01x05 - Safeword

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Submission". Aired May 12 - June 16, 2016.
"Submission" follows Ashley leaving a damaged relationship, moving to a small town with her best friend, and her awakening when she discovers the popular erotic novel "sl*ve".
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01x05 - Safeword

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Previously on "Submission..."

Elliott: Dear Ashley, how would you feel about a real-life submissive experience with me as your guide?

You can't disobey me, Ashley.

End it or I'm done.

She wants the romance novel.

Well, then she's reading the wrong book.

I don't want you here.

This is your punishment, remember?

Ashley: Well, when do I get a reward?

When you start doing exactly as I say.

I'm just waiting for you to tell me what to do next, master.

Elliott: What is with your constant need to control everything?


You can't keep acting out this way.

I want a submissive, not a nut case.

Count to 10.


[ smack ]


Why are you being so gentle?



[ smack ]


[ light smack ]




You said 10.

I know what I said. Go home.

But you didn't finish.

I decide when I finish!

[ exhales ]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


Right on time.

Come in.

Welcome to my home away from home.

Look around.


I've never seen anything like this before.

You nervous?


I'm just taking it all in.

Saran wrap?

It's for sensory deprivation, specifically mummification.


You wrap someone in this?


As what, some sort of punishment?


I like to do it as an exercise in trust.

Okay, now I'm nervous.


We're not going to do that, are we?

Because I'm really claustrophobic and I don't think I could...

My goal is to open you up, not to shut you down.

You will never have to do anything you don't want to do.

Beautiful. Keep that intensity.

I'm going back to d*ck.

p*ssy's too f*cking complicated.

Jules, I'm working.

I don't care about your f*cking ad campaign.

We need to talk.

When I'm done. No, now.

If you'll excuse me for just a moment.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Ashley told me what you said.

What did I say?

About how Tomas has been so important for your career.

Because he has.

About how it's all so f*cking complicated.

Because it is, which is why I need time.

You've had more than enough time.

I'm ripping off the f*cking Band-Aid, Scarlet.

Jules. No.

I've waited eight months, and that's my limit.

If you want to spend the rest of your life in a d*ad-end relationship, then you go right ahead.

Enjoy the misery.

Jules, wait a sec.

Maybe there's a way we can fix this.

So how do you feel about restraints?

♪ ♪

If you feel uncomfortable in any way, just tell me.


We should establish a safe word before things get too intense.

It's already intense.

We haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg.


Our safe word. Cactus.


Why cactus?

Because it's beautiful and...

You think cactus are beautiful?


It's beautiful and it has the ability to cause great pain.

I think that's very fitting for this scenario, no?


Okay, cactus it is.

But don't be afraid of pain.

Pain can be fun sometimes.

[ whip ]

[ whip ]


Well, I aim to please.

You do.

♪ ♪

[ moans ]

♪ ♪

What are you doing?

I'm heading out for a bit.

Are you kidding me?

What's the fun of giving you what you want exactly when you want it?

♪ ♪

So what would you guys say if I told you I was going to start practicing polyfidelity?

Is that a religion?

No, it's like polyamory, but with monogamy.

Wait. What's polyamory?

Okay, so it's like this.

I'm in love with a married woman, and for the last eight months, I've been nagging her to define her relationship by conventional standards when I f*cking hate convention.

Convention's overrated.

Exactly. Vanilla relationships equal vanilla sex.

You probably know this better than anybody.

Well, I'm working on changing that.

With who?

Dude, don't get sidetracked.

It's nobody you know.

Wait. So there is somebody?

No, there's nobody.

I just mean I'm opening myself up a bit more.

Oh, like with the spanking thing.

Jules. She made me spank her.

How unconventional.

But getting back to the whole Scarlet thing, what I've come to realize over the last few days is that there is a way for our relationship to work, and that way is polyfidelity.

You still haven't told us what that is.

Why don't you just find someone who's actually available?

That's the thing. Scarlet is available.

Yeah, to her husband, not you.

Yeah, but she can be available to me when I come to accept and embrace the choices that she's made.

And by "accept the choices," you mean accept the marriage.

Yeah. And by "embrace the choices," I mean, I'm going to start f*cking both of them.

So what's his name?


You've been smiling since you walked in today, and I know it's not from the Kona beans, so...

Maybe I'm just happy.

Why does it have to be about a guy?

Delivery for Ashley Pendleton.

Thank you.

"Pain is beautiful and so are you."

Hey, give me that.

You know, no self-respecting guy would ever say that to a chick.

Yeah, well, no self-respecting guy would ever call a woman a chick.


I just think it's a little too early in the game to be sending each other gifts.

It's not a game.

Oh, sweetie, it's a game.

He's playing you. Hard.

Don't call me sweetie.

You know, you really need to start cleaning up after your whores.

Where'd you find those?

On the floor of the cellar.

Give them to me.

Whose are they?


So this is why you've been acting like such a little b*tch lately?

You've been carrying on with a secret affair?

What I do outside of our arrangement is none of your business.

Who you f*ck around with is our arrangement.

What's her name?

Tell me.

God, you're exhausting.

Why, 'cause I call you on your bullshit?

No, because you never stop pushing.

Strong women are intimidating, aren't they?

You're not strong. You're pathetic.

You want everyone to think that you are this tough girl, but you reek of desperation.

Do I?

You want to know why I'm having this secret affair?

It's because I need someone to hold my interest.

You bore me.

My eyes glaze over whenever you talk because I know what you're going to say before you even open your mouth.

I pay you, remember?

To find me women.

To do my errands.

To do the dirty work.

But you're not worth the hassle anymore.

So leave me the keys and get the f*ck out of here.

Think you should slow down a little bit?

I don't care what you think.

Pour me another one.

I'm cutting you off.

Are you f*cking serious?

I could drink you under the table any day of the week.

Close out her tab.

♪ ♪ ♪

Yeah, yeah.


♪ ♪

You know, I'm on to you, Nolan Keats.

What do you mean?

You're breaking me down so you can mummify me.

[ chuckles ] Am I?


You're getting me used to being restrained so that I won't resist the next time you bring it up.

I didn't bring it up.

You did.

How come you never wrote about it in any of your books?


Maybe I will one day.

What's the turn on?

Someone giving you control over every part of their body is the ultimate turn on.

That's how you really know that they're yours.

I am yours.

Not yet.

Close your eyes.

Can I have that when we're done?


'Cause I don't want you using it on anyone else.

There isn't anyone else.

♪ ♪

All right, so which do you want first, pleasure or pain?

[ buzzing ]

♪ ♪

[ moans ]

♪ ♪

[ moans ]

♪ ♪ ♪

Oh, my God.

You like it?

It's incredible.

That's why you should never let your imagination scare you away from experience.

You never know what you might like.

♪ ♪

Thank God.

What did you expect?

I don't know, but it wasn't this.

♪ ♪ ♪


What made you change your mind?

What you said.


I need you to know that I'm yours.

Ashley, we've...

You've been so patient with me.

I want to prove how committed I am to this and to you.

You already have.

Fine. Then let me prove it to myself.

Take off your clothes.

♪ ♪ ♪

I'll still be able to talk, right?

Of course.

And you're not going to blindfold me again, are you?

You took the blindfold, remember?



♪ ♪

I want you to keep your eyes locked on me the whole time.


And if you feel afraid at any moment, you can...

Use my safe word?

[ sobbing ]

Oh, f*ck.

[ sobs ]


Elliott: You ready for this?

Dillon: I don't think she's ready.

It's going to get really warm in just a little bit.

Relax your mind.

Stay present.

Don't let your imagination tell you how to feel.

Just feel.

Elliott: Don't let go. Do not let go.

♪ ♪

Elliott: Tonight is all about roleplay.

Woman: I like roleplay.

Don't take your eyes off me.

♪ ♪

You understand this is all about my pleasure, not yours.

Yes, sir.

♪ ♪

Elliott: I'm impressed.

Now find me someone better.

Woman: Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, yes, yes. Oh, yes.

Please, please. More, more.

I think it's time for a reward.

Dillon: She was a fun girl.

The nondisclosure was a nice touch.


♪ ♪

Woman: ♪ Go to her ♪
♪ Keep up the games until she finds out ♪
♪ How you behave when the time runs out ♪
♪ How you deceive, all your lies come out ♪
♪ You got some more now, she hasn't heard now ♪
♪ She hasn't heard now ♪
♪ ♪
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