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06x13 - The End

Posted: 02/26/19 09:09
by bunniefuu
Previously on "Grimm"

- They said you were d*ad.

- I think I was.

I hope that stick does what we think it does.

- It's healing her.

- I'm being hunted.

I believe they're going to k*ll you two men waiting by your car.

[silenced g*n]

This time you chose the right side, Sean.

Two dimensions exist simultaneously one where the cat is alive, one where it's d*ad.

As long as the box stays closed, both realities exist.

- [expl*si*n booming]

- [grunting]

- Eve, Nick!

- Diana.

Mommy, it works.

I got Nick back for you.

I think part of you stayed in the Other Place.

She's not a Hexenbiest anymore.






Come on.

Wu, come on.

This'll bring you back, all right?

It worked on me.

Come on.

Wu, come on.

Come on, Wu.

Come on.

Come on, man.


Come on.

Come on.

This has to work.

Come on, Hank.

You're not gonna die.

You can't die.


Please, Hank.

Come on.

Why isn't this working?


- Oh, God.

- Nick!


They're d*ad.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


- Did you - It's not working.

No, they can't be d*ad.

Oh, my God.

He k*lled everybody.

Except me, and I don't know why.

Maybe he thought you were d*ad, or maybe the stick protected you.

Well, if the stick protected me, why didn't it do anything to help Hank or Wu?


Didn't anybody sh**t this thing?

We all did.

It didn't make any difference.

Nick, we have to find out how to stop him.

I'm not gonna have any more cops k*lled.

I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna k*ll him.

If b*ll*ts won't k*ll him, we have to do this the way our ancestors did cut off his head.

The w*apon still in the spice shop?

I have to warn Adalind first.

[cell phone ringing]

It's Nick.


- Where's Renard?

- He's right here.

He needs to hear this, but I don't want Diana to.

She's asleep.

We're upstairs.

What happened?

- Zerstoerer h*t the precinct.

- What?

He k*lled everyone who was inside.

- Everyone?

- Including Hank and Wu.

Oh, my God, Nick.


Where were you?

I was with them.

I was the only one he didn't k*ll or couldn't k*ll I don't know.

b*ll*ts don't have any effect on him.

I still have the stick.

Maybe that's why I'm not d*ad.

I tried to use it on Wu and Hank but it didn't do anything.

Nick, Diana said that this thing doesn't just want her.

It also wants Kelly.


We have to stop him.

We're doing everything we can.

Trubel's with me.

Thank God.

- I'm gonna send her out to you.

- What?

If he finds them, I need one of us with them.

- Okay.

- I'm going to the spice shop.

I'll check in with you from there.

- Please be careful.

- You too.

Here, take my car.

- I don't think we should split up.

- I need you out there.

- [sighs]

What if - What if what?

I'm afraid to even say it, but what if Zerstoerer really is unstoppable?

You mean unkillable?

I mean un-whatever it takes to get rid of him.

We don't know if he's a devil, some dark force of the universe, or or just evil incarnate.

Everything has a beginning and an end.

Well, I'm not finding any beginning or end to whatever Zerstoerer is.

"Strength of One's Blood" - mean anything to anybody?

- No, why?

Well, there's a reference to it here.

Maybe sort of an Achilles' heel type of thing.

Specifically for Zerstoerer?

No, it's more generically in reference to unstoppable evils Zerstoerer-like dark forces of the universe that precipitate apocalyptic events.

[dramatic music]

"When the beast appears invincible and death the only fate to those who fight it, only the Strength of One's Blood can overcome the great evil and destroy the destroyer.

" The Strength of One's Blood.

There are a ton of Blood Spells in this book.

That's how I got through the mirror.

I think I know of one.

It's a potion.

Force du Sang.

It's in one of my parents' books.

It's really difficult to make, though.

It takes a ton of time, has quite a few ingredients, and is almost impossible to do because it requires the blood of three opposing forces a Grimm, a Wesen, and a Hexenbiest.

Oh, yeah.

I mean, that would be next to impossible, considering a Grimm will k*ll any Wesen who asks for its blood and a Hexenbiest will pretty much k*ll anything for any reason.

But not for us.

You really think it'll work?

I have no idea, but it's it's definitely a last-resort kind of potion.

Maybe it's just what we need to defeat this evil bastard.

Well, we're gonna have to ask Adalind, because my blood won't work anymore.

I'll text Nick.

Dude we are taking you down.

[tense music]

That's enough.

Okay, now.

- Nick, back here.

- We may be onto something that might put an end to Zerstoerer.

Yeah, it's sort of an Achilles' heel deal.

- It's called Force du Sang.

- It's referenced in one of the books as "Strength of One's Blood.

" We're gonna need your blood.

What's wrong?

He h*t the precinct.

We tried to fight it, but he k*lled everyone.

What do you mean everyone?

Hank, Wu.


Oh, my God.

Hank and Wu are gone?


I can't believe it.

Trubel showed up after.

I sent her to the cabin.

- What do you need my blood for?

- We need the blood of a Grimm, a Wesen, and a Hexenbiest for this to work.

They all need to be mixed at the same time.

We have to go to Adalind.

Nick, it's the strongest poison I know of.

Yeah, supposedly just this side of nuclear.

Let's do it!

All right, I just need a few more minutes to get it ready to go.

This better work, 'cause I don't know how I'm gonna get close enough to him to cut his head off.

[suspenseful music]

Get me a thermos.

I wonder who's collecting all these.

If I remember, it was a postman.


Old school.

Look, I want to tell you something.

Now, we both made a lot of mistakes.

Too many.

But we did one thing right.


I'm sorry for a lot of that stuff.

Me too.

I wish I'd never heard of those damn keys or Black Claw.

Or Bonaparte or this.

Am I ever gonna be able to take this damn thing off?

You never tried after Bonaparte d*ed?

He said that great harm would come to my children if I ever took it off.

I don't want to take that chance.

I will do everything in my power to protect Diana and Kelly.

I know you will.

[vehicle approaching]

It's Trubel.

[door opens]


You're supposed to be on our side now?

A lot has changed.

Yeah, I know.


I wish Meisner knew.

Trust me, he does.

I'll be outside.

If he shows, you'll know.

[door opens]

Question once it's ready, how do we get it on Zerstoerer?

What about dipping b*ll*ts in it, like we did with the Siegbarste, remember?

We sh*t him with that poison, and it worked.

- I still have the g*n.

- Maybe we should bring it.

I'll get it.

Take your own car.

Once this is ready, you don't need to be there.

I'll ride with Nick.

[door opens, closes]

I wish I hadn't lost what I was.

I'm sorry my blood is no good for this.

We could have made it here.

I thought you weren't gonna do that anymore.

Do what?

Regret what's done.

I have no regrets.

And I am definitely not done.

That I know.

[door crashes open]

Nick, go!

They need your blood!

[intense music]








No regrets.

[somber piano music]



Come on, come on.

Not you.

Not you.

[breathing heavily]


Where are you?

Come back and fight!

God damn you!


Come on!


- [screaming]

- [items shattering]

[vehicle approaching]

[cabin door opens]

- You alone?

- Yeah, but Nick and Eve should be pretty close behind us.

He tell you about Hank and Wu?

I can't believe it.

I don't think I ever will.

You brought food?

We found something that might work on Zerstoerer.

- What?

- We need to talk to Adalind.

She's inside.

What happened?

We found something in one of the books reference as "Strength of One's Blood.

" Have you ever heard of Force du Sang?

- Power of blood.

- Yeah, I have.

But, I mean, that's pretty impossible, isn't it?

It's definitely not easy.

We're praying it'll work against Zerstoerer.

Okay, but doesn't it need a Wesen, Hexenbiest and a Grimm's blood?

- Yes.

- Nick should be here soon.

We'll just start getting it ready.



[tense music]

That's his place.

[groans, growls]

What's happening?

[breathing heavily]

I can't guarantee what'll happen if I go any closer.

It's too dangerous.

There's nothing more I can do.

I'm out of here.

[footsteps approaching]


Where's Eve?


Let's go.

[door opens]

Nick's here.

Oh, God, I'm glad you're back.

It's just awful about Hank and Wu.

- They didn't deserve that.

- None of them did.

Where's Eve?

Zerstoerer h*t the spice shop just after you left.

- Oh, God.

- He k*lled her.

- Oh, God.

- [sighs]

- This can't be happening.

- He let you live again?

It's got to be the stick.

I don't know how else to explain it.

I-I tried to use it on her.

It didn't work.

This will.



The Kn*fe has to go through all of our hands together.

Then what?

Then we pull it out, and all of our blood flows together into the bowl.

It can't be one of the three of us.

I can't.

I can.

[intense music]

Now we woge.

[both grunting]

Do it!

Keep it together!

Keep it together!

Keep it together!


That's enough blood.

[both moan]

[liquid bubbling]

I like that part of the spell.

[liquid sizzling]

I've never seen that before.


Hope that's what happens to Zerstoerer.


Is everything all right, honey?

I feel different, and I can't sleep.

There's no need to be scared, sweetie.

- I'm not anymore.

- Well, good because we have something that'll take care of him once and for all.

Oh, so you know he's coming here.


He knows where Nick is.


The stick tells him.

- [sighs]

- Oh, my God!

That's how he knows where you are, Nick.

And he wants it, Nick.

He's been looking for it for a very long time.

[eerie music]


- [rumbling]

- Diana?

[door opens]

[intense music]

[all grunting]



No, Diana!

[screams, grunts]

Take Kelly and get out of here.

- Nick, you need me.

- Save him.

Trubel, please!

Okay, you should go with Trubel.

I am not leaving you, and don't you dare argue with me!

Don't hurt him.

He wants me to be with him.

Honey, you don't know what you're talking about.

He needs me.


[grunts, breathing heavily]

I'll die before I let you have her.

I know.

[suspenseful music]

Monroe, get the bowl!

But don't spill anything!

Don't get it on you!




Oh, my God.



Uh [screaming]

[baby crying]

[continues screaming]

It's working.

I'm not taking any chances.

Ohhhh, crap.

Trubel, run!




[Nick coughs]




Save Kelly and Diana.

[breathing heavily]

[snake hisses]






[Monroe grunting]


[breathing shakily]

[dramatic music]


[breathing heavily]





No, you can't.

- You can't.

- [choking]

[exhales deeply]




[suspenseful music]

[door opens]

Stay away from my brother.


You son of a bitch!


[clatter, items shattering]




We're ready.

My brother likes you, too.

You've taken everything from me.

You're not gonna take my son.

That doesn't need to happen.

None of this does.

The stick is what you want.

It is.

You can't k*ll me as long as I have it.

I'm willing to give you something in exchange for it.

I'm not interested.

You will be.


- [moans]

- Trubel.

- Trubel.

- Nick.

Did we k*ll him?


Then why are we alive?

I can give them all back to you.


What the hell is going on?

[dramatic music]


- You can have it.

- [gasps]


No, Nick!

You can't give it to this lying son of a bitch devil.

If he wants the stick so bad, why doesn't he just take it?

Why is he asking, when he can just take it from you?

What is he not telling you?

You might want to ask your children what to do.

Nick, you can't give it to him.

I want the people I love to live again.

- Take it!

- No, Nick!

- Nick, no!

- Don't!


I understand what you want, but this'll be the end of humanity.

This isn't about us or the ones we love.

- I can't let you do this.

- Get out of my way.



[breathing heavily]


Nick, please don't do this!

[grunts in pain]

[breathing heavily]

[intense music]

[thunder rumbles]



You must not you cannot betray us and what we are.


You must stop.



[thunder rumbles]


You can't do what you want to do.

How are you here?

Don't give away what you hold.

They're all d*ad.

- I have no choice.

- Nick.

Aunt Marie?

What you think you have to do is not what must be done.

Trubel is right.

He can't take it from you.

It has to be given to him.

That is why he has taken everyone you loved, Nick, so that you will give him what he wants.

If you do this, you will sacrifice the world to endless pain and suffering.

The world you saw in the Other Place.

I want my friends back.

I want Adalind and Diana.

I want my son!

- I want them all back.

- You can defeat him.

- I tried.

I can't.

- both: You can.

With the Strength of One's Blood.

- We tried that.

- You didn't.

The strength of your blood, the blood of your Grimm ancestors, all of us it's inside you.

It's what makes us who we are Trubel too.

The strength we need that we all need comes from our family.

It's where we've always found the way and the will to fight.

And with that, we can defeat any evil.


[dramatic music]


This is what you k*lled everyone to get.

Give it to me.

Come and get it.


[intense music]



[growling softly]

You wanted it?

Here it is!


[dramatic music]

How'd you know I needed you?

We feel it.

Why do you think Theresa came back?

She felt it, too.

We are all descendents of the first Grimm.

That stick you found the one our Grimm ancestors buried is part of a much greater power.

Guard it well.

You kept me from doing something terrible.

We helped you find your strength.

Take good care of my grandson.

I like his name.

I can't believe we did it.

Two of us taking this thing down.

The two of us?

What are you talking about?

Me and you.

Who else?

But I did nothing for them.

[somber music]

[ring clatters]


Where did they go?


The other Grimms fighting with you.

Oh, my God.

I can bring them all back to life.

What are you talking about?

If it worked for you, it can work for them.

Nick, something's happening.


- Nick.

- No!

Nick, no!

- [grunts]

- Nick!

Nick, no!

Nick, no!




[voice echoing]



[voice echoing]


I can't believe it.

Mommy, it worked.

I got Nick back for you.

Thank God you're okay.

You're alive.


So are you.

Oh, my God.

You're all alive.

What happened?


You're okay.

You're okay.

- Yeah.

- You're all okay.

[breathing heavily]

- Even you!

- Yeah.

We're we're fine.

It's you two we're worried about.

[door opens]

Oh, my God, we're too late.

- Rosalee.

- Nick.

- Hank, you're okay!

- Wait, you're okay?

- And you.

Oh, God.

- Oh, yeah.


Wasn't I?

[running footsteps approaching]

- Trubel!

- Trubel!

What are you doing here?

I've been looking for you guys everywhere.


I had a feeling something bad was gonna happen.

But I guess it didn't.

- What?

- You're a Hexenbiest again.


Nick, he didn't come back through.

No, he didn't.

He's d*ad, and I'm not afraid anymore.

Neither am I.


Where's Kelly?


[gentle uplifting music]

I'm so glad you're all here.

Nick, are you all right?

What's wrong?

I thought you were all Nick.

I'm just so thankful you're all here.

I know this isn't gonna make a lot of sense, but when I was in the Other Place, I didn't know if I'd ever get back.

And I felt what it would be like to lose all of you everyone I ever loved anyone who ever meant anything to me, my family.

We thought we had lost you, too, man.

- Glad you're good, man.

- We did it.

Uh Nick.

[suspenseful music]

Where did this come from?

He didn't know what to tell them.

But this time Zerstoerer did not come through the mirror anywhere in the world Because in the final, epic battle with the terrible beast from the Other Place, Nick Burkhardt discovered that the only way to defeat such evil was with the strength of his blood, his Aunt Marie, his mother Kelly, and Trubel, his third cousin on his mother's side the power of our ancestors.

And though the people of our world would never know how close they had come to hell on Earth, we knew, because he never turned away from who he was, a Grimm.

And for that reason, the world was changed.

Some will say it's just myth, legend, or fairy tale, but I know it's true because my father told me so.

Kelly, come on.

- I'm almost done.

- Let's go.

- Diana.

- Hurry up.

I'm coming.

Mom and Dad are waiting.

We've got Wesen to k*ll.

The triplets are coming, too.


What's taking you so long?

[tense music]