01x09 - Scratched

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pitch". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.
"Pitch" revolves around a young pitcher noted for her screwball pitch who becomes the first woman to play in the league, when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.
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01x09 - Scratched

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Previously on Pitch...

Am I seeing you tonight?


He has no idea.


Hi, Dad.

Comin' to the house for dinner on Sunday?

I've done all right for myself.

For a guy from Queens.

I needed something to believe in.

Something to let me know I was gonna get out of there, and sabermetrics... or... math... helped me do that.

I'm scouting locations for a sports bar.

The first of a nationwide franchise, "Screwgies Bar and Grill."

If you're talking partnerships, I'm listening.

Now is not the time to capitalize on your sister's fame.

Omar: Am I really the only one who's noticed?

It's like we're playing with a supermodel.

Come on, man. How much do you even know about Ginny?

Did you know that she hums Katy Perry songs when she stretches?

Omar: No.

I do, because

I've spent about a hundred more hours talking to her than you.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

(Ginny humming)

(humming continues)

Oscar: Are you happy here?

The reason I ask is I know you've had to play some first base lately.

We know you love to catch.

And the odds are stacked against us making the playoffs.

I'll let you know how happy I am by the end of the day.

Ginny: It's his job to lead.

Ginny, it's not always that easy.

If he wants a ring, that's what he's gonna have to do.

It's not like he's going anywhere.


Colin Cowherd: All right, I'll kick it off. Mike Lawson.

Are his days numbered in San Diego?

A supposed lifelong Padre, destined for the Hall of Fame, could soon be playing his last game at Petco.

Sources say Lawson has okayed a trade to the Cubs, although the Padres are tight-lipped.

Kristine Leahy: Well, the front office can't keep us in suspense much longer.

(phone buzzes)


Woman: Mike, I have Ted Copeland for you.


Fine. Yeah, put him through.

Cowherd: Listen, I'm excited for the September 1 deadline...

Ted Copeland: Mike Lawson.

How the hell are you?


Uh, doing all right.

Mike, we don't have a deal yet, but Oscar gave me the go-ahead to reach out.

I don't want to keep you, buddy, I just have one question.

What's your ring size?


Wow, I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.

We want you on the Cubs, Mike.

We want you to be our catcher, and in exchange, we want to get you that ring.

How big's your smile right now?

Ear to ear.


'Cause my plan's to have you here at Wrigley in two days. I'll be in touch.

All right, thanks, Ted. Appreciate it.

Oh, God. I hope you weren't doing anything gross in here.

I just had to take a call.


I can't tell you how annoying it is to turn on the TV and hear all these talking heads go on and on about you.

Everywhere I go, it's Mike-O-Mania.

It's like no one else plays on this team.

(chuckles) Mike-O-Mania, huh?

Nothing catchy goes with Lawson. Go ahead, try.




Hey, so nobody here actually believes you waived your no-trade clause.

Did you?

You my agent?

We're only seven games out of the wild card.

You're not going anywhere.

Cowherd: The Padres are still in it.

Leahy: Mathematically speaking, the Padres are still in the wild card hunt, sure.

But if the reports are true, I can't fault Lawson for wanting to go to a real contender.

Cowherd: Well, tell that to the Padre fans.

Mike Lawson's an infidel.

Did Ernie Banks leave the Cubs?

Did Cal Ripken leave the Orioles? No...

Infidel? A little harsh, don't you think?

Leahy: Mays finished as a Met and Hank Aaron finished as a Brewer.

Most players don't finish with one team.

Mike Lawson can go wherever he wants.

♪ Have no fear. ♪

(computer beeping)

All right, that's great, Ginny. Hold on one second.

Have you guys thought about ditching the mo-cap trackers so you can just use the inertial suit so you don't have to haul around all this gear?

Guess you have.

Noah: Comfortable?

I know these ping-pong suits can be a little awkward the first time.

All good.


I'm just excited to be a Super Mario version of myself.

Aw, I think we're more high-tech than Super Mario.

That's a bummer. I like Mario.

Oh. (chuckles)

How's it looking?


I don't really know anything about baseball, but they said that you look really good.


Mike Lawson?

Oh, yeah, they, uh...

They want to know if Mike Lawson is getting traded?

No. Take it to the bank.

Will, how's my form?


Is he hitting on her?


Don't worry. G can handle herself.

And I think she digs him.

Okay. (chuckles)

Hey, these downloadable add-ons are free, right?


They should charge a dollar for hers.

I mean, even if she only gets a small percentage, that's still a decent paycheck.

That's not how it works.

Using Ginny's likeness in a game goes through the Players Association.

Good idea, though, right?

So, I think we're ready for the screwball.

Also, I'd love to take you to dinner.

Uh, how would your boss feel about you asking out a client?

Tech: Hey, Noah, can you come look at this?

Uh, hold that thought one sec.

Dude, that's Noah Casey.

He's basically the Mark Zuckerberg of mo-cap.


I like to think Mark is the Noah Casey of social media platforms.

So why is the CEO of the company doing the tech's job?

I don't know. I like to get my hands dirty.

So, dinner?

Here's the thing, Noah.

My life's... basically all baseball.

Even when I'm not pitching, I'm wearing little ping-pong b*lls, pretending to pitch.

And, to be honest, it's a little rough going to restaurants these days without being hounded for autographs and selfies, so...

So... what time do you want me to pick you up?

I'm sorry, I can't.


All right.

You hear anything?

About what?

Mike agreeing to a trade with the Cubs?

He hasn't said anything to me.

Hey, come on, it's getting cold.

If he's leaving, the guys should hear it from him.

The guys? Looking out for the guys, are you?



You turned him down?

A billionaire.

I barely had time for this dinner.

Ginny, you need to get some.


Ginny: Oh...

What? I'm just saying, it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun or at least relieve some stress.

Yeah, he's right. You do need to relieve some stress.

With a billionaire.

Hey, it is not like my sister did not just sign a huge endorsement deal, okay?

She doesn't need some guy's dowry.

Thank you, Will.

You're welcome.

You guys already have a menu for Screwgies?

Wow, you aren't wasting any time. Are you...

Hey, you got to strike when the iron is hot.

Are you sure you really want to commit to something that's so much about me?

Sis, that's who I am: Ginny Baker's brother.

And I'm cool with that.

Will, do you even have any food industry experience?

Yes, I ran a coffee shop in North Carolina.

A coffee shop?

And you're forgetting I was pursuing a business degree before I met someone with his own dream.

Now it's my turn.

So are we just gonna, like, put off our plan to have another kid?

Well, we didn't plan the first two.

Come on, Blip, I want to do this, I want to invest.

Invest? Invest what? My money?



No... that's-that's a figure of speech. "My" means "ours."

Evy and I's. Our money.

You're damn right.

I can't do this unless we're both in.


Yes! Yay!

(all cheering)

Will, you always...

Get off me. Stop touching me.

So hard, though. Stop.


Come on.

To Screwgies.

To Screwgies.

C.J. Nitkowski: Obviously, the big trade news in the air is circling around Mike Lawson and the San Diego Padres.

Right now they're overloaded behind the plate, with both Lawson and rookie sensation Livan Duarte.

Clearly Duarte has the youth, but Mike Lawson has the experience, and no...

(phone dings)

Woman's voice: Super Noah needs your help.

Our hero's heart was stolen, and without it his powers are worthless.

Super Noah has his powers again.

Thank you, Super Ginny.

To continue to the next level, text 310-369-4950.

Radio Host: Ed Rossi from El Cajon, you're on The Mighty 1090. How you doing?

Rossi: Terrible. This is a dark day in San Diego.

This new guy, Charlie Graham, he's a tech guy. He doesn't even know baseball.

He doesn't care about Mike Lawson or the fans.

He just cares about the bottom line.

So, are the rumors true?

Are you really leaving?


Well, I don't know. You tell me. You claim to know everything.


Just let Ginny know when you know. Why?

Why? I don't owe anyone an explanation or a good-bye or a go to hell.

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm standing here talking to you tomorrow.

See, I think that you gave the okay to be traded.

But you're holding your cards close, 'cause you don't want to walk it back if it doesn't happen.

Yeah, but if it does, then, you know, then maybe I'll say my good-byes.

To the groupies?

To... definitely the groupies, yeah.

Don't hug me.

I wasn't gonna.

Tell Ginny.

Hey, Mike.

Nah, we got to think long game, Oscar. I mean, we're gonna be stacking the cupboard with prospects and we have Livan Duarte, who some would argue is a better catcher than Mike, all right? Then, short game, we're expecting thousands of walk-up sales based on trade rumors.

Great. 40,000 people storming our castle with torches and pitchforks.

Yeah, well, in a year or two, they're gonna be thanking me.

Yes, the thing about baseball, it's a very sentimental game. Fans get attached.

They have long memories.

Oscar, I don't make decisions to win friends.

I make decisions to win...

Well, that's it. Just... nothing more. To win.

Hey, Mike.


You've met Charlie, right?

The new Frank Reid.

We've met.

Yeah. I've been called worse.

As you know, we're into it with the Cubs, but there are still a few things that need to be ironed out.

This would be like the Yankees trading Jeter, so it has to be perfect.

If I had Jeter's rings I wouldn't be going anywhere. Can I make a final request?


I know that there's, uh, some chatter out there.


Yeah. But until it's official, I want to keep this quiet on our end.

Fair enough.


A-And listen, Mike. Enjoy today.

You deserve all the love you're gonna get out there.

And thank you.

I just want it to be over.

Oscar: Yeah.

So do I.

I didn't realize they were so far along.

Will and Ev are really motivated.

They want to strike while the iron's hot.

That's great. They must've put up some real money.

Permits, insurance, deposits.

Does Will have that kind of capital?

I wrote him a check.

For how much?

That's none of your business.



You are gonna have an endless range of opportunities this off-season.

Attaching your name to a sports bar that will fail within a year?

It's not worth your time and your energy.

Amelia, that's my brother.

I will always have his back, so you need to get on board with this.


♪ ♪


Very funny. Very funny.

Who was it?

(scattered laughter)


So my cleats just... just nailed themselves to my cubby?

Blip: Rookie pranks don't start until September 1.

Which is tomorrow, when all the other rookies are called up.

Unless someone won't be here, so they pranked me a day early.

Oscar: Livan!

Hey. How are we doing?

You, uh, acclimating okay?

If acclimating means hitting .290 with 15 RBis in August, I'd say I'm acclimating very well.

(quietly): Hey.


What are you doing here?

I just had lunch with my dad.

Oh! I wonder if the name Mike Lawson came up.

(laughs) Maybe just once or twice, but let's just say that my dad is not your biggest fan at the moment.

And you're getting k*lled online, too.

You know that, right?

That's okay. Comes with the job.

k*lled how badly?

Well, the memes are pretty funny.

Oh, did you see Charlie's, uh, "I have confidence in my front office to do the right thing" tweet?


So, um, I have a meeting this afternoon with the chief of surgery.

Dr. Sheehan is back from maternity leave, and they're offering me a permanent position.


Do you think you'll take it?

Uh... I don't know.

I mean, my dad really wants me to stay in San Diego, but there are just some other opportunities I've been considering.

For what it's worth, that might be the one thing that your dad and I actually agree on these days.

In fact, um...

I think I'm asking you to stay.

Yeah, I am.

Okay, you didn't exactly stick that landing there, pal.

No. But I meant it.

You're stopping, why are you stopping?

Players with World Series rings while playing 15 years on one team:


Johnny Bench, George Brett, Frankie Crosetti, Roberto Clemente...

Frankie Crosetti?

Eight World Series rings, 17 years with the Yankees.

Watch a little Ken Burns, Lawson.

(chuckling): I'm busy, Baker. What do you want?

We're only seven games back.

Yeah, with three teams ahead of us.

It's a long sh*t, sure.

Me being in the majors was a long sh*t, but I'm here.

Yeah, I know. I saw the after-school special.

Listen, rookie, after you spend 15 years in the bigs, then we'll talk career choices.

And this wasn't my idea.

Yeah, but don't act like you don't have a say in this.

I don't know if you noticed, but I'm running out of time, and I haven't won a World Series.

Then win one with us.

If not this year, then next.

I have to stretch.

I've got a game.

Tell me I moved the needle a little bit.

You'll think about sticking around.

I'll tell you what.


The more you talk, the better I feel about my decision.




How are we feeling about Livan?

I feel great about Livan with Mike Lawson on this team, and terrified about Livan without Mike.


How much time have you got?

Snap-throws to first when Salvamini isn't ready and the situation doesn't call for it.

Swinging at the first pitch every time.

He just doesn't listen to us.

Is this your way of saying don't trade Mike?

No. This is my way of saying don't trade Mike: Don't trade Mike.

Unless you want Livan to regress.

Okay. Thanks for the input.

Uh, one more thing.

Uh, Buck, would you give us some privacy?


Natalie's been hanging around the park a lot lately.

Buck's noticed.

I'm sure you've noticed, too.

Yeah, no. I-I saw her earlier, and you had lunch with her today, right?

Yeah. Today. Tuesday, last Saturday.

Anyway, she's never really been into baseball, and, uh, with the hours she works, she barely has free time to begin with, so I figure she, uh... uh, she must be dating a player.

I see.

Well, look, um, Natalie's smart, and I'm sure any guy she dates would be one you'd approve of.

Damn it, Oscar. I just gave you an opening to tell me and you didn't take it.

(sighs) You know about us.

You've been through a lot this year, Oscar.

With the stress of calling up Ginny, dealing with a new boss, a nasty divorce.

Now you throw in that women keel over in your wake and you can understand why I'm concerned about you dating my daughter.

You shouldn't be.

I care about her... I do.


I'm not planning on bailing on her.

Not planning... Oh.

That's reassuring.


I saw you talking to Mike earlier. Where's his head?

Like he'd share anything with me. I'm just the rookie.

I thought maybe he'd open up to you.

Because I'm a girl?

(scoffs) No, because you two are so close.

It's a compliment, Baker.

Lighten up.

Amelia (sighing): I should say something.

Can't we just go through one game without any drama?

No drama.

I can be pleasant.


Evelyn, hey. Hey.

Your hair looks great; I love it straight like that.

It's always like this.

Amelia: Right.

(chuckling) Look, I've obviously been resistant to your restaurant idea, but it's only because Ginny has such a blind spot when it comes to her brother.

Well, I don't.

And I've got it under control.

Amelia: Okay.

Then, I guess that's all there is to say.

♪ ♪

With the trade talk buzz cranked up to 11, we have to talk about the situation in San Diego.

If Mike Lawson goes to the Cubs, Chicago has the young g*n, the brainiac manager, and the fans on the rooftops.

But now they may have the f*re in the hole and that is Mike Lawson.

You okay?

He's walking out on us.

You almost did.

You forget about your first start?

"Get me out of the damn game."

Mike didn't quit on you, did he?

I'm not happy about this either, but you know that old saying that there's no "I" in team?

Don't believe it.

There's 25 of 'em.

All with their own lives and their own problems.

He's leaving this team in good hands.

Warning track power.

You h*t it out of the infield this season?

Define infield.
Ginny: Oh. Is that all you got?

These fans came out early to see you h*t b*mb. Come on, now.

Blip: Don't worry. With the wind, that'll be out at Wrigley.

(Ginny and Blip laughing)

Okay. Can I give you a tip?



You're opening up.

(Mike grunts)


Don't laugh.

Those who can't h*t, you know, pitch.

Mike, will you stop her chatter, please?

Yeah. Stop the chatter, Mike. Come on, now. (Ginny laughs)



Okay. (whooping)

(cheering and whooping)


Blip: Lawson.

(Ginny laughs)

Good listening.


You know you're gonna miss me.

We're all gonna miss you if you leave, Mike.

I'm not afraid to say it, why are you?

Remember, it wasn't my idea to leave.

Then don't.

Woman: Mike!

(fans shouting)

Sorry, Ted. I had a big lunch.

So the idea of eating $7 million is a little more than I can stomach.

Copeland: Ah, come on, I'm getting fleeced here.

$7 million is fair.

I'll tell you what.

We're willing to keep $3 million of Mike's contract on our books.

But that's it.

When did you become such a hard ass?

Just talk to your boss and get back to us.

Fine, fine. But one last thing.

Tomorrow is September 1.

Oscar: Yeah, I know, I know, we have to get this done today so that Lawson's eligible for your post-season roster.

Exactly. And because we don't want any hiccups, I better not see Mike Lawson in the lineup tonight.

Wait, did I miss something?

Do we have a deal?

Not if Mike Lawson gets hurt.

You remember those thousands of walk-up fans you talked about?

They will crucify us if Lawson doesn't play his last game.

I understand that, but I'm not gonna blow the deal.

You tweeted that you had confidence in your front office to do the right thing.

Did you mean that?

Or are you just positioning yourself to play the blame game?

You've been heard, Oscar.

Ted, you still there?

I am.

I got scratched?

I went looking for you.

Because of the deal?

I guess they're close.

Look, I don't like it any more than you, but you agreed to it when you waived your no-trade clause.

Al, I don't care about the curtain call, I just want to help us win. You got to use me.

Sorry, Mike.

Played your last game for the Padres.

Enberg: A sold out crowd today in what could be Mike Lawson's last game.

Grant: But here in the bottom of the ninth, the Padres down 3-1 to the Dodgers, the fans can't be happy that their hero has yet to set foot on the field.

Strike three!

All right, let's get it going!

Come on, boys!

Let's go.

Grant: Look at Mike Lawson.

He's pacing in that dugout like a caged animal.

Grant: You know he wants to get in the game.

(indistinct chatter and laughter)

Try it my way, hmm?

Just once.

I am your director of social media after all.

Yes, and your area of expertise is finding new and creative ways for people to interact without speaking to each other.


Fine. (sighs)

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I overstepped... with both of you.

I wish you only the best with your restaurant business.

And if you need anything, any advice, let me know.

Good to know.

Thank you.

Was that so bad?

It accomplished nothing.

Enberg: The Padres down to their last strike.

Here's the one-two pitch.

Line drive, base h*t!

Duarte rounding second, heading to third. And they'll hold him there.

No! Duarte's going to try and score.

Here comes the throw.

Safe! Duarte scores! All the way from first!

Grant: It looked like they were telling him to stop at third base, but he must've missed the sign.

Enberg: Or he ignored it, Mark.

Either way, Livan's daring base-running has the Padres down by just a single run, two outs here in the ninth.

Whose turn is it to talk to him?

Rock, paper, scissors?

Enberg: And that's going to force the Dodgers to make a pitching change.

Hey, they're bringing in a lefty. If you need a right-handed hitter...

Mike, my hands are tied.

Come on, Al.

Come on!

Put on a helmet.


Trust me. Put on a helmet.

Hey, Rob.

He's got a crush on me.

Do it.

Mike, what are you doing?

(applause and cheering)


He's hitting.

Enberg: Mike Lawson may, after all, be called on to pinch-h*t here.

Ginny: Skip, any second now, 40,000 fans are about to start chanting.

Crowd (chanting): Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson!

Mike: You're not gonna deny some kid who spent his hard-earned allowance the chance to see his idol swing the bat, are you?

I don't care about curtain calls, but there's a baseball game out there that we need to win, and Mike gives us the best chance at doing that.

No offense, Voorhies.

All good. I know where you live.

He's gonna make a hell of a captain someday.

You guys really do want to see me get fired.

Let me win the damn game, Skip. I promise I won't get hurt.

If they run you out for letting Mike Lawson bat in the ninth inning in a one-run game, I'll not only leave with you.

I'll quit the damn game for good.

(crowd cheering)

Just don't get hurt.

Al, what the hell are you doing?

(applause and cheering)

Why is Mike Lawson hitting?

Gonna have to ask Al.

Oscar, I swear to God, if this trade falls apart...

You can tweet that it's my fault. #IDon'tGiveARat'sAss.

What are you doing?

Not watching Mike Lawson's last at-bat on a flat screen.

Enberg: Because of the trade speculation, fans, we thought Mike Lawson was sitting this one out tonight.

(applause and cheering)

Swung on and missed! Oh!

Lawson almost coming out of his shoes.

(indistinct shouting)

Crowd (chanting): Let's go, Lawson, let's go!

Let's go!

Crowd: Let's go, Lawson, let's go!

Let's go, Lawson!

Let's go!

Let's go, Lawson, let's go!

Let's go, Lawson, let's go!

Enberg: Line drive, foul ball.

Oh, he had a good pitch to h*t there.

Well, he's in a hole now.

Petco is going crazy!

Go, Mike!

(cheering continues)

Strike three!

Enberg: Called strike three!

That's your ball game.

No way!

(crowd booing)

No joy in Mudville.

At least Casey swung the bat.

Let's go. I want to b*at the traffic.

Grant: Wow.

He was not expecting a curve ball there.

Enberg: The game ends with Mike Lawson caught looking.


But listen to the hand they're giving their hometown hero.

(applause and cheering)

Told you I wouldn't get hurt.

Crowd (chanting): Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson!



Crowd (chanting): Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson! Lawson!

♪ Have no fear... ♪

(applause and cheering swell)

(whooping, applause and cheering)

♪ Have no fear. ♪

That third strike was definitely outside.

I'm sorry your poster boy let you down.

You're gonna k*ll it in Chicago.

You know it.

Where you off to?

I-I have a thing with my brother.

If everyone goes out for a drink later, let me know.

I'm going home. Have fun.



You could have said bye to everyone.

You could have said that it was about the ring.

You could have just took everybody out for a beer, but you didn't.

Tell you what.

When it's your time to lead, you can do things differently.

I hope you stay, Mike, but if you don't, I'll do exactly that.

You know what? Fine. Want to get a... want to get a beer?



You ran through a stop sign today.

When your third base coach tells you to stop, you stop.

Yeah, but... but I scored.

You struck out looking, and we lost, so why should I listen to you, huh?

Yeah, you know what? You're right. You're right.

You don't need my help. You're a big boy.

Damn. You're worse than Jedi.


Jedi was my dog.

He used to love to chase skunks in a ravine behind our house.

I trained him, I bribed him, I fenced him in, and he'd just keep getting out and chasing skunks.

He'd come back happy, full of thorns.


And most importantly, not skunked.

He got cockier and cockier, until finally, he wore me down, and I just let him be a dog.

Then his luck ran out.

He got skunked.


He got eaten by a coyote.

You risked the last out of the game when we were down by two with a winning run in the on-deck circle.

You scored for Livan... not the team.


Of all people, why him?

Is this your way of rebelling against me?

My seeing Oscar has nothing to do with you. And come on.

Are you ever gonna like any guy that I date?


Hey. Oh. Sorry.

Is this about Mike hitting?

It can wait.

I let Mike h*t because I wanted him to take a bow, but mostly, I wanted to win, because the math says we're still in this thing, so you can just march back to Charlie and tell him to f*re me already because I am tired of defending all my decisions.

Al, I'm on your side.

Natalie, can we have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

Uh, no.



Because you two are acting like a couple of little boys here.

Dad, you complain that Oscar doesn't have your back anymore, but when we're together, he tells me that you're the reason the team held it together when Ginny arrived.

And you.

You think that my dad is defying you out of spite, but, deep down, you know he's right about Mike Lawson.

And since I have you both here together, I might as well tell you that I am not taking the job at the hospital.

I'm volunteering for International Medical Corps.

Al: "International"? That sounds far away.

And when I'm gone, maybe... you'll both learn to stop talking to me and start... talking to each other.

I'll call you tomorrow.

This was not how I wanted to tell you.

I'm sorry.


If you want, maybe I can... come over later and we can talk?

Yeah. I'd like that.

(door shuts)


I asked her to stay.

She has a tendency to not do that.


I'm glad you let Mike h*t.


Bet Charlie wasn't.

No, he was not. (chuckles)


♪ ♪

I thought I had the wrong place.

Well, maybe Ginny Baker's popularity is starting to trend south.


Hopefully that rad new video game avatar will rally your fans back.

I should be so lucky.

Want to...?

Did you light all these candles?

Uh, I actually had my mom do it, 'cause I can't play with f*re.

I get nervous.

Thank you.

(clears throat)

So, I went ahead and, uh, ordered for you.

Wait, you...

No, I'm just kidding.

You can have whatever you want.


Hi. Is there a menu I can see?

Oh, no, that part I wasn't kidding about.

You literally can order anything you want.

Oh. Okay.

Um, I think I'll take... a jalapeño burger.

Is that weird? (laughs)

Yes, it's very weird, actually.

Um, make it two, please.


♪ ♪

(clears throat)

So, I have a, a business question.

Oh, okay.

What is your advice in terms of investing?

Say, in a restaurant.

Oh, that's easy. Don't.

I mean, restaurants fail more often than start-ups do.

And, of course, no friends, no family.

But I'm sure you already knew that.


So, this must be exhausting, doing this for all your clients.


Custom video games, Yeah. renting out entire restaurants...

Oh, no, I didn't rent this place out.

Food here is terrible.


Especially the jalapeño burger.



Ev, what's going on?

I just wanted to look over the numbers with you.

Um, okay. Can I get you a drink or something?

I've been over and over the spreadsheet and receipts, and there's a big discrepancy here.

I mean, that's got to be some kind of error, right?

Let me take a look. Um...

Oh. I have a separate ledger for the promotion budget.

See, with Ginny's name attached, we'll do a lot of PR, a lot of special events, so I set aside 40 grand for that.

What about the other $32,000?

I could've sworn I told you, but I got this ridiculous deal on kitchen equipment.

Isn't it a little soon for that?

You haven't even met with a contractor.

I know. But it was such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up.

Hey, we're all good, okay? All is good.

We are kicking butt right now, all right?

Yeah, I'm probably just freaking out a little, 'cause Blip and I have our money tied up in this, too. (chuckles)

I get it.


No, don't apologize.

My bad for not mentioning it.

All right? So are we good?

We're good.

You sure?

Yeah. Yes.

All right.


I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll see you later.

Have a good night. (chuckles)

Bye. Yeah.

Yeah, I didn't even care that she had a kid.

I was just so weirded out that the nanny had her in the bathroom in case she needed to breastfeed.

Okay, you win. Best first date story.

Hands down.

Well, this one's not over yet.


(phone chimes)

♪ ♪


♪ Got bills to pay, rules to obey... ♪

Everything cool?

Yeah, good.

♪ ♪

No, it's not.

I'm sorry, Noah. I-I got to go.

♪ Know that things have got to change ♪
♪ Wonder why people are ridin' on that some old train... ♪

Hey, Lawson.

♪ Anybody feel this, feel this way? ♪

What happened to the rest of the guys? I walked out on a date.

A date, huh? Oh.

Well, uh... I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

But in my defense, you said that you were going out with your brother.

So, out of curiosity, why did you say you were going out with your brother?

In case you were going out with the guys.

I, um... I wanted to go out, too.

I didn't want you to feel bad interrupting a date.

You know.

Sure. Yeah.

Let's go with that.

We will go with that. That's... (laughs) the truth.


So what's the word?

Uh, the Cubs want to know if I can make a 4:00 p.m. press conference in Chicago tomorrow.



Do you know why I'm leaving?

You want to win a World Series.

That's true.

But the team doesn't want me.

And... you know, it's okay.

We're all expendable at some point.

So, it's my time.

Your teammates don't want you to go.

What about you?

Part of me wants you to leave for the same reason you want to leave.

Because all this trade talk is distracting us from... playing the game we love.



I'm gonna miss the hell out of you, Baker.


Yeah. And it's only been three months.

You'll be back. You live here.

You know what I mean.

You know what I'm really gonna miss?


Catching your lollipop fastball and, uh, (laughs) listening to your feminista rants.

Feminista rants? What is that?

And the way that you constantly interrupt me Oh, my gosh. and... oh, that horsey laugh.

Right there. I'm gonna miss that.

Especially on the plane.

(chuckling): Whew.

Okay. I'm gonna miss your crankiness Yeah.

And your eye-rolling and... your over-the-top speeches.

They are far too long.

And, mostly, I'm gonna miss your backhanded compliments.

Oh, thank you.


And the beard. You're gonna miss the beard.

Maybe a little.

Never. I'll never miss the beard.



♪ ♪

I got an early flight.



Amelia, it's Evelyn.

I need your help with something.

Oscar: I don't think we should take on more than $3 million of Mike's contract.

It'll k*ll the deal.

Then it kills the deal.

You know what I think? I think you brought me back here because you don't want to trade a 36-year-old catcher with two bum knees for two left-handed pitchers, one of whom was a first round draft pick.

The team needs Mike. Even Livan.

Livan needs Mike?

Yes. He's gonna be a great player someday.

He'll get there a lot sooner if he plays behind Mike.

You willing to tie your fate to Mike Lawson?

My car will be here any minute.

Yeah, mine, too.

I knew you wouldn't leave without saying good-bye.

Good-bye? Who said good-bye?

Oh, that's mine.

Don't get fat off the deep dish.


Ginny? That's a first.


I nailed your cleats.

(both laugh)

I knew you did.

(chuckling): Bye.

You have an early flight.


(phone buzzing)

It's Oscar.

Answer it. You have to.



Are you serious?


I'm not going anywhere. The trade fell through.
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