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02x09/10 - The Brother | The Truth

Posted: 12/05/16 14:06
by bunniefuu
Previously on "Secrets and Lies"...

I had to travel when you kids were young.

Do you have any idea what it was like for us while you were away?

Where were you this past week?

Out of town on business.

I'm here about Dad. I think he may have cancer.

He's got a second phone, and a cancer center called him on it.

S.E.G. owns a whorehouse?

Melanie Warner, you're under arrest.

[Handcuffs clicks]

Cornell: You're under arrest.

You put me here.

Your actions did that.

Eric: I received this... Blackmail.

Kate paid the money without even telling me.

What makes you think it was Patrick?

Who else would've done this?

The transponder Kate planted on the money is on the move.

Danny: This could be your guy.

What the hell?

You think your father's extorting you?

No. That's ridiculous.

Somebody blackmailed you, Kate paid them, put a transponder in with the money, and we followed the tracking device, 175 miles from where you live, here.

In the middle of the night... I get it.

But my father has no reason to blackmail me. He doesn't need the money.

All right. Did you tell him about the extortion?

Not until this morning.

Well, then, he's involved somehow.

And if the blackmailer k*lled Kate, then...

Please stop talking.


That money's still in that building.

Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Getting what I came for. I want answers.

Well, there's no one in there to give them to you, man. Use your head.

Says the guy who punches first and asks questions later.

Hey, hey, hey! Those are security contacts, right there.

System's state of the art, okay?

You got to think, all right?

We'll come back tomorrow morning when they're open.



I'm looking for my daughter, and I am not gonna go down because you turned into the Hulk.


The cops show up, I'm gonna bail.

I'm not leaving.


But I'm driving.

I'm out of here, man.

[Breathing heavily]

Danny: Look, you want to calm down and ask me if I have a plan?

All right, the best way to get answers is to ask the right person.

My father's already lied to me about a second phone and cancer.

What makes you think he's gonna tell me the truth about this?

I didn't mean him, okay?

The blackmailer knows who you are, so tomorrow morning, when R.B. Trucking opens, I'm gonna go in, do some recon, collect some intel.

I don't... I don't get you.

When you want answers, you just... you just b*at the crap out of whoever's in your path.

That's not true.

Okay? I watched you and Kate for days before I decided she was my best hope, because she was the one shopping for baby clothes.

Turns out I was right.

I did the same thing with Liam and Neil.

I can't.

I can't just sit around here till morning and do nothing.

You got no choice.

Okay, between Cornell and the investigation into your company, you got enough trouble.

Do you want answers... or the cell next to Patrick?

[indistinct conversations]

Bryant: Your package from the private lab arrived.

Care to explain this?

Kate Warner had a charge from the private lab on her credit card.

We got a warrant for the materials she had tested and the results.

Well, the lead panned out.

Eric Warner was being blackmailed for 100 grand.

Well, then, whoever extorted Eric could've k*lled Kate.

Begs the question why Eric didn't hand this letter over right away.

Maybe he wasn't aware right away.

I think the reason Eric was unaware that his wife took 100K from his savings is because she paid the blackmailer without telling him.

Why wouldn't she tell him?

Either he didn't take it seriously or he refused to be intimidated.

Kate had to know paying the money wasn't gonna make the blackmailer go away.

That's why she had her ex Shane Campbell install the tracking software on her iPad.

The GPS with the cash pings the software when it moves.

Kate was trying to follow the money to the blackmailer.

What the hell did she think she was gonna do when she found him?

Well, if she did find him, he could've k*lled her.

So, how do we find this guy?

This letter is threatening to expose Eric Warner's juvenile record.

So the blackmailer had to be in possession of it.

Amanda Warner said her father had the only copy.

And he has yet to turn it over.

So either he's hiding it or he's hiding the fact that it's missing.

I don't care who John Warner's friends are.

Go shake his tree.

The DNA results in there might help, too.

DNA results?

[Door opens]

[Door closes, footsteps approach]

Ah. What you got?

Oh, magazine cutouts... How very 1973.

Hmm. No fingerprints found on the blackmail letter?

Right. But whoever licked the envelope left their DNA.

Oh, my god.

I know this guy.

This is random S.T.R.

What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

I want you to run it through the system, compare it to all this.

I think Eric Warner's blackmailer is a member of his family.

[Coffee pours]

R.B.: I wish I was hiring, but last few months, I had to let people go.

Yeah, economy's for crap, man. [Chuckles]

Yeah, I even got rid of the secretary.

[Both chuckle]

[Cellphone rings]

I got to take this.

Sure, man all right, thank you.

Thanks anyway.

Yeah, you got it.

It's good meeting you.

This is R.B.

[Camera shutter clicks]

What'd you find out?

You got any relatives here in Georgia?


I just met the owner, R.B., and he's giving out pink slips, having money problems, and I'm pretty sure he got the juvie file to blackmail you from your father.

How you figure?

Well, 'cause his full name is Robert Brian Warner.

He had this.

Turk: This is a blanket warrant.

Sanchez: Mm.

You understand?


So do not waste it.

You know I won't.

Ken, thank you.

What's up, Cornell?

I'm looking for John Warner.

Too late. Patrick Warner just got bail.

He's probably posting bond right now.


I just wanted to thank you.

For Melanie's necklace.

Ever since that footage started to make its rounds, every single person's been bending over backwards to help me with my case.

Of course they are.

Too many high-powered men on tape.

Judges don't want to look like they're protecting anyone.

Right now, it doesn't look like S.E.G. owns any other brothels, but, thanks to Turk, I got a blanket warrant just to make sure the rest of the Warners are keeping it clean.


How we doing with the Kate Warner homicide?

The investigation is ongoing.

Well, it's been three weeks, so you must have something.

I'm not talking to you until I have solid evidence and a confession.

You're just a cog in the wheel, Cornell.

I'll get my update from your boss.

Have you heard from Eric?


He's not answering any of my calls.

Well, I mean...

Mr. Warner.

[Sighs] What do you want?

[Sighs] Can't this wait?

I've waited long enough.

Where's Eric's juvenile file?

I don't know, but I'll keep looking.

Any idea the last time you saw it?

Maybe in your office or your home?

Why is this so important?

Maybe your car? Perhaps it was stolen.

Amanda: It probably got filed incorrectly with the paperwork at S.E.G. What is your issue?

It's odd that such a sensitive document would be handled so carelessly.

Surely you wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Any idea why your best friend would use a private DNA lab?

I don't know. Maybe it has to do with the son that she put up for adoption.

It's funny... your brother Eric said the same thing.

Look, if his name's Warner, he's got to be some kind of relative.

That I never met?

I don't know.

A distant, screwed-up cousin or something?

Doesn't make sense how he got ahold of my juvie file.

My dad wouldn't just give it to him. The guy must've stolen it.

Yeah, you know what? Why... Why'd your dad even have it?

I mean, you decked a guy 20 years ago, so wouldn't it be shredded by now?

It should have been.

I didn't even know it existed until seven months ago.

How's that?

The lawyer that defended me d*ed.

His firm sent all client paperwork back to the address on file.

What, your dad's house?

Yeah. My father brought it into the office and asked me if I wanted to keep it.

At the time, I was about to propose to Kate.

I didn't want to think about that.

So he said he'd hang onto it.

Well, you need to find out your dad's connection to this guy.

Oh. Why didn't I think of that? Thank you.

Yeah, by searching the Internet?

While you're at it, maybe ask Siri who blackmailed you.


Look, S.E.G.'s software goes deeper.

It's how we find out about companies before we take them over.

All right.

R.B. Trucking company's articles of incorporation show that there's a Corinne Warner on the board.

She's right around the same age as my dad, but she lives right here in town.

So she's, what, R.B.'s mom or something?

Whoever she is, maybe she can tell me how my father knows R.B.

Undercover work.

What are you gonna say?

[Light switch clicks]

That's not my case.

Well, the world doesn't revolve around you.

You have the answers for that DNA from the envelope?

Scored a partial match.

To whom?

Eric Warner.

And Amanda.

And Patrick.

So the blackmailer is related to the Warners.

He is.

And the DNA comparison, it tells us how.

Is this all of it?

That's everything your key witnesses provided for testing.

That's not the right jacket.

[Door opens, closes]

[Knock on door]

Can I help you?

Uh, Corinne Warner?


Hi. I'm Eric.

I'm a business associate of John's.

He... he's in town and he told me to stop by, but I don't see his S.U.V.

Oh, he's on his way back with my son.

Oh? Oh, you mean R.B.?


Would you like to come in and wait?

I'm sure he'd love to catch up.

Why not?

I'm sure we have a lot to talk about.

I was just about to make some lemonade.

Would you like some?

I don't... I don't want to impose.

Oh, it's no trouble.

How long have you known John?

I don't usually meet my husband's co-workers since he's always on the road.

[Lemonade pours]

He promised to travel less now.

Well, maybe I'll get to see more of him.

How closely do you work with John?



[Telephone rings in distance]


I need to know if John Warner made any recent phone calls.

My blanket warrant does give me access to everything Warner and S.E.G. What are you looking for?

Well, someone used Eric's juvenile record to blackmail him, and John had the only copy.

I paid him a visit, so now his next step will be to warn the extortionist.

Why would he warn them?

Because it's his other son.



The one no one knows about.


[Keyboard keys clack]

So, we got two phone calls to a cellphone in Augusta, Georgia.

And he's there right now, but that makes sense.


Well, because he owns a house in Augusta.

Since when?

December 1971.

I'll text you that address right now.

This is nice.

What is?

Since so much of John's business is out of town, it's rare I get to meet his colleagues.

I-I should go.

Oh, don't do that.

He'll be back in a moment.

I just... I just don't want to intrude.

Don't be silly. I'm glad for the company.

So, tell me a little about yourself.

How long have you been married?

Oh. Uh...

[Cellphone buzzes]

One second.

[Door opens, closes]

Oh. There you are.


[Sighs] Eric was just about to tell me...

Shouldn't you be resting?

Oh. I'm fine.

[Inhales deeply]

I think this is yours.

Uh, Eric and I have... We have some work to discuss, so we're gonna get out of your way.

It was nice meeting you, Eric.

[Pats back]

Nice meeting you, too.


[Door opens, closes]

Lying son of a b*tch.

Eric, calm down.

How long have you been married to her?

This is not the time or place to talk about...

You don't get to dictate terms anymore.

Ever. Do you understand?

You're angry. You have a right to be.

Shut your mouth.

This isn't some problem that can just be fixed if we just look at it from the right angle.

You have two wives, two families.

Everything... Every single thing... You've ever told me is a lie.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You come to my mother's house?

And how did I get here, hmm?

She's dying.

When were you born?


Don't touch me.

I came first.

I'm the oldest son.

I'm the one he's supposed to pass on his legacy to, the one he's supposed to care about.

You're a criminal.


From what I read, so are you.

Will you both please just stop this?

I'm begging you. Corinne hasn't hurt anyone.


It's okay.

Why are you here?

To find out if you k*lled my wife and to get my money back.

I didn't go near your damn wife, and I was owed that money.


I got a good look at how some of the Warners live high on the hog.

He spent money on you and left me out in the cold.

I took care of you, always.

You had food. You had a home. You had two parents who loved you.

You were never here.

He was... half the time.

[Sighs] Robert, you're a grown man, but you have never acted like one.

I sent you to college, you dropped out.

I started your company, you ran it into the ground.

You help strangers. You could've helped me fix it.

I tried! I gave you more money. I gave you a plan.

But you never listen.

You gave him everything!

I worked hard for what I have.

At our father's company.

Which he founded using money from my mother's trust.

This has nothing to do with you.

[Sirens wailing]

And if I find out you had something to do with my wife...

[tires screech]

[Dog barking in distance]

You called the police?


But I wish I had.

Robert Brian Warner, you're under arrest for extortion.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


It'll gonna be okay.

Don't talk without a lawyer.

You have the right to an attorney.


Excuse me, sir.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney...

John Warner, we have a warrant for your arrest for bigamy and perjury.

Read him his rights.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

This way, Mr. Warner.

What's happening? Where are you taking them?

Mrs. Warner, your husband and son have been arrested on charges out of north Carolina.

We're transferring them to custody of the Charlotte police.

[Police radio chatter]

Come on. Watch your head.

[Handcuffs click]

Who are you?

I'm his son.

[Car door opens]

Sir, watch your head.

[Police radio chatter]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Car door closes]

You lied to me.

[Car approaches]

[Car door opens]

Cornell: All right, good work.

You just, uh, check in with me later and fill me in later.

Mrs. Warner, I'm Detective Andrea Cornell, Charlotte police.

Can you tell me why my husband and son have been arrested?

Your son is being charged for extortion, and your husband is a person of interest in a homicide investigation.

Is there someone you can call to be with you?

Do you have to take them to Charlotte?

Yes, ma'am, I do.

Take my number.

[Car door opens]

Despite not cooperating, I found out about the blackmail.

Good for you.

Would've gone a lot faster had you been forthcoming.

Did R.B. k*ll my wife?

I need you to follow me down to the station to give your statement.

I'll make sure he gets there.

There's still a bench warrant out for your arrest, Detective.

But since you're not Georgia police, you can't arrest me here, Detective.

[Engine starts]

That's right.

You're not my problem till you're back in my jurisdiction.

Drive carefully.

[Engine starts, car door closes]

[Engine starts]

Mandy, it's me.

I need you to meet me at C.M.C.P.D.

I'll be there in a few hours.

Is everything okay? Should I call Dad?

No. He's, uh... he's already on his way.

[Muffled] Eric, what is going on?

I'll explain when I get there.


[Both sigh]

Sorry, man.

Your family's...



See, this... This just can't be real.

Eh, I'm pretty sure if it was a dream, I wouldn't be in it.


22 days ago, my wife was pushed off the roof of our building, and all I want to know is who did it.

Everywhere I look... Someone else is lying.

Look, people can only hide who they are for so long.

The truth always comes out.

But it's not all bad.



Danny, my brother is a thief who almost destroyed our company, my half-brother extorted me, my sister-in-law is a pimp, and my father... My father's a bigamist.


But your wife was the real deal.


Yeah, she was.


And I still don't know who k*lled her.

Look, Cornell is a pain in the ass, but she's also a pit bull.

She won't stop until she locks the bastard up.

Trust me.


[Brake disengages]

[Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing]

It's your m*rder. Which one you want?

I'll take John, but you go first.

R.B.'s the weaker link.

Been a while since I seen one of these.

You know, people think these things are just slapped together...

Grab some magazines, cut out whatever.

But I appreciate the craftsmanship, the artistry.

'Course, there was that one little slip-up.

Never lick the envelope, R.B.

That's how you ended up in here with me.

I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, though.

That's not how Kate found you.

She was a smart cookie.

The money Kate delivered, she slipped a GPS transponder into the bag.

That's how she got to you.

She had the game rigged from the beginning.


You made it so simple for her, and she had to complicate it.

She found you, discovered who you are, and was going to expose you.

I don't blame you for stopping her.

That's not what happened.

Sure seems that way to me.



About six months ago, my company started to fail.

I just wanted a loan to save it, but my father shut me down.

So you decided to get even with him.

I didn't decide anything. I wasn't planning this.



It never would've happened if my father knew how to change a flat tire.

♪ ♪

That's when I found out I had a brother and that he'd k*lled some kid.

I had to go see who he was.

My half-brother drives a $100,000 car, and I live hand-to-mouth.

[Engine shuts off]

[Car door opens, closes]

[Car alarm chirps]

I just needed a loan.

I could live with him always saying no to me until I realized that he says yes to them for everything.

Must have made you angry.

Hell, yeah, it did.

I didn't know Eric, but I knew I hated him.

I knew he had to pay.

Well, you got the money.

It's all there.

I didn't even go to pick it up at the drop for weeks.

Why not?

I thought it was because I was scared.

But then I realized...

It wasn't about the money.

It was about hurting what my dad loved the most.


How dare you?

They owe me.

They have nothing to do with you.

You... you have no right!

How much is enough?

Says the piece of crap with two families.


Why weren't we good enough? Why... why did you need them?

It wasn't...

I love our life.

And I love my life with them.

But you had enough from your other life with them to make ours better!

What didn't you have?! What was so hard?!

You're 43 years old! You still expect Daddy to wipe your ass?!

I had two lives... neither of them was better.

Money doesn't make everything better.

Sometimes it makes it worse.

Only people with money say that.

Well, that's a great story, R.B.

However, it doesn't prove that you didn't m*rder Kate Warner.

When Kate was k*lled, I was at the hospital with my mother.

She was getting chemo.

Dad couldn't be there, of course.

[Elevator bell dings]

Eric, what is going on?

The cops won't tell me what's up.

Why are you doing this to my family?

I'm not doing anything to you.

Well, you show up out of the blue, pretending to be someone else, and... and suddenly my husband and son are under arrest.

What am I supposed to think?

Eric, who is under arrest, and who is this woman?

I'm Corinne Warner. Who are you?



There's no real easy way to say this.

Uh, Corinne, this is my sister, Amanda.

Amanda, this is, um...

This is Dad's other wife.


Our father's a bigamist.


[Door opens]

R.B.'S got a solid alibi.

Nurse and two patients confirm he was with his mother during her chemo treatments when Kate was k*lled.

You got to hand it to this guy...

Living a double life for 40 years?

Undercovers can't pull it off for that long.

Cops are doing a job.

John Warner lied every time he opened his mouth because he wanted everything.

Self-preservation's certainly a motive if Kate found out what he was up to.

[Door opens]

[Clears throat]

Is my son all right?

[Scoffs] Which one?

R.B. is in custody, and Eric... I'd imagine... is in shock.

Decades of deceit by their father builds up a lot of anger.


I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Yet you hurt everyone.

You... you may not understand, and you may not believe me, detective, but I love both my families very much.

Must have been difficult living two lives.

The fact that you got away with it for so long makes me wonder what you would have done if Kate found out.

But she didn't.

You had a lot to lose.

I didn't k*ll Kate.

When did you first discover that your other son was blackmailing Eric?

We have the cash.

We have the GPS tracker that Kate put within it.

And we have R.B.'s DNA on the envelope of the extortion letter.

He's going away.



It was yesterday that I learned about... the extortion.

When Eric showed me the letter, I realized what had happened.

It was months ago.

I put Eric's juvenile file in my briefcase.

I was gonna take it home, and then I got a call that said that Corinne had relapsed.

And then I forgot about the file until you requested a copy.

You put it all together and went to talk to R.B.?

I went to his office.

He wasn't there, so I went back in the morning and...

I thought if I could get the money back and...

Sweep it all under the rug. Is that it?

Kate didn't know about my two families, Detective, or she would've confronted me, and she didn't.

I had no reason to k*ll her. You have to believe that.

Hey, Major.

What did Cornell get on John Warner?

We can put him away for bigamy and perjury.

Not m*rder?

Can't rule him out in Kate's death.

Well, aside from two employees, seems like you can't eliminate anyone.

It was a party. Time of death can only be narrowed to a 15-minute window.

Two felonies mean we can hold John Warner until we figure this out.

I put the wrong guy away once before.

I'm not doing it again.

John Warner is more valuable to me as a cooperating witness against R.B.

You got to cut him loose.

Kate wanted me to pay after that first letter.

Maybe if I had...

You can t*rture yourself, or you can help us put the culprit in prison.

I want the person who k*lled my wife in prison.

Who is it?


I don't know what happened or what to think.

Is it... is it R.B.? Is it Melanie?

Is it my brother? Is it my father?

Who k*lled my wife?

I can't tell you that yet.

Is it because you still think it's me, or is it because you just don't know?

Take your pick.

Kate's iPad... We need that to make the case against your halfbrother.

No, thank you.

Is there anything I can get you?

Your mother... Did you call her?

She's been in a coma for a long time.

So, when John was with us, you...

We were alone.


What kind of person looks his family in the eye and lies?

How do you live with yourself?

Patrick: Hey. What happened, Mandy? Is Dad okay?


He bailed you out?

What's going on? Where is he?

Dad's with Cornell.


Damn it, Eric! What did you do?!

Dad did this to himself.

How many more people's lives are you gonna destroy?

That depends on how many more secrets you all have.

Stop it. Not here.

First I k*lled Kate, and then Melanie, and now... now Dad did?


[Door opens]

I don't care what Eric's told you, my father did not k*ll Kate.

The only person that you should be looking at is Eric.

He pushed our mom down the stairs 20 years ago.

Yvonne: And what do I get? Nothing!

You lazy little...

Eric: Mom, stop!


Eric told us to lie.

He did it once.

He probably did it again.

Is that true, Mr. Warner?

Did you push your mother down the stairs?


No, he didn't. Um...

You do realize you're confessing to attempted m*rder?

Self-defense... not that there's a way to prove that.

[Scoffs] Of course... When it comes to you, it's always someone else's fault, huh?

Eric, what did you do?

He didn't do anything wrong.

Mandy, stop protecting him. I saw him push her.

How could you see anything at the bottom of the stairs?

You don't know what you are talking about, so shut up.

I know that Eric took away the only mother I had.

You should be glad.

I know I am.

Eric, stop talking.

Eric, this is not you. Wh-what happened?

Someone had to protect us from that woman.

While you were off playing house with wife number one, we were dealing with the drunk and abusive wife number two.

"Wife number one"?

Dad, you were married before Mom?

He still is.

Her name's Corinne.

[Exhales deeply] This this is a mistake.


Not now.

Wha... Dad?

We'll talk later.

There was no abuse, all right?

Well, since none of your stories match up, you leave me no choice, then, to open another investigation.

Detective, can I have a minute, please?

You... you can't listen to anything Patrick has to say right now.

He is angry and has an agenda.

So do you, counselor.

Eric was protecting me.

It was self-defense.

Then you lied.

He did push your mother down the stairs.

I'm telling you, it wasn't his fault.

Your entire family has lied at every turn.

I can't trust anything any one of you say without the corroboration of someone else.

Is that all?

[Door opens]

What's happening with my son?

He is being charged and booked on extortion.

He blackmailed Eric Warner.

R.B. did what?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Warner, but we have solid evidence.

The only thing you can do for your son now is post bail and hire a good attorney.

You're free to go for now.

You disappointed?

I didn't tell that cop about Mom for revenge.

No one lies to themselves quite like you do, Patrick.

If you two are gonna fight, take it outside.

John: I'm so sorry, honey.

I forgive you.





I am done with this family.

Eric: Doubtful.

You always need something.

You feel better?

Just capital.



Eric, I'm sorry for all of this.

I'm sorry for what R.B. did, for John, for all the lies.

You didn't know, did you?

Um, I'm still trying to [Sighs] process the enormity of what he did.

I feel so stupid... 44 years of marriage, another wife, three children...

I'm the dumbest woman on the planet.

If you didn't know...

How can you forgive him so easily?

You... you think that was easy?

Forgiveness is hard.

But if I couldn't find the strength to do it myself, I couldn't ask you to.

Uh, Corinne, my father doesn't deserve...

I'm asking you to forgive my son.

I know I have no right, but I am begging you to say you gave R.B. the money.

Look, the cops already know that Kate paid the blackmail. I...

You're the victim here. Lie.

Please forgive R.B. Let my son go.

If you have any compassion, don't let them send him away.

Your son put me...

Put Kate through hell.

I know.

I-I'm dying, Eric.

I don't have long.

I can't afford to hold a grudge.

But neither can you.

Hate and anger will eat you alive.
[Footsteps approach]


You were right. It was the wrong jacket.

But that's not even the best part.

The only epithelials that I found on the clothes were from southeast China, specifically Dongguan.

Which means?


I just put my epithelials on the sleeve of my lab coat.

We all do that any time we put something on or take it off.

What's that have to do with China?

That's where the clothes were made.

The only skin cells that I found on the inside of the garments were from the Chinese worker who made them.

You're saying the clothes were brandnew.

Never worn, never even tried on.

So the k*ller dumped their clothes from the night of the party and then turned in brandnew ones to police.


It's a bait-and-switch.

I know who.

Now I just need to know why.

Previously on "Secrets and Lies"...

Who k*lled my wife?

I can't tell you that yet.

You have two wives... Two families.

We have a warrant for your arrest for bigamy.

Amanda, this is Dad's other wife.

Kate had a baby boy she gave up for adoption.

Meet Charlie.

Go home.

I'm not going anywhere without my kid.

If I see you again, I put you in cuffs.

How the hell did you find me?

It'll come to you.

It's everything your key witness has provided for testing.

Andrea: That's not the right jacket. The k*ller dumped their clothes and then turned in brand-new ones.

I know who. Now I just need to know why.

My father did not k*ll Kate.

The only person that you should be looking at is Eric.

He pushed our mom down the stairs 20 years ago.

[Cellphone rings]

I'm exhausted, Mandy. What is it?

I'll be right there.

Patrick, please.

Let's... Let's just go inside.


You called him?

Of course I did.

You're drunk and you're not thinking.

No, I am thinking!

It's all very, very clear to me right now.

I have nothing.

No... Patrick, you have us...

Just stop!

[Breathing heavily]

You have us.

I want Dad.

I-I can't reach him right now.

He doesn't care.


You did this.

Y-y-you took mom.

You took Melanie. You took Dad.


Their actions did that!

Just walk away from the ledge.

Screw you, Eric!



Get back!

Patrick, come down. Please.

Please, Patrick.

All right, just... please.

Patrick, please.

[Breathing heavily]


Is this where it happened?

Is this where Kate went over...

Or somewhere else?

Kate didn't just go over.

She was pushed.


Yeah, you're right.

It wasn't me, but somebody k*lled Kate.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, Patrick. Patrick, no, no, no, no, no.

You think it hurt?

Patrick. Patrick.


Please, I cannot lose another person that I love.



Whoa! What are you doing?

Get off me!

You're an idiot...


But you're my brother.

Mandy, help me get him to the car.

I don't like you anymore, Eric.

Okay, okay.

You're still here.

The only woman who scares me more than my wife is you.

I'll take that as a compliment. Where are my...

DNA results you requested from the blood on the planter at SEG.

Who's better than me?

Just me.

What's this?

Some additional tests I want performed on the sample.

These aren't standard.

Which is exactly why I want them run.

You already know who k*lled Kate Warner.

I do, but everyone at the party had means and opportunity.

These results will give me motive.

You want me to run these tonight, don't you?

Don't bat your eyes at me.

Me eating your pancakes doesn't mean that we're okay.

I'm still mad at you.

Of course.

You always blame the wrong person.

You committed fraud.

Thanks to you, I'm going to the big house where big bubba's waiting to make me his b*tch.

Our father was married to someone else before he met our mother.

And he had a kid!

He lived with both women all these years.

That is his fault.

And you pushed Mom.

She drank her feelings...

Just like you.

The only difference is you hurt yourself and she hurt us.

You pushed Mom down the stairs because you snapped, just like you always do.

No, that's not how it happened.


Everything I do is for you, you lazy little brat.

What do I get?



What is wrong with you?

Mom, please, stop it!

You're hurting me.

Leave her alone!



I'd never seen her so still.

None of us had.

She wasn't yelling.

I only remember her falling.

What about Halloween when your arm was broken?

You remember how it happened?


Yeah, I was a magician. I tripped on my cape and broke my arm.


No, that's the story she told Dad.

You never had a cape, Patrick. You had a wand.

And you were waving it around and you knocked over her drink.

She came at you and she yanked your arm.

"You see what you made me do?"

That's... that's what she said, right?

Why did she hate us so much?

She was unhappy and she blamed us.

I really didn't remember.


Maybe I didn't want to.

Listen, we all cope differently.

You were just a little kid, and I can't blame you for that.

You can blame me for telling Cornell that you tried to k*ll mom.

No, I can't, because you told the truth.

We kept that secret for over 20 years, Patrick.

I should've never put that burden on you and Mandy.

It's time that I own what I did.

Sleep it off.

[Knock on door]


[Knock on door]

[Knocking continues]


How's Patrick?


Gone where?

I don't know.

I'm tired of picking up after him.

I know.

You know, I think he, uh...

I think he finally remembers about mom, though.

I wish he'd done that before telling Cornell you tried to k*ll her.

That's not gonna go away.

It was self defense.

You're my witness, Mandy.

Just tell them what happened.

I'm your sister.

Anything I say is biased.

Do you really think a jury is gonna believe me?

Stratman says Vice isn't gonna charge me or the firm.

One thing goes away, something new smacks me in the face.

Just lay low and stay out of Cornell's way.

Every time!

Every time I try, she just keeps popping back up.

What the hell do you expect me to do?

I don't know how you have kept it together this long.

Our father had another family...

A whole other family.


If he had been home, Mom, Stephen, Porter...

You think the past would've been any different?

I was only 16, Mandy.

Mom was gonna hurt you. She was going after you.

At the time, I was sure I did the right thing.

But looking back, I wonder, was it... was it that bad?


It was probably worse than we remember.

I hated her.

I hated what she did to us. I wanted to know.

I want to know... Did I do it on purpose?

Did I want her d*ad?!

After it all happened, we were keeping this big secret and all the pain and all the rage, it just built up.

And then Stephen came after me, and he was a bully just like her, but then he said those things about her, and still...

I lost it.

You protected everyone.

You put everyone else first.

And it is time that we stopped taking advantage of you.

[Breathes shakily]


The additional tests came back?



You're positive this wasn't the victim's blood?

Of course I am.

Eric: I don't know how you take it like that.

It's amazing you have any teeth left.

Shut up.

[Knock on door]

You expecting someone?



What are you doing here?


My breathing frustrate you?

Oh, my god, if this is foreplay, please just stop it.

Excuse me.

Could we... talk alone?

Whatever it is, just say it.

Danny's still looking for his daughter?


Carly reached out to me.

Reached out or reached around?



Hey. You know where she is?

Yeah. Yeah, look.

A few girls started over.

They have a new, you know, setup.

You're not calling Danny.

His daughter's missing.

Carly's the only connection to her.

Text me the address.


[Beep, ringing]

Ashley: Hello? Who are you here to see?


Carly's still upstairs with a client.

You can wait right here.

Hey! You can't go up there!




Get out!

I said get out!

Get out!!

What do you want to do?

I don't know.

Why are you here?

You come to judge me or lecture me?

I came to save you.

I don't need to be saved.

Look, Rach.

I know I wasn't there when it counted, okay?

I trusted Mitch. He was my partner.

I didn't know what he was doing to you.

Look, not until after you split.

I should've protected you.

Okay? You are my baby.

I'm never gonna forgive myself.

But I'm here now to make it right.

I don't need you.

I am making it right. I took back my power.

No, sweetie, that's not t...

I am in control of my body.

I say who, what, and how much. I am in charge.

You're not taking back your power.

You're just numbing the pain.

Come with me. Please, Rach.



I am fine.

You can go home now.

[Door slams]

What now?

I can leave...

Or do what's best for Rachel.

Which is?

Hey, uh, Danny Voss found his daughter.

It's not pretty.

[Sighs] I knew it wouldn't be.

You tried to help the guy. Do you want to be there?

I can't. I'm closing in on my k*ller.

Who is it?

[Tires screech]

Can't believe you called the cops.

[Siren chirps]

[Indistinct talking]

Take it easy!

Hands behind your back.

All right.

She's your child, man.

Look, legally, Rachel is an adult.

I can't make her come with me and she won't leave by choice, so...

So after everything, you're just gonna give up?

What, does this look like I'm giving up?

This is just not how you reconcile with your daughter.

If my kid's gonna hook, she can get used to going to jail.

I tried to talk to Rachel.

I gave her the option... You or a mug sh*t.

No joy.

Can I talk to her?


Y-you don't know me.

You're a friend of my dad's.

That all I need to know. Go away.

I get it... you're reacting to trauma.

You don't know anything about me.

I know you wanted to play for the Yankees.

I know you used to wear a little b*llet around your neck, and I know that your father's partner betrayed your trust in the worst way.

So he told you some stories.

Guess what... he doesn't know me, either.

So you can quit wasting your breath and tell him he's too late.

You don't even know what you're talking about.

Too late is when you find your wife in a pool of blood.

Too late is when you lose your unborn child.

I'm not gonna play "who's the bigger victim?"


Good, because you're not a victim, Rachel.

Mitch is d*ad, and you're not.

Did my dad...

I'm sure he would have...

If that guy didn't off himself first.

It doesn't change anything.

Your father followed breadcrumbs to find you.

He walked out on a trial.

He t*nk his career. He... he risked his freedom.

The only thing he cares about is you.

How many women do you work with can say the same?


Yeah, Rach.

[Voice breaking] Can I change my mind?

Come here.




Listen, she's gonna arrest me now.

Eric Warner, you're under arrest...

He didn't k*ll Kate.

For the attempted m*rder of Yvonne Warner.

Danny, take your daughter. Go home.


What are you gonna do?

It'll come to me.

♪ ♪


I usually get a heads up when you arrest one of my clients.

Well, you lost that courtesy to your family's criminal acts...

Fraud, prostitution, blackmail, bigamy.

Let your father know he should stay out of North Carolina for a while.

I'm no longer speaking to my father.

Then that leaves brother Eric. Cornell's bringing him in right now.


Well, now that we're all here, let's get started.

You all right, Ms. Warner?

Never better. You?

Heard you were having family problems of your own.

Arresting my brother for the attempted m*rder of our mother is bogus.

It was self defense.

Oh, we'll get to that.

Take me through your movements the night of the party.

Asked and answered.

Kate's death has nothing to do with what happened to Yvonne Warner.

Goes to pattern, counselor.

Eric Warner has a temper, and when he snaps, sometimes people die.

My mother was coming after me, Eric stopped her.

There is no pattern.

Then convince me.

You think I want to put another innocent man in prison?

The smart play here is to answer my questions.

Up to you.

What do you want to do?

Let's get it over with.

I'm tired, Mandy.

Kate and I arrived at the party around 10 to 7:00.

When you're the host of the party, you don't get to have a good time.

♪ Sometimes I stare in space, tears all over my face ♪
♪ I can't explain it, don't understand it ♪
♪ I ain't never felt like this before ♪
♪ now that funny feelin' has me amazed ♪
♪ I don't know what to do, my head's in a haze ♪

In 15 minutes, I'm gonna say a few words, and then it's your turn.

Are you ready?


I'm just hope I can make you proud, Dad.

Hey, my oldest son followed my lead and now he is leading others.

I'm already very proud.


Uh, where's my speech?

Doesn't Kate have the cards?


Eric: If only I'd looked for Kate sooner.

Cornell: What did you do next?

Patrick was waiting for Liam to bring him his liquor.

Where was Kate?

[Upbeat music continues]

I don't know.

♪ Heat wave ♪
♪ I can't keep from crying, it's tearin' me apart ♪

What time was it, Eric?

Around 9:30.

Who didn't you see?

Who didn't you see, Mr. Warner?


He was in the garage with Carly.

Who else was missing?


She was downstairs erasing the security footage.

Focus. Who didn't you see?

Don't think.

Just say it.


Mandy, where were you?


I didn't think even you could sink this low.

Amanda: Divide and conquer, is that the idea?

Where were you?

I was mingling, just like everyone else.

No, you weren't.

You were on that roof with Kate, and I have proof.

Amanda, were you on the roof?

Eric, this is exactly what she wants.

Well, we need to hear your side of the story.

There is no side to tell.

You're still a sworn officer of the court.

If you lie, I'm gonna make sure you serve every single day of your sentence.

Was it an accident, or did you just lose control?

[Scoffs] This is puerile and clumsy, even for you.

Do you really think you can get me to confess?

Get you to what?

Did you k*ll Kate?


Kate went up on the roof with you, and then she told you she was pregnant.

I didn't know she was pregnant.

That's what set you off.

You'd been trying to have a baby for a long time.

Greg left you because you wouldn't stop trying.

Okay, t-this proves nothing.

Lots of women have fertility issues.

Yes, but they don't k*ll people.


Now, were these the clothes you wore the night of the party?

That's what I gave you.

These clothes were never worn.

You replaced the outfit you threw away.

If forensic tests show that I did not wear them, they are mistaken.

I already had them dry cleaned.

You gave us the wrong jacket.

Dry cleaners don't put beads where there weren't any.

You know that's not enough for reasonable doubt.

Your blood on the broken planter from your struggle with Kate... That's all I need.

How do you know it's my blood?

We compared it to your cigarette butts you left at work.

If I had a fight with Kate, how come I don't have any scratches on me?

Kate struck you in the nose or mouth.

They're both profusive bleeders, rarely leaving a mark.

Eric: Tell me.

Tell me right now.

I want to hear you say it.

Tell me you didn't k*ll Kate. Please, tell me.

I didn't.


I didn't.

Eric doesn't need to be here for this.

After everything that you have put me through, I deserve to hear what you did to my wife.

Oh, no, no, no. P-please. Please don't do that.

Why not?

Um, the smoke... It makes me sick.

Everything makes me sick right now.

What is going on?

Let's talk about it tomorrow, okay?

If I get into it now, I...

I don't want to ruin Eric's moment.


There's so much I need to tell him, but he's taking over the company and he's gonna be a father, and why is everyone trying to steal our damn joy?


You're pregnant?

I wasn't trying. It just happened.


Look, forget you even heard that, okay?

Please, we're not even supposed to tell anyone till we're, like, 12 weeks in. Please?

[Breathing heavily]

Look, I'm sorry, I was just downloading.


Don't. This is all so wrong.

This is... [Breathes deeply]

What is?

You're having a baby?

This is just a mistake.

Hey, come on...

Don't! Get off of me!

What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with me?!

You are having a baby and you haven't even been trying!

Do you know how badly... [Screams]

[Whimpers, squeals]

[Breathing shakily]




It's okay.

[Breathing shakily]

[Voice breaking] I didn't mean to k*ll her.

It just happened.

I loved Kate so mu...

Stop talking.

You don't love anyone but yourself.

That is not true.

You took my wife, you took my child, and you lied to my face for weeks.

I'm so s...

Shut up!

This is a warrant for my medication?

Why do you need this?

What are the pills for?

Seems I can't have any children because I am going into menopause.

I'm 33 years old and they told me that I am no longer a woman.

They were wrong.


I had your blood tested for fertility dr*gs, but I also found high levels of HCG.

I know you didn't know this, 'cause you were smoking.

You're pregnant.


Turk: Mr. Warner, let's go.

Do you have any idea how much I want to hurt you?

[Door closes]


We're not charging you for the attempt on your mother's life.

Cornell was able to pull all of your pediatric x-rays.

The spiral fractures prove that you were abused.

We know a lot more about child abuse now than we used to.

If you already knew that, then why put me through this?

We needed Amanda's confession.

I'm sorry we had to do it this way, but our goal was justice for Kate.



I need to tell you your sister will mount a defense.

What does that mean?

She was taking a lot of medications, including hormones.

She could claim diminished capacity.

No, you can't let her do that.

Self preservation is human nature, and Amanda's entitled to a defense.

Unfortunately, her strategy could be creating a media circus.

And with the brothel and the two Mrs. Warners, she's gonna get one.

No, I can't.

I cannot relive this nightmare.

Do you understand? I can not.

Unless you can convince her to plead guilty, you need to prepare yourself for the worst.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Which one?

Someone has to take care of that baby.

I'm thinking that someone should be its father.

You don't have to worry about the baby.

I'm... I'm gonna be a good dad.

Yeah, I-I know when you called, I-I...

This... this was a lot to process.

But once it... It finally sunk in...

I'm good.

You tell her I'm not running.

I'm stepping up.

She should hear that from you.

I'm gonna see her later.

You can meet me at the jail at 4:00.


[Buttons clicking]

Hi, this is Neil Oliver. I'm not available right now, but if you leave a detailed message, I'll get back to you as...

Selfish bastard.

[Door opens]

Woman: Mr. Warner?

[Door closes]

I, um...

I asked that we be in the attorney's room so we could have privacy.


So you can run down your defense strategy?

Diminished capacity 'cause of your meds?

You don't understand...

Don't bother.

Prosecutor laid it out for me.

Besides, I...

Want it to be fresh when I hear it at your trial.

There won't be a trial.

I'm pleading guilty.

You k*lled my wife and lied to me for a month.

You let me go crazy wondering who she was, what she was hiding, if my marriage was real!

You pretended to protect me when you were just protecting yourself, and now...

Now you just want to plead guilty and just go quietly off to prison.

That's what you're saying?

Answer me!




Oh, gosh.

You want me to take the baby.

That's not the only reas...


How can you expect me to take your child, raise your child, when you k*lled mine?

Because I know Neil is not gonna step up.

And despite what I've done...

My child is innocent.


Do you really think it deserves to be in the system?

I don't care, because I didn't put him there.


But this baby is your family.

It shouldn't suffer for my sins any more than we should've for our parents'.


I am asking you...

I am begging you...

To please take this child.

[Buzzer, door opens]

[Door closes]


Bryant: There is no other detective who is more insubordinate.

There's also no other detective who could've solved this case.

I'm proud to have you in my unit.

I appreciate that, sir.

Justice be done.

My public defender told me what happened.

I never would've thought Mandy would...

Me either.

I almost called Dad to tell him he should be proud.

All four of his kids are criminals.


What the hell was he thinking, man?

It's all right. It's all right.

He doesn't have us anymore, and he definitely doesn't have SEG.

How did you manage that?

Our father used our mother's trust to build the firm, so since he married Corinne first...

Which makes us bastards, by the way.

He wasn't legally married to Mom, so he wasn't entitled to her money.

The thing is, he doesn't matter anymore.

You do.

I'm so sorry, Eric.

I resented you for so long.

I blamed you for everything, and none of it was your fault.

I'm going to jail for poor judgement and the choices that I made.

Come to think of it, it's the exact same reason that I'm getting a divorce.



I'm making a list of things about Patrick that I want to examine while I'm doing my 20 years in the hole.


Y-y-you're doing 18-36 months in a minimum-security prison.

They call it Camp Snoopy.

Whatcha gonna do when I'm gone?

Take SEG apart...

And start over.

It's been 14 hours since I had a drink.

I'm gonna do better.

I promise.

Just don't give up on me.


[Wayne kirkpatrick and Aron Wright's "welcome back to you" plays]

♪ Lost like a cause ♪
♪ like a soul ♪
♪ like paradise ♪
♪ found like religion ♪
♪ like a second wind, like a child gone missing ♪
♪ finally ♪
♪ finally ♪

♪ In the becoming, you became somebody else ♪
♪ put through the ringer, couldn't recognize yourself ♪
♪ but slowly, surely you have risen from your hell ♪
♪ welcome back ♪
♪ to you ♪
♪ to you ♪

How many do you want?

Well, you know, I know you have to do the heavy lifting, so...

How many do you want?

Well, I was an only child, so at least two.

And we could always adopt.

You know, there are plenty of kids out there who need love.

Sure, yeah, we just need a... Need a bigger place.

You're the boss.


♪ In the becoming, you became somebody else ♪
♪ put through the ringer, couldn't recognize yourself ♪
♪ but slowly, surely you have risen from your hell ♪
♪ welcome back ♪
♪ to you ♪

Hey, Charlie, how you doing? It's Eric.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

[Keys thud]



What are you doing?

Hi, Mom.


Are you high?



Where's my g*n?

[g*n cocks]