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01x09 - Two Prized Colts Go Head-to-Head

Posted: 03/27/12 07:37
by bunniefuu
Thanks. Okay.

I'm pregnant.

Who's the papa?

( Chuckles )

( Horse neighs )

Man: Whoa, hey!

( Gasps )

I still don't know how you ever got involved with this guy.

Mike starts using my co-op to stash his dope.

And then the grandson starts using it.

The neighbor drops a dime and he says it's not his.

And he wasn't lying. It was Mike's.

How's your grandson, ace?

Stress is the major factor in your symptoms.

Do you have someone you can talk to?

A horse.

That's not bad.

Announcer: Mon gateau has won it convincingly.

Leon will be on that horse wherever he goes.

I maneuvered you the mount on Escalante.

( Screaming ) Yeah!

All right.

Rosie: What about Leon?

Joey: The kid's five pounds over.

I'll be riding on derby day.

Maybe I'll bet a couple of bucks.

The post position draw for the derby's 75th running, a million dollars guaranteed.

Our two co-favorites will start side by side.

Do you understand the position you're in?

Israel: I'm still in your employ.

And also in theirs.

He never told me to deceive you.

What makes you think I'm deceived by ace Bernstein?

They k*lled him, Gus.

I put that kid in harm's way. I'm as guilty as you.

What's on the disk?

Cohen trying to bribe the Indian gaming lobby into continuing criminal conspiracy.

You ain't my partners no more.

( Camera clicking )

Mike: We're gonna take over ace's plans.

While Bernstein's doing what?

Nothing at all.

( Music playing )

♪ The baby was born ♪
♪ nettles and ferns ♪
♪ the evening, it chokes ♪
♪ covers bitter lies ♪
♪ repeating the joke ♪
♪ the meaning, it dies ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ at the end of the week ♪
♪ you take it or leave ♪
♪ or what you receive ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪

Ace: Irish horse entered.

They give a look to in that derby today.

Some Greek's horse over from Ireland.

( Chuckles )

Ya hear me?

Yeah, yeah.

( Chuckles )


There's half a chance this here could be Israel.


Body found off the marina.

We gotta go.

( Monitor beeping )

Morning, Turo.

How you think you're feeling?

Good, and how are things at the barn?

Well, you know. Big day coming up.

How's Eduardo?

The f*ck' goat disappear, and he helping him look for him, the kid.

Pint of plain loves that goat. Is he upset?

Never mind the goat. You got problems enough.

Anyways, I'll come back and see you.

Hey, win two for me today, Turo.

They get the racing channel?

I'll work it out, don't worry out it.

Say hello to Eduardo for me, okay?

Yeah, I say hello to him.

( Monitor beeping )

( Sighs )

( Elevator bell rings )

Give me three seconds here.

All right.

Jesus Christ.

Look who's here.

Look, ace. Look who showed up out of the blue.

Hey, gramps.

What are you doing here?

Uh, someone thought it would be a nice surprise for you.

Yeah, huh?

Oh, go... you go ahead, kid. You tell him.

Well, Gus sent me a... an airplane ticket so I could come see your horses race.

I guess maybe it's not such a nice surprise for you.

From left field, kid. That's all.

Got the elevator key?

Yeah. Yeah, let's get out of this crowded lobby, up to your grandfather's apartment.

That's why he pays all that rent.

Don't worry about your bags. I'll take care of them.

Ace: How are you? How you doing?

All right?

Yeah, you know.

10-hour plane ride will take a little bit out of you.

( Elevator bell rings )

Some hair you got. You look like a f*cking baboon.

Can you believe this?

Look what these bastards did.

Brought my grandson here, f*ck.

That evil prick, Smythe.

It's okay, ace.

We'll work it out.

Sit with him.

Keep him stayed put till I think through what the f*ck to do.

They're gonna look to hurt him, you'd halfway think they'd have done it.


( Door opens )

( Television playing )

( Marcus grunting )

( Grunts )

You no-good, miserable prick. ( Grunts )

Who's winning?

f*ck you's winning!

What do you make of the card?

What's shakin', Lon?

I was going across to the dry cleaners.

Anyone want a doughnut?

( Grunts )

Excellent betting card.

Uh, jelly-glazed, please.



Two chocolate, rainbow sprinkles!

Lonnie: Cream-filled. Two chocolate, sprinkles.

What time's your mom's bus?

11:20. I got some leeway.

Hey, Jerry.

What do you think?

You think Mon gateau's got a chance?

100% objective, that puts us right in the mix.

( Thuds )

God damn it.

Jerry: You all right?


You got it?

"Objective," is that a fact?

Yeah, with that girl, maybe 20-to-1.

20-to-1, that's rich. Wouldn't that be something?

( Chuckles ) Yeah.

Jerry very much likes our chances.

Yeah, that and 50¢ will get you a towel at the y.

What time do ya pick up your ma?

Uh, I got a little leeway.

I'm gonna go wait for Lonnie and the doughnuts.

( Car horn honks )

You wanna know how I feel?

Today's the day they take it all away from us.

( Water running )

( Knocks )


( Clears throat )

Emailed with Gus, the entire transaction?

You didn't think to just call and... and verify?

Call and verify what, gramps?

I thought this is what you wanted.

All right, listen to me, Brent.

Various reasons, probably not a good idea that you come to that race.

Yeah, like what reasons?

Gus don't sometimes think through all the ins and outs.

( Sighs )

There's scrutiny for my parole, huh? One factor.

Maybe I'm secretly involved, this horse's ownership. I start bringing family...

yeah, or how about this, gramps?

How about Gus was stepping out, looking to make a peace between us
that you're just not ready to make yet?

How's that for a reason?

How about half-smart's worse than f*cking stupid?

Me, you're referring to or Gus?

Whatever shoe works.

Okay, well, it was good to see you, gramps.

Jesus Christ, you're a pisser.

Stay the f*ck here!

You wanna watch the... the race, you watch it on television.


Can I answer the door for room service?

Yeah, stay a f*cking smart-ass.

( Door slams )

How many times you told me you'd hoped to bring this kid home?

The right moment, situation.

Well, now is going to have to do, the situation being what it is, and nobody getting any younger.

We oughta check to see if this is Israel.

( Sighs )

( Camera clicking )

( Men shouting )

How'd it go, Jack?

He feels great, boss. Jumping out of his f*cking skin.

Good, good.

Morning, Escalante.

Oh, good morning.

Gonna be one kinda horse race.

Yeah. It sure is.

Nothing bothers this fella.

Old pro, he's seen it all.

( Chuckles )

Awful grateful you give me this chance, sir.

Yeah, good. Don't louse it up.

( Chuckles )

Turn him around and let him settle down right here.

Uh-h, yep.

Right here.

( Kissing sounds )


Thatta boy.

Morning, Rosie.


How you doing, kid?

Leaving for Portland tonight, once I first watch Rosie's race.

Absolutely, absolutely.

He got me three mounts on Wednesday, Tommy Swanson.

Well, he's... he's the best agent out there.

Tommy, he'll... he'll hustle for you 24/7.

I'm glad it's Rosie Escalante's putting on Mon gateau.

( Kissing sounds )

Better her than somebody else.

Joey: God bless you for your positive attitude.

All right, Joey.

All right, kid.

I'll be back once my weight's right.

There you go. Sounds like a plan.

Look, ace. Here's how it might happen.

You know they've been watching us, right? They've clocked your routine.

He's a regular here, he's a regular there.

They park their car here, he goes for coffee over there.

He goes to the track on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays.

Whatever it is, just assume that they know everything.

Then they pick the spot where they're gonna take their sh*t.

Where you're open and alone.

Where there's a minimum risk of interference, maybe from passersby or surveillance, even.

And where they got good escape routes.

Maximize the certainty, minimize the risk.

Someplace they know you're gonna be.

( Grunts )

That's how it's likely to happen.

Man: Show me his routines.

Here's his daily.

He's a creature of habit, down to his underwear.

And things don't much change even on a race day like it is today.

I understand they race here the opposite direction from England.

You mean the right way.

So what do you think, put the show on the road?

Time to unholster the Brioni.

( Marcus inhaling )

What the hell was I thinking inviting that raghead doctor?

Why, what's wrong with inviting him?

Well, minimum, be a distraction.

Yeah, well, Renzo's inviting his mother.

Last night, I lie awake and I'm wondering if he maybe couldn't have secret motives. ( Inhales )

Why? How much does he bet?

No, I'm not talking about him lousing up our odds.

I mean, he never omits to mention, you know, transcendental meditation and other types of f*cking peace of mind, this guy.


Yeah, when I'm at the E.R.

What, doesn't it strike you as strange?

What, you think he's gonna start praying at the races?

That-that he should suddenly befriend me.

You know, you don't foresee any problem, like-like-like being bl*wn to smithereens?

You think he might be an extremist?

What am I, an airport profiler?

You know, uh, maybe he just likes you, Marcus.

And I wouldn't trade our chances with nobody.

( Labored breathing )

( Brakes squeaking )

Announcer over P.A.: ...Service from Miami, Florida, has now arrived.


( Sighs )

Never again. No air-conditioning.

Here, give me a kiss.

This for me?


There's the car.

( Exhales )

See my badge?

You look like an ex-con.

Oh, Richie, look at this.

Were you in a f*re?

Ma, you can get back on the bus if you want.

If you're not immediate family, sir...

The situation is this, we know he was at the marina.

We haven't heard from him now in three days, and his family's halfway across the count.

We're... we're next thing to it, family.

Why don't you come through these doors?

Maybe they have to transfer him somewhere.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

( Unzipping )

My God, my God.

One step at a time, ace.

You'll do what you have to do.

Pull over for a minute, Gus.

Uh, punch in her number, will you?

( Sighs )

( Dialing )

( Ringing )


Claire: Hello?

How are you today?

Oh, I'm at the horse farm.

I... I took your advice, and I went away.



Tell me what it's like up there.


It's really clear, and I'm just spending some time with the horses.

We're going out to see Gus' horse run.

Yeah, I know.

I've got everything crossed that I can think of.

All right.

It's good to hear your voice.

I'm always happy to hear your voice, Chester.

( Taps )

I'm certainly glad your boys' horse isn't running against these derby horses.

Yeah, the derby's a later race.

Although, to go by the odds, you're outclassed in this race, too.

As soon as they bet, we'll go saddle.

Two's the key, all single-unit plays.

Renzo: Mm-hmm.

Exacta-wheel, tri-wheel, super, plus wheels in the double and triple.

Renzo's mother: My Renzo feels that your friend Jerry is a very smart horse-picker.

No sense of proportion, how he bets, but credit where it's due... tremendous, tremendous handicapper.

Well, I'm just glad you boys have found each other.

Key exactas over three-five-seven.

Mm... two on top? Two on top.

Yeah, two is us, two is us.

Our horse, Renz. We're on top of everything.

Keying doubles with what?

Keying doubles with four-nine, and triples those numbers with two.

Renzo: Keying two on top.

Lonnie: Two on top.

( Renzo laughing )

My Renzo sent me a lovely present when you boys won your pick six.

Is that so? Good for him.

Would your parents still be with us?

No, they're both gone, my folks.


Hey, buddy.

Hey, Cody.

Cerebral palsy, that girl.

Here you go, ma.

Oh, thank you, darling.

What the hell became of that a-rab?

( Urinating )

That big race they got today...

A friend of mine has got a horse running.

If you want, I can leave you a pass.

I can't be accepting no gratuities.

You tell your friend good luck.

Thank you.

Pint of plain.

Are you suggesting that I might know a bookie?

The Western derby.

Gus: So I got two guys out here covering you.

Tommy's brother is in the gray Chrysler.

Bagwell in the SUV.

( Whispering ) Go back inside through the metal detector.

Come out the other side of the building in exactly seven minutes.

( Car starts )

( Sighs )

Another 10 seconds, I was on a plane back home.

( Bell rings )

( Cheering )

Announcer: And away they go.

♪ Step out on the moon ♪
♪ step out on the moon... ♪

Okay, here we go.

This is the owners.

How do you do?

Good luck, safe trip.

( Laughs ) Thanks a lot.

Turo: Okay.

Don't rush this horse, you understand?

Yes, sir.

Time come you getting him outside the Lane, you f*cking asking him, he gonna give you everything he got, okay?

Let's go get the money.


Man: Riders, up!

All right, here we go!

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪

Don't get him stopped, entiendes?

Yes, sir.

Lonnie, you hear what he told her?

No, I couldn't make it out.

Irish, this lady jockey.

♪ Step out on the moon ♪
♪ step out on the moon... ♪

Announcer: Number two, the foray stables, Mon gateau.

( Whistles )

You bet, ma?

What? No, no, no.

I was just going to the lavatory.

♪ It's dark and foreboding ♪
♪ it's dark and foreboding ♪
♪ oh, my mind is overloading... ♪

( Clicks tongue )

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪

Oh, huh? ( Clicks tongue )

Ain't you the sweetest sort of mover, huh?

Good boy. That's a good boy.

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪
♪ uh, you lay back down and wonder ♪
♪ about things... ♪

( Door shuts )

Announcer: The horses begin to load for the South bay handicap.

Hello, hello.

So sorry I'm late, we had an emergency admission, huh?

Yeah, they're just about to run.

Oh, good.

Okay. How you doing? Hello.

Who's that guy?

How's it going?


How ya doin'?

All right. Exciting, huh?

Marcus: Yes.

Come on.

Man: Okay, baby, go.

Can you shut that? Yeah.

Would you shut the f*cking door at the back, lads?

He keeps going out.

Put your head down.

( Neighs )

Rosie: Thank you.

( Horses nickering )

( Bell rings )

Announcer: And away they go.

B is for bacon and Crow's landing break on top, drawing two lengths clear of the field.

Bobbin bill is in third, and Time starts now fourth a length.

Then it's Mon gateau fifth along the rail.

Oh, boy, oh, boy.

Yeah, two's our horse, Mon gateau.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see him. Number two, right?

Where is he?

Right there.

Shut up!

Announcer: Around the turn, and it's still Crow's landing half a length on B is for bacon.

Bobbin bill asked for run, third by four.

Time starts now fourth, and Mon gateau boxed on the rail to his inside.

The others are far back...

You'd think she might try to catch up.

Announcer: Crow's landing and B is for bacon still leading.

Gap of four back to Bobbin bill.

Two more back to Time starts now, and Mon gateau traveling well enough, Though in a bit tight at the rail.

Wait, Rosie. Just wait.

Not yet.

Not yet.

Now you asking him for his run.

Announcer: And here's long sh*t Mon gateau, now quickening to join the fray!

Here, now... now he's starting to catch 'em.

d*ad aim, now. You go, girl.

♪ You lay back down and wonder... ♪

He's in gear now. She's got him rolling.

All right, all right. Now that's more like it.

Announcer: That's Mon gateau getting free and finding another gear.

This fugitive from the claiming ranks seeming to have his rivals measured!

Come on, guy!

♪ There ain't nothing but gloom... ♪

Go on now with him, jock. ( Chuckles )

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪

Oh, boy.

Go ahead now, Rosie!

Go ahead!

♪ About things... ♪

( Cheering )

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪

Open up with him, girl.

Don't take nothing for granted.

Come on, baby. Come on.

Go ahead! Go ahead! Go ahead!

Come on!

♪ Can you hear the thunder? ♪
♪ can you hear the thunder? ♪
♪ bang. ♪

( Cheering )

Behave normal, completely normal.

( Labored breathing )

( Shouting )

Good lad, huh?! Good lad!

Did you see that? How this horse run?

Well done, Escalante.

How you feeling?

You're halfway home.

14 to 1, second. 6 to 1, third. Favorite fourth.

We "all'd" the gimmicks, correct?


Did you get a chance to bet?

Nah, I didn't. But it's perfectly all right, though.

We bet for you, don't worry.

Really? Yeah?

Shall we?

Thank you. Oh, great.

Announcer: The result is now official. The winner of the sixth race: Mon gateau.

There it is.

That's what I'm talking about.

That girl did a lovely job.

You bet a few dollars, ma?

Yeah, I might've bet a few dollars.

And I bet a few dollars for you.

You see without looking, what do the gimmicks pay?

Just in the natural course of gazing past.

( Laughs )

Didn't see the tri, but the super's 14 thou, 627.

I see. What was your play to win?


Photographer: Everybody this way.

( Camera clicking )

Some rider huh?

That-that girl.

How he feel, pulling up?

Oh, sound as a bell of brass, boss.

Congratulations, miss.

Oh, thanks an awful lot.

Be right back.



We don't get here without you, kid.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Jerry.

Man: Okay, jump up there.

Still 120, jock.

No more blood in this turnip. ( Sighs )

So this race is for someone to win $1 million?

No, that's the entire purse.

The winner gets 60%.


And you didn't run your horse here for so much more money?

No, this race here's the derby.

The derby's only for three-year-olds, which our horse is already five.

And plus these horses are worth a lot more than ours.

Yeah, so, you run your horse where it fits.

The handicapper's helper says, "Gettin' up morning is the horse they all have to b*at."

Yeah, well, it ran two monster races.


The last one, it set a track record.

Plus, it's got terrific breeding, right?

But you're going to bet number two?

Yeah, the two horse is an Irish champion, plus it's got our trainer training him.

Plus, from our earlier bets we made, we combined a lot of those bets to that horse, where if it wins... it's tremendous payoff.

Why don't he just scream it from the roof, in his Brioni?

Two's been really good to us.

( Sighs )

This time they got the mayo right?

No, on the side they were supposed to put it.

Look at this.

It's all right, I won't eat the bread.

Better that way.

You gonna be so jumpy, I'm gonna ask you to move.

Man: And, uh...

The chopped chicken Caesar salad.

Woman: Be right back.


Do you remember that time in Chicago?

I think we got a similar situation.

Your phone's ringing, answer your phone.


You're finding out the kid left the suite, maybe he went downstairs to the gym where he wouldn't have to go through the lobby.


Well, where did he go?

With gym clothes?


He's supposed to stay in the suite!

All right, just relax.

Well, he probably figures the hotel, he's obeying the letter of the law.

No, no, no.

Just take it easy.

Will you go give him an earful?

I'll call you right back.

What are you defending him for?

Hey, I'm not defending him.

Did you tell him to stay in the suite?

I told him to stay in the suite.

He's your grandson.

No, you baby him.

Don't lay him off on me.

Because you baby him.

What are you f*cking...

Don't make your problems my problems!

Don't yell at me. You're yelling.

Take care of your grandson!

This isn't a game.

You tell him that when I say stay in the suite.

Baby, my ass. Yeah.

( Crowd murmuring )

The f*ck you lookin' at, huh?

( Whispering ) He's heading to the bathroom.


( Door opens )

( Grunting )

( Breathing heavily )

( Cracks )

( Breathing heavily )

( Water running )

( Alarm beeps )

( Nickers )

( Dog barking )

Gus: How's he doing?

Ready to f*re big time.

Only thing, the goat went missing.

He knows that, the goat's gone?

Like everyone else, they got their routine.

They say some horses, they run like a push-button...

( Chuckles ) But it no happen like that.

Not with anything.

You understand?

I do.

Yeah, we know. No goat.

( Chuckles )

You ever have childrens?

I have a grandchild alive.

I never did think I want a family before.

Now, I think, maybe I do.

The f*ck...

Who put this f*cking bucket here?



( Both speaking Spanish )

Stable announcer: Bring your horses for the eighth race.

Now we gotta go.

( Speaks Spanish )

You told him he's ready.

Your Spanish is muy bueno, except I told him "I'm ready."

( Speaks Spanish )

( Wind bl*wing )

( Sighs )

The first thing we gonna do we own this place, once a month we give a horse away.

A horse away?

I don't know the details, how and what, but we'll have a drawing.

Anybody comes out here can win a horse, it's theirs.

We pay the upkeep.

As long as they come out and see it.

You know?



You gotta see the horse.

( Music playing )

Paddock judge: Bring your horses.

( Both speaking Spanish )

You know what to do.


You remember Mr. Bernstein?

How are you?

Mr. Demitriou?


How you doin'?

Good, you?

Very good, thank you.


Announcer: Please note, in the eighth race, number one, Gettin' up morning, is one pound over weight.

Not an issue, boss. I pissed two times since then.

Don't worry about it, that's nothing.

He'll settle wherever you put him.

How about the stick, Mr. Smith?

Well, I can't take it from you, but, you know, he's just a kid, this colt, so...

He's liable to act the part, you know.

I'll throw a couple crosses before I try him.

Walter: All right, all right. That sounds right.

Michael: Ace!


I understand you've had a busy day.

Nothing I couldn't handle.

Great gift, the capacity to adapt.

Do you find it all diminish, ace, as time begins to reel us in?

Paddock judge: Riders, up!

Walter: All right, let's go, jock.

Get the money.

All right, boss.

Michael: More opportunities to come.

Every day, a new challenge.

Ace: Just out of curiosity, Mike, how long do you think your people will stand for this?

Oh, I think I'm on quite a long leash, ace.

Didn't we find that out three years ago?

Lovely horse, that. Ooh.

Beautiful. Whoo!

What a horse.


Announcer: Horses now coming onto the track for the eighth race.

It's the 75th running of the Western derby.

You all right?

How do you think your horse looks?

The hell do I know?

I'm just praying that the goat shows.

Hey, let's go watch him warm up.

I'll catch up.

( Sighs )

♪ Somebody wrote me ♪
♪ a nasty letter ♪
♪ but they didn't ♪
♪ sign their name ♪
♪ I think I know ♪
♪ I know who wrote it ♪
♪ well, I recognize... ♪

Announcer: Number one, Gettin' up morning.

Ridden by Ronnie Jenkins.

Owned and trained by Walter Smith.

Number two, Pint of plain, ridden by Rico Ramirez, trained by Turo Escalante and owned by Mr. Gus Demitriou.

♪ On a winter's day... ♪

These two hooking him up, you're gonna see one for the books.

♪ I'm reading backwards ♪
♪ reading backwards ♪
♪ on this page ♪
♪ hoping to defend... ♪

Man: Jesus! Come on.

♪ If the devil come... ♪

Straighten me out! Get his g*dd*mn head straight!

Tell him, Rico!

♪ Been wrongly accused ♪
♪ been wrongly ♪
♪ I've been wrongly ♪
♪ I've been wrongly ♪
♪ wrongly accused... ♪

Kick this f*ck.

( Bell rings )

Announcer: And away they go.

The field for the Western derby is sent on its way.

Thatta boy.

Yeah, that's got him.

He got him in good position.

Announcer: Both favorites are away in good order from their inside posts, but here's Sidehill lie going straight for the lead from the outside.

What's happening?

He's away in good order, lon.

About where you'd want him, the horse we bet.

Oh, yeah, he's in good shape.

Announcer: As the derby field makes its way around the first turn, Sidehill lie shows the way with half a length under pressure from Oscar's song.

Here's Gettin' up mornin' getting a dream ride along the rail, but Pint of plain's tracking him every step of the way.

They're followed by Hogsbreath, six back of the leaders.

A half mile to run in the 75th running

of the Western derby.

( Monitor beeping rapidly )

And that's Sidehill lie, where he's been from the start, on the lead...

( Buzzing )

That's it, Ronnie. Thatta boy.

Announcer: Ronnie Jenkins on Gettin' up morning content to hold position on the rail.

All right, jock, now you ask.

Wait, just wait.

Now you go. Now you go.

Now you go. Now you go.

Now you go!

Announcer: A quarter mile to go.

And now Pint of plain

strikes the front...

Come on, let's go.

Full of run.

Come on.


Come on, ride that thing!

Lonnie: Come on, angel!

Announcer: Ronnie Jenkins on Gettin' up morning just behind.

Gettin' up morning is going to need room!


♪ Been wrongly ♪
♪ I've been wrongly ♪
♪ I've been wrongly ♪
♪ wrongly accused. ♪

( Camera clicks )

( Cheering )

Announcer: What a finish!

A derby for the ages!

Pint of plain and Gettin' up morning, nothing to choose between them!

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold all tickets.

That's far too close to call.

We'll have to wait for the photo.

( Sighs )

You see who won?

Renzo's mother: What happened?

You see it?

What'd it look like to you?

It look to me: Last jump, he got us.

I think he might've held on.


Think he might've held on.

I'm going downstairs.

I guess you in the John.

Anyways, I don't know if we win or lose.

So, I see how he come back, and I be there in an hour.

How it look to you?

( Sighs ) A hair's breadth.

Either way.

Gus: Do you think if I go down there before we know...

Ace: No, that's a superstition.

It's gonna put a malocchio on the photo?

This is a race, huh? This isn't Italian superstition.


Invented by the greeks.

Hey, gramps!

( Chuckles )

Did you win?

Brent, go!


Go to the... go to the horses.


Go to where the people... go to where the horses are.

There's horses everywhere.

Go to where the people are!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.

A primal, primitive scurrying.

Announcer: Now for the results of the photo finish.

Shut up and stay close to me.

All right.

Just stay right... right here.

Announcer: Finishing first, the winner, number two, pint of plain.

( Cheering )

( Speaks Spanish )

That's us. The number two horse. Our horse wins.

You won?


( Marcus wheezes )

So you won that money?

The pick four payoff?

Ma'am, if you could, please keep still.

Maybe I waited too long.

No, no, no. Don't second-guess yourself.

You moved right when you should've.

Don't do that to yourself, okay?

Man: Congratulations, big win for you today.

Gus: Yeah.

Western derby, you've got an amazing horse.

Thank you, thank you very much.

All right.

Best f*cking country in the world.

Ace. Come on.

Come on, take your picture by the horse.

Come over here.

You little shit, get over here.

( Camera clicking )

I understand.

You wanted to be here, Huh? I understand.

One's impulse is to bulldoze and bury this facility and ace's dreams with it.

Put up tract houses in its place.

Though real estate being depressed, casinos do seem a better plan.

( Groans )

That scare the shit out of me, with that...

Hell of a race-horse you got.

( Chuckles )

They put on a good damn show.

Oh, yeah.


Bobbing the head, all it was.

Yeah, well...

You know, that's the game we play.


Yes, sir?

Put him in the stall.

See if he's ready to piss.

Yes, sir.

Your people look pretty damn pleased.


They must be making big plans, I'd wager.

Just like I'm sure they're coming at you for your colt from every place.

( Chuckles )

Trying to buy a good thing already made.

Oh, they've been coming at me already. ( Chuckles )

Hmm, cockroaches.

"Cock-a-roaches," yep.

Next time more of the same, huh?

Yep. Hell of a lot of fun, senor.

( Music playing )

( Naomi laughs )

I may very well get you food soon, Naomi.

But on the other hand, you may not want me to, because I'm counting out money...

Here to give you.


Is all...

For you.

For you, for you, for you, for you.

( Laughs )

You are the goddess...

Of money.

This is so sick.

♪ That's the way you do it♪
♪ Money for nothing and your chicks for free♪

? Now, that ain't workin'...?


Thank you.

I noticed, Marcus, that sweet disabled girl had eyes for you.

You should take her out some evening.

A riptide couldn't take that girl out.

Oh, excuse me, Ryan Seacrest, for suggesting.


What's the bottom bottom?

Excluding the purse, 417.

That's 104,000 and change apiece.

What's the story with us?

Well, I suspect in the long run, the story is we all go broke. ( Laughs )

Now, I would like to ask also, have you given any thought to bl*wing this dump?


It's only money.

Where would we go?

I mean, I'm kinda used...

( Giggles )

I mean, I like us being next door to each other.

Well, renting a home is not exactly ridiculous.

Could we get a place with a hot tub?

With a hot tub?

With my condition and all?

What, are you afraid you're going to melt?

What? Did somebody have fish?

Oh! Hey, Jerry.

( Laughing )

Pocahontas is calling.

( High-pitched voice ) "Oh, Jerry. Come poke my hontas."

( Laughs )

Oh, my God.

Renzo's mother: Excuse me, ladies present.

Yeah, I'd better.

Marcus: "Oh, Jerry."

( Laughing )

Sorry, ma.

We could afford multiple hot tubs, plus music upstairs and downstairs.

Not to mention the purse we won from Mon gateau winning the race.

Which I take pride in as the owner.

With a time faster than the time in that derby race.

To Mon gateau. Which, if his legs stay okay, I believe...

I believe...

Can look any derby horse in the eye.

Well, and to the small possibility of not going broke.

To Mon gateau.

To Mon gateau.

To Mon gateau, salud!

Lonnie: And the girl who rode him.

Renzo: Yes, totally.

Knocks, knocks.

You asleep?

I got a something for you.

I lost the baby, Turo.

( Speaks Spanish )

Shh, shh, shh.

( Sniffles )

( Bleating )

( Chuckles )

"Fear the goat from the front...

The horse from the rear...

And man from all sides."

So, various circumstances we haven't been close.

We don't know that much about each other's lives.


I take responsibility.

I take responsibility.

But going back, you didn't ask to come into the world.

Didn't ask to lose your dad...

Your mother not a part of your life.

And in that respect, you're growing up.

I wasn't to you what I could have been.

( Sighs )

That's over now.

You understand?

Whatever complications, this is where we are...

What we have to make our lives with.

The hands are dealt... we get to see how we play them.

You feeling lucky, kid?

I'm feeling lucky.

How'd it go?

Okay, I guess. We'll see.

You know what I just seen, ace?

That goat strolled by this guy's stall.

( Music playing )