01x22 - Full Circle

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "The Grinder". Aired September 29, 2015 to May 10, 2016.
"The Grinder" follows a TV actor who returns to his small hometown to work as a lawyer, in his family's firm, after his long-running television series, on which he played a lawyer, was canceled.
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01x22 - Full Circle

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I've not lost a check in 15 years.

You lost this check!

That's not the check.

Tell me why this can't be the check!

Because I destroyed the check!

(shouting, gallery gasping)

Open it.

"Grinder rests."



You lost to an actor?

Man: Always keep...

We've got him on...

Dean: I know that all of you are...

Lord knows, how hard...

You lost this check.

Witness: That's not the check.

Leonard: Objection.

Dean: Tell me why this can't be the check!

(echoing applause)

Woman: You need to settle, Grinder.

Grinder: Don't settle, ever!

Always keep one in the chamber.

That was my merger!

My stock options!

Man: It's Grinder!

Woman: Damn you, damn you!

She wasn't on the rooftop.

Damn you?! Damn myself!

How is why!

Too risky is not in my vocabulary.

(Grinder screaming)

I'm the freaking Grinder!

It all comes full circle.

So... you do know who's behind it?

The identity of the puppet master?

That's right, Todd. The man pulling the strings behind the curtain on Dad's case. Leonard Velance.

The opposing counsel in my first non-TV trial.

We humiliated him in front of the world... and now he wants revenge.

Todd: Damn!

How did I not see that?

Don't b*at yourself up, Todd.

It took me a long time to get there, too, but it's the only thing that makes sense.

Does it make sense?

The opposing counsel?

The Pakistani-American guy.

Stew, it's almost r*cist that you don't remember him.


I remember him.

I just don't know why you're so sure he was behind it.

You're kind of basing all this off a random hunch.

Not a hunch.

Nothing random about it.

It's called instinct.

I have it.

You have it, and it's time for us to push our chips in on it.

I mean, I just don't see a version of this where I say no and it sticks.

That's because there isn't one.

(whispering): There isn't one.




I could feel your breath on my neck.

Sorry, I'll-I'll sit down.


Dean: Your Honor, we have always known that this case is nothing more than a smokescreen for revenge.

We just didn't know who was behind it... until this morning.


Basically, Mr. Manler has been represented by counsel this whole time, and he's been hiding it.


Don't you think that's a little weird?

I don't think it's weirder than this.

Video sent to me from the plaintiff.

He lured you to that apartment.

Your Honor, I can explain.

Claire: So, you're off the case?

The guy has footage of me breaking into his apartment.

I'm suspended for six months!

Damn. Now what?

So, now it looks like you're gonna have to take over as lead counsel.

Wow, okay, great.

Um, I guess I'll start prepping.

You want to tell Dean?

Yeah, or-or you can, you know, what-whatever.

I think, whatever, they both work for me.

I'd tell him... but somehow I think he knows already.

Dean, please, do not make this any more difficult than it has to be.

Stewart, I thought that we'd come full circle, but you still don't trust me.

You want me to have training wheels.

Um, I just, I still feel like there should be an actual lawyer in charge of the case, so just listen to Claire.


Yeah. I'm torn.

Yeah? What are you torn about?

Well, I love seeing a diverse woman have a sh*t in the workplace.

I feel good about that.

I think a lot of people do.

And on the other hand?

It should be me.

Defending my father with my brother.

Surrounded by my... extended family while I...

(softly): ...fight for justice.

Ethan: How much of this is about proving to Grandpa that you're as worthy of love as Uncle Dean?

This is for your school paper?

Yeah, we're doing a piece on the trial.

Okay, wow, you guys really go deep.

This cool?

Yeah, sure.

Is your legacy on the line?

Lizzie: Does your career hinge on the outcome of this case?

Woman (over TV): I mean, she's been known to backstab.

Whoa, they are rough.

I told you so. I'm watching this.

What did they ask you?


Oh, I see, you're a little, uh...

A little what?

You weren't like this when you got interviewed, right?

You drank afterwards.


You have no idea what you said, do you?

Nope, none.

Well, fingers crossed because if you said anything, they're gonna use it.


Ah, look at this.

My opening statement.

I don't know, I think I was kind of looking forward to it, you know, defending my dad in court.

And now you can't 'cause you got suspended!


I would definitely get my hands on that tape if I were you.



You don't think I can win.

(gasps) Dean!


You'd rather have Claire run this than me.


Uh... maybe, yeah.

You know, she's a-an actual lawyer or whatever.

You know, you do that a lot.

You sort of trail off with a little insult under your breath, and you think that I don't hear it.

Well, I do.

I hear every one of them, and they hurt me.

Okay, Dean, I'm sorry, but can you honestly tell me that she isn't better qualified...

Stewart, how long are you gonna keep the training wheels on me?

I don't know, Dean, probably until you go through the legal training process.

Sure, go to law school, pass the bar, as if that's the only way.

That's everybody's way, Dean. You're the only one who doesn't think you have to do it that way.

Stewart, what is your prejudice against TV lawyers becoming real ones?

Is that a prejudice?

Tomorrow when we walk into the courtroom, law school, training, who's a great lawyer, it all goes out the window.

That's not true.

Because it's not about the law anymore.

It's about instinct...

...and I just hope your girl has it or we are all in a heap of trouble.

Trouble you got us into.

I heard that!

All right, all right.

All right. Let's begin. I'm excited for this one.

Uh, Your Honor, I'd like to retain counsel at this time.

Told you.

Okay, and where is your counsel?

Leonard: Right... behind... all of you.

(gallery gasping)

I knew it.

Took you a while, though.

But I figured it out.

What does that get you?

Like, you know it's me, now what?

Judge Adams: Okay.

And the defense has also added a member to the team.

Yes, Your Honor, I will be taking over for Mr. Sanderson as lead counsel.

That's your decision?

No, it's not, Your Honor.

Uh, yes, it is, Your Honor.

Uh, you're not allowed to talk.

Uh, okay, but I just wanted to clarify...

Dean: Stewart.

Did you hear the judge?

I want my son here to be the lead counsel, Your Honor.


Stand down, Lacoste.

It's me he wants.

Judge Adams: Okay.

I guess, Ms. Lacoste, you're out.

We'll take a short recess, and come back with Mr. Sanderson running point.

How's that sound?

That sounds really great, Your Honor.

Thank you.

Sounds really great.

Thank you.

Sounds fantastic, thank you.

Thank you times a million.

No one thanks you more than I do, nobody in this courtroom.

So excited. This is gonna be wonderful.

Your Honor, this-this will be the best day of my life.

(gavel bangs)

Thank you.



I know that this is not what you wanted, but it would mean a lot to me if I got your blessing before I went back in there.

There's just a lot at stake in there.

Dad could be disbarred.

Don't you think I know that?

You don't think that this keeps me up at night?

Then let me help you.


Your cards.


I'll cherish them... and I will carry them with me into battle.

No, use them, Dean.

They're not a-a keepsake.

That's... I want you to use them in court.

Use them how?

Read what I wrote on the cards, and I think we have a chance here.

You want The Grinder to read cue cards.

I mean, isn't that kind of what you do?

That would be like having a racecar and keeping it in second gear.

Good, stay in second gear. Second gear will win this case.

I would say second gear wins this race.

I see how that's better.


I will read your words, color-coded cards.

I'm not gonna like it!

Hey, so, um... how's your story coming?

It's going, it's good, yeah.

Is it?

Um, I was wondering if I could just maybe give it like a... like a... like a little listen.

Why, 'cause you were two bottles deep?

And you can't remember what you said?


No, no, I want to go back and listen because I feel like maybe I didn't give you guys a good enough interview.

Maybe there's some, you know, like, details that I left out that could help your story.

Give me that. Give me that!

Mom, no!

Wait, just wait, just let me...

(Lizzie shouting)

I just want to listen to a little of it.

That's just sad.

You're having, like, a mental breakdown.


All righty, let's do this. Opening statements.

Mr. Sanderson?

Yes, uh, Your Honor, if I could just have one moment to... organize my cue cards.

Come on.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, here are the faces.


In 1988, the plaintiff Cory Manler was charged with pretty theft...

...was charged with petty theft.

What the hell is this?

It's my opening statement.

It's not him. Cut him loose.

In the judgment of the court... of the second city.


(whispering): Dean.



Um, what is this?



Your Honor, you're just gonna let this happen?

Shh, shh, let them finish.


Your Honor... I would like to, uh, back this up.

You want to...

Yeah, I want to take it from the top.

I'm sorry, I was working my way into it, and I think I've got something going now.

Really, we're just letting him take it again?

I don't see why not.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Family is the bedrock of society... and society is the bedrock of justice.

Ah, but justice... (knocks on rail) ...sweet, sweet justice... and it's tricky, but it doesn't mean that it is not the bedrock of this case.


Look, I get it.

He's The Grinder.

Handsome, charming, famous, he's fun to watch but... I'm begging you, pay attention to the content of his words.

Could any of you recap it? Or even give me the gist of it? No, you know why? Because it was nonsense.
So, I'm on location doing a picture with, uh, Edward James Olmos.

We're sitting around crafty, and, uh, he turns to Eddie... Norton...

Ed Norton practically falls off his horse, which he should never have had at craft service, because it might have been eating the food.


Okay... so that was a 30-minute story about two celebrities getting acting advice from a third celebrity, but... it has no relevance to this case.

Is he allowed to just dissect every single thing that I say?

Yeah, that's being a lawyer.

Uh, it's kind of what he's supposed to do.



And he's scoring with the jury!

I can see it in their eyes!

I can't believe they're buying Velance's bullcrap!

Dad, they are definitely gonna put you on the stand.

So, Dean, your best w*apon is objecting.

Challenge them on everything they say.

Yes, here is a list of reasons you can object to testimony.

Oh, there's a list. Good, I-I thought you had to make something new up each time.

Well, that's the way it should be if you ask me.


Oh, so... worst case, I yell, "Objection," and I pick one of these randomly and say it.

I wouldn't do it at random.

Yeah, and maybe don't yell... at all.

Maybe just pick one of those that fits the situation.

I like that.

That works, pick one... that fits... and say it.


It's down there.

What happens with that?

He gives it to you, you write it down, and then what do you do with it?

Whatever I want.

Write that down.

It's already there.

Mr. Sanderson, how are you today?

I'm fine.

Mr. Sanderson, do you recall representing my client?

Objection! Hearsay.

Overruled, that doesn't make...





It's very relevant.

I think I'm gonna have to allow this one.

The witness will answer.

Let the record reflect that everybody laughed at The Grinder.

Mr. Sanderson, do you recall receiving a plea deal from the district attorney?





(whispering): Privilege. His brother's helping him!

(whispering): Privilege.

Look, they're all helping him.


That works. Sustained.

Okay, Your Honor, you can't just let him cycle through objections and get help from the crowd until he finds one that works.

Okay, he's right, Mr. Sanderson.

I'm afraid you can no longer guess or get help from people.

I understand, Your Honor.

Proceed, Mr. Velance.

Mr. Sanderson, did you or did you not recently participate in focus group tests?

How does he know about that?

Don't worry about it. He has no proof.

Your Honor, I'd like to submit exhibit A.

The transcript from the Sanderson & Yao focus group test.

Sounds like proof to me.

And isn't it true, sir, that in this transcript, you yourself admit your failure in bringing this plea deal to my client, thereby violating his constitutional right to a fair trial?

I got him a great deal.

You lied to him!

I didn't lie to him.

Yes, you did.

Did not.

You took the easy way out!

There is no easy way.

He trusted you and you lied to him, isn't that true, sir?!

Yeah, it's true!

So what if it is?!

(gallery murmuring)

Open it.

"You've been Velanced."

(gallery gasping)

What does that mean?

It's his last name.

He turned it into a verb.

Damn right I did.

I really screwed up everything for you, didn't I?

You mean generally or just this case specifically?


Does it matter?

Uh, no, I guess it doesn't.

Because it's both, right?

Dean, you did the best that you could.

Well, my best isn't gonna keep our father out of prison.

You know that prison is not an option here, right?

And neither is winning, Stewart, or do you not see that yet?

Leonard: Oh, it breaks my heart to see you two fight like this.

Well, I think you get off on it.

I was being disingenuous.

I thought that was clear.

Well, it wasn't.

Well, it was to me, and it was to your little buddy here.

Mr. Velance, what is this?

Why-why are you doing this?

Don't you see?

It all comes full circle.

Thank you! That's what I've been saying.

But he doesn't listen to you, does he?

He never has.

He doesn't even want you here, and deep down, you know that.

Don't listen to him, Dean.

He's just trying to drive a wedge between us.

Or is he calling it like he sees it?

Leonard: You think he wants you as first chair?

I don't. I-I've said that the whole time.

He doesn't even think you're a real lawyer.

Again, nothing I've ever denied.

Stop it!

I can't stop!

I wish I could stop!

You ruined my life!

I lost my job!

I lost my family!

Do you know how humiliating it is to lose a $600 eviction case to a B-list television lawyer?!


But why hide it? I mean, why not just represent him from the beginning?

I tried to b*at you with the law, but you b*at me with drama.

Now you will learn what that feels like.

Reporter: Sanderson started out as a TV lawyer and made his transition into real law late last year.

Real law?

No, no, no. Honey, they said he transitioned to real law.

Stewart, shh, turn it off, honey.

Okay, okay.

Dean Sr.: It was your Dad's id...

This isn't it.

Honey, did you steal the kids' recorder?

I really need to know what's on this tape, and if you're uncomfortable with that, you should leave the room.

Ethan: State your name for the record.

Cory: It's, uh, Ror... Cory Manler.

(tape fast-forwarding)

Oh, this isn't me.

Wait, no, no, no, wait, wait, hon.

Play that back for a second.

Look, if Ethan wakes up, he's gonna freak out that I took his... Wait, hold on.

Let me just... I know, hold on.

(tape re-winding)

Cory: It's, uh, Ror... Cory Manler.

I got to go.

You have to go now?

Yeah, I got to go to the office.


I think we may have missed something.

In the case?

Yeah, if I'm not back by morning, just tell Dean...


Tell Dean what?

How do you do that?

Where you going?

Okay, I'm gonna let you two work this out.

I think I found something.

I got an instinct.

Ah, you ready to let me in on it?

No, no, not yet. Not till I know it's real.

Stew, instincts are always for real.

Now go chase that down.

Oh, Dean, if I'm late for court tomorrow just stall.

Oh... Stew.

I don't think I need to tell you there's a lot riding on this.

Yeah, I know, that's why I want to, I want to go.

Oh, no, no, no. You got it.

I want to go to do the thing.

Right, yeah, no.

You got it.

Mr. Manler, are you a Boise resident?

Uh, yeah.

Mm-hmm. Uh, city limits?

Born and raised?


I like the hat.

It's a very jaunty angle.

Is that a personal choice or did it come that way?

Uh, oh, I do it myself.

Objection, where is this going?

Excuse me, Your Honor, "where is this going" is not on the list of objections.

Mr. Sanderson, I am going to need you to arrive at a point.

(Dean clears throat)

Your Honor, I call Stewart Sanderson to the stand.

Mr. Sanderson, opposing counsel would have all of us believe that this case is in the bag.

That it's over.

Is it true?

Have we, in fact, been Valenced?




(gallery murmuring)

Then give me one reason why I shouldn't have to tell our father that he will never practice law again.

Give me one reason why we should not have to shut the doors of Sanderson & Yao!

Because that man... is not Cory Manler.

(gallery gasping)

I'm sorry?

(gallery murmuring)

That is.

(gallery gasping)



There's two of them.

What is happening?!

I am wondering that myself.

I think we all are, Your Honor.

Counselor, please enlighten us.

That's his twin brother... Rory Manler.

Come on! Twins?


This is my life right now.

Well, that's pretty dramatic.

It's... the most... dramatic.

Wouldn't you say, counselor?

Mr. Velance, I wouldn't mind an answer on that.

It was brilliant.

Your Honor, motion to dismiss all charges.

Yeah, given that the twin brother was posing as the other brother the entire time... yep, that's fraud.

Motion granted.

(cheering and applause)

(sarcastically): Yay.

You got me off, son, just like you said you would.

No, Dad, we got you off... together.

Look at you, grinding.

It was good, right?

Come in at the last second with the guy, it was...

Just like I would've.

How did you know?

You were right, Dean.

I... I went with my instinct.

I would have gone with twinstinct just then.


And you were so close to it.

You didn't-you didn't feel that?

I didn't, but it's good.

Well, that's why we make a great team.


For justice!


But, in the end it was another classic Grinder win.

With all the odds against him, and no one left in his corner, he still managed to pull it off in stunning, dramatic fashion.

So well told, you guys.

That was nice, buddy.

Yeah, really great.

I think you left out a couple of, uh, key bits, but overall I think it was terrific.

Like what?

Well, uh, I don't know, Dad, uh, maybe the part where I stayed at the office all night long, found the twin, convinced him to testify, brought him in at the last second and kind of saved...

Oh, right.

Either way, it's a great story.

Debbie: Yeah, and, you know, I appreciate you guys leaving out the stuff...

That was in the tape you stole?

Okay, didn't steal it.

It's okay, Mom.

Well, we weren't gonna use it, anyway.

You think we had the real estate for that?

Guys, I'm proud of you.

You saved the firm from going under when a lot of people didn't think you could.

And we did it our way, right?

I mean, it's an unusual approach, this tag-team thing we got.

Yes, it is.

I'm sure it threw a lot of people at first.

How're they gonna make this work?

How're they gonna keep that up?

I heard a lot of that.

Well, we... showed them.

Yeah, we did, and it all came full circle.

We thought it was about me learning from you, but in the end, it was really about you learning from me.

Kind of.

I don't know if that's exactly right.


And it's just the beginning, because now we know that this works.

This has legs.

For as long as we want it to.
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