01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Guilt". Aired: October 2016.
"Guilt" revolves around an American student in London whose roommate is m*rder. People begin suspecting her then start accuising her of the crime.
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01x01 - Pilot

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Man (British accent): Grace, how long were you up on the roof?

Grace: A few hours.

It was just getting light when we came down.

Man: And after you found Molly, what did you do?

Grace, what did you do?

(dance music blaring)

♪ I'm going dancing by myself... ♪

Let's get out of here.

Go back to the flat.

♪ Hypnotized by a lot of emotion ♪
♪ Music stop ♪
♪ And the spell is broken ♪
♪ I go dancing by myself ♪
♪ I go dancing with no one else ♪
♪ Solo dancing, push me as I go ♪
♪ I go dancing, it's so intense ♪
♪ I will dance till the bitter end ♪
♪ Hypnotized by a lot of emotion ♪
♪ Music stop and the spell is broken ♪

(glass clinks)

(Molly screaming)

♪ Music stops... ♪
♪ And the spell is broken. ♪

(gentle groan, sighing)

(both laughing)

Last night was wild.

(French accent): Mmm, so are you.

Is that why I feel like crap?

(Grace groans quietly)

Come on.

I'll get you a coffee.

(talking quietly)



Me and Molly invited some people back from the club last night, so it might be a little trashed.



You and Molly are cleaning this up.

I know.

(glass clattering)

Ooh, watch the glass, babe.

Man: Aw, what a mess.

Grace: Gross.

Molly, get up.

We're in trouble.

Come on, wake up.


I think somebody got lucky.

Then I guess you get to do all the fun bits yourself.

I'll help you.

(imitates g*n)

Man: Where are the trash bags?

Grace: Uh, in the laundry room?





(screaming continues)

Sir, bloody awful scene.

Victim's a 22-year-old female.

Molly Ryan.

Look, I know I exude authority, but DS Bruno's finally out of short pants.

He's the primary on this one.


Sorry, mate.

You just look old.


Constable: The victim's body's just through there, sir.

Victim was discovered by her flatmates and one of their boyfriends.

Bloke's a foreigner; French.

That one there's American.

The only local's the one with the rainbow in her hair.

Circus just pulled in.

Man: Detective Sergeant?


The luminol test showed blood leading from the victim up to the roof.

We found trace amounts on the American girl's feet.

Pike: What were you and Luc doing up on the roof last night?

We're not here to hassle you, Grace.

We just need all the facts so we can find out what happened to Molly.

If you were doing dr*gs, or anything like that, you ain't gonna get in trouble for it.

We did some X.

And then we fooled around.

So once you went up on the roof, you didn't come down till morning?


After you found Molly, what did you do?

Grace, what did you do?

I think I went to the bathroom.

After you found your roommate?

No... last night.

I'm... I'm not sure.

But I... I think I might've come down to pee.

I was really out of it.

But I sort of remember walking through the flat in the dark.

Everyone was gone.

Oh, my God.

Do you think he was there?

In the flat with me?

Okay, Grace, let's just, um, focus in on some easier questions for a sec.

Like, um, Molly's cell phone... do you know where that is?

You didn't find it in the flat?


I don't know.

Maybe... Molly left it in the club?

She's always losing stuff.

Like what?

Little things.

Her perfume.

This ratty old T-shirt she sleeps...

...slept in.

Bruno: So Molly was what... careless? Forgetful?

Grace: Yeah, I guess.

At first, she thought Roz and I were messing with her.

Then she started to get freaked out that someone was watching her.

"Watching her."



I don't know.

At home? The club?

I don't know. I don't know!

What I'm saying is she thought she had a stalker or something, like someone was breaking in and taking her stuff.

She thought that?

(lock buzzes)

Woman: You should've pushed harder on the footprints.

You were watching?

Woman: This case is gonna have everyone's eyes on it.

Where are we?

We can place at least 23 people in that flat last night.

Still need to run them down.

Of the three that found her, the DJ's alibi checks out.

Hundreds of people put her at the club until 5:00. The other two swear they were on the roof all night, except when Grace came down to pee.

You bought that story?

She didn't realize she was walking through blood?

If you're that wasted, maybe.

Or she's a stone-cold sociopath... cheers.

In which case, she would've done a better job of cleaning up.

Do you want me to hold her?

Yeah, I didn't think so, Madam Prosecutor.

Listen, Detective Sergeant, we need to get this right.

Why does a normally law-abiding person turn to m*rder?

In some cases, we'll never know the answer.

But here, the reason is simple...

Sorry, sweetheart.

Evil hides behind many faces.

Even an attractive one,
like the defendant.

He wants you to believe that his wife's death was just a tragic accident.

And accidents happen.

Just this morning, on my way to court, I slammed on the breaks and my coffee went flying.


That was an accident.


This was m*rder.

This man blew his wife's brains out to save himself some alimony.

He deserves to be punished.

Thank you.

Nice job, Atwood.

Told you we didn't need to plead it out.

Yeah, well, don't gloat too long.

You gotta start prepping that double homicide at Back Bay.

I thought that case was too big for me.

I thought it was, too. Until today.

Oh... don't make me regret my decision.

(phone ringing)

Hey, Grace.

Sorry, I've been in court all day.

Honey, slow down.

I-I can't understand you.

What happened?

Man: Cause of death was exsanguination due to a slit carotid artery.

I also count 17 s*ab wounds, consistent with the Kn*fe found at the scene.

Mainly in the abdomen, with a handful in the chest, legs and upper arms.

(camera clicks)

I can't stop seeing her like that.


Can you just not do that right now?



♪ You can burn your house down with it ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ You can watch it... ♪

(moaning passionately)

Gwendolyn: Was she r*ped?

Can't say for sure.

And there's no trace of semen.

If she was r*ped, your k*ller took precautions.

♪ Oh, I... ♪
♪ Babe... ♪

So, no DNA?

Well, someone left some DNA in your victim.

Molly Ryan was pregnant.

♪ ...warm your hands on it. ♪
♪ Just take me high ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm losing my breath ♪
♪ Little I have left ♪

Man: Grace.


♪ You got me high on it... ♪

I missed you in class this morning.

I'm so sorry about Molly.

It's a horrible shock. A horrible loss.


Now, what can I do, Grace?

How can I help you through this?

I'm fine.

You know, grief is a heavy thing.

You need to give yourself permission to mourn.

How about you, Professor?

Will you be mourning Molly?

♪ ♪


(Grace panting)

What's wrong?

Grace: Oh...


Oh, my God.


Oh, Luc.

Oh, my God.

Someone was... someone was following me.


On Tower Bridge.

You saw someone?

I don't know. May...


Somebody was there... behind me.

We should get out of here.

I don't want to go back out there.

What? No.

We can take the first train to Paris in the morning.

Crash with my friends.

(Grace sighs)

My sister's coming; I can't just take off.

Text her.

Tell her to meet us there. She'll understand.


Come on. Grace.

Let's just go.

Hey! Bruno!

Where are you off to?

Serving the warrant on Club Diablo, you know, where Molly Ryan was partying on...

I've already served it.


Are you a detective?

Or are you a prosecutor?

'Cause I don't remember ever trying your cases for you.

Shut up.


Bruno: Oh, hello.

Do you think Grace knew she and Molly were sharing toys?

Grace? This looks way worse for Luc.

Maybe he's the one who knocked Molly up.

Maybe he didn't want to play Daddy.

Gwendolyn: Or maybe Grace lost it when she found out Molly was carrying her boyfriend's baby.

Bruno: Molly was stabbed 17 times.

Do you really think that's the work of a jealous girl?

Never underestimate jealous girls.

All right.

I'll bring 'em both back in.

(house music playing)

Luc, open the door, this is the police.

Luc, open the door.

Excuse me.

Do you know the French guy that lives there?

He left a bit ago with some girl.

Did he say where he was going?

He had a suitcase with him.

They're running.

All right, I'll ping their phones.

They won't get far.

♪ All the king's horses ♪
♪ And all the king's men ♪
♪ Never put my heart ♪
♪ Together again ♪
♪ In these rivers of tears ♪
♪ I am drowning, drowning ♪
♪ There are wolves in my head ♪
♪ And they're howling ♪
♪ Now I'm broken and bleeding ♪
♪ Stranger in this land ♪
♪ Lost ♪
♪ It ♪
♪ All ♪
♪ Lost ♪
♪ It ♪
♪ All... ♪

Excuse me. What are you doing in here?

You can't be in here. Tom? Tom!

What is she doing? Get her out!

What happened here?

What rag are you working for, lady?

I'm not a reporter.

This is Luc Pascal's apartment, right?

I'm supposed to meet my sister here.

Grace Atwood.

You're Grace's sister.

Do you know where she might be?

We talked right before I got on the plane.

She said she'd be here.

We'd like to ask her and her boyfriend a few questions.

A few questions? That why you got CSI here?

Do you consider my sister some kind of a suspect?

This is a mistake.

I can assure you, she hasn't done anything wrong.

If your sister is so innocent, why is she on the run?

Woman (on P.A.): Attention all Paris-bound passengers...

(sirens wailing)

(over P.A.): Attention, all Paris-bound passengers: Please board on track...

(horn beeping)

Woman (on P.A.): Rail service to Paris is leaving from platform five.

Please board your train.

Constable: Looking for one French male, one American female.

Gonna double back.

Luc, we need to go.

We are going, baby.

No, look.

We need to get off this train.

(muffled): Where are you going?

(constables speaking indistinctly)

You'll just make it worse.

Constable: Move! Move!

Luc, come on.

Luc, Luc, please. Luc!


Constable (over radio): We're here in car 15!

Constable 2: Grace Atwood! Luc Pascal!

Stay where you are!

Bruno: Do you like blood, Luc?

I'm no art expert, but it seems to me that whoever did these is someone who really... loves... blood.

And maybe you got tired of the fake stuff, and maybe you wanted to see the real thing.

It's just art.

How well did you know Molly?

She was Grace's roommate.

So you'd never hung out with Molly before you hooked up with Grace?

Might have seen her around the club a few times.

Bruno: That's interesting, because it looked to me... like you knew her pretty well from the way that she was grinding on you in the club, on the night that she d*ed.

We were just having a bit of fun.

"A bit of fun?" Really?

Is that what you call "fun?"

Don't look away, Luc.

That's what you did to Molly, isn't it?

You were up on that roof with Grace, and then when she fell asleep, you tip-toed down into Molly's room, and it wasn't the first time you'd gone from bed to bed with these two girls, except this time, Molly said "no," didn't she, Luc?

And things got out of hand, didn't they?

Didn't they?

No, they didn't.

Because I never left the roof.

Constable: I'm sorry, sir, you won't be able to view your sister's body until tomorrow.

I'm not waiting until tomorrow. I want to see her tonight.

Sir, I was told...

I don't give a damn what you were told!

Molly's alone on a cold slab back there.

I need to be with my sister.

I'll see what I can do. Please take a seat.

Just for a minute, while I check.

I'm so sorry about your sister.

Did you know Molly?


Then what do you know about it?

I know it doesn't help.

Seeing them after.

It doesn't make you feel any better.

I don't want to feel better.

(cell phone rings)

Can't talk right now, James.

Grace is in custody.

She was caught trying to leave the country.

Why didn't you call me?

We had to find local counsel right away.

I'm already on it.

Friend from Harvard recommended a top criminal defense attorney.

No, no, no, I've got a guy who can handle it.

A guy?

Grace is a suspect in a brutal homicide.

She needs the best.

And you think I'd hire less than the best for my daughter?


(scoffs) Yeah, well, Grace is in great hands with Stan Gutterie.
(clicking tongue) Come on now.

There you go, buddy.

I know you want it.

(squirrel chittering)

I know you want it.

Come on. That's it.

Oh, hey, look who's here.

We have a contestant.

Come on, don't bite me.

(woman moaning in distance)

Woman: That's it.

Oh, yes...!

You see that much action?

(woman moans, laughs)



(moaning continues)


Woman: Yes!

Woman: What's that?

(gasping): One second.

Stan: Hey.

All right.

Let's do this.

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, as loud as you guys are being, I thought it was an invitation to join in.

No? Oh, geez, I'm so sorry.

In that case, do me a favor, keep it down, all right?

(squirrel chitters)

You're scaring off the wildlife.

I'm entitled to have sex in my own home, as loud as I want.

(mocking accent): Well, why don't I call your husband and see what he thinks about your right to loud sex.

Three weeks a month, I don't hear a peep coming out of this place, not a whimper.

Then your husband, he takes his monthly trip to Tokyo and you suddenly get your sushi on, so do me a favor and keep it down, or I'm gonna be forced to call Japan.

(phone buzzing)


I'm on it.

I'm telling you, Molly and I didn't fight.

We were friends. Good friends.

Such good friends, that the day after you find her m*rder, you run off to Paris with your boyfriend.

Bruno: Come on, Grace.

We've all got flatmates.

There's always something to fight about.

I guess sometimes we got into it over stupid stuff, but nothing important, nothing worth... (anxious sigh)

What about boys?


Yeah, you know, boys.

You ever like the same one?

I had this friend.

We were like sisters.

Then we met Billy Shaw.

We both wanted him, and that's when things turned ugly.

And so you k*lled her. Right?

Please. Grace, come on, let's go.

Gutterie: Come on.

Well, this is over.

♪ ♪

(tapping at door)

Stan Gutterie?

You must be the sister.

Come on in.

Good timing.

Can't really babysit Grace all day.

Oh, but it was okay for me to sit around Scotland Yard not knowing you snuck Grace out the back door?

Like I'd risk her saying something stupid to you in front of the cops.

Where is she?

She's zonked out.

I gave her a Xanax.



You're a lawyer, not her doctor.

I am whatever she needs me to be to keep her ass out of jail.

This isn't gonna work.

You know what I did when I was waiting around for you?

I found out why you're not practicing law in the U.S. anymore.

(woman shrieking)

(people clamoring on video)



I'm not going to let the idiot who took a leak on a judge's dinner represent my sister.

That was a white truffle risotto, actually.

You proud of that?

I am not not proud.

Look, you're a good prosecutor, right?

You put the bad guys away.

Makes you feel real good about yourself.

Let me ask you just one question, there, counselor: what are you gonna do if you find out that your sister, there, is the bad guy?

You gonna have the stones to do what it takes to get her off?

Grace didn't do this.

Do you know what her alibi is?

She was banging some French douchebag up on the roof, while her friend was being m*rder.

She was so coked out of her head she didn't remember walking through a d*ad girl's blood to go tinkle.

I know my sister is innocent.

Yeah, well, too bad you're not on her jury.

Now, look, if you want to add any value to this brouhaha, I suggest you tell your idiot sister, there, to keep her pie hole shut while I go spin this "fleeing the country" BS into gold.

I should've been there to protect you.



I should've...

I'm gonna find the bastard who did this to you, Molly.

And when I do, I'm gonna bring his head back home to Ireland on a stake.

(Patrick sniffles, sighs)

I know you want someone to pay for what happened to your sister, but... doing something that gets you thrown in jail won't help Molly.

You have to trust the system.

To get justice for a Northern Irish girl?

No offense, lady, but my people have been gettin' bent over by your system for centuries.

Maybe you don't trust the system.

But I promise you, you can trust me.

Tell the DA he does not need to reassign the case.

Just-just give me a few more days to clear this up.


I gotta go.

Nat... you're here.

Thank God.


Are you okay?

I can't believe all this.

First Molly, and now the police are acting like I k*lled her and they were asking me...

Grace... we'll get it straightened out.

I promise.

The next time you flee the country, can you call me first?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have let Luc talk me into it, but I was...

I was just really freaked out.

I mean, how well do you really know this guy?

Enough to know he wouldn't hurt Molly.

Okay. I'm sorry.

(sighs) Come on.

Let's get out of here.

James booked us a hotel room.

Want to go run up his room service bill?


Do you think they have mac and cheese?

Yeah, they better.


Gutterie: Grace Atwood is a young girl, far from home, who woke to find her best friend savagely m*rder.

Yes, Grace got on a train to Paris.

Not because she is guilty of this heinous crime, because she feared for her life.

She had every reason to be scared, because there's a madman loose in London.

What Scotland Yard needs to do is stop wasting time harassing an innocent, terrified young girl, and start trying to find the sadistic butcher who k*lled Molly Ryan.

Man: I had the most god-awful dinner tonight.


Do you know what that is?


Mm. (chuckles)

I imagine that, once upon a time, some down-on-its-luck manor was hosting a swanky guest and couldn't afford a decent cut of meat, so they... they caught a few pigeons, roasted them and they called that "squab."

And the guest, thinking he ought to know what he was eating, didn't ask.

I, for better or for worse, know what squab is.

But you're not here to listen to what I had for dinner tonight, are you?

No, that's not why you're here at all.

I don't want to see that one again.

Driver: Anything specific that was not to your liking, sir?

(woman gasps, restraints creak)

She wasn't Molly.

Guard (over radio): This is Buckingham Dispatch to Gate One... open, please.

Prince Theo is entering the palace.

(dance music playing)

♪ I never did belong, tomorrow I'll be gone ♪
♪ Don't cry, momma, don't cry ♪
♪ By your side is where I want to be ♪
♪ Young and wild with no apologies ♪
♪ I could die, it feels so good to be ♪
♪ Running wild with you right next to me ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah... ♪

You know, you can... you can stay here as long as you like.


Of course.

I might be able to do... something for you, too.

There's this job I know about.


Can make stupid money.

Stupid money?

If you're into that.


I could be into that.

Luc. Thank God.

Are you okay?

Why did you get released before me?

I don't know. My lawyer got me out.

Since when do you have a lawyer?

Since my stepdad hired him.

They were awful to me, Luc. The cops.


They held me in that room for 20 hours.

What did you tell them?

That we were together on the roof all night.

What else would I tell them?

They took my passport.

You must have told them something.

Yeah, they took my passport, too.

Look... it'll be okay.

I'm sure my lawyer can help both of us.

That's not how it works, Grace.

They're looking for someone to pin this on and I'm the one who's going to hang.


I'm sorry, but...

Spray the pillow with luminol.

Frisk it, do whatever you need to make sure that it's not evidence.

Bruno: What is this about frisking a pillow?

Well... it's been four days since the m*rder, Detective, and I don't think that it's unreasonable to ask for a few personal items.

Back in Boston, we would've processed this scene within 48 hours.

Oh, back in Boston.

Where you're an Assistant District Attorney, aren't you?

I'm slow to clear a crime scene, but I do know how to use Google.

Natalie: My sister wakes up screaming and she can't get back to sleep.

And I just thought, maybe, if she had her own pillow...

I know that sounds silly.

No, it doesn't, actually.


Go frisk Miss Atwood's pillow, will you?

Thank you.

Grace's room has been cleared for two days.

Uh, has this coat rack been cleared?

'Cause that's Grace's jacket and it's pretty chilly out.


Suppose I should admire that, really.

Hey, there. Whoa.

What are you doing?

I'm so sorry.

Um, this is Grace's, too.

Is it okay if I take it?

Shall I just call in a moving truck for you?

Reporter: Meanwhile, Scotland Yard has remained tight-lipped regarding the m*rder investigation of Molly Ryan.

The 22-year-old student from Northern Ireland was found m*rder early Friday morning by her flatmates in her East Peckham loft.

Sources tell CCB that Ryan was discovered in a pool of her own blood, and that a large...

(turns off TV)


I got your pillow.

You can finally change your clothes.

You're the best.

Hey, um, did James give you this?


It was Molly's.

Natalie: What was Grace's d*ad roommate doing with the scarf I gave you last Christmas?

What are you talking about?

What's an Irish girl doing with a scarf from a Boston men's shop?

I don't like what you're insinuating.

You couldn't keep your hands off pretty young girls even when my mom was alive.

If you had anything to do with Molly Ryan...

Natalie, come on, you know I've been in Amsterdam all week.

No, I know you said you've been in Amsterdam all week.


We've been back over it 20 times.

There's nothing else to see.

Bruno: Mate, do you remember bagging up a stuffed monkey from Molly's room?

Pike: I don't see anything on here.

Anyway, who gives a rat's ass about a stuffed monkey?

Whoever nicked it, that's who.

All right, now Grace said that Molly thought she was being watched; that someone was stealing her stuff.

What if, what if she was right, and the stalker broke back in for one last memento.

To a sealed crime scene?

Whoever took that monkey didn't come in through the front door, but maybe they came in through the window.

Maybe they climbed down from up here.

And the k*ller could've done the same thing on the night of the m*rder.

Grace and Luc are down there wasted.

Our k*ller could've just slipped right by them.

So how did he get up here in the first place?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bruno.

Calm down.

Let's not go jumping off any buildings.

That building's no more than seven feet away.

Someone could've made that jump, if they were motivated.

Listen, odds are the k*ller was down there in the party.

You want to play the odds and collect your pension?

That's fine, but I'm gonna chase down every lead, no matter how inconvenient, until I know who k*lled Molly Ryan.

♪ I saw your... ♪
♪ Love without a means to please... ♪

Reporter: Grace! Grace!

Grace, were you sleeping with your professor?

Reporter 2: Did you slash his wife's tires?

(reporters clamoring)

Grace... did you k*ll Molly?

Did you k*ll Molly?

Were you jealous of Molly?

Grace, were you... -No!

(reporters clamoring)

Grace: No!


(clamor continues)


Leave her alone!

Leave her alone! Please!

Stop it! Get back!

Get out of the way! All of you, get back!

Back up! Come on! Get inside... come on!

Get those doors open!

Let us in!

Don't let any of them through!

(panting): Why... why'd they do that?

Bruno: Why?

Because someone out there decided that your pretty face could sell papers. They dug into you, and... they found this.

Reporter: It wouldn't be the first time that American Grace Atwood lashed out at a rival for Professor Linley's affections.

CCTV footage captured Miss Atwood slashing the tires of his wife's car.

Just hours later, Mrs. Linley's car spun out of control, and she was gravely injured.

Bruno: Now, I want to help you.

But every time I turn around, I'm getting blindsided... I need answers.

I didn't try to k*ll his wife!

He was an ass...


Go upstairs.

Don't touch your phone.

Don't touch your laptop.

Just wait for me. I'll be right up.

You know she can't talk to you without her attorney.

I thought we covered this, 'cause you're an attorney.

An attorney who's not licensed to practice in the UK.

You're bleeding.


You must've gotten clipped by a camera.

So, Stan Gutterie.


He's not cheap.

You hire him, people start wondering what you've got to hide.

(quiet laugh)

Our stepdad's an ass.

He hired an ass.

That's all that means.

I know a thing or two about jackass stepdads.

Not that my real dad was any prize.

Our real dad was amazing.

But he d*ed when I was in high school.

So James is what we're stuck with.

Natalie, if Grace has an explanation, she needs to tell me now.

She's not talking without her attorney.

Well... thank you, but I think I've got this from here.

(footsteps approaching)

Is it true?

Did you sleep with your professor?

Did you hurt his wife?


Not the way they're making it sound.

I had a thing with Geoffrey...

Professor Linley.

"A thing"?

We had sex, Nat; a few times.

You're sleeping with married men, you're snorting blow...

This is not who you are!

I didn't know he was married.

When I found out, I was pissed!

That's why I slashed his tires!

Do you realize how psycho that looks?

I was wasted.

I wasn't thinking.

What about Molly?

What about her?

I'm only gonna ask you this once, Grace.

Did you k*ll Molly?


How can you ask me that?

You're my sister.

Do you really think I could do that?

I'm so sorry, Grace.

I know you wouldn't hurt Molly.

Where the hell have you been?

Did you miss me? See, I knew we had something special.

Oh, yeah.

Best thing that ever happened to me was my sister becoming a m*rder suspect and bringing you into my life.

Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?

Maybe because the press is tearing Grace apart, and you're up here having happy hour.

Oh, Natalie.

You see somebody taking a dump in your Chardonnay.

Me... I see someone handing me a 20-year-old single malt.

The tabloids have just handed us an alternative suspect.

You think Linley k*lled Molly?

I don't know.

It's gonna be kind of fun making it look like he did.

Okay, have your fun.

All I care about is my sister.

And getting her home.

She's not going anyplace anytime soon.

Then neither am I.

Grace is innocent.

I'm not leaving London until I prove that.

You want to help Grace?

You better stop worrying about whether she's innocent...

...and start worrying about who else looks guilty.

Luckily, with a case this dirty, there's plenty of guilt to go around.

(quietly): All right.

There we go.

You look beautiful.

I think you're ready.



♪ Feels like I'm falling ♪
♪ Into a world... ♪
♪ Into a world ♪
♪ I can't control ♪
♪ I hear it calling ♪
♪ Down in my soul ♪
♪ Gripping my bones ♪
♪ It won't let go ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh... ♪
♪ Wake me up ♪
♪ Won't you wake me up... ♪
♪ Caught in a bad dream ♪
♪ Caught in a bad ♪
♪ Dream ♪

Where's your Irish friend?

She... won't be coming back.

♪ Caught in a bad dream ♪
♪ Caught in a bad ♪
♪ Dream ♪
♪ Wake me up ♪
♪ Won't you wake me up... ♪
♪ Caught in a bad dream ♪
♪ Caught in a bad dream. ♪
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