01x03 - Ace Meets with a Talented Whiz Kid

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Luck". Aired: December 2011 to March 2012
"Luck" revolves around characters who are connected to the same Santa Anita horse-racing track.
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01x03 - Ace Meets with a Talented Whiz Kid

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( Music playing )

♪ The baby was born ♪
♪ nettles and ferns ♪
♪ the evening, it chokes ♪
♪ the candle, it burns ♪
♪ this disguise ♪
♪ covers bitter lies ♪
♪ repeating the joke ♪
♪ the meaning, it dies ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ at the end of the week ♪
♪ you take it or leave ♪
♪ or what you receive ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪

( classical music playing in headphones )


( Humming )



( Door closes )



They close this plAce up for you?

If no one's here when I come in, they close it 20 minutes.

"People make adjustments."

( Chuckles )

Gotta piss test you.

( Treadmill beeps )

Do poppy bagels make you test bad?

When'd you have them?

A couple of days ago.

Not a problem.

Leave it open?

Not necessary.

Fresh apples over there.

Come on, Bruiser.

( Mumbling )

Ah, shit.

Go on.

Uh, morning. I know I'm in here early, Lisa, so... hang on a second.

All right. Fourth rAce.

Three-year-old maiden, special weight, six furlongs.

Colt's named getting up morning by Delphi out of all boats.

Foal's registration is on file.


That'd be me.

Walter Smith, also a trainer.


Put Ronnie Jenkins down to ride.

Everything in order?

Yes, sir.

All right.

The white cap, he rolling now.

He switching him leads good.

( Siren blaring )

What's that?

What the f*ck was that?

Look out.

Look out! f*ck. Look out.

( Whinnies )

Je'su cristo.

Was it that close?

It didn't look close to you?

He work like what you pay for him.

Tell whoever you want.

And for what just happened here, say he show he got a good mind.

( Chatter )

He isn't restricting your activity, but Dr. Khan says remember, your skull is fractured.


100% bum.

100% unreliable.

Any special diet we should feed him?

He hasn't indicated any restrictions.

Basic human consideration a total stranger.

Hey, how you doing, Lon?

Hey, Jerry!

No complaints, considering.

Yeah. Mr. late for me is prompt.

Yeah, I was looking for goose.

This shows that you've received your valuables.

Marcus: I don't suppose you told that cowboy you'd be late seeing him?

It's 8:15, Marcus.

I told him sometime this morning.

Or Escalante, either.

Not yet, mom, no.

Yeah, well, forgive me for trying to stay current on a matter that I'm being asked to partially underwrite.

( Coughs )

We're in the midst of maybe buying a rAcehorse.

Yeah, I'm the lucky point man.

Our liability coverage says you've gotta stay in the wheelchair until you clear the building.

Thanks for your helpful care.

Thank you very much.

Yanking our chain the last three days.

Was I not supposed to square us with goose first?

So we wouldn't hurt his feelings, goose, if we buy this horse that he wouldn't get to train.

That's good. That's considerate.

Fall down drunk. Can't remember where he leaves his bike and we're supposed to be walking on eggshells.

Jerry's position, escalante having trained this horse previous that we now got eyes to buy, escalante knows his ins, outs, and his quirks.

We're thinking of buying a rAcehorse.

( Chatting )

( Door opens )

Good morning, Mr. Bernstein.

Good morning, Mr. chairman.

I'd like to thank my employees for their work while I've been away.

Is it still a 5% position required for filing with the sec?

Uh, well, actually it's a little... anything over 5%. Yes, sir.

As a presently passive participant in the operation of my company, I recommend the board consider buying one share more than 5% interest in the holding company owns the horse track over here at Santa Anita.

And freeing of 50 million in cash for the purposes of that transaction.

The chair would make a motion to that effect.

Man: Seconded.




What are our price parameters in the holding company purchase?

The purpose is to buy a percentage inside a week which forces filing with the sec.

What it costs you to get that done...

Is your price parameters.

The motion being offered and carried, execute the purchase within a business week.

Accumulating a registrable position in that short a spAce of time.

I assume we mean to draw attention.

( Board members murmuring )


He's here based on what?

You want me to get rid of him?

Don't answer a question with a question.

He's exceptional with muni derivatives.

Send him up to my plAce.

What time do you want him?

Okay, gentlemen, this is rAce four in the book, going as rAce three.

Caves creek.

Caves creek, post position three.

Mr. break.

Mr. break, post position six.

Man: Midnight win.

Woman: Midnight win, post position four.

Chief thief.

Morning, Mr. Smith.


Mind if I watch the draw with you?

No, it's fine.

Dusty roads.

Dusty roads, post position two.

Any preference as to post?

Sure as hell don't want the rail.


Bluegrass connections, Joey?

Mr. Smith ever use your jock in Kentucky?

I don't believe Ronnie ever ran for you out there, d-did he, Mr. Smith?


Devil's kin.

Tremendous buzz on this horse's works.

Sure impressed Ronnie the other day, b-breezing against him.

Getting up morning.

Getting up morning, post position one.

God damn it.

Is that an adequate amount of bullshit for your newspaper now?

Good luck with the rAce.

( Grumbles )

Inside hasn't been-been too bad p-past couple of days.

Man: Okay, horsemen, good luck on Saturday.

( Hammering )

( Horse whinnies )

Talk to you for a minute, Mr. escalante?


My name's Jerry boyle.

A horse you used to train, mon gateau.

Yeah, you won with him for 10, dropped him down and won for eight?

So what?

Me and some people, we're thinking about buying him.

Your opinion's worth something to us.

Next rAce, he don't get around the track.

So if we bought him, you wouldn't want him back to train?

Why we want him back to train if I just told you he can't run no more?

Guy asks me about a girl I used to see, maybe I still got eyes for her, I'd tell him she's got crabs.

Come to a price with that cowboy, I tell you who should examine him.

( Chuckles )

Thanks very much, Mr. Bernstein.

Enjoyed meeting you.

Oh, and best to Gus.

Tell him the guys at the garage are all rooting for his horse.

Ace: Thank you.

Mr. Bernstein.

Mr. b., hello.


You wanted me to meet you here?

( Bell dings )

Mr. Demitriou.

Can we hold it for him?

What floor?

Lose your key?


Mr. Bernstein.

This floor is private, ma'am.

Mr. Bernstein, I'm intruding on your privacy on behalf of a thoroughbred retirement foundation, which uses prison inmates to care for broken-down rAcehorses.

Give him your card. He keeps track for me.

I'd be very glad to do that.

Memory's going.

Let's ride back down now, ma'am.

What's your name?

Claire Lechea.

Pleased to meet you.

How do you do?

Thank you.

That must happen all the time.

How'd that go? What you were interested in?

Yeah, good. Excellent, our friend said.

( Rooster crows )

( TV playing )

( Barking )


( Yelping )

Hey! What's up?

Jerry boyle. I called you about that horse you claimed.



Been away a couple of years. Must've had some problems.

And I'll tell ya, that son of a b*tch's legs have gone cold.

So that's a good thing.

Uh, bevo?

Uh, would 20 buy him?

Ah, you know, I talked to my people after you called and...

Well, they ain't much interested in selling.

At no kinda price?


40, they was saying.

( Rooster clucks )

Well, would they split the difference?

Between what and what?

20 and 40?

So 30 is your offer with me staying on as trainer?

30's our offer for the horse.

Well, you tell your people that if he stays in my barn, 35 gets it done.

( Sighs )

How about your people get 25 for the horse and I buy this barbeque off you for 5,000.

25 for the horse, 7,500 for the barbecue, and you can go get your vet.

( Chuckles )

( Jingles keys )

Three horse worked a b*llet.

Becerra's always run good first time.

Here... here's the one you gotta b*at.

He should move up off that last one.

Checked, lacked room.

f*ck a bunch of, "checked, lack room."

I'm on a f*cking rAcehorse, Joe.

I-I absolutely agree.

That breeze the other morning was money.

Th-th-this is the opportunity we've been hooking, jabbing, hoping to find.

Easy for you to say.

Go ahead, ball break me now.

And that one you put me on this afternoon.

Just trying to get the rust off.

( Chuckles )

Why did I get locked up?

What were the charges, or why do I think they went after you?

Can't be straightforward?

More important to him you see he's intelligent.

Four kilograms of cocaine.

You think this comes from a job at McDonald's?

Not from McDonald's and not from selling narcotics.

The charge was "possession for sale."

Not selling.

They thought to protect a family member, they'd get you to cooperate in another prosecution.

And instead I went away.

Never lived a day in his life, gonna tell me why I did something.


"Very strong in muni derivatives."

I think that's a little restrictive.

He thinks it's restrictive.

As describing my strengths.

Make a difference between junk and derivatives.

Define junk more precisely.

A Chinese sailboat.

Don't have much of a sense of humor, do you?

A person who saw no important difference between the f*re outside a neanderthal's cave and a working thermonuclear reactor might tell you that junk bonds and derivatives both serve to energize capital.

I'd like to use the lavatory.

America, kid.

( Clears throat ) Excuse me.

( Door opens )

Sa excellent, escalante?

Plus, he said, he's got a good head dealing with some horse that went berserk at the track.

Not f*cking stupid, this kid.

Brains and ambition and thinks that's supposed to get him somewhere.

No f*cking style at all.

This is the type of kid that'll irritate the shit out of Mike.

( Steam hissing )

( Breathing heavily )

( Exhales )

Don't be poaching my ketchup. You got ketchup of your own.

If things would work out, what would you think for our stable name "four amigos"?

"Four a stables."

Not "four amigos," huh?

No, "four as" is a bigger tent.

"Four amigos," "four assholes."

Hey, Jerry! ( Coughs )

Par for the course, he doesn't call ahead with the news.

We got a deal.

Oh, my gosh.

( All laughing )

What's the figure?

32.5, all in.

Pending he clears the vet.

Escalante's vet's going to do the exam.

Well, that's good. And to compare his current and previous condition.

If she gives the okay, we pay the cowboy, escalante picks up the horse.

A lot of good legwork.

The details, Ralph.

Should I take over looking for goose now?

No, he texted me. We made a time.

Almost horse owners, lon.

Yeah. Let's just hope she certifies him healthy.

And then we enjoy good health to enjoy him.


Riders! Let's go, riders!

Man: You ready?

You, too, Jenkins.

f*ck you, Charlie.

( Machine whirring )

( Horse nickers )

Get the double-bowed sucker for eight.

Feed him for three days.

Turn around and sell him for 27 grand.

I guess you feel you made the right deal, huh?

My guess, honey, if that ain't a week's work and something to put in the basket on sunday, you better call me a greedy f*ck. ( Laughs )

Let's get him out and jog him and, uh, we'll be done.

I know you're not gonna flunk him, just on account of me being halfway fresh.

Oh, that'd make us both unprofessional assholes.

( Snorts )

Woman: Good luck, Ronnie.
Hey, goose.

Seven minutes late.

No problem. Don't worry about it.

What's doing? How's the four horsemen?

Good, yeah, yeah.

That horse you and Renz got out-shook on.

Yeah, mon gateau. Means "my cake" in French.

Yeah, he passes the vet, we're buying him off that cowboy.

I wish you guys the best of luck.

I'd like to put my hat ito train him.

Well, Escalante'll train him, goose man.

I see. Makes sense.

Renzo wants you to have 5%.

Nah, can't handle my weight on the bills, my man.

No, no. 5% of the purses, bills are on us.

That's a deal I can afford.

( Laughs )

Man, that's a blessing in disguise.

The stress was k*lling me.

( Laughs )

Eh, gotta go.

Thanks, Jer.

All right, see ya, goose.

You know, granted any morning, you can go to the barn and find that horse a cr*pple.

Two rAces since he's back.

I mean, he stopped cold. He still wins the first rAce.

Shows great determination and courage.

Wins the next one for fun.

( Chuckles )

It's a tremendous upside gamble.

And his method going about it.

Yeah, he's really shown me something.

I'm very excited.

Thank God it don't compromise your appetite.

Plus, if you noticed it or not, the last several nights, he ain't out till all hours looking to step on his prick.


( Coughs )

That poker plAce does Jerry no good.

My accident may have shook him up.

Been some type of wake-up call.

Here he is.


Hey, what's up?

Vet passed him.


We meet the cowboy at the paymaster, he gets the money, they bring the horse to Escalante's barn.

All right, everybody. Relax.

Hey, renz. Everything's everything with goose.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, Jerry.

And look right.

Tell me the last thing you remember.

Um, breakfast.

You don't remember passing out?

What did you have for breakfast?


Reach up for me with your left hand.

Good. Wiggle the toes on your right foot.


You need to drink two to three liters of fluid, Leon, and you need to take in some salt.

Are you booked to ride tomorrow?

Oh, d-don't sit him, doc.

Kid's just starting to roll.

I'll write it off as orthostatic hypotension.

That way, he doesn't have to take off his mounts.

Thanks an awful lot, doc.

But I wanna see you in the morning before you get on any horses.

He'll be here with-with bells on. Guaranteed.

Here goes Ronnie, Joey.

Mind if I watch for a sec?

Announcer: There is still a lot of f*re...

Walter: The guy from the "times"?

Yeah, he's right over there.

Thank you.

( Sighs )

Um, I apologize for being short with you before.

Oh, caught you at the wrong time.

As far as Ronnie Jenkins, I was about done by the time he got going.

I alys knew he could horseback.

( Overlapping chatter )

Welcome back, Ronnie.

Man: Come on. Let's back 'em up, guys. Let's go.


( Nickering )

Man: Try to get his feet underneath them a little bit there.

Easy now, I'm an old man.

( Yelling )

Track announcer: And away they go!

Man: Come on, Ronnie. Get involved!

Jesus Christ, where the f*ck are you going?!

Gonna need some help, Ronnie.

I can't hold him!

Get out of here!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

( Grunts )

( Bone cracks )

You all right, Ronnie?

I break this f*cking collarbone more than I get laid.

You coulda hooked those guys up with Cantwell to vet that horse.

Why would I hook him up with Cantwell?


'Cause for the last few days you've been acting like looking at me gives you a toothache.

I decide that I think it wasn't you.

That day I'm losing him, I think it wasn't you, you know?

Tipped that cowboy my horse was sound.

( Scoffs )

Oh, God, you are a sick f*cking creature.

No, don't worry about it.

No, I always look like I'm worried when I'm concentrating on not throwing up.

I changed my mind. I just told you.

Two years we took care of that horse.

I passed him as racing sound.

Miguel can go pick him up.

Oh, uh, put on your to-do list...

Go f*ck yourself.

I do better with some help.

8.5% on top of everything else.

It's the tax on the $25,000.

Yeah, I understand what it is.

Uncle Sam.

Man: Mr. Smith.

Yes, could I trouble you for a phone?


I got to call that stammerer.

His jock went down in this last rAce.

I left my eyeglasses in the barn.

Man: I got all the agents on my phone. You want me to call Joe Rathburn?

Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

You know, I saw Jenkins sitting up.

It looked like it mightn't be too bad.

Well, my horse runs in two days. He's supposed to ride.

( Phone rings )

That cowboy tries for tax on his bribe, I'm calling the cops.

Hang on just a sec.

Oh, thank you.

I left my cell phone at the barn.


I'll get that barbeque cleaned up for ya.

Walter: No, slow down. I can't understand what you're saying.

Turo: Seven days a week.

85 a day for training including him hay and straw.

125 for the blacksmith one time a month.

The dentist, 75, to what we calling "float his teeth," so the horse can eat.

$3 a day for vitamins, 60 bucks a month for carrots.

And when he need an acupuncture, which if you was inside this horse's legs, you'd be screaming for that Eve day.

That's another 125.

The horse runs, the pony who go with him costs 25.

You wanna him insurance?

Myself, I wouldn't do it 'cause of his legs.

The horse run somewhere except this track, the van to taking him costs another couple of hundred.

You pay the veterinarian on your own and, uh, you got to get yourself a silks.

We're thinking what our silks should look like.

For our jockeys, right?


Plus possible stable names.

I bill you every month. You get behind, we got trouble.

Here he is.

Lo mismo.


( Speaks Spanish )

He grazing him a little and then put him away. He has a stall.

What now should we expect?

As far as our next move, racing?

Now? You should expect I do what I do and not you.

How about petting him?

( Speaks Spanish )


( Speaking Spanish )

( Nickers )

( Snorts )

( Chuckles )

You now, lon. Come on, come on.

No, no.

( Speaks Spanish )

He's good. He's a good horse.

( Laughing )


Big, huh?


He like them.

Your man there got my numbers.

If I only talk to him, that's okay with me.

Keep your hands open.

How is it, doc? Hairline?

Not-not too bad, right?

Four to six weeks.


For pain.

Lavatory, doc?

Down the hall to the right.

Your ma says you gotta learn to land different.

Ha ha ha.

Six times.

I saw a bunch of old breaks on the X-ray.

'Bout to get on one, would've been just what the hell I needed.


You spin numbers off from what they're supposed to represent.

But values, except for numbers, go into the shitter. Money becomes only itself.

All right, sir. Okay.

I'll go out and get some overalls and some earthworms.

Oh, you want me to give you my tailor's number and my plant store, or you wanna tell me how much you make?

With my bonus?

Answers a question with a question.

Do you make a million dollars? Simple question.

No, sir.

Go home. Come back tomorrow.

Tell me every f*cking thing you did between now and then.

If I like what I hear, I'll give you a million dollars for the next 12 months that you work for me.

Doing what?

That's the first thing you write down.

"Before I left here, I asked him a stupid f*cking question."

You don't shake hands?

Pleasure to meet you.

We didn't meet yet.

Nathan Israel.

Gus Demitriou.

Pleasure to meet you, Nathan.

Pleased to meet you, Gus.

( Door opens, shuts )

( Breathing heavily )

Our rider got dropped.


Ah, jeez.

Busted his collarbone.

No way he'll be able to ride.

You'll get a top jock, Mr. Smith.

( Sighs ) Here, come here.

Give him his peppermint so he doesn't raise Cain and hurt himself.

This won't taste the same to him from my hand.

Go on, give it to him.

Jesus Christ, you f*cked this up.

Every part and every damn aspect.

( Sighs )

All right.

I'll come back and see him later. Come on.

Man: You know those women who tuned you up?

They sign up guys on life insurance, then k*ll 'em.

Now they're headed to Philly.

Philadelphia, huh?

Yeah, that's the most recent h*t.

Their last known whereabouts.

They k*ll their marks, those women that att*cked me.

Marcus: Already entered in my diary.


Yeah, they're heading across country, just figuring, 'cause we're working on the case.

I don't think you'll see them again.

But any contact, I'm your first call.

Marcus: Beer, detective?

No, thanks, I'm on duty.

We have bratwurst, hamburger.

A cop never refuses a free meal.

( Chuckles )

We just bought a rAcehorse, detective Conaboy.

That'll keep you out of trouble.

I could be had for a burger.

Yeah. Probably be here now for every g*dd*mn meal.

I gotta go.

For where?

I'm on the lookout for fun.

The Fu?

I'll be home by midnight, mom.

Well, that's a f*cking lie.

You're going to gamble.

See ya, guys! See ya, detective!

Where's Jerry going?

The f*ck you asking me for?

( Car drives away )

( Country music playing )

How many b*lls on the table?

Double vision's about gone, but all that water I drank, I'm like to start pissing through my ears.

Ronnie's in the wind.

Oh, gee.

The one thing you gotta remember, to enable you to lead your career, everything in-in moderation.

When I was home for Christmas, Joey, me and my brother got to measuring pointing fingers.

"Uncle Sam wants you" is the po-poster you look like right now.

How much bigger mine is than Donnie's, which Donnie weighs 160 pounds.

Your brother Donnie never trained or disciplined his eating habits, or the missteps and the decisions an adult jockey has to, as a personal, private adult.

( Door opens )

Okay. Okay. Let's drop it.

Oh, oh, you got it.

Here you go, Mr. Walter.


Go-go get yourself some sleep.

Ronnie is... ( Chuckles )

Ronnie's one of the quickest healers I ever met.

Ah! You know I appreciate you telling me how to get ahold of Rosie's agent.

Oh, no problem, sir. Did you get in touch with Tommy Swanson yet?

Ah, I'm trying to figure out how to put it.

What I mean to say is...

If it'll do any harm bringing Rosie back from Portland, if she's doing good up there.

I'm just thinking if someone knows a horse, instead of some g*dd*mn jock that doesn't know the horse at all... temporary arrangement. It's a very, very good thought.

Very, very thoughtful, you know, that you just have her the... the... the one ride.

( Groans )

( Grunts )

Ready for a seat, Mr. B.?

Uncle Ben still selling rice?

( Snorting )

( Sniffs )

Neighborhood watch.

You're the person having trouble getting sex?

Yeah, I'm him.


How's Irish?

He can run sooner than I thought, that prick.

Wanna do it?

Pint of cutty.

You got it, sir.

( Sniffs )

Ese, c-u-t-t-y.

Walter: He gave me your number. Uh, your friend.

Your friend with the stammer down here.


Well, what I want. Ah, jeez.

( Exhales )

Who would be calling you? Me.

For any g*dd*mn reason, or nonsense?

( Sighs ) What, are you afraid of this or that?

Because how big a g*dd*mn fool they gonna let walk around without being in a g*dd*mn straitjacket?



Is she doing all right...

Is the sole question I'm asking you.

That's supposed to keep an objective lookout to what her situation is.

And prospects for success up there.

And stand up and look to her interests.


Yeah. Yeah.

( Sighs )

Many welcomes, Jerry!

How they running for you, Leo?

Miss you.

Is that your plAce that shut down for serving marinated dog?

Oh, no. Business good at my restaurant.

Sell plenty fast food won ton, give out plenty fortune cookie.

Man: Okay, I'm out.

Oh, Jerry's fortune bad, bad, bad.

Oh, yeah? What's my fortune?

Afraid to say. Maybe you'll throw your dress over your head, cry like a baby, run into the wall.


Oh, my man Jerry back!

Kid like that, the minute you look at, you wanna smack in the back of the head.

Speaking of Nathan...

Well, what do you think, Ace?

You think he's up to it or what?

Oh, the kid?


Long as he don't know what he's up to.

A million bucks, Ace.

I thought the guy was gonna faint. ( Chuckles )

I gotta call that woman, remind me.

The one with the cons and broken-down horses.

You see how she stood, uh, Maurice's greasy eyeball?

Kid plays the big sh*t.

"Lose your key?" Jesus Christ.

I'm gonna call her in the morning.

I'm gonna call her in the... in the morning.

( Sighs )

That's some beautiful f*cking horse.

( Music playing )
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