01x08 - Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pitch". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.
"Pitch" revolves around a young pitcher noted for her screwball pitch who becomes the first woman to play in the league, when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.
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01x08 - Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects

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Previously on Pitch...

Blip: You know what this means, right?

They're gonna bring up Livan to back you up.

I'm not sitting behind Mike Lawson.

You know what this means, right?

You're calling up Livan.

Look, Mike, I want you to play some first base.

First base?

This will help prolong your career.

I'm an agent.

I already got an agent.

Hi. Will Baker.

You clearly want what's best for her.

But, Will, you're in so far over your head.

You should sign with her, sis.

But I don't trust her. I trust you.

Willie: And you always can.

Oscar: Mike, I want you to meet Livan Duarte.

I've heard you could be one of the greats.


Nice to meet you.

Thanks for greeting him like a juvenile.

Come on, Oscar, he's here to take my job.

Relax, you have a no-trade clause.

Mike, quick question. I have a source that says you might be put on waivers in an effort to trade you.

♪ ♪

Right this way, Mr. Lawson.

Thanks. They let you in here?

Cecil: The man, the myth.

Give your favorite agent some thunder.

All right, okay.

You look great, bud.

I just ordered. You want something?

A bloody would be nice, but we have a day game.

Well, it is supposed to rain.

17 rainouts in San Diego in over 46 years?

It's not gonna happen. Coffee, please.


Mike, listen, we need...

I cleared waivers. I know.

And now that you're clear, several teams are interested in trading for you.

Oscar wants to know if you're happy here.

Do I look unhappy?

You always look unhappy.

Yeah, but you know what puts a smile on this face?


My no-trade clause.

Which means I don't have to go anywhere if I don't want to.

And that is why Oscar wants to hear what you're thinking.

What you're open to.

Just to be clear, you're on my side, right?

Pick your team.

We're still in this thing.


Can pick your team, Mike; could end up in Boston, Chicago...

Playoff teams. Play for a ring.

I'm playing for a ring with the Padres.


Well, they do need to know by the end of the week.

'Cause if you're gonna play on a team that's going to the postseason, you need to be on a roster by September 1st.

We'll get rained out before I ever leave San Diego.

(thunder rumbling softly)

(thunder rumbling)

d*ck Enberg: Well, the tarp making a rare appearance here at Petco.

Padres do lead the Nationals 5-1, but only four innings in the books.

Mark Grant: And it's really a shame because Ginny Baker was in some type of groove.

Enberg: With the Padres still clinging to hopes for a precious wild-card spot, this storm could not have come at a worse time.

They need this win.

Man, I didn't think Korman was ever gonna call it.

And I just got over a cold.

Are you guys seriously complaining about getting a little wet?

Damn right.

All right, well, if a few raindrops make you whine, I'm guessing no one wants to hop on a bike with me?

Gonna want to save some for the rest of the game, rookie.

Then let's go over hitters.

Mason Terry's up second, once we get back out there.

Yeah, I lost his last home run behind a cloud.

Ginny: Yeah. Fastball inside. Great idea.

I set up inside off the plate.

Cranky today.

How can you tell the difference?

Ginny: Yikes.

Ugh! Of course I got a blowout this morning.

(scoffs) Hair salons should sell weather insurance.

The rain messes with your do, you're covered.

That's actually not a bad idea.

I know.

I have a million of them. It's a gift; I don't own it.

Have you talked to Oscar?

Uh, not yet.

I want to know who's in my suite.

Well, technically, it's not yours.

It's the Padres', but since you asked, the mayor and his staff.

Great. Stuck with the WAGs.

On the upside, I hear the family room has Grand Theft Auto V... and a bar.

And wives, girlfriends and children.

Okay, guys, hey, listen, I've got some hot chocolate and towels on the way; there are the towels.

Please let my office know if there's anything else you need.


Hey. Stay dry.


(clears throat)

Am I seeing you tonight?


He has no idea.

All right.

(phone chimes)

Ah, Charlie.

I need to go see the boss and make big baseball decisions befitting my lofty executive status.

I wish I could watch.

(whispers): Okay, I'm gonna walk away now.

That's a really good idea.




Ump says it could be an hour before it stops.

I'll be ready, Skip.

Not if we don't start within the next 45 minutes.

Come on, my pitch count is low. I'm feeling it today.

I'm not taking a chance on you getting hurt.

45 minutes. Any longer and I'm pulling you.

I'm gonna stretch.

Don't bother.

I know what the rain does to bones like ours.

(Ginny and Mike laugh)

Al, I know you're feeling kind of peppy ever since you started eating kale, which, for the record, I still think is just the placebo effect, but you got a couple years on me.

Which is why this ex-catcher knows how your story ends.

Sorry, but when we get back out there, Duarte's behind the plate.

We need this game.

We have a four-run lead.

I like our chances. Mike...

Let's keep you fresh, huh?

Hey. Big picture, we need you for the long haul.

Yeah, that's easy for you to say. You get to go back out there.

Looks like I'm your catcher for the rest of the day.

That's the word on the street. You ready to go over the hitters?

Mason Terry's up again next inning.

Livan: Relax, mami,

I got you.

You better, papi.

(chuckles) Let's h*t the bike.

Damn it!

(thunder rumbling softly)

Hey, Charlie. Got your text.


What's that number mean to you, Oscar?

It's the number of seats at Petco.

Right. It's also the number of rain checks we're gonna have to issue if a Ginny Baker game is called.

To be honest, I care more about the win.

Keeps us in the wild-card mix.

Good. Then we're both incentivized to get this game in.

You know, there was only a 17% chance of precipitation.

It's not supposed to rain.

It's got to rain here sometime.

(chuckles): But not today.

It's not supposed to rain today. Why?

Well, what's your strategy?


Uh, well, uh, Doppler says there's roughly a 40-minute break between storms.

My strategy is to hope that it's right.

40-minute break.

Well, the average inning is 20 minutes.

We only have to get the top half in.

Assuming the Nationals go down one, two, three, we only need ten minutes of game time.

We should be fine, right?

Well, I get it, but it's, uh, the umpire's decision, not ours.

And this decision's based on what?

The groundskeeper's opinion on the condition of the field. Okay.

And where's the groundskeeper's office?


Charlie, you want to talk to the groundskeeper?

Before he consults with the umpire, yeah.

When Russell's stressed, he's a little irritable.

Oh, come on, I'm nothing if not a people person, right?

So where are we on Mike Lawson?

Get him to waive his no-trade clause yet?

You don't get Lawson to agree to a trade.

You have to plant the seed and let it be his decision.

All right, Johnny Appleseed, when do we harvest?

For what it's worth, I like Lawson on this team, and I like him in our clubhouse.

And I'll to talk to him right now.

And then we're gonna see Russ.


Prefers Russell.

Russell. Got it.

Yo, how long's it supposed to rain?

Yeah, when is it gonna let up?

Do I look like a meteorologist?

Well, you were close friends with at least three weather girls. Two of them at the same time.

Maybe you picked something up.



Ah, that's a good one.

Maybe. Maybe.


Hey, Lawson.

You had breakfast with your agent today?

Not here.

Look, it's only talk now, but there's interest in you.

Can we discuss this later? We got a game today.

You don't.

You guys shut me down today in case I got hurt, in case you want to trade me?

Yeah, and I made it rain, too.

No, that was Al's call, not mine.

He thinks we're still in this thing.

So do I.

And so do I.

Look... there's a small window.

Okay? So I'm around.

Knock it off. Next subject.

You know it's true. You have the sexiest groupies.

Mason Terry... can we please get back to talking about how I'm gonna pitch to him?

No, I'm serious, the men and the women.

And the female fans? Hot! Such a waste.

I've seen your groupies. You do just fine.

I dance, I flirt, but that's it.

I miss my girlfriend back in Havana.

You have a girlfriend?


I never got to say good-bye.

One day, I saw my chance and I left.

Yeah, but she understands.

She knew about my dream of playing in the States and how hard it was to get here, so...


I know.

(sighs) But you didn't have a choice.

See? You know what it's like.

Baseball's all that matters.

It's not always a good thing.

Have you ever been in love?

Mason Terry.

Definitely not gonna see my fastball.

No problem; you don't have one.

Ha, ha, ha.

Sorry to bother, Miss Baker, but there's someone here who insists on seeing you.

He claims to be your brother.

My brother?

Says his name is Will.

I'll see you in a sec.


Willie: This is Will Baker.

Am I talking to a major league pitcher right now?

Damn skippy you are.

And you still took my call?

You're my brother. I had no choice.


Hey, I know how you like to chill before a start, but I had to call and wish you good luck.

Will, they gave me number 43.


One more than Jackie, so no pressure.

(scoffs) Yeah, no pressure.

(sighs) This is crazy, isn't it?


Man, I wish you were here.

Me, too.

But business is taking off, though.

Thank God it's a coffee shop.

I been so busy, sleep's been out of the question.

I bet.

I'm proud of you, Will.


And, hey, there'll be plenty more games for me to come and cheer you on.

Don't jinx me. This could be the beginning and end of my major league career.

Hey, like I said, there will be plenty more games.

Well, I should get going. Coffee doesn't grind itself.

Don't work too hard, okay?

I'd tell you the same thing, but, you know, you probably should.


Go get 'em.

Bye, goony.



You said to surprise you sometimes.

(both laugh)


I was gonna wait until after the game, but I know how antsy you get during rain delays, so I decided, why wait.

I can't believe you're here.

You were throwing lights out before the rain.

I guess you missed Mason Terry's at bat.

Ah, he just got lucky.

Why you being so nice?

You didn't let me finish.

He got lucky you decided to throw him your batting practice fastball.



I missed you.

I missed you, too.

But I'm here now, and I finally got to watch you pitch in a major league game in person.


Yup. But, I mean, how'd you manage to finally get your butt out here?

I got a break. First thing I wanted to do was come see you.

I can't wait to catch up.


You know I need to...

Oh, I know, you got to stay loose, just in case the rain breaks.

I remember how these things work.

Jamie, will you take my brother to the Padres' suite?

(sighs) The suite is booked.

I can put him in the family room.

Perfect. Thanks.

I'll see you after the game.

Yes, you will.

Oh, FYI, I'll be calling from a new number.

Another new number? Why?

Long story, but dinner tonight on me.

Damn right on you.



This way, sir.

Thank you.

Oscar: Hey, I know it's a busy day.

Just a bit.

We need your help, Russ.


So, what's the field looking like under this giant Slip 'N Slide of yours?

Should be in good shape, but the mound and the area around home plate, that's a whole different silt to clay ratio.

I might need to spread a little calcined clay.

All right, look, I'm just gonna cut right to the chase.

If it stops raining in the next 30 minutes, how long is it gonna take you to get our team back on the field?

40 minutes, maybe an hour.

Well, I did a little research and seems that the Yankees' ground crew average time is 28 minutes.

Yankees deal with rain delays 20 times a year.

My guys run drills, but this is San Diego; most of them can't figure out how to open an umbrella.

All right, well, we're looking at a potential 40-minute break in the rain.

We're gonna need at least ten minutes to get through the top of the inning, so I need you not to limit your vision of what's possible.

I need you to be the Yankees today and get that field ready for me in 28 minutes.

This is my field.


My crew will take the time that it needs to make sure my field is safe and playable.

Is that so?

Okay, uh, I think we're all on the same page.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Okay. Let's get out of Russ's hair and let him do what he does best, right?

Thanks, Russell.

(thunder rumbling softly)

Of course you'd find a quiet place to get some work done.

Ginny's schedule is impossible.

I spend more time canceling appearances than booking.

It's called asset protection.

Two years of business classes at USC.

You went to USC?

Yeah. Hey, I had a full ride to Marshall when I met Blip.


Willie (laughs): Evelyn Sanders.

Oh, my God!


Girl, you get prettier every time I see you.

Ginny didn't mention you were coming in.

Yeah, she didn't know. She didn't know.


I wanted to surprise her.


So, what have you been up to?

How's the family?

Oh, we're good.

We're all really good.

Katie Nolan: Okay, so last week wasn't exactly the start we expected from Ginny Baker.

Announcer: Whoa! This one's in the dirt.

Another wild pitch and the run scores.

After that rough debut, let's hope it's a little better in start number two, 'cause if not...

(knocking on door)

(TV turns off)

Hey. Long time, no see.

What the hell happened to you?

Trust me, it looks worse than it is.

What's going on, Will?

Did you get in a fight or something?

A disagreement with a business partner got a little heated.

I got a little behind on a loan payment.

It's only 20 grand.

Ginny can't see you like this.

Ginny needs family right now.

Your mother's here.


All the more reason she needs me.

Yeah, and if you'd showed up with an overnight bag and a smile, you'd be right.

If I had made it to her first game, she might have played better.

Look, I'm not missing her second start today.

Look... I mean, I know you care about her.

All right? That's why you have to go.


I don't want your money.

Yes, you do.

Just go home, get even.

All right? Let her have her moment without having to worry about you.

You a Cubs fan now?

Watching their pitchers.

Mm. It'd be really something to break that curse.

(exhales) How long has it been?


How was that parade?

(forced laugh) I get it. 'Cause I'm old.

This about that waiver's rumor about you?

Have you heard anything else?

Oscar wants me to talk to him.

Well, then go talk to him.

It's better than sitting in here and sulking.

We're playing a game.

You're not.

And you're pissy, bro. I'd rather not have you in here.

Even though you're thinking about going to a contender, the rest of us are not ready to throw the towel in yet.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, their heads are really into it.

Well, then let's do something about it.

Man, I'm not giving another speech, 'cause everybody's sick of them.

Nobody's more sick of them than me.


Nope, desperate times calls for, you know... justice.

What are you doing? Hey, get out of my locker.




Just hold it.


Just hold it.


I'm gonna go find Oscar.

And just so you know, it wasn't my idea to leave here.

I'm giving Ginny a half hour, and then I'm pulling her.

Charlie's worried about fan retention after the delay.

My job is to worry about what's best for our team, and that's looking out for Ginny's arm.

Or do you forget what it is I do?

I haven't forgotten.

I'm the guy who got you your first interview as a scout.

I know. You had me retie my tie four times before the interview.

Yeah, then you became my boss and things started to change.

And so did Sunday dinners at your house.

I was no longer invited.

Eh, that went away with Anna.

Even though you did all the cooking?

(knocking on window)

I'm gonna need your office.

Sure, but I come with it.

Come on in.

Who's supposed to talk first?

I will. Are you happy here?

(chuckles) Why does everyone ask me that?

I'm elated. I'm euphoric.

The reason I ask is I know you've had to play some first base lately.

We know you love to catch. You're not getting any younger and, well, the odds are stacked against us making the playoffs, so factoring all that in, I ask you again... are you happy here?

Could be happier.


Winning a championship before this is all over.

A medical breakthrough to reverse aging.

Having my wife fall in love with me again.

Well, we've won eight out of 11.

And don't knock kale, it keeps me regular.

You and Rachel, I can't help you there.

We both have needs, Mike.

And we both want to get to the promised land someday.

And we both might get there faster if... you left.

To be clear, I want you staying put.

I need your bat, and no one can handle a pitching staff like you; but above everything else, I want you in my clubhouse.

A contender will give up a decent prospect to have you in their lineup.

I thought it was worth discussing.


I just want to know one thing.

Who called who?

Did you guys shop me to teams first, or did they come asking?

We're under new management, Mike.

And when serious offers come in, I have to take them seriously. Now, listen, if you're happy being a Padre, this is the last conversation we'll have on this subject.

But, Mike...

I had to ask.

I'll let you know how happy I am by the end of the day.

Let's go over heat maps.

You worry too much.

You don't worry enough.


So, we're doing this?

Yeah. Call it.

What brought on this change of heart? You find Oscar?

You want to give me the third degree or you want pull up a chair and take some notes?

It's time you learned, anyway.

I'm just curious, bro.

How about it's pouring outside?

How about Livan is gonna finish a game that I started?

How about I really don't need a reason to bang the gavel in my clubhouse?

Or you know what? Better yet...

You're gonna love this one... I'm not gonna be around forever.

You see that? I even teed up an old man joke for you.

Got a good one about you going through man-o-pause, but...

I'll leave it. It's too easy.

(clears throat) Hey.


Everybody listen up.

Court is now in session. The honorable Mike Lawson is presiding.

Man: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

(players cheering)

Mike: All right, let's go. Put them in the jar.


All right.

All defendants are guilty until proven innocent.

Nobody speaks until spoken to, no cursing, and all rulings are final.

And no movie clichés, 'cause trust me, we can all handle the truth.

We were just gonna go over heat maps.

That's a $20 fine for speaking out of turn, Baker.

What kind of court is this?

Kangaroo Court.

Errors on the field and clubhouse infractions are tried, and those found guilty will be fined.

Okay, but I need to prep.

(gavel bangs) Another $20.

This is a tradition that goes back over 30 years and I'll be damned if it's gonna die on my watch.

So, sit your ass down, rookie, and be judged along with the rest of us. You too, Livan.

You entiendes?

Hey, bailiff, put me down for a $20 fine for saying "ass".

Yes, Your Honor.


All right.

All right. Let's do this.

Let's see what we have here.


So, how are the twins?


They're almost eight.


Oh, boy. Get ready to double the t*rture.

Oh, can't wait.


So, what finally brings you to San Diego?

I'm scouting locations for a sports bar.

The first of a nationwide franchise: Screwgies Bar and Grill.

Sports bars are notoriously hard to franchise.

Even Jay Z couldn't do it.

Ah, well. That's the beauty of my plan.

See, it's not just your traditional franchise.

Each bar is going to capture the specific personality of the city, and their local sports stars.

Oh, and you're starting here?

That's the plan.

I've got my hands on a special recipe for fish tacos, and I've already got an in with the biggest sports star in San Diego.

You know what? You're gonna need a sharing plate on the menu. Right?

13 mini tacos called "Baker's Dozen."

You're welcome, Will.




Did you clean up all your business in Charlotte?

Yup. I'm all about the bar and grill now.

Mm. Hmm.

Evelyn, what else should I put on the menu?

Oh, gosh.

(chuckles) So good.

That's good work.

"Yavanes," you are...


Blip: Javanes.

You are accused of manscaping and not wearing flip flops in the shower.

How do you plead?

(players chuckling)



You are hereby sentenced to put $20 in the kitty and remove all wax-related articles from the common area.

That's the price of beauty.


Man: That's gross...

They're gonna pull me if it doesn't let up in less than 20.

Breathe, mami.


Three weeks ago in New York, Baker was thrown out on a misguided attempt to steal third base.



Mike: How do you plead, Baker?

Not guilty.

Are you kidding me?

It was a h*t and run and you missed the sign from Buck to swing away, and just stood there with your bat on your shoulder.

I was a sitting duck.

I haven't missed a sign in 15 years, rookie.

Ginny hasn't seen a base in 15 years.


Guilty. Next.

You can't be the judge, jury and executioner.

Butch: Movie cliché.


Fine. I'll pay that if Lawson will recuse himself.

What does recuse mean?

Was there a pitcher on second? Yes.

Does we ever call a h*t and run with a pitcher on base?

No. Did I see a h*t and run sign?

No. Case closed.

Not case closed. Omar.

You were on first base on the play, right?


And... did you run on the same pitch I did?


And did you see Buck give a h*t and run sign?

♪ ♪


All: Oh!

There's nothing complicated about it.

I said there was no sign.

And I said there was.

So did Omar.

And I'm the tiebreaker!

I've been on this team longer than all of you!

My word should mean something, damn it.

She missed the sign.

Pay the fine. Go warm up.

Ten minute recess.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, I'm sorry, I should've just paid the fine.

Baker, I don't want your apology.

It's a silly kangaroo court.

I mean, no disrespect.

Just stop. Okay?

I said I'm sorry. What more do you want from me?

Go away, all right? It's time for the little duckling to go find another duck to waddle behind.

I know you're bummed because Al asked you to sit out the rest of this game and I know what it's like to get pulled when you know you can play.

Oh, you know what it's like? You have no idea what it's like.

You've been in this league, what, all of three months? You know nothing.

That's why I ask you for help.

That's why you should do your job, as captain of this team, I should do my job... and help me get ready to go back out there.

But you're just making it all about you.

Oh, it's all about me, Baker, huh?


Ever since you joined this team, it's been about you 24/7.

That's not my fault.

It's just all anybody talks about, it's all anybody thinks about... guess what?

I for one, am sick of it.

What is with him today?

Mike's been on this team for 15 years.

The past five, he's gone home after game number 162.

That's a lot of years of watching other teams play into late October.

Yeah, but we're still in it.

We are, but others are closer.

So, he needs to dig deeper, play harder, and make us do the same.

It's his job to lead.

Ginny, it's not always that easy.

If he wants a ring, that's what he's gonna have to do.

It's not like he's going anywhere.

♪ ♪

It's supposed to stop raining in 15 minutes.

Shouldn't you be getting warm?


Let's go.

(elevator dings)

Hey... Oh! (laughs) You're like a ninja.

I'm so sorry. I cannot take those wives and girlfriends anymore, I mean, a couple of them, they make the Beverly Hills housewives look Amish.

Okay. Cameras everywhere.

720 of them.

But this is a blind spot.




How'd it go with Mike?

How'd you know about Mike?

We talked about it.

(sighing): Oh. Yeah.

I need to stop doing that.

Um... not good.

His feelings are hurt, or... his pride's wounded. Not sure.

I got to go.


My place later?

No, no. I want to take you to Juniper.


I want to take you out.

Come on, Juniper.

It could get back to him.

Let it.

I'm tired of sneaking around. Aren't you?


I mean, I kind of like it. It's exciting.

Oh, come on, admit it. You do, too.

I do not.

Okay. Maybe a little.

Yeah. Just a little.

Yeah. Okay.


♪ ♪

I predict, by 2021, I should have a Screwgies Bar and Grill in a minimum of at least eight cities.

This is an aggressive five-year plan, Will. (laughs)

You know, there's a spot downtown that would be perfect.

Great street parking, good visibility.

You know, I should bring you with me tomorrow when I sit down with the real estate agent.

Well, I don't work for hire, but if you're talking partnerships, I'm listening.

This is everything?

Everything I could find online.

I made a few calls to confirm.

He had debt. Creditors are looking for him.

Look. Right here. Market Street.


You know, that's perfect!

Yes! I know.

You know, the San Diego real estate market is really tough these days.

And it's hard to get a loan.

Especially if you have bankruptcy on your record.


I won't be able to get a loan from a bank, no.

But private investors are still an option.

Private investors have worked well for you in the past?

Yes, they have.


Have you been able to pay back your loans on time?


No. It's okay.

Excuse me.

You want Ginny to be your private investor, right?

Sure, but you can join, too.

I will have to close the fund at some point, though.

I'm fine, thanks.

I'm sorry.

Are her agent or her business manager?

'Cause I don't think you can be both.

I'm whatever Ginny needs me to be.

Well, I don't think she needs you worrying about me or my business.

Not anymore.

That map... can I see that again, please?

Evelyn: Yeah. (clears throat)

Sorry about that.


Colin Cowherd: Ginny Baker will ride again, which I guess just shows...

I don't know, what the hell does this show? That if you can't throw the ball over the plate, but you're really pretty, you get to play in the big leagues?

♪ ♪

(door opens)

(elevator dings)




Am I the only one that knows we're in the middle of a game right now?

♪ ♪

Oh, hey.

Lawson said he'll give us his answer today.

Which way do you think he's leaning?

Hard to say, but once a player hears from management they're expendable...


I'm no meteorologist, but I think we can safely call that a light drizzle.

Yeah. I would agree.

So, why isn't your friend pulling up the tarp?

He's probably waiting for it to stop altogether.

Do you know what the irresistible force paradox is?

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

They both can't exist simultaneously.

Right. Well, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an unstoppable force.

And Russell is an immovable object.

Get me someone who moves.

No groundskeeper's gonna lift that tarp until it stops raining completely.


Well, then, at least take me down to the umpire's office, and let me try to lobby him not to call the game.

Oh, no, Charlie. It does not work that way.

Sure it does.

♪ ♪

What's the harm?

There is no harm.


Come on.

It's totally harmless.

That's right.


No, it's gonna be big.

Hey, Will.

Everything okay?

Yeah. All good.

Lacey: Ginny, you didn't tell us your brother was so handsome and charming.


All right, yeah.

He has his moments. What's going on?

He's been talking a lot about your new business partnership.

Screwgies Bar and Grill.

The sports bar idea I told you about. I changed the name.

Homeplate just sounded too corny.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I was actually... I was worried about that too. Good idea.

Yeah, we can talk about the extent of Ginny's involvement later.

Sure, but there's nothing to talk about. She's in.


I'm gonna need a little time to properly, vet this idea, the risk...

Amelia, I know you're just looking out for me, but it's a great idea.

So whatever Will needs to make it happen, he's got.

Thank you.

I got to get back. Will, walk with me.

Will, if you want me to back whatever this business is of yours, Screwballs, Screwbar, whatever it is, you know I will.

It's the least I can do, but don't ever put me on the spot like that again.

Amelia was going after me.

She's protecting me.

No, she hasn't forgiven me for June.

Hasn't forgiven you for June? What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

I came out, okay? After your bad start.

You were out here?

Look, not today, okay? You might have to go out and pitch, so...

No, tell me about what happened in June.

We can talk about this later.

Will, tell me now.

(Blip exhales)

Kangaroo Court was a bad idea.



Nah, I don't know what happened.

Hey, guys, uh, I just want to let you know I didn't see the h*t-and-run sign.

It's fine, man, whatever.

Wait, then why'd you say you did?

Well, I was embarrassed.

For missing a call?

No, man, I-I don't know what happened to me.

I was just... I was looking at her.

At Ginny?

Am I really the only one who's noticed?

It's like we're playing with a super model, guys.

(scoffs) You get used to it.

Javanes has nice eyes, (Mike chuckles) but I still manage to focus on doing my job.

No, man, it's more than that.

I think I might have...

Might have what?


What do you mean, nothing?


(laughing): Dude.

Come on, man, you get...

My chambers.

Blip: Now.


(door closes)

Omar, you have a crush.

No, man, this is for real, all right?

I've had a thing for her since I played with the Cardinals.

Come on, man, how much do you even know about Ginny?

I know that when she's around, I can't think straight.


Did you know she that hums Katy Perry songs when she stretches, and not in-key?

That she loves grape soda and hates cilantro, and can spend almost a half hour explaining why?


I do.

Because I've spent about 100 more hours talking to her than you, and I'm not falling in love with her.

Blip goes back five years with her, back in the minors.

He's not leaving his wife any time soon for Ginny.

You're not in love because you don't know her, and she sure as hell doesn't know you.

Is that what she's been humming when she's working out? Katy Perry?

That's how off-key she is. But if you listen carefully, it's the worst rendition of "Firework" you've ever heard.

The point is you don't have feelings.

Okay, we're done here.

G, you're only gonna make things worse.

Stay here.

Shouldn't you be staying warm?

Staying warm is not a problem.

Livan: Hey, the rain's letting up. Do you want to h*t the bike?


Ev, where's Amelia?

She just went looking for you.

Ginny: Amelia.

I've been looking for you.

You lied to me.

I'm sorry?

Will came to see me after my first game and you sent him away?

I did.

Gin, he was in really bad shape.

And you didn't tell me?

Because something bigger than both of us was happening, and I couldn't let him jeopardize that.

And I'd do it again.

I don't want to have to choose between you and my brother.

I had to do that once, I chose him. He's the one who chose you.

I know.

But you're lucky he did.

♪ ♪


Charlie: This is not the umpire's locker room.

Oscar: Nope. You find it, you could get us in trouble, Charlie.

Big trouble.

What are you doing?

Trying to keep you out of trouble.

Well, this is generally not how I like to spend a work day.

Don't worry.

You'll get your turn.

So, why'd you leave Silicon Valley to run the Padres?

Yeah, well, it wasn't to stand around on a day it wasn't supposed to rain and waste money.


No, seriously. Why baseball?

Oh, you know, it was the math.

The patterns.

I learned that if you study the data long enough, it's like you could predict the future.

So you came here to be a fortune teller?

Yeah, I've done all right for myself.

For a guy from Queens.

Yeah, well, look, I needed something to believe in, something that I could predict, something that let me know I was gonna get out of there.

And Sabermetrics, math, did that for me.

Look, I know what you're trying to do here.

You're trying to keep me out of the umpires room.

It's not gonna work.

Seems to be so far.

Hey, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Look, you can't make Lawson agree to a trade, you can't make it stop raining and you can't make Russell work any faster.

But you know what you can do?

Well, hitting baseballs may be therapeutic for you, but it's not for me.

Well, how do you know?

Beats sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, like an umpire's room.


So, you're good at math?

Yes, I am.


Here it comes. Heads up, heads up.

There you go, opposite field h*t!

That's a h*t.

Oh, look who decided to join us.

Your Honor, I'd like to change my testimony.

I'm pulling rank.

The truth is, I'm getting old, you know, with my, uh, brittle bones and my cloudy cataracts.

I missed the sign.

No, it's my fault.

I ran when I shouldn't have.

Are you seriously challenging me? Again?

Blip: I hereby declare this a mistrial due to a well-hung jury.


Mike: Hey.

Al: All right, all right, all right.

They're pulling up the tarp. We need to be ready to play ball in 20 minutes. Baker, go get warm.

I'm warm.

Blip: All right.

Let's get ready to go out there and win this game.

We're only six games back in the wildcard race.

(cheering and hooting)

Let's do this.

Let's get it.

Omar: Come on, let's go, baby, let's go.

You did it. You got them invested.

Oh, no, that was all you.

The long arm of the law.


(players cheer)

Okay, so, I have to confess, I was praying for a rain-out.

Oh, yeah?


So you could get out of here early.

That would've been a silver lining.

Because I have to see patients first thing in the morning.


Hey. We're playing.


Yes, I know.

Hi, Dad.

Coming to the house for dinner on Sunday?

I would not miss your Pasta e f*g, let me know if I can bring something, okay?


Now, let's win this thing.

Oh, we will.


Where are we with Lawson?


Trouble you were in three months ago, clean it up?

I appreciate your concern.

I just want to make sure my money was put to good use.

Why are you here, Will?

I'm here to see my sister.

What's your end game? Do you want to be her agent again?

I'm not here to work for Ginny.

I'm here to work with her. And I'm talking about creating something even bigger than our father's dream.

And now is not the time to capitalize on your sister's fame.

You have no idea the amount of pressure that she's under.

If you really love her, you'll leave her be.

I just hoped that you and I would be able to find a way to work together. That's all.


(liquid pours)

(continues humming)

First pitch to Mason Terry you need to throw a fastball right down the middle.

So he can up his slugging percentage?

He knows you're gonna be scared to throw him another one.

I'm not scared.

So he's gonna be looking for a screwball down and away.

You throw a fastball middle-in, he's either gonna pull it foul 500 feet or he's gonna freeze and end up taking it for a strike.

I don't want to sound like an annoying duckling, but, um, I don't know what I'd do without you.

You'd be fine. Higher ERA, (chuckles) for sure, but fine.

Better go find Livan. He probably went home.

(Ginny hums "Firework")

♪ ♪
♪ One down, I'm a soldier ♪

(indistinct conversations)

♪ Two down and I'm getting older ♪
♪ 24 don't seem young ♪
♪ When the people keep asking for so much ♪
♪ Get me in the canyon, lover ♪
♪ The coyotes are crossing over ♪
♪ A-ooh ♪

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