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05x13 - The Night Ward

Posted: 10/28/16 21:59
by bunniefuu
Switching over to night vision.

Make sure to check your K-2 meter.

It's working?



Picking something up.


What is it?


Guys, cut it out!

I don't like this.



I'm bleeding!


After I graduated, I went into the m*llitary.

I was part of Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

Did about six months in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

After I left the m*llitary,

I started working at South Pittsburgh Municipal Hospital in Tennessee.

The only downside to the job was, I had to work the night shift...

From 11:00 p.m. at night to 7:00 a.m. in the morning, the graveyard shift.

Hey, Cheryl.

Hey, Don.

How's your night going?

Good. It's good.

South Pittsburgh Municipal Hospital was built in the late '50s, I think around 1959.

I worked in the clinical lab, which is on the second floor.

I worked with blood, and part of my job was to collect blood samples and do the testing. Put the blood in the centrifuge. It spins it down.

And then I started up the analyzers.



And there, sitting in the middle of the floor, is a test tube.

I can't explain how it could have fallen off the refrigerator.

It's almost like someone had picked it up and just carelessly dropped it on the floor.

So my first thought was, "Okay, somebody is pulling a prank on me."


I worked with this guy named Kevin.

He worked over in X-ray, and he was a prankster.

Was that you?

What are you talking about?

I said, "Look," and I point at the test tubes on the floor.

And he says, "What about it?"

And I said...

Did you do that?

You think I did it?

And I said, "I didn't do that."

And he kind of gave me a look like...

Come on, y'all are messing with me with that.

You need to get some sleep.

And there was no one in there but me.


It was getting late.

It's about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.


♪ I remember... ♪

I was getting a little bit sleepy, so I thought I would go down and get a cup of coffee.



So I went around to the elevator. The elevator was near the nurses' station. And I h*t the button, and...



And I waited, and I waited, and... totally nothing.

So I thought, you know, "I'm not gonna wait on this elevator. I'm just gonna go on down." I got down to about... About halfway down the hallway.


You could hear the motor running.

You could hear the movement.


I heard the door kind of, "Eee!"

And no one was there. I didn't think anything about it at the time. I thought somebody had just changed their mind, or maybe they got called away.

I just didn't think much about it.

A few weeks later, it was about 4:30 in the morning.

Kevin came in.

Don, there's a new lab tech coming in.

His name is Tony.

He'll be here around about 4:00 or 5:00.

Uh, when he gets here, do you want to just show him around, make him feel welcome?

Sure, no problem.


Happy to help.

I'd been out collecting blood.

As I turn the corner, I see a guy sitting on a couch.

Hey, you must be Tony.

Hang... hang on a second. I'll be right with you.

He had kind of sandy blond hair, about shoulder length. He had a thin beard.

Little earlier than I thought you...

Nobody's there.

I mean, he was right in front of me, and now he's gone.

I mean, I just turned around for a second, and he's gone.


There's a guy had on blue scrubs.

How's it going? I'm Tony.

He said, "Hi. My name's Tony."

You're the new guy?


Uh, Don.


Nice to meet you. Um... yeah.

I didn't mention it. I just said, "Hey, good to meet you," because what am I gonna tell him?

I was nervous.

Something wrong?

No, I... saw something.

Either there's something I can't explain, or I'm just, you know, completely crazy.

I honestly don't remember having so many samples in one week.

I can only imagine.

One particular night, I was kind of hanging out with this guy, Matthew, close to the nurses' station.

Thinking about going up to Lake Barkley.

Have you ever been up there?

Oh, yeah.

Pretty nice spot.

Some good fishing.

Great. It really is. (DISTANT WAIL)

It almost sounded like a cat meowing, but it was like, "Rrrrrr."



And then we got to listening,
and it wasn't a cat, it was a baby.


You hear that? (BABIES CRYING)

I think so.

It was more than one baby.

It sounded like a room full of babies screaming.


Hold... hold on. Listen.

And you could hear it coming through that door.


I tried the handle in the office.



But the door was locked.

It stopped.

At the time I was working there, they didn't deliver babies at that hospital, but Kevin said that used to be Maternity back in the day.

And I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "That's where the nursery was."

I really need a vacation.

I hear that one, boy.

I've got this test I'm having to do. I had to put a patient sample in the kit.

And you had to watch to make sure that the sample absorbed into the kit.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little bit of movement.

I could see two shadows on the wall...

My shadow, and then right near to my shadow was another shadow.



And there was nobody in the lab. I can't explain this.

I don't know how to explain this.

I was really anxious to get out of there.

That night scared me.

After that night, got an opportunity to go somewhere else, and I took it.


Oh, my God, I'm bleeding.



My father-in-law bought the old South Pittsburgh hospital.

The hospital had been abandoned for several years.

It had fallen into a state of disrepair, and he was able to get it for a really good price.

He decided to turn it into a storage facility.

I became the general manager/ caretaker of the property.

The first time I ever walked into the building, it was very creepy.




There was lots of beds all over the place. There was wheelchairs everywhere. Lots of trash everywhere. The place had a strange feeling about it.

And I just have to keep telling myself, "This is just a building. That's all it is. It's just an old building."


I worked really, really hard for a couple of weeks in the building to get all the debris out, equipment moved.

Watch your step there.

Can you manage?


One afternoon, Charles and I, who's one of our workers, we were downstairs, going through all these boxes that we had found.

So how's your dad doing?

He's doing really well, actually.

That's good to hear.

We're busy working away, and all of a sudden...


We hear this phone ringing.


But then it hits me.

There's no phones there.

There's none in the building.

They're all gone.


And I'm like, "Where is this coming from?"


It's just the old wires that are hanging out of the wall.

I have no explanation where that phone was ringing at, because they had all been turned off and disconnected.

Let's get back.

Actually, to be honest about it, it scared the hell out of me.

If you're there all by yourself and working by yourself, it's very easy to get spooked in that building.


All of a sudden, I hear this sound.

It's like a "whoosh" sound.

So I stop what I'm doing, and I walk around the corner. And I happen to look up, and it was where a curtain used to be.

The hooks were moving. They're swinging.

They're just back and forth.

There's no wind.

No windows are open.



I can't explain this.

I could not make sense out of what was going on.

But I was so busy and consumed in doing what I was doing that I just kept working.

It started to get really cold. The temperature dropped.

And as I'm walking around the corner,

I stopped d*ad in my tracks.

I notice there's a puddle of water in the floor. And I look up. There's no busted pipes. It's not raining outside.

So I'm thinking, "Okay, where did this come from?"

As I get closer, I see something. Small, wet footprints.

These footprints were tiny.

They looked like the footprints of a really small child. I had to get out of the building.

It scared the daylights out of me.


I just wanted out.

I just ran down the hallway, down the stairs.

I was running so fast that I almost fell in the hallway. And all of a sudden,

I hear these phones ringing again.


Like every phone in the hospital was going off at the same time.



My head was just slammed back against the wall, so hard that it almost knocked me out.


I realized then
that I needed to get some help.



One evening, my phone rings.


Uh, hi. My name is Stacey.

She explained that her name was Stacey and that she ran a hospital in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

There was something that had absolutely shaken her to her core.

I'll get back to you, Stacey.

She needed help.

It is absolutely essential to do background research and to know what you are walking into.

I type in "South Pittsburgh Municipal Hospital," and all of a sudden, all these stories start popping up...

Patients that have d*ed there, how babies were not taken care of.

There was a high mortality rate. There's so many different layers and stories to the hospital that I was bl*wn away.

If I was going to find out what was going on, I needed to see it with my own eyes.

We were going to have to put a team together.

Rolling. TAPE ID: Day one of South Pittsburgh Municipal Hospital investigation.

I see them.

Oh, there's the rest of the team there.

Looking good. All right.

So we're gonna spend two nights here and set up our equipment, and see if we can catch her son-of-a-g*n... (INDISTINCT)

See what's going on. Hey.

How you feeling there, Jenn?

(CHUCKLES) I'm a little nervous.

Oh, it's gonna be all right.

I'll be right beside you. All right.

Let's go and meet the rest of the team here.

See what's going on.

I've been with Shannon's paranormal group for about 2 1/2 years now.

You know, I'm one of those that always has a camera in my hand.

All righty, it's about 8:15, and we're here at the South Pittsburgh Hospital.

I want to catch what's fixing to happen.

This is the rest of the team behind me.

Let's see how they're doing.

Doing these investigations do give me a rush.

This is Jennifer. She's new.

Say hi, Jenn.


I had never in my life been on an investigation, and this was my very first one.

Yeah, that's Robin over there.

She's a medium.


I am a medium, but I am also the historian and an investigator.

Shannon didn't tell me anything about the place.

She wanted me to experience everything firsthand.

I was excited about it.

And there you are. Over here is Big Shane.

He's our tech guy. How's it going, Shane?


I'm the tech guy.

I make sure everything we capture is recorded and everything, make sure the camera is working properly, recorders are working properly.

The hospital seemed very intriguing to me.

I just... I couldn't wait to get in there and see what we could find out.

And last but not least is our fearless leader Shannon.

Cody, can you stop that and give us a hand?

Come on.

This is Jennifer.


I met the paranormal group just outside of the hospital.

They wanted me to come in and show them around the building, but I told them no, that I was not going back in there until I knew what was going on.

You all right?


Setting up base camp.

Everybody's doing a good job.

Let's see what they're up to.

Okay, there's Shane.

Shane set up the generator so we got some lights working.

We set up base camp at the nurses' station on the second floor of the hospital.

Hey, Robin, you getting in the zone?

Shh! Now now, Cody.

I need quiet.


Look at this place.

So dirty.

We don't have to clean it up.

And then through here is Jenn.

Jenn is working on a little bit of a rest area for the time.

Hi, Jenn.


We had sleeping bags, water, flashlights, spare batteries.

You know, we were here for the whole nine yards.

Remember, make mine extra comfy and far away from Shane's.

You got any of those mints you can leave on the pillows?

I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, Jenn.

We had six cameras, and I set them up at different vantage points throughout the whole hospital...

Third floor, the basement, different corridors... ICU, the emergency room. I just wanted to make sure

I had the whole building covered with cameras.

Guys, k*ll the lights.

Switching over to night vision.

Make sure to check your K-2 meter.


Is it working?

A K-2 meter essentially looks for alterations in the electromagnetic field.

Any changes in the EMF field could signify the presence of a spirit.

Are we ready? Check the cameras?

The last thing Shannon said was, "Stay together, and keep your radios on."


Let's do this, guys.
We began our initial sweep of the hospital. We left base camp, and we started to move across the second floor.

Everyone feeling okay?


The hallways seemed to go on forever.



It's picking something up.


What is that?

I looked down at the K-2 meter I was holding.

There was lights going off on it.


What is it, man?


It's gone.

Okay, let's keep going, guys.

Nice and slowly.


Just watch your step a little bit.

Oh, wow.

Wow, it's 11:17, and we in something that looks kind of like a lab.

Robin, shine the light over here, will ya?

That good?




Just a bug.

My heart started racing.

Robin, what are you feeling?

It was a very nervous feeling.

Guys, watch your backs.

I felt like something bad was about to happen.

I can feel a presence here.

What kind of presence?

I'm not sure, but I'm definitely sensing something.

It was just so overwhelming, and I was a little bit shaky, and that, honestly, had never happened to me anywhere else.

Most of the time, we're using the infrared lights, night vision.

I want you guys to turn off your flashlights and walk as quietly as possible.

You got that?


Okay. Stay together.

So it's very dark.

You're not knowing what you're seeing, what you're walking into.




Oh, my God.

What was that?

Anybody want these?

Just stay close.

Jennifer, you okay?

Yeah, yeah, it's nothing.





Shannon started choking.

It was like she was having trouble breathing.



Oh, my God!

Shannon's choking.



You'll be okay.


I was worried there was something seriously wrong.


You'll be okay.

It'll be okay.




All of a sudden, it was gone, and I could breathe again.


Come on, breathe.


I realized that I didn't see Robin.

Where's Robin?

I don't know.

Any of you guys seen her?

Anybody seen Robin?

I was so focused on Shannon, I didn't realize that Robin was missing.





Shannon was choking, so I ran back to base camp to get her some water to see if that would help.

I'm just kind of rumbling through everybody's stuff, trying to find a bottle of water.


Suddenly, I hear this hissing sound behind my head.




Robin shouldn't be going off on her own.

Yeah, she's a crazy chick, man, a real free spirit.

Shh. Shut up.

What? What is it?

Did you hear that?

Suddenly, I heard this dull creaking sound.


I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The door just started to move on its own.



You got to get down to the basement right now.

You got to see this.

What's going on?

We were in shock that this was happening.

The door opening and closing repeatedly.


How's it doing that?

Is there a draft somewhere? Or a window open?

There's no windows.

We're in the basement.






All of a sudden, boom.


These doors were just openin' and closin' and slammin'.


Ah, I think I... I think I hear a noise.



Kind of scary down here.


Okay, it's, uh, it's 21 minutes after midnight.

And, uh, down here in the basement.


I could hear this motor.

I could hear cables, you know, grinding.


This is weird, because, you know, there's no power in this place.

Coming from the elevator.





You okay?

What's wrong, baby girl?

I just feel ill.

Just sit down.

I feel like I'm spinning.

Sit down.

Shannon said she was starting to feel very light-headed.

She had to sit down.

You're all right.




Oh, my God.



We're supposed to stick together, man.

Quit screwing around.

All right, I was checking out a noise I heard.

Won't happen again.





I saw a figure standing behind Robin.

I was absolutely terrified.



Come on, guys!

Come on!




Come on. Go.

Come on, guys.

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.


What the hell was that?

I don't like this.


Robin, you okay?

It's my stomach.

You okay?

I think I need to lie down.


Robin didn't look well at all.

She was pale. She was sweaty and shaky.





Okay. Nice and slow.


I felt physically drained.

I was in pain.

I felt horrible.

Look at me.

We're gonna be right in the other room.




Okay, just breathe.


Sit tight.


Be right back, Robin.


We talked about what we should do next.

I really don't think we should stay here any longer.


We can't leave yet. It's just getting good.

It actually made me more excited.

You know, it actually made me want to stay.

What do you think, Shannon?

We should have just left then.

We should have packed everything up, we should have gotten in the car, and we just should have left.

I think we should stay.


I felt what felt like two hands kind of go into my back and just squeeze just as hard as it could.








Robin? Robin?



I can't open the door!

So I'm banging on the door, and I'm trying to get in to Robin.




Oh, my God. Oh.


Okay. What's going on?

Are you okay? What's going on?

There was something really, really wrong with Robin.

It frightened me to see Robin like that.

I just didn't know what happened to her.

We gotta get out of here.

Come on, Robin.

Come on.

Let's go.

All right, come on.

Come on.

Up, up, up, up.

Okay. Okay.


Okay. This way, guys.

Let's go, guys.

Clear the way.


I scooped her up and put her in one of the old wheelchairs.

Come on, Robin. Talk to me. Talk to me.

What's going on?

I'm... I'm bleeding.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

That's a lot of blood.

Oh, my God.


All of a sudden, I just hear this absolute terrible, blood-curdling scream.


There was this piercing scream that just echoed around the room.


We rushed her down the hallways.



Come on, come on, come on!


Watch it. Watch it.

There's a corner. Let's go.



It was absolutely a huge relief once we got out of that hospital.

Talk to me, girl.


What's going on?



We took Robin to the nearest hospital.


The doctor pulled me to the side, and he asked me repeatedly, had Robin been in a car wreck?



Well, I think she's suffering from some form of internal trauma.

The doctor said that her internal organs had been crushed.

We were just bl*wn away by that, you know.

She's got these massive internal injuries, and she hasn't been in any kind of accident.

They needed to contact her family, because there was a chance that Robin might not pull through.


The doctors couldn't figure it out. They had three different cardiologists come in, trying to understand why all of the arteries in my abdomen had collapsed just suddenly, with no trauma and no illness.

It shouldn't have happened.

Robin's recovery was an absolute miracle.

The bleeding had just miraculously stopped.

And from there, there was a huge relief.



I used to think of that hospital as being evil.

But knowing what I know now about it, I don't really feel that way anymore.

There's impressions of grief...

And such pain and sorrow and death.


And any time that's gonna happen in a spot, it's gonna leave an impression.