want my shirt back, my watch.

Oh, hi.

Look, guys, this is...

She mugged me two days ago, took my watch, took my... took my shirt.


All right, no, no, no, no, no.

What's happening?

What's wrong with you?

My friends are down here.

And I got... Hey, what...

He's a child abuser.

Just to be clear, if I step in here, are you going to arrest me?

Why? Is there a reason I should?

You said I was just helping with inquiries.

I am authorized to make an arrest if I feel you're in felony violation of U.S. law.

Well, to my understanding, FBI agents don't have authority to make arrests on foreign soil without consent of the host nation.

Wow, aren't you a big smarty-smarty.

Step in there, I'm on sovereign territory.

Well, I guess you're just gonna have to roll those dice.

Or you could take your chances with Customs and Homeland Security.

Wait here.

Interview this guy here.

You remember this guy here?

What did you say to her?

I asked her if there was an office available.

[reporter speaking indistinctly on television]

[Tull murmuring]

Reporter: The victims have now been identified as American entrepreneur Aaron Brook and local woman Coggah Rum.

Mr. Brook was a former Olympic bronze medalist for archery.

Both were pronounced d*ad on the scene.

A police investigation is ongoing.

[indistinct shouting]

Wait! Wait! Wait, I know Jesús!

I'm one of his guys!

[shouting continues]


[sirens wailing]

[life support machine beeping]

Lex: What the...

Where am I?

Wait, I don't have any pants on.

I can't move.

Oh, shit.

There's pizza outside.

Lex: Is she talking to me?

Hey, are you talking to me?

Why can't she hear me?

Doctor: Oh, nice. Pizza Island?

Nurse: I think they went to that new place, Napoli something-or-other.

Doctor: Oh, I've heard they're very good.

Lex: Shouldn't you guys be concentrating on what you're doing?

He's regaining consciousness.

Lex: I have regained consciousness.

I can hear everything you're saying.

He must have a pretty strong tolerance for barbiturates.

Lex: Oh, you're judging me now?

You ever been to, uh, Peking Kitchen?

I hear they're supposed to be great.

[birds singing]

Down on the ground now.

Did I say put your hands up?

I said get down on the ground.

Get on the f*cking ground now.

Face down.

Hands behind your head.


Which one are you?

What do you mean?

Which one? Your name.


Joel Kransey?


And you're looking for Aaron, right?


Aaron's d*ad.


bl*wn up last night.

f*ck. f*ck.

Who are you?

I'm the only one of his bosses who said we'd be dumb to enroll him in the first damn place.

But right now, I'm the f*cking cleaning lady.

Are you armed?


All right, get up.

Slowly, slowly.

So she said yes to our invitation?

If she declined, you'd be d*ad.

I'm sorry, I'm just calling it like it is.

Did she say anything to you?

She wanted me to... give this-this to Aaron.



Do you understand what you did up there?

She said she could get my friends home.

You and I, we got to go grab lunch.

Cops are gonna be swarming this place.

Come on, let's go, go.

Come on, let's go.


[door closes]

What's that now?

Are you a missionary?

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone who works here is trustworthy.


Look, I've been pretty patient with you, but honestly, you're starting to rag on me.

I need you to answer some questions, so let's just stop tippy-tapping around, okay, fella?

What happened to this woman?

[door opens]

My friends are outside.

Can I see them, please?

Your friends left, sir.

Try and rest.

I'll be back to check on you in a while.

[machines beeping]

[door closes]

[birds singing]

Who's there?

[indistinct chatter]

You're a lucky man.

We'd arrived two minutes later, and whoosh.

Like a firework.


I'm so lucky.

You're an American?


Why? Is there...

Captain, can I speak to you for a second?

[line ringing]

[phone ringing]

Who is it?

It's, uh, another one of my friends.

It's Cobi. Can-can I...

Go ahead.


Hey, how's he doing?


Well, why aren't you with him?


Why? For what?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Wait, what do you mean?

Aaron's d*ad?

How are we gonna get our passports?

You're handling it how?

[line disconnects]

Joel? Joel?



Tull: There are witnesses to you leaving the embassy with her.

You have security footage?

You don't, right?

So once again, it's just someone's word.

Someone pointing the finger at me.

Okay, I'm interpreting this as a lack of cooperation.

My lack of Coop...

My lack of cooperation is because you haven't afforded me legal representation.

Holy crab apple.

You haven't been offered a lawyer because you haven't been charged.


Why don't you just tell me where these guys are?

Two things. One: I'm not the type of guy to give up his friends even if there was a reason.


And two, are you f*cking around?

Can you not see that these are both me?


Excuse me.


Hostess: Welcome to Pizza Island.

What are we doing here?

Grabbing a pizza.

Go ahead and seat yourself.

See anyone you know?

Let's sit there in the corner.

You can see the room.

Waitress: How's the pizza?

[birds chirping]



[chuckling]: You're not real.

You're d*ad.

Of course I'm d*ad.

Am I d*ad?

Do you think you deserve to live?

I don't think you're allowed to smoke in here.

You think you can take my life, and you can still live?

I didn't actually take your life.

Sophia: If you had been in the same position as Joel, what would you have done? Would you have sh*t me?

Honestly, I think I probably wouldn't have.

Even if you thought I was about to k*ll your friends?

You know, I don't know.

Um, I-I'd like to say yes, but I don't know if I have that in me.

That tells me you don't care enough to live.


Well, it tells me that I value life.

I value all life, not just my own.

So... you value your life?



I suppose, if anything...

I probably haven't valued it enough.

Or... I haven't... respected its value.

Uh... oh.

I forgot they were both there.

I couldn't remember if he had a goatee or not, so I asked them to draw two, one with and one without.

So there are four, not five?

Thank you, Abby.

It's definitely him, though.

What did you do with her?

Leave her in a ditch?

Did you all just have your way with...?

Thank you, Abby.

So we're clear that you've been positively identified.

I'm clear that I'm being singled out, yeah.

Oh, you're the victim.

Gus: That's not what I'm saying.

Oh, there I was thinking that the missing girl was the victim.

Are you implying that we somehow harmed this young lady?

No, I'm not saying you did anything to her, but I do believe you know her whereabouts.

And I don't buy for a minute that you're protecting your friends.

I think you're protecting yourself.


Only if you knew how wrong you are.

Know what's crazy?

My entire adult life, I've been taking this kind of shit for what other people have done.

Why are you even investigating me?

For the last week, I have literally been running for my life.

I've been threatened, I've been chased.

I've been att*cked, I've been bl*wn up!

And somehow I end up being the one investigated.

Serious crimes have gone down here.

Crimes against me!

And now you want me to cooperate with you.

While I'm sitting here looking at you, knowing that you're looking at me as if I'm the f*cking criminal.

[Gus sighs]

That girl's parents call the embassy every hour.

Every hour of every day.

Now, don't you think a parent has a basic right to know where their child is?

I was on annual leave in the Caribbean when I got the call to mop up.

Sorry I screwed up your vacation.

"Vacation." Yeah, right.

I was under the impression this whole thing was a bust.

I mean, giving her a jacket?


Who k*lled Aaron?

Paris: It's too early to say.

The point of us setting up front businesses is for our ops to hide in plain sight.

The moment you become.

Central America's second biggest Tilapia exporter, you're not exactly under the radar.

The f*cking egomaniac.

So you think he was whacked by a rival fish farmer.

Hostess: Welcome to Pizza Island.

Paris: Yeah, something like...

Something like that.

Is that them?

It is them, right?

All right, so here's what I need you to do.

I want you to go over there and positively I.D. them as the drug dealers from the boat.

What's gonna happen to them if I do?

What do you think is gonna happen?

You're asking me to be complicit in ending their lives.

Says the man who sh*t a cop.

I had no f*cking choice.

She would have k*lled all of us.

You made a pact up there.

Now, for this to work, she has to be the only game in town.

That was her counteroffer.

And you have to k*ll them?

With your plausible accountability.

Now, go over there.

Be 100% sure that it's them, because right now we are firmly in the "no more f*cking mistakes" zone.

And if it is them, I want you to put both hands on the table and strike up a conversation.

If I do this, will you guarantee my friends get home?

I can't guarantee you anything.

But what I can guarantee is that if you don't deliver on your promise to our friend in the mountain, things go very, very bad.

You mind if we move this along?

What should I talk to them about?

Excu-Excuse me.

Uh, the Hummingbird Highway, does-does... does that go all the way to Belmopan?

I'm sorry?

You look familiar.

'Cause, uh, I-I wasn't sure if it was the, uh... that or the-the... the George Price Highway.

The boat.

You were on the boat.

Agnes: What are you doing?

Being seen together is not smart.

Are these your friends?

Walk away.

Walk out the door.

Go, go.

Go, go, go, go.

Hugo: Chido!

Isabel: Joel!

[speaking cheerfully in Spanish]

Joel: Get the f*ck away from me!


Excuse me.

Look, you know I didn't do anything wrong.

She att*cked me, and in my attempt to pull away from a brutal mugging, I must have inadvertently, like, h*t her with my hand.

You know, like, it was a... [grunts]

Maybe you can tell...

[whispering]: Hey.

I have access... to money.

Actually, a large sum of money.

And... you, uh, you and I...

What are you asking exactly?

If you could facilitate it for me to get to a bank, I can pick up several thousand dollars, and I was wondering...

I was wondering if you might be interested in...

Are you talking about bail?


Braille. Bail. Braille.

Yeah, bail. Yeah.

I'm afraid I don't see you getting bail anytime soon.

Okay, yeah. I was just checking.

I figured that.

[whispering]: Sorry.

Mr. Franklin, I'd like to interview you in connection with the m*rder of Captain Sophia Moreno.


We are all alone.

Seems that way.

We come to this world alone, and we go out of the world alone.

You cannot expect someone to be there for you whenever you want.

Life is not like that.

Who was there for me when I d*ed?

The secret to life is to become comfortable with yourself.

Do you think you have ever been comfortable with yourself?

Probably not.

I think... if I may say...


Maybe you looked down on yourself.

You have a little low self-esteem.


And also you can be quite judgmental about your friends.

I don't mean to be, but they have this habit of always letting me down.

I mean, where are they now?

They do their best.

You really think so?

Do you always do your best?

I try.

Sophia: Lex tries.

In our darkest hour this is when we must shine our brightest.

[wind picking up]

[birds singing, insects trilling]

[car shifts into park]

And you'll get them all home, right?

I said there were no guarantees.

Look, you made a choice.

Joel: I would not call what I made a f*cking choice.

Can I use your phone?


It's an international call, so...


[line ringing]

Helena: Hello?

Hi. Helena.

It-It's me.

Are you all still in Belize?

Uh, yes, we are.


[bird singing, indistinct conversations]


I realize now that my only option is total honesty.

And I know you're asking yourselves, you know, why didn't I come forward with this information when I was first brought in?

Um, well, that might have been because of my mistaken arrest on the heels of a very violent att*ck.

I also understand that what I'm about to say is not gonna sit comfortably, but I think we all have to acknowledge the fact... that Captain Moreno... was a dirty cop.



She was corrupt.

Captain Moreno was a good woman.

Okay. But, uh... she did work for...

[very quietly]: Jesús.




We know that you and your accomplices were involved in her m*rder.

Okay, look.

You can speculate all you want on that, but you're gonna have to have some pretty hard evidence for that to stand up in court.

I didn't k*ll her.

Churchill: Then who did?

Listen, I just...

I wanted you to know that, um...

Helena: I'm going to move out.


Move-move out? What...

Helena: Yeah. I'm leaving him.

I know you said don't, but I realized that if I settle for this, then that would be it.

And I don't want to settle. I want...


Helena: Settle?

Don't leave him.

Helena: Why?

He... just-just... just give him another chance.

You know?

He loves you.
Churchill: If you are able to tell us who m*rder her and we are able to secure a Case on the strength of your information, then I see no reason why we cannot release you.


Joel Kransey.

You know where he might be?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Tull: Would you like her to read your statement back?

m*rder, piracy, CIA-sponsored drug trafficking...


These are substantial and... incredible allegations.

I know.

But I've never been more honest in my life and I could care less how that reflects on me.

Well, if what you're saying about this CIA operative and the trafficking is true, this is gonna have to go higher.

I understand.

Gus Givens, I am arresting you for leaving the scene of a crime, knowingly handling drug money, the theft of a boat, involuntary manslaughter, willful endangerment, obstructing the FBI and the non-return of a rental car.


I told you you'd arrest me.

[birds squawking]


Son of a bitch.


Man: The bus... the bus stops further way up the road.

I-I take you there.


I will stop it.



Oh, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Do you know about the legend of Xtabai?

I've heard that if you don't please her...

She kills you.

And if you do...



I don't want you to just live, Lex.

I want you to be alive.

[steady beeping]

Take care, my friend.

Uh, excuse me.

I'm looking for my-my other friend, the other guy who was here with us.

You know...

Joel Kransey?

["Pressure" by Leroy Young playing]


I'm arresting you for the m*rder of Captain Sophia Moreno.

You do not have to say anything...

♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Boy drop out of school and give mother pressure ♪
♪ Start to roam the streets ♪
♪ He and his partner end up the Ramada, sake of m*rder ♪
♪ Mommy can't take it any longer ♪
♪ Two weeks later she pass away of high ♪
♪ High blood pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Just taking a shower ♪
♪ Soapy from head to toe all over ♪
♪ Water stop pour ♪
♪ I paid the bill ♪
♪ It's just due to low water ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Some people perform their best under pressure ♪
♪ Others collapse 'cause they can't ♪
♪ 'Cause they can't, 'cause they can't take the pressure ♪
♪ The pressure, the pressure ♪
♪ Single mother with five pickni ♪
♪ Each with different daddies ♪
♪ That's definitely pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ People do bad, bad things and blame pressure ♪
♪ They commit m*rder and blame pressure ♪
♪ They commit su1c1de ♪
♪ And psychiatrist analyze ♪
♪ And it's due to the pressure, pressure ♪


♪ Pressure ♪
♪ When Chinese gets robbed ♪
♪ Pink's Alley takes the pressure ♪
♪ Some tourist get jacked ♪
♪ I ain't even in the area ♪
♪ And to me the police come pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ You have to know how to deal with the matter ♪
♪ 'Cause from every crevice and corner ♪
♪ Life comes with a whole heap of pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Just to think 'bout pressure can create a lot ♪
♪ Of pressure, pressure, pressure ♪

♪ Pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure... ♪

Mr. Franklin, you're free to go.

♪ Pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ Pressure, pressure, pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪

[indistinct singing]

♪ Can you handle the pressure? ♪
♪ Of course I realize I'm under pressure ♪

[indistinct singing]

♪ Can you handle the pressure? ♪

You said the right thing.

It's okay.

♪ Pressure ♪
♪ You thought you could handle the pressure ♪
♪ Pressure ♪
♪ You thought you could handle the pressure... ♪

Excuse me, Officer?

Can I make a call?

♪ You thought you could handle the pressure ♪

Come with me.

Paris: These things are about timing.

And things have snowballed slightly.

There has to be something you can do.

Paris: Yeah, I can negotiate, I can make deals, but only when I'm ahead of the curve.

This is an international incident now.

You k*lled a cop.

There are things you can do for me.

You know there are.

You just don't see a reason to do them now because I'm all risk and no reward, and that's not how you guys operate, is it?

You're in the equation business.

What do I gain?

What do I lose?

Who do I need?

And who's expendable?

You think you already have all you need from me.

You don't.

I get it, I see it.

Very clearly.

So now I'm gonna tell you... what I can do for you.

You're okay.

Oh, you remember me?

I just... I wasn't sure because, you know, you left me down a hole to die.

I would really love to give you a hug right now.

What? No, absolutely not.

Tull: Hey, hey, hey.

Sit down.

Listen, I know...


I landed in sand about halfway down.

And despite that soft landing, I lost two teeth.

And I was knocked unconscious.

When I came to, it was dark out.

And then after screaming "help" for several hours, I realized that I had been abandoned.

And then I cried.

Finally, after two days, a Shepherd and his wife spotted me.

And then these two local septuagenarians in flip-flops did what four American men quickly decided they couldn't do.

We looked for her, but we couldn't see anything.

And-and we called your name, and then it got dark...

Why didn't you just climb down there and take a look?!

I mean, g*dd*mn it, did you do anything at all?!

We did, we did, uh, I-I called, uh... wh-what'd we call...?

They did... they did call a help line.

You called a help line.

Well, nobody came to help.

Listen, I understand that you are in a sensitive situation, but, Jesus Christ, you've got to explain to me how it is possible for all four of you to be such shitty, shitty men!

Okay, all right, uh, look, I understand that feelings are raw.

Yeah, as are knees and elbows.

Look, based on Rochelle's substantiation of events and discussions back home, it's been determined that we are in, um, something of a damage containment mode.

Rightly or wrongly, the higher-ups feel that it would be in everybody's best interest just to get you out of here.

And just hush the whole thing up?

Obviously, if your story about the CIA operation went public, you know, it could be embarrassing.


[laughing]: You said embarrassing.

[Gus laughs]

So the last thing that we want to do here is embarrass someone higher up.

That's... [laughs]

Oh, shit. [Laughs]

Woman: The wire just completed from our Guatemala branch.

Mr. Padilla asked me to reiterate his apologies for the commission fee mix-up and said if there's anything else I could do...

Yes, uh, can I use your computer?

I need to book a flight.

Why don't you let me?

When were you hoping to fly?

Now. Today.


Uh... as soon as I can.

Also I need to, uh, wire most of this to the United States, and I have a very specific way of doing it.

Most of it?

Yeah. I'd like to wire some of it to a friend of mine here in Belize.

Her name is Angel Gibson.

Okay, and how much?

You know what? f*ck it.

Wire it all to my account.

Gus: Joel, call me when you get this.

We are booked on a 5:00 P.M. flight.

Just get to the airport.

Everything's waiting for you at the desk.

Ticket, passport.

I'll explain when you get here.

We are going home.

Cobi, call me, I am picking up Lex, and I am taking him home, so get your ass to the airport.

We are getting on a 5:00 P.M. flight, so call me as soon as you get this.

[knocks on door]

Captain Churchill? My name is Paris.

I know this is a new posting, so I wanted to offer any help I can in my position as an expat from the United States of America.

Thank you.

I'm a little busy, so if you'd excuse me...


I'm just waiting on a call.

Should be any second now.

Really, it is about to.

[cell phone rings]

I'm pretty sure that's for you.


I'm listening.


Yes, crystal clear.

[phone chimes]

Female voice: You have three new messages.

Gus [over phone]: Joel, call me when you get this.

We are booked on a 5:00 P.M. flight.

Just get to the airport.

Everything's waiting for you at the desk.

Ticket, passport.

I'll explain when you get here.

We are going home.

[phone chirps]

Oh, it... broke.

We've printed your travel details, and the wire is still going through.

Just a minute.

Have you enjoyed Belize?


Uh, well, a bit mixed.

If I'm being honest.

But it ended well.

Mm, so you have friends here?



I mean, I... I came here with friends.

It's hard, traveling with friends.

You think you know people, but when you travel together, that's when you really get to know them.

Yeah, that's so true.

But in the end, you know, you just got to... take care of yourself, right?

Man: I have to go on record and say that I am wholly uncomfortable with him being moved so soon.

We'll have a medical team waiting for him when he disembarks.

I actually feel pretty good.

Yeah, I think I know why.

Rochelle: There's also a security implication here, so we really need to get him home as soon as we can.

How you feeling? You okay?

I mean, apart from the...

Gus: You're getting a promotion, right?

Rochelle: What makes you say that?

The card on your desk said, "Congratulations on a promotion."

Or the-the lady in the hallway that said, "Congratulations on a promotion."

Lex: What you did took some b*lls, I'll say that.

Excuse me?

Not giving up.

[Rochelle scoffs]

Gus [whispering]: Which way is it?

You know what?

Why do people use that expression?

Have you ever seen a man be kicked in the b*lls?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, so have I.

He's rendered completely immobile, he can't speak for, like, 30 seconds.

When did b*lls become the symbol of strength?


Why not a vag*na, you know?

I mean, vaginas take a pounding most of their adult life.

What you should have said was, "What you did, that took some vag*na, I'll say that."

Can we just make a stop before we get to the airport?

Are you serious? You fu...

Please don't freak out.

[scoffs] Who's freaking out?

I don't want your apologies.

Who's apologizing?

Frankly, I don't have another apology left in me.

[scoffs] So what do you want?

Um, I'm traveling tonight and, uh, wanted to get a tin of those hard candies.

You guys sell those, right?

You came to make jokes?

No. Look...

Look, I-I know your family's pretty upset about what happened to the dog.

Only Aunt Shiraine.

The rest of us were really not that fond of...

Not that we would have wished.

No, of course.

I've seen some terrible things since I've been here.

I've seen some beautiful and amazing things, too.

C-Certainly things that I'm never gonna forget, but I got to get back to Chicago.

Erica: To your children?


To whom I will always be an embarrassment and a disappointment.

Despite what I'd like to believe, that is the truth.

Well, you're their father.

It's your job.

Can you explain to me how a shitty guy gets such a beautiful job?

[chuckles] You may be a bullshitter, but you're not a shitty guy.

That's why I came to help you.


So if a bullshitter sent you a ticket, you think you'd want to come visit Chicago?

You send the ticket, and I'll let you know.

Thank you.

Lex: Maybe they lost their phones, or they're not charged...

Gus: Then they won't get my messages.

We should stay.

With you in this condition?

Man, we got to get you home, ASAP.


Dude... man.

You got my message!

Yeah. Yeah.


Cobi: Hey, Lex.

How you doing? You okay?


Well, that's a relief, huh?

Where's Joel?

I... I assumed he was gonna be with you guys.

Gus: Well, we just gotta give him a little bit of time. He'll be here.

Hey, where... where'd you go when you left the hospital?

I, uh... just went out.

Get some air.

For ten hours, you went to get some air?

Gus: First-class ticket.

Yeah, I... used my miles to get an upgrade.

You got my message?


My message?


Well, what-what did it say?

"Meet us at the airport."

Gus: What else?

"See you there."

Who got these for us, Cobi?

I... I don't...

What's going on, Cobi?

What's going on?

No, no, no.

Just because we, you know, traveled here together and have been through a bunch of shit doesn't mean that we're attached at the hip.

I'm a grown-up. I got to run everything past you guys, now?


[Lex groans]

Joel. It's Gus, man.

We are all together at the airport.

We're boarding soon. We're just waiting on you, man.

Text me. Let me know you're in the damn airport.


Woman [over P.A.]: All first-class passengers on Flight 232 to Chicago's O'Hare, we're about to start our boarding process.

We are now inviting anyone with disabilities, who might need extra time boarding, to board now.


Because of your friend's health condition, we bumped you up to first class.

Here you go. Follow me.

Boarding officer: You need to board now, sir.


[indistinct chatter]

What if Joel doesn't make it?

We have to get home. Okay?

You've got to get home.

What, so we're just gonna leave him behind?

We can't stay.

We can't leave him.

But you have to get home to your dad, right?

Okay, but we're gonna keep trying to find him, right?

We'll come back if we have to.

We will do whatever it takes to get him home safely.

Just sit down.

Woman [over P.A.]: At this time, will ground staff please leave the aircraft as we are about to close the cabin doors?

Also, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and locked positions.

["Hard Time k*lling Floor Blues" playing]

♪ Hard times are here ♪
♪ And everywhere you go ♪
♪ Times are harder than ♪
♪ They've ever been before ♪

[singer humming]

♪ You know people are drifting ♪
♪ From door to door ♪
♪ But they can't find no heaven ♪
♪ Don't care where they go ♪



[music fades]


There he is.

It's not complicated, what we do.

I get product from Jesús and sell it on.

My old muckers at the CIA watch my back, and in return I keep them in the loop.

We've been doing it for years and years.

You buy and sell properties and I clean my money through your company.

That's all Milo did?

That's all Milo did.

Silly f*ck.

Didn't realize what a great life he had.

Oh. Got a present for you.

Your mate's DNA.

So, let's have a look at these houses, shall we?

This is the sort of level I think we should go in on.

I've got some more here.

Nothing too spectacular.


Of course, the, uh, beachfront properties are...

What are you doing?

[breathing heavily]



[line ringing]

[line clicks]

Paris: Did you do it?



Here, I have someone who'd like to speak with you.

Jesus: Welcome to Belize, Jo-El.

[line clicks off]

[phone beeps off]

["A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" by Bryan Ferry playing]

♪ Where have you been, my darling young one? ♪
♪ I've stumbled on the side of 12 misty mountains ♪
♪ I've walked and I've crawled on six crooked highways ♪
♪ Stepped in the middle of seven sad forests ♪
♪ Been out in front of a dozen d*ad oceans ♪
♪ I've been 10,000 miles in the mouth of a graveyard ♪
♪ It's a hard ♪ - ♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪ - ♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪ - ♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪ - ♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, what did you see, my blue-eyed son? ♪
♪ What did you see, my darling young one? ♪
♪ I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves around it ♪
♪ Saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it ♪
♪ Saw a black branch with blood that kept drippin' ♪
♪ Saw a room full of men with their hammers a-bleeding ♪
♪ A white ladder all covered with water ♪
♪ I saw 10,000 talkers whose tongues were all broken ♪
♪ I saw g*n and sharp swords in the hands of young children ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪
♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪
♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard ♪
♪ Hard ♪
♪ Hard, hard, hard ♪
♪ Hard ♪
♪ And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ And what did you hear, my blue-eyed son? ♪
♪ What did you hear, my darling young one? ♪
♪ I heard the sound of a thunder that roared out a warning ♪
♪ Heard the roar of a wave that could drown the whole world ♪
♪ Heard 100 drummers whose hands were a-blazing ♪
♪ Heard 10,000 whispering and nobody listening ♪
♪ Heard one person starve ♪
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