01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Luck". Aired: December 2011 to March 2012
"Luck" revolves around characters who are connected to the same Santa Anita horse-racing track.
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01x01 - Pilot

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♪ The baby was born ♪
♪ nettles and ferns ♪
♪ the evening, it chokes ♪
♪ the candle, it burns ♪
♪ this disguise ♪
♪ covers bitter lies ♪
♪ repeating the joke ♪
♪ the meaning, it dies ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ at the end of the week ♪
♪ you take it or leave ♪
♪ or what you receive ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪

( Indistinct chatter )

( Door buzzes )

( Chatter fades )

( Sighs )


How you doing, Ace?

( Sighs )

We should get me a tape recorder.

Meaning what?

Meaning what?

Meaning we should get a recorder.

Okay, sure. I got a pencil, Ace.

You want me to write something down for you?

You think you're funny? You're not.

No, no. that I can write on the back of the envelope.

Go ahead.

Your trees.

How are your trees in the backyard there?

Good. Good. Yeah, good.

Thanks for asking. You know, as a matter of fact, this morning I was just thinking that it's probably time to take the wraps off the figs.

All right, let me see your horse owner's license.

I'm surprised the camera guy didn't ask me who I thought I was kidding.

Hey, hey, no ifs, ands, or buts, you're that horse's owner.

Yes, I got it. I understand.


You think you're the first front in history?

( Rooster crows )

His gut-sounds are a little slow.

So see what's what.

Don't you wish this was you?

Loquita. A mental case.

( Vet laughs )

Miguel, ven.

You don't need no stick.

Yes, sir, Mr. Escalante.

I got to stay here. Jog him once the wrong way around to loosen him up for his race this afternoon.

I was telling Joey before, sir, I'm so psyched getting to ride for you.

Yeah, good.

We'll run big with this horse today.


Is this morning today or this afternoon?


Pinhead, is today this morning so far?

I guess, sir. Yes so.

Then jog him once the wrong way around and sh up on what you don't know before I call Porky Pig on you.

Yes, sir, Mr. Escalante.

Can't believe you got that one to a race.

I can't believe where you put your hands.

No displacement, no obstruction or entrapments.

Pretty sure it's just a gas colic.

Leche I can give him?

Yeah, give him some milk of mag.

Once he's alert, just get him walking.

You met the limo driver yet?

Yeah, the one that broke the bank in Vegas?

And buys this horse for two million?

Probably, too, you think they really landed on the moon.

What, monkey business?

For three years, he's a limo driver.

Who he work for before that these three years is in jail?

Uh, Michael Vick?

Chester Bernstein, okay?

Ace Bernstein that they calling him.

Gorilla business.

Long trip from Ireland, the quarantine--

This guy's entitled to a touch of colic, Turo.

Would you look back on him this afternoon?

Have you ever been to Ireland?


You have a heavy brogue.

( Speaking Spanish )

♪ I would rather, I would rather go blind, boy ♪
♪ than to see you walk away from me, child... ♪

( Speaking Spanish )

♪ So you see, I love you so much ♪
♪ that I don't want to watch you leave me, babe... ♪

For $2 million you got some plain head on you.

That's frosted.

They said the chocolate-covereds weren't fresh.

How'd it go?

Big horse got down, he slept for the night, Mr. Walter.

Even licked his tub clean.

You gonna bet that pick six this afternoon?

I don't know. Maybe.

They say the jackpot will top three million.


I was wondering if maybe the last quarter the girl should loosen up and let him stretch the hell out.

Yeah, let the big man show his stuff today.

Did I tell you that's frosted?

You did.

All right. Get some sleep.

( Whistles, clicks tongue )

How you doing, bub? Huh?

( Nickers )

Yeah, you know what I got.

Yeah. There you go.

What do you think? Feel like stretching out?

Hey, Bruiser. ( Kisses )

About like last time?

About like last time.

But maybe you let him stretch out a little in the lane.


'Cause he's been pulling my arms off.

He wants to run.


All right, take him on down.

You're just hobby-horsing him.

( Line ringing )

Man: Hello?

Why are you giving me a jockey who's running his lips on my business?

You're kidding, Turo.

I don't kid, you Porky Pig son of a b*tch.

He's chirping how he's gonna run him big
when I told you that horse had no chance.

A trainer like you throws us a bone, gives a kid a chance to ride for you, and then-- and then he's-- he's gonna run his mouth on you?

Just tell him shut the f*ck up.

And loose lips sink boats.

I'm gonna take him to the woodshed, believe me.

( Inhales )

I'm tapped.

You're what?

I'm tapped out. I'm tapioca.

Yesterday you left the grounds a $390 winner.

Yeah, but then I h*t the commerce casino for a little poker fun after dark.

Three days' worth of pick six carryovers worth several million dollars and you hand your bankroll to the ricers?

Here's my picks.

f*ck your picks, you degenerate prick.

Where is your money?

Don't wind yourself up.

Your face is going all different colors.

f*ck my face.

( Coughs )

Oh, you're running him around.

Oh, good. Now here comes the brain surgeon.

Got my disability.

255 simoleons.

Meaning against the social security check he's gonna get, he took out a payday advance, which is the mumbo jumbo those joints use to get around the usury laws.

That napkin is Jerry's whole contribution.

Sick degenerate.

( Mutters )

Guess I still know a peach when I see one.

( Sighs )

Renzo: You single the fourth.

I had the fourth a semi-spread.

( Laughs )

A triple-bug apprentice.

Hasn't won 10 races in his life.

He's gonna single a horse that's been-- hasn't run in two years.

Yeah, but Escalante is the trainer.


Hey, Joey.

I met Mr. Escalante at his barn.

Oh, yeah? How-- how'd that go?


You know, he's foreign. He's a little hard to understand.

Yeah, well, you-- you did some job.

I did?


P-pissing him off with your wise-ass chirping about how good you thought this horse was gonna run today.

I was just saying something to say something.

And that's-- that's what "How's the weather?" is for.

With a great trainer I wanted to have something to say.

Suppose he's making a bet.

Y-you think he wants some-- some big mouth riding his horse?

He betting, Mr. Escalante?

I-I don't know.

And if-- if you want to know, I-I-I don't want to represent you.

You're a bug. You ride everything hard.

And you don't chirp about what ain't your business.

He could be on go, Joey.

Moves like shine on Saturday night.

Did I just say to keep your mind right?

11 and two.

He pulled up at 23 and change.

Mr. Walter, listen.

This guy has got nine more gears.

( Panting )

Let's go.

Ronnie, wherever it is you're flopped, find your coat, find your keys, find your car, get to the gym.

Because if I didn't just see a derby horse work, then I'm a Chinese dentist.

Plus the mount is open for you, Ronnie.

An exercise girl was up.

Yeah-- yeah, call me back. Remember me?

Y-your f*cking agent. Y-you drunken prick.

Anyone seeking admission, please clear the grounds before the gates open at 10:30 unless you're a credentialed track employee.

Anyone morbidly fat?

Anyone order a heart att*ck?

Yeah, well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Oh, I forgot. You can't.

When's the last time you saw your prick without a mirror?

Got the pick six in your crosshairs, Kagle?

Yeah, I hold a few opinions.

( Radio chatter )

Yeah, I'll be right there.

How about you? You gonna step up?


There may be more development at the coffee shop.

What kind of development?

I'd as soon not say.

A development of what type?


So if it doesn't happen.

You're a moron.

Hey, do not reach out to that 3%-a-week- charging bloodsucker.

Man: Welcome home, Mr. Bernstein.

If you've been partying up in my place, Maurice, they better all be out.

Oh, if I missed one or two, you just send them down the f*re escape.

We've been preparing it all week.

How about this guy?

The man with the golden arm.

I leave town, he hits a slot for five million.

I only do this for fun now.

I graduated, Mr. Bernstein.

Good for you, kid.

So did I.

There he is.

Why do you sound so surprised?

I'm not, because I never guaranteed you'd be here.

You gonna sit at the counter, you mind if I get by?

That's Lonnie, Marcus. You met him once before.

And you're Jerry.

We've met also, but I don't expect you to remember.

Renzo: Let's sit here together here.

Hey, you know what I still call you when I ask them how you're doing?


The brains housing department.

Is it handicapped accessible?

I met you in Hollywood Park with Renzo and you gave me a triple, which I had to leave before I played it.

Does this story end sad?

No, no, no. I played it on T.V.G.

117 bucks it paid.

Usual, usual, usual.

I'll have my usual.

And I'd always say to him that he'll verify 100%--

Hey, what do you want to eat?

Eggs over easy, bacon burnt.

How's the brains housing department? Always asking.

And he'd say some genius way you guys picked out some horse to bet.

And the horse still lost.

Home fries?


I'm watching my figure.

No, what would I always say to you?

Let me once make half a score, I'll bankroll that genius gimp.

Define-- I'm afraid to ask.

Define "half a score."

Off two women insurance agents paying me to f*ck them senseless.

( Water running )

Gus: You ready, Ace?

How'd you leave it with Escalante?

That I'd call him from a few minutes out.

Your attitude with him, business, 100%.

I admit I'm halfway nervous.

Letters and notes people wrote you wishing you well.

A whole box?

Well, three years.

I wrote or called all of them back.

You're friendly with Escalante, but you got all the friends you need.

Spare me the hat dance.

Just train my horse.



Hey, would you loan you $1,000?

What are you talking about? I'm not asking for 1,000.

Well, one policy fits all.

And from now on it's $1,000 minimum.

Why one policy? You're your own boss.

Do I look self-employed in this uniform?

As a Shylock you're self-employed.

Does one pant size fit all?

Yeah, yeah, good. Insult my weight.

Hat size, I said.

It's 1,000 minimum.

Three points a week on the balance.

And I ain't chasing you anymore for vig on a lousy $300.

Look, just let me take the f*cking 1,000 then.

You do not qualify.

f*ck you, then, and the Goodyear blimp.


♪ Early this morning ♪
♪ when you knocked upon my door ♪
♪ early this morning... ♪

Mark my pick six.

♪ Hello, Satan ♪
♪ I believe it's time to go ♪
♪ Hello, Satan... ♪

Thank you.

♪ I believe it's time to go. ♪

Here you go.

I'll illustrate this degenerate's mind, why his vote's for singling the fourth.

Renzo: Jerry, he's saying.

Marcus: Off form it's completely open.

He should probably use every horse, but he ain't handicapping the horses.

He's handicapping Escalante.

Jerry's thinking, Marcus feels.

Escalante enters a horse away two years, all slow workouts, and he gives the mount to a nobody triple-bug apprentice.

If the horse jumps up, who does that make the hero?

Escalante, Jerry's thinking.

We bet four deep in the fifth, and we're five deep in the sixth.

But you single Escalante.

You bet only Escalante's horse and we win,
we just knocked out three-quarters of everybody else's bets.

We're perfectly protected in the three races subsequent.

And if we make it to the last, the eighth race in which we bet every horse, we're into a $2 million jackpot.

( Coughs )

Is the gist of his thinking.

Brains housing.

So where is Jerry?

He feels bad because he tapped out in poker.

Probably gots that fat f*ck's fangs in his neck.

Hi. How are you?


You here to see Mr. DiRossi?


Oh, there he is.

We're back to full strength.

Come into my office.

So how you doing, Ace?


You're doing real well.

Yeah, the club is still strong.

Last year we opened Atlantic City and Miami.

But the jewel in the crown is a club in Macau.

That club is a real draw, Ace.


Chicas. Bon temps roullez.

Go get 'em, jock.

How you doing, Mr. Escalante?

Listen to me.

You keep him covered up so he don't go.

When you ask him, you take him wide to don't get a stop.

Yes, sir.

I hope this is the first of a lot of races I ride for you, Mr. Escalante.

Get on the horse, jock.

Get on the horse.

Give me a pound.

He gonna finish for you.

Get him wide, don't get him f*cking stopped.

Now, this is why the country is in the shitter.

Stand-up guys go away while the mugs steer us straight for the falls.

Far as the Greek, I appreciate the trouble people went to.

He b*at a slot. God bless him.

I wanted him kosher when he bought the horse-- showing income, paying taxes.

They needed the exercise, those people you put through some hoops.

Who we hope that horse gives pleasure to is you, Ace.

Yeah, but I got to keep my distance from the track.

No, understood.

Till I feel out my supervised release, if there's any give on the leash.

Your idea for the venue...

The race track? You're interested in that?

Supposedly close to belly-up. But you knew that.

Oh, it's patience and a bankroll.

Brains and b*lls is what I'd say.

They're tapped in Sacramento.

The local tax base has shrunk in half.

If ever there was a time for a casino to get through...

Right on the grounds, you're saying.

Of course there's hundreds and hundreds of beautiful acres with how many tens of millions of people 30 minutes or less?

But I can't get in the middle of that yet.

No, no, no. No one would want you to.

( Sighs )

I sometimes wonder if I'm still an asset.





Ace, you're the architect.

But you take your time.

You got a right to find your own stride.

Short of temper.

I don't hold my thoughts as well.

I had the Greek get me this tape recorder.


What's the matter?

Nothing. No.

It's a memory aid.

It's like a good work-around.

After I do three years you suspect me?

I take a fall protecting how many people?

I have a tape recorder. You got qualms?

( Recorder clacks )

Absolutely not.

You want to f*cking toss me?

Ace, basta.

Basta? What, are you watching old movies?

Don't basta me, you f*cking Guinea prick.

Three years!

Getting forgetful in everything else.

Everyone appreciates what you did, Ace.

I tore the buttons off my g*dd*mn shirt.

Everyone knows who you are.

I make a fool out of myself first day out.

A: You didn't. B: You're with a friend.

( Knocking )

Run Mr. Bernstein over to the Beverly Hilton, Jimmy.

Yes, sir.

Pull around back for him.

Thank you.

As far as that other topic, whenever you feel like you want to talk about it, I'll fly people in. Is that all right with you?

( Sighs )

We'll see.

My blood pressure is sky-high right now.

Absolutely. Go, relax.

Then you let me know when you're ready.

You know, the Greek owning that horse, I can think of worse opportunities for an inside view of what's going on day to day.

I shrunk.

I got to get new shirts.

Scratched. Screw that.
( Announcer talking over P.A. )

Man: Bring him in.

Man 2: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Woman: All right, guys.


You all right, kid?

I'm good.

Jockey: Wait, wait, wait!

Spring it.

( Bell rings )

( Crowd cheering )


How's he running?

How's he running, Jerry?

Fourth or fifth.

Yeah, but how's he running?

Would you please shut the f*ck up?

Come on, number f*cking five!

f*cking stupid baby pinhead.

You got him trapped on the rail.

Scootch over! Let me out.

Do I look like your f*cking daddy?

Watch it, man.


Come on, baby. Come on.

Renzo: Where is he?

Go inside. Go inside!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!


Come on, come on!

Take it home!

Oh, God. Oh, my-- yes!

Oh, my God! He won!

Did he win? Did he win?



( Laughing )


That cajun can pump.

Holy cow, that horse run very good.

What an exciting finish for the number five horse, Mon Gateau.

Whoever is the patron saint of long sh*ts, executives all over the track are now busy lighting candles to.

Multimillion-dollar pick six payoff distracts schmuck gamblers from track's insolvency.

Check out Escalante.

Serving it up to the gringo owners and trainers cold.

Hey, Mr. Escalante, we did good.

I told you to take him wide.

Reporter: Mr. Escalante, what do you have to say?

What a surprise.

Jockey: Way to go, bug boy.

I am on some roll.

Did you tell him that story of how this dough I put up came about?

You already told him.

You want to hear it again?

No, some other time.

So I want to toot my own horn.

Jerry: Hey, Kagle's got the ticket.

They called my prick the emperor.

( Bell rings )

Marcus: What the f*ck?

I said Kagle might have our same pick.

I want to gouge your eyes out.

I was going for juice, he tells me I don't qualify.

I'd like to watch you h*t by a bus.

I'm walking away, he offers 50 for my figures.

I figured take the 50, bet Escalante straight.

I wanted to pull my weight in the syndicate.

Yeah, and if we win, his ticket cuts the win in half.

Do you know Kagle bought the ticket?


Do you know he did and you're a weak-willed degenerate afraid to admit?

No, I don't know if he bought the ticket, Dr. Phil.

Six horse won.

We won the fifth.

Marcus: Yeah, yeah.

It's a big hurdle we just crossed.

( Phone ringing )

Who is this?

We had an appointment.

It's Mr. Demitriou. I'm at gate A.

Oh, good. Okay. I mean, I come and pick you up, senor.

So, is there a more crucial time the horse should shit?

He better, or sometimes even they bite into their stomachs.

But your horse ain't walking uncomfortable or looking behind himself.

( Speaks Spanish )

Man: No.

So all of that is good stuff?

That's all good.

I mean, I wish that he would take a shit, but I think he's okay.

When do we race him?

Not now.

He'll tell us when he's ready.

This horse won the fourth race.

No kidding.


What a surprise.

I wish I'd have known.

That makes you and me both.

Believe me.

Give him a carrot, El Ganador.

Nah, I don't want to f*ck him up.

How you going to f*ck him up? That's what they eat.

That's his name, this horse? El Ganador?

El Ganador means winner in Spanish.

His name is Mon Gateau.

Acting like you don't know.

No, I never did it before. I swear to God.

Ha. I'm gonna call you El Natural.

Spare me the hat dance. I'll call you El Bullshitter.

( Speaks Spanish )

Like many other people.

( Shovel scrapes )


( Laughs )

We come out from the woods.

You can tell whoever would care.

Ronnie, I-I'm about to put our hand in on that horse.

Walter Smith, barn 19 if you're on your way.

I hope you ain't-- ain't picking up the phone because you're not there, you prick.

The kid won, last race.

Want to go racing in a couple of weeks?

Huh, boy?

You don't know how special you are, do you?

How you can run, who your daddy was.

How they k*lled him.

( Sighs )

2,000 miles ain't gonna make any difference.

Why didn't I do this?

Why didn't I do that?

Why didn't I hear it going on?

( People shouting )

Jerry: Come on!

Go! Yeah, seven!

Come on, get into him.

Lonnie: We got four.

Four's in front right now.

Seven. Seven.

Jerry: Come on. Go, go!

Come on. Come on, seven.

Come on, go!

Here he comes. Here we go.

Make your move. Come on, seven.

Seven. Seven.

Come on, get into him.

Go! Go!

Renzo: Yes!

We're gonna win the pick six.

Anyone want to stay low profile with the I.R.S.?

Any tax delinquencies, warrants, garnishments, liens, judgments?

Anything they'll claim?

I'll steer you to a beard, he'll claim the take on any tax liability for a small fee.

You didn't bet?

What I don't understand is that you had all of Jerry's picks.

You could have bought a whole ticket by yourself.

And you didn't bet?

Who's gonna spend $864 for a single to win in the fourth?

Especially on that spic Escalante's horse?

So here we are with every horse in the last, right?

So we cannot lose the pick six.

And it's just a matter of how big the win is in the final race, and you, as the saying goes, with the "Morning Courier Express."

Yeah, see? He always has to humiliate me.

No one's trying to humiliate you.

Yeah, well, tell that to whoever put me in this body.

Someone called Ronald McDonald.

There's our possible payoffs, right?

There's our possible payoffs?

Look at that.

Wow. Wow.

$48,860 is the lowest, right?

There's nothing wrong with $48,400 and change.

Yeah, right. I'd prefer it to 2.7 million.

It's less of an adjustment.

You won't get to ride the old man's horse.

Well, I'm gonna ask him anyway.

Sure, once he tells me no, I'll stop trying to make weight.

( Laughs )

You been with her before?

No, sir. Away you go.

You crabby behind some, huh, Cher?

Let's loosen up that caboose.

What's her name?

It's tattered flag.

First time on her?


Announcer: One minute to go time.

Good. That's good.

Man: Bring her in.

Please, step up.

( Snorting )

Man: We're ready.

( Nickers )

Tie yourself on, bug. He's gonna pop it.

Pop that shit.

( Bell rings )

( Announcer talking over P.A. )

What's happening?

What's happening?

Shut up.

Jesus Christ, Ronnie.

You stink of reefer and booze.

I've been calling you all f*cking day.

Where's the bug?

Blue and silver. Way back.

23 and one. Too fast.

Something should be coming from out of it.

I don't get it. We bet every horse.

Who do we want?

The long sh*t.

The long sh*t's the biggest score.

Did you get us on that old man's horse?

The horse was sired by Delphi.

And with you in your present mode, I held off from raising our hand because I didn't think it was being responsible.

Who's gonna ride him?

Some exercise girl was up.

Look how they run for this kid.

The horse has got run with the kid, we won on with Escalante.

Eight's our longest. Eight's our longest, right, Jerry?

Bug's got run.


Come on.

Come on!

One time, mama.

Outside's the upside, bug.

( Snaps )

( Horse whinnies )

Oh, no!

Oh, my God.

Easy does it, Cher. Easy.

Two. Two. Two's our co-longest.

Two's our co-longest, right, Jerry?

Two's the whole pot.

Chalk's on the outside. She's drifting out.

Two's drifting out?

Chalk's drifting out.

Let's go, number two. Chalk's drifting out.

What's happening?

Is the two drifting out or the chalk now?

Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, come on.

Will someone please tell me what's happening?

We win.

It's over. We won.

We won.

( Laughs )

Champion of the world! Heavyweight champ!

Everyone, kiss my ass.

( Laughs )

2.68 million and some, plus 33% of the withholding, plus 15 consolation.

Humor me.

No, no, I don't want to get it all crinkled.

♪ Oh, beautiful ♪
♪ for spacious skies ♪
♪ for amber waves of grain. ♪

Okay, here he is.


Yes, sir. The tellers have all been alerted.

They'll contact us as soon as we find the winner.

Shame on us if we don't make the 6:00 news.

Yes, sir. Absolutely.

( Snorts )

Good for you, mama.

You good right here for now.

You all right?

Hurry up, doc.

Shh. Look here, girl.

Look at Leon, Cher.


Easy, girl. Easy, girl.


( Snorts )

Easy. Good girl.


Come on, Cher. We're good. We're good.

We're good. Come on.

Uh-huh. Look right here for me.


Shh. Come on, Cher.

Come on. That's it. Come on.

Good girl.





( Music playing )

She was moving good, Ronnie.

I wouldn't have been asking her.

She was moving great. I was watching.

Did you ever have that?

The light go out of their eyes?

You never get used to it.

That's why they make Jim Beam.

Joey: Go-- go on and get-- get changed, kid.

Okay, Joey.

Where do you get off, Ronnie?

About what?

T-telling that kid to go get drunk.

I didn't say get drunk.

You should be pulling yourself up, not-- not dragging him down to where you are.

I guess-- guess misery loves company, huh?

You got no f*cking clue.

You ain't been there.

Did you let the girl loosen her hands, Mr. Walter?


He's a good one.

Okay, let's roll it.

It's a beautiful day at the track, and some lucky patron is walking around with the winning ticket for this $2,687,000 winning pick six jackpot, which is the largest jackpot we've had here in quite some time.

I'm gonna send my brother the maximum money order for his commissary privileges.


I'm gonna send my aunt $1,000 that we lived with in Youngstown.

Check it out.

Do we admit we're the winners?

We come forward when we're good and ready and we cash on our own good time.

We're eager for the winner to come forward so we can give him his money.

Tomorrow, when we get this I.R.S. shit figured out.

We should stay in a motel.

Four rooms with four connecting interior doors we need.

So it's kind of like a four-room party suite where everyone can constantly keep an eye on each other.

f*ck didn't do nothing.

( Sighs )

We were in the back room putting things together from the ground up...

Learning from those that came before-- them that had a lot of blood on their hands.

Gus: Ace, you want anything from the kitchen?

Uh, uh, check the thermostat.

67°. 67 is perfect.

In there too hot, too cold.

So how did it go?


The horse moved his bowels.

Took that as a positive.

When he landed, he was all bound up.

But generally, how'd he look?

What do I know, Ace? All four of his legs reached the ground.

Escalante was satisfied?

Yeah, he was satisfied.

He was grinning, pinching his cheek.

Those screws at Victorville, they could buy Cadillacs what I paid to let his race tapes through the mail room.

That horse is all heart.

He gets by you, forget about going by him.

Roosters and birds, Ace. And goats.

You'd take yourself for being on a farm out there.

No, I know.

I'm saying beside the horses.

Oh, beside them?


I saw a goat out there had nuts the size of pumpkins.

I hope to Christ he was bowlegged.

He was bowlegged. How the hell did you know that?

How else would he walk around?


Desi Arnaz?

Some f*cking trainer. I followed him 25 years, watching him climb up the ladder from nothing.

In that regard, he reminds me of you.

7:45 and I'm falling asleep here.

You had a full day.

As far as them that did what they-- they did to me...

Are they moving the way you want?

Yes, they're gonna move on that race track.

You don't often peg that shit wrong.

I think I played it okay.

You're the new favorite, Greek.

That's good, Ace.

All's I'm nervous is you relying on me when I'm working out past my depth.

You don't know your own depth.

Probably I should get a girlfriend, see if they reach out.

One we trust or one we don't?

I don't trust anyone, not even myself.

You I give a pass.

Ace: The U.S. economy is in the toilet.

The track is desperate for new streams of revenue.

Slots and table games.

The perfect Trojan horse.

( Whinnies )

Son of a b*tch.

Ace: I recommend that the board buys the horse track at Santa Anita and freeing up 50 million in cash with that transaction.

Jerry back.

Sail's up, ship's leaving.

Marcus: All our precautions to keep anonymous, suddenly you're Johnny Big-Time at the poker table?

Get used to the view.

Both hands on the wheel, girl!

You're pretty confident with his chances?

If you wanted to make a bet, I wouldn't tell you don't go ahead.

Away they go to a perfect start.

Jo: Lose your best horse, f*re your vet?

I get another best horse and a vet.

What's your big finish, set yourself on f*re?

I don't know why you wouldn't have let me k*ll that prick.

He's at the track now offering $125 million.

Consider it a friendly knock on the door.

A knock on the door is all you get.

You want a piece?

I do want a piece.

Let's go get these cocksuckers.

( Tires squeal )

You're going to gamble?

I'll be home by midnight, mom.

Not only can he lose all his money, we can get our f*cking throats cut.

Nobody gives a f*ck. We don't get to question his intentions.

We could continue our partnership under a new concept.

We gonna play poker!


I was hoping that you'd have allowed me to stay.

Better hope I don't find out you ran your mouth.

We've got to go.

Brains and ambition, but no f*cking style at all.

And I owe $145,000.

This is business.

We don't answer to you!

How'd that go?

Gus: Excellent.

( Sobbing )

Turo: He's already d*ad.

You wake up with that no matter where you wake up.

There will be blood over this.

♪ It's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ at the end of the week ♪
♪ you take it or leave ♪
♪ or what you receive ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪
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