01x05 - The Eye of the Needle

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Guilt". Aired: October 2016.
"Guilt" revolves around an American student in London whose roommate is m*rder. People begin suspecting her then start accuising her of the crime.
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01x05 - The Eye of the Needle

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Previously on Guilt.

What the hell?

You're under arrest.

Why did Molly have your blood under her fingernails?

Bruno: Grace said that Molly thought someone was watching her, stealing her things.

Now, Molly's stuffed monkey has been stolen from the crime scene.

We know the photo had to be taken from this apartment.

Do you live alone?

It's just me and me little boy.

What do you want?

You keep my secrets, I'll keep yours.

I need you to get a vial of Molly Ryan's blood.

You're off the case?


She thinks I've got feelings for you.

I like your necklace. I knew a girl who had one just like it.

The necklace is from a special club, where anyone with enough money can have whatever they want.

When I get my hands on whoever k*lled her, I promise you, before they die, they're going to suffer.

♪ ♪

Girl: ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La-la, la-la ♪
♪ La, la, la-la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la, la... ♪

Will you give it a rest?

You've been at it for hours, Molly.

If I want to be in the Royal Ballet, I have to practice day and night.

Isn't the Royal Ballet in London?

(chuckling): You're not going to London.

I am, too.

The Royal Ballet's the best in the world.

You can dance in Ireland, where you're with family.

Where you have people to look after you.

I don't need anybody to look after me.

I look after meself just fine.

♪ La, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la, la! ♪
♪ La, la, la, la, la, la... ♪

(Molly's singing echoing)

("No w*r" by Cari Cari playing)

♪ ♪
♪ You fill our hearts... ♪


Did you say that to your mummy?

That's cheeky.

I will see you later, young man.

Take care.

And you.

Have a nice day.

(speaks indistinctly)

(engine starts)

♪ No w*r... ♪

That pretty wife of yours...

♪ No w*r... ♪

...does she know where you spent last Tuesday afternoon?

♪ No w*r... ♪



What... do you want?

I want you to get me into the Courtenay.

(indistinct conversations)

Grace: Natalie, where are you?

Luc's been arrested.

Please, just... call me back.

I need you.

(Bruno breathing hard)


You are a dirty cop, aren't you?


(both laugh)


Stop it.


Because it's ugly.

Nah, it isn't.

It's beautiful.

How did you get it?

Come on, tell me.

Every scar has a story.

Like this one.

When I was a little kid, at my nan's, fell off the f*re escape pretending to be a superhero.

How did you get yours?

That's a long story.

Well... I got nowhere I need to be, I can tell you that much.

I was 16.

It was winter break.

Um... my best friend, Ashley, was having a party, but... there was a snowstorm on the way.

My parents were worried I'd get caught in it.

So, of course, once they went to bed, I snuck out and I went anyway.

And it was all good, at first.

Until my dad showed up.

I, um...

I had never seen him so angry.

On the way home, he didn't say a single word.

And it was snowing.


So I shut my eyes and I just tried to sleep.

And then the next thing I knew, the whole world was spinning.

♪ Take me now ♪

The car skidded off the side of the road.

♪ See my love grown old ♪

We... we rolled four times.

I fractured my spine, and my dad, um...

♪ Break me down ♪

...my dad d*ed the next day.

♪ See my blood runs cold ♪

I'm so sorry, Nat.

If I hadn't gone to that party, Grace and I would still have a dad.

♪ From the heavens ♪

Everything would be different.

Hey, no, no, no, don't you do that.

You can't do that to yourself.

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪


You know, it's-it's the truth.

No, no.

You had no control over that situation; you had no control over the car, did you?

You were just being a normal kid.

(phone buzzing)

Oh, God...


(Natalie sniffs)


(Natalie exhales)

Is everything okay?


You can answer it if you need to.

No, no. There are far more pressing matters to attend to here.

♪ The breeze carried a breath ♪
♪ Into the night ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪


♪ You're the shepherd's call ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪


Hey. Is he okay?

Did I not tell you to go home?

I'm not...

You should not be seen anyplace around here.

I'm not going home until I know what's going on.

Is he going to jail?

I'm gonna be honest with you, Grace, all right?

It is a serious charge, it is not his first offense...

What about bail? I can talk to James.

After you two jumped a train to Paris, bail is about as realistic as the Tooth Fairy.

You can get him off, though, right?

I've gotten guys off for a lot worse than distributing a bag of coke, so don't worry. It'll be fine.

I need to see Luc.

He's been through so much.

Look, I'm gonna give you some advice.

And I'm not gonna charge your stepdad for it.

The fact of the matter is, Luc is a drug addict.

You got to move on.


There are plenty of hot guys out there.

Some even have jobs.

(loud thud)

Man: Grace!

Woman: Grace!

(reporters clamoring)

Reporter: Grace, did you get high with him?

Grace: Please...

Reporter: How often?

Please, just...

Grace, is Luc Pascal's drug use tied to Molly Ryan's m*rder?

(reporters clamoring)

Man: Stop! Get back.


She's been through enough.

Leave her alone. Come on.

(reporters clamoring)

Get back!

I said leave her alone.


I said get back!


Get back!

Get back!

(reporters continue shouting)

Get a sh*t. Get a sh*t in there.

In there. In there, in there.

All right.

I think we lost 'em.

I... I honestly don't know how I would have gotten out of there if you hadn't come to the rescue.

It's not right, you know.

Especially after all you've been through.

These people don't care what's right, they just want a story.

I wish I could say I was getting used to it, but they follow me, watch my every move.


They're nothing but bullies.

Come on.

I hate bullies.


They broke your phone?


This is all such a nightmare.

Uh, can I see it?



Sometimes, it's just a loose SIM card.

I really need to reach my sister, I've been trying to call her all night, and...

I can fix it.

You can?

I just need the right tools.

Actually, I've got one at the shop I work at.

Thanks so much.

You've done more than enough. I can take care of it.

The shop's just walking distance, actually, but...

I-If you'd rather not, I understand.

You've only just met me.

Hey, you know what?

You've already saved me once today.

If you can fix my phone... dude, you're a friend for life.

Brilliant. Uh... my shop's right this way.

Gutterie: Hello.

I told you, Ms. Hall is busy.

That is a very pretty dress.

It's very Parisian.


Sorry to interrupt your game of Candy Crush.

What is it, Gutterie?

Your confidential informant, you know, the guy who bought the dr*gs from Luc Pascal, is he well hung?

Excuse me?

The arresting officers did perform a strip search on him before they sent him out, right?

Because there's no mention of that in the paperwork there.


And the officers failed to maintain visual contact with him until the deal was made.

How are you going to convince a jury that the CI did not pull the dr*gs out of his own ass?

Man, your coppers, they really screwed the pooch on this one, didn't they?

Good help is just so hard to find these days.

You and I both know that this will not hold up in court.

I want it dropped.

That's for the magistrate to decide.

And his docket is full until tomorrow morning.

Well, then I will bring the donuts.

And we will celebrate.

We've got 22 hours to get Luc Pascal to talk.

So is this your MO, hmm?

Cooking breakfast for the ladies?

Only the very lucky ones.

Go on. Have at it.

It's nicer than it looks. I promise.

Don't give up my day job, yeah?

I never said that.

Who would've thought I'd end up having morning-after breakfast with the detective investigating my sister for m*rder?

I guess your Crown Prosecutor friend has better instincts than I thought.

Yeah, well, I suppose she sort of knows me better than I know myself.

Wait a minute.

Were you two a...


You and Gwendolyn Hall. Were you two a thing?


Not, well, not like a thing...

I knew it.

Well, it's over anyway.

Ancient history.

(phone chimes)

Oh, my God.

I have 11 messages from Grace.

Everything all right?

Luc's been arrested. For dr*gs.

Grace spent all night at Scotland Yard.

Her cell phone's off.

I'm sure she's fine.

No, she's not fine.

She was up all night, she's probably just sleeping now.

Yeah, there's no answer at our hotel room.

I'd better go.

Do me a favor, will you just sit down, finish your breakfast.

I'll make you a coffee.

You know what? You're right.

You should... you should go and check on her.

Thanks for understanding.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Even after your chat with Internal Affairs, you're still not answering my texts, taking my calls.

I was getting worried.

But I can see now you've been quite busy.

Sexy beast, that one.

Look, I did what you asked.

I'm not even on the Molly Ryan investigation anymore.

I'm no use to you now.

Don't sell yourself short, Detective.

You're of tremendous use.

You still have the vial of Molly Ryan's blood, don't you?

Find a viable suspect for the girl's m*rder, dab a little blood on their clothing, and close this case once and for all.

I am not planting evidence.

Since when?

♪ ♪

Didn't think it'd be so busy this time of day.

I need a drink.

Don't get any ideas.

I'm sure your voters would love to know how their member of Parliament spends his salary.

You ran your last campaign on family values, didn't you?

I'm doing everything you ask of me.

Keep it that way.

Grace, it's Roz.

Any news on Luc?

Call me back.

Is everything to your liking, Mr. Purferoy?

Yes, quite.

This is my cousin, Kevin McGee.

In from Ireland for his birthday.

Thought I'd show him the sights.

Nice to meet you, mate.

I didn't know you had family in Ireland.

Oh, yes, there are Purferoys as far afield as Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, cousin or not, you know we have a strict vetting process here.

For all guests.

Yes, of course.

Especially when they're IRA sympathizers.

Oh, you're talking about this, are you?

Oh, I got that when I was a wee lad.

My brother's mate, Seamus, wee bit older.

He had one, we wanted to be tough like him.

I didn't even know what it meant.

(both chuckle)

(soft chuckle)

You understand our policy toward unvetted guests is to kindly ask them to leave the premises immediately.

But considering your reputation in the community and your loyal patronage, I'm going to make an exception.

Just this once.

Colin: Thank you, Finch.

I'll remember that.

You're a gentleman.

Shall we?

See who you fancy.

♪ She has got me running ♪
♪ Faster than the wind bl*ws ♪

Ariel will take care of things for you.

♪ Sorrow without silence ♪
♪ Built the walls that hid you. ♪


When you said you worked at a shop, I never would've had you pegged as a tailor.

I'm not.

Not yet.

I'm an apprentice.

Mr. Hoyt, he's the tailor, he owns the shop.

Is he here?


Shop's closed, but I've got the key.

Mr. Hoyt trusts me just like he did my father.

He was a tailor in this very shop before he d*ed.

He sat right there.

I lost my dad when I was nine.

I know how hard it can be.

It wasn't too hard.

He wasn't very nice to me.

All right.

Let's give it a go.

Molly had a dress exactly like this.

She did?

That's an odd coincidence.


It is.

I'm doing alterations for a customer.

Mrs. Brambley.

She's lost a bit of weight, I'm taking it in for her.

Look, her bed wasn't slept in.

She never came back here last night.

Have you heard from Gutterie?

I mean, he saw her this morning at the police station.

It's just, it's not like her to disappear like this.

Natalie, is it possible that Grace has just... gone on the run again?

No, no, of course not.

Luc gets arrested, Grace panics, she jumps on a train...

No, absolutely not, I mean, not after what happened last time.

She knows better than that.


I know my sister.

Her phone does not leave her hand.

It's been over an hour since her last voice mail.


(phone chimes)

Oh, damn it.

What is it?

It's just a news alert.

I get them whenever Grace's name shows up in the press.

Wait, what?

"Grace Atwood with New Boy Toy after French Lover Lands in Lockup"?

Bruno: What the hell?

There you see Grace's new man playing "My Bodyguard" with the possible k*ller.

Fun never stops for Grace Atwood now, does it?

Reporting from outside New Scotland Yard, this is Veena Patel, and that's...

The Story.

Do you know this guy?


No, I've never seen him before in my life, I...

What if he's done something to Grace?

Natalie, don't get ahead of yourself.

But you've read what people have said about her, they're out for blood.

It's social media, they hate everybody.

Not everyone gets death threats.

♪ ♪
Here we are. Your lovely lady should be on her way.

Brilliant. Where's the, uh, loo?

Just down the hall to the left.

(woman laughing)

Good to see you again.

Good to see you as well.

(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter)


(keys jingling)

(hinges creaking)

♪ ♪

Hey, you.

What are you doing back here? It's for employees only.

I must've took a wrong turn.

I'm new here.

The lounge is this way, isn't it?

You just stand where you are.

Do not move.

Control, this is Halloran. Come in.

Kaley: There you are!

Uh, I thought I lost you.


It's, um, this way, darling.

Uh, don't, um, worry about him.

It's his first visit.

(door closes)

What are you doing?

There are cameras everywhere.

What are you doing here?

Did you sneak in?

I told you I need answers.

And I'm gonna get 'em.

Do you have any idea what they do to people who get caught sneaking in here?

I'm not gonna get caught, though, am I?

Thanks to me.

Now... shh, be quiet, okay?

And play along.

They can see everything that goes on in this room.

That's all of it.

Anything I can help you with?

I just wanted to double back, reexamine everything we have so far.

And to see if there's anything DS Bruno missed.

I didn't say that.

Gwen, look, whatever happened between you two, Bruno's a damn good copper.


Bruno: I promise you we're gonna find him... I've got an idea.

All right.

And here... is our man.

If he's in our system, we should get a h*t off facial recognition.

Grace has always been too trusting of people.

Come on, come on.



Whoever he is, he's never been arrested for anything.

I-I wish that made me feel better.

But if he was harmless, I would've heard from her by now.

I know that face.

Grace: You almost finished?


Getting there.

Does it bother you?

All the things the bullies say?

Not anymore.

Um... look, I should probably get going...

It bothers me.

I wasn't very sporty out in the pitch.

So the kids, they'd have a go at me.

But I fought back.

I even broke a boy's arm once.

(chuckles) Tripped him when he wasn't looking.

But he knew it was me.

He never mocked me again.

All right.

I think I have it.

Wait! Grace!

I can explain, uh...

Please just listen to me... please!

Unlock the door!

Just wait! Just wait!

I want to leave now. Open the door.

Listen to me... you need to hear my side of all of this.

Listen... Stop! Stop!

(grunting): Grace, stop.

Grace, please.

Let go!

Stop that. (grunts)

Stay. Just please, listen to me.

No, don't leave.

Look what you've done now.

Marguerite will be with you today.


Very well.

Do you have any idea where Kaley is?

She should be with Gentleman 33.

How long's it been?

Almost ten minutes.

Does Finch know?


Tell the gentleman I'll be with him right away.

Kaley, what are you doing?

Ambassador Gregson, the focus of my foundation is to bring relief supplies to the north, which as you're well aware, is controlled by warlords.

Yes, yes.


Frightful stuff.

Ah, eh, a m*llitary escort is exactly what we had in mind.

Thank you.

Where's my Irish ginger?

I'm terribly sorry, Your Highness.

Don't you dare call me that.

Not in here.


Apologies. Our girl is out ill today, but I'm having another one sent in straight away.

Out sick?

I just saw her last night.

Apparently, it h*t her quite suddenly.

But I'm sure you'll be pleased with another one of our girls.

I don't take kindly to people who muck me about.

Did Molly muck you about?

What exactly are you insinuating?


Nothing at all. I'm sorry.


I suppose I'm still upset.

About Molly.

Sometimes I think she was the only person who truly understood me.

(quiet laugh)

(door opens)

Mrs. Harris, when you showed me this picture of your little boy... why didn't you tell me that he was a fully grown man?

Neville will always be my little boy.

Now, what's this all about?

Um, my sister's missing.

And Neville was the last person she was seen with.

Bruno: Her sister was Molly Ryan's flatmate.

The same girl who was photographed from this very apartment.

The same girl who was m*rder across the street.

You're not suggesting...

Neville is a gentle boy.

He would never hurt anybody.

Did he ever take an interest in any of the women from the neighborhood?

You mean, like, bothering them? No.

No. My son keeps to himself.

He spends his time on his sewing machine.

Not hassling women.

"Sewing machine," but he...

There's no sewing machine here.

Well, no...

Does he have a workplace?

Take classes somewhere?

Have a studio?

Look, I told you my son didn't do anything wrong.

He couldn't.

Bruno: Mrs. Harris, I understand that you're just trying to protect your boy, I do.

And you know what... I even believe you when you tell me that you don't think he's done anything wrong.

But the thing is sometimes the people that we love, well, we don't know them as well as we think we do.

Sometimes they surprise us.

Sometimes, you know, they just make a mistake.

Now, we... we want to protect Neville.

We want to help him make sure that he doesn't make a mistake that will change the rest of his life.

Now the only way that we can help him is if you help us.

Hey, there.

You all right?

It's okay.

You bumped your head when you slipped...

You pushed me.

Molly had a stalker, and it was you... wasn't it?

You stole that dress.

You stole her... stuffed animal.

No, I wanted something to remember her by.

I didn't k*ll her if that's what you're thinking.

I swear, I never even touched Molly.

But I'm not gonna lie.

I wanted to. I quite fancied her...

You didn't even know her.


I did.

In a way.

I watched her from my window.

I would've never harmed her!

I wish I could've protected her like I protected you today...

I get it.


I get it, Neville.

You're a good guy. You really are.

Molly would've liked you.

You think?

Molly had a thing for sweet guys with a heart of gold.

I knew it.

I-I should've spoken to her.

I-I just get so bloody nervous.



Wait! Wait! Stop!

(Neville grunting)

(tires screeching)

Stop it, Grace.

You crazy, girl.

You shouldn't have hurt me.

Let me go!

Y-You'll tell on me.

You're not nice, like Molly, you're a monster, just like everybody says here.

(tires screeching, siren wailing)

Grace: Help me!

Grace! Drop that blade, Neville, drop it right now.


You-you don't understand.

She att*cked me, I swear, you have...

Just listen to me for a second.

Sh-She did this to me.

Grace: Natalie!

I had to escape.

Be quiet!

Uh, please, back up, both of you.

We're not gonna hurt you. We just need you to let her go.



That's my sister, Neville.

I love her very much, okay?

I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

Neville, we spoke with your mother.

My mum?


Because we know how much she cares about you.

As much as I care about my sister.

How would your mom feel if you hurt her?

You know how upset that would make her, don't you?

She would be so disappointed in you.

Please, Neville.


Bruno: That's enough!

You're under arrest, all right?

It's okay, Grace.

It's okay.

(clears throat)

(clears throat)


(clears throat) You scared me.


Why the bloody hell did you sneak Patrick Ryan into the club?

I didn't. Okay?

He was just standing there, and he was in the corridor, about get caught, and I...

So you shagged him.

It was just pretend.



Are you jealous?

This isn't a bloody joke!

Molly's brother broke into Finch's office.

He stole the client ledger.


Finch is on a warpath, Kaley.

If he finds out you had anything to do with it, he's going to hunt us down and k*ll us both.

(hinges creaking)

♪ ♪


Come on, Pepper, get on with it.

Finch. What...

What brings you out here?

You and your cousin... you're pretty close, are you?


Are you being straight with me, Mr. Purferoy?

Look, Finch...

I'd appreciate some honesty.

The bloke was threatening to tell my wife if I didn't get him in. What was I supposed to do?

I thought he just nted to knob a fancy girl.

He wasn't there to knob a fancy girl, you prat.

He was there to nick something of mine.

Something very vuable.

Oh, God.

Finch: What's the man's real name?

I don't know.

He didn't tell me.

Are you lying to me?

Because you lied to me before.

You looked me right in the eye, just like you're doing n Finch, what are you...?



♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(door opens)

Pike: Couldn't you find the lights?

I suppose congratulations are in order.

(clears throat)

What for?

For closing the Molly Ryan case, you humble bastard.

(laughs softly)

You was right all along.

It was the stalker that k*lled her, after all.

Neville Harris was the stalker all right, but he didn't k*ll her.


Molly's k*ller was right-handed.

The autopsy was very clear about that.

But Neville... left-handed.

These are all his scissors.

They're all left-handed.

Well, I'll be damned.


Here's something that'll cheer you up.

Stan's positive he'll get Luc off.

Oh, thank God.

When will he be out?

Natalie: Hopefully, first thing tomorrow, after they go before the magistrate.

I wish I could see him tonight.

Grace, I want you to know...

I'm so sorry.

Why? None of this is your fault.

I should've stayed with you at the gallery.

I would've been there when Luc was arrested; I would've been there with you at the station and then when that creep showed up, I wouldn't have let him come near you.

Nat... you are my freakin' rock.

You dropped everything for me and I am beyond grateful.

The least you deserve is a hook-up with that cute cop.

(Natalie chuckles)

How was it?

Did he cuff you?

(Natalie scoffs, Grace giggles)

Stop it.

He's definitely hot.

Grace, what are you doing?

I can't sit around here.

I need to get out.

What? Now?

Let's go dancing.

You're serious?

Why not?

After the day you've had?

Your boyfriend's arrested, you've been through hell.

I mean, get some sleep.

I'm not tired.

I just... I can't be cooped up anymore.

I need to get out, put everything out of my head for a few hours.

Come on.


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

When was the last time you went dancing?

♪ I got ten fingers to the sky ♪
♪ My back to the wall, my white bag high ♪


♪ Hair, lips, just like a g*n ♪
♪ She's got silver b*ll*ts ♪



♪ On her tongue ♪


♪ He's deep under her spell ♪


♪ I'm screamin' out but it just won't help ♪
♪ I think I'm cursed ♪
♪ I had him first ♪

You know you want to.

♪ Adeline, have mercy ♪

Yeah, why not?

♪ You don't want to break my heart ♪
♪ Take what's mine, don't hurt me ♪
♪ Steal my money, steal my car ♪

I just want to make one stop on the way.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Put the g*n down ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, put the g*n down. ♪

(buzzer sounds, lock clicks)

♪ ♪


Hey, baby.

It's so good to see your face.

They say I'm getting out of here in the morning.

I couldn't wait that long.

♪ ♪

They didn't want to let me see you, but...

Natalie doesn't take no for an answer.

♪ ♪

Lucky for me.

Did they... ask you anything again?

About that night?

About us?


I wouldn't say anything if they did.

You know that.

No one can know, Luc.

♪ ♪


No one will ever know.

No one except you and me.

It's our secret.

♪ ♪
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