03x09 - The Blessed Dark

Episode transcripts for the 2014 TV show "Penny Dreadful". Aired May 11, 2014 - June 19, 2016.
Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American g*n Ethan Chandler, and others unite to combat supernatural thr*at in Victorian London.
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03x09 - The Blessed Dark

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Vanessa: Previously on Penny Dreadful...

Dr. Seward: What does he want with her?

The Master does not want!

She is already his.

Dr. Seward: He said that Vanessa was with the Master.

This is the creature she called Dracula.

I've got to get him to tell us where she is.

Frankenstein: We're going to try to make you healthy.


Do you not see the cruelty of what you are doing, Victor?

You created life... so let it live.


Dorian: For all her furious power, your valiant leader was snuffed out.



Jack: Will we go to the Highlands when I'm well?

Yes. We shall go everywhere, thee and me.


I need to find Miss Ives.

We all need to find Miss Ives.

She is the only one who can stop all this.

Ethan: And what is "all of this?"

Catriona: The End of Days.

Tell me where she is or I'll put a b*llet through you.

She has made her choice. Leave her in peace.

I know that my destiny is joined with hers.

I will not stop.



(GIRL SINGING) ♪ When I was young ♪
♪ And scared of the Lord ♪
♪ My mother Would sing me a song ♪
♪ A tune that I keep In a sacred place ♪
♪ Because I know That my life won't be long ♪
♪ It tells of the place Where you go ♪
♪ When your time here on Earth is through ♪
♪ A beautiful place We call heaven ♪
♪ Is it true ♪
♪ Please God I pray that it's true ♪




♪ 'Cause once this land Was heaven on Earth ♪
♪ Green hills were all You could see ♪
♪ But now it's soot And steel and brick ♪
♪ So it looks more Like hell to me ♪
♪ And each day brings More and more suffering ♪
♪ And each night is silence and fear ♪
♪ And I wake To the sound of your voice ♪
♪ But you're not here ♪
♪ Why aren't you here? ♪
♪ So now I lay me Down to sleep ♪
♪ I pray the Lord ♪
♪ My soul to keep ♪
♪ Please let me die Before I wake ♪
♪ So the Lord My soul, can take ♪
♪ Then maybe I'll finally find you ♪
♪ 'Midst the beauty Of paradise ♪
♪ And you'll sing not of dying But living ♪
♪ Wouldn't that be nice? ♪
♪ Wouldn't that be nice? ♪

It was unholy carnage.

Ripped through them like old Jack the Ripper himself.

And there were two of them?

(BOY) Like wolves they were.

Teeth wet with blood.

Fistfuls of flesh they ate and ate.

So he comes for me... the Wolf of God.

And the other one, the grey wolf.

That I can't say.

Shall I send some of these ones after him?


No. He's too strong.

What do you fear?

I don't know what you mean.

I can smell it on you.

He's coming... your Mr. Chandler.

I have reason to fear him.

He is foretold as my singular enemy.

Vanessa: Fear not old prophecies.

We defy them.

We make our own heaven... and our own hell.

Let him come.

He and I shall write the ending in blood.

As it was always going to be.


(SOFTLY) Vanessa.



How did I not know?

None of my tribe knew.

When the moon became full, I would steal away and I would find the enemy's camp.

And I would wait for the wolf to devour me.

I believed that this was a great gift from God.

That I had been given... the power to save my people.

I was wrong.

The soldiers kept coming.

My people kept dying.

But then a vision was sent to me.

About a man with a true heart.

A son.

And only then did I understand my true purpose.

It was not to save my people.

It was to give you the power to save all people.

You did this to me?

You made me this monster?

I claimed you for God.


Do you know how many people I've m*rder?

How many have suffered?


Their blood is on my soul!

You have poisoned my heart.

I have given you the power to save her!



Graves will overflow.

The rivers will run with blood.

And darkness will consume the earth.

Only one man can stop this.

I, alone, understand the sins you have committed.

The pain you carry.

But all your life you have run from this pain.

You ran from your father.

You ran from your tribe.

Tonight... you stop running.

Tonight, you accept the destiny that God has granted.

I will do whatever I need to, to save her.

Renfield: Promises he has made.

Delicious promises.

Tasty morsels I shall have.

None more tasty than you, my dear.

Oh, stop, you'll turn my head.

(LAUGHS) Oh, yes, he'll give you to me, as my reward.

Hold on... what's that?

I'll have none of your witch doctoring! (GRUNTS)

Move a muscle, I'll thrash the skin off you.

(RENFIELD YELLING) Leave my f*cking brain alone, you c**t!


Where is Miss Ives?

She's happy where she is. Leave her be.

Where is she?

She'll never be happy sitting by the f*re in your loveless mansion.

Let her be.

And let this wretched world end and let another begin.

The world of the night.

The world of the bat and the owl and the spider.

The blessed dark.



He's a handsome man, your master.

Ah. Radiant.

And he's been kind to you.

Bountiful with the gore, he's been.

I should like to meet him.

You will.

(LAUGHS) You all will.

Won't you take me to him?

Clever girl.

Clever girl.


You're safe with me.

Let's walk there, shall we?


What's that I see?

You don't want to see what I see, Doctor.

Once seen, it can't be unseen.

Where are we, Renfield?

What are we seeing?

Is it the fog still?

Or is it the clouds of opium now?

Oh, the smell in this place is noxious.

From the fish stalls, I think.

And what is it we hear?

The tap, tap, tap... of the tattoo pen into the pink flesh, and the drops of blood as they drip, drip, drip to the floor.

What is this place?

Where I go to find my master.

But they're always watching me.

Take my hand, please.

I have sinned here, Mother.

I have smoked opium with yellow devils and planted my seed in unworthy whores.

Can you forgive me?

Of course.


Please, take me to your master.

You know, I wish we had been friends, you and I.

If I had known a friend like you in my life, I mightn't have ended this way.

So pitiful and pale.

No one ever believed in me, you see.

No one cared.

Help me, Renfield.

I'll be your friend.

I think you will.

Thank you.

Then we'll go on.

Where are we going?

The d*ad place.

Dorian: You would have been proud of her.

She remained your faithful acolyte until the end.

She had no fear.

The others?


To where they came from, I assume.

So my great enterprise comes to no more than this.


One more d*ad child.

Be kind to yourself, Lily.

Passion will undo the best of us and lead only to tragedy.

It's ever thus for those who care so deeply.

Better not to care at all, Dorian?

In my experience.

I don't want to live like that.

You'll learn to, in time.


Do you not yet comprehend the wicked secret of the immortal?

All age and die, save you.

All rot and fall to dust, save you.

Any child you bear becomes a crone and perishes before your eyes.

Any lover withers and shrinks into incontinence and bent, toothless senility.

While you... only you... never age.

Never tire.

Never fade.


But after a time you'll lose the desire for passion entirely... for connection with anyone.

Like a muscle that atrophies from lack of use.

And one day you'll realize you've become like them.

Beautiful and d*ad.

You have become a perfect, unchanging portrait of yourself.

An eternity without passion?

Without affection? Caring for nothing?

Small price to pay for such immortal perfection, isn't it?

Goodbye, Dorian.

I hope they watch over you.

You'll be back.

And I'll be here.

I'll always be here.

Dr. Jekyll: You are painfully true to form in every instant.

Weak and sentimental as you have always been!

I should never have left you alone with her!

It was a monstrous idea!

We're well out of it!

Fine words from you, who traffics in stolen corpses and d*ad flesh!

Oh, I'll show you monsters, Victor!

Walk down that corridor and open any door.

"Monstrous" you may call it, but I'll continue my work until I cure every inmate in this wretched place.

And then you'd be happy?

And then you'd get the acclaim and affection that's eluded you your whole life?


If you think scientific achievement will bring you acceptance or even esteem, an entree into proper society, you're deluding yourself.

That's not the world we live in.

I create my own world.

I create my own self.

And one day, one day, all of you will understand that of which I am capable.

I'm sorry, Henry.

It's a dark road ahead for you, I fear.

And for you, old man?


There is no road ahead for me.

There will always be a place for you here, Victor, in the heart of science.

Now, it is time for my rounds.

Good day, my friend.

Oh, there is one thing more.

This day is not a total loss for me.

My hateful father has d*ed, you see.

At long last, the estate and the title are finally mine.

So I'm not so far from the aristocracy as you might think.

Then I should properly call you by your title.

It seems only fitting.

Good day then...

Lord Hyde.
Dr. Seward: What do we see now?

The alley by the spice market is where we turn.


(SNIFFING) Ah, can you smell it now?


The rotting corpses.

This was a slaughterhouse in days long past.

They butchered so many poor animals.

I can still hear them screaming.

I can still see them hanging there.

And the blood. The torrents of blood.

And your master, is he here?

Do you not feel him?

And where is Vanessa?

With him.

They're in love, Doctor.

Have you ever been in love?

Where is she?

I don't think I've ever been in love.

And now I probably never will be.

Do you love me, Doctor?


Mr. Renfield. Come back to me now.

Wake up.


I know where she is.

By now, Mr. Chandler must be back at the house.

Sir Malcolm!

Good God, it's Doctor Frankenstein.

What are you doing here of all places?

Later. I'll explain later.

But will you come with us now?

Vanessa's in danger.

Yes, of course.

We've got to meet Ethan. We haven't a moment to lose.


He seems smaller, does he not?

Like a bird more than a child.

With such delicate, thin bones.

And skin like a Chinese paper lantern.

When I was dressing him in his Sunday clothes, and even those so threadbare and meager, I thought, "How is it possible that life could be so cruel to one so young?"

He had not enough years in him to suffer so mightily.

But it is ever so.

Flint is the heart of the world.

Spend your time with him.

I'll arrange for the funerary men to come.

He'll have a proper burial, at least.

The dignity he was denied in life will be his in death.

Marjorie: No.

Creature: I'm sorry?


I don't want him buried.

Marjorie, it must be done.

Hold his hand now and make your farewells.

Why should I?

Why should either of us?

He's not lost to us yet.

Take him to Doctor Frankenstein.

Let him perform his miracles.

He will bring our son back.

You don't know what you're saying.

He pulled you from the grave and brought you back to us.

He can do the same for Jack.

We can love our son again, husband!

Don't ask this.

He can live again!

Don't even think it!

I will have my son back!

(SOBBING) I will love him again, love him better, and stronger, and he will not get sick and he will not bleed and he will not die!

Let me love him again!

And have all the humanity b*rned out of him?

To become an unholy freak as he who stands before you?

I see the husband who I love, no other.

You see a monster.

A grisly undead thing.

That is what I am.

That is what Dr. Frankenstein has made of me.

Only because you believe it so.

He can live again.

(SOFTLY) Don't ask this.

To make him suffer as I did?

Those little bones?

That face?

To become something so unnatural, so hated.



Hear me now.

Take him from this place.

Return with him alive, or don't return at all.

I could not bear to look at your face if you let him remain like that when you could save him.


Bring him back as he was, or turn from this house forever.

This is it?

According to the old maps, the slaughterhouse is down that alley.

This whole block's been condemned, so God knows what we'll discover.

But whatever happens...

Find Vanessa. That's all that matters.


You take the front.

Kaetenay and I will find our own way in.

Sir Malcolm: You're sure that's wise?

We work best alone.

It has been an honor to hunt with you.

You would have made a mighty Apache.

I had a mighty teacher.

Good luck.

You all know what we're facing.

Dr. Seward, we can't look after you inside.

I'm a New Yorker, Sir Malcolm.

We know our way around random g*n.

Come on.



Dr. Sweet: Sir Malcolm.

It can be no other.

And your name is known to me as well.

One of them at least.

They are many, my names, like the carrion circling Golgotha.

Dracula, then.

And you've come freely into the dragon's cave.

All of you.

Brave or foolhardy, I can't say... but we shall feed well tonight.


All the children of the Mother of Evil.

Where is she?

She is no longer yours.

Leave this place.

Where is Vanessa?

She's not yours! She's mine!

But... she wishes you to live.

So leave, now, while I allow it.


Before we go, answer me a question.

My daughter, Mina...

It was you who turned her?



She was meant to bring Vanessa to me.

My daughter's life meant no more than that?

No more than that.

Although, her flesh was sweet.

And I enjoyed her.


You should go.

Not a chance.

We're all doomed in this place.

Makes a change for a Tuesday, though.

f*ck him.

I die proudly alongside all of you.













(g*n f*ring)




Where is she?



It hurts me more than I thought it would... seeing you.

You need to come with me... now.

And go where?

They will hunt me to the end of days.

I can protect you.

No, you can't. No one can.

Then we'll fight him.

It's not him, it's me.

Look at me. This is what I am.

And this is what I've done.

Brought this terrible darkness to the world.




And where is she?

When did we lose her, Ethan?

She was standing in a quiet room, gazing up at a cross.

She reached out, took it from the wall... and put it in the f*re.

And then she was lost.

And so alone.

You are not alone.

You never were.

I have stood at the very edge.

I have looked into the abyss.

If I'd taken one more step, I would have fallen.

But no matter how far I ran away from God, he was still waiting ahead.

Not for me.

For us all.

My battle must end.

You know that.

Or there will never be peace on Earth.

Let it end.

Don't ask it.

I don't have to.

You know you have a destiny.

It's why we first met.

It's why you're here now.

You must help me defeat the forces of darkness and deny them their prize for all time.


Please... Ethan.


Let it end.

With a kiss.

(SLOWLY) With a kiss.

With love.

With love.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.


Thy Kingdom come...

(BOTH) Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

(SNIFFLING) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever.


(g*n FIRES)


Oh, Ethan...

I see... our Lord.




Sir Malcolm: In India, where I traveled, they have such colorful gods.

A dozen blue arms.

And bejeweled.

A dazzling and exhausting panorama of life.

Of lives lived again and again.

Of reincarnated souls.

Do you think such a thing is possible?

It would be cruel for her to suffer more.

She's at peace.

Frankenstein: Yes.

You're right.

Dear Miss Ives.

(SIGHS) I'll see you tomorrow then.

Thank you, Doctor...


(WHISPERING) Is he all right?

He will be.

And you?






And what now?


Never have I so wanted to run away.

On some hunt or expedition to Africa, India.

Anywhere but here.

Will you?


I must find my life without her.

Miss Ives was the last link to who I was.

I must find out who I am yet going to be.

Oh, I will miss her to my bones.

Will you stay, Ethan?

You're my family.

Creature: "There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream...

The earth, and every common sight, to me... did seem appareled in celestial light.

The glory and the freshness of a dream.

It is not now as it hath been of yore.

Turn whereso'er I may, by night or day, the things which I have seen I now can see no more.

But there's a tree, of many, one.

A single field which I have looked upon.

Both of them speak of something that is gone.

The pansy at my feet doth the same tale repeat.

Whither is fled the visionary gleam?

Where is it now, the glory and the dream?"
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