01x06 - His Deeds Were Scattered

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Quarry" Aired September - October 2016.*
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"Quarry" revolves around a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public.
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01x06 - His Deeds Were Scattered

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(insects chirping)







What's going on?

Is someone out there?


Will you please tell me what's going on?

Baby? Wait, babe.

Do I need to call the cops?

Mac, if someone is out there, I'm calling the cops.

Mac, you're scaring me.

Mac, you're... (gasps)


Mac, you need to come back inside, baby.



Baby, please.

Mac, please!


Baby, can you hear me?

Baby, can you come back inside?

Mac, everything's okay, okay?

Everything's okay.

Man's voice: Dixieville Rides & Games. This here's Burkhalter.

Man #2: Hey, Burkhalter, Credence around?

Burkhalter: Who's this?

Man #2: It's Eugene, man.

They got my ass locked up down here.

Burkhalter: Hey, it's Linwood.

Credence: What the f*ck you doing calling here, boy?

Eugene: Credence. Credence, how's it going, man?

Credence: It was going a lot better till this here.

Eugene: Hey, you see the news?

They got me locked up for b*ating on the n*gg*r boy.

Credence: Of course I saw the g*dd*mn news, Linwood.

That's why I don't wanna have nothing to do with you calling my number.

Eugene: Now, Credence, don't hang up, man.

I got a lead on something.

Credence: I don't need none of your leads.

This bullshit you've gone and stepped your boots in ain't bullshit you're gonna track into my house, you got me?

Eugene: I just need a little help to get out of here.

(static crackling)

Credence: Steer your narrow ass clear of me, Linwood.

You understand?

Eugene: Credence, I met an old boy.

Might be able to get you in line on something.

Now, you got the connections to help me get out of here.

Credence: I ain't helping you for sh*t.

(static crackles)

Eugene: Credence, this boy is saying he got a lead on some white horse.

Eugene: Credence? Credence?

Credence: I'm here. What you got?

Eugene: I can put you in touch with him if you can help me get out.

Credence: How much you talkin'?

Eugene: A g*dd*mn lot of it.

As much white horse as you could want.

And all you gotta do is help me get out of here.

Credence: So, I get you out.

Why am I supposed to believe you ain't gonna do me like you done before?

Eugene: Credence, damn, man.

That was a long time ago.

I told you my sister's boy...

Credence: I don't give a good God damn about your sister's boy.

I'm saying who is it you're gonna hook me up with and how am I supposed to trust him?

Or you?

(music playing)

(man vocalizing)

♪ Oh, baby ♪

(music continues)

♪ Telegram Sam, Telegram Sam ♪
♪ You are my main man ♪
♪ Golden Nose Slim, Golden Nose Slim ♪
♪ I knows where you've been, oh... ♪

Dude, where you going?

♪ Purple Pie Pete, Purple Pie Pete ♪
♪ Your lips are like lightning... ♪


Man: Hey, watch it.

♪ Telegram Sam... ♪

Man #2: Guys, hey, hey. Come on!

I f*cking loved you!

♪ Telegram Sam ♪
♪ You're my main man... ♪

(knocking on door)

Naomi: You decent?

Come on in, Mama.

Well, it's about time you got up, sleepy bug.

The early bird can keep all them nasty worms.

You okay?


Well, it's called mother's intuition and mine is f*ring like the Fourth of July.

You know if you can talk to anybody, you can talk...

I can talk to Mama, I know.

You got mail.

You want some breakfast?


Got eggs, bacon, grits. Just give me a minute.

So, did I say anything?

Joni: Not a word.

Barely got you to come back in the house.

Well, between the mattress and the phone, I'm on a roll, huh?

Yeah, it was terrifying.

You really think I would've hurt you, honey?

I don't think you would've known it was me you were hurting.

(dial tone hums)

Yeah, well, it was just a bad dream, okay?

Bad dreams don't involve swinging a loaded g*n around.

I'm... I'm sorry, Joni, okay?

You wanna punish me, huh, for something I don't remember doing?

Mac, calm down. Please? It's okay.

I'm not mad at you.

I'm not. I'm worried about you.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I'm fine, Joni. Come on.

Hey, it was just a nightmare, that's all.

Okay? It's not gonna happen again.

Okay? Especially once I'm done with all this.

You know, just go back to normal.



You take a look at the classifieds yet?





What? Come here.


Come here.

Come here.


You're gonna be late getting Marcus and Andrea's gonna be here any minute.

Baby. Mac. (chuckles)

It's okay.

She can watch, huh? Come on.

Mac. (chuckles)


(music playing on radio)

How are you doing, Marcus?

With what?

You know, everything.

Your friend, your... your dad.

You know, you've been through a lot, Marcus.

I'm good.

You know, my mama d*ed when I was about your age, so I know how tough it can be.

How'd she die?


Did you cry?


Do you still miss her?


Yeah, yeah, I do.

Marcus: So, did, um... did you and my dad do missions and stuff together?

Yeah, yeah, we went on all kinds of different missions.

Was Quan Thang a mission?

Yeah, that... that was a mission.


But like I said, Marcus, we went on all kinds of missions.

Well, did my dad k*ll people?

Your daddy was a hero, Marcus.

And he was one of the best men I ever met.


But then he got sh*t.

He did.

You know, Dr. King got sh*t, too.

He did, by a bad man.

Like Eugene Linwood?

Yeah, that's right.

Just like Eugene Linwood.


My friend, um, his mom is gonna pick me up after school.

Okay, Marcus. Well, uh, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning.


Oh, and I'm sorry your mom d*ed.

Thanks, Marcus.

Bye, Mr. Mac.

(music playing)

♪ Now, the finest man came Monday ♪
♪ And he took away my car... ♪

(phone rings)

♪ He said I had chittlin money ♪

♪ And a taste for caviar ♪
♪ The furniture man came on Tuesday ♪
♪ Took away my bedroom set ♪
♪ He said I had had the stuff for six months ♪
♪ And I didn't even agree to pay him yet ♪
♪ Now, the telephone man came on Wednesday ♪
♪ And he took away my phone ♪
♪ Now, my man, he can't never call me ♪
♪ To find out if and when I'm home ♪
♪ Bad luck ♪
♪ Hard times ♪
♪ Seems I don't know when they'll end ♪
♪ If they'll ever end ♪
♪ I can't even rub two quarters together ♪
♪ And I ain't got ♪
♪ A single friend ♪
♪ Hard times. ♪

(phone rings)


Man: Ratliff.

This is Sheriff Denny Lunce, Jim Wells County, Texas.

Yes, sir.

We worked together on that m*rder case a few years back... you know, that Memphis boy who followed his mistress down here and k*lled her at the altar with her new beau?

You remember that?

Ah, I never forget a love story.

How the hell you doing, Denny?

Good, good, good. Listen, I got a question for you.

Y'all happen to be looking for a feller with one leg?

We are looking for a fella with one leg.

Well, we got a fella with one leg.

Which leg you looking for?

Uh, right leg.

Right leg.

Was that got a right leg or missing a right leg?

Got one, uh, missing left.

Missing left.

Yep. We got a fella down here with a right leg and no left.

His name Rickey Suggs?

Yeah, hold on.

This is Detective Olsen here.

Do you know if his name is Rickey Suggs?

Yeah, yeah, it's Richard Ronald Suggs. Tennessee ID.

Does that sound like your fella?

That's the one.

Can you hold him?

Ain't too much left to hold.

He's deader than armadillo sh*t.

Y'all send your prints down here.

We'll make sure they match, okay?

We'll do that, Denny. Thank you much.

You got it.

Well, sh*t.

Dean Hoggard and Arthur Solomon, consider justice served. (chuckles)

Don't look like that.

Like what?

Like a man that don't understand the difference between winning and losing.


(instruments playing)

Woman: Reggie... can you lower my treble just a pinch?

Reggie: I sure can.

Woman: ♪ I like it, I like it. ♪

Thank you, Reggie. Are we ready?

Tape roll.

One, two, one, two, three, four.

♪ Baby, ooh, baby ♪

♪ I love to call you baby ♪
♪ Baby, ooh, baby ♪
♪ I love for you to call me baby ♪

♪ When you squeeze me real tight ♪

♪ You make wrong things right ♪

♪ And I can't stop loving you ♪

♪ And I won't stop calling you ♪

♪ B-A-B-Y ♪
♪ Baby ♪

♪ B-A-B-Y ♪

♪ Baby... ♪

Hey, man.

(music stops)

What's up?

We gotta talk.

Hey, I'm sorry, brother.

It was a last-minute switch.

Hey! It was an honest mistake.

You know the last time you had me in?

It ain't been that long.

Three and a half months.

It's been slow, man. What can I say?

It ain't slow today, is it?

My hands are tied, man.

I didn't know Slick was gonna call that dude.

I don't even like that dude.

f*ck shows up a half hour late and you're kicking me out?

I will get you back in there soon, man. I promise.

Shirley ain't staying in the pocket.

Bernard is dragging ass on his tempo.

All right... but, hey, thank you.

(engine starts)

All right? I'll take a look at it.

(tires screeching)

(horn honks)

(music playing)

Woman: Did you find it?

♪ Something wrong that my heart can't fix ♪

♪ I got stuck in this big, old ditch ♪

♪ Trying to climb my way ♪

♪ Out this hole ♪
♪ Singing something's wrong ♪
♪ I just can't control ♪

♪ 40 nights and 40 days ♪
♪ Some survive, some just washed away ♪
♪ And we hear that white muddy river flow ♪

♪ Singing something's wrong... ♪

(phone ringing)

♪ We just can't control ♪

Popular Tunes. Hold on.

Little Spirit of Memphis.

All right, man.

That's $6.97.


Uh-huh. Let me check.

(feedback rings)

Is there a Mac Conway here?


I'm Mac Conway.


♪ But cheer up, brother... ♪


The Broker: Hello, Quarry.

You gotta be f*cking kidding me.

Any good new releases?

Yeah. Yeah, there's a Carpenters album with your name on it. What do you want?

Tom Lee Park, one hour.

♪ Singing something's wrong ♪
♪ We just can't control. ♪

(boat horn blaring)

"A very worthy n*gro."

Excuse me?

Tom Lee.

Black fella.

Saved all them people from drowning in the river.

Named this here park after him.

Yeah, I know who Tom Lee was.

Got something for you.

(bag unzips)

(boat horn blaring)


The Eugene Linwood?

Being released this afternoon.

You are... you're f*cking kidding me.


Insufficient evidence.

This city is gonna explode.

You don't think I should've taken the contract?

I think Eugene Linwood is a p*ssy inbred peckerwood who almost k*lled a boy with a crowbar.

And I think he deserves the worst this world has to offer him and whosever paying to have him k*lled I think's a g*dd*mn hero.

Could say the same about the man who pulls the trigger.

Okay, so I'm on Direct?

Scout and Direct, actually.

Linwood's getting more ink than Elvis.

Just as many people in this town think he's a hero as want him d*ad.

I'd say he's probably more of the former.

I use two men, twice the chance of being detected.

Well, then it should count towards twice my debt, huh?

You're doing the work of two men.

Don't see why you shouldn't get double the credit.

So, 10.


Yeah, had to try.

(seagulls screeching)

"His good deeds were scattered everywhere that day and into eternity."

Crazy, isn't it?

Because of this one person, Tom Lee...
one person...

32 people got to live lives, eat a great meal, cry at a beautiful song, fall in love, get married, have children, grandchildren.

Well, you'll be fine.

Linwood? Eugene Linwood?

You can't do this. It's too dangerous.

Ain't much of a choice, Joni.

Why can't we just ask Ruth about the money?

No, absolutely not.

How would you explain it to her?

The same way you explained it to me.


It's different, Joni. You know why.

She's Arthur's wife.

So you wanna explain to her that her husband, the father of her children, was m*rder trying to k*ll people for money, hmm?

She knows he was involved in something bad.

Mac, aren't you doing this to protect them?

That's exactly right.

Doesn't she have a right to know that her children are in danger?

They aren't in danger because I got it taken care of.

She can keep the money that you already worked off.

I said no, Joni.

I said no, okay?

I'm not putting them through it.

Arthur's name's been drug through enough mud.

And they're moving on. You should, too, okay?

This is my problem now.

Our problem, Mac.


It's our problem.

Switched with Patty so I could have y'all in my section.

How you doing?

Lunch rush dying down. Get to go on my break soon.

Ruth, can we ask you something?

Oh, uh, hang on. Felix?

Come here.

(Ruth chuckles)

I want you to meet some friends of mine.

This is Mac and his better half, Joni.


Felix is one of my regulars.

One of her favorite regulars.

Second favorite. Mrs. Qualls tips better.


You ought to tip her better.

What's that?

Just saying if you're one of her regulars, why don't you tip her better?

I was just making a joke.

Mac: I know.

(all laughing)

Excuse him. He sometimes forgets his manners.

Moses: Well, then I guess I should leave you to serve your friends here.

It was nice meeting you.

Hey, nice to meet you.

Joni: Nice meeting you, too.


Ruth: No. Uh-uh. He comes in here every morning.

Joni: Oh, I wonder why that is.

Because it's close to his house and he likes the biscuits and gravy.

I bet.

What was your question?

Is there fresh coffee?

Oh, if there wasn't, I wouldn't be standing up.

Be right back with some.

Mac: It's not like this Linwood character doesn't deserve it.

Joni: Okay, yeah, maybe he does, but that means you... you have to be the one to do it?

Mac: It could've been Marcus! It almost was Marcus, Joni, and now they're gonna let this guy go free today.

I'd be doing the world a service.

(car horns honk)

(jackhammer rattles)

Well, apparently I'm just not as comfortable as you are with the notion of you k*lling other human beings.

(door opens)

Joni. Jo... Joni.

Hey. Hey, baby?

Baby, look. I'm gonna go home.

I'm gonna look in the paper at the classifieds.

I'm gonna find a job, all right?

One that has about a $20,000 bonus in it.


Hey. Hey, Joni.


Pop your lips for me.

Come on. (pops lips)

(distant horn honks)

(bl*ws breath)

(music playing)

♪ It was late ♪
♪ Last night... ♪

So I peel out and I look over and Cliff's sliding out the window as I'm going, so I h*t the gas instead of the brake...


...and he goes flying out the window... bam!

Belly flops onto the street.

Oh, my gosh, I remember that!

His face was all scraped up and his neck and his arms.

He told my parents he fell down playing basketball.

He was lying to your parents, sweetie.

Jesus, you two were little juvenile delinquents.

Yeah, trust me, you don't even know the half of it.

Well, my mom always said that you were trouble.

Oh? Oh, yeah? Miss Kathy said that?

That's probably why I had such a big crush on you.

You had a crush on me?

Oh, my God.

I was moon-eyed.


I'll show you my journals.

♪ In your eyes ♪
♪ In my eyes ♪
♪ In my eyes ♪
♪ In my eyes ♪
♪ In my eyes. ♪

(crowd applauds)

I don't even know how me and Cliff lost touch.

You know, I went off to college at UT.

And we got together one Christmas.

It was h*m*... junior year.

And... and then one summer, I called your parents' house.

Nobody answered.

That was pretty much it until...

Yeah, until.


I'm glad you called, Tommy.

(Sandy and Tommy gasping, moaning)

What are y'all gonna do with this place?


This house.

Y'all gonna sell it?

I don't... I don't really know yet.

My lease ended last month, so I've just sort of been squatting.

A girlfriend of mine may move in with me.

Of course, considering what happened here, I may just burn it to the ground.

Could go either way at this point.

What are you doing?

Ah, sorry.

I just...

Nah, I just...

I just never seen anyone but him hold that.

This feels wrong. I'm sorry.

As opposed to sleeping with his sister in his house?

Well, that is not what I meant.

It's fine, Tommy.

It's not like he can play it anymore.

I was gonna sell it at the estate sale.

That felt wrong.


Hey, what was that girl's name that you asked me about?

Uh, Joni Conway. Why?

Well, apparently, Cliff wrote, like, a dozen songs about her.

Hmm. Oh.

Thank God he was better at writing about music than actually writing it.


Can I borrow this?

Mm-hmm. You can take it.



(engine sputters)

Come on, come on, come on.

(sighs) Son of a b*tch.



Oh, I'm sorry.

It's just... the damn thing won't turn over.


Ain't nothing to be sorry about.

Better pop the hood.

Oh, thank you.



Give it a go.


(engine sputters)

No, no.

I think it's flooded, honey.

Oh, perfect.

All right, bus it is.

Oh, no, ma'am.

A city bus does not deserve to be graced by your presence.


I'm right here. Come on.

It's fine, Felix. Not the first time, won't be the last time.

You're not taking the bus, Ruth.

Come on.

Thank you.

I appreciate it.

Ain't nothing to it.

Over here?

(engine turns off)

Ruth: Right here.

Well, thank you again so much.

You are a lifesaver.

You're welcome.

I was just gonna head back over, see if I can get it going again.

Oh, you don't have to do that.

Come on, I hate it when we fight.

(siren chirps)


Y'all go on and get inside now.

Excuse me?

I know you ain't deaf, boy.

I said go on and get inside.


Curfew's sundown.

Everybody inside till morning.

A curfew? What in the world for?

Mama, come look!

Breaking news... Eugene Linwood, arrested in the alleged b*ating of a 13-year-old boy, has been released with officials citing a lack of evidence.

Oh, my God.

Reporter: Mr. Linwood, did you b*at that boy?

No, ma'am, I did not.

(crowd shouting)

Marcus: That's a lie. He's lying!

I don't know nothing about b*ating that boy.

I had nothing to do with b*ating that boy, but I will tell you what.

I'd like to shake the hand of the man what did.

You're going to hell!

(crowd shouting)

Anchor: As a result of local unrest, the Memphis Police Department has issued a mandatory citywide curfew.

All citizens are expected to be in their homes and to remain there starting at 8:00 this evening through 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Officers will not hesitate to arrest any citizen breaking curfew.

If you witness any signs of v*olence,

please notify local authorities.

Here we go again.

Joni: That's gonna be fixed.

The construction seems solid.

Roof got any leaks?


And we do all the landscaping. We maintain the pool.

I still can't believe he built that thing by himself.

Yeah, well, you don't know your son too well, then.

(both chuckle)

Well, if you're gonna show it, it's a little too personalized.

People walk in, you don't want them to see your house.

You want them to see their house.

How much do you think we can get for it, realistically?

We're still figuring that part out.

Nobody's gonna buy it with that McGovern sign out front, that's for g*dd*mn sure.

Well, we can take that down.

And then there's the public school.

Yeah, I hear it's a good one.

You been reading that paper of yours, sweetheart?

That school's gonna be 80% black come January.

We might could find a n*gg*r family to sell to.

But even then, you'd be getting 70, 75% of your purchase price.

I think there's already some moving in across the way.

Probably a good idea that y'all are cutting your losses.

We're not trying to cut our losses, Lloyd.

Then why you want out?

Y'all looking to upgrade?

Having kids?

No, not any time soon.

Nothing like that.

Is that why he came to see me and asked me for money?

He did?


Now all this?

What's going on with y'all?


It's just time for a change.

That's all.

Well, um...




That's good.

Well, I guess it's okay.

I'm not gonna charge you for the listing, obviously.

That's very sweet, Lloyd.

I got a sign out in the truck we can get out.

See if you can get some nibbles

if you think y'all are ready.


Do you think maybe we could list it without a sign?

Do what, now?

I just wanna test the waters on this.

Maybe a classified ad with your number?

He doesn't know you're doing this, does he?

He's, uh... he's attached to the place.

Everything it meant to him, to us.

I am baby-stepping him into the idea.

Kind of hard for me to sell a house that I can't let people know I'm selling.


You're a good woman, Joni.

I hope my son realizes how lucky he's got it.

Danny, if you give me your baseball cards, I'll bring them along.

Along where?

On visiting days.

You like this show?

Boy on TV: Everyone's a comedian.


they all look the same to me, too.

Marcus: How could they do this to us?

Like we're the ones who did something wrong.

Far as they're concerned, we did.

Do they have a curfew in the white neighborhoods, too?

What you think?

Ruth: Marcus, a hand, please?

Watch your show. I got it.

Boy on TV: He's practically "sinile."

Woman on TV: The word is senile.


Uh, Miss Ruth?

Oh, um, there's a basket full of fresh laundry in the bedroom.

Can you pass me a towel?

Nice and clean.

You see it?

Uh, yeah.


Here you go.

Thank you.


(TV continues playing)

Boy on TV: That's what I was afraid of.


Woman: Bye, Danny.

Officer: Hell you think you're doing out here, boy?

Hey, I'm just playing basketball.

I don't give a good God damn what you're doing.

You're violating curfew.

All that ain't necessary, now.

Hey, stop right there!

I'm telling you, boy, do not move!

Or what? You gonna sh**t me in front of him?

(dogs barking)

We already seen a white man drag his friend off a bus
and b*at him damn near d*ad this week.

Same white man y'all let walk free about an hour ago.

A curfew's a curfew.

Yeah, and I'm sure you're on your way to Germantown now to tell those folks to get inside, ain't you?

You're both breaking the law, boy.

"Boy" me one more time.

Take your son and get back inside.

You know we didn't do anything.

What's that?

We didn't do anything.

Some white man did something and we can't even go outside our own house.

Not exactly fair, is it?

How old were you when they k*lled Dr. King?


So old enough to know what's going on around here, then, huh?

Why you didn't listen to that cop?

Why didn't you?


What are you two doing out here?

Marcus, get inside right now.

Come on.

(clears throat)

I guess it's time for me to head home.

I'd ask you to stay, but...

(sighs) ...I don't think it's appropriate.

Yeah, I understand.

You'll be okay?


They're in rare form tonight.

Ain't nothing rare about it, unfortunately.

I'll be fine.

I'll come by the cafe in the morning and we'll get your car started.

Good night.

Good night.

Take care.




I-25. I-25.

Naomi: Memphis is as crooked as the river is long.

Did you see the picture of that poor little colored boy's face?

Did you see? He looked like a spilled can of Beanee Weenees.

That child is lucky to be alive.

Someone ought to drag Eugene Linwood's ass behind a truck!


Announcer: B-12.

B-12, B-12. What?

He's shiftless and no good.

B-12. Someone ought to bring him into the neighborhood.

He'd get a... oh, I have B-12.

He'd get the fat hand of justice.

Mama, are you gonna talk about Eugene g*dd*mn Linwood all night?

Oh, I'm sorry. Forgive me, Mr. Grump.

Announcer: O-64.

What the hell are you doing, anyway?

What... what is all that?

A proposal.

What you mean proposal?

Well... well, who's the lucky boy?

Is it Gary?

Is it...

No, Mama, it's not that kind of proposal.

It's a work proposal.

G-37. G-37.

Well, I thought you didn't wanna do that kind of work no more.

That's the idea.

All right, well... (exhales) ...I guess you're gonna show 'em how the cow eat the cabbage.

G-60. G-60.

Oh, my God, this is one away.

This is a $15 card. You wait and see here.

Oh, my God, one away.

G-53. Onto the G-53.

Woman: Bingo!

(crowd groans)

Naomi: Oh, come on, now!

That's rigged, isn't it?


Check that card again. Look at her.

If she smiles any more, her feet gonna fall out.

Look at... oh!

I'd check her numbers.

"I... I don't know how it happened."


(crickets chirping)

(tape rewinds)

(switches clicking)

Eugene: How's it going?

Credence: What?

Eugene: I said how's it going on getting my ass out of here?

(static crackling)

Credence, are you there?

Credence: Damn, Linwood, you calling me from under the g*dd*mn ocean?

Eugene: I'm at the jailhouse phone. Shut up!

Credence: You in such a rush to get out, what you gonna do?

Eugene: What you think I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna go down... (static crackling) and get me some... tail.

(audio rewinds)

Eugene: What you think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go down... (static crackling) ...and get me some... tail.

(Eugene slowed dialogue)

What you think I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna go down to Ceasar's and get me some...

(engine starts)

(music playing)

Hey, how's it going?

How you doing?

♪ I'm foolish to be here ♪
♪ In the first place ♪
♪ I know some man's gonna come around ♪
♪ And take my place ♪

♪ Ain't no way in the world ♪

♪ I'm going out that front door ♪
♪ There's a man down there ♪
♪ Might be your man, I don't know ♪

♪ Well, there's a man down there ♪
♪ Might be your man, I don't know ♪
♪ Well, there's a man down there ♪
♪ Lord, who just might happen to be your man. ♪

(laughter, chatter echoing)

Who the f*ck are you?

Hey, I know you.

Where do I know you from?

Ah! Ow, f*ck!


Today, President Nixon took an important step toward peace with Vietnam.

Operation Linebacker, a US air campaign that targeted North Vietnamese supply strongholds and transportation... -

Woman: You think about me today?

Reporter: The president ordered a halt to all b*mb

above the 20th parallel...

No. Turn that off.

Shut up. I know you did.

The continuous b*mb effort, active since May of this year, was highly successful, making use of...

How'd it go at the studio today?

The end of the campaign could be the beginning of a new era...

What? Just trying to see when this curfew is over.

I said turn that sh*t off, Melba.

I don't wanna see it.

You don't talk to me like that.

Reporter: ...with sports after this.

Now, I broke curfew to come over here and have sex with your ass.

The least you can do is show some respect.


Melba: What's wrong with you?

Just go home.

There's a curfew.

God damn it, Melba, I said go the f*ck home!

(TV continues playing)

God ain't never made a n*gg*r angrier than you.

(keys jingle)

(door opens)

(door closes)

The Broker: Hello?

It's done.


Yeah. Yeah, I know... "care and caution."

But I didn't have a choice. I had to make a move on this one.

You say you had to move, son, you had to move.

Just so happens I have the client right here.

I'll pass on the good news.

How's it feel?

Like the world's a better place without him in it.

Tell that client of yours that he's a hero.

It's all you, son.

(sighs) "His good deeds were scattered everywhere that day and into eternity."

(music playing)

♪ Don't look so sad ♪
♪ I know it's over ♪
♪ But life goes on ♪
♪ And this world ♪
♪ Keeps on turning ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Let's just be glad ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ We had this time ♪

♪ To spend together ♪
♪ Mm, mm ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ There is no need ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ To watch the bridges ♪
♪ That we're burning ♪
♪ Lay your ♪
♪ Lay your head ♪
♪ Lay your head ♪
♪ On my pillow ♪
♪ Sweet baby ♪
♪ Hold your warm... ♪
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